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tv   FOX 10 News 5pm  FOX  August 19, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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even though it easily surpassed the more than 150,000 vote signatures needed to get on the ballot. they tried to convince the judge the petition's 100-word summary was misleading and fraudulent and voters didn't know what they were signing when they signed the petitions but the judge f flatly rejected that argument, ruling people knew what they were signing and it's up to voters to decide. supporters are happy with the decision. >> this is not a we knew going into this that this lawsuit was frivolous in every single regard, it was ultimately a waste of the court's time and taxpayer dollars. >> reporter: people who think prop 205 is a bad idea say they believe the judge made the wrong call, and they are not done fighting. arizonans for responsible drug policy says in a statement we maintain this ruling perpetuates
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opponents say if it gets on the ballot voters will give it a thumbs down. >> voters are going to see through it. they are going to see all of the many measures and parts of it that they were not told in the 100-word summary and we are confident they are going to reject it. >> but supporters of prop 205 are confident voters will make recreational marijuana legal. >> there's a lot that can happen between now and november, so certainly don't count your chickens before they hatch. i would ask you to ask me that question on november 9th, but things stand today i would be thrilled if the vote for, held tomorrow. >> maricopa county attorney bill montgomery is one of those opponents who wanted prop 205 off the ballot. so far, that has not happened. in addition to arizona, recreational marijuana is also on the ballot in maine, nevada, massachusetts, and california this november. reporting live, steve krafft, fox 10 news. >> thanks, steve. we have been getting a lot of comments about this on our facebook page. diane louis posted it's about
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the money will help out in so many different ways, and it's no different than beer or liquor. luis says, people this is for recreational use. you all keep referring to medicinal purposes which is already legal. do we really want people to be legally allowed it walk around stoned? times are definitely changing. kathy says a as it should be. we should all be allowed across the.s we should have the vote, not the dea or any law enforcement agency as to whether or not it should be removed from being a level one drug. go to our facebook page, we are getting quite an array of opinion there. this just in, a judge threw out a lawsuit against a ballot that would raise the minimum wage in arizona to $12 an hour.
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an appeal in this case. more people are getting sick at water parks and pools in maricopa county. the health department says more than a hundred people have gotten sick and more than 20 water facilities from a cryptosporidium outbreak. this is a pretty dangerous parasite that causes stomach illness and it can last for about a week. the health department says there is no reliable test for crip to -- a suspect shot and killed by police after he attacked an officer. police say early this morning an officer was investigating a suspicious vehicle in a parking lot. this is near 20th street and thomas. a man apparently came out of the bushes, punched an officer and broke his nose. the man and the officer struggled over the officer's gun. a detective ran over to help. at some point both the detective and officer fired at the suspect. he tried to run away but died at
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involved are on paid administrative leave, which is standard. police in chandler are trying to track down a man who killed an 84-year-old in an l.a. fitness parking lot, quite a horrible way to go. a reward is offered for tips leading to an arrest in this case. marcy jones is live with more on the investigation. this is so horrible. >> reporter: it really is to heart wrenching. i have a pit in my stomach right nowta it is just over 24 hours since this happened. a little bit earlier, we spoke to that i said who described the 84-year-old as the perfect neighbor, kind, sweet, caring. that's why they are so shocked to learn the way his life ended. so far we know chandler police were called to the l.a. fitness parking lot on dobson and warner at approximately 11:00 yesterday morning. when they arrived on scene, they found the 84-year-old in his car
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unfortunately, he succumbed to his injuries on the way to the hospital. according to police, he was a member of the gym and worked out regularly, adding that they believe the crime was committed in this parking lot. neighbors tell us he had just retired. he enjoyed taking walks around the neighborhood and lived a very happy life with his wife. their children visiting them often. one neighbor tells us he just can't believe that he is gone. >> he's like the perfect neighbor. they always just kept to themselves, out walking on a daily basis. it's inexplicable. i can't figure out why anybody would -- it has to be random, i would hope, but it is scary at the same time. >> reporter: silent witness is offering a $1,000 reward for any information that leads to an arrest. and of course, if you have any information you're asked to call them or police. reporting live, marcy jones, fox 10 news. thanks, marcy. a car crash sends a driver to
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plowing into a cvs pharmacy. this caused a huge mess for the morning commute, even closing down peoria avenue. we went to the scene to find out what happened. >> i don't understand how that car ended up like that. >> people wanting to use this cvs will have to go somewhere else now after a driver crashed into the store. >> unbelievable, unbelievable that it came off the street, bounced off t out that wall and was a single car accident. >> the video shows how bad the damage was to the store and to the car. >> you can't tell what kind of vehicle it is. >> the driver taken to the hospital, fighting to stay alive, the accident closed down peoria in both directions near 35th avenue this morning. >> it looked like it got hit by a bomb. >> police are still investigating why the driver veered off the road and didn't stop before hitting the store.
