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tv   FOX 10 News 530pm  FOX  August 21, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MST

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sky fox over head live tonight near pina boy, we can't ignore this, can we? fox 10 news live tonight over pinal county. there obviously is a storm system moving toward the southeast, preceded by this wall of dust. kristy always explains where this comes from. those outflow winds that just collapse, and they send the dust rushing across the desert floor. this is the result. >> when you're at home watching this and you can see these areas that are being hit and you know it's coming towards your neighborhood. you see the winds, and the skies start to turn brown. >> we're just giving you a heads up. get the patio furniture in, anything that can be blown into the pool or around the yard, you
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because this is heading your way if you're in the southeast valley. >> there's a look from sky fox. let's check in with kristy siefkin getting a look at the radar to see where this may be going. >> we initially saw the watches and warnings out there. if you look closely, you can see the cells moving beneath that layer on our computer system because those storm cells are approaching the valley. those thunderstorms collapsing. we're seeing very strong straight line winds 30 to 40 miles strong gusts associated with this system. you can see that cell, pretty strong cells, i should say, pushing towards casa grande. that's where we're seeing the activity originate. as you get closer into the valley, we're actually starting to see thunderstorm activity right here in the valley. take a look at this cell that you can see just making its way over the 202 toward chandler. at this point, this is the only rain we're seeing in the valley, but with that moisture
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southeast valley, the potential for more dust to be kicked up. as you can see from the pictures, visibility extremely low, below a quarter mile, lower than that in many locations. i'll update you a little later on in the show about the rain and about that blowing dust. >> kristy, thanks a lot. another live look out there with sky fox. we're going to try to talk with photojournalist troy barrett up in sky fox. troy, can you hear us right now? >> i think not. we just wanted some perspective on exactly what we're looking at, where we are. troy, can you hear us? >> that's one of the microphones up there, but it's obviously not troy right now. we'll work on getting troy to give us some perspective. i think he's farther down south right now. >> i don't think it's getting any lighter, but it does seem to not be as dense as it was when
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but it's hard because we don't know what angle we're actually -- >> that is a massive storm. as you see him pan across. look at that, that is miles and miles long. >> now that is the perspective we were thinking of. easily miles high as well. and it's always this is the kind of picture that people from the east coast, my friends who live in new york, boston, relatives in louisville, they see this, and they call, and they start asking if we're okay. they're like, is everybody okay are you guys okay? i'm like, it really is just a wall of dust, though it does look epic. >> so we're understanding now. this is actually coming over south mountain, and that is sky harbor in the foreground. you can see the tower there. you see the tower in the middle of your screen. that's sky harbor. there's a plane landing. just look to your left there. there's a plane landing right now. this is on its way through. i would not be surprised if we don't see a ground stop at sky
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the ground as soon as they can, and the ones that are about to take off will probably hold, as you can imagine. it's going to be blowing right through there. obviously, it's going to reduce visibility. these guys have a lot of equipment. they can get through this stuff. if they have a chance to stay on the ground, they're not going to take off. >> we've had people, our news director here, he was trying to fly in when there was a dust storm coming in, and they ended up diverting and landed in tucson. >> many of you have seen andrew has been one of our reporters. he's taking airplane window of the dust moving through. his posts were just a few minutes ago. i'm taking a look at the outflow boundary, guys, and the dust not only is moving in centrally toward the valley, toward downtown, but we're also seeing those winds pushing the dust toward parts of apache junction, a little bit to the north and to the west of maricopa. so the dust not just moving in a straight line toward downtown, but somewhat of a half circle, if you will. many people posting pictures on social media right now of the
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it looks like over the top even of the stadium downtown. you can see some of that dust moving through. just incredible how thick and how tall this wall of dust is. definitely those pictures, like i said, we love, but so many of you continue to post them from your cars. so if you can maybe pull over to the side, don't drive and take those photos or videos. many of you sending great shots from your balconies, from your backyards. just incredible what we're seeing out there. >> stick around. we, of course, have people ever harbor to see what impact this is having on their inbound and outbound flights. stick around.
