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tv   FOX 10 News 9pm  FOX  August 11, 2016 9:00pm-10:00pm MST

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>> new at nine, shot and killed in a senseless robbery. family and friends of the store clerk making a desperate plea for finding the killer. >> please come out. someone must that night. >> at one point he weighed more than 600 pounds. but then he shed those pounds and now he's ready to shed the excess skin. >> it's a positive moment in my life. >> arizona voters will get to decide whether to legalize marijuana. >> how doctors are helping
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reality. >> good evening everyone, we begin with a fox 10 news alert. a police chase going on in the east valley. pictures show the pursuit heading westbound heading into phoenix before the suspect headed eastbound on the loop 202. >> lock how fast that tow truck is going. i didn't know they could go that fast. that's when officers the spike strips to puncture the tow truck's tires. the driver's car continued to flee often after the tow truck caught fire. they took off running before a k9 officer took him down. he went to the hospital, after which he will be booked into jail.
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that are stirring up controversy. >> they stem from business owners' frustration with their customers bringing their pets along when they go shopping. the sign reads no pets allowed, service animals are welcome. please do not try to pass your pet off as a service animal. the sign continues to go on how faking service animals may hurt the reputation of valid service danielle miller is on the story. danielle this has to be this trend i'm seeing where people are bringing their pets into grocery stores and restaurants. >> reporter: absolutely keri. definitely a hot button issue. they're telling us what prompted these signs are the amount of dogs that are bought into their stores l this summer. they're saying people may be bringing them in to take them out of the hot car.
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them home before coming shopping today. they said they've seen dogs inside the shopping cars, which is against store policy. they say basha's isn't the only store dealing with this issue. >> pets who are coming in to keep them cool. we have to ask them to take them home before they come signs that say service animals welcome. please don't try to pass your pet off as a service animal. they say this is a direct response to the amount of dogs we've seen in their stores this summer. >> we sell groceries. food safety is of the utmost importance. we want to make sure we're keeping the cleanest stores possible and everything is 100% up to code where it should be. >> reporter: basha's is not
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owner of the hitching post says people bring dogs into restaurant all the time claiming to be service dogs. chairs and table, eating the fries. >> reporter: he trains service animals and saying this is becoming a major issue. he says a service dog is a dog who performs a specific action when needed with ab a disability. >> when you call may day, that dog is supposed to run and get you help. it can't do that when it's in a cart. >> reporter: he says people are taking advantage of the system knowing legally there is nothing a store or restaurant can do. >> legally they can ask is that your service dog. they say yes.
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due dog perform for you? that's all they can ask. >> house bill 2205 goes into effect at the end of the month. it's a new state law. it states a service dog must be on a leash, under control, and no more than three feet from the owner. it also can't be barking or lunging at other dogs. they're hoping to protect actual service dogs servi with disabilities. if you head to our website, you can find a complete list of all the legalities on this issue, including what classifies a service dog. >> yes. obviously legitimate use for these animals, true service dogs, but a lot of people are gaming the system. we posted about this topic on our fox 10 facebook page. we got a huge response.
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tickets. people need to know not to lie about these things. tab says if people who had service dogs wouldn't object to showing actual paperwork on their animal, this wouldn't be an issue. she says they are not emotional support animals. and sherry says don't see a problem if a pet is very well behaved. no barking, no sniffing anyone, et they should be allowed anywhere a service dog is allowed. we got a range of information. we would love to hear from you. head to our facebook page at leave a comment under the story. >> i posted on that. i've gotten such a huge response. people have a lot of feelings about that issue. in other news, the family of a convenience store clerk shot and killed during a robbery.
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's help capturing the killer. this guy knew what he was doing. he covered his face. and he went in there. and as we said he killed one of the employees. nichole garcia is live from the phoenix police department with more on this case. >> the victim is 36 toor. he was better known as sunny. they described sunny as a hard work. his customers. tonight the killer is on the loose. phoenix police don't have a good description of him either. police and family members are begging the public for help. surveillance cameras clear liukacapture -- capture the armed robbery and murder. but his face is never seen. but police say someone out there knows who this guy is.