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impairment, speed or a medical issue may have been factors in that crash. hard to believe, but it's football season already. the cardinals in san diego for their second preseason game. >> fans say they are ready. richard saenz is ready. >> i'm ready. i wore red. >> well, kind of, orange. >> orangish red. >> more broncos maybe, but nice try. >> this is a reddish orange. you're right. >> no, you're all right. richard saenz in san diego with the team and the fans. >> all right, guys. it is game we are here in san diego, the parking lot of qualcomm stadium, cardinals taking on the chargers, and i have got to tell you that the cardinals are well represented here in san diego. we have got some of the bird gang. what do you have to say? they are pumped up. see, there's got to be one guy in every crowd, right, well, two guys in this case. i guess they are being nice to you because you have got the
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here? >> carne asada, some pollo, some sausage. i'm from san diego. what can i say? phoenix is beautiful but i'm still from san diego. >> so when the chargers move to l.a., you'll be a bird gang member? >> i might convert. we'll see. >> we have got that on tape guys. now, connie has a very interesting shirt here. it says my dad i but i still love him. i take it you're in the a cardinal fan? >> no. >> i won't even ask who your favorite team is. something tells me that you're a cardinal fan. you're in mid season form, you have got the sunglasses, the license plate, the hat. where did you come from? >> casa grande arizona. >> i thought you were going to say your mother's stomach. i'm glad you didn't say that. i have seen you at road games
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four away games a year, plus ten home gaming. >> how many this year? >> four or five, for sure. >> your prediction on the year? >> i would like to say a strong 13-3. i would think we should get that easily. >> and with those glasses and that face paint, we have got to take you seriously. >> absolutely. >> and you have got a sign here, guys, we have got a surprise for you. ready, one, two, three, happy birthday to you, happy birthday, to you, happy birthday kenny. we have got the numbers mixed up. it should be 64, but we'll go with 46. we're here in san diego having a good time. >> richard is a great sports singing, not so sure. >> really? >> he probably could not do backup singing for adele. i'm just going to put that out there. >> okay, case closed. next at 5:00, more cases of
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travel warning now for pregnant women to a popular vacation destination. >> ryan lochte, speaking out about olympic robbery claims but did his apology fall short? the temperature this san diego at game time is going to be about 74 degrees. not quite the same here. we'll take a look at our
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with john hook and kari lake in hd. three cases of the zika virus related to travel have been reported in cochise county. the three travelers had mild symptoms and they have recovered. health officials say they recently returned from a trip to puerto co subjected to zika related travel notices. so far this year neither the zika virus nor west nile virus have shown up in mosquitoes tested in cochise county. florida continues to fight the zika virus as health officials identified five new cases contracted in miami. experts believe they contracted these from mosquitoes in the mimi beach area. that's scary. this is the second area in
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mosquitoes here in the u.s. florida now has 36 cases of zika that are not related to travel outside of the u.s. these are local cases. the cdc is also warning pregnant women about traveling to south beach because of the threat from that virus. just a few days ago, these guys were heroes, practically, and my, how things have changed. one u.s. olympic swimmer offers an apology, two their way back home and a fourth has worked out a deal to finally return home to america. the swimmers of course all involved in a police investigation in brazil after ryan lochte, this one here, said that he and his teammates were robbed at gunpoint in brazil. it wasn't quite how it went down. lochte had claimed that he and his three teammates were victims of an armed robbery, a gun put to their head, but brazilian police say the swimmers were actually in the wrong.
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and party and that they were confronted by an armed security guard about the damage. swimmers jack conger returned to the u.s. after being pulled off a plane a day earlier, and feigen will avoid any criminal prosecution there. they apologized for the embarrassment and distraction caused by the u.s. >> the apology should go to the rio residents who saw the name of the city tainted by a fantasy version of facts. we know it was a fantasy. we know that the robbery did not happen. >> u.s. olympic officials, they have publicly expressed their disappointment over the matter. they be that they will examine it further, once they return home and the olympics are over. meantime, an apology from swimmer ryan lochte, kind of an
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apology, in a statement the olympic swimmer says, quote, "i want to apologize for my behavior last weekend for not being more careful and candid in how i described the event of that early morning." >> wait a minute. that -- wow. okay. >> was this lawyered up a little bit, do you think? >> that's kind of parsing the whole story. okay. >> give him a chance here. he goes on to say and for my role in taking away the focus from the many athletes in fulfilling their dreams in the olympics. that's true. the attention was off the people to deserved to have eyes on them. lochte apologized. >> if lochte kind of awarded down the story, these guys, they have no mercy. >> they had a heyday. >> the tabloids having a heyday, new york times headline, liar,
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american. that may be my favorite and i think the writer deserves a raise. daley news, the lochte mess monster. how about the bottom parts of this headline? rob tale exposed his boozy cover-up, rio cops seek indict for ryan -- >> wouldn't it be fun to work at those tabloid, just to write >> somebody is on this. these headline writers are masterful. you can say what you want about the publication, but they hit the nail on the head on this. here comes the weekend. there are some scattered showers out there tonight. we will see a few around the state as we get into the weekend as well. but right now we do have some pretty good storms to the south of us. we are going to look at them and whether they are putting us in any danger of a storm tonight.
