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tv   FOX 10 News 530pm  FOX  August 9, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MST

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camera. drivers getting caught in this dust storm as it slowly crept across interstate 10. heavy rain followed filling washes in the east valley while in the southern part of the state, cars were washed away in the high water. >> this is just a start of what we could see over the next couple of days. >> all remnants of tropical storm xavier dumping rain throughout the stay. bit of dust, a dust wall. >> take a look at pictures sent to us from viewers. this is from jessica gibson at sky harbor. how woud you like to see this wall of dust if you're preparing to takeoff or land? >> the dust storm rolling towards talking stick resort in scottsdale. it is an amazing sight, isn't
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show us where the rain is moving in. every time i see a wall of dust like that, it is hard to get your mind around. >> reporter: if you want to know if the dust hit your house, run your finger across something. it is out there. here is the rain that was supposed to wash it off. not everyone got the rain but a lot of people did. over by fountain hill, 2.5 inches. south of phoenix, .5 of an a few areas of .5 of an inch or a little bit more. this is apache junction at 2.5 inches. other areas, look at this area right in here. you can see not much on one end with .4. you get up to an end when you get closer to the east side of casa grande and north of phoenix. we have another inch up in that area as well. look down by tucson.
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north of the tucson area as well. you can see here, as we get just a little bit into the fountain hills area where they have the 2.5 inches but once again, we see more and more rain so a lot of rain filtering through here on that particular storm system. here is where it is coming from. this is xavier down here moving northward and sending its moisture up. wel moisture coming up here through the night and tomorrow. we'll have that for you coming up. >> you can stay on the latest weather developments when we are off the air. download our free weather app. we have a live at six people hurt in a bad crash in phoenix. it happened this morning near 51st avenue and cambridge. one person had to be cut out the vehicle. three women and a 16-year-old
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hospital. two other people with minor injuries. it is not clear what caused the crash. fire crews responding to a house fire today. it was near hardy and university. an electrical worker was doing work inside the home when something caught fire. the family made it out safely. there was quite a bit of smoke damage inside the home. crews were able to make sure their dog made it out alive as well. the circles records that has been empty for six-plus years is going to be a retail shop if builders get their way. it is off of central and mckinley. courtney griffin has the story tonight. >> reporter: before this building was a circles records building, it was a car dealership built by jack stewart back in 1947. today, some of his daughters got to remnants.
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on a turntable. my dad is there and has on a white tuxedo. >> reporter: the iconic, fun part of the building will keep its shape as it turns into the retail or restaurant space. apartment towers will go up beside it. >> we thought it was going to be torn down so we got involved with the developer. we found out they would honor some of our requests and in the end, they honored all of our requests. >> reporter: in addition, a large mural is expected to be painted above the entrance. the artist has the design, which she says depicts the nature of phoenix. >> the piece is meant to show liberation and rebirth as the phoenix bird. this person is an embodiment of all of us. >> reporter: they are working to get support from the city to
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make this a reality. they hope to begin construction early next year. >> once construction starts, developers say it will take 20 months to finish that project. you decide, she has a sizeable lead in many polls and hillary clinton has a large lead when it comes to spending on campaign ads. clinton's presidential campaign has spent $52 million on ads. even libertarian nominee gary johnson and jill stein has spent a few thousand dollars on ads. remember former illinois governor rod blagojevich? he is back in court where a judge denied to lighten a 14-year sentence. he is serving time for corruption. this is what he looks like now.
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called the football like the nuclear codes. it was filled with hair products. he cared about his hair. he was eligible for re?enlsing after an appeals court threw out some charges of trying to sell barak obama's old sentence seat. >> i think the gray hair looks ok. what are your a fox follow-up, delta fixed the problem, the one that canceled thousands of flights. one flight out of phoenix was canceled. it was a red-eye flight from sky harbor to atlanta. i've been on that flight before. it is a red eye. >> that is how you roll. >> it is exhausting. now delta is trying to get those who had their flights canceled to their destination today.
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members. crews have to get certain amount of rest in a 24-hour period. the planes may be ready but the staff might not be ready. >> i thought you were angling on a flight you took five years ago. >> i if could get it. the town that has become the center of the zika virus is a ghost town. winwood is close to miami, usually packed with shoppers. they there. planes are still flying over with insecticide trying to kill the virus. the number of cases in the area is 21. >> i think i would want to stay inside. a new poll shows the number of americans smoking pot has doubled since 2013. 13% of people say they are currently smoking pot up from 7% back in 2013.
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years. half of adults in their 30's through their 60's admitted to trying marijuana at least once. a handful of states, including washington and colorado legalized marijuana. half of the country, including arizona has a version of a medical marijuana law. >> check out that guy. he is indulging. a royal scare at the home of queen elizabeth. a young intruder who had been drinking was climbing over a security fence. he was taken into custody and never gained access into the palace. there has been a few security breaches at the palace, including one back in may when a 41-year-old man was arrested on the grounds after an alarm went off. it was moving day in a vermont town. the town decides to move its old schoolhouse by using oxen. they did the old-fashioned way.
