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tv   FOX 10 News 530pm  FOX  August 17, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MST

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this is a story that angered a lot of people across the valley. linda williams now live with the story. linda? >> john, take a look, it is the first time we are seeing this lab dalmation mix. glendale police released its report on the puppy's death just today. now, the owner is facing a felony animal cruelty charge. this all happened back in june when the owners left her locked outside on an apartment balcony in glendale. >> her name was rihanna, a six-month old lab mix who died on this balcony at a glendale apartment complex on june 5th, probably due to extreme heat. >> it didn't have to -- it didn't have to happen! it didn't have to happen! it was totally preventable. >> reporter: neighbor rocky buck called police on that june 5th, telling them she could see the
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extreme distress with no water. police got there and eventually called glendale firefighters, who used a ladder to get to the puppy. but by then, it was too late. the following day, glendale police talked to the owner, 28-year-old adrian gonzalez. he told them he and his wife and kids had brought the 6-month-old puppy from mexico in february. gonzalez told police they left rihanna with a bowl of water at about 3:00 in the it was 113 degrees for a high on that sunday. he says the dog slept in a storage area near the balcony and thought that would be enough shelter. he also said they would put the puppy outside when they left because he would chew and damage things in their apartment. gonzalez told police he didn't know the heat was so deadly. >> that's what happened.
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to do all of that in that time. >> reporter: gonzalez says there was such a fire storm of anger over this, he and his family had to leave their apartment, faring for their safety. now he is facing that felony animal cruelty charge. i spoke with the county attorney's office. they say this case is still under review. we of course will follow up. we'll let you know what happens. i'm linda williams, reporting live, fox 10 news. thank you, linda. on to a fox follow-up, a court date has been set for the state lawmaker accused of food stamp fraud. state representative cecilia velasquez trial will begin november 1st. she pled not guilty fraud, theft, and unlawful use of food stamps. prosecutors say that she was stealing close to $2,000 from the food stamp program. the democrat represents parts of the west valley. she has dropped her bid for
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three men trying to smuggle methamphetamine through a traffic checkpoint near i-8 on yuma. agents say they inspected the trio's car yesterday and found 26 pounds of meth in floorboards of the car, the drug said to be worth about $78,000 on the street. >> wow. everyone is talking about it. will chase field soon have a new owner? as taxpayers we paid a lot to build this place, and today we are hearing some new details involving a private group that is interested in stadium, as well as reaction from maricopa county. steve krafft is live with the story tonight. steve? >> well, i guess you could say the ball is rolling to sell chase field. there it is, the home of the diamondbacks. the stadium district signing a letter of intent today. the goal? keep the team at the stadium and make chase field a profitable place. it's no secret that the diamondbacks and maricopa county
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for repairs and upkeep here at chase field, but now there may be a break in this impasse. the maricopa county stadium district hopeful private investors can put money into the ballpark and work with the dbacks to make chase field a continuing success story. >> the great philosopher bruce arians no risk it, no biscuit, right? there is always an inherent risk to step out and try to do something great for community, and that community is the central phoenix core to keep diamondback baseball here for hopefully 2028 and beyond. >> today's hope is for a letter of intent to residents stadium partners llc, with investors from atlanta, new york, and toronto, the price $26 million, but that's a starting off point -- $60 million. >> i don't want to get too
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million, because we have to get this appraisal down, and that's going to tell us what fair market is. t not -- it's not a fire sale, it's not pennies on the dollar, it's fair market. >> we reached out to the diamondbacks to get reaction. an attorney for the team just got in quote with us. , quote, "nothing new has occurred from the dbacks perspective as we continue to gather facts on this proposal. now that it has been approved by the county, the team has given me tort no speak with their representatives, and we expect to interact and discuss the proposal." that's what the attorney for the diebdz says. there is a two-month window on this deal to come to some sort of agreement with chase field. donald trump announcing a major shake-up to his campaign leadership. this is pretty late in the game to do this stuff. john kerry tried this stuff in 2004. there have been situations in the past, we have seen it, but three months out? this is pushing it.
