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tv   FOX 10 News 10pm  FOX  August 20, 2016 1:00am-1:30am MST

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joe arpaio contempt of court case, referring the case to criminal prosecutors. what's next and how the sheriff's attorneys are responding. and a woman says she was the victim of road rage in north phoenix, allegedly being shot at after she followed a car to get a license plate number. we'll bring you her story. plus, later in the show, controversy brewing over a billboard for a state senate candidate. why firefighters don't like this billboard. thank you for joining us for fox 10 news at 10:00. we begin with the latest on sheriff joe arpaio and the contempt of court case. the judge handling that case recommending that sheriff arpaio and several top aides be ivestigated for possible criminal charges. fox 10's nicole garcia has been digging into today's decision, and he has much more tonight,
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sheriff's attorney in this case? >> reporter: that's right, kari. remember that sheriff arpaio has already been found to be in civil contempt of court, so now that same judge wants the sheriff to be held on criminal contempt charges. this the 32-page ruling that came down today, a pretty thick document. it outlines the evidence against the sheriff and several of his top aides. we did speak with sheriff arpaio's attorney who says the sheriff is proclaiming his innocence and they are ready to go to trial to prove it. in his ruling, judge murray snow says sheriff arpaio and several of his top aides intentionally ignored a court order to stop racial profiling. they intentionally hid evidence in this case, including more than a thousand confiscated i.d.s, and they tried to cover up their crimes by lying on the stand. arpaio's attorney says the embattled sheriff is disappointed with the judge's recommendation that he should face criminal contempt charges. and vows that the sheriff is
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his innocence. >> we would welcome if it ever gets to that a jury of sheriff arpaio's peers to let them look and see what he has done. absolutely not going to back down. somebody earlier today said, well, would there ever be a plea bargain? absolutely not. you don't plead to something that you haven't done. >> mcdonald went on to say that this will not affect the sheriff's decision to run for a seventh term and that he is confiden again. the big question is if a u.s. attorney does decide to file criminal charges and if sheriff arpaio does go to trial and a jury convicts him, would the 84-year-old sheriff go to jail? >> the chances of him actually going to jail, i think, are very slim. when i say that, people think, well, what punishment is there? or what good is it for him to even go to trial if there's not the possibility of jail? again, there's the possibility of jail, but realistically, we are likely not going to see
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court or a jury finds that he should be in criminal contempt. and a lot of that has to do with his age. >> reporter: now, the judge has also ordered the maricopa county board of supervisors to set up a compensation fund and put a half million dollars in that fund for the claimants. now this ruling is just a recommendation. it's now up to a u.s. attorney to look at all of the evidence and to make a decision as to whether or not to formally bring criminal contempt charges aides, and there really is no deadline or timetable for that decision to come down. reporting live, i'm nicole garcia, fox 10 news. >> thank you, nicole, for the latest on that. it is a win for voters who support recreational marijuana in arizona. the proposition to make recreational pot legal in our state expected to appear on the november ballot, but those who oppose it say the fight is not over yet. arizonans for responsible drug
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off the november ballot saying the petition's 100-word summary was misleading. and voters didn't know what they were signing, but the judge disagreed, and sided with those who support the measure. >> this is not a surprise. we knew going into this that this lawsuit was frivolous, in every single regard. it was ultimately a waste of the court's time and taxpayer dollars, and the courts ruled against the prohibitionists. >> reporter: prop 205 would have up to one ounce of marijuana and grow up to six plants at home. the drug would be taxed at 15% and supporters say more than $55 million would go toward k-12 schools. arizonans for responsible drug policy say that they plan to appeal the judge's decision. we are learning more as a woman is in critical condition after a man shoots her at an affordable housing complex in north phoenix.
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19-year-old maliq thompson shot the woman at the u-mom new day center. the organization supports homeless and low income families. police say that the motive for the shooting is not clear right now, but we are told that the victim's name is valerie, and coworkers say that she was thompson's mentor. police say the two were actually romantically involved. police are now looking for the shooter. if you have any information on are that man may be, maliq thompson, call police or silent witness at and a reward is being offered now for information leading to the arrest in the deadly stabbing of this man, 84-year-old man outside of the l.a. fitness in chandler. silent witness is now offering up a thousand dollars to find the person who stabbed and killed the elderly man. the victim was a regular at the gym. he was working out, staying in shape, and he was found stabbed inside his car outside the fitness center on dobson road. if you have any information, if you saw anything in that parking
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silent witness at 480-witness. a serious scene after a driver slams into the front of a cvs and is rushed to the hospital. take a look at the video, 35th avenue and peoria, and there is quite a bit of damage to the car and to the building. video shows how bad the damage was, a crumpled car after the crash, the driver seriously injured and taken to the hospital. >> unbelievable. unbelievable that it came off the street, bounced off the curb, and took out that wall. and it was a single-car accident. >> i don't understand how that car ended up like that. >> police looking into what caused the driver to lose control in the first place. a valley woman recounting a terrifying tail of road rage to fox 10. she says that her car not only flipped over and rolled as she tried to get away but she was shot by the other driver in the midst of all of this.