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community on 16th street and southern neighborhood, please come out. somebody must know what happened that night. >> reporter: the gunman demanded money from the two clerks who handed over cash. but then he ordered the employees to go into a back room. that's where the victim got into a struggle with the man for the gun. toor was shot and killed. >> went to work every day for 12 hours from 2 a.m. to 2 p.m., five, six days a week. they always found him working hard, cleaning stuff. he was a hard working person, u.s. person. loving his customers. >> reporter: the victim was known as sunny and his family is asking why did he have to die. >> he gave the money. whatever he want. his hand is up there in the air. and why his brother got shot. >> the gunman chased after the second clerk who got off and
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away. police described it as a machine gun similar to the tech nine brand. leaders in the valley sikh community say they're often targeted because of their race and religion. >> people give us finger and come to our store and yell and spit on your face. all those common things with the different-looking people. it's a very common thing. >> reporter: now the 7-11 corporation made a donation to the reward. it stands at $11,000 now. anybody with information is asked to call silent witness. fox 10 news. it's been nearly a month since a ten-year-old buckeye boy daisies -- disappeared. officers spent several hours
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lot looking for any information they might find. but the buckeye police chief admitting for the first time today that they may not find the boy alive. police are calling it a secondary search. they say they're disable -- double checking areas that have already been searched. they're going to keep looking for this boy. >> he's a 10-year-old boy that's gone missing. for all of us who are parents, this is something we hold sacred. and we're going to continue to bring closure to the family. >> so at this point police are still investigating this as a runaway case. and the boy's mother is said to be cooperating with the investigation. several people arrested in an illegal gambling operation in phoenix. the arizona department of gaming and phoenix police served four search warrants at two glendale homes, as well as a business
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house. the police say the illegal operation allowed them to gamble during poker games and tournaments, and five employees are facing charges. another stormy day in the valley. remnants of tropical store javier hit the valley over night. storm clouds. mesa was hit hard by this storm. not only were the streets flooded, but two worldwide rv has some flooding around the trailers in their parks. a sports complex, tennis courts filled with 8 feet of water. the park's entrance was flooded out. >> we've got pumps in here. but this is too much for the pumps to handle. people have come down here with their kayaks and canoes and just played around with it at this time. here it is 85-90?.
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water sports. >> they're more fun. >> the problem is the fencing. >> don't get the jet ski out. whatever you do. >> somebody might try. residents and the staff say it could be a few weeks before the water is completely drained out of both parks. well you heard it. lots of rain this morning. once again we get hit every day this week. what about tonight? what about tomorrow morning? we'll take a look at weather coming up. >> it's one of the most iconic places in the country and it's under attack. the microorganisms that are threatening the jefferson memorial. what's the rush? the surprising number of moms who admit to taking their kids to school in their pajamas. too big to fail. a valley man shed nearly 300 pounds and now he's ready to get
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behind. >> what goes on in your mind when you look at these? >> how in the heck did i become this big? >> last night storms in the west valley. this morning, the east valley really got hit. >> this is really unusual. >> got some of the rainfall totals for you. >> it looks like you got some wet areas there for you troy. >> it's pouring in some parts of the valley. >> get ready for your weekend with us. albertsons has everything you need, every day! the freshest food and low albertsons prices. and right now you can save even more during our huge anniversary sale. happy anniversary to me. get pepsi, 12-pack 12-ounce cans, 4 for $10. doritos, fritos, or cheetos, select varieties and sizes, $1.77 each. usda choice petite sirloin steaks, buy 1 get 3 free. albertsons huge anniversary sale.
