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tv   FOX 10 News 9pm  FOX  August 8, 2016 9:00pm-10:00pm MST

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now at 9:00, a 16-year-old boy accused of murdering his three-year-old brother. tonight, what detectives are saying about the violent crime scene. >> everybody in our program is hurting. u of a coach rich rodriguez his linemen who passed away in his sleep last night. following the tragic deaths of 19 granite mountain hot shots, researchers at nasa were determined to find ways to better protect future wildland firefighters. we get an update on their progress. later, the valley company encouraging employees to play video games while on the job. good evening, everyone.
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out of north phoenix tonight. one person is dead. two others have been rushed to the hospital after they were rescued from an underground grain silo. all three apparently fell unconscious from the lack of oxygen in that storage area. >> this rescue happening tonight in north phoenix near the carefree highway and 3rd avenue. the underground grain silo was on an veterinarians property, and phoenix firefighters are involved in the rescue operation. we are told that the t rubbed to the hospital are in critical condition. >> serious situation. kristy siefkin joins live from the scene with the latest. what have you learned? >> reporter: john and kari, we are in front of the property where that veterinarian lives and practiced, and it's a very sad day for many neighbors here, especially those with animals. that veterinarian, 61-year-old william tryon went underground into that grain facility earlier and then never came out again. phoenix fire on the scene today
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underground to retrieve not only him but also two workers who went in to find the veterinarian. they didn't know where he was. apparently with that environment with the grain mixed with all of the storm water, 20 feet underground, it also became an oxygen depleted environment and within four minutes without oxygen, your brain just can't function. so as the crews got down there, attempting to rescue all three men, unfortunately the veterinarian had died. the two other men, as you mentioned earlier, were out of the facility and transported in critical condition to a nearby hospital. we spoke earlier to phoenix fire. in addition to some neighbors, here's what they had to say. >> once they go below ground and it's already an oxygen deficient atmosphere, co2 replaces oxygen, and then it causes you to go unconscious immediately. it's kind of the calls that we talk about when we talk about co2, below mcdonald's where they
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same environment. >> it's a tragedy. he's serviced everybody in the area for years. he's been a vet of ours for 25 plus years. >> the two other men who went on the property to look for the veterinarian and to help him are juan pablo garcia and 33-year-old christian salagi. they are not sure if the last gentleman is a neighbor or somebody who worked on the property. phoenix fire telling us both men had a pulse last they checked, still listed in critical condition the last we heard. reporting live in phoenix, kristy siefkin, fox 10 news. a close call for a family of five visiting the valley. the family had to be rescued from piesta wood peek. they had been on the trail since 10:30 in the morning, they were lost and low on water.
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safely and everyone was okay. tropical storm hovering near the town of tropical storm javier could have an effect on our moisture in the coming days. dave munsey is tracking javier with the latest. these tropical storms can wreak havoc on us as well. >> they sure can. there's a lot of moisture, not only from javier but a little bit of leftover moisture from earl as well. as you can see, a tropical storm moving along. let's take a look at the path. a lot of different people do the path. so you get a lot of different paths and a lot of different variations on what's going on. here's one right here that caught our attention. it takes it right south of arizona. so that's not really the big point.
