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tv   FOX 10 News 5pm  FOX  August 17, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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some fans were heartbroken twice today because there was a huge booth set up here selling t-shirts and other things, and as soon as the concert was postponed the vendor was told to stop selling and pack up shop. they were going to see a concert, buy a t-shirt, and they couldn't even do that. nearly 20,000 people had ticket to the concert, the second of adele's people who were at last night's concert said that adele looked and sounded amazing. in a conference, you heard adele say she was sick and powered through last night's performance for fans. we talked to a woman who drove up, taking the day off work. it was supposed to be a great mother daughter bonding experience tonight, but instead they are going back to tuscon heartbroken. >> we are very disappointed.
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>> reporter: how excited were you about seeing her? >> super excited. i sing her songs to her at night, so it was very meaningful for us. >> just sad because we have been pumped up to see her since january, since christmas actually, when we got the tickets. >> now the venue has released this statement and i'm going to read it to you. it says due to illness, the adele show scheduled for tonight at talking stick resort arena please hold on to your tickets for updates. we apologize for any convenience. refunds will be available. tonight's concert was cancelled but the show will go on here at talking stick resort arena at another date. if you have tickets and you think you want to hold out for the next show you can hold on to your tickets but you can also get a refund from wherever you bought your tickets. again, adele saying she's
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don't know when the next show will go on. nicole garcia for fox 10 news. for the cardinals the show goes on because head coach bruce arians is back on the job today. arians ended up in the hospital, as you may know, after he was having stomach pains at a practice yesterday in san diego. >> pretty scary thought not having the coach with the team, at first arians saying that he thought he was having a kidney stone but the pain kept getting richard saenz with more on the coach's condition. >> a big sigh of relief for the coaches and the players as b.a. is back, newsbreaking this morning that the head coach was expected to be released from the hospital here in san diego. whether he was going to make it to the cardinals 11:00 a.m. media press coference was a different story. carson palmer was the fist to take to the podium, and you know what, carson palmer sounded happy. he expressed relief that he saw and heard his head coach was out of the hospital and already at
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peterson took to the podium next and said that he saw coach arians in the lunchroom, that he looked good, and then at the last second head coach bruce arians comes into the room and addresses the media. he said he was expecting to be at practice later today but also said he is too old not to listen to his doctors anymore. i asked coach arians to take us through those moments when he was rushed to the hospital yesterday. >> i just had a bunch of stomach pain and doubled overwh i thought it was a kidney stone at first, but i have been diagnosed with diver i knew the possibility was there after the colonoscopy. i'll go to practice today and see how it goes. i'm too old not to listen to doctors anymore. i have a tendency to push it.
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today but it's nothing too serious. >> reporter: what do you say we talk football for a change. that would be a novel idea. cards camp coverage coming up, i'm richard saenz in san diego for fox 10 sports. a three-year-old girl out for ice cream last night ends up in the hospital seriously injured. witnesses say the little girl ran out into the road to catch an ice cream truck and she was struck by a phoenix police officer. fox with where all of this happened. >> yeah, john, this street here where this tragic accident happened last night, phoenix police telling us that this little girl was crossing back over the street from getting the ice cream from the ice cream struck. that's when she was struck by this officer. people living in this neighborhood near 75th avenue and camelback still upset by the tragic accident that happened here last night. we spoke with some of them right after it happened. >> i went home and said a prayer for her. i did.