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? i see the bad moon rising ? little c.c.r. for your friday afternoon.
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>> it is a great song. it gets you in a good mood. check out the full moon. this is why i haven't been sleeping well. i'm like a werewolf. >> a were what? >> wolf. you pronounce the l? >> i do. >> i have been schooled. i'm like a werewolf with bad grammar and bad pronunciation. >> i don't sleep full moon. >> probably a lot of people don't sleep well with a full moon. it's the fangs that bother me, kari, but other than that, nothing going on. 102 right now, winds out of the west at 17, storms south of us as well, 102 in glendale, 100 in ahwatukee and chandler, 100 in fountain hills. we do have some moisture, the stuff to the south of us what we are looking at.
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threatening, but take a look to the south of us, you can see the stuff starting to grow a little bit, and look at these numbers that we are seeing with it. that's some pretty good moisture that we are seeing down south of us here. we get you a look now from a different angle and you see even more of casa grande, there's the phoenix area there. once again, look at that, 1.7 inches, a little over an inch here, here, half an inch here. lots going to the south of us, and as you can see, not as much near the tuscon area, but you get a little north of that and you start seeing those amounts pick up a little bit and you can kind of see it right here, there's casa grande right there, so it might be something trying to sneak into tat area before too long here. and then we get up in the baghdad, congress, there's prescott right over there, and you can see they picked up anywhere from four tenths of an inch to one full inch. so there's some pretty good
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there's flagstaff getting a little moisture. over in the eastern mountains, some stuff rolling through there very rapidly on the day today. dew point temperatures in the 50s right here. but as you can see, in the 40s, even the 30s in some areas, but then look down south. they are almost in the 60s, and in fact, in the 60s in some areas. as we put the futurecast into motion for you, you can see there's a little bit of action happening as we get into the weekend here. and you're going to see some moisture aroun round the valley. 104 degrees for the high today. you can see some 104s and some 102s around the valley, 74 in flagstaff, 85 in prescott, 104 at yuma on the day. this is our day. 103 on the high, 79 on the low, 104 and 83 would be your normal high and low. 113 record high for the day, 63 your record low for the day. this is what we are forecasting for tomorrow.
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some triple digit around there as well. a few storms across the country today, minneapolis and dallas in particular getting hit with some good stormy weather. overnight, 80 degrees. it is the weekend, 99 for tomorrow. we are going to stay with that theme for at least another day, and then we get back into those triple digits again.
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hey phoenix, this is thunder dan jajerle, head coach at grand canyon university. coming to gcu was a great move for me. join antelope nation by enrolling as an evening student at our beautiful campus in the heart of phoenix. to take your career to the next level. engage with industry expert instructors in small classroom settings where you can get the support you need to excel. scholarships available. see you on campus! go lopes! find your purpose at grand canyon university. full visit you're watching the best, fox 10 news. well, halloween more than
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mansions and the corn maizes are aready kind of getting ready to start recruiting, monsters and chain saw psychos to get involved. >> is that the job description? we need monsters? >> let me tell you, if my kids could do it, they would do it in a second. they are not old enough. do you want to strut your scary enough? liz kotalik has what you need to know. >> reporter: it may not be halloween yet, but here at the 13th floor they are already starting to look for dozens of new em you really need to be someone who loves to, you know, scare people. ladies and gentlemen, welcome to my nightmare. baron crow here and all of his friends have done this whole haunted mansion thing before. only problem is right now they need more of this. 100 people willing to get paid to freak everyone out. >> we are looking for people that just want to have fun,
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that are maybe even shy and they pull that whole a little timid and then we'll teach them to pop and get scary. it really just takes someone with a lot of energy and willing to let loose and have a good time. >> if you are interested, auditions are here at 7:00 every monday at the 13th floor. that's my shoe. >> i hope she made it out okay in one piece. >> wow. a lot of danger along this roadway where a bridge collapsed into the water. plus help arizonans from crews here who are going to battle devastating
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? protecting your dreams goes beyond the house itself. for just the right insurance for you, find an agent at american family insurance. we begin 5:30 at fox 10 news with a news alert right now. just minutes ago, this is huge,
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contempt charge be filed against sheriff joe arpaio and his top aides. this is big trouble for the sheriff. this all stems from a racial profiling case that was filed back in 2009. the judge ordered arpaio to make changes within his department at that time, but arpaio ignored those orders and was then held in civil contempt. that was not as serious. this is criminal contempt. in today's ruling, judge murray snow asked the office to investigate arpaio and top aides to decide if arpaio's actions rise to a criminal level. and again, this ruling was handed down minutes ago. we are continuing to read through all of it. we'll bring you much more tonight on fox 10 news at 6:00 and coming up on fox 10 news at 9:00 and 10:00. a phoenix woman remains in critical tonight after she was shot yesterday at an apartment complex. the shooter still on the loose but police know who he is. nicole garcia is live from the


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