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tv   FOX 10 News 9pm  FOX  August 13, 2016 12:00am-1:00am MST

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now at 9:00, a opponents of recreational marijuana in arizona making their case before a judge to keep the issue off the ballot. when a decision could come down. >> more credit card skimmers have been found this month in the valley than all the of last year. we will show you the valley cities that are being most. >> what's pushing people a record number of people to unfriend their facebook pals. that's coming up in the buzz. and later, marcy jones talks to a local dance group issuing a challenge to get more people moving. and to be a positive influence in other people's lives. >> you can't even imagine what it looks like to have a sea of 607-0800 little kids following along and dancing.
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600 to 800 little kids following along and dancing. good evening, thank you for joining us tonight. we begin with a "fox 10 news" alert. live pictures from 12th street and northern in phoenix where police have the entire intersection closed after a woman was hit by an suv. the 48-year-old woman was rushed to the hospital in extremely critical condition. >> right now police are telling us that driver did stop and at this point they do not believe that driver was impaired. detectiv investigate this and as soon as we get an update, we are working the story, we will be sure to bring it to you. >> our other top story tonight a phoenix woman claims she didn't mean to kill her boy friend as she point an ak47 at his head. >> ended up shooting him. the shooting happening at a valley motel 6. the woman is behind bars and today the county prosecutor had some very harsh words for her as she made her first appearance in court. nicole garcia joins us live from
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details. >> this is a pretty unusual case. a 25-year-old woman behind bars tonight facing a charge of negligent homicide. she told police that last night she was at a motel room with her boyfriend. she admits she was straddling him on the bed with a loaded ak47 rifle point at his head. tonight a prosecutor is saying her actions were a lot more than negligent. >> according to a phoenix police report, what when on behind phoenix motel between a couple armed with an ak47 rifle ended with a boyfriend dead and a girlfriend in jail. 25-year-old gabriella marie hardy told police she didn't mean to kill her boyfriend. >> i sure hope it wasn't an accident that would be shame to have somebody get shot just for no reason. >> roy was staying at the motel thursday night when the shooting
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>> one of the maids came by and said oh, i was next door and i heard the shooting. and it scared me and she was all shaky and everything. >> usually nothing ever happens here. >> according to police, hardy told them she was straddling her boyfriend when she decided to grab the loaded rifle which was on the bed next to them. she admits to pointing the rifle at her boyfriend's head and putting her finger on the trigger but says she did not intend to fire a county prosecutor however believes she should face a more serious homicide charge. >> the fact that this defendant knew the victim, the fact that she knew that the victim had a gun and it was loaded, routinely and she picked that gun up and she pointed it at the victim's head and put her finger on the trigger and then wants to indicate she is unaware this is likely the cause of death where it did in fact discharge and
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concern. i believe this was seriously undercharged being charged as a negligent homicide. >> now the woman could face a higher charge which includes murder. the prosecutor did ask a judge for a $250,000 bond. the judge set the bond at $100,000. reporting live, nicole garcia, "fox 10 news." and intense fire at a mobile home park in mesa. check out the flames in and the smoke coming from this home near main street firefighters managed to put it out and prevent damage from other nearby homes. no one was hurt. the red cross called into the scene to help six people who live there had. it is not clear how that fire started. a community coming together tonight to remember a well loved veteran who died in a freak accident earlier this week. an underground silo just like this one here. he fell into this underground grain silo and that's when there wasn't enough oxygen. he when unconscious due to a
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he was rushed to the hospital but sadly he did not make it and tonight his friends and neighbors and clients they held a candlelight vigil for the doctor in north phoenix community of desert hills and they say the doctor worked as veterinarian for decades taking care of their animals while becoming their dear friend. >> he was a friend. when you were with him, you learned about him. and he taught you. that's something you don't find every day in and he left some really big shoes to fill. >> after the doctor fell into the silo two other people went in to rescue him and one other died and the other was taken to the hospital in critical condition. well, the fate of recreational marijuana is now notice hands of a judge. a group challenging the november ballot initiative that seeks to legalize pot for recreational use in arizona. >> a judge heard arguments in the lawsuit today and will
