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tv   FOX 10 News 10pm  FOX  August 12, 2016 10:00pm-10:30pm MST

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deadly accident. and a lawsuit looking to stop marijuana from being legalized in arizona and making it to the ballot in november. when a judge could decide if the controversial prop will even be on the ballot. plus a local dance group puts out a challenge they hope will have a positive impact on lives. how you can join in. b 10 news alert. this is a live scene. look at 75 avenue and camelback road. see the police presence there. phoenix police on the scene of a shooting in the west valley. the fire department is telling us a man in his 50s has been rushed to the hospital in extremely critical condition after being shot. we are working the story. we don't have all of the details and we don't know what led to the shooting. as we work the story we will break in and let you know.
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that word that man that was shot has passed away. he was in extremely critical condition when rushed to the hospital and that man in his 50s who was shot has passed away. we will continue to bring you updated information. thanks for joining us for "fox 10 news" at 10:00. police arrest this phoenix woman and she is suspected of killing her boyfriend in a very bizarre situation that happened at a motel. she grabbed an ak47 and she was handling it and it when off face. it happened at a valley motel 6. and she appeared in court recently. nicole garcia join us live with the fourth avenue jail with the details. this sounds like a gruesome scene. >> yeah, it's a pretty unusual account of a killing. the 25-year-old woman is behind bars tonight. she is facing a charge of negligent homicide. she told police she was with her boy friend last night at a motel
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she didn't -- rifle and didn't mean for it to go off. a maricopa county prosecutor believes this killing was more than negligence. according to a phoenix police report, with a when on behind closed doors at this west phoenix motel between a couple armed with an ak47 rifle ended with a boy friend dead and a girlfriend in jail. 25-year-old gabriella marie delora ramona hardy told police she didn't mean to kill her boyfriend. >> i sure hope it wasn't an accident. because that would be a shame to have somebody get shot just for no reason. >> roy was staying at the motel thursday night when the shooting happened. he said a maid told him about the gunfire. >> one of the maids came by and said oh, i was next door and i heard the shooting. and it scared me and she was all shaky and everything. usually nothing ever happens
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told them she was straddling her boy friend when she decided to grab the loaded rifle which was on the bed next to them. she admits to pointing the rifle at her boyfriend's head and putting her finger on the trigger but says she did not intend to fire the rifle. a county prosecutor however believes she should face a more serious homicide charge. >> the fact that this defendant knew the victim, the fact that she knew that the victim had a gun, that it was loaded, routinely, and she gun up and pointed it at the victim's head and put her finger on the trigger and then wants to indicate she is unaware that this is likely the cause of death where it did in fact discharge and kill the defendant, the victim immediately -- i believe this was seriously undercharged being charged as a negligent homicide. >> the woman could potentially face a murder charge later down the line.