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pushing forward that we are really concerned with here. in fact, let's take a look down and just see what's going on as far as that is concerned, and you can see right here, that moisture just kind of in waves making its way up into arizona. and there's one more thing, and that is a huge area of a flash flood watch, which we are included in, for most of the state. in fact, all of the state except for the rim northward is involved in this. we'll take a closer look at what's going on with our weather right now, what's leading up to this. that's coming up. >> okay, dave, thank you. that measles outbreak at the private detention in eloy, it's over. that outbreak lasted for about three months and it infected a total of 22 people, including 13 detainees and nine workers. pinal county officials say the outbreak was difficult to stop but ultimately they did it by
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he was an offensive lineman. >> the valley native being remembered tonight in tuscon and in chandler where he grew up and went to high school. andrew hasbun has been on this story. he joins us with reaction from former coaches and teammates. andrew? >> reporter: yeah, john, this is really sad stuff. the u of a coaches say he died in his sleep, found this morning. hemmila was a senior at university of arizona and was working towards starting with the wildcats this season. after informing the teammates of the death, the tearful coach praised the 22-year-old. >> i lost a great young man. everybody in our program is hurting. >> reporter: hemmila was found this morning by a cousin. the wildcats coach says he last talked with him over the weekend. >> the only thought on my mind right now is with zach hemmila's
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year and an all state lineman. his high school coach got the news this morning. >> it was devastating for me, especially how close we are with the family. >> the coach says he stayed in touch after high school. the 22-year-old was competing to be the starting center for u of a this year, achieving a long time goal. >> i know it was one of his dreams to start at u of a, and this was his year to do that, so he spent four years and his red-shirt year trying to work his way up to that starting position, so huge goal for him, and that makes it just a little bit mo more -- it's just harder for me. >> the medical examiner in pima county is expected to examine him tomorrow and hopefully be able to determine a cause of death soon. i'm andrew hasbun, fox 10 news. a valley youth pastor has been placed on leave from his church after police say he was caught filming a teenage girl in
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room. christopher santos made his first appearance before a court judge today. according to documents, the victim saw santos holding his cell phone underneath the changing room door, so she confronted him, took his phone, and called 911. santos is now facing felony charges. he served as a youth pastor at grace fellowship church in buckeye for the past three years. the pinal county man accused of sexually assaulting more than a dozen underaged girls is back behind bars after jail. he was released on bond a few weeks ago after a judge ruled that accused sex offenders may be offered bail. but an arizona supreme court justice has now put that ruling on hold. so cost was hauled back into custody. he's expected to stand trial next february. kids playing video games, the new study that suggests the more they play, the better they will do in school.
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>> what do we want? >> contracts. >> when do we want it? >> now. dozens of southwest airlines employees taking to the streets of phoenix to demand new contracts. what the ceo of southwest is saying about those demands. but up next, sparked by the loss of 19 granite mountain hot shots, we'll see how researchers, including nasa's scientists, are creating a new fire shelter for firefighters. >> this is all about buying time
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a massive a massive fire continues to burn in san bernardino county california. california has been hit particularly hard this year. the smoke and the flames of the pilot fire very intense. it's actually causing haze to go over las vegas, which is 200 miles away. the fire has charred more than
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closed, dozens of homes have been evacuated. that fire right now is only 5% contained. only on fox tonight, it is a tragedy that we will never forget in arizona, the nation will never forget it. the loss of 19 mountain granite hot shots killed as they battled the yarnell hill wildfire. >> they were overrun by flames and perished in their fire shelters. tonight, linda williams shows us how that tragedy caught the of nasa. >> we do have a few patients we are trying to reach in yarnell. >> reporter: june 20th, 2013, a devastating tragedy unfolded as 19 hot shots were forced to deploy their fire shelters, none survived. nasa documented the fire in this chilling video. the loss inspired nasa and others to think there has got to
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in a firefight when they get trapped by flames. >> when we learned about the tragedy at granite mountain, then we began to wonder if some of the materials we were working on could improve fire shelters, and nasa independently had the same idea, and when we realized we both shared that common interest, we began to work together. >> miller and associates research foundation in flagstaff joined the nasa team that is looking for a better fire shelter. >> this is all about buying any time a life or death situati a firefighter to escape. >> instead of looking for a new fire shelter material, the team is designing a shelter using standard aerospace materials. >> we are reentering the atmosphere and need to survive that very high heat duration for a short period of time. is there any way we could use these thermal detection systems to improv the shelters that they are using for these entrapment situations. >> this is the standard shelter now. this is a new design.
