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tv   FOX 10 News 9pm  FOX  August 21, 2016 12:00am-1:00am MST

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rain hits parts of the valley and around the state. where that storm is headed now. bad weather forced the cancellation of a prayer vigil for victims of the serial shooter. we hear from victims' family members. more reaction tonight on ruling against maricopa county sheriff joe arpaio from one of arpaio's biggest critics. pretty wet day in parts of the state and a wet evening here in the valley. >> yeah, tonight's storm puts us under a weather alert. look at it coming down. this is in the north valley. we shot this video near 32nd street and shea. boy, they got a lot more than we did here in downtown phoenix.
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roads and people running for cover. also, it's time to take out your poncho with rain hitting tempe earlier today. clouds blanket the skies at puddles covered street and sidewalks. >> a lot of our viewers sent us videos. first, of moisture moving across our state tonight, a lot of that monsoon activity that we were talking about, and we started seeing it earlier up north in the high country today. we had hail, heavy rains up there, and that moved its way on down, as you can see, still a lot of moisture in the area right now. and i'm going to zoom in here with are our radar to show you a little bit closer, get a little bit closer in to show you these storms and where they are making ware they.
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see around blithe, where 60 hits the 10. the next hour or so, national weather service issuing a warning for people in the area to be careful. right when it gets to the phoenix area, a lot of that stuff seems to break up a little bit, although we do get rain in the phoenix area, just not as much as we saw in the high country earlier. that is what the storm is it doing right now. we'll keep a very close eye on this. we'll show you what's comin a couple of minutes here. this is rain coming down in northern arizona, this first video from scott fielding out at camp verde. he took the video from his porch, and you can see the strong winds just blowing the trees around. this next video comes from dwayne henderson. he's out at the reservation. he took video of hail falling from the sky. and fox 10 viewer clint better took this video from the
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valley. take a look there. you can see some of the lightning strikes in this video, and you can hear thunder as well, trees moving around in the background from winds that were pretty strong at the height of the storm today. a heavy rain put a damper on the vigil planned tonight for the victims of the serial street shooter. >> he's taken the lives of seven people since mid march. marcy jones is live with more details on tonight's even though the night didn't go exactly as planned, loved ones of the victims still say it was therapeutic to come together to remember the lives lost and to raise awareness that the killer is still out there. sabrina white says she wakes up every morning asking herself the same question. >> what's the purpose? none of these people know each other. what is behind it all? what is he doing?
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>> her sister was killed june 12th by the serial sheet street -- the serial street shooter. >> i think it would be the best closure, if this is a sick person or what, and if he is then people will be able to learn and know a little bit more about how to handle people like this in the future. >> rabun morris, the friend and relative of three people killed the same night, the victims to be remembered. >> the nicest people ever. malia was so friendly, funny, loved to dance. stephanie and angela were caring. they were my aunties. >> adding though nothing can bring back the seven lives senselessly taken, she prays justice can be served. >> just to turn yourself in. just turn yourself in to give everybody peace of mind so that
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passed for this can get justice. stop hiding. just give yourself up. right now, a $50,000 reward is being offered for any information that leads to an arrest. and that prayer vigil will be rescheduled for another time. marcy jones, fox 10 news. all right, marcy. thank you. and we have a follow-up now to the story about a 7-eleven employee who was fatally shot dring a robbery. the family of the victim is thanking phoenix police and the community for helping find who killed their family member, and ultimately for bringing peace to the family. police say 23-year-old joseph fatigoni. he confessed to robbery and killing of that 7-eleven employee. this happened at southern avenue and 16th street. fatigoni held two clerks at gunpoint and demanded money, and then ordered them to a back room in the store. one of the employees, aman jeet singh toor, try to get the gun from the man, but police say fatigoni shot and killed him.
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but police are crediting the community. >> good old-fashioned police work that was done by the police in this case, and the partnership with the community, that's what brought this case to a close. >> fatigoni is charged with murder, kidnapping and armed robbery. police released the identity of a man who was fatally shot by an officer. he is 22-year-old -- according to police, he came out of bushes at 20th street and attacked the officer, punching him and breaking his nose. at one point they say the man got a hold of the policeman's gun. that's when a detective came to help, and both officers ended up shooting the suspect. he died at the scene. a sad follow-up now to a story that we first told you about yesterday morning. the driver who slammed into a cvs store has died of injuries. it's still not clear what caused the woman to crash into the building at 35th avenue and peoria. it was a horrible crash.
