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tv   FOX 10 News 9pm  FOX  August 10, 2016 9:00pm-10:00pm MST

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now at 9:00, trying to catch a killer. the latest on the search for a man accused of shooting three people and running over and killing a m woman with his car. barely old enough to drive, this 16-year-old boy accused of murdering his brother. new information we learned about this case. walls couldn't keep this guy from climbing up trump tower today. what he was planning to accomplish with this dangerous stop once he got to the stop. later, he had to go on his honeymoon by himself after his wife lost her passport. would you do the same? wow, what a show tonight in
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valley. a round of storms hitting as the the rain came down. >> a roll of dustle rolling into phoenix coming in from the south as it does. incredible images from sky fox. live pictures from 24th street and indian school in phoenix. a lot of water on it. it is not completely flooded but >> we have crews headed to the west valley that was hit particularly hard. this is moving westbound on i-10. look at the lightning. i think the lightning was the big shocker. there were power outages due to the storm. a.p.s. reporting 1,000 customers are without pow per. >> -- power.
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to storm moving in from the southwest. it still has an impressive amount of moisture to push through the city here before we're done. we get another look backing up into casa grande. look at these numbers by south of casa grande. we get a little over an inch in a couple of dissments areas. 1.8 showing up. we get into buckeye. this is where they got hit hard tonight. you in and right near buckeye, almost 2 inches and .5 of an inch surrounding the area. you can see it coming over the mountain and once again, a little over an inch down here. .5 of an inch and as we get phoenix on the west side. you see the numbers go down a
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phoenix area. take a look at these numbers. they slow down a little bit but there is more rain to come. we'll be back and have another look at the radar and, in fact, we'll take a look at the whole state and look at these numbers and lightning. >> there were spots where we got big showers this morning. pinal county sheriff's deputies had to rescue a man got stuck in a wash. when deputies arrived, the man was standing on top of his truck. >> the gold canyon golf resort is cleaning up after the mess. golfers were on the course yesterday when the water rushed in and nearly drowned parts of the greens. two courses were devastated and
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path today. >> it drains well on this side so mainly, it was a lot of debris on the golf course pass, some of the fairways and bunkers got water, actually, in it. but nothing infrastructure wise. >> the dinosaur mountain course is expected to open tomorrow so they have a lot of clean up to do until then but the sidewinder course will be friday. another major story we are following tonight, a man shot and killed a woman and ran her over with his car. police say he is armed and dangerous. >> two other people are wounded in the shooting and police believe it stemmed from an ongoing dispute from neighbors. >> reporter: police say the person who is responsible for the shootings is still on the loose tonight. neighbors we spoke to say the
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suffered from severe mental health issues and was at the suspect's house the last few days. painting a different picture tonight than it did this morning. just after midnight, police say a 42-year-old woman, along with her 62-year-old boyfriend and 65-year-old neighbor who ran to help was shot by 35-year-old adam blomdahl. after shooting the over her with his car. >> he ran over with her purposely. he backed the vehicle up and ran over her a second time and eventually, a third and fourth time before leaving the area. >> i don't know how she was still standing after being shot four times. standing up and saying help me, i think i'm dying. i'm like, just lay down, stay still and that is when he came
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over. >> reporter: the woman did pass away. the two men are in stable condition. the man suffers from severe mental health issues and police being called out there isn't uncommon. >> we have taken her to see psychiatric care on different occasions. >> reporter: as it is unclear to what led up to the shooting, police are he is driving a 2015 white chevy four-door sonic. if you have any information on this case or know where blomdahl might be, you're asked to call police. danielle miller, fox 10 news. the 16-year-old boy accused of stabbing his 3-year-old brother to death in youngtown will be tried as an adult. shae holloway made his first
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>> one count of murder in the second degree. it is a class one felony. one count of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, dangerous instrument that is a class two felony. >> reporter: 16-year-old shae holloway listens to the judge read the charges against him. he allegedly killed his brother. the 3-year-old's name was princeton. >> princeton was the kind of child that could light up a room. hear that all of the time. never hurt anybody and never did anything to anybody but be a little 3-year-old kid. >> reporter: he threw his brother from the second floor to the first floor, grabbed a knife from the kitchen and began stabbing the boy. the 9-year-old sister tried to stop the attack but holloway stabbed her, too. she is expected to be ok.