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throw out the lawsuit. steve krafft has the story. the proposition to legalize recreational marijuana needed 150,000 ballot signatures. it received 177,000. so you might think, well, it's going to be on the ballot. not so fast. recreational marijuana opponents want a judge to knock out prop 205 claiming the 100 word description on the petition tricked people into signing. >> i don't think it limits to private use loseicalties the power they say it gives. i don't think it allows limited use. i think from signature one of this initiative a fraud was committed. >> but an attorney arguing in favor of keeping prop 205 on the november ballot said opponents don't have a legal case. >> it is not fraudulent. not misleading or confusing. as i made clear at the hearing today, it is really up to the voters to decide whether this
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which hopefully the voters can do in november. >> prop 205 will allow people over 21 to possess up to an ounce of marijuana and grow up to six plants. it will be taxed at 15% by the state. most of the tax money would go to k-12 education. the e judge took the case under advisement and will issue a ruling next week. steve krafft, "fox 10 news." a state representative is pushing to stop the state of art marijuana facility fro fr opening in snowflake. copper state farm wants to open the greenhouse but state representative paul boy -- bowyer -- of violating open meeting laws and unlawful contract zoning and approving the contract in the first place. if the ag office finds that the town violated the law, the state could with hole more than $2 million in state revenue from the town of snowflake.
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is having another hearing tomorrow night. man accused of running over a veteran with his car appearing in court today. this incident happened last april in a fry's parking lot in chandler and the veteran was trying to help a woman who was being assaulted when cody gibson, this man here, ran him over allegedly and then took off. danielle miller has the details of today's hearing. >> 18-year-old cody beginsten in court today for a conference. lawyers in this case met with the judge privately about what each side is asking for in this plea deal. and although we don't know the details of that deal, what we do know is the victim in this case isn't happy about it. >> all i know is i'm not happy with the defense because obviously they don't care about what happened to me. it's not to me it's not a fair offer that they are trying to come at us with.
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leaving the scene of a hit-and-run, unlawful imprisonment and two counts of misdemeanor assault. police say in april gibson ran over army veteran steven richardson in a fry's parking lot in chandler and then took offer. they say richardson stepped in to break up a domestic dispute between gibson and his girlfriend and the two got in their car and ran him overrer i was prison guard in iraq my first tour. i have seen people like him all the time. they don't they don't care. all they care about is what is best for them. >> because of the incident, richardson spent several days in the hospital. >> still a lot of pain. sometimes and every night i can't sleep. i have a hard time sleeping because the ruptured eardrum. >> nothing was decided or agreed upon today, richardson is hoping for a fair deal. >> i have been in iraq twice. and this, everything that i have gone through and everything that keeps happening this is one
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more stressful to me than being in iraq. >> gibson due back in court september 16th for another settlement conference. danielle miller, "fox 10 news." it's a case that drew national attention after netflix released a series on it called making a murderer. you may have seen it today a major turn of events in that case a judge in wisconsin overturns a conviction of brendan dasy. dasy is the nephew of steven avery whom the were based on. they were convicted of a 2005 murder of a photographer. dasy was sentenced to life in prison with no parole for 41 years in his decision the judge said investigators made false promises to dasy who was just 16 years old at the time and ultimately coerced his confession. the judge ordered dasy released from prison within 90 days unless prosecutors decide to
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week. in fact, even today where we had no big storms in the valley, we did have some across the state. what about the weekend? we will take a look coming up. a tower of terror. >> passengers aboard this jetblue flight plummeting more than 50 stories mid-air. what caused the plane to drop. >> doctors and lawyers make a lot of money but not enough to live in one u.s. city. can't afford it. >> but up next, using dance to make a difference. we will introduce you to the valley group behind the be kind dance challenge. >> it's really great to just see their lives being impacted on
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in a world where so much negativity and violence, there is a new movement to make kindness go viral. i love it. the group called be kind crew is using the universal movement of dance to make that happen. >> the group is hoping to fill the internet and social media with videos of people dancing.