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there throughout the morning commute. right now it's not clear if impairment, speed, or maybe a medical incident was a factor in this crash. this accident sent a 36-year-old truck driver and a 21-year-old man driving another car to trauma centers. both have non-life-threatening injuries, though, but, again, a horrible crash. hazmat crews were rushed to the scene there near 59th avenue and buckeye, to clean up any of the fuel that may have spilled from the semi-truck. it was a that accident also toppled power lines in the area, and crews say the intersection will be closed for an indefinite amount of time while they clean up the debris and power lines. the cause of the crash is still under investigation. a lot of people reacting to the judge's recommendation that sheriff joe arpaio face criminal charges. some of them say they are very pleased with the judge's action.
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legal battle over racial profiling for years. judge murray snow ruled yesterday that the sheriff violated the court order, failed to turn over evidence, and lied in court. we spoke to a plaintiff in the case who says this is the outcome she has been waiting for. >> we are so glad to know that joe arpaio is no longer going to be defending himself at the taxpayers burden. now moving forward, facing criminal charges, he'll be paying for his own criminal defense. >> they say the sheriff is willing to go through a trial to prove his innocence. well, this unfolding today in phoenix as people protest at the discount tire store near baseline and 3rd street. these protesters say discount tires supports sheriff arpaio, including the owner, bruce
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signs supporting the sheriff in some discount tire stores. protesters tell us that this is something they cannot ignore and that they will take their business somewhere else. fox 10 reached out to discount tire for comment. no word yet from the company. members of first baptist church in maricoa got a scare this morning as fire broke out in the attic. fire crews got there and say there was a lot o smoke coming out of the church from the attic area. they had to go up out hot spots before the beams put the whole building in endanger of collapsing. >> whatever is on the attic can fall through the roof and potentially cause a hazard for anybody inside. >> after looking through the attic, they found it was wiring in the air-conditioning that caused the damage. they were able to keep most of the damage to one end of the attic. police in phoenix accused a
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outside in the heat in a stroller and then apparently passing out from drinking. the mother is under arrest for child neglect and outstanding arrest warrant. police say she went to a friend's apartment sunday to drink and left her 1-year-old boy in the stroller in the courtyard. she then reportedly passed out. a neighbor called 911 after seeing the baby had been left alone in the sun. that baby is in the custody of the department of child safety. mesa trying to put a robber behind bars, and this was a bold robbery here. take a look at the surveillance video. the guy climbs the small door that leads to the pharmacy here, grabs some pills while the employees are helping customers, and then walks right back over that small door like nothing ever happened. this is at the cvs store there. take a look at the distinctive hat and the bandanna on his head. police are saying that hopefully that could help identify him. this is near southern and dobson
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if you recognize him or maybe that hot, call silent witness at 480-witness. well, this is a tradition dating back to the 1930s. >> thousands of new a.s.u. students hiked up hayden butte in tempe to whitewash the iconic a. ty brennan has the story. >> an estimated 3,000 a.s.u. students made the trek up the butte to whitewash the iconic a on the a.s.u. sign. >> it started in 1938. the first a.s.u. students would go up the mountain to paint a big rock, at that point there was no sign, and shape it into an a on the mountain. >> students have been going up every year since to represent a fresh start. >> for a first year student,
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a. >> they all do it, and they say it's fun. i'm from california so it would be a good experience for me. >> i wanted to take part in the tradition also. i was excited to hike up the mountain. i haven't done that yet. >> the a will stay white until the first football game when it will be painted back to the traditional gold. a short hike up the mountain for a longstanding in tempe, i'm ty brennan, fox 10 news. a valley company making an offer that it hopes our senior citizens will take advantage of. the service it's offering for free. and u.s. swimmers not the only ones causing trouble in brazil. why some australian athletes have been detained. and we are hearing more about the bombing in syria that made this little boy the face of
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his home. >> the cardinals go back to work tomorrow coming off what head coach bruce arians describes as a sub par performance. plus a.s.u. is moving a little bit closer to the opening game against n.a.u. can the dbacks finally close a game late in the game tonight in san diego? we have got it for you in