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including fiberglass insulation, used in aerospace today, a high temperature film, and a gas barrier, the end goal to buy time for a firefighter who has deployed the shelter. con fire shelters. >> the winds move at 70 miles an hour, carry a lot of the heat and transfer it quickly, so we need that component to protect the firefighters for a longer time. >> they introduced the new design to senator john mccain and a group of forest service firefighters in flagstaff in july. senator mccain asked the firefighters how much confidence they had in the emergency fire
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confident. >> the sentiment was echoed by most of the firefighters there. >> because the confidence in that thing is not that great. yeah, keep it with us as a last-ditch effort, but i would rather hike, run, escape to a safety zone before i would just stop and get in that thing. >> reporter: the firefighters also acknowledged they wouldn't want to be without the shelter as a last resort. the new design of the fire shelter is still in research and development, says mi will be ready for final testing next year. the forest service wants to test prototypes by next summer and perhaps have the new shelter ready for use by 2018. linda williams, fox 10 news. coming up we are going to talk a little bit more about what's happening at cardinals training camp. yeah, they can't wait to get on the field this friday night against the raiders. when we come back in sports, we are going to look at the
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rush, and that includes number 44, markus golden. stay with us, cards training camp leading the way in sports
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you're watching the best, fox 10 news. >> the nation declaring an emergency following last week's widespread flooding that destroyed several homes on the reservation and killed livestock there. these with images of the damage, tweeted out by the navajo times. president russell begay says they need clothing and places to stay. the emergency declaration will
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your accuweather forecast with dave munsey on fox 10 news. >> hi, everybody, here we go, 102 degrees, the winds are out of the west at 13, so picking up just a little bit as the night wears on here. right now, 100 degrees in deer valley, 94 degrees in fountain hills, 99 in chandler, in ahwatukee 99 degrees. we still have 106 degrees up in glendale. take a look at it, that high pressure still working but that low pressure is going to kind of push it aside here a going to see some new things as that moisture from the south, javier, arrives up here. we put the futurecast into motion and as you will see here, we are going to get through tuesday okay. but early wednesday morning, that's a big storm system in the city, surrounding the city, and taking in a lot of action there. also, we take another look at it here around noon, and you can see another pretty good cell working its way in. it backs off a little bit, but
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moisture in here in the afternoon on thursday. so a couple of shots of it is going to be working its way in here. we also see it getting very close late in the day on thursdays. 110 degrees, that's where we go this afternoon. in goodyear, 109. 107 at deer valley. in chandler, 108 degrees. 97 in winslow today. 1 100 in kingman, 110 at gila bend, 1 it at sedona it was 93 degrees, 88 here for the longer low. normals would be 105 and 83. 67 your record low for the day. take a look at what we are forecasting for tomorrow, 99 degrees. especially on the west side, we stay in triple digits, and we get pretty close to the 100-degree mark on the east
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in prescott, 75 in flagstaff, 99 in casa grande, and 102 at yuma. let's take a look here and see what's going on across the country. this was a real wet spot today, down in the southeast, florida getting hit with three to four inches of rain in a few coastal areas. there was some flooding down in that area, and we continue to see the moisture of the southwest kind of filter into oklahoma and texas, and you can see here, once again, wichita has a very wet day just the other day in wichita, and then also 77 hundredths of an inch in orlando, miami with 32 hundredths of an inch, that really a lot of moisture for those folks down there. 102 in dallas today, 100 in houston, 82 up in omaha, charlotte at 90, washington, d.c. 92, 97 up in salt lake city, and some nice-looking 70s up in that northwestern corner
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overnight, look for 82 degrees, javier is coming, 99 degrees for tomorrow, and then javier's moisture is going to bring the temperature down on wednesday to 91. we go into the mid-90s and back into the triple digits right after that. watch your kids around water. >> okay, dave, thanks. construction workers discover an owl that has found a home in a large empty warehouse, and they are worried that it won't survive because of the heat and lack of water, so they have got to figure something out. the owl has been at the warehouse now liberty wildlife says all they can do now is wait for the owl to come out on its own. workers were told to leave the warehouse doors open overnight to give it a nudge. >> there is no water, it's hot, the owl is confused. we just want to get it out. we want the owl to survive and it can't live long in here. >> so if the owl does not leave soon, liberty wildlife will have to set up a live bait trap to
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coming up in the next half hour of fox 10 news. >> it's going to take a long time for us to heal. >> the latest on the tragedy in youngtown where a three-year-old boy is murdered, allegedly at the hands of his 16-year-old brother. >> we have two children that were -- that were taken away from us. plus, more on the search for an armed robber who gunned down an innocent clerk inside this phoenix circle k. ? ee-e-e-oh-mum-oh-weh ? ? hush my darling... ? ? don't fear my darling... ? ? the lion sleeps tonight. ? [snoring.] ? hush my darling... ? [snoring.] ? don't fear my darling... ? ? the lion sleeps tonight. ? [snoring.] take the roar out of snore. yet another innovation only at a sleep number store. my son has meningitis b.