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>> i did. >> look at you. >> i know. now i love this challenge and what it stands for. as they said earlier they aren't asking for dollars or donations. they are asking you to dance and be kind. ?[ music ]? ? a simple concept that has a rippling effect, spread kindness to others and this turn they will pass on the love. that's what the be kind people project is all about. >> it blew my mind. we knew difference. we could see it right there when we do school assemblies. you can see the change happen. >> spokesperson says the program focuses on teaching children what to do rather than what not to dos in kids are told not to do all the time. we want to empower them to make the right choices and to treat each other better and so then they learn how good it feels to treat each other with respect. >> members of the be kpp travel to schools around the country.
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routine. >> it's great to just see their lives being impacted on such a simple message like kindness. >> we make a fool of ourselves just it breaks down the walls of us being up there and being adults. >> and the smallest member leave a big impression like 13-year-old mison. >> it makes they feel great that i can help that and spread a positive message, you know. >> absolutely. how old are you? >> i'm only 13. >> only 13 and you move like that? >> yeah. >> are you popular with the ladies? >> i would like to say, so yeah, yeah. >> with their original video racking up the views on social media, they are challenging everyone to do the dance and spread the message. >> of course, the biggest part of the be kind people project is to spread the love so we are going to challenge some people who are going to challenge today? daniels to do the be kind people challenge dance challenge.
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>> we were coming for you and i'm going challenge the az a.m. crew all of you have to do this. >> i am so relieved you didn't challenge me. >> i know. well -- we have to be transparent. we had a chat during the story and we decided it doesn't turn out well when anchors try to dances in nothing turns out well when i try to dance. i was born with two left hips. >> when you do it with no music it's like a cake with no frosting. know what i we don't have music and no dance moves. challenges to make kindness go viral and if you want to join in use a #be kind dance challenge. i love this. >> and you can -- >> can you be kind without the dance challenge? >> how do you do this? >> you can be kind without the dance challenge but encouraging people to do it. maybe practice at home, guys. >> in front of the mirror, it's too painful. >> brutal. >> i'm all for the movement. i love the idea. >> and you looked great doing it. >> you are lying, john.
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you looked great. >> you pulled it off. >> thanks, guys. >> she pulls everything off. okay, the be kind dance challenge is already trending on twitter. were you behind this? did you make a trend or just covering it. >> it was trending. i can't take credit. >> it was trending and now it's exploded. >> we were seeing things added. it's growing right now. people posting their videos. doing the dance. if you like to join them like marcy said, use the hashtag #be kind dance c fun with it. >> coming up, they are considered the vehicles of the future and now the google self-driving cars have begun hitting arizona roads. governor doug ducey is ready to address this growing
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hi, everybody. here we go. we have 97 degrees right now. that breeze out of the east at about nine miles per hour. 91 at cave creek. 96 in deer valley. 97 in goodyear right now. in chandler we had 95 degrees and apache junction it is 92. and as you can see here little bit of moisture finding its way into the state and how much of that is left? you can see not much. in fact, we will go down and take look at the source areas and see a little bit hanging out down here in the southern portion of the state. look at this. .52 of an inch. and more than half an inch in the flagstaff area and that surrounding area getting good moisture on the day today. 102 in goodyear. 105 in deer valley. 104 in chandler. there is our 105 on the high
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in sedona. 77 in flagstaff. 91 at st. johns. 105 in yuma. 106 at lake havasu city. this is your day. 105 on the high, 82 on the low. 105 and 83 is the normal high and low. so you can see we are where we should be. 115 record high for the day. 64 your record low for the day. we are forecasting for tomorrow about the same. a little less at 103, you can see some 107 west side. some 102, 100s. 103 over on the east side. we have 94 the forecast for sedona. 92 in prescott. 103 at kingman. 107 at gila bend. now as we look across the country you can see a little bit of that storm activity still hanging on from yesterday, minnesota moving that moisture off into the great lakes now. and you can see across texas a little bit of very active
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storm down here down in -- or by new orleans and across louisiana. really get wet down there. that low pressure system just hanging on as it has been for the last couple of days now. we have seen that action down there. so taking a look at what we have as far as our forecast highs, we go to 103 degrees. 94 is what we are forecasting in sedona. and you saw that 107 up the 107 degrees down on the desert. let's see what we can do here as far as -- there we go, as the numbers are concerned for moisture across the country. a lot of it coming down in new orleans as we talked about. 2.32 of an inch. and you can see up in minneapolis a little more than half an inch and then in st. louis and chicago just a little under an inch but boy, i will tell you a lot of moisture coming in. there is 107 in dallas.
