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tv   FOX 10 News 9pm  FOX  August 18, 2016 9:00pm-10:00pm MST

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now at 9:00, a man found mrdered outside of a health club in the east valley. tonight, we'll tell you who that man is. one month since jesse wilson disappeared from his home in buckeye. tonight we speak with a neighbor who helped jesse earlier this year to find disappearance continues to haunt this community. >> i'm having panic attacks in the middle of the night because of this kid. more devastation in the middle east, how this picture of a five-year-old boy is shedding light on the crisis in syria. >> a different side of donald trump, what the presidential candidate said tonight that caught many people off guard. and later, ivanka trump the
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owners. why a jewelry company is taking a lot of heat for the letter they sent her. good evening, everyone. thanks for joining us tonight. first on fox, it's been exactly one month since ten-year-old jesse wilson went missing from his home in buckeye, and still no sign of the boy. >> yesterday at this time guy police releasing body camera footage from a few months back when an officer was called out to wilson tonight we are hearing from the neighbor who can be seen in that footage. the little boy had disappeared. danielle miller joins us with the story. it's interesting footage. >> absolutely, john and kari. he says this was the first time he'd ever seen jesse and has never seen him since that night. with days going on since he's been missing, he's fearing for the worst. >> come on buddy, you can stay
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>> buckeye police releasing this video from an incident that happened april 5th. what did you just saw was 10-year-old jesse wilson sitting in his neighbor's garage after he found the boy outside dressed in his school uniform with no shoes in the early morning hours, police later making contact with his mother. >> do you have a child named jesse wilson? >> yes, i do. > he is outside front out here. >> window. let me tell you, when i put him to bed, i told him he's not allowed to open the window. let me open it. i go in there right now, and it's wide-open. do you know those little locks? i'll put one on there. >> if you could see his face when he was walking away, you could see he did not want to go with the lady. he did not want to go.
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>> i brought him inside, gave him food and a blanket. he said he was cold and hungry. he was petrified, really scared. >> reporter: moore tells us as the days go on and there's no sign of jesse, feelings of guilt arise. he often wonders if there were feelings of more he could done. >> to me it's torture. he's in my nightmare. i'm having panic attacks in the middle of the night because of this kid. >> reporter: moore says it was actually his d woke up that night, when jesse was there. we did contact buckeye police today and they did tell us unfortunately there are no new updates in this case. reporting live, danielle miller, fox 10 news. >> thanks, danielle. tonight police are still looking for a person who shot a woman at a apartment complex near cave creek road and thunderbird this afternoon. the woman was seriously wounded
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are trying to find him. >> we have new details of a murder of a man at an l.a. fitness in chandler. police identifying the victim as an 84-year-old. he was found this morning stabbed to death at a car in the parking lot of a gym near dobson and warner. police say they have very little to go on in this case so if you know anything about this you are asked to call the chandler police department or you can dial silent witness. of course that number is 480-witness. people arrested in an illegal marijuana growing operation in the northwest valley. >> and tonight, we are getting a look inside those homes where detectives say a lot of pot was being grown and produced. marcy jones joining us live from peoria with the story tonight. marcy? >> reporter: that's right, guys. not one but three simultaneous warrants in the northwest valley early this morning. this all went down. now we are told that just down the street, one of those arrests
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of marijuana was recovered. >> came out, and we were like, oh, and they were sitting outside, him and his sons. >> sharon bradley woke up to quite the scene outside of her home this morning when she says she saw her neighbor getting arrested. >> they were all in sheriffs but there were like nine or ten cars all the way up and down the street. >> the scene was part of the mcso investigation that led to the discovery of an illegal marijuana grow operation. the sheriff's office residents involved, two in surprise and sharon's neighbor in peoria. she says to her, this isn't a total shock. >> what did you think when you first saw all of those cars. >> we figured, we didn't know why but there has been a lot of issues with trouble next door, so we figured it was them. >> reporter: mcso says this was part of an elaborate scheme in which the suspects deceived the
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cards on fraudulent addresses. >> we saw him in handcuffs. she said he did medical marijuana and it was legal, but obviously... >> reporter: those arrested are facing several drug charges each. and this investigation is really just getting started, guys. reporting live, marcy jones, fox 10 news. one of the twins pulled from a backyard hot tub over the weekend in tempe died today. the boy was his twin sister is improving, but she has a long road to recovery. the twins were found in the hot tub at a home near priest and warner on sunday. that hot tub did not have fence around it. firefighters say the mother lost track of the twins for just a few minutes. six phoenix firefighters hurt while fighting a fire this morning. take a look at this. you see them working at the scene. they have been released from the hospital. the fire happened at a pool