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live from fox studios, fox 10 news is back. the grandpa of a three-year-old boy stabbed to death in his own home is talking about the tragedy tonight. the boy's older brother accused of carrying out the horrific crime. >> it was violent, and this afternoon the maricopa county sheriff's department revealed the grisly new details about this investigation. steve krafft has the latest. >> reporter: sheriff joe arpaio calls it a vicious, vicious, horrific murder. a 16-year-old boy stabbing to death his the sheriff says deputies arrived to find a horrific scene, a 3-year-old boy stabbed to death, his nine-year-old sister injured, their 16-year-old brother trying to get away. >> the 16-year-old suspect ran from the house, probably almost a quarter of a mile, was chased by our deputy sheriffs.
9:31 pm
the suspect was covered with blood. and there was also traces of blood on the roadways. >> reporter: the sheriff's office executed a search warrant and is interviewing the family. the sheriff did not release the name of the 16-year-old because he's a juvenile. he's in detention for second-degree murder and aggravated assault. if the county attorney brings charges against him as an adult, he will be moved to the maricopa county jail. meanwhile, a m the kids' grandfather came by the home today where there is a memorial and spatters of blood from the doorway to the street. >> this is a horrible thing, where you have some vital part of your being ripped away from you, and anybody that hasn't had that happen might not understand, but this is a horrible time that i don't wish on anybody. >> reporter: the family has set up a gofundme account to help with burial expenses.
9:32 pm
our website, steve krafft, fox 10 news. in a developing story, police are trying to track down the armed robber who shot and killed a clerk at a 7-eleven. this happened early this morning near 16th street and southern road, and police say that the robber got all of the cash in the register, and then he ordered two employees into a back room. shots were fired. one of those employees was killed. the other clerk took off, and the gunman gave evetually he ran off as well. the clerk that was killed has not been identified. >> they were nice. i mean, i have seen people come in short $0.50 for a fountain drink or whatever, and they would cover it for them. they were always joking and having fun. >> i can't believe it happened right here. >> so one clerk dead. they have not released him name yet, the other clerk injured and the shooter is still out there, last seen wearing a blue
9:33 pm
face and red gloves. if you have any information on this, call phoenix police or silent witness at 480-witness. a power outage leads to the cancel laying of more than 700 -- cancellation of more than 700 delta airlines flights and more than 200 others delayed. a power outage caused systems to crash worldwide. passengers whose flights were significantl cancelled are getting waivers from the airline. they are also allowing passengers to request full refunds or change their flights over the next four days without penalty. what do we want? >> contracts. >> when do we want it? >> now. in the meantime, southwest airlines employees were busy picketing outside some of their largest hubs today, including phoenix. dozens of pilots, flight
9:34 pm
gathered at sky harbor airport to make their voices heard. that he wanted new contract, something that has not been done in four years. this picket also coming on the heels of a massive computer meltdown in july at the height of the travel season. maybe you got caught up in that. it left thousands of passengers stranded for days. >> what happened last week with the technological meltdown is a great example of that. d infrastructure in place, and when things go wrong, it's not good for our customers. >> southwest's ceo responded in today saying in part about the picket line folks, their actions are part of a labor negotiations playbook, and the blaming, name calling, and finger pointing behavior, while predictable, are not the way we do things at southwest artilleirlines. donald trump giving his most detailed explanation yet of the