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minneaplis. 92 in memphis and 99 in washington, d.c. 92 in salt lake city and 90 in stealth. overnight 82 degrees and we will look at 103 degrees for tomorrow. and as you can see here temperatures start warming up as we start drying out. have a great weekend and watch your kids around water. coming up in the next half hour of "fox 10 news," gas prices dropping below $2 a gallon. we will tell you how long this could last. a data breach leaves hundreds of democrats scrambling tonight. the sensitive information hackers got their hands on. and later in the buzz, the real reason why people are unfriending each other in record
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it doesn't happen too doesn't happen very often. gas prices have dropped below two bucks a gallon here in the valley. >> prices in the purpose continue to drop around the country but the big question is how long could this last? anita roman finds out. >> the arco gas station on 43 avenue and roosevelt in phoenix was busy for a friday morning. >> yeah, it's cheap. >> the price for regular gasoline dropped to 169. the state average in arizona,
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>> it's why i stopped here. normally i don't go this way, but i dropped my son off awhile ago and decided to get this. i didn't know it went down to $1.69 that fast. >> aaa says with gasoline supplies high and oil prices low, pump prices are likely to remain relatively cheap through the remainder of summer and into the fall. this comes as drivers nationwide are on track to shatter the all time record for tot driven in a year. >> i will go across the street for one cent a gas. everything counts. >> the decrease is good news for people like jason byers who worked as a lift driver this summer. >> i get a cheap tank of gas and may make 100, 150 bucks. so i only have to spend 15, $20 and make -- >> and right now i could put $40 on my eight cylinder and
12:30 am
do 60 or $80. it does save money. >> valley drivers say that's what it's all about saving money. anita roman, "fox 10 news." now a warning before you head to the pump, investigators say so far this year they found 40 of those credit card skimmers at valley gas stations. you got to look out for this you can become a victim. your credit card information, your pin number could be stolen. 12 of the skimmers were found this month alone. only 11 skim prrdz found last in all last year -- the skimmers are used to steal debit and credit card information to make fraught lnt cards. for a list of all of the gas stations affected by that scam, head to our website, and click seen on tv. flags lowered to half staff today in arizona in honor of a border patrol agent killed in a motorcycle crash. manuel alvarez died yesterday in the wreck near tucson. he was on duty at the time.