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reporting live, nicole garcia, "fox 10 news." thank you. lake havasu city woman faces counts of first-degree murder accused of shooting and killing her boyfriend while he was sleeping. investigators say 61-year-old woman got into an argument last night with kenneth neeson and then shot him in the head after he went to sleep in the their home. when officers got there they could smell alcohol on the woman's breath and the victim used her own restaurant and called uncle kenny's cafe. in town which she sold after 23 years in the business. skyfox overhead as fire crews battle an intense fire at a mobile home in mesa. check it out. you see the smoke and the flames there. very intense coming from this home near main street and lindsay. firefighters were able to put the fire out and prevent damage to nearby homes. nobody was hurt but the red cross was called in to the scene to help six people who were living there find a new place to
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started. a candlelight vigil held for a valley veterinarian who was beloved. he died in a freak accident after falling into an underground grain silo on his property. friends and family joining together, big crowd tonight. at desert hills to honor dr. william trion. he was more than just a veterinarian. he was a friend who somebody& they could turn to. >> he wold talk to me like a father would talk to his daughter. and this was a very first time i met him he was referred to me and said he was an old country vet. wasn't exactly what i was looking for at the time, but i thought i would try him anyway. i thank god i did because this man touched me in so many ways. we would talk about life, love, marriage, religion. >> he was beloved by so many people and this was such a tragic accident. dr. trion fell into the
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there was no oxygen down there. two other people went in after him to rescue him. one of them also died and the other was in critical condition. arizona is one of 13 states part of a lawsuit against the obama administration directive on transgender bathroom use in schools. today a federal judge in texas heard arguments. the white house directed schools to allow transgender students to use bathrooms that correspond with their gender identity or risk losing federal states that filed lawsuits call it federal overreach. the judge has not yet ruled on the injunction. a maricopa county judge could issue her ruling as early as monday on that lawsuit seeking to block the marijuana legalization measure from the arizona ballot in november. we will keep you posted. opponents who filed that suit against prop 205 include maricopa county attorney and yavapai attorney. they argue petitions that people
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were misleading saying they didn't provide voters with a full explanation of what exactly is in this proposal that they would be voting on in that 100 word summary that was provided to the people who signed the petition. it's called the campaign to regulate marijuana like alcohol. that's what the proponents have titled it and have called the lawsuit in attempt to prevent arizonans from deciding the issue for themselves. judge heard arguments from both sides today in >> i don't think it limits to private use. i don't think it gives localities the power they say it gives. i don't think it allows limited use. i think from signature one of this initiative a fraud was commit. >> it's not fraudulent or misleading or confusing. as i made clear at the hearing today, it is really up to the voters to decide whether this statute is too confuse to them or overreaching which the voters can do in november.
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allow arizonans 21 years and older to possess up to an ounce of marijuana legally and grow up to six plant for personal use. the drug would be taxed at 15%. supporters say that tens of millions of dollars would be raised by this and it would go toward education. a group right here in phoenix is hoping to spread a global message, a positive one. the be kind crew is using dance to do a pass on positivity. the g the social media of videos of people dancing and asking you to join in their mission. marcy jones took the be kind dance challenge today. and you did a great job. >> it was so fun. they are such a good group. i love this challenge. here is the thing. they aren't asking for dollars or donations. they are asking for you to dance and of course to be kind. it's a simple concept that
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spread kindness to others and in turn they will pass on the love. that's what the be kind people project is all about. spokesperson sarah kent says the program focuses on teaching children what to do rather than what not to do. >> kids are told not to do all the time. and we want to empower them to make the right choices and to treat each other better. >> members of the bkpp travel to schools around the country teaching their signature dance routine. >> we make a fool of just breaks down the walls of us being up there and being adults. >> and even the smallest members leave a big impression like 13-year-old mison. >> it makes me feel great that i can help that and spread a positive message. perhaps. >> how old are you? >> only 13. >> only 13. and you can move like that? >> yeah. >> are you popular with the ladies? >> i would like to say, so yeah. >> i mean.
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racking up the views on social media, they are challenging everyone to do the dance and spread the message. >> the biggest part of the be kind people project is to spread the love. so we are going to challenge some people -- who? >> i'm challenging mayor jen daniels to do the be kind people challenge dance challenge. let's see what you got. >> we are coming for you and i will challage the az a.m. crew, all of you have to do this. >> oco know the az a.m. crew can dance. now their goal is to have kindness go viral. if you want to join in make sure to use the #be kind dance challenge. reporting live, marcy jones, "fox 10 news." >> i love it thank you. up next, we will bring you the latest from the campaign trail. a lot of stuff going on today. what a new report is raising more questions now about hillary clinton.