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the family is shocked. >> it is one of the most loving kids that i have ever known in my life. i don't know if i will ever understand what happened. >> police say the young man holloway admitted to killing his brother but it is not clear what led him to murder. he is being held on $1 million bond. a police chase involving horsepower. how officers worked to corral phoenix. rumor has it that the nfl is trying to lure adele to perform during half time during super bowl but is she the right choice? we'll discuss in the buzz. a man on a mission scaling the trump tower hundreds of feet off of the ground. what he was planning to do
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new york is used to interesting things, i will put it that way, what but a spectacle today. a man using suction cups scales the side of the trump tower in manhattan. the nation watched it, the world watched it as it unfolded hundreds of feet above ground. >> would the suction give out, who knows? what was the reason for this? here is the answer. >> reporter: it began around 3:30 p.m. eastern wednesday. >> the security guard came out and said what are you doing, we said there is a guy rappeling off the side. >> reporter: a man started scaling the side of trump tower of the 58-story building. >> he took his basketball shorts
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underneath. he stood on the lblg and applied suction cups. >> reporter: the tower serves as his headquarters but he was making campaign stops in virginia and florida. they closed streets and causing traffic backups at rush hour in busy man that the -- officers began removing parts of windows and vents to communicate with the climber who played cat and mouse climbing away trying to avoid police. just after 6:30 eastern, police rammed the climber and pulled him in. down on the street, cheers erupted. >> what he explained to us is he wanted a personal meeting with mr. trump. he posted a youtube video on
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with him. he is going to be psychologically evaluated and placed under arrest. >> reporter: the climber is a 20-year-old male from virginia. he stayed at a hotel yesterday. he says in a youtube video, he wanted a personal meeting with donald trump. he is at bellevue hospital under mental evaluation. >> people all over the world were able to watch the man scale trump news now and people were watching from across the globe. you can watch all kinds of. events as they unfold live. >> you can watch when trump speaks, when hillary clinton speaks on fox 10 news now. we cover it all. speaking of the clinton campaign, they faced criticism
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campaign after they got special access. trump made controversial remark suggesting that second amendment supporters could prevent clinton from being elected by voting for her. many thought he was suggesting something else. many thought he was suggesting to violence against her. trump campaigned in two more swing state, visiting virginia and florida but his comments yesterday seemed to be the talk yesterday. his lk from democrats and republicans. today, donald trump rebuked the claims that he was advocating any type of violence against th. >> we're talking about political power. there is tremendous political power to save the second amendment. you look at the power they have in terms of votes and that is what i was referring to, obviously, that is what i was
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>> hillary clinton called donald trump's comments dangerous. meantime, while speaking to supporters in iowa, hillary clinton was interrupted by an attendee who tried to rush the stage. the person was protesting on behalf of animal rights. the secret service taking extra precautions after donald trump's comments yesterday. >> reporter: less than 48 hours away fr preseason game for your arizona cardinals. they get set to take on the oakland raiders. who will see the most playing time and which players will not see any action at all? >> reporter: another rainy night for the valley. it came rolling in over an hour ago but it is big and still there. we'll look at our new storm
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usda choice petite sirloin steaks, buy 1 get 3 free. albertsons huge anniversary sale. it's just better. >> reporter: well, hi, folks. it is 84 degrees and downtown, we had rain come down and dust came through earlier. i know the east valley missing a little bit. a lot of folks are missing it. winds out of the southwest at 16 at this time. 81 degrees in surprise. 88 in fountain hills. 91 in chandler. big storm in buckeye. 79 degrees in buckeye at this time. you take a look at the radar here. we get down close and you can see the stuff coming in from the south and the west over here. we get a look at the lightning. i wanted to get that in.
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strikes that are happening. look over here as that storm moves in and moves through buckeye where they took a hit tonight. about 1.8 of an inch of rain. almost 2 inches on the ground in the buckeye area. we had pretty intense rains as well south of laveen. when we get into the phoenix area, those amounts come down a little bit but as you can see, there is moisture to come through here. we take you to sky harbor and they are getting moisture. it is thickening up a little bit coming in here. we will see more rain before it is all over. once again in the scottsdale area, comes in pretty thick and it turns to rain and becomes steady rain after that. certainly, a lot of active weather around. you can see the storm system
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wickenburg at this time. the lightning strikes in the buckeye area where the storm system rolled in. you can see it from the south as well. these, of course, are the watches. they have discontinued the watches in the central area, phoenix area and the southern area. they are keeping them up until 11:00 this evening. we will see flood warnings out there until we have an aviation weather warning because of lightning strikes that they have the aviation warning and a flood warning next to phoenix at this time where the storm system is moving in at this time. that is why the flood warning is in that particular place at this time. we're getting a look at the futurecast. we see a few storms rolling in over the next couple of hours. after that, they roll out rapidly.