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dale? fresh. delicious. chicken, from sanderson farms. continuing our live coverage on this sunday evening of this massive wall of dust that continues to roll across the valley. now, sky fox has been overhead since this first really started
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county. but this is it as it approaches the south mountain area. >> yeah, just came over south mountain, then making its way on in to sky harbor airport. we're checking with the airport to see what this means for flights inbound or outbound. we did see a few taking off. you can imagine we're going to halt this so the storm passes through. as we pan over from sky fox across this thing, it is miles long. this is affecting a huge portion of the valley. downtown phoenix off to the right. it's o you can see a little bit of south mountain left as the dust is swallowing up the mountain and making its way into the central part of phoenix. let's take a look real quick. we're seeing a lot of things on social media, including our own andrew hasbin on a plane tonight. he's probably still on that plane right now, just touched down. here's the picture. aerial view of dust storm moving into east valley. nice welcome back to az after a
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foreground, asu, and you see the wall of dust making its way from the southern part of the valley up to the north. finally, one more shot as it looks like he was heading back -- pointing it towards the other part of the valley there, maybe the eastern part. i can't tell exactly. but, again, we're getting a lot of images on southerly media from people. let's check in with kristy right now. >> mark and linda, a lot of activity out there. not just the blowing dust. we're finally seeing that moisture making its way to the valley. the one cell moving through chandler, now it's not just that. i want to start with the wider view to the south of us. obviously, casa grande and the huge amount of moisture even farther south to this. take a look at our sweeping radar. look at the red, the oranges. this is just intense rainfall that started to weaken a little bit as it's inched toward the vall valley. as we get a little closer in toward the valley. bear with me here, you're going to see a big sweep of strong rain moving into sections of southeast valley.
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through chandler, and as we move a little farther to the north, we're taking a look at tempe and mesa, as we wait for realtime. wow, look at that. it's pouring rain over tempe now along 101 and 202. just about at tempe marketplace. if you're trying to shop, you're going to need more than the umbrella. we're going to take a look at these precip rates. they're pretty significant. storm cells popping up very quickly. right now precip rate for the cell min marketplace. 2.75 inches of rain an hour. obviously, it's not going to stay isolated over that. significant rainfall there. we continue to track the dust moving into the valley as well. you'll see the edges of the cell spilling over towards sky harbor, in fact. we're not only seeing the blowing dust approaching sky harbor but also seeing the very heavy rain. likelihood we will see these cells pop up other places in the valley as well. visibility is still low as we talked about a little bit
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course of the show and on social media. it's not quite the dust storm, but it's a storm of sorts on the internet. guess who's back on the field? yeah, there is a buzz on twitter, on facebook, and on the field for number 32, tyronn mathieu is back on the field for the cardinals for the first time since that knee injury late last season. we'll take to you cards practic earlier this afternoon. at longhorn, steak is all you need. its not all you get. longhorn's great american steak dinner for $12.99. perfectly seasoned sirloin with your choice of side. plus an appetizer or a dessert. all with fresh salad and unlimited bread.
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(jude)he is fast becoming not only one of the most popular players for the cardinals but one of the most he's fast becoming not only one of the most popular players for the cardinals, but one of the most talked about players in all of football. here's the good news. tyronn mathieu was back on the field. quite a day today. in addition, larry fitzgerald back on the field. missed that game for the chargers. you see fitz right there on that pass reception, number 11. more good news.
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that concussion. john brown taking some reps. here's tyronn mathieu, how about this? it's been a long time coming since that eagles game, successful knee surgery, testing that lateral movement. a big part of feeling comfortable again on the football field. the honey badger back on the field. that was the buzz early this afternoon at cards training camp. >> i think the testing part is over with. that's why you rehab and do all those kinds of things. like i've this is so different than last time around. i'm pretty sure you guys know last time, it was trouble. this time around, it was pretty good. it felt great. >> i wouldn't say his passion is coming back yet, but having him out there in the huddle is going to be good. >> it will take a little while. one of those plays, i thought about running. i thought i probably shouldn't run to the ball. it will take some time. yeah, i was real surprised. i didn't feel any pain. i didn't really get tight at
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at, but i was also pleased with what i've been doing. >> as for brandon williams, the quarterback, the rookie out of texas a&m, getting a little bit better from the first preseason game against the raiders to the game friday night against the chargers. a couple of pass deflections here for the young guy. still learning every aspect of the position when it comes to technique. brandon williams eye of head coach bruce arians, saying it's starting to come around, one game, one step at a time. >> i thought brandon got a lot better last week going against different receivers, seeing different things. i thought he held his own all week. he'll just continue to grow because the balls are coming your way. >> we stay with the arizona cardinals. larry fitzgerald, think about this. 13th season in the nfl, coming off a fabulous year last year,
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and seemingly getting better. of course, coach arians used him as a slot receiver, a guy that locks down and uses his physicality in so many different ways. tonight on "sports night," richard saenz sits down with fitz on how this whole transformation has taken place, from the early days of fitz with the cardinals to where they are now as playoff contenders. >> what's it like for you to be here at thisom franchise's stage and know that it's a legitimate expectation when that wasn't always the case? >> oh, yeah. we've definitely come a long way. since i've been here, the expectations, the attention, the notoriety, the respect is just completely different than when i first started, and that's great. we completely changed the culture of the way we're viewed not only here locally, but nationally. we're a team that's respected. a team that has to be taken seriously. that's where you want to be.