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you're watching fox news with linda williams and marc martinez in hd. the five-year-old syrian boy pulled from the rubble of his home after it was destroyed in a bombing attack has become the face of syria's brutal civil war. >> hard to forget that image, and tonight we are hearing from the paramedic who treated the boy and details of that bombing. lisa hall from sky news has the story. >> reporter: the paramedic who carried the boy from the rubble of his bombed home is used to the carnage of syria's civil war. he placed the little boy in the back of an ambulance, but speaking to sky news he described how the boy's dazed
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>> translator: it's the first time i've seen a child like him. usually, when a child gets out of an air strike, they are cying. their voice fills everything. but this child didn't say a thing. i took him to the ambulance, and i tried to speak to him but he didn't say a word. he said nothing. eventually he managed to ask me, where's my mom and dad? that's it. that's all he said. >> reporter: more details have been emerging of the moment the air st the boy had been sitting on a sofa with his father. pthe force of the blast split te sofa in two. the father managed to reach his son and another sibling, handing them to rescuers. >> we entered from the next door building. we managed to find an opening and went in until we reached inside. there was a family. the mother was unconscious and the father was injured, along with all of the children, but
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a state of shock. >> it's now been reported that the boy's ten-year-old brother, ali, who was playing outside in the street, has died from his injuries. the boy may have become the latest face of the conflict, but doctors who treated the youngster and his family know there are many more whose deaths have gone unnoticed. >> translator: there are lots of children who are injured or killed under the bombs and no one is focused on we want to make our voices heard, that these children have nothing to do with this war, and it's such a shame that these planes, what we believe to be russian planes, these children are involved. >> reporter: covered in dust and sitting in silence, he was like a little boy made of stone. his family hopes their suffering will have not gone in vain.
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being robbed after throwing his teammate under the bus. he says lochte tore a poster off a wall and argued with a guard at the gas station. he was allowed to leave rio a day after being pulled off a plane by police. ten australian athletes with being altering their passport details. they apologized after being released by authorities and agreed on paying a fine. >> we have agreed on an outcome, which is the payment of a fine and good behavior bond for each of the athletes involved. >> authorities have not disclosed how much the athletes
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both presidential candidates on the campaign trail today will start with donald trump. trump speaking at a rally in fredricksburg virginia, using what his campaign calls an old-fashioned style stump speech. in it he slams both president obama and his rival hillary clinton, and he reached out to veterans and african-americans. meanwhile, a fundraiser in the vacation hot spot of martha vineyard, giving her a boost in the polls and the donations. as of august 2nd, she raised 23 million for her campaign and 26 million for other democrats.
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-- will the weather continue into the rest of the weekend and your workweek? we'll have coming up in your forecast in a couple of minutes. have you connected with me on social media? you can like my facebook at there you will find my latest food adventure. >> what is it? >> it's my latest fast food
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[reporter]ricky,how does it feel to be a champion? [ricky]i can't take all the credit. this guy's performance on the road inspires me. he's the real mvp! we did it,man!ha-hah! [ricky whispers]you inspire me. [announcer]arco.quality top tier gas for less. live from fox studios, fox 10 news is back. experts confirming today two tornados touched down in michigan. one in bangor, that is in the southwest part of the state, and one in the fenville area. both left behind a trail of damage. trees are down all over the area, and some roads are blocked. downtown bangor was hit hard. several trees are down, and
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and an estimated 60,000 homes have been damaged by massive flooding. this is in southern louisiana. at least 102,000 people have also registered for federal assistance. that number could change as people assess damage to their homes. the massive flooding started last weekend after several rain heavy days all came together in a row when several storms hit that area. and a pretty active weather night for us in terms of the monsoon activity we have seen over the past few hours. we have had a lot of activity up in the northern part of the state as well, so we are seeing active weather really all across the area right now. when the rain came through it did drop our temperatures quite a bit, you can see here now 83 degrees, winds out of the west northwest at ten miles an hour. let's take a look at the satellite and radar you can see exactly what's going on.