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do you do you remember this guy? we have been following this valley man's amazing story. we told you about him back in june. pasquale, he lost more than 300 pounds by doing it the right way, eating right and exercising. >> he was left obviously with a lot of skin after he lost all of that weight and on monday he undergoing surgery to have that skin removed. marcy jones joins us now with this fox follow-up. it's an amazing story. >> he is so motivational. and we know him as pasquale but to thousands he is known as possible pat all because he is a man on a mission to inspire others through his weight loss journey. we met up with pat to talk about surgery and his postop plans. >> four days before pasquale goes under the knife to get his excess skin removed.
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the kitchen that lost him more than 330 pound. >> people don't realize it's not just eating clean. it's cooking clean. if you don't -- if you cook healthy meal in grease, it's no longer healthy. >> just three years ago pat was 605 pounds. but thanks to eating clean and a rigorous workout schedule. he is down to a lien 280 leaving a lot of extra skin. that's where surgery comes in. pat says he is nervous but driven. >> and now i see like turn back like there is no turning back. and especially when i'm motivating so many people. >> post surgery pat says he is dedicating his life to fitness and helping others be the healthiest they can be. >> people don't have the knowledge, i didn't know. i was never taught in school oh, you should be eating there and people know i feel like we can save lives through it. >> with hopes to compete in a fitness competition this january, pat says it's no longer about him.
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like a 500 pound man who reached out po-to-pat saying that if it weren't for him, he would have given up. >> before i heard the story i was going commit suicide. you gave me hope. and now i know i can do it. and i was like, oh! at that point, i realized you need to keep on working. i need to work harder because there are so many more people i could help. >> with so much on the line, pat adds there is no excuses even >> i broke my radio head and i didn't miss a day. i train legs, i did cardio and i did abs. i go on christmas. on thanksgiving and i will be the one cooking. >> he is so cool. >> and he knows this is much bigger than just himself. he is helping thousands of people on social media. they know him as possible pat and he is so fun. >> and even the people who don't
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take that first step or i'm going to cut back on this or workout. it's amazing. >> diet is the key. diet is 90% of it. >> yeah. and he has done his research and he knows that 81% of certain deaths are because they are all diet related. tons of things with heart disease, diabetes, all of that kind of stuff and he just is empowering himself with knowledge to get through this journey and he is so great. >> great to follow along. can you feel it? we are inching closer and closer to that first pre-season game. the cardinals taking on the raiders tomorrow night at university of phoenix stadium. why head coach bruce arians won't be calling plays and why he pay be doing a little bit more talking on the side lines as a result.
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hi, everybody. here we are in the low 90s. have a very light breeze out of the south, southwest at this time. and as we look at these numbers, 93 in dear valley 97 in glendale. we got some 80s out there as well. 87 in queen creek and gateway it's 88 degrees and you can see some of the moisture hanging around but not much. it's really just kind of fading away. we did have some moisture early in the day. take a look at some numbers here. over in apache junction in mesa, 2.7 of an inch. you have an inch here at queen creek and then half an inch north of mesa. and more of pretty big numbers here with just about an inch just to the northwest of payson, a little northwest of payson and you can see these numbers and here is a little more than an inch and half an inch. here is just a half an inch as well. pretty good numbers as the moisture came in today.
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moisture left over. and we do have however still a flood warning. that flood warning in effect until tomorrow afternoon south of casa grande. 98 degrees on the high today. and you can see corresponding numbers with a 97 in goodyear and 96 in deer valley. look at that 93 out at gateway. take a look at these numbers up north. we had 86 in sedona. 84 in prescott. payson with 82. and a down into the desert yuma at 103. this was your day. 98 on the high. 78 on the low. 105 and 83 would be your normal high and low. record high 113. record low at 65. as we get you to look here at the forecast highs for tomorrow, the west side a little bit warmer than the forecast of 100. the east side a little bit lower than that 100-degree forecast. looking at the forecast for the
9:27 pm
78 at flagstaff. mid-80s at the grand canyon. 82 at show low and down on that desert floor from 99 to 105. looking across the country this is a pretty nice storm system right in here just rolling along growing as it goes along and headed toward chicago at this time. we will be keeping our eye on that. this has been a problem for a couple of days. in fact it started here in the panhandle of florida. a very slow moving low pressure system and continuing t the moisture. you see the new orleans getting hit pretty hard on the day today. and some of that moisture coming out of the west is -- the southwest is feeding that moisture that you are seeing up in the northern plains. temperature-wise, well, you can see the 80s up in bismarck and minnesota. we saw 91 at charlotte. 95 in memphis today. dallas is still warm at 103. and 90 in denver.
