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tv   FOX 10 News 5pm  FOX  August 18, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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>> at approximately 11:00 this morning, chandler police received a phone call. police observed an elderly man that was sitting inside of a vehicle that was unresponsive. >> according to police when they arrived on scene, they noticed the victim had suspected stab wounds to the chest. >> the male was transported to a local hospital earlier this morning where unfortunately he passed away. >> members of the nearby l.a. fitness says this kind of discovery is alarming. >> dumbfounded. i n' like that. again, i'm not terribly surprised because it seems to happen. it's sad. >> adding nothing has ever stood out as out of the ordinary. >> i never felt intimidated at all about coming down here and never noticed any trouble. >> as the investigation continues, police are asking the public to stay vigilant and report anything suspicious. >> it's a busy parking lot. obviously there is going to be some concern from the public at
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public's help. >> in doing that, the investigators say they are actually looking into all of the evidence right now and making sure that there are cameras in this parking lot because obviously then they can see exactly what's on that footage and if that leads them to anything that could help them with this investigation. if you know anything about what happened earlier, you asked to call the police or silent witness. reporting live, mars mar, "fox 10 news." just in, tempe police telling us a two-year-old twin boy pulled from a hot tub on sunday has died. but his sister is improving. both were found in the back yard hot tub at a home near priest and warner. it did not have a barrier around it. firefighters say the mother lost track of the twins for just a few minutes and that was long enough. >> another death investigation underway. this one in the northwest valley where a body was found in a car
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with the details tonight. >> this is a pretty scary scene especially for the elderly people who live in this community it was a neighbor here who called deputies after noticing a dead body and a dog inside of that red car you see right there. now the dog is okay but as you can see homicide investigators here on scene and have been here all afternoon trying to figure out how a man ended up dead in this car. >> our real estate lady said this is nothing ever happens around here. and then we see all of this commotion going on. oh, my gosh. >> people in they are timer community are shocked to see yellow crime scene tape and the s.w.a.t. team in their neighborhood. many came out of their homes looking for answers. >> i said, i live on the next complex over. you know, do we need to leave and they said just go in your house and you will be safe.
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incident. one neighbor who did not want to be identified tells us she would often see a man asleep in this red car during the last couple of months. >> yes, very frequently. it was a little weird on hot nights to be sleeping where there is no air conditioning, you know. it was a little spooky feeling because this is a rather homogenized neighborhood, you know. >> investigators say a man at this house confronted responding deputies and became aggressive before going back into the home. the s.w.a.t. team was called out. the man eventually surrendered and was arrested on an outstanding warrant. homicide investigators are looking into how the victim may have been killed but they believe he did know the suspect who lives in the house. >> that was a suspicious house for sometime. >> what do you mean by suspicious? >> arguments, loud arguments.
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>> now investigators have identified 56-year-old david hague as the person of interest in this case he is in custody on a warrant for disorderly conduct. at this point investigators say he is refusing to speak to deputies about this case. meanwhile the victim's identity has not been released. reporting live in sun city west, nicole garcia, "fox 10 news." police in mesa, is that story today, a retired officer, retired from the force after a dui arrest earlier this yr. galledder's car was seen swerving. his blood alcohol level was 306. way, way above the legal limit. he was charged with extreme dui and super extreme dui. maricopa county sheriff's deputies bust a marijuana growing operation they served search warrants at three valley homes this morning. and we know this they found at least a few dozen plants. there is no word if anyone has
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this case. maricopa county superior court is helping people facing arrest for being behind on child support payments. they got a new plan. the court is holding a workshop tomorrow where people can pay one month of child support and in exchange the court will get rid of the arrest warrants they have the workshop will provide resume' and job interview assistance. >> we want them to come back into the system. we aren't going judge them why they weren they taken so long. we just want them to step up to the plate and take care of it, put it behind them and start paying. >> there are more than 1300 child support arrest warrants out of maricopa county. the workshop starts at 9:00 a.m. it's at the south court towers jury assembly room near first avenue and madison in downtown phoenix. today marks one month that ten-year-old buckeye boy went missing. such a sad story.
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signs of the little boy. police have released some body camera footage from another time that he ran away. and danielle miller who has been covering this since the beginning is live in the neighborhood with more. i'm not sure what that body camera video says but it sure interesting to see this had happened once before. >> absolutely. and as you mentioned one month has gone by and no sign of ten-year-old jesse wilson. here we are in this buckeye neighborhood where he disappered from o police telling us he somehow got out of his bedroom window that night. and has not been seen since of since this incident there have been several searches but unfortunately nothing has turned up. wednesday buckeye police actually just releasing some body cam video of an incident that happened here right in front of the family's home. happened on april 25. jesse was found outside alone in the dark. he didn't say much other than the fact he was hungry. we spoke to the neighbor who
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during those early morning hours. he was the one who called police and knowing that jesse has been missing a month now gives him nightmares. >> i got him to come up to me and asked him what was wrong and if he was lost and what was going on and he told me he was lost, cold and hungry. and kinda startled because i just woke up -- >> what time was it? >> probably 2:30, 3:00 in the morning. i wake up -- i come outside and look just to see every time i he >> now the body camera video shows jesse's mom crystal wilson talking with police. she was seen saying -- describing how he possibly got out of the bedroom window and heard telling police she was going to look into getting a lock on that bedroom window. not sure if that happened at this time. but we did reach out to buckeye police today for updates.