9:35 pm
make america great again. >> reporter: trailing in the polls, donald trump used a speech to the america economic club to compare his business vision to what he called obama-clinton program of stagnation. >> it will be a night and day contrast to the obama-clinton agenda. >> trump backed off his original plan, which used and now will create three new bracts at three, 12, and 25%. he also elaborated on plans to cut corporate income tax of -- reading today from ?washington post?, trump trashed clinton for a broken promise while a new york senator to create 200,000 jobs in the empire
9:36 pm
actually lost jobs, a lot of them, during clinton's first term. in other words, she was all talk, no action. upstate new york is a disaster. >> but the antitrump crowd has a new alternative tonight. evan mcmullen, who spent years working at the cia, is running as an independent. he doesn't have a lot of name recognition, but his announcement came the same day the nixon through bush administrations say that donald trump is not fit for office. democratic nominee hillary clinton taking a swipe at trump today, saying that her plans will create more jobs than donald trump's and also claims that trump's advisors are only interested in helping themselves and not the middle class. >> so here's the deal. he can't escape the math.
9:37 pm
of inconvenient if it doesn't add up the way you want it to, and economists, left, right, in the middle, all say the same thing, that trump's policies would throw us into a recession. >> as for the race in florida, a suffolk poll has hillary clinton with a four-point edge over donald trump. clinton is scoring well with voters on temperament to be president but still struggles on questions of being trustworthy. ahead tonight on health watch, if you are trying to keep kids from playing video games to get better grades, that plan might actually backfire. sh, don't tell them. they might be sleeping. >> maybe this is my problem at home. teens who played games online scored better in math and science. on the other hand, the same study suggests that social media has the opposite effect.
9:38 pm
math. researchers believe that video games can help develop problem solving skills, while social media takes away from study time. >> i'm supposed to let my son play more video games? is that what you're telling me john? >> that's what the study says. i'm not advocating. brokers alliance in fountain hills has classic and xbox consoles for employees to use in the game room. the company says it helps build a fun, positive environment and makes employees more relaxed. >> you are under pressure. we work in the financial industry, for the most part, and the ability to decompress is a big deal. if you're sitting, reading a book, you're not necessarily decompressing.
9:39 pm
ping-pong, we find stress is down. >> what about a sensory deprivation tank? i think that would be great here. >> are you going to take off your suit and chill in that? >> there is that. >> they also have, you might like this one john, a putting green. >> it depends on how you're rolling it that day. that could be even more stressful. >> more stressful, ruin your day? after the brea this kid who built a clock that looked like a bomb, and it turned into this huge national story, the texas teen arrested for making the homemade clock making headlines again, he and his family tonight, and this might surprise you. a new menu at university of phoenix stadium. what are they going to be serving? we'll show you, a taste test.