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overnight still looking at those temperatures in the 80s with an 80-degree reading overnight. not as wet as we get sunshine and 100 degrees for tomorrow. the sunshine stays with us. the temperature is on the rise. watch your kids around water. coming up in the next half hour of "fox 10 news," it's just as dangerous as heroin or lsd? why the dea will not be removing marijuana as a schedule 1 drug. newly released hillary clinton raising troubling questions about her relationship to the clinton foundation. while she was secretary of state. and later why doctors are turning to virtual reality to help patients feel less pain and
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tomorrow will likely be a big day for the future of marijuana in arizona. an big day for the future of tomorrow will be a day day -- an initiative to legalize pot for recreational use is november ballot. but that initiative is challenged already by a lawsuit that heads to court tomorrow. that lawsuit filed by a group of people including maricopa county attorney bill montgomery and yavapai county attorney sheila polk. the lawsuit claims among other things that the wording in the initiative led by the campaign to regulate marijuana like alcohol was misleading to voters. over the last several months the campaign collected signatures to get the initiative on the ballot
9:32 pm
petition and that means prop 205 will be on the ballot in november and unless a judge stops that from happening. this isn't a question of yes, marijuana or no marijuana this is a question of are we going to tax it and regulate it and send it to the schools or keep it illegal for the criminal drug dealers. >> if approved marijuana will be taxed at 15%. opponents say tennessee of millions of dollars from that revenue would go toward education. again a judge hear arguments in the lawsuit tomorrow. stick with fox 10 for coverage of that hearing. >> in a long awaited decisio by the feds, the dea will not reclassify marijuana. pot will remain a schedule 1 drug keeping it basically in the same category as heroin and lsd. >> the evidence is clear that marijuana is not only significantly less harmful than most prescription drugs, it's far less harmful than alcohol. >> according to a survey by the
9:33 pm
22 million americans smoke pot and thousands use it to treat illnesses. yet the dea says based on government data, marijuana has a high potential for abuse. has no accepted medical use in the united states, and lacks an acceptable level of safety for use even under medical supervision. >> it's mind boggling that the federal government is still going to play this game of marijuana has no medical value when more than 80%f now agrees that it does. >> the dea did agree to make pot more available for testing, expanding the number of universities permitted to grow it for research. today's decision does not address the growing divide between federal and state policy. >> it's because the federal government has completely failed to address this issue at the federal level we are seeing these states taking it upon themselves to adopt medical marijuana laws and to adopt laws
9:34 pm
responsibilitiy. >> recreational pot is legal in four states and the district of columbia. in november voters in five additional states will decide on that. you decide, a new batch of hillary clinton e-mails raising questions tonight about her role as secretary of state and the department's relationship with the clinton foundation. in one e-mail a top aide of the clinton foundation tried to help a lebanese billionaire and clinton foundation donor to get comes from 44 e-mails that were not previously turned over by secretary clinton. her campaign says the e-mails never involved mrs. clinton herself. in a separate mat there are are reports tonight that secretary clinton will release her 2015 taxes tomorrow. she has been critical of donald trump for not doing the same as for donald trump, fox news has obtained a letter signed by more than 70 republicans urging the
9:35 pm
chairman reince priebus to suspend all funding for donald trump's campaign and then funnel that money instead into resources for congressional races. gop races across the country. the letter which is adraft form is expected to be delivered next week. recent weeks priebus has really stuck by his support of donald trump and delivered an endorsement at last month's republican convention. only on fox tonight, the last place any of us wants to if we do, wouldn't it be nice to get lost in an alternate reality while there? >> really interesting idea. in a place where you would feel less pain and more comfort without taking a lot of medication. that's precisely what one health care start up applied vr is working on. >> you can turn the whole way around and you will try to aim at the bears. >> okay. >> evan is a patient at cedar sinai orthopedic center in
9:36 pm
applied vr software that is installed on a smartphone with samsung goggles. evan is soon immersed into a 360-degree world designed to distract him from any pain he may feel during his cast removal . this is what evan is seeing and playing. a video game apply vr called bear blast it's controlled by the user's eyes. to us this two dim is cute. but what evan is experiencing is a 3-d virtual reality. >> the issue is that you don't fully hijack the brain and i use that term specifically when you go into virtual reality it's one thing seeing truly is believing. >> it's a focused calm regular action that doctors are seeing from patients who watch applied vr software. that includes serene calming voices like this. it's no wonder evan didn't feel a thing when his cast was sawed off. >> it felt like i was just