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zoom in with the computer to get a little closer look at where the storm activity is heading right now. you can see it's making its way out of the state right now, heading off to the southwestern direction. if you're going to be traveling along i-10 anytime soon, just be aware you could see storms right across the yuma area, the junction area, where you'll be probably running into a lot of rain for at least the next hour or so. here's our dew point temps, as u are pretty high up there, and that is what is causing so much moisture in our environment right now. and we are going to be seeing that throughout the rest of the evening, but our chances for rain diminishing tomorrow to about 10% so we should be drying out a little bit. right now you can see temps at goodyear 71 degrees, surprise at 78 and deer valley, over in apache junction at 84 right now, the rest of the state, flagstaff
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city at 95, lake havasu at 93, window rock 59 degrees right now this evening. here's what we have going on for our day today, 100 degrees for our high, below the normal of 104, the report 112 set back in 1986, a few degrees below normal tonight for this time of year. we have got storm systems making their way down through texas. they are passing along through the houston area, pretty severe weather there, midwest and the great lakes regions we are seeing a lot of activity there. we talked about the tornado that touched down in western michigan, luckily nobody was hurt there, but also some very active weather making its way through the lake michigan and chicago area tonight, so people are bracing for that. but you can see again, it is pushing its way way on out as we speak, and looking at the radar you can tell it's probably going to clear up for them. 79 degrees for the overnight low, we wish that was going to be our high tomorrow, right?
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in prescott, 61 in winslow, 53 in window rock. 93 in kingman, 93 in page, and 86 for you in winslow arizona. here's a look at our overnight. going to be a little bit cloudy as we mentioned, that storm still making its way through here, lingering effects from that. 79 degrees roughly for the overnight, 79 or 80, tomorrow warming up pretty quickly to 91 degrees expected high. here's a look at the ten-day forecast, rain chances dropping down to about 10% or so, still a good chance for isolated showers, drying out on monday, and then the chance of showers returns again on tuesday. but look at the temps. >> i know the good news is you get up early tomorrow and you get to experience 79 degrees. >> yes. >> and it's going to feel good. >> yeah. it's going to be a great day to get out and go for an early morning hike or something like
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or sit on the back porch and do nothing. >> read the paper and chill out. >> exactly, there are no 110s in the ten-day. >> yes. nice good news. >> see, everything is relative. we are going to introduce you to the schneider family. they woke up to find food all over their denver home. at first they blamed the cat until someone checked the surveillance camera and they discovered, what do you know, a group of furry masked int home >> wow, there they are. >> we are talking about four hungry raccoons. they jumped on to the front porch, dragged the screen, tearing it down. i have to say they illegally entered the home. the bandits almost made out with the dough. not money. we are talking about cookie dough. >> you have got to watch out for those guys. >> they can be mean. >> they can be not nice. i know they are cute in the surveillance picture but you don't want to run with one in the middle of the night.
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theme, shall we? an orangutan catching attention for monkeying around with a music application. >> he dropped his new single. here's part of his new song. listen. ? >> nice. ? >> that was nice. >> he's a thoughtful, brooding musician. i thought he was going to be, you know, rocking out. >> got like a jazz vibe to it. collected the song one for the piano that we just heard and another for the drums. the primate zookeeper said he was looking through his phone and decided to let the animal use its musical talent. >> we decided to try the garage band app and let him rip on the piano. amazing skills. he tracked on the drums as well, the keyboard display there, and came up with a jazz tune. >> and he's going to be at the
12:31 am
no, just kidding. maybe someday. the royalties of his debut track will raise money for himself and two other orangutans at the zoo. >> you could use that music for something, maybe, i don't know, put your kids to sleep at night, babies? i don't know. it's kind of soothing right there. >> he's got some talent. stick with us, because coming up, if you know a senior-citizen who could use a little muscle, there's a valley moving company offering its services for free. >> and we hear from a valley woman who wants to get her ill pet bird home after the home was robbed and somebody took the berd. people return to their homes after one of california's worst wildfires. >> and if you would like to contact me on social media, it would be great to hear from you.
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around one hundred homes have been > more than a hundred homes have been destroyed by the blue cut fire in california. >> yeah, and many fire evacuees in west cajon valley have been spared but the fire danger is not over yet. >> reporter: a beautiful home once stood beyond these gates. all that is left now is a melted pile of metal, an eerie site across the west cajon valley, where dozens of homes burned in the blue cut fire. >> people come out here to get
12:35 am
around them, and then to have a wildfire like this come in and destroy their lives is devastating. >> shane jacobson who lives on his own ranch had his home spared. so did his neighbor diane holmes, who came back to find her home standing. but we were there when it got close. >> i think the whole valley would have gone up if hadn't stopped it here. you could see the hot spots where it jumped and it skipped. >> residents are now thanking firefighters for saving their homes with signs that read god bless. officials warn that the fire danger is still present. >> there's still a lot of heat here and unsecured line. >> those unsecured power lines are dangling everywhere. homes don't have water or electricity.