12:31 am
and four children. ave ready had been with the border patrol for more than a decade. on his facebook page today arizona governor doug ducey wrote, please remember all of our border patrol agents who serve every day and put their lives on the line to protect our homeland. they are heroes among us. get a "fox 10 news" alert. the democratic party falling victim to another hack. and this latest attack the hackers posted private e-mail numbers of 200 current and former democratic members of congress included in the post the number of the house minority leader nancy pelosi. it was her computer that was hacked. in a separate blog post the hackers said getting into the national committee server was easier than the dnc breach. >> they are having the run of the place. amazing must be easy to hack thing. >> despite taking a day off, hillary clinton finds herself
12:32 am
a report has surfaced showing that top clinton aide cheryl mills was taking part in high level tasks for the clinton foundation. while also working as a chief of staff for the secretary of state. on another note today, hillary and bill clinton released their 2015 tack filings along with running mate and his wife. donald trump has not made public his filings yet. he will release them after the irs has finished with an audit of >> meantime, the trump campaign meeting with members of the republican national committee today. they discussed their strat expwree for how the campaign should proceed. chairman reince priebus appeared at a trump rally in pennsylvania today where he introduced the nominee to a room of cheering supporters. listen to what he told a protester who interrupted him. >> people are tired of lies. they are tired of losing their jobs. they are tired of seeing their companies being ripped out and
12:33 am
>> we didn't get the part about the protester in there. and new poll by nbc the wall street journal shows hillary clinton leading in key swing states including florida, virginia and north carolina. multiple reports tonight suggest tag former presidential candidate carly fiorina has set her sights on becoming the chair of the republican national committee. that's reince priebus' job. she has reached out t party chairs and intends to campaign for down ballot candidates. fiorina briefly served as a running mate for ted cruz before he dropped out of the race. the rnc will vote in january for a successor to priebus who is expected to step down after three terms. >> they are billed as the vehicles of the future. companies are already testing out self-driving cars on arizona roadways and next week governor doug ducey is holding a public meeting to talk about the growing technology. the governor has created what he
12:34 am
oversight committee it will work with adot, dps, universities and also other agencies to develop strategies for testing and operating self-driving cars in our state of the first public meeting if you are interested will be held on monday at 1:00 p.m. at the adot administration building. that's at madison and 17th avenue in phoenix. passengers on board a jetblue flight headed from bo wild and frankly a frightening ride. one passenger put it, they were thrown around like rag dolls. >> the plane was rocked by turbulence and forced to make an emergency landing in south carolina last night. 151 people on board, two of them, two dozen of them hurt. >> feels like i was on the tower of terror. we just dropped like that without a warning. >> passengers on board jetblue
12:35 am
moments in the air. >> right into this huge cloud, boom! like flew up in the air and the whole plane shook. >> the storage thing up on top opened up completely and flew out. a bunch of people got hurt and a bunch of stuff fell down over them and hurt people's shoulders. >> 22 passengers and two crew members were hurt. the flight attendants suffering the worst injuries. they were all taken to a hospital in rapid city, south dakota, and have all been released. >> there is a nurse on board a a physician -- at least one physician, maybe two. and they were really good with helping people, helping the flight attendant. >> after a very long night, flight 429 passengers finally made it to sacramento early this morning. after the break, it's a favorite food at fairs across the country, but this treat typically is only served up at amusement parks. it will be hitting store shelves. >> this is something you had
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>> it's got to be good. >> well, this is interesting. it would require all new infrastructure and billion of dollars to install. the latest on the push to make 911 texting available across the
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? protecting your dreams goes beyond the house itself. for just the right insurance for you, find an agent at
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sters tonight's flash pointer series of bomb attacks across thailand kills four people and injures dossens more. attacks targeting tourists right here across the country in southeast asia. one attack about 125 miles from bangkok killed two tourists at a town known for its scenic
12:40 am
over the past two days. so far two people have been arrested. and flash point ukraine where a confrontation where russia remains on slow burn. russia took over the crimean pim from ukraine about two years ago and today the russian military announced it was placing new air defense missiles in crimea. this is after ukraine tried to infiltrate terrorists over the -- denying the accusations, high alert. and a column of ukrainian tanks was seen rolling toward crimea today. and that is tonight's fox flash point. it's a service that can be valuable in an emergency. no doubt. but texting to 911, that is not available everywhere but that could change. the service only operates in parts of 36 states and puerto rico. because many call centers don't have the capability to accept text messages.
