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tv   FOX 10 News 5pm  FOX  August 15, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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he was facing two more charge, theft of government property and possessing a firearm on federal property those are dropped as part of the plea deal. he does not agree with the charge, he knows he violated the law saying marines believe in integrity. >> i'm 100% willing to lay down my life to fight against tyranny in this country. organized the rally last year where hundreds of protesters and antiprotesters clashed but no arrests were made. he faces three years in prison but prosecutors will recommend two and a half years in prison when ritzheimer is sentenced in may. police are searching for a man who sexually assaulted a
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n.a.u. campus. that suspect went up to a woman in a parked car who pretended to be a police officer. he led her to a secluded area and sexually assaulted her. he was last seen wearing blue jeans, glasses, and a baseball cap with the word police on it. if you have any information, you're asked to call flagstaff police. a woman was hit while she was in a wheelchair. she was rushed to the hospital where she was pronounced dead. police are searching for dark-colored truck. take a look at this crash. it hand around 1:30 near apache boulevard. the driver took out a light pole. the owner of an auto body shop helped get the driver out of the
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and the gentleman was disoriented and we brought him in the office until the paramedics arrived. >> the driver had minor injuries and checked out at the scene. light rail services resumed a short time later. inmates working at schools. the idea may seem like a bad idea initially but not in florence. a select group of inmates are working for the florence school district under strict supervision. >> reporter: we got an e-mail from a viewer who said there are inmates working at schools in the florence unified school district and she was concerned and wanted to make sure the students were safe. she asked us to look into it so we did. the sign says inmate work crew on premises. this is the school bus farm at the florence unified school
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the prison. inmates work here, including florence high school. there are tight supervision of the inmates. >> they go through a screening process and they give us the number they have so it is dependent on them. i would say probably between 10-20. >> reporter: they work on maintenance and landscaping at times when students are not huge saving to the district. >> it is going to cost the district $30,000-$40,000 to hire a full-time maintenance person, including the benefits and everything. with these individual, we're talking 50 cents an hour, hundreds of dollars over the term of a bunch of projects. >> reporter: a student we spoke to said they do not have a
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are probably trustees and if they are able to work like that. >> reporter: so you don't have a problem? >> not really. >> reporter: the program has been in operation since 2002 with no problems. steve krafft, fox 10 news. a native american tribe plans to sue over damages caused by the mine waste spill in colorado. a crew led by the e.p.a. spilled three million wastewater in utah. it carried arsonic and other metals turning the river gold. a judge expected to make a ruling this week on whether a proposition to make recreational marijuana to be on a ballot. it would allow adults 21 and
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of marijuana. petitions for the proposition did not provide a full explanation to those signing on. those in sport say this is just an attempt to keep the issue off of the ballot. a slow-moving storm has dumped more than 20 inches of rain across louisiana and mississippi. at least seven people have died in the floods in southern louisiana and 20,000 people have be r more than 10,000 rosier in -- others are in shelters. >> the governor of louisiana said it is so bad he is calling the flooding unpress demented and they see a lot of flooding in louisiana. >> days of rain dropping almost two feet of water on louisiana
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of their homes. hotels and shelters are quickly filling up. louisiana's governor is warning residents not to take any chances. >> we are thankful for people out there who are heeding the warnings that they are given and that is the proper thing to do. >> reporter: the good news is the rain held off monday morning on the heels of thousands of rescues. the efforts continuing today with water vehicles. >> we see evacuated two nursing homes. >> reporter: president obama declared a major disaster in louisiana as the area gears up for more rain. for now, anxious residents are cleaning up as best they can. >> it feels good to help. >> getting emotional but how nice everybody is. you feel like people are watching out for each other.