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you see 100's on the west side. 100 in chandler. 98 in scottsdale. the of number, 86 in sedona. 84 in prescott. 92 in page. 101 on the high here today. 84 for the morning low. 105 and 85 would be the normal high and low. this is what we're forecasting for tomorrow. in the 90's around the valley. i 95 in maricopa. 94 in scottsdale. 94 at sky harbor is what we're forecasting as well. 70's and 80's across the mountains. a few triple digit numbers across the location. there has been a few good storms out there. look at them roaming across minnesota another one working in the new england area and that is
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florida. some of the areas picking up as much as 9 inches of rain in the last couple of days. there is flooding without the area as well. as you can see here, temperatures haven't suffered too much. new orleans at 93. 87 in atlanta. other numbers from across the country though are still up there and it is warm across the country. 79 overnight. we'll look at 94 degrees for to as the sun shines a little more and starts warm things up a little more. watch your kids around water. >> good temps. it is not something you see every day. a couple of horses on the loose in the city. >> not the llama drama of a couple ears -- years ago. phoenix officers were tasked with trying to catch these guys.
9:27 pm
split up and confuse police making the effort to capture them even tougher. >> are they going to get an additional citation for evading police arrest? >> one horse was seen running in and out of traffic. they were docile in the end. some of their employees were able to wrangle the horses but it is not clear how they got loose in the first place. coming up in the hour, it is not mother nature's fault so who is to blame for the frequent power outages plaguing a neighborhood? >> reporter: six times in how long of a time? >> less than a month. a recent court ruling could cost solar customers a lot of
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using auto pay to take care of the recurring payments could
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your car takes care of you, care for it. chevron with techron. care for your car. alright, now i just look desperate. patience is wearing thin in a mesa neighborhood. hundreds of people are dealing in a mesa neighborhood.
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neighborhood. >> the power has been cut a number of times. >> reporter: patience stressed to the breaking point for some folks in the east valley that is what happens when the power goes out over and over. power has been interrupted 500-600 people in mesa from gilbert to lindsey, superstition freeway to six times in how long? >> within a month, less than a month. we have them for 12 hour, 11 hours. >> reporter: what kind of hardship does it work on you? >> trying to live in a hot house. the temperature gets crazy. you can't sleep. you can't doing the inside the house. >> reporter: some neighbors say they lost money on spoiled food and medicines. no power for the fridge. how much have you lost?
9:32 pm
>> reporter: $3,000? >> correct, food and medication, including everything in the deep freezer as well. >> reporter: s.r.p. says it has been a tough problem to fix. >> this is part of an underground cable problem. what caused the problem is the underground cable failed quicker than we expected. >> reporter: s.r.p. installed a temporary above ground until the underground one is replaced. >> we don't want our customers to be frustrated. we don't want them to be with power. >> reporter: so finally the power is back on, looks like for good. folks are looking forward to no more problems. the solar industry in nevada is taking a major hit and it will cost solar customer big bucks.
9:33 pm
$1,600 to subsidize the customers who have solar panels on their roof but not for much longer. the utility commission is fazing out the subsidy. according to solar activists this will increase the solar utility bill by 50%. >> governor sandoval has backstabbed us and gone against supporng person. >> as the rooftop solar industry has gotten larger and larger, we have seen the subsidy grow. now, 18 years later, it is time for the industry to stand on its own two feet. >> solar activists are fighting the battle in court. it is a battle that arizona is
9:34 pm
is the way a lot of us buy our favorite products or buy online. >> it is auto pay. you don't have to do a thing. modern convenience could be costing you a lot of extra money. chocolate, vanilla, sandy has a counter full of fitness shakes but it is too much of a good thing. >> it sits bag after bag after bag. >> reporter: they show up >> i can't use them as soon as i need to use them. >> reporter: she spends money on stuff she doesn't need because canceling is too much trouble. >> i don't want to talk to people so i do everything online. >> reporter: she logged on to true bill, an app that finds, tracks, and cancels the unwanted subscriptions. >> i saved $250 a month, almost $3,000 a year and there is
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>> reporter: yahya thinks a lot of us could save money so he created true bill. he says the average user has 11 products on auto payment. >> what struck us is how many people had subscriptions they were paying for that they forgot about and they put off canceling. >> reporter: putting off the task because you are losing money. steve partners with true called bill shark. >> we partner to get you bill savings. >> reporter: auto pay makes it easy for companies to get rate hikes passed you. >> their favorite meth is to creep up the price, a dollar here, $2 here. you have gone from a $75 a month bill to $90 a month bill.
