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tv   FOX 10 News 6pm  FOX  August 8, 2016 6:00pm-6:28pm MST

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firefighters rush to rescue three people who are trapped inside an underground water storage area. that operation under way at third avenue and carefree highway in north phoenix. one person was pumping water out of the store age area and fell about 20 feet down into the hole. another person went in to help and got knocked unconscious. two people have been removed from the hole in critical condition and there is word that a third person has to be hole with little oxygen. we have a crew heading to the scene and we're working to bring you an update within this newscast. heavy hearts in the college and football community after university of arizona senior offensive lineman and former player at chandler high school athlete dies in his sleep. in fact, this tweet from the
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here is the message. our thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends. sun devil offering its thoughts and prayers tonight. cleveland browns' rookie and former arizona all american linebacker scooby wright iii tweeted school got the news this morning. he was 22 years old and a standout player. a three-year starter on the varsity playary he kept in touch after he left for u. of a. he was found by a cousin. he was last seen sunday night. he was entering his fifth season and likely going to start at center for the wild cats this
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school says that is what the 22-year-old had been working twoaferreds. -- towards. he was an all-state lineman. his former coach has nothing but praise for him. >> i know it was one of his dreams to stat at u. of a. and this was his year to do that. he spent four years working his way to the starting position. this was a huge goal and that makeit it is harder for me. >> reporter: the medical examiner's is expected to examine his body tomorrow and hopefully soon can determine a cause of death. i'm andrew hasbun, fox 10 news. maricopa county's sheriff joe arpaio says a 3-year-old boy was a victim of a horrific
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the killing near 111th avenue and peoria avenue. a 9-year-old girl was assaulted at the home. after the murder, the 16-year-old ran from the house. they took him into custody a quarter of a mile away. >> the suspect was covered with blood and there were traces of blood on the roadway. you have a vital part of your being ripped away from you. anyone who hasn't had that happen might not understand. this is a horrible time i don't wish on anybody. >> tonight sheriff arpaio says the child was stabbed to death. deputies are conducting interviews with other siblings at home at the time. their mother was at work.
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charged as an adult. we are learning more about a man accused of stabbing and killing his mother and fiance over the weekend. 37-year-old brandon southerland lived in a mobile home near 37th after and loop 101 with his mother. she had been trying to sell the home and wanted him to move out. southerland stabbed both of them in the neck and pronounced dated at the scene. neighbors told police he suffered from mental illness. southerland was booked on two counts of first-degree murder. he is being held on $1 million bond. a youth pastor at a church in buckeye is on administrative leave and won't be allowed to return on charges that he recorded video of a 14-year-old girl in a changing room. the crime happened at an outlet
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a woman spotted the 31-year-old named christopher santos recording her daughter in her underwear. she confronted him and took his cellphone and called 911. records show he lives with his wife in buckeye. in a statement to fox 10, grace fellowship church says in part, as a church, we are shocked and disheartened over the news of our youth victim. we hurt for his family, youth, and parents and everyone who attends our church. we hope for truth and justice in this situation. police are searching for a cellphones from press account and prescott valley. a man stole an iphone 6 worth over $600 from costco and police
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on august 2 and got away in a nissan pickup truck. he is believed to be involved in two other cellphone thefts in prescott valley. police also searching for a couple of suspects who stole from an you ulta beauty supply store. they stole more than $400 in cosmetic items. they were spotted leaving in a ford f-150 pickup truck. asked to call prescott valley police. two weeks after a computer glitch forced southwest to delay and cancel hundreds of flight, delta airlines taking a hit around the world. a power outage in atlanta disrupted computer systems across the globe. the airline had to cancel more than 450flights and delayed 2,000 others. that left a lot of travelers
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delta still struggling more than 12 hours after the meltdown. passengers are describing their frustration. >> i would like to receive an e-mail, twitter through my app and that did not happen. >> getting upset is not going to help. this is the end of vacation so i'm going to relax, hopefully, some time today i will get home. >> that will probably help you get through this. th video apology on the airline's website. if customers have a canceled flight or delayed flight, they can make a one-time change at no additional costs. employees for southwest are demanding a new contract and they are saying the c.e.o. is
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of employees at a time of record profits. >> there is a message here and he needs to know there is not the same level of feeling here. >> reporter: southwest c.e.o. saying in part, "their actions are part of the negotiation playbook and their name calling behavior is not the way we do things at southwest airlines." a weather alert for arizona. tropical storm off of baja peninsula is expected to bring wet weather to our state. xavier is moving towards cabo san lucas tonight after hurricane earl dumped heavy rain across mexico's coast. arizona could get big downpours. dave munsey is tracking the weather for us tonight. he joins us live with a look at the forecast. >> reporter: a lot going on south of us.