12:36 am
and i haven't seen electricity since. >> jacobson didn't evacuate when the fire was burning, and he's not leaving now. his home means too much, and he knows some of his neighbors aren't so lucky. >> out of the pacific northwest, several people are hurt when a spooked horse runs through a crowd at a washington state fair. according to witnesses, the horse was tied to a carriage when something scared it. the horse broke free and ran through the midway, pulling the the crowds tried to run away from that horse, but at least five people were taken to the hospital, some of them children. the horse was eventually captured and put back in its pen. some sad news out of kingman where the police department is warning one of their fellow officers, a canine officer, named amigo. people say the canine died this morning at a critical care facility in las vegas.
12:37 am
becoming overwhelmed by the heat while out searching for lost hikers. the three-year-old dog served one year on the force. he was certified in narcotics tracking and handler protection. the hikers were found and suffered only minor injuries. a burglar breaks into a phoenix home and takes personal belongings and this beauty here, a family pet. amber's pet mccaw, sunshine, she tells us, was stolen. it's a with medical issues, and amber says she used to work at the world wildlife zoo and was sunshine's trainer. > yesterday somebody broke into my house, they banged on the front door, and stole my beautiful golden blue mccaw. the robber, whoever it was, suffered injuries, and took my trash. police were able to recover samples.
12:38 am
i can't have children. i'm her trainer. she's a huge part of my life. just seeing her empty cage inside breaks me up. it's heartbreaking. no one should ever have to lose that. it's bad losing a pet, is one thing, and just having it stolen from you takes another couple -- she does have a scissored so it she's not super young. she's about 12 years old. like i mentioned, she does need medical attention. she can't be left by herself without being supervised and making sheer she has all of her proper diet. >> amber told us she doesn't care about the material things. she just hopes someone returns sunshine, no questions asked. to celebrate senior-citizens day tomorrow one moving company is offering a free hour of service to seniors.
12:39 am
students looking to make the moving experience better for everyone involved. courtney griffin has the story. >> reporter: these two a.s.u. college students are also bellhops, helping people move. >> college students are hardworking and we like to bring enthusiasm to moving, making it fun. >> for senior-citizen's day, august 21st, they are offering one free hour. >> last year, we did it and the reviews that we got were amazing. >> miguel says they are not your typical mover. >> we help pack clothes, move old furniture around the house, and it's really anything that you would like to move. >> maria delgado says she'll be taking advantage of one free hour after noticing how respectful the movers were. >> he's very polite, efficient, ready to go, met me when he said he was going to meet me.
12:40 am
can be used at any time they want. it doesn't expire. >> i'm really grateful for the company offering that, because, hey, what a wonderful thing to take advantage of, this effort and work that i don't have to do and for free, so i'm happy. >> reporter: courtney griffin, fox 10 news. >> if you would like to schedule your free hour, enter the pro moe code senior day 2016, all one word, a, and also information on our website ever play the game of kings on a tractor? chess on a farm, coming up. have you ever taken a luxury
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car lot? >> now, you can basically do this. in fact you can test drive a car in between the stores over at the mall. there's a new virtual reality set up. but you get to check it out, look through the interior, kind of go on a virtual test drive here. this is over at scottsdale fashion square mall. the company is called vroom. so you can go virtual test drive the cars you're interested in. just put the goggles on and you might want to see it in person before you buy, but you can take the chance for a virtual tour and the car will show up at your home. >> you are able to drive the car for seven days, and if you keep it, 90-day full bumper to bumper warranty or you can take it back and try something else. >> if you are looking to take a test drive, you can find it over at scottsdale fashion center over the weekend.