9:37 pm
it didn't hurt at all. >> well, the study now underway at cedar sinai and it shows a patients who use those vr goggles saw a 25% reduction in pain. other studies show that anxiety was reduced by more than 60%. gotta work. it's distraction. one of the most iconic places in our nation's capital is being overtaken. i'm sure you have seen it if you have been there micro-organisms and they are not easy to get off and theyav national park service jefferson monument. called a bacteria biofilm and it looks like dirt. but unlike dirt you can't wipe it away. even power washing or bleaching won't work. park officials say the biofilm has been growing on the jefferson memorial for about ten years now. and has grown worse in recent years. >> we want folks to understand the national park service is aware of this.
9:38 pm
stewards of this particular iconic place. >> the national park service has tested different methods on a small section of the memorial. they don't want to destroy the memorial. they are trying to decide on the right course of action to remove this but they want to make sure to keep the memorial open to tourists while they do so. so painting over it isn't an option. >> it's kind of a pretty patina look but if it's destroying the look -- or destroying the monument you don't want that. >> i'm not monument crumbling. i'm not. take a million year. >> you are right. in your lifetime it won't happen. it's been a dangerous week for amusement park rides. very dangerous and today yet another child injured on one. we will tell you what happened at the latest incident after the break. >> remember those homes that adot purchased to build the new freeway. before those homes are knocked down, some firefighters have found one final really important
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adot purchased nearly 200 adot purchased 200 homes to make way for the loop 202 extension. those h torn down but right now they are getting one final use and it's a good one. rural metro firefighters are using the homes for training. specifically to practice a may day scenario simulating been trapped in a building filled with smoke. phoenix fire is really using these to learn how to cut through the roofs and provide ventilation during a fire. >> they are in gear on a tile roof that can be slippery. actually getting into it and
9:43 pm
cut. they can take what they learned and been told and actually apply it. >> rural metro says using these home for training is invaluable. well, across america yet another child is involved in an amusement park ride accident. this has been a terrible summer for this. that makes four. the third week -- the third accident this week alone. in the latest incident a child fell from a roller park in western pennsylvania. there is no word on how the boy is or the extent of his injuries but it was a big fall. officials say he was conscious as he was flown to the hospital. earlier this week three girls fell from a ferris wheel at a county fair in tennessee. one of the girls suffered brain injuries and remains in critical condition. then over the weekend tragedy, a ten-year-old boy beheaded, killed in kansas while riding
9:44 pm
slide. in tonight's fox flash point, the u.n. investigating an alleged chlorine gas attack in syria. the attack happened here in aleppo and killed four people. dozens others injured. the gas is thought to have been dropped in a barrel bomb. the syrians and the russian are the only ones with aircraft in the area capable of dropping one of those. the rebels do not have an air force. flash point iraq where isis plans to attack u.s. air bases. the islamic to attack air bases in kuwait, bahrain and saudi arabia. that's according to israeli intelligence which claims it hacked an isis dark website. isis uploaded a list of american air bases in the middle east and others around the globe. canada, a suspected terrorist is killed by police. the man was found in ontario. the suspect detonated a bomb in the back of a taxi that injured himself and the driver. a second bomb when the officert-
9:45 pm
alerted canadian authorities after they discovered a video the driver made saying he was prepared for an immediate attack in canada. that's tonight's fox flash point. stocks still rocking the dow industrials surging to a new all-time high on thursday. the nasdaq and s&p 500 joining the party notching their own record highs. mortgage rates are historically low. the average for a 30 year fixed rate mortgage now at 3.45%. keep in mind rat around 4% this time last year. meanwhile payday can't come soon enough. according to a new survey, 75% of americans are living paycheck to paycheck just to make ends meet. if you like shopping at macy's, you might not like this the largest department store chain says it will close around 100 stores next year as it faces more competition from on-line shopping sites. and why rush into those work clothes when you rushing junior to class.