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the safeway anniversary sale. it's just better. in tonight's fox flash point, dozens killed during a peaceful protest in pakistan as a bomb went off in the city of quetta. this is in western pakistan. 70 suicide bombing. dozens of lawyers gathered at a hospital to condemn the killing of a colleague. 90 people injured, a breakaway faction of the taliban has claimed responsibility. flash point afghanistan, where an american and an australian are apparently kidnapped. the men were seized in western kabul last night. both men, lecturers at the american university of afghanistan. police say two gunman stopped the car they were riding in and
9:44 pm
responsibility and to our knowledge no ransom demand. flash point china where the u.s. navy makes a house call. the visit comes after an international court rule that china cannot claim the south china sea as its own, that vast area in the west pacific ocean. a uss ship arrived in china today, and it's hoped that it will ease tensions in the south ch claims. remember this guy, back in the news again nearly a year after the texas teen was arrested for bringing a homemade clock to school that looked kind of like a bomb, the boy and his family are taking legal action. ahmed mohammed was arrested last year when the teacher took a bomb. the 14-year-old was suspended for three days from school,
9:45 pm
to qatar with his family. ahmed's attorneys say that his civil rights were violated during his arrest and that the school district has a history of overdisciplining minorities. >> i lost my creativity, because before i used to love building things, but now i can't. there is nothing i can do. >> ahmed is not asking for a specific amount in damages. he's leaving that to a jury to decide. getting bigger, a new report showing there were 2473 of them around the globe, more than a 6% jump from 2014 and a new record. at&t is expanding service to hand deliver to customers in more than ten cities, also showing how to use gadgets when they are delivered.
9:46 pm for around 3 billion bucks, hoping the move will make them more competitive against web giants like amazon. >> vermont named the best place to have kids due to factors like lower costs for child care and parent friendly policies. as the cardinals prepare for a new season, the concession stands are gearing up for new items for the >> that's a lot of deep fried stuff, teaching typical game day stuff like popcorn and hot dogs, but the new chef says he wanted to avoid gimmicky food. the new stand serves up all things poultry, including chicken tacos, which look great, and a smoked turkey leg. that would be your choice.
9:47 pm
snack all of a sudden. i want to see you walking through the concourse with the big leg, and you are just gnawing on it. >> i i think i would do the wings instead, a big plate of wings. coming up next on the buzz, at what age are you considered most likely to cheat on your partner? there is an age considered to be the danger zone. we'll talk about it after the break.
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put your finger to good use. person to person transfers on the firstbank mobile app. it's time for the buzz... where we talk about the stories all right. time for the buzz. we talk about the stories people
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breathalyzer tests may soon be a thing of the past, thanks to a new temporary tattoo. have you seen this, john? >> ingenious. >> it is ingenious. this device was developed by the university of california san diego. it clings to your skin, has a small circuit board and measures your blood alcohol level on your skin. researchers say it accurate read. >> i think this should be available at every walgreens. >> so that you can wear it and while you're drinking you know to slow down or what? >> wouldn't that be nice to know that you have overdone it before you end up in some unwitting dui situation. this happens a lot. >> they need one that beeps, like, slow down, have a glass of water. >> that's what your date is for. >> what if your date is, you know, i could have used that yesterday honestly, sitting by the pool. >> really?
9:51 pm
or not? maybe not. tattoo says slow down. >> if you have to ask, the answer is usually no. girls often get a bad wrap for having body image issues but it's becoming a growing problem for boys too. a recent poll of a bunch of 18-year-old, more than half of them considered they considered thank changing their diet to look better. 23% said that there is such a thing as a perfect m and they say all of the pressure from social media and advertising has given guys body image problems too. >> i worry about guys and boys coming up right now. there is so much pressure on them. girls are kind of rocking it and now boys have to worry about their image. the whole image thing is such a scare thought, especially when you are raising kids, don't you think, john? >> yeah, i do, and i think this is the pressure that caused jude to end up in the gym eight to ten hours a day. >> and you can see the
9:52 pm
>> when jude stops eating carbs, you know the end of the world is near. if the italian guy stops eating carbs -- >> if the pasta is put away, i'm going to be greatly, greatly concerned. >> john, did you know there is an age where people are more likely to cheat on their spouse or partner? maybe it's the fear of middle age, but the new study shows people are twice as likely to cheat at 39. the report also found that people are more likely to have affairs during other decades after their lives. so as you kind of end the decade, you have more of kind of a little crisis mentality. >> well -- >> i have made it past 39, so i think i'm in good shape. >> there you go. just because you wait until the end of the decade doesn't negate the damage caused. it's not like you get a free pass if you go down that route. >> you don't have to worry. you are well past 39.