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parade. i don't even know who it is and i prayed. >> phoenix police say that the 35-year veteran officer was alone in the car when she was struck. the girl ran out into the street after getting ice cream from an ice cream truck. she was rushed to phoenix children's hospital for surgery. neighbors we spoke with today said things didn't look good last i thought somebody with >> reporter: there's a lot of children in this area, a lot of children always playing out in the front yards, so it's so had something like this happened here last night. as we were last told, this little girl is still in extremely critical condition at phoenix children's hospital. we'll bring you the latest on her condition as it becomes
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fox 10 news. new at 5:00, a burglar is caught on camera at a phoenix bike shop, and the manager hopes that somebody will see this and recognize the crook in this case. surveillance video showing the burglar inside exhale bikes. it's near 28th avenue and bell. this happened overnight. look at the picture. kind of hard to see. you get the back of the guy who is robbing the joint. police say the man tunneled through the wall of a vacant business to get into the bike shop. officers were not able to catch him. he did not get away with but he caused some damage to the shop. >> that being a small business and, you know, i was trying to, you know, keep afloat, having a setback like this is a little bit frustrating. so any information that can maybe help try to find this guy, you know, bikes are unfortunately kind of a hot item right now. >> it might be tough. this video is not real good, but take a look here. again, the burglar wore a hat and a bandanna to cover his
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>> that looks like it was shot on the moon. that is not our best surveillance video we have seen. >> tough. sometimes you can recognize body movements and mannerisms. >> true, true. we'll have to go with that, otherwise it looks like neil armstrong. >> or if somebody shows up with a new bike that they didn't pay for, call phoenix police. president greg miller is resigning because of an ongoing feud with state suspect diane douglas. miller is blaming douglas for refusing to work with the board and preventing it from implementing policy. his resignation is effective immediately. a state of emergency has been declared now in southern california while the blue cut fire, the wildfire is growing rapidly. that fire has left charred destruction in its wake. it's been an incredible fire. tens of thousands of people forced to evacuate their homes and businesses, and it just keeps going. and let's take a look at
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it's burning 60 miles east of los angeles in san bernardino county near the city of brightwood. this is kind of interesting. you think of how big the fire is. obviously, this is in southern california, but let's show you the size of that fire. we'll take you to northern california and san francisco, and the fire was burned 50 square miles. to put that into perspective, it's about the size of the city of san francisco, a big fire. the ferocious wildfire burning more than 80,000 people from their homes. >> my forty years of fighting fire, i have never seen fire behavior so extreme as it was yesterday. >> this is a challenging year. one of the things that we are seeing is fires burning in a really unprecedented fashion. it's to the point where explosive fire growth is the new normal this year. >> the blue cut fire started tuesday. it continues to grow, already scorching 30,000 acres, and weather conditions are not
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brush, 100-degree temperatures, firefighters are struggling to get a handle on the flames. >> as the day does heat up though, again, a lot of the fire that laid down last night is going to stand up and with the winds we are expecting that it's going to be a very difficult day for our firefighters and for our aircraft. >> an unknown number of structures have been destroyed as the out of control fire burns. more than 700 fire crews and emergency responders are now battling the flames. >> devastating. a lot of homes lost yesterday. there will be a lot of families that come home to nothing. >> and we mentioned this earlier. more than 80,000 people, imagine that, have been evacuated. that's enough to fill every seat in both the university of phoenix stadium and the arena in glendale. three firefighters from the maricopa county fire department are heading to california to
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they left this morning for a two-week deployment. the fire crew could end up on the blue cut fire, but it is possible that they could be sent to help with one of the other wildfires burning across that state, and there are many. >> well, talk about a fire, i-17 and northern, we want to take you there right now. a car fire, and obviously you have got phoenix fire on the scene, and you have got a big backup starting on i-17. this is again at northern, a car fire, and we think everybody got crews putting foam or water on it right now. >> it's a tough time for this to be happening. >> the worst time. >> it makes rush hour pretty bad, especially over there on i-17. >> just kind of passing in the fast lane and also the hov lane, but that's going to be a backup, i-17 and northern. we believe everybody got out okay, and let's hope so. well, we do have some storms around the state today, that
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so we have avoided that little catastrophe, and things are calming down as far as the temperature just a little bit. we'll have that forecast for you coming up. all right, thank you dave. still ahead at 5:00, a for sale sign at chase field? maricopa county board members, they are voting whether or not to sell the downtown ballpark. also ahead tonight, it's the next step in a dramatic weight loss story, a transformation as we catch up again with pat following his surgery. (scal): good day, m'lady! i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore.