9:46 pm
kids to school. that's business. i'm maria. coming up next in the buzz, the highlight of your evening i'm sure. >> one of my highlights, is getting getting too cozy at home these days is what getting too cozy? >> are you getting too cozy? >> okay, all right. new research finds that more americans are now living with their parents and grandparents. living at home with your parents and getting too cozy. >> now grandma and grandpa are problem. poor grandparents. some consider the nfl the no fun league. why their latest decision regarding the dallas cowboys may not be helping that perception at all. what the team is not being allowed to wear that's coming up
9:47 pm
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time for the buzz and the most interesting part of this was kari sprint to her location >> on four inch heel. very smooth. >> these are the stories we think you are talking about have no idea. we were taking a wild guess. >> if you aren't talking about them you will be. first up it's august but you wouldn' know that by the look of some stores. i took this picture today. >> wow! >> in phoenix. putting up christmas stuff. it looks like it's more december. and you know this is a home ware store. they did have some halloween
9:50 pm
four or five or six aisles ready with christmas stuff. i love christmas. actually, let me -- >> you are a bit iffy on christmas. >> i love christmas as it's meant to be. i think it's out of control. i feel like we are skipping back to school, labor day, thanksgiving, halloween. >> is that unbelievable. >> i think this is a little early. >> august? early august? that is early, yes. >> i'm told that professional decorators appreciat stuff when they do -- there are decorators that get big bucks to decorate the fancier hopes in town. >> well, i'm gladthy are supplying this for the decorators. i think it creates anxiety. >> no time to speak on that. >> the nfl has mixed the dallas cowboys plan to honor the five police officers who were shot and killed in that horrible ambush last month. the cowboys wanted to ware special decals on their helmets this season. in fact, the players have
9:51 pm
on their helmets during training camp. but the nfl says the team can keep wearing the decals in practice. they cannot wear them during the games. >> did you see the statement they put up. they said if we start going for every issue where will we stop? currently have seen the pink ribbons for breast cancer. i think in dallas you need to make an exception considering what happened with those five officers. >> they need to take a look at college football helmets because there are more stickers and flags and state flags on the college helmets and it doesn't change a thing with the game. nothing. >> that one is small and means a lot. they should keep it on there. >> i'm with you. >> what does the average house hold in america look like? it's changing rapidly. more adults than ever are living with their parents. we knew that. it's the highest it's ever been and now suck their grand parents into it more adults are now living with grandma and grandpa. in some cases they are all living in one house together. grandma, grandpa, mom, dad and
9:52 pm
>> know what? i'm a little divided on this because that gets back to the way things used to be a little bit. >> you are a parent now and you are thinking i never want my kids to leave. a little part of you as they leave for school -- >> oh, yeah, anxiety. >> i mean, this is the way we used to have families. we didn't put people in homes and we didn't -- this gets back to a little bit of the way we used to have a family structure. >> take care of our elders. there needs to be a point in there where you branc your own for the kids that need to grow up and branch out. then come back. that's fine. >> not any more. they will stay forever. >> for over and ever. >> in the basement. head to our facebook page and post your thoughts. go to john hook fox 10. >> and go to kari lake fox 10. we would love to hear from you. i put a couple of new posts on there love to hear from you on them. offensive coordinator harold goodwin much like the players he coaches will be getting valuable
9:53 pm