9:53 pm
well, you didn't get married until after 39. >> that's right, that's exactly right. >> you had it all out of your system. >> i had it all right. >> that was smart, actually. >> your turn to chime in. you know too much about me. head to our facebook pages, post your thoughts, john hook fox 10. >> and kari lake fox 10. >> the angelic kari lake. >> you're like that yankee star, jeter. he waited until he had all of the fun and then settled down. >> that's the way to do it. >> i think we should move along here you? hey, just who is jumping out at training camp? plus, i want to talk about the most impressive unit for the a.s.u. football sun devils. how about the wide receiving core and their new coach?
9:54 pm
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9:56 pm
you're watching fox 10 sports with jude lacava in hd. it gives us a thought for a second here. think about it. you have got to worry about chandler jones on one edge, markus golden on the other, okaf okafor, calais campbell. opposing defenses, they have got to say, man, what do we do when it comes to looking at chandler jones, number 55, who has had a fantastic training camp.
9:57 pm
te flat and make the interception. and when you look at second year man, number 44 markus golden, you say this guy just brings it and brings it and brings it, it has been very impressive. one thing we do know, at least on paper and it should certainly play out this way without any unforeseen injury, the cardinals pressure on the quarterback should be significantly better going into this season. logic says you have got more personnel, more edge rusher, you have got energy guys, this is going to be fun to watch. here's bruce arians. other guys, he's not thinking. he's playing fast. he's -- he's always had a high, high motor but now he's doing it the right way, and it's always in the right spot. so, yeah, he's turning into a heck of a player. you would think with calais and chandler on the same side, they are going to fly that way. the other guys are one on one and it opens up a lot of opportunities for them. >> if you double him, you are
9:58 pm
going to be ready to play. like i said, chandler a great guy to have on the opposite side. >> brown coming off an impressive pass on friday and saturday. remember, he caught that little option pass from larry fitzgerald. he has been impressive, a guy in the system for four years, gets better and better, has all of the skills that you want. it's part of the very deep wide receiving core for t cardinals, a guy who really hopes to get more and more time on the field this year for the arizona cardinals. >> every day you have got to be on your ps and qs, and that's one thing, i try to come out here and get better every day and eliminate some of the silly mistakes that i make. i still have them, even though it's my fourth year, and try to get better. >> let's bring it over to a.s.u. football, and of course we are keeping an eye on the wide receiving core.
9:59 pm
there, this guy approached in nebraska, oc, offensive coordinator in l.a., spent some time in the nfl -- you can go on and on about the depth of this wide receiving core. they are talented. they are good at so many options in this offense. we'll find out who is going to be the quarterback in the not too distant future, certainly there. but for a.s.u., the wide receiving core a big part of what todd graham hopes to see. >> phenomenal teacher. i'm very pleased with our staff, and, you know, i knew that coming in. we knew what we were getting with him, and a tremendous teacher, great in activating the players. you know, the response that i have seen, i mean, we have already -- if i said it, you would say, coach, first four days, what's something that's really stuck out to you, it was the fundamental improvement at wide receiver.
10:00 pm
>> hey, we have got more football coming your way when we return in about 20 minutes. right now it's marc martinez with fox 10 news at 10:00. a violent and shocking crime rocks a valley neighborhood when a teenager is arrested, accused of murdering his three-year-old brother. people across the state mourning the loss of an arizona wildcat player after he dies in his sleep. tropical storm javier wreaking hav baja. its next stop, arizona. phoenix fire crews thank you for joining us tonight. phoenix fire crews are called to help a family of five. we are going to get to that story in a second. but first what you are looking at right now was some video that was taken of a rescue. this rescue involved several


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