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catch the person responsible. marcy jones is live tonight near 43rd avenue and sweetwater where the crash happened with more. there's so much aggression on the roads, marcy. >> reporter: there really is, kari, and there's really no explanation for it. it's whenever you get into a fender bender you just kind of expect the other person to get out, you exchange information and you go on your way, but in this case not only did the other driver not stop, he started shooting at the victim which made her lose control and crash right here, where a huge light pole used to stand. now the wishes to remain anonymous out of fear, says that this hellish ordeal started at about 1:00 yesterday afternoon on sweetwater and 43rd avenue where she was rear-ended at a red light. victim says she followed the driver honking her horn trying unsuccessfully ggt to get his attention and ended up on 43rd avenue and dahlia. when the driver stopped, the victim pulled in front of him, and that's when she says he started shooting.
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to pull away fast. that's when she lost control, hit a light pole and flipped her car. >> i crawled out the window, and i thought that he was going to be like right behind me, so like i ran up to the house and tried to like hide behind something and just for a few seconds and then realized that he wasn't there and that really wasn't really safe. so i ran to like the front door, and there was a girl that was already kind of coming out. lots of windshield shattered glass all over the road here, and of course that light pole is not here anymore. there's just a cone in its place. here's a little bit of good news. the victim's friend who has been taking care of her just overnight says she got a call from phoenix pd saying that they think they have the car that the driver was in and they are running test to get the
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anything, you are asked to call police. reporting live, marcy jones, fox 10 news. thank you so much marcy. after the break, a valley firefighter organization upset with one candidate's billboard. what they are taking issue with in that billboard. plus, we will have the latest from the campaign trail where both candidates spent
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live from f fox 10 news is back. >> controversy surrounding a billboard for a candidate for the arizona senate. frank schmuck's billboard reads firefighters vote schmuck for arizona senate on or before august 30th. but the professional firefighters of arizona say the billboard is misleading because he has not received an endorsement from them. in fact the p.f.f.a. has endorsed schmuck's opponent, senator jeff dial, in the republican primary for district
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in the entire state of representative that represents firefighters and paramedics that endorsed in these races and for him to make these claims the way he has is just a lie to the public and i think he needs to come clean with arizona voters. >> schmuck sent a letter to the organization saying that the billboard was not intended to imply that the firefighters were endorsing him. he says he plans to modify the advertisement. a judge orders hillary clinton to answer more questions about the scandal over her meanwhile, donald trump spending the day touring the devastation left behind after all of that flooding left in louisiana where 13 people were killed, 40,000 homes were damaged. donald trump was schedued to be in new york today, but instead he spent time with victims and volunteers in louisiana, after the devastating flooding there, and looking at the damage left behind. some are calling the flooding the worst disaster since hurricane sandy. >> what's happened here is incredible. nobody understands how bad it
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so i'm just here to help. >> meanwhile, a federal judge has ordered hillary clinton to answer questions from a conservative legal advocacy group, judicial watch, over her use of a private e-mail server. but it was only a partial win for the group. they wanted to question clinton in person. but instead she will answer questions in writing. judicial watch -- well, there is a little bit of rain out there tonight. some of it coming a little close to the n some of it coming a little close to the east valley.
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your exclusive accuweather forecast with dave munsey on fox 10 news. it looked like some clouds were building up there. >> oh, yeah, there's some rain out there, some up north, some
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getting into the valley but trying to encroach a little bit. >> it's that time of year with the monsoon where we start getting used to the rain here and there. >> yep, and then it goes away, for a long time. tonight there is something out, we are keeping an eye on it, there's something up north, and there's something off to the east of us. we'll take a look at it in just a moment a here. it's 94 degrees right now, the winds keeping up there west northwest at about 12 miles an hour, and 92 degrees in surprise, 91 in goodyear, 92 degrees in scottsdale, 88 degrees right now. here's that moisture we have been talking about. we get down, we take a look, and you can kind of see it across the north here. and we get a lot of that virga, which is just the moisture itself coming across the city. there's some rain coming down with that. as you can see up north here, that's put together quite well. and in the south, you can kind of see this stuff working its way through gila bend at this particular hour. and also, you can kind of see it
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earlier in the day, we did see much more down there. but things have dried up a little bit in that particular area. this is the east side. you can see up in fountain hills, that northeastern corner picking up a little moisture as does apache junction. and down into the city here, so that east side is picking up some of the moisture. a lot of this is virga. some of it is -- has a little bit of rain coming down with it. but once again, it's not a tremendous and you can see up north, they had pretty good rain through the day today as well, so lots going on as far as the moisture was concerned. we go to 104 degrees on the high today, and as you can see, 85 at prescott, 94 at kingman, 82 at st. john's, 99 down in tuscon. here's your day. 103 on the high, 79 on the low, 104 and 84 normal high and low.