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the firefighters were able to put the flames out rather quickly but five of them bereaved breathed in too much smoke and chlorine. another firefighter suffered a knee injury. the hazmat team had to be called out to check out the air quality. >> kind of a respiratory type of distress. i wasn't treating the patients but i think it's just is normal type of difficulty breathing and just discomfort in the chest and having a heart -- kind of like an asthma attack type of feel, lungs were burning type of a sensation. >> the cause of the fire under all six firefighters who were hurt are expected to be okay. update on the west nile virus, two people have died from west nile in maricopa county. both people were over 50 years of age. that's the age group that's most at risk for serious complications with the virus. the maricopa county health department confirming now that 26 cases of west nile have been reported in the county this season. only 20 percent of those infected will develop any
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and two deaths. new research showing that the zika virus could affect the brain of adults and cause dementia later in life. we have heard a lot about how this affects the fetus and the development of the brain in the fetus but now we are out that it might affect adults as well. the virus is known for causing major birth defects. but studies are showing that it could also dang cel dm adult brains that could lead to memory loss and dementia, symptoms of alzheimer's down the road. >> we have already known that it can affect fetuses and they can get microcephaly, a small brain, but the idea that it affects an adult brain is brand-new. >> doctors and researchers say that these are early findings and more studies need to be done on the long term effects of the
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between the virus and those who have dementia already. they are popular among cffee drinkers, how these k cups could soon become the go to drink for anyone fighting a cold. do you bring your kid lunch if they forget it? one school says if you do, you're being a bad parent. we'll explain in the buzz. but up next, caught red faced in rio, what's up next for a group of u.s. swimmers accused of lying about being robbed at
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[ricky]quality top tier gas can help engine performance. hmm,wonder what that's like... [reporter]ricky,how does it feel to be a champion? [ricky]i can't take all the credit. this guy's performance on the road inspires me. he's the real mvp! we did it,man!ha-hah! [ricky whispers]you inspire me. you're watching fox 10 news with john hook and kari lake in hd. well, this has become an international story, and really an international embarrassment. american olympic swimmers gunnar
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now finally on their way back to the united states after being pulled off of a u.s.-bound airliner last night before they could leave brazil to be questioned by police. the two had tried to board that plane back to the u.s. they were removed from the flight by federal police in brazil, their passports then seized. both of the olympic swimmers interrogated for hours. >> can you imagine on the airplane, they are probably sitting thinking, okay, we are good to go, and all of a sudden police walk on and they knew. >> they were two of the four olympic swimmers that say they were robbed at gunpoint. that was the story they told, at gas station in rio. >> the story is unravelling. the authorities say that that is not what happened at all. >> reporter: rio's police chief says the u.s. swimmers were never robbed and that they owe the city an apology.
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swimmers between saturday and sunday has become the cause for trouble at the olympics and a cause for dispute between brazil and the united states. >> a guy pulled out his gun, he cocked it, put it to my forehead, he said get down, and i was like, i had to put my hands up, i was like, whatever. he took our money. he took my wallet. >> reporter: and then the details changed. the gun was not held to head but pointed in his direction, he said. their taxi was not pulled over by gunman but instead lochte now said they were robbed while stopped at a gas station. brazil police tell a different story entirely. they say there was not a robbery but a dispute between four drunk americans who trashed a gas station bathroom and tried to leave without paying for the damages. gas station surveillance video shows the four athletes enter the bathroom. gas station employees come to the door and the athletes exit
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try to leave. instead they are ordered, possibly at gunpoint, to sit on the curb. >> at this exact moment, what the police can confirm is there was no robbery in the way that it was reported by the athletes. they were not the victim of the criminal facts that they described. the police can already confirm this. >> reporter: ryan lochte left brazil before a judge here ordered his passport two of the swimmers in the taxi, gunnar bentz and jack conger were seated on board a united airlines flight to houston wednesday night. they were interrogated for hours and seized their passports. police chief says there's no reason to hold them in brazil any longer now that they have given their testimony but wouldn't rule out any criminal charges in the future. in rio de janeiro, fox news. keep in mind, this whole
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rio are trying to put the best face on these games. they have had some other athletes from other countries actually robbed and had things stolen from them, so they are trying to put the best face on it, and that's why they have been fighting back very hard against these allegations brought by these four u.s. swimmers. hello, everyone. specifically everyone in phoenix and arizona. i can't do my show tonight, my second show here. i'm really, really sorry. >> man, so many people when they their stomach, no, don't cancel. it really was a tough break for adele fans, set to perform two concerts in the valley this week. she performed tuesday but had to postpone tuesday night's concert because she was sick. she came down with a bad cold. it happen -- it didn't take long