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evening and day across the valley and this one mesa police officer on the scene of a police-involved shooting near country club and mckellips. and officers tell us hopefully we will take this map so you can see where it happened. it's right there. where country club and mckellips where the 202 meets the bee line. officers tell us the shooting occurred when they were contacting a homicide suspect. it's not clear if anybody was hurt. we do know a shooting happened. we have a crew that is on the way to the latest developments. more trouble for hillary clinton as a new report raises some new questions about a potential conflict of interest between the clinton foundation and hillary clinton's run state department. meanwhile donald trump's staff meets with the republican national committee to discuss a strategy for the remainder of his campaign. >> trump's poll numbers still fall behind clinton in several key swing states but the republican national committee is
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chairman reince priebus met with trump staffers to discuss new tactics on the campaign trail. priebus also campaigning with trump today in pennsylvania. this comes after rumors that the rnc was considering diverting money and resources away from trump to other candidates that are republicans. rnc officials denied those rumors on social media and so did donald trump. >> if it is true, that's okay, too. because all i have to do is stop funding the republican party. for them. >> meanwhile new reports surface that top clinton aide cheryl mills took part in high level tasks for the clinton foundation while working a clinton's chief of staff while secretary of state. just days ago new documents from clinton's private e-mail server appeared to show a conflict of interest between the foundation and the clinton run state department. but hillary clinton is trying to shift the negative attention off
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personal tax returns and pushing donald trump to do the same. the tax returns show that clinton and her husband had an adjusted gross income of over $10 million. and they donated just over $1 million of that to charity. trump says he will not be releasing his tax returns because he is being audited. well, here comes the weekend, but first your weekend forecast. i will have it for you in just a
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aininingng, , dedemomoss anand d sesemiminanars. bebecacaususe e rerespspononsp ststarartsts a at t cacab. ststopop i in n anand d sask lolongng a at t cacabebs anand d rerememembmbero owown n rerespspononsis. y2y22x2xeyey y yvpvpyy anyone deserves a weekend it's this guy. this monsoon it just kicked into overdrive and you have been so busy. >> all week long. and it was heavy stuff. boy, monarch tuesday, wednesday, really -- >> and the lightning.
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lightning that we saw this week. >> big storms that's for sure. we will get a little break as we head into the weekend. so that will be nice. temperatures will come up just a little bit. it's 93 degrees right now. we just have a light breeze for the wind at this time. and as we get a look, look at surprise, 91, 8. at cave creek. 93 right now in mesa. as you can see a little moisture did find its way into the state today. however, that stuff is evaporating very we still have a little bit down here in that southeastern corner of the state. look at flagstaff. picking up .52 of an inch. half an inch of rain. 105 degrees at sky harbor today. the same up at deer valley. 104 at buckeye. 103 in scottsdale. other numbers, 91 in sedona. 88 in prescott. 96 in kingman. 91 in st. johns. 105 our high. 82 the morning low.
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this time of year. we are right where we should be. 115 record high for the day. 64 your record low for the day. forecasting for tomorrow as you can see in the city 103 surrounding areas on the west side a little more than that. and in fact, a little more than that in a few areas across the valley. 81 is the forecast for flagstaff. 94 in sedona. 112 at yuma. this is where the heavy was through the day today. that moisture was also feeding a lot of moisture up into the country here and in fact take take a look at st. louis. look at this over 2.25 inches. and then .82 of an inch in dallas on the day today. in chicago .96 an inch. a lot of rain for those folks. 82 degrees overnight.