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across the country there are a few storms, mainly across the northern plains south of minneapolis. 80 degrees overnight. we'll be looking at 99 degrees for tomorrow, and those temperatures start picking up again as we start the new week. have a great weekend, and watch your kids around water. >> all right, thank you, you too, dave. if you have got a sweet tooth, i know you do, dave, you might like this story. the baked bear is opening a second valley location tomorrow at mill avenue and fifth see from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m., the shop is giving away free ice cream sandwiches, and you can mix and match cookies, brownies, and donuts, and then pick the ice cream, 12 different flavors of ice cream. this is sounding really good right now. i wonder if they would unlock the store and make a few for us. the baked bear also has a 13th flavor, soy chocolate chip. it also features root beer
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it opened its first location in scottsdale back in may. oh, the lochte gate continues. u.s. swimmer ryan lochte offering up an apology. it wasn't a perfect apology, but it was an apology, for some of his actions at the olympics and the antics after the olympics, after saying he was robbed by an
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live from fox studios, fox 10 news is back. >> in space news, a delta rocket takes off from cape canaveral, and it was quite a sight. this happened earlier this morning. >> five, four, three, and liftoff of the united launch alliance -- >> the rocket delivering a
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space, the mission is part of a lock heed and boeing united launch, the united launch alliance they call it, it is the 7th mission for the align -- alliance this year. olympic swimmer ryan lochte says he is sorry for the way he explained what happened to his teammates. >> allowed to leave brazil one day after being pulled off a flight by brazil their passports. ryan lochte issued an apology on instagram today, saying "i want to apologize for my behavior last weekend for not being more careful and candid in how i describe the events of that early morning and for my role in taking the focus away from the many athletes fulfilling their dreams of participating in the
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the fourth swimmer involved, jimmy feigen, was ordered to pay $11,000 to jail after filing a false police report, after which he too is expected to be allowed to leave brazil. game two of the preseason, and coach arians still waiting for the offense to get together. richard saenz live in san diego, some game highlights, plus richard will take you inside the
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you're watching fox 10 sports with jude lacava
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preseason goal is for most first team offenses that see limited action, right? you start with ballball ball security and end with long sustained drivers. that did not happen tonight. let's take you to qualcomm, practice game against the chargers, you know about bruce arians, he was on the sidelines today. carson palmer under fire, pressure up the middle and the edge, somehow he got out of it, threw the ball away, incomplete. as for the chargers, the hit of the night came from deone bucannon on dontrelle inman, legal hit here, laying him out. let's watch carson palmer deep from his end zone, third and 7,
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outstanding. now, this is the mistake, and this is the ball security issue, and you see it right here. how about brandon flowers, steps in, looking for a little -- a little quick pass to the slot receiver, and it's an int, and bruce arians not happy at all. then drew stanton late in that first quarter, looking deep on that in route to nelson, gets picked off by adie, and cannot be happy. if you're bruce arians, mike bercovici looked good. how about this, 9-13, 108 yards, nice little throw to williams. chargers win 19-3. >> it's another loss for the arizona cardinals, correction, another preseason loss for the arizona cardinals. i asked five people the same
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record in preseason last year? nobody knew the answer, because it doesn't matter, and i get the feeling carson palmer feels the same way. >> i'm just pissed. >> i think we all are. we know it's a good opportunity to come out here and get some good work against them, two days in a row, didn't get the outcome we wanted but we just have to continue to work. >> what part of you says no big deal, what part of you says we have to work together. >> every part of you says this is just the preseason, because it is. you just continue to find ways to get better. >> i want to go back to that preseason record thing. back in 2003, the cardinals went
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let's all just calm down, and yes, we will be there. we are live in san diego, richard saenz, for fox 10 sports. >> right on that richard, for sure. the games don't count, but the execution wasn't good. we'll talk about it on sports night after dark in a few minutes. >> maybe they are trying to psych out their opponent. >> it will be quite a sly strategy, but i think bruce arians wants to see better fundamentals from his that against the houston texans. >> i have a few things to say, but i'll say them on news now. >> there you go. let it fly. >> are you going to have a bottle of wine or anything? >> i have got some wine, the smoker, the whole deal >> wow, you have got to join him for this. it's going to be a fun one. modern family is up next. we'll see you back here next
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