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hd. >> this is such an incredible story, and we have been following this weight loss journey of pasquale brocco for a long time. he lost 300 pounds doing it the right way, exercising and eating. >> a scottsdale surgeon helped him with the next step of his transformation by removing all of the excess skin. marcy jones joins us under the knife, this is how dedicated he is, he told me he was most nervous about missing his workouts for the next few weeks rather than getting the actual surgery. now he's focused on healing and helping others. just two days after his ten-hour surgery, pasquale brocco is making recovery look easy. >> it didn't even hit me that i was having surgery until i started getting sharpie all over me, and then i started getting
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happen. then one of the doctors said i'm going to give you some happy juice, and next thing i know i'm home. >> his story started three years ago, after losing more than 300 pounds, he had a lot of extra skin, and surgery started yesterday with a doctor in scottsdale. >> they took more than sev couple of thousand stitches now, but they are all inside and he says with time they will all disappear, which is exciting. >> he's known to thousands on social media as possible pat as his weight loss story has inspired thousands of people to get fit. now they're motivating him. >> i did send a mass message to everyone just saying thank you for all of the love and support because it's definitely helping me get through it. >> but for pat, it's his number one fan, his wife jasmine, that
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way to be a stronger and better man, even outside of the gym. >> i couldn't even get out of the recliner if it wasn't for her, and she's just been there every step of the moment, and recently started her fitness journey with me, working out with me, and i know she is going to support me when it's time for me to actually recover, go back to the gym. i know it's going to be a long process, and it's just a wonderful moment to have somebody like that by your side. >> so pat actually started tearing up when he was talking about his wife. now pat can hit the gym again in about eight weeks after getting back into top shape, he plans to compete in a men's fitness competition. reporting live, marcy jones, fox 10 news. well, we do have a few storms around the state, nothing real close to the valley at this time, although we do have a slight chance of a storm in the forecast tonight. we'll have that forecast fur, coming up.
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-- for you coming up. clooer
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your exclusive accuweather forecast with dave munsey on fox 10 news. hi, everybody, well it's still hot out there, 108 degrees right now, winds out of the
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105 in scottsdale, 104 in deer valley, another 108 you'll find that in surprise, goodyear the same, and then down in ahwatukee and in chandler as well. well, you can see here that we do have some moisture around through the day today, and it's staying a little bit to the north of us. it was doing that last night and then all of a sudden it started moving south, and there were a few areas that picked up a little bit of moisture. but you can see staying up here by prescott, staying up a little bit north of the payson area, yeah, you get a look up and we have had a couple of good storms reported in a few of these areas. there's flagstaff right there, as that storm system passes through, and the east valley, just starting to pick up a little bit of this -- or the eastern portions of the state just starting to pick up a little bit of this moisture as it starts to head in that direction. here's the city down here, and you see everything is staying. we are starting to see a little bit of encroachment on the west side now.
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issues that are now going to be with us for another day, that is the ozone level. take a look at the dew points. you can see up in the areas where it is raining where they have the storms, we are up into the 50s. down here where it's not raining yet, we are still sitting in the 40s. we do have a few 50s or close to 50s down in the desert, so it's certainly possible. and then when we put the futurecast into motion, you can see there's a few areas where the cloud cover comes in, and then also through the day tomorrow, a few areas of these storms get very close to the valley, and there is a chance of rain through the day tomorrow, so as you can see, and then through the next couple of days here, the moisture just kind of hangs on. the winds are hanging on but not like they have been. as you can see, 28 miles an hour in sedona, 29 up in the page area, and then 17 down in nogales, 109 degrees for the high today, 84 degrees for the morning low. we looked at 104 and 83 for the normal high and low.