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date. ticket for the previously scheduled show will be honored at the new date. we are learn it 24 hours away from preseason game number two as the cardinals face the chargers tomorrow night in san diego. for quarterback, it's a chance to prove that he can perform. we do have a little rain around earlier in we had some sneak into the valley here. and we'll take a look at the game time temperature as we are getting ready for san diego. if you are heading over there,
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firefighters are gaining
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fire burning in southern california. the fire is now 22% contained and has burned nearly 36,000 acres. it's being fueled by high winds, extremely dry conditions, and a lot of heat. dozens of buildings have been destroyed. more than 83,000 people have been evacuated. it's not clear exactly what set off this fire. homeland security chief jeh johnson visited southern louisiana after called the worst disaster since hurricane sandy. extreme flooding has left 13 people dead and more than 30,000 others had to be rescued from floods waters. 40,000 homes have been damaged, 85,000 people have registered now for federal disaster assistance. johnson says the federal government will be there as long as it takes to help the community recover. your exclusive accuweather forecast with dave munsey on fox 10 news. well, hi, folks.
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the north at about nine miles an hour right now. 93 in scottsdale, 97 in glendale. we have 93 degrees in ahwatukee right now. moisture, we have got a little bit that came in this morning. it's been kind of hanging out in the north ever since we have had some on the western side here as well. but as you can see here, just a little north of the city, kind of parading around, and then we see the stuff that we were talking about west of the city, actually some new development here. that stuff is hanging togetr pretty good as you get up here into the western and northwestern corner of the state. look at this stuff by lake havasu. look at that. that's some pretty good stuff right there, hanging together by parker as it rolls in. in fact, take a look here near parker, 4.7 inches right there, here's an inch and an eighth, here's 2.5 inches, and we pick up just about an inch by bullhead city. there's williams, there's flagstaff, some very active
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them over an inch, an inch and a half, here's about an inch and a half, here's less than an inch, an inch and a quarter, pretty good moisture out of what we are seeing here. you get up into the grand canyon, you get over into the eastern mountains. we are seeing some storms redeveloping in some of those areas, and the air quality warning is still out for us, and we still have some flash flood problems up in the northwestern portion of the state. these are the dew points and you can see they are up there pretty good, up into the 50s. we were down into the 40s just yesterday, so more and more moisture coming in. the humidity levels are up a little bit. this, of course, is the futurecast as we get a look at what's going to be happening over the next couple of days here, a little bit drier, but as we start heading into the weekend, you saw a couple of flashes of moisture showing up there, and that will continue to happen as we get into saturday and sunday with a little bit more moisture.
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today. we had a 104 in glendale, in chandler, we had 102. take a look at it, this is what is happening tomorrow, 6:00 p.m. is kickoff, friday, as the cardinals and san diego chargers go at it in san diego. yeah, with 74 degrees at game time, if you're going to do some tailgating just a few degrees warmer, 76 degrees, nice, nice day. other high temperatures, 86 degrees in payson, 88 in sedona. we had 73 107 down at yuma. this is your day, 103 on the high, 82 on the low, 104 and 83 normal high and low. 112 record high for the day, 62 your record low for the day. forecasting for tomorrow at 100 degrees. you see some of those other numbers a little larger than that. hey, you were talking about louisiana and all of the flooding down there. more moisture today, not in some of the hot spots but spread through the state, also down in
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getting a lot of rain, more rain on the day today as well, and as you can see here in new orleans, 77 hundredths of an inch, in orlando where they had two inches yesterday 63 hundredths of an inch, and then up in chicago 74 hundredths of an inch as some of the moisture cuts loose and goes north. 82 overnight here, 102 degrees for tomorrow. are there some nineties out there? yeah, we are going to see some going into the weekend and a couple next watch your kids around water. coming up in the next half hour on fox 10 news, a gruesome discovery in sun city west. >> our real estate lady said, oh, this is very quiet, nothing ever happens around here. >> a man found dead inside of a car, and that's not all. plus, the backlash one company is facing because of what they did after a ivanka trump purchased jewelry online. that story and your reaction to
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it was an alarming live from fox studios, fox 10 news is back. it was an alarming scene for many people in sun city west, crime scene tape, police cars, swat vehicles, really taking over a quiet retirement community. >> this after a man was found dead inside a car in that neighborhood and the person of interest in the case barricaded himself inside a home. >> tonight, investigators trying to figure out what exactly happened in this case, and