12:41 am
to do huge infrastructure overhauls and it could take two years and millions of dollars to install. some believe the service is well worth the cost especially in emergencies where you don't want to make any noise. >> there needs to be leadership in community is a cross the country, state level and even in congress to ensure that texting is auburn vailable for all consumers. >> texting in an emergency does not provide detailed location information that a land would unless it's spelled out in your text message. retail sales stagnant last month coming in below expectations and raising concerns that consumer spending may be running out of steam that has stocks mixed on friday after record setting session on thursday when three major marks posted new highs on the same day for the first time since 1999. customers, a new survey says
12:42 am
likely to shop at stores that offer pok?mon branded discounts. with 20 million estimated players that's a lot of potential customers. that's business. speak of pok?mon go, the game is responsible for yet another interesting discovery a mother and her kids were out playing a game in salt lake city when they stumbled upon three abandoned puppies. the city's animal service working to fine the dogs new homes. the puppies are border collie mixes only they were fittingly named after pok?mon characters, of course. >> i love it. it's a treat that won't be very good for your waist line. hostess they are launching deep fried twinkies this could bring the twinkie back big time. >> i never actually had one. we talk about it all the time on the news. state fair and stuff like that i never had onerich they good? >> i haven't had one. >> i thought you have. >> probably like a deep fried
12:43 am
deep fried twinkies have been available at places like state fairs and snacks are available in frozen food sections at wal-mart for the next three months and after that it will be on to other stores. keep in mind it does have nine grams of fat. if you are pulling out a frozen foods section deep fried twinkies you don't care. that's twice the amount in a normal twengy -- twinkie. balance that out. >> i will try that out. >> coming up noticed your friend count on facebook is shrinking? you could probably blame hillary clinton and donald trump for that. we will explain. wow, i have looked at my account. i have one friend left. plus, we will tell you what city is getting so expensive that even highly paid professionals like doctors and lawyers say we can't afford to
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coming up tonight at 10:00 a woman behind bars accused of accidentally shoot herring boyfriend in the face with an ak47. what led up to the deadlien counter. deadly encounter. rare sight in the night sky, how and when to see a spectacular meteor shower. >> and new controversy on the campaign trail. what has people upset with the
12:47 am
showing support for donald trump amid calls to defund his campaign. that's in a few minutes tonight at 10:00. time nower to -- time now for the buzz. >> first up, nagging spouses are blamed for driving their significant others to drink but a new study says that's not the case. the study found that married people are actually less likely to drink and when they do drink not in excess. single people, according to study, are more likely to be heavy boozers, binge drinking. researchers believe married couples ten to monitor each other and single people are whatever. they go crazy at the bar. >> yeah, you are in that world. you are out at the bars and doing all of that and then the drinking is part of the whole social experience. >> do you think that your monitoring your spouse? i think you aren't going out as much and -- you don't feel like you have to have a couple of drinks to loosen up.
12:48 am
fine. i'm not monitoring necessarily my husband. >> i don't want to monitor. i don't think i need a monitor. >> gina doesn't need monitoring. >> no, she definitely doesn't. i am the one that needs to be monitored. >> giving you the evil eye. >> very good about all of that. paolo aloe, california, facebook and apple right there. and mountain view, now some doctors and lawyers say the city to live in highly paid survive in a place where the cheapest home going for sale is three quarters of a million dollars and that's a 500-square-foot shack. it's insane. i grew up there. i grew up there. >> was it like that when you grew up? you came from a normal background. >> this was a very mellow kind of middle class place and it's just exploded into just
12:49 am
fields can afford anything. >> and it's just driven the price of homes up and my dad's block the block where i grew up, when people move out, they just knock the home down and build a mansion. >> you have to have doctors around. hopefully they can find some room for doctors. >> expense of for the doctors to live there it's all of the executives that are taking up the space. >> this contentious election is causing people to unfriend facebook pals in record numbers. it seems that f friends don't share your same political leanings is one reason. and the other incessant political posts that are making people hit the unfriend button. have been tempted. >> that's interesting. >> i had one friend that said if you support so and so, i don't -- just unfriend me now. >> wow. >> and i didn't. >> that's a harsh step. you will pick your friends over your politics? that's interesting. >> and it makes you wonder if
12:50 am
else? we all have different leanings and we have different opinions and we have a different experience. and we are entitled to that. and i'm going to be friends with anybody no matter who they boat for. >> and neither party has all of the answers. you know. >> it would be nice if people simmered down on some of the really nasty rhetoric on facebook. >> this is interesting because a lot of my posts are political because that's what we are doing now. >> i think a work page is different a friend page is -- i just want the puppies. puppies and kittens. and an occasional meme. >> your turn to chime in. you can tell kari you don't agree or do? >> don't unfriend me. >> and i want to hear from you. john hook fox 10 and kari wants to hear from you. >> yes. >> i must say i'm a friend of john and kari's and nothing will get in the way of that and nothing in the way of the cardinals or will it?