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we will warm it up a little bit. 104 on sunday. and as you can see next week with the sunshine things stay a little on the warm side. have a great weekend and watch your kids around water. all right, thank you. we want to get back to this news alert we told you about a few minutes ago this much is a look our crew there mesa police are on the scene of a police-involved shooting. this is on the corner of west hunter. grand and hunter in the northeast corner where up the scene there. and there is a shooting there involving a police officer. this is near country club and mckellips to give you your bearings near the 202 and bee line highway area. officers tell us the shooting occurred when they were contacting a homicide suspect. so somebody who was a suspect in a homicide police were contacting them and that's when the shooting happened and is not clear if the suspect was hurt. we have learned that no officers were injured in this. we are continuing to work the story and we will bring you all
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and tomorrow on our morning news. up next in meteor shower taking over the night sky. this is really been spectacular. where you can see it and catch a
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an incredible sight in the night sky-- as a rare meteor shower lights up the the night sky-- as a rare an incredible sight. rare meteor shower lights up the hemisphere a check it out tonight. the perseid meteor shower happens when the earth passes through the dust and debris. nasa scientists say this year the perseids had a rare outburst causing a spectacular show. got to get somewhere really dark where there is not a lot of light pollution and hard to do that in phoenix. hopefully in one of the towns outside of phoenix you can see it better if you missed the peak of the meteor shower, nasa's marshall space flight center
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tonight. we have a link on enjoy. if you are interested in self-driving vehicles, then listen up. the self-driving vehicles oversight committee created by doug ducey will hold its first meeting on monday. the committee goes along with the governor's mission of promoting innovation that improves the way arizonans live. members of the public are welcome to attend. the meeting is scheduled for 1:00 p.m. monday at the auditorium of the adot administra 17th avenue and jefferson. well a lot of energy out there at university of phoenix stadium tonight of your first look at the 2016 highly touted& version of the arizona cardinals. we will show you how to played out tonight against the
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mission number one in pre-season game number one, put a scoringri your first team offensive board don't lose anybody on the field and begin evaluating your backup players and that's what happened tonight. there is chandler jones number 55. keep an eye on him when it's real. starting regular season. carson palmer looked sharp. opening drive. watch him drop back and just drop it in to michael floyd. deep en route. picked up 30 yards. the move of the night came on this play. david johnson, watch him juke the defensive back and then goes
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man, d.j. is going to be fun to watch. nine play drive. resulted in a chandler cot -- 25-yard field goal. you don't want this. got a little sloppy on special teams. j.j. nelson gets stripped right here by cory tumor. look at 54 come in and special teams critical. j.j. nelson in return game you don't want to kick that ball away like that drew stanton high snap here. looking down field. trying to make a play. he was looki and got picked off. quite frankly some of the backups, drew stanton didn't have a good night. matt barkley the third string quarterback didn't have a good night. baptism under fire for brandon williams. the cornerback out of a and n. got burned here. wellical to the nfl. it was a long night. he is talented and got a lot to learn. you see the touchdown pass right here to andre holmes. and then andre ellington, really strong night tonight for the
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watch the big play capabilities again. ellington played well. williams played well. d.j. humphreys did a nice job at right tackle. watch again, the play fake and then troy nicholas, the big veteran tight end and you like to see him stay healthy this year and certainly keep an eye on that tight end position. nice big play there. as for the play that scored for the cardinals on this drive, andre ellington, the raiders won the game, but the front liners looked impressiv cardinals come away with no key injuries so that's a big plus as well. >> that's good. >> they looked solid. the front liners look solid. >> so many people are excited. it may be pre-season but it doesn't matter. >> modern family is up next. "fox 10 news" coming back
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ask for carol. honey, we're gonna be fine. enjoy your reunion. oh, it'd be a lot more fun if you were there. i really am sorry about that. i just can't miss the chance to bowl on jay's team. mnh. that's why i ordered these glide rights. if you break 'em in properly, they're supposed to give you a completely frictionless-- (thud) (groans) if i'm being honest, the reunion might be a little more fun if phil isn't there. otherwise, i spend the whole weekend telling him who's who and explaining inside jokes. and if all that explaining is going out, ot going in. hey, mom. before you go, you have to sign this for school. mm. you don't have to read it. it's all boilerplate. honey, i am running really late. (whispers) ask your dad. right here, buddy. s--uhh! (thud) i have to get the letter signed because i failed my assignment on the revolutionary war. i recreated the battle of bunker hill using one of my old science projects. seemed pretty revolutionary to me. the brave patriots made their way up the hillside, prepared for whatever the devious red coats might inflict next.


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