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yet said it was a homicide. the victim's name and cause of death has not been released yet. >> our real estate lady said, oh, this is very quiet, you know, nothing ever happens around here. and then we see all of this commotion going on. it's like, oh, my gosh -- >> well, deputies were on the scene today. another man came out of the house and confronted them. he became aggressive before barricading himself in that home. a lot of strange stuff happening in this neighborhood today. a swat team called in, that man eventually surrendered. david hague arrested on an outstanding warrant, questioned for any role he may have in the death. he is refusing to cooperate. we begin with former nfl player darin sharper, sentenced to 18 years in prison for
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including in arizona. a federal judge told darren sharper the damage he inflicted cannot be ignored. he apologied in court and said his parents had not raised him to take such actions. closer to him, you remember when joseph yahner's house was mistakenly raided this time last year. the man arrested in that case pled gui tampering, sentenced to two years. and finally, a phoenix teenager tried as an adult for a drunk driving crash that injured a young child and two other people, sentenced to eight months in jail, five years probation. miguel maldonado was just 14 years old at the time of the crash. police say he took his aunt's car without permission and ran a red light. an interesting program
9:33 pm
county. what do you think of this? more than 1,300 child support arrests in maricopa county, but now the county superior court is helping some people get right with the law. the court is holding a workshop tomorrow where people can pay one month of what they owe in child support and in exchange the court will get rid of their arrest warrants. the workshop will also provide resum? and job interview assistance. >> we want them to come back into the system. we are not going to judge them on whyhe before, why they have taken so long, we just want them to step up to the plate, take care of i, put it behind them and start paying. >> and hopefully with the resu?e and the job placement assistance, they can get some jobs out there. the workshop begins at 9:00 a.m. in the south court towers jury assembly room near first avenue and madison in downtown phoenix. we are getting a look inside some of the immigration holding
9:34 pm
the surveillance photos filed in a lawsuit against the border patrol by two civil rights law groups. the groups say the photos prove immigrants caught crossing into arizona were being held in crowded, cold, filthy conditions. in the photos, people can be scene huddled together, sleeping on cement floors and benches among the trash. the groups are calling for better conditions. the border patrol declined comment, but the photos, at least in the that they take the welfare of their detainees seriously. on tonight's fox flash point, the disaster in syria now has a new face. syria, of course right here in the middle east, civil war has lasted for five years now, and most recent figures say close to half a million people have been killed or are homeless. and now this video is putting a face to the tragedy in syria. look at this.
9:35 pm
old at the most, dazed, his face covered with dirt and blood. he's in an ambulance after being rescue from the rubble of his family home in aleppo. russian and syrian government forces have been bombing aleppo for weeks now, pinning down u.s.-backed rebel forceses there. flash point ukraine, right here, borders with russia, lost the annexation two years ago and has been fighting a russian backed separatist movement in the east, and now 40,000 russian troops have amassed on the border. pentagon identified eight staging areas along the border,
9:36 pm
putin's army is ready to invade. donald trump saying for the first time that he regrets some of the controversial comments that he has made in this campaign. >> sometimes in the heat of debate and speaking on a multitude of issues, you don't choose the right words, or you say the wrong thing. i have done that. [laughter] [cheers and applause] and believe it or not, i regret it. >> that's a little different approach that trump is using, a little bit of contrition over some of the things he's said. hillary clinton's campaign fired back saying that trump's statement was -- about regret was really just him reading off a teleprompter. they gave it no credence, in the
9:37 pm
clinton announced some changes to the clinton foundation if hillary clinton was elected president. the corporation would no longer accept foreign contributions. all contributions would come from u.s. citizens and independent charities if he's elected. today, ivanka trump in the news, she can't escape the limelight. she was shopping online, ordered some jewelry, recently purchased a earring from a company called lady gray. along with the piece ordered, they also sent a note, the jewelry designer themselves saying what they were making off of her sale they were going to donate to the hillary clinton campaign, the american immigration council, and took a picture of that and posted it online before they sent it off to ivanka trump. but it wasn't ivanka trump who sounded off about the note. it was the jewelry makers themselves when they posted it, and their customers and fans gave them a backlash. i posted about this story on facebook and heard from a lot of
9:38 pm
let's check out some of the comments. i couldn't believe the comments. whether you like the trumps or you like the clintons, she's a customer, right? and to be kind of embarrassed like that and put through that, richard garza says unprofessional and unwarranted. they shouldn't mix business and politics. denise says it's america people. it's a piece of jewelry and took a stand. let it be. debbie says i hope that she returns and gets her money larry west says they are either idiots or thought it would be good for their business classless in any regard. i would love to hear from you. kari lake fox 10. let me know what you think of that company trying to embarrass ivanka trump about her father's position. what's been the split on that? what's been the -- >> you know what on their website and instagram page and on my page, most people, even their customers are saying, wait a minute, that's not cool.