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moved closer to town. the town decided to move it back to the original location and 20 teams of oxen were brought in to help with the moving process. the building is being put on a new foundation and brought up to code and will be a beautiful place to visit. >> wow. >> that is a cool sight, isn't it? >> throwback. his career in the nfl hasn't panned out but tim tebow the working now on a backup plan. what he plans to do. >> this is interesting. plus, building tiny holes
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former nfl quarterback tim tebow is looking to pursue a career outside of football and in baseball. tebow plans to hold a workout for teams later this month. he has been training in scottsdale and in los angeles to work on his hitting and fielding. the 29-year-old has not played baseball regularly since his junior year of high school in
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player in florida that year. he had an impressive .494 batting average. a new project in texas aimed at fighting homelessness by building many homes. a nonprofit group replacing tents with newly built homes. the homes are 10x10. they sit on cement blocks. they are installed panel systems that provide air conditioning and power. the director of the project think residents will appreciate the privacy this offers. >> they will be able to lock the door and they don't have to worry about their belongings and they will probably sleep better knowing someone is not going to walk in on them. >> that is a great idea. with the solar panels, it will
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$100 million loss that is massive. >> coming up how the social media giant twitter is hoping to raise money on the side. >> reporter: if you ever question just how far this cardinals' organization has come in its history, you have to stick around for carson palmer's very strong comments. we're live at cards' training
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a pennsylvania man in a pennsylvania man in trouble for a strange crime. he is arrested for vandalizing a grave over and over. the man claims the dead guy buried there stole $300 from him more than 50 years ago. he is calling this payback. the man pleaded guilty to institution alvan institutional vandalism. twitter is looking to raise a little capital and make a little extra cash. the company is going to rent out space at its san francisco headquarters. twitter putting 30% of its office space up for lease because land is so valuable here. last friday, the company
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another sign of the sluggish economy, productivity fell between april and june. that is the third straight overall drop. problem since productivity growth is a key factor in supporting rising living standards and income. pretty slow, the dow jones is nasdaq went up 12. this is tonight's fox business watch. >> reporter: to comprehend what happene out here with the carson palmer press conference, you have to understand the history of the cardinals in arizona. it is one quarterback after another after another.
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plum and the run with kurt warner but this is the last stop in the nfl. that is not the case anymore. it really has been validated today with carson palmer's strong comments. when you look at what has transpired here, it is amazing. this is a place that you could resurrect your career or it was not on the radar. under bruce arians, we saw a m.v.p. candidate and the organization mentioned in the same breath as the super bowl. it is what carson palmer said today about wanting to finish his career here that is so strong a validation of how far the cardinals' organization has come. >> i didn't wrestle with it a bit. they approached me about
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and giving us flexibility this year and years to come. i didn't hesitate. i've been playing my whole career to play for an organization like this and coach like this and g.m. like this. a chance to play in a locker room like this and a chance to improve a fantastic roster. i didn't hesitate at all. interesting journey here. he played with a subpar organization in cincinnati and sent to oakland when they were really bad and now transformed and viable and relevant this season again for carson palmer as he looks ahead. as for what happened on the practice field, no john brown, recovering from continue --
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boot came off. he is still another week or so away from possibly getting on the practice field. they will turn their attention to friday night when the oakland raiders come to town. this is an improved raiders team. the first timers will get out there and play 10 or 12 plays, including carson palmer and then you will see the young guys like d.j. humphries play a little bit longer and there will be for drew stanltd on the take the helm late first quarter. we're back with more as we continue cardinals coverage. we'll see you at 6:00. it is the end of the line for kristy brinkly and john mellencamp. why the two slit -- split up. >> i did not know they were
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installment of the
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? i don't want to know this. kari is telling me stories that i want my ears to unhear. is that possible? >> that song that you're hearing that you missed out on, john, is
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country music air play chart. it is called "fix." it was released last october and it has needed about a year to hit number one but it did it. ? the boy band n to celebrate member birthday. i'm glad that marc was here because i could not say that word.
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fox says talks are under way to get a reboot. they are looking to team up with the series creator cris carter. ? >> i do know singer john mellencamp. he and super model christie brinkley has split heavy career demands interfered with them trying to maintain a relationship. the two started dating after meeting at a party in the hamptons last year. >> reporter: a stretch of a busy highway is shirt down after a man is barricaded inside. it is a bizarre story and causing a big traffic backup. plus, we learn one person is rescued in southern arizona
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she is county official.
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thank you for joining us. first tonight at 6:00, we start with a fox 10 news alert out of northeast phoenix. look at this. it is a stretch are of the beeline highway and it is shut down in both directions. a man is barricaded inside of a car. he is threatening suicide and they have sheriff offers out there trying to talk this man out. the picture of the traffic backup shows a long line of cars. this is in both directions and traffic is being detailed around
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you see the detour signs. deputies and state troopers trying to negotiate with that. traffic diverted and we have no idea when the situation may clear up. try to avoid the area if you can. remnants of tropical storm xawfer that brought heavy rain and gusty winds to the area. the storm system moved into our state from the south an it moved quickly throughout the d before pounding the phoenix metro area today. it was tuesday that got hit hard. so much rain that three cars were trapped by flood waters by the city streets. the cars are swamped. they had to shut down the exit ramps because of the flooding.


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