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bannon of the conservative breitbart news website chief executive officer as his ceo, and promoted a pollster to campaign manager. analysts believe he will embrace his popular outsider persona rather than try to be a moderate and extend a hand to traditional republicans. trump is going to be trump for the rest of the way. lots this car, this is on virginia highway, a charter bus burst into flames. and the pictures from the scene, one of the busses traveling from new york to charlotte on i 95, one of the main thorough fares. they are not calling it suspicious and surprisingly no one was hurt in the inferno. this scene in china, take a look, surveillance video capturing the moment a cement
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end just tips over on the vehicle. the driver of the van rushed to surgery. she and the driver of the truck will both survive. and a postal worker in florida caught on camera throwing undelivered mail into a dumpster. ever been waiting for something and you're waiting and it never arrives? >> that is awful. >> maybe it was in this person's bag. included in the dumped mail, fliers, costing the advertiser $2,000 a month to send out. crime that can put you behind bars for five years along with a quarter of a million dollar fire. investigators say the mailman had been filed but no word now on whether he is facing additional charges. a florida man shocked after he is arrested for shooting and killing an alligator. the man claimed the 400-pound alligator was threatening his horses and livestock, even attacked his son's leg, so he
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florida. >> big old alligator, i thought if i shot him one time, he would leave, but he didn't. i ended up shooting him four times. >> i didn't know they had cowboys in florida. that guy is a cowboy. >> amos moses from the famous song, right? his lawyer says he will argue protection of animals should trump the state's law. a symbol of 60 years, she and he husband got married back in may of 1956, the precious ring slipped off her finger while she was taking part in an event for senior citizens at a park. her wedding date along with her initials are inscribed on the inside of the ring, the one that disappeared, but a good samaritan found the ring and brought it to the police. a hardworking detective on the case used the inscriptions to track that woman down. >> came up with the name, came up with an address, happened to
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information along to detective barrett. he was still waiting at the counter. >> i didn't notice it was missing until i got home. >> the couple is thrilled to have the ring back, and they're grateful that the detective worked so hard to make it happen. nice work. >> that's going above and beyond. >> that is really cool, yep. >> you just put that kind of on the shelf, and go, well the owner maybe eventually will reach out. >> yeah, it wouldn't have happened. a lot of kids might be smiling, the new surprise that will be mcdonald's happy meal. >> a.s.u. students getting ready to kick off the school year. >> and later, why sting literally needed to have his head examined. it's the first day of classes at a.s.u., go devils. >> plus we meet a miracle bride. >> and a cool new way to show the world you honor pat tillman,
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live from fox studios, fox 10 news is back. well, tonight, sun devils are getting ready to head back to class, but today hundreds from the downtown and tempe campuses taking part in sparky's day of service. liz kotalik has the story. >> reporter: a huge group of sun devils taking over st. mary's food bank. >> we have around here like 79 students just at this location. >>. >> reporter: one of many sunnyvale swarms spread across the valley, volunteering for an event called sparky's day of service. these students are from the
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a.s.u. participating for the first time. all of them brought together by the student led group change maker central. >> last time we were here, we packed almost a ton of food for people in the valley. i'm hoping we can beat that record this time, because we have a lot more volunteers this time. >> reporter: and most of those volunteers freshmen getting to know their classmates while helping out the community. >> we come in packs, so there's a lot of us, so there's really no reason why we shouldn't help. >> filling up these b those who need it most, and that need is great. st. mary's hands out 45,000 boxes every month. when the sun devils first started this morning, this is what all of the racks at st. mary's looked like, completely empty. but after just an hour, look at all of this progress, and by the end of the day they will have filled 3,000 boxes, a simple way for students to meet each other and give back. >> we are nursing student
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have that, that we want it help. >> and also showing the community that they want to care. >> i mean we are the best school ever. >> reporter: liz kotalik, fox 10 news. >> by the end of the week, more than 2000 will have volunteered. can you criticize that? >> i think that is one of the bright spots of a.s.u. you and them. >> i love that. thank you. >> i do like to give you a hard time. >> you do. >> in the health watch, mcdonald's has added n the happy meal, fitness trackers. you know, they got a lot of criticism for adding toys to encourage kids to eat food that's not so healthy. it probably tracks how many steps you take, a pedometer type thing. they track steps and blink accordingly to how quickly or slowly the person wearing the device is moving. so if it's blinking slowly, you need to speed up a little bit.
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trackers are part of a promotional campaign aimed at getting kids moving again, and you could get one because i don't think there's any age restrictions on the happy meal. >> really? >> yeah, you need to order one. >> i need to rethink my dinner plan. coming up, why scientists are dropping m&ms to a group of animals. >> and the numbers are in for the airlines. how are they doing when it comes to on-time arrivals? >> ba is back, car coach bruce arians rises from the ashes and makes an appearance at cards camp today, what the leader of the bird gang had to say after a very interesting last 24 hours. that's coming up, right after
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i think we have used this song -- >> oh, a lot. >> a lot at 5:30 over the years. this is interestin endangered black footed ferret. >> i have not been particularly worried about this, and it has not kept me at night, but tell me. >> they look like mini koala bears, john. they are going to get a little treat. the u.s. government is going to use drones to drop m&ms to drop into a wildlife refuge, with vaccines in them. a little sugar makes the medicine go down, a little
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it will hopefully help with a plague transmitted by flees in the area. it's estimated that only a few hundred black footed ferrets remain in the u.s. in tonight's business watch, cisco laying off about 5500 employees, 7% of its work force. many have already been early retirement plans. good news for airlines today, the transportation department says 70% of u.s. flights arrived on time in june, that's better than three not bad, and that's up from almost 75% in june of last year. however, those numbers could change in july, because remember we had that computer outage at delta that led to more than 2000 flight cancellations last month. finally on to wall street today, pretty slow day today again actually, nasdaq moving up just a point. and that's tonight's fox business watch.