9:39 pm
saying that they don't like? >> i saw one person who said they are voting for hillary but i don't think this is a cool thing. coming up after the break, do you all remember the do not call list? it seems to be not working so well anymore. and you may have personal experience with this. >> i'm noticing this john. it's terrible. >> how telemarketers have found a way around it. >> i have really been noticing this lately. such a bummer. and later in the buzz, what would you do with your wedding dress if your marriage divorce? one woman decided to sell it online. wait until you hear her
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aren't working anymore. it's estimated that people lose $350 million to telephone scams. many of these calls are only recorded messages. telemarketers can purchase a list of phone numbers, if they want, but they can also buy software to pick out millions of number combinations to reach even more people. this is the number one complaint that they have gotten, and ten years ago, that just wasn't the case. it was why we have seen such an increase is that the technology has changed so much. >> of these in the last week. >> i know you got one this afternoon. you said, you know what, i think this is another scam on my phone. >> i'm going to stop answering my cell phone. >> i thought maybe it was your husband jeff. and you were figuring out a way not to take calls from him anymore. >> in -- no i always take calls from him. the cold and flu medicine
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here's what this is all about. in the health watch tonight you can now fight off the flu or a nasty cold with the help of your keurig. there are versions for both daytime and nighttime relief. the nighttime relief at work -- >> i don't think you should put that in the keurig at night. it would be an interesting show, that's for sure. >> they are meant to taste like tea than medicine and cost t ten bucks a package. >> send the car, leave the driver. the popular car service uber will start using varney."
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for a home, you're still looking at historically low mortgage rates, the average for a 30-year fixed rate ticking down this week to 3.43%. and how far would you go to get that new job? according to a new survey, a lot of job seekers are pulling some over the top stunts to get noticed. some highlights, one candidate had a priest call the hiring manager to put in a good word. another candidate mailed a potential boss some money. that's business. and i'm stuart varney. the largest incoming freshman class in a.s.u. history hitting the campus today was the first day of school for the sun devils. and the class of 2020. ringing in, well, weighing in, i guess, you would say, at a whopping 11,500 students. that's just one class. with the huge influx in tempe's population, the city's police
9:46 pm
full force making sure pedestrians and drivers are following the rules and keeping partying at bay. coming up next in the buzz, a new school policy raising some eyebrows. why the school wasn't want parents bringing forgotten lunches or schoolbooks or homework to save their kids. this almost unheard of, what amber heard is doing with that huge divorce settlement that she is getting from johnny depp. the story coming up next in the
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it's time for the buzz... where we talk about the stories people are talking about. time for the buzz now. we talk about the stories people are talking about. >> and first up, is it tough love? too harsh? a new policy at an all boy's catholic school, too harsh? a policy at a school says stop dropping off lunch, homework, et cetera. please turn around and exit the school. your son will learn to problem solve in your absence. >> wow, dead on. >> a debate between how harsh is too harsh -- >> yeah, but parents are saving their kids all the time, helicoptering in, trying to do the game saving kick save in goal. it's too much.