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they are asking for anybody's help. anybody who knows something about this case to give them a call. reporting live, danielle miller, "fox 10 news." two people have died from the west nile virus in maricopa county. both were over 50 years old. the group that's most at risk for serious complications. the maricopa county health department confirms 26 cases of west nile virus reported in the county this season. only 20% of those infected will develop any last year there were 62 west nile virus cases in maricopa county. and two deaths. so many people upset about the cancellation of the big concert last night and it didn't take long for singer adele to reschedule the concert she had to postpone. she said she will be back in phoenix monday november 21 to perform for all of those people who didn't get a chance to see her last night. adele postponed the show at talking stick resort arena last
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and her voice wasn't working well. she promised the 20,000 fans she would reschedule the performance and made good on that. ticket for the previously scheduled show will be honored on the new date, the 21st of november. a great thanksgiving gift. >> and maybe even better they aren't getting it right after the performance the night before. >> still ahead tonight at 5:00, a fight leads to a deadly shooting at a bar in tempe. >> five firefighters sent to the hospitalft situation at a -- haz-mat situation. >> police in brazil taking a closer look at surveillance video after three u.s. swimmers say they were robbed at gunpoint. well, we do have some rain around the state. we had some rain around the valley earlier in the day today. any chance of that returning?
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olympic gold medalist ryan lochte and three fellow swimmers are in hot water tonight for making up a story about being janeiro. new video of a confrontation between them and security guards at a gas station has just been released. and this has been one of the wildest stories to come out of the olympic games.
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now been indicted on charges for filing a false police report. so this is getting extremely messy. >> they had no idea probably when they started to tell the story that it would turn into this. the new details surfacing hours after two of the swimmers were pulled off of a plane that was bound for the u.s. before it could take off. our steve krafft joins us live with the details. really put brazil in a bad position here of embarrassing themes in it did. at least at the beginning. now trouble and it appears. ryan lochte is back in the u.s., but his three teammates are still in brazil and today brazilian police dispute the their claims of an armed robbery saying the group vandalized a gas station bathroom. >> the activity of four u.s. swimmers sunday has become a major olympic headline. six time gold medal winner ryan lochte first told nbc news that he and three teammates were
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>> the guy pulled out his gun, he cobbed it and -- cocked it and put it to my forehead. >> then the details change it was not held at his head but pointed in his direction. their taxi was not pulled over by gunmen but now locky says they were robbed. police say there was not a robbery but a dispute between four drunk americans who trashed a gas station bathroom then tried to leave without paying for the gas station surveillance video shows the four athletes enter the bathroom, gas station employees come to the door, then the athletes exit the bathroom get in a taxi and try to leave. and instead they are ordered possibly at gun point to sit on the curb. >> it's not -- >> at this exact moment what the police can confirm is there was no robbery in the way that it was reported by the athletes. they were not the victim of the
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describe. the police can -- already can confirm this. >> ryan lochte has made it back to the u.s. but his fellow teammates are still in brazil. their passports seized by authorities. the swimmers could be in more trouble back home. the code of conduct that usa swimming prohibits dishonesty or fraud. it's not clear if the organization will take any action. steve krafft, "fox 10 news." we did have s in the morning. some nice clouds keeping the temperatures down through the day today. a little bit of storm activity out there right now. is it coming into the valley?
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wewelclcomome.e. i it't'! ththe e exextrtra a crcrisis. mymy e extxtrara c crir, twtwenentyty d dolollalar p fefeededs s a a fafamimilyl. itit's's c cruruncnchyhy!! anand d ohoh s so o tat. kfkfc.c. itit's's e extxtrara c crir. high pollution advisory in effect for the greater -- well, the greatest, the greater phoenix metro area and the reason is the area's ozone levels. surprisingly a new lower federal health standard for air quality has kinda made this -- we trip the wire now more often. >> are you feeling it? my eyes always sting. >> i agree. i was feeling that.
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especially children and the elderly. >> well hi, folks. it's 102 degrees and the winds out of the northwest at five and not enough to move any of this haze out of here. you can see a little bit of action until the background -- in the background as well. 102 degrees right now. we have 100 degrees at cave creek. up in surprise 102. 99 degrees right gateway. and yeah, we do have a little bit of moisture on. we have some come through earlier in the morning and see that stuff making its trip through. kinda working there and you see it there a little south of us and then some of it coming into certain areas of the valley. not everybody getting hit by this thing. those are good storms up to the north of us here. we run up and we take a look and you can see them covering a large area and then take a look at some of these amounts.