9:36 pm
of that revenue, $50 billion to $60 billion is generated from this. >> reporter: sandy is canceling auto payments. >> i love the product and i will still buy it. >> reporter: a study found that all of us will negotiate with auto pay companies to get aloer rate. 20% will switch to a different provider and 60% continue to pay. >> that is what they count on. >> stuck in the cycle. we have links to true bill and bill shark with tonight's report on you will find it all there. at&t will be sending refunds to customer over the next few months. the federal government offering the company to pay out $700 million after the company
9:37 pm
service that didn't exist. the scams mostly targeted small businesses. a t&t will refund customers within the next few months. delta airlines continuing to recover from the outage and ripple effects were felt around the world. they are largely back to normal but the system to check in and ar dispatch planes is still slow. thousands of flights have been canceled. it tells from a critical piece of equipment failing. we were not given a ton of information and that led to grounded flights around the world. up next, after the break, it has become so popular, you can earn college credit for playing pokemon go.
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civilization? >> this might be the beginning. >> where this special class is being offered. >> are you going to make a joke that it is a.s.u.? that the fighting words. >> you just said it for me. do you want to talk to the president? you don't have to depend on
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on tonight's flash point, iraq's defense minister survives an attack on his motorcade. this attack taking place near
9:42 pm
which is still in isis' hands. a bodyguard videotaped the rolling fire fight that happened after the explosion. no injuries were reported. iraqi forces are preparing an offensive to recapture mosul from the islamic state. libya forces have ousted isil out of cert. it is the biggest advance in libya since u.s. began air strikes there 10 days ago. russia accuses ukraine of trying to sneak forces into the peninsula that russia invaded and annexed in 2014.
9:43 pm
an accusation, kiev denies. that is tonight's fox flash point. the epicenter of florida of the zika virus has reopened today. it was a ghost town. local officials went door-to-door handing out mosquito repellant. they are asking congress to back in session to pass zika funding for florida. governor rick scott plans to declare a state of emergency. >> understand this is an emergency. this is not something to play with. this is not something we can put on the back burner and say we'll do it later. >> meantime, there are planes flying over a two-mile area in a neighborhood dropping chemicals trying to kill the mosquitoes. businesses have tried to keep
9:44 pm
being employed seems to make a lot of employees exhausted. half of all workers take a week of vacation or more just to catch up on sleep. for those not tired and looking to be hired, you might be in luck. the government says employees advertised more openings and hired more people in june. workers with a student loan a prescription to limit the to $10,000 for full-time workers who earned a degree in the last 10 years. the girl scouts saying two new s'mores cookies will be available in january. one is double dipped and covered in an icing coating. another is a sandwich cookie with a marshmallow filling.
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fresno city college, have you heard of that one? >> yes. >> in california is adding pokemon go class for the upcoming semester. the class is listed as a physical education court. no word on what they will be doing, only, playing pokemon go but they will receive one college credit for it. >> ok. for the first time ever, you can connect to the president via facebook, not just by liking his page but you can send president obama a facebook message. every day, he reads 10 letters through the mail since he took office in 2009. looks like he might have to change things up to fit in facebook time. >> who is sending snail mail anymore? it is a rarity. >> that's right.