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virtual reality, right? just wanted to double-check that. in san diego, how concerned is bruce arians, and what's the next move here as this team gets set for
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you're watching fox 10 sports with jude lacava in hd. every nfl head coach will tell you the same thing. we always want to win a preseason game, nfl, talent evaluation is almost always the top priority. having said that, the cardinals have some work to do, coming off what coach arians described as a subpar performance from his offensive unit. very first play from scrimmage, carson somehow escaped without getting sacked and then gave it up on this interception return for touchdown, brandon flowers. we didn't see the long sustained
12:49 am
number one. you didn't see it with coach arians after the game, that we have to polish this thing up and get it ready to go. they will play at houston, coming up, not tomorrow but the following sunday. even carson palmer let this one fly. frustration for the team, they will get back to practice tomorrow and set their sights, a the following sunday in houston, texas. richard saenz on the road with the cardinals all week had a chance to sit down with chris johnson after the game last night. >> all right, chris, being a veteran, how much of you says man this is just a preseason, no big deal, and how much of you says the offense still has to get it together a little bit? >> you look at it, and it's still the preseason, yeah, but at the end of the day we have to go out there and put drives
12:50 am
and i think it's just sort of getting in that rhythm. i think it's just a few kinks we need to work out, and that's the perfect time to have them problems, so i feel like, you know, by next week, you know, we will probably work them out and, you know, those starters and stuff will get to play a little bit more. i think you'll see a totally different team out this next week. >> you talk about trying to get into a rhythm. how difficult is it when you only get about ten, 15 plays? >> it's definitely difficult. and i don't think we got that many. >> >> you know what i'm saying? so it's definitely difficult. you know, it's time you got to work through things, get repetition after repetition and, you know, it starts coming together. but, you know, i don't think that's an excuse. i think we could have put up more points and stuff like that. but it will come together. >> hey, let's stay with some nfl football. and check in with marcus mariota and the tennessee titans up against cam newton, the
12:51 am
what a remarkable year last year, finding ted former carnal. losing josh norman, a retired secondary, how will they respond? mariota gets picked off right here. and you look at him, a very solid rookie season. i don't think anybody can complain under the circumstances of a mariota, watch him roll to his right and hit harry douglas for a 23-yard touchdown pass. carolina, though, wins 26-16 for the final. the sun devils, a few weeks before the opener against the lumberjacks of n.a.u. there will be changes for the offensive line with todd graham, new personnel, the decision on
12:52 am
and so far so good for todd graham as they continue training camp in tempe. >> we operated pretty well. i thought the young -- you know, dylan showed great promise. then, you know, i thought -- i think we improved offensively, on the offensive line. i think those guys are developing and getting better. >> how many times have we been down this road? dbacks up 2-1, bottom of the ninth, could they let's say hold on this time around? in san diego tonight, dbacks,
12:53 am
12:54 am
12:55 am
fox 10 news is back. hey, look, i admit, you almost want to close your eyes when it comes to the late innings and the dbacks. the bullpen and you see that team just kind of let games slip away late in the game. that's my set up for tonight's game in san diego. but robbie wondering why the dbacks are sticking with this lefty, wonder no more. only mistake was this home run ball by patrick kivlehan. and keep this in mind, one hit in seven innings, struck out 13. he was on his game. that's the robbie ray the dbacks want to see more of. how about this, just throw it away, and here come the dbacks, yeah, take a look at this.
12:56 am
and you look at ray's performance, and you say, man, get it done. daniel hudson pitches out of a jam in the bottom of the 8th, gets a solarte flyout, and the dbacks finally hold on to win 2-1 in san diego. in bristol tennessee, short track racing supposed to go on tonight, but heavy rain, and i mean heavy rain, it was just one delay after another another. they got about 484 laps of the 500 in. it's been suspended. they will try to get it in, weather permitting, tomorrow. heavy rain tonight in bristol tennessee, so we'll keep tabs on what's going on there and see if they can get that race in tomorrow. we'll come back and take another look at what's happening with
12:57 am
12:58 am
12:59 am
rainstorms sweeping through the valley tonight, what we can expect for the rest of the weekend. a prayer vigil for victim of the serial street shooter had to be postponed due to bad weather. what family members of the
1:00 am
from the family of a 7-eleven clerk who was gunned down, their message after an arrest was made in the shooting. fox 10 news is back. thanks for joining us for fox 10 news at 10:00. we begin with a weather alert. storms rolling through the valley tonight. this shot of rain coming from near 32nd street and shea in phoenix. and here's some more video of the rain and lightning. this was right in downtown phoenix. this was a our fox studios, in fact, we got some rain out here earlier. >> and we all ran outside and talked about how wonderful it smelled it and it did. so this storm system worked its way down, dumped rain and wind across the valley. it's not done with yet. in fact, let's take a look at where the storm is now headed and what we can expect for the rest of the week as well. as you can see we still have a lot of storm and moisture activity in our state right now, especially if you look off to


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