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.7 of an inch. then we get into the inch and a half range once again. so a lot of moisture once again we get another look at it here and there is a half an inch and a little more than an inch. there is an inch and a half right here and inch and a half right up in here and an inch and .9 as well in that area. in the eastern mountains it's moisture coming that is not all there right yet. we do have a couple of flash flood warnings out. these a rain through the day today and you can see they are until after 5:00 this evening. and then as john was talking about, there is our air quality warning for the ozone level that's in place. look at the dew points. we had them last night at this time in the mid-40s. got them up to 50 now. there is a lot of moisture around the state here at this time and we put the future cast into motion for you and you can see there is going to be some active weather through the day tomorrow getting fairly close
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valley as well. so once again getting somewhat active on us. we take a look at the high on the day at 103 degrees. that's a little bit nicer than we had yesterday at 109. going to the game? in san diego tomorrow 6:00 the cardinals go up against the chargers. 74 degrees at game time a little earlier if you will tailgate 76 degrees over there. beautiful weather for you. 108 at lake havasu. 88 degrees in sedona. tucson on the day today. and look at the feed once again this much moisture coming up into texas and into louisiana. and feeding all the way over into the east there is a lot of moisture there and a lot of rain overnight. 82 degrees here overnight. 100-degrees for tomorrow. 90s, yeah, we do have some 90s in the forecast. and take a look here. that's got to be a couple of days we will see them on sunday and then back next week.
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kari meting out the punishment for ryan lochte. >> i figured it out. start with the truth and then an apology will help. >> the truth goes a long way. >> get your friends out of trouble. >> still ahead, the valley company honoring the late cardinals player pat tillman. >> asu students head back to class and this year it's a record breaker on campus. >> and there is another record breaker to tell you about. this one taking flight for
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a valley company -- keeping alive the memory of late cardinals player pat tillman. these new late cardinals player pat these new t-shirts from state 48, they when on sale this week to honor the fallen hero. part of the proceeds of each shirt will benefit the pat tillman foundation. they do a lot of great work. you can find them on state 48s website. tillman left dollar contract in the nfl to join the u.s. army, the rangers and was killed by friendly fire in 2004 in afghanistan. thousands of asu students headed back to class flocking the four sun devil campuses, four of them now, for their first day back at school. liz kotalik has the story. >> about 11,000 of asu's newest batch of sun devils traveling from near -- >> i'm from arizona. >> and far. >> i'm a freshman from alaska. >> getting themselves ready for
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>> sometimes they want syllabuses and they quiz you on it and stuff and i haven't looked on the website yet. the thing to leave my classes at 3:00. >> little nervous but pretty good. >> they will join 70,000 other students who have done this all before. hitting the book shz studying hard and getting ready for a successful year. >> reading my text books and going through the syllabus. >> with this huge influx in tempe's population, the city's police department will be out in full force making sure pedestrians and mode motorists follow the rules and keeping any partying at bay. our troy hayden spoke with sergeant josie montenegro earlier this week. >> we want to make sure that people are hosting the parties and having people over that they are aware that dependng on the circumstances even on a first time offense they coud be cited. >> she says she wants students to have fun but their success in school is top priority and for many today is where it all begins. liz kotalik, "fox 10 news." and liz's younger sister is
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>> and liz graduated from there. the 11,500 freshmen students make up the class of 2020, the largest incoming freshman class in asu history. >> it's a bird, it's a plane, it's the flying bum. the plimp helium filled air ship is the world's largest aircraft. it's weird looking for sure. but it is really ready for a historic jaunt over an airfield in central england. this thing clocked -- do you call it's like a blimp. >> why a bum? a flying bum? that doesn't give me a lot of hope for success. >> the plane clocks in at 300 feet long that would measure in at 300 feet long. 50 feet longer than the biggest passenger jet. because of the curve behind the part of the airplane many call it the flying bum. rear end. >> that kind of bum. >> that bum which they know well
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used for carrying cargo or military or commercial service. biologists make a big discovery in the deep sea. the creature known as -- >> it looks like barney. >> it does. looks like a stubby squid or barno. spends its life on the sea floor with its eyes poking out looking for shrimp and small fish. scientists found the creature off the coast of california. they thought it was a type of octopus. >> purple dinosaur. >> he named a new campaign manager, the advice she has for donald trump. >> and later on the new attraction involving "star wars"
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a fight - and shooting between rival biker gangs leaves one person dead and
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fight and shooting leaves one person dead and another in the hospital. the shooting happened overnight in a bar near millen and base line. kristy siefkin joins us live with the latest. >> this happened a few minutes ago. investigators say that three men were involved in a fight. one of them was killed. a second man is in the hospital and a third man was caught by police while fleeing the scene. gunfire breaking out last night at the final round spos and grill in tempe. police tell us that around 11:00 a brawl started outside in the bar's parking lot near baseline and mill. shots were fired soon after. >> i see two gentlemen arguing and the guy who had the gun shot the other gentleman he was arguing about five times. one man was shot and killed at the scene. another shot multiple times and rushed to the hospital in serious condition. brandan casey owns wood shed one, a sports bar and grill


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