12:51 am
this football team. we look ahead for the highly talked about upcoming 2016 season with insider mike
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12:54 am
this has never happened befoream back in 2008 with kurt warner, the team got hot late and then marched into the super bowl but going into a training camp, going into a pre-season, the hype around the country, the cardinal are super bowl contenders. the hype around carson palmer, another good year, an mvp-like year like last season, can he stay healthy throughout that 16 game regular season? and then the playoffs? and look at the star power yo. uhave patrick the best cover corner in the game. tyrann mathieu, new contract extension. one of the defense of player of the year-type candidates coming off that knee injury. a veteran leader in calais campbell. all of the aspens you need with a con -- aspects you need with a football team are in place. our cards insider mike jurecki looking ahead to the season. >> i think they have a super bowl type roster. one thing last year they didn't
12:55 am
we remember when tyrone mathy when down. they lose cory peters in the pre-season and were able to overcome that by putting rodney gunter at nose tackle. when he was in the line up they gave up only 19.2 point pz per game. out of the line up, the defense gave up 28 point percent game if they can stay healthy and obviously you have to protect carson palmer, the narrative last year, could he stay healthy. could he win a playoff game? we know he didn't play well in the turnover and four interceptions and a couple of fum bees. if palmer can have a season like last year, now it's a question can he get to the big game and win it? i think on paper they should be one of the favorites to represent the conference. their schedule more difficult. five of their first seven are at home. five of their time seven are on the road. it's important that they get that one or two seed. don't go to green bay in january and don't want to go back to carolina in january.
12:56 am
better roster on paper, done mean they will have more wins if you can lock up that one or two seed that will go a long way to go to houston for super bowl. >> we will have cards pre-season highlights for you in half an hour. as for the sun devils, the biggest decision of their training camp is who will start at quarterback. brady white? or manny wilkens. todd graham saying it's going to be the guy who makes all 11 players better. >> each one of them are different but they had great pois and been a physical violent and physical practices and even though they are not live, they play like they are live. and i think their development has been good. the key for us is going to be is taking care of the football. that's the key for us. and then making sure that we are able to execute at the pace from which we can be efficient. >> arizona diamondbacks fresh off a sweep of the mets. taking on the red sox. a night mayorish performance
12:57 am
ugly. started with ramirez. there is a three run homer. really, really roughed up early in this game. the ageless wonder here with two on this much is in the second inning and here we go, pegroia scores and it's 5-2 and the onslaught was on. corbin when an inning and 2/3. he gave up nine hits and eight runs in an inning and two-thirds. including this blast by comes around with a three-run homer. look at this hammer job. you want to go back to your hotel room and have a k08d one. -- cold one. and then ortiz goes deep again. 9-4 the time. the red sox over the diamondbacks tonight at fenway park. stay with us, we will have more coming up on the cards pre-season game. we will see you in 20 minutes.
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here is kari lake with "fox 10 news" at 10:00. a woman accused of accidentally shooting her boyfriend in the face. what police say led up to that deadly accident. and a lawsuit looking to stop marijuana from being legalized in arizona and making it to the ballot in november. when a judge could decide if the controversial prop will even be on the ballot. plus a puts out a challenge they hope will have a positive impact on lives. how you can join in. we begin tonight with a fox 10 news alert. this is a live scene. look at 75 avenue and camelback road. see the police presence there. phoenix police on the scene of a shooting in the west valley. the fire department is telling us a man in his 50s has been


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