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other parts of arizona are stepping up to help. those people living in the flooded communities. the red cross deploying teams to help the affected areas and the first team has already left. they are driving emergency response vehicles to louisiana. their goal is to assist those who have been rescued. today, we got to talk to the phoenix volunteers who left for louisiana this afternoon. >> once we get there, we'll get our marching orders as to what we'll be feeding or heading up cleanup kits, probably both. >> arizona volunteers have joined more than 500 volunteers traveling to louisiana from all over the country to help with the historic and massive flooding. to make matters worse, the rain is not over. >> bad news for the people living there. dave is here now with a look at the radar and rainfall totals. >> reporter: it is not only
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going beyond louisiana and into the midsection of the country and into the great lakes as there is a lot of moisture that is involved in the east here that is coming out of that area. as mentioned, 13-20 inches already. as we get a look at the last 24 hour, you can see what each day brings. you get down here by brownsville there is over 4 inches. there is an inch houston. 2.5 inches, almost 3 inches and then over by jacksonville, 1.5 inches there. this is the futurecast. this is the area down in here. you can see each and every day. they are expecting more and more moisture coming into the area. it is not over for them. they are going to get another week of it here.
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we'll take a look at that coming up. more to come on fox 10 news at 5:00, with more and more people buying and selling things online. a warning from police so you don't become a trim of -- christmas of crime. if you're heading out tonight, you might want to avoid the 101 and glendale. a lot of people are heading out to i bet you would have been there if you were not working. >> 25 years ago, i was. >> there will be a lot of extra traffic. we'll have a live report from the university of phoenix
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gas prices keep falling. some good news at the pump. gas prices keep falling. the average price in arizona is below $2 a g says prices have dropped 5-cents in the last week. the national average remains at $2.12. analysts say you can expect low prices to through the rest of the year, unless a hurricane interrupts the oil supply. d.p.s. and governor ducey are testing the possibility of self-driving vehicles on arizona public roads. >> this might be a cool thing.
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oversight committee held its first meeting. they up cited the public to share their thoughts and offer up any ideas. >> i think a google car is going to be a safer driver than i am. >> reporter: new technology a welcome sight in arizona. this committee put together by governor ducey bringing new excitement to the valley. google announced that chandler will be home for its new testing. >> the next day, i saw the google car in i get more excited. >> reporter: community members along with valley businesses and other stakeholders got together to talk about how arizona would benefit from the safe-driving vehicles. >> when you lose your license, you become dependent on her people that is why elderly don't want to give up their independence. the self driving car, they will be able to stay independent
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are still years away from being common place. >> there is a lot of research going on as to the legal and safety and technology fat theirs -- factors that have to be looked at. there is a relationship between government and agency to make sure this is implemented safely. >> reporter: self-driving cars will ultimately make our roads safer. using these devices, you will see a progression where they get more comfortable and give more control to the vehicle. >> it is a big deal. >> governor ducey says bringing the self-driving cars to arizona will create jobs and improve innovation that will improve the way of life. >> reporter: louisiana is a mess. we'll take a look at arizona
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we're working on some brand new stories for you -- tonight at 6... we're working on brand-new stories for you at 6:00.
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the valley father who lost hundreds of pounds by working out and eating healthier. the latest chapter in his fitness journey. a dirty diaper bust at the border. wait until you hear what someone was trying to smuggle into arizona. valley is under a high-pollution advisory today. ozone levels are running high and this can make it difficult for some people to including children and people with respiratory problems. people are asked to use mass transit if possible. >> reporter: hi, everybody. we start with the louisiana situation. as you can see, moisture just continuing to feed into the area. it has been a couple of days that the low has been hanging
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panhandle of florida for a few days where they had a lot of rain as well. as we get a look at the futurecast here, you will see the area continue to bring moisture in through the rest of the week here. as you can see, thursday in the late evening still inundating the area with moisture. 108 degrees right now. winds are south at 6 miles an hour. there is a haze in the air. 108, as we 106 at deer valley. 104 at cave creek. 104 in apache junction. glendale, 109 degrees. take a look at the moisture that we still have around the state of arizona. in fact, up here in this area, we did have storms that kicked up a little bit of sand and dust and advisories out of that area. as you can serks things have died down considerably. here is the city right here and
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encroachment. take a look at the area between prescott and flagstaff. you can see that system drying out quickly. another system moving across the north, we have a few of them working their way through the east at this time and that is where they have staying power. the winds aren't too bad. winslow, 30 miles an hour. 15 at globe. 23 miles an hour at bullhead city. 110 degrees for the high today. 108 at 107 in scottsdale. that 110, by the way, is the 29th time we hit 110 or higher. 33 is the record. that happened in 2011. we got four to go here before we touch that record. 111 at gila bend. 83 up in flagstaff. safford, 99 degrees. we had 110 degrees for the high. 86 for the low.