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and you want to have high expectations for yourself. >> the entire conversation, richard with fitz, tonight at 10:30. don't miss it. speaking of football, the sun devils getting closer and closer to that season opener against nau. this time around, we focus on the running back corps with that one-two punch of d. rich and
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you don't let anything keep you sidelined.
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rink ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. for the strength and energy to get back to doing... ...what you love. ensure. always be you. (jude)the long awaited college football season opener for the long awaited college e football season opener for the sun devils, just a couple of weeks away. asu will put their game plan in for the lumberjacks. one of the interesting developments for this team is just how they've been able to put together a running back corps with plenty of punch. you've got demarrio richard and kalen belage, two different running styles, but guys that
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rely on the run game. certainly, that's an spinterestg aspect to look for as they get set for the opener september 3rd against nau. demarrio richard discussing the evolution of the relationship between d. rich and belage over the last couple of seasons. >> we had our problems in the past. me and kalen was close, and we fell off. we read we're with each other every day. man, just put all the bs to the side and go in and take over the offense. me, you, and tim white played the most on offense. it's like why are we going through this rough patch when we can do it together and be something great and be something better than asu has had before. >> and speaking of asu, tonight i talk with manny wilkins. is the front-runner for the asu starting quarterback position?
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richard saenz with larry fitzgerald one-on-one. d'backs lose to the padres 9-1, and kevin harvick wins at bristol, tennessee. we'll give you the highlights to the latest news on sports night at 10:30. we'll toss it over to weather. here's another live look at sky fox right now. you're seeing that storm moving in. that looks to be camelback mountain as the dust storm has made its way into the valley.
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taking you back outside. we've got sky fox. we've got radar. we've got weather, dust, rain, wind. >> and it all hits at the end of our show, so much of it. >> we're seeing it move to central phoenix right now, kristy. take a look at what's going on with the radar. >> i want to show you a very cool graphic we have that will show you where that dust has moved, if we can go ahead and take that picture full screen. i'll show you where that dust has made its way from the south to the valley. it's rolling in a curveded shape, not just in a straight line. here we go. take a look at the red in this picture. you'll see the dust moves past our radar site. we're seeing that dust move north of 202, up toward 101, up toward 87. that dense, dense red color up through scottsdale.
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that i showed you 10, 15 minutes ago, it has moved so slowly, it is just now making its way to the east of 202. very heavy rain, the precip rate 2.5 to 3 inches an hour. that area of town absolutely getting soaked. that continuing to track to the north and the east along 87. this is really all that we're seeing out there right now in terms of moisture in the valley, but the potential for more means we have a severe thunderstorm warning in effect. that's going to last until 6:15. seems like a pretty small especially with slow moving cells, a lot can happen during that period of time. >> let's go back to sky fox. you were telling us the slow moving storm, and we're seeing this. we've been watching this dust roll in the past half hour or so from sky fox. >> just looking, this shot is mind blowing. we're looking south straight down central, and you see that wall of dust just moving and developing downtown phoenix and
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central as we watch it coming. we have reached out to sky harbor airport, checking the social media, to see if they have any ground stops or anything like that. have not heard yet. hopefully, it's business as usual. if you're going to pick someone up or to make a flight, definitely, definitely, call ahead. >> we're actually watching these buildings kind of vanish in the dust. we're actually seeing that wall disappear as it goes to the north. >> much to the left of your screen, you can see the top of the bulkhead there. >> when sky fox had a wide shot earlier, we were able to see this wall of dust was miles long. it was going from the east part of the valley to the base of south mountain and beyond. we're really talking about a majority, kristy, of the valley getting hit by this right now. >> and we saw just how wide that
5:57 pm
at the image of the dust moving through covering all of the valley east to west. right now the bulk of that dust, you can see is moving to the north and east of us. looks like scottsdale would be the area to be hit by severe rain, very heavy rain through the tempe marketplace area, 101, 202 if you can avoid it. and the air quality term. with additional dust, if you have any breathing problems, stay >> and just sit tight, it will blow through. in you're in central phoenix, just waiting, it will move through. is the rain behind that? i'm always bugging her. >> there is, linda. that's where we saw that cell moving through tempe marketplace just to the south. we saw it through parts of maricopa. suddenly, dry, dry, dry, and boom, that thunderstorm popped up. >> we're streaming the pictures from sky fox live on our facebook page.
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