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>> reporter: hold on, john. we are live here in san diego, a much better field at practice today, a lot of smiles before, during and after practice, as the cardinals hit the field with the chargers once again, and this time cardinals head coach bruce arians was on the field to start practice. coach hung around for about 15, 20 minutes. you know, it's amazing that he was actually at practice to begin with. think about it. this guy was in the hospital just this morning. i tell you, tough guy, that's for sure. no major issues in practice today. larry fitzgerald got the day off, so michael floyd took the lead role for the receivers. after the practice, guys admitted that it was nice to see coach on the field, and coach arians, he knows that he will have to make some major life changes to make sure that something like this this doesn't happen again.
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doctors anymore. it's nothing serious. i just had a bunch of stomach pain and doubled over, which is what that does to you. i thought it was a kidney stone at first. but i have been diagnosed with diverticuli in my last colonoscopy. good thing i always do those every two years. changed diet, that's it. drank a lot of food, changed diet a little bit. >> did you second guess what you ate yesterday or the last couple of days? >> no, i have been on a pretty strict diet anyway, so it was odd that it happened. >> much more in a matter of minutes, more from coach arians, get this, ba actually put a positive spin on what hapened last night. you have got to hear this, trust me, vintage bruce arians. we are live in san diego, richard saenz, fox 10 sports. >> he has had the best gig all
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his time tonight. paul mccartney turning back the clock, what the former beetle did. >> and scientists taking a close
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? across 9 colleges. which now include cutting-edge next-generation programs in engineering, computer science, and information technology. grand canyon university. the quality of private, christian education. the affordability of a state university.
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song. >> this guy has written so many big songs, and that's what we
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i vaguely remember it. >> honestly, you're in the going to throw out yesterday or -- >> was that on the album he did with michael jackson? >> say say say? >> there you go. >> the girl is mine? we could just go on forever. paul mccartney is going home. the beatle signed with his old label, capitol records, which of course had the beatles catalog for the first ten years of their exisnc albums with capitol back in the '70s but he is back in the fold now. sting's brain goes under a close examination. the singer met with a psychologist who said these images of the musician's brain to try to see how he analyzes and organizes his music. the exercises included playing several songs to sting and noting the brain activity that processes several connections
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the average listener. ? >> jan brady ends up making a nice profit. by the way, she was my favorite of the brady sisters. >> really? >> yes. >> the actress sold her home in malibu. she bought it back in 1969 when the brady bunch was on the air for $55,000. >> 11. >> her or family? >> maybe her agent. >> you struck me as more of a marsha fan. >>. >> no, i like jan. >> jan all the way. all right. i'm marc martinez. we hear from a british couple who flew all the way to phoenix for adele's concert tonight, but as you heard, they are probably bummed out at the postponement of her show, a lot of people
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caught flag. the news continues in two
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hello, everyone. specifically, everyone in phoenix and arizona. i can't do my show tonight, my second show here. i'm really, reall i have had a cold for a couple of days, and i have been pushing through it. i did my show last night. i'm so sorry. i have been pushing too hard. i know i let you all down, people flying in all from all over. i have so many shows left to do. i promise i will come back and smash it for you. i'm really, really sorry. have a wonderful evening without me. >> first tonight at 6:00, it is
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were hoping for, she had to postpone her concert in downtown phoenix. she's pretty emotional, sounds like she's not feeling great. just hours before she was set to take the stage for a second show tonight, sold out at the talking stick resort arena. last night's show was apparently so great, sold out. nicole garcia is live now with more. nicole, a lot of bummed out people tonight. >> reporter: yeah, stick resort arena kind of a ghost town tonight as fans continue to trickle in here. they were excited to see adele and they are leaving heartbroken. you can see this sign that says adele's concert has been postponed, stay tuned for updates. nearly 20,000 people had tickets for the second day of a two-day stop in phoenix. people at last night's concert said she looked and sounded amazing, but as you heard in the


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