raiders. we will explain why. plus the d-backs going for a sweech in the big apple. highlights after the break. at safeway, it's our anniversary! but you're the one who's gonna save some serious money with amazing deals down every aisle on family favorites. get pepsi, 12-pack 12-ounce cans,
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when the cardinals open preseason play tomorrownight when the cardinals open when the cardinals open pre-season play tomorrow, head
9:56 pm
not from head coaching but from calling plays on the offensive side of the ball. he will turn the reins over to offensive coordinator harrell goodwin. goodwin will call plays of three of the four pre-season game with the arians taking the duty back in the all important third pre-season game against the texans. you catch that game right here on fox 10. advice for goodwin, from arians, take more shots down the field. as for b.a., he will have plenty to do tomorrow night. fourth. or go for two. tough job. somebody gotta do it. no i'm not talking to him. i'm letting him call it. >> two more people out? >> yeah, yeah. they wish i was more involved in that part of it. they get 25 seconds and then choose somebody else and go back to 25 seconds. >> and we check in on a pre-season football. patriots taking on the saints. of course the patriots will be
9:57 pm
jimmy garoppolo who was up and down. if this is what you are looking at in week one opponent, holding the ball time and time again and throwing late, he was 11 for 18. 168 yards but the defense looked fantastic. jaime collins with the pick 6. 43 yards on the return for a touchdown. the paitd why thes still have a lot of weapons but garoppolo here with a nice little dump pass to james white a lot of short passes dink and dunk, nothing dangerous down the no gronk. he was without a couple of wide receivers. new england did win this game. to campus now, we check in on the sun devils. some bad news to report. quarterback bryce perkins had been sidelined with a neck injure. now the former chandler high star has been battling with manny wilkens and white for that starting quarterback position. doesn't look like he will get it now. head coach tom graham with how
9:58 pm
>> you know, probably an extended period of time, but not -- don't know if it will be a season deal or not. but it is -- he did have an injury and obviously concern for him and want him to get healthy as quickly as possible. >> to new york, the mets taking on the d-backs. d-backs going for a sweep in new york. and they look good early on this morning. tuffy shoots this one line in the corner. and he is going get on his bike and get a triple and that's going to score socrates burrito. to make it 2-0 arizona in the fourth. more arizona offense. bases loaded this time in the sixth. chris owings drives this one deep and off the wall in center. everybody comes in to score. segura-- or born, goldschmidt, everybody coming in to score and d-backs coming with the three
9:59 pm
lebron james is good to be the king. lebron re-signing with the cavs today on a three year, $100 million contract. james will make $31 million next season alone making him the highest paid player in the league for the first time ever in his career. hard to believe that. and james help guide his hometown cavaliers to their first nba title last summer. as actor john malkovich said, pay him, pay money. it was a lot of money. more on the cardinals coming up at 10:00, what carson palmer looks forward to most about pre-season game number one. first it's kari lake with "fox 10 news" at 10:00. new video of a deadly robbery at a phoenix 7-11. lead to an arrest. and crews searching an empty field looking for ten-year-old jesse wilson.
10:00 pm
buckeye boy. >> plus the push for recreational marijuana one step closer to making it to the november ballot. something could be standing in the way. thank you for joining us on fox 10 at 10:00. video being released of the deadly shooting of a 7-11 store clerk. police hoping it would lead to an arrest in this case and fox 10's nicole garcia joins plea tonight. this video might possibly help. it can't hurt. >> the victim is 36-year-old man known as sunny. he was a hard worker and the customers loved him and police today releasing surveillance video of the armed robbery and murder of sonny. as you will see, the gunman knew what he was doing. he covered his face up really


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