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high and low. record high at 115. record low at 66. 107 degrees. as you can see for tomorrow, 110's, 109's, in that forecast. overnight, 85. 107 the forecast for tomorrow. you will see the temperatures come down a little bit here. as we get through the week and things kind of calm down. we do introduce clouds and a chance of storm later in the watch your kids around water. >> all right, looks like we're moving in the right direction. animals at the zoo in rome getting a big break from the heat. it is in the form of pretty good treats. bears, lemur, elephants and other animals getting tasty watermelon. >> perfectly -- >> it is bright red. one of the main ingredients used was the watermelon and ice fruit
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under the nutritionist. they look like they are enjoying it. >> water medical season a hit everywhere. >> i never thought about going for it it like that. a wildfire burning in california is destroying homes. engineering students get busy on a multiyear project turning a
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downtown phoenix is getting a new and popular downtown phoenix is downtown phoenix getting a new and popular restaurant. it is officially opening today at the collier center. the first crowd got to enjoy lunch at 11:00 at the new location at third and washington. it joins the truck and craft beer concept as the latest restaurant to open at the collier center. >> hard to keep track of the new openings. a special welcome back to schools in peoria. >> when they walked through the doors last wednesday, they were met with a heart warming surprise that made the return easier. >> reporter: written in plain black ink are the kinds of words
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enough. >> some were simple words like smile or be confident. >> reporter: on their last day of high school, they strolled in at 6:00 a.m. >> which is super early for senior year. >> reporter: they joined dozens of friends placing their 3,000 inspirational post-its everywhere they could. >> we were at church camp over the summer and we want to be make a what is the best way to make everyone smile? >> reporter: it is weeks of planning. they wrote each message by hand trying to avoid duplicates. >> my favorite one was be a fruit loop and a bag of cher yos. dismoor. >> people should continue to stay positive and know that
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there is always something you can find in the brighter side of things. >> reporter: you can't get much brighter than highlighter covered in encouragement. >> i think it is important to make people know that it is not just all bad. >> look at this video. it is a squirrel in connecticut that ends up in a tough spot. it is jumping around like a kangaroo. go cup. it was the infield e.m.s. team. the first responders took this video showing the little guy jumping around. they were finally able to catch him. they had a blanket they threw it over him and they were able to set him free. >> that is how you catch a critter. i'm going to use that. >> look how high he can jump
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paper cup. a place you can travel back in time to the 1980's.?the peopt from the past. plus, homes have been destroyed and thousands of acres are burning tonight. where crews are dealing with the devastating wildfire tonight. people in the west valley are ready to work. how fans are getting ready for
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music, "sweet child of mine." >> guns 'n' roses bringing their long awaiting tour to the valley. we took our metal rocking fans, ty brennan. >> i was going to go to the concession stand and buy something to fit in. >> like a leather vest. >> reporter: wi underneath. these doors open in just under an hour. we were talking about it but a lot of people we're talking to this evening, we talked to one guy who said he has been waiting since 1991 to see guns 'n' roses in concert. i was out in the exact same stadium two years ago when one direction was here and i thought those fans were out of control and wild.


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