9:50 pm
mistakes. >> this happened yesterday, leo forgot his lunch, and i said i'll bring it to you but part of me thought maybe he should go hungry, but i didn't do it. i was torn. i thought about the lesson that he would learn, but the mother in me said, oh, he'll be hungry and he should learn. >> this is the classic love and logic. >> yes, great book. amber a nasty divorce but amber ended up with a haul of cash, 7 million to be exact. she is giving it to charity. the money will be split between the children's hospital in l.a. and the american civil liberties union. the portion going to the a.c.l.u. will specifically go toward combatting domestic violence >> wow, well that kind of shuts up all of the critics saying that she was a gold digger, in this for the money and divorced him for the money. that really shuts the whole
9:51 pm
>> this is a dramatic move. we have rarely seen that where somebody gives divorce settlement money to charity, amazing. >> you saw the pictures. people thought maybe she had scratches and bruises and there were people criticizing her for faking it. speaking of divorce, a woman didn't want to keep her dress but didn't want to throw it out, so she sold it on ebay, saying proceeds would go to divorce from her cheating husband. she said she only wore it once but needs to dry clean it again to get rid of the stench of betrayal, that's what the ad says. wedding dresses are expensive, so i could see wanting to buy a used one, but is there a curse on the dress if it didn't work
9:52 pm
the photo, like joaquin "el chapo" guzman. isn't it amazing? this is the sanitized version. >> body language shows him ignoring her a little bit right there, don't you think? do you think the people at the wedding said this is never going to work? >> i have said it, this is never going to work. >> this isn't going to work. >> no doubt. yeah. in fact, you and i have been to >> we have been to a couple of them, but it's been work. it's been a work marriage. that's different. >> head to our facebook pages, john hook fox 10. >> and kari lake fox 10. >> like the page while you're there. >> this guy is in the witness protection program now, what happened to him? from one year starter to the nfl, mike
9:53 pm
the chargers roster, next.
9:55 pm
when the cardinals take on the chargers in preseason game number two tomorrow night, expect to see both teams starters to play the first
9:56 pm
for guys battling for roster spots, like mike bercovici. does he have the talent to make the roster? we check to san diego to check in with richard saenz. >> this really is a great opportunity for mike bercovici, what a dream come true. the former a.s.u. quarterback sa long shot to make the chargers roster, but this is berco we are talking about. i caught up with him earlier this the week and he sounded you have got the charger uniform on, how do you feel? >> it's pretty surreal. if you were to say when i was a little kid, what do you want to do when you grow up, this is exactly it. the chargers organization picked me up and i'm still here. like i said, it's all about surviving every single day. >> tell us about having an opportunity to compete and show what you can do. >> part of the reason i came
9:57 pm
quarterback like phillip rivers. a day in the life of being a chargers quarterback is surreal. there's a lot that goes on every day. of if you aren't 110% invested you won't make it a single day in the league. >> what's been the biggest challenge so far? >> the offensive line, the did line get after you first. for my situation, just making the it team. >> how about tonight? your college ball in arizona, practicing against the cardinals was charger. i mean come on. >> my first nfl game ever, i was in the stands watching a raiders chargers game. i was a cardinals fan while in arizona. i didn't get a lot of reps today, but too watch the future hall of famers on the field
9:58 pm
rs not getting a lot of reps? >> i'm familiar with the situation, so it's all about producing right when you get on the field. it was fourth quarter last week and i tried my best to move the chains and hope to prove i'm a valuable asset. >> if you have anything to say to the fans rooting for you, what would you tell them? >> i'm on twitter, instagram. i do my best to give back as mu a i was a fan back in the day. i appreciate all of the fans who have supported me through thick and thin. it's unbelievable to be in the situation that i'm in, and i try to gratify them every single day with my football play. >> we check in on tony jefferson, a cali kid, after all, so this is a home coming for him. what he had to say about that, at 10:00. in san diego, i'm richard saenz for fox 10 sports. >> i think richard is staying on that yacht behind him, just a short little jaunt to the live
9:59 pm
dbacks there at petco park. bradley in a little bit of trouble in the bottom of the third, segura boots the ball, a run score rs padres lead 3-2. then more padre offense, bethancourt up the middle, 5-2, two runs score and the padres are in score. the dbacks continue to struggle, on the road, at home, but they get some help here from jean segura, mistake earlier in the game, the two-run shot, but the padres come back and tack on a run, and they lead 6-5 in the sixth. more on the cardinals coming up at 10:00 and how a san diego native landed in the no-fly zone, but first it's kari lake with fox 10 news at 10:00. a massive pot growing operation that was happening in valley neighborhoods. what we know about the homes that maricopa county sheriff's deputies raided earlier today.
10:00 pm
ten-year-old jesse wilson went missing. but neighbors had found that boy wandering alone before. what they told fox 10. plus, new details about zika. it may not just be a danger to baby's brains. it could be a danger to yours as well. thanks for joining us tonight on fox 10 news at 10:00. ten-year-old jesse wilson went missing from his home in buckeye. last night we saw police body cam footage from when an officer was called to wilson's house before, and tonight we are hearing from a neighbor who is seen in that footage helping the little boy try to get home. danielle miller joins us live with the story. danielle? >> kari, this neighbor says the night of the april incident was the first time that he had ever seen jesse and says he never saw him again after that night. as the days go on with jesse still


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