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your record low at 64, and then you can see we are forecasting 102 degrees. we are a little higher than that in some of the areas, but that forecast shows you these temperatures are starting to come down a little bit. we'll have a little cloud cover to serve up with that as well, and yes, indeed, the moisture continues to come in to new orleans where -- and the surrounding area of louisiana and some other areas to the north of there. 84 degrees for the overnight low, and you see these temperatures, they are going to stay down. in fact, yes, we do have a few 90s mixing in there with these temperatures as well. watch your kids around water. >> all right, dave. it's trending in the right direction. >> 90s? i forgot what that feels like. >> yes. last night's adele's concert, that's a night that two n.a.u. students will never forget. >> she was like, hi, how are you, i'm adele. i'm like, yes, yes you are.
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they went last night considering she cancelled tonight's show. the couple was invited up on stage for a q&a with adele. this was like a life changing moment. >> look at that. >> and then they had the chance
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you're watching the best, fox 10 news. even though tonight's adele show will not go on, the artist cancelled her concert due to a throat issue, everyone has been talking about this couple from
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but no one had the same experience as these two n.a.u. students. >> yeah, they actually got to meet the singer. adele invited them up on stage, and they told kristy siefkin what it was like coming face-to-face with one of their idols, one of their favorite art is. >> she was like, i'm adele. like, yes, yes you are, let us introduce ourselves because you have no idea who we are. >> they were at the the experience of their lives. >> we got hyped, then got on the stage and got a little bit more hyped. >> reporter: the two students at n.a.u. tell us they had the prime spot in the crowd, perfect for the songstress to see them. >> we were on the floor, in the back, in the middle, and we had
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felt like she was looking at us. adele, are you looking at me? where are you looking adele? >> and then it happened. adele invited the couple on stage. >> and then you two, you in the tie die, and i was like, that's you! go! and then you in the glasses. that's me, okay, adele. >> her security let us up to the stage after that. >> the pair said adele immediately hugged them, and they e smelled pretty good. they say it added to her relatability, and that's why they love her music so much. >> whenever my first emotional breakup was, that's when adele entered my life. >> after years of enjoying her music, the two made sure to get pictures of this once in a lifetime opportunity. >> we didn't even have to ask. she asked if you want to get a
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>> kristy siefkin, fox 10 news. >> great stuff. as we mentioned off the top of the show tonight, tonight's show has been cancelled. adele cancelled the show saying she is too sick to perform. fans were asked to hold on to their tickets, and the concert will be rescheduled. refunds are also available at the point of purchase. what if your point of purchase was a scalper? >> i was thinking about that, what if your point of purchase was craigslist? you have to go bac that person. probability most dramatic video of the day, where this crash happened. >> and the latest on the sale of
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discover the stress relief of our drum circles or enjoy a night at the movies with us. if you don't think this is right for me when you think a-a-r-p, then you don't know "aarp." get to know us at hey phoenix, this is thunder dan jajerle, head coach at grand canyon university. coming to gcu was a great move for me. join antelope nation by enrolling as an evening student at our beautiful campus in the heart of phoenix. earn your bachelor's, master's or doctoral degree engage with industry expert instructors in small classroom settings where you can get the support you need to excel. scholarships available. see you on campus! go lopes! find your purpose at grand canyon university. visit fox 10 news is back. tonight for the first time, we are seeing pictures of a dog that died after being left out
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this is a story that angered a lot of people across the valley. linda williams now live with the story. linda? >> john, take a look, it is the first time we are seeing this lab dalmation mix. glendale police released its report on the puppy's death just today. now, the owner is facing a felony animal cruelty charge. this all happened back in june when the owners left her locked outside on an apartment balcony in glendale. >> her name was rihanna, a six-month old lab mix who died on this balcony at a glendale apartment complex on june 5th, probably due to extreme heat. >> it didn't have to -- it didn't have to happen! it didn't have to happen! it was totally preventable. >> reporter: neighbor rocky buck called police on that june 5th, telling them she could see the


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