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it's time for the buzz... where we talk about the stories people are talking about. first up... stories people are talking time for the buzz, we talk about the stories that people are talking about. >> you hear about people bringing animals on plane for support animals. they are typically dogs for someone who has an emotional or physical disability will have them. >> that is fine. >> on a frontier airline someone brought their monkey. the monkey got cabin. it sounds like a bad 1970's movie. monkeys are on the list of the approved list but it goes to the bigger issue of the support animals. as a normal person, you are looking at them going is that a support animal or is it your pet? >> yes, it is a scam. i don't think people are being fooled. people can determine or see what
9:50 pm
lot of the times. >> you can get the vests online. >> people are gaming the system. >> i swear i saw a chihuahua in my grocery store a couple weeks ago with the little vest on. is that a support animal? >> it has been abused. >> it diminishes the real sport animals. >> have you seen the photo on social media, the man went on his honeymoon without his wife. the photo without her. >> he looks happy about this. >> he does. why did he not go to the trip of to italy? a couple days before they were supposed to leave, she lost her passport. that is grounds for divorce. >> if she said go to italy without me, she is being nice. >> you can do that when you're five years into the marriage and
9:51 pm
if that is your first outing, i think he should stay home. i do. >> what is she doing without him? maybe she is having a better time without him. >> oh, the cabana boy, the pool guy is paying a visit or what? >> cleaning the pool. >> he is in italy drinking wine having a good time. super bowl is around the corner. it will be in houston, texas, and rumor has it adele is being no doubt she is an amazing performer. i'm not sure the energy of her songs, they are so her rose, i >> i thought they should book depeche mode. even though she is a great performer, i don't think that is
9:52 pm
>> her energy of her songs are the kind that you want to curl up in the fetal position and cry when you listen to adele music. you think about the lovers lost. >> you go in the second half drained. >> don't let the players hear it or they won't have the energy to come out. >> head to our facebook pages. >> john is taking all of complaints tonight. >> john hooks fox 10. >> anything fun, come to my site. we would love to hear from you. >> reporter: all i know is the guy who went on the honeymoon by himself, his wife is getting the guest room ready for him. the cardinals and raiders facing off on friday night. plus, the d-backs working overtime in new york tonight.
9:54 pm
9:55 pm
no honey badger...john >> reporter: no honey badger, john brown or robert nkemdiche for the preseason game against the raiders. they will be joined by corey
9:56 pm
disabled list. who will we see on the field? starters like carson palmer and cornerback patrick peterson only supposed to get a quarter or two. top pick robert nkemdiche ruled out because of a high-ankle spring he suffered at the beginning of camp. mike jurecki with what to look for. >> carson palmer will start and drew stanton will follow that up. i think the cardinals will keep two quarterbacks on the active roster, barkley and coker are practice squad eligible. i think barkley has been in the system a little bit longer. coker is having issues with his mechanics. i'm curious to see how d.j. humphries plays in this game.
9:57 pm
to get picked on. hopefully, justin bethel can return. williams has only played college corner four months. former running back, he has the skills set. the game is not too big for him. i'm looking forward to watching some of these big guys, d.j. humphrey, brandon williams, this is a good opportunity for the coming raiders team. on paper, yo young guys step up. >> reporter: from university of phoenix stadium, we head across town to cardinals' training facility where we find the arizona wild cat football team. this is a classy move by michael bidwell and the cardinals. helping them relocate due to the rain in tucson this week. it helps them take their minds
9:58 pm
passed away earlier this week. >> it is only a two-hour drive. we're going to get back tomorrow night to be able to attend the viewing and the service is on friday. i think it is good for us to be around each other, at least for me, it s to be around the staff and the team. >> reporter: to new york, we check in on the diamondbacks and mets. bartow cologne, easy on the strikeout with neil walker. no earned runs in the stat. great start for robbie ray and paul goldschmidt. rips this one in the top of the third and that scores jean segura to make it, 1-0, diamondbacks. bottom of the ninth with a runner on. kelly johnson sends this to the upper deck to tie this at two. we are going to extra innings. just when you thought the
9:59 pm
in a row. oscar hernandez just called up and the d-backs go on to win this one, 3-2 in extras. more on the cardinals coming up at 10:00 and how one receiver looks to make a big impression on friday night. first, it is fox 10 news at 10:00 with kari lake. here we go again. rain and dust rolling toward the valley and a lot of lightning. we are learning more about brutally killing his 3-year-old brother and the terrifying last moments of the toddler's life. two horses on the run in a valley neighborhood. how they were corralled and brought back to their owners. you are looking at rain coming down in the south valley. look at this, this video taken
10:00 pm
safely through it. this is crazy out there. this is near buckeye. it was coming down. we're getting reports of trees down. nearly 1,500 businesses an homes are without power. this rain coming down sideways at times. in central phoenix, in the highland area. the valley under another weather alert. a huge cloud of d into the valley just before sunset and this is the downpour hitting downtown when it arrived. the question everybody wants to know is there more rain in store and how could it possibly last. we're dealing with tropical moisture. very hard, which areas were hit the hardest? dave munsey joins us live from the weather center. this is the tropical storm


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