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moisture in this direction. you will see the map and you will also see moisture gathering just south of arizona. you can see it being pushed up there and right there, you can see it working its way in. as we slowly slide down, there is xavier. 65 miles an hour winds and moving slowly at this point in time. when you look at the direction it is going, there are a lot of different ideas on where it is going to be headed to. you see one of them right up south of arizona. these models don't matter much for what we're talking about because it is pushing that moisture in front of it. if it gets as far north as most of the model are showing, it is going to put a lot of moisture up into the state of arizona. with that in mind, there is also something else going on. look at the big area of the state that is a flash-flood watch that starts tomorrow afternoon and runs through
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this is our futurecast. i will put this into motion in a couple of minutes. >> we'll see you in a few minutes. major flooding on the navajo nation damaged roadways and killed several livestock. the navajo president signed a declaration to get tribes resources to immediately to those affected. these images tweeted by the navajo times. the president says people displaced need food, clothing, or shelter. coming up, investigators reveal more details about the death of a little boy on the world's tallest water slide. it is now shut down. what we're learning tonight. plus, it is the hottest new game for smartphones, of course, pokemon go. there is one place that people are upset tonight.
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caleb schwab died of a neck injury after a drop. one witness says he was decapitated. riders are supposed to years old. crews found the body at the end of the ride and two women on the boat with him suffered minor injuries to his faces. the boy's dad is a state representative. >> we don't know what has happened that is why a full investigation is necessry. we have to understand what has happened. >> again, the circumstances surrounding the boy's death are
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tonight. family members of those who died in the rhode island nightclub fire more than a decade ago is upset the property is a pokemon go stop. while a memorial is built, relatives are not happy that the game says 200 people in the fire in 2003 died. it is double the number of those killed. they asked the game to remove that location. the game's developer removed the holocaust museum and other sites where people pay respects to the dead. phoenix police thanking members of the. if you are their support. police are thanking them in a big way. the billboards went up around the valley saying thank you for your support from the phoenix p.d. they are giving them food and cards to thank them for their
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clear channel to help the
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well, dave, we were expecting this to be an active
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reporter: the forecast is. we'll see if everything comes to fruition. when you're inviting moisture up to the state, we certainly have that in place with xavier down look at the temperature, 108 degrees and that is not the high. that is what it is right now. winds out of the west at 8 miles in surprise, 106. apache junction, 103. chandler, 108. down in ahwatukee, we have 107 degrees right now. you can see high pressure still hanging in there. among the lows and bringing in moisture into the state with everything we have out there. let's take a look at the futurecast. this is phoenix right in here. as we roll it along through the day tomorrow, you see the big batch of moisture that finds its way in here early on wednesday. so you can see, we have a lot of
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throughout the day and then early in the evening, we get shot with a pretty good load of moisture there. there are a couple of hits in this forecast that we're going to take. take a look at the winds right now in bullhead city, 24 miles an hour. 23 miles an hour down at safford. 24 miles an hour at winslow. kingman, 28 miles an hour wind gusts at this time. 110 degrees for the high today. buckeye, 108. 111 up i 108 degrees in chandler. so certainly warm enough. 91 in payson. 97 in winslow. 81 in flagstaff. 110 down in yuma. this is your day. 110 on the high. 88 on the low. there is your record high at 116. record low at 67. forecasting for tomorrow, about
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lots of moisture in the southeast. there was flooding down there with heavy rain. 82 overnight. 99 degrees for tomorrow. as you can see here, that 90-degree temperature shows up when the moisture does. watch your kids around water. >> reporter: he was the star of the show during the red and white practice and now he points towards preseason game number one. we're live at cardinals'
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it may be monday but cardinals' players can't wait for friday night, the first real test of training camp preseason game one against the trending upward raiders team. you have a guy like mack and a better and better so a real test for jerod brown who had a strong training camp. made big catches at the red and white practice. these guys want to secure their position on this 53-young man roster. they want to see if they can stay in this national football league. this is the first real test for the defensive line.
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better the last few seasons. for bruce arians, he has a plan for his first team offense and defense. >> 10-12 plays. it depends on the first series or two. this game is not about the starters. it is about the guys that are 30-53. there are a lot of guys fighting to get on the field in the last three or four minutes of the game or the fourth quarter. they have to prove they capable of going out there and doing the right thing. >> reporter: we are going to follow up on this conversation with news now after this sports cast. go over to news now and take questions. let's keep in mind now, it is going to be interesting when it comes to the raider game. d.j. him -- d.j. humphreys will stay longer.
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to secure his position. we'll talk more about this tonight at 9:00 as we continue our coverage live from cardinals' training camp. >> all right, jude, thanks. >> a lot of excitement in the air. >> reporter: college, high school, professional, i love football. >> "tmz" is next.
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>> today on "tmz" -- harvey: three team u.s.a. players decide to have a spa day in rio. it turned out to be a whore house. >> did you hear where the nba players are staying? >> a yacht. >> why don't you go to the brothel? girls to go to the yacht. >> the girls go out to the yacht, rowing. rows for hoes. >> britney spears new video. she shot a video with dave lachapelle. >> they nixed it and then shot another video. >> people were saying it's too sexy and then she released it. harvey: the one they released is so much more watchable. >> no, no, no. [laughter] >> the game at playhouse, taking on the candy kids. >> these are the kids who sell candy outside the clubs.


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