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tv   FOX 10 News 9pm  FOX  August 22, 2016 9:00pm-10:00pm MST

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now at 9:00, maybe you've seen it, the giant billboard that says i.s.i.s. sucks, and those behind it are valley muse muslims. >> why don't the muslims speak out against i.s.i.s.? well, the musli out. you're just not hearing them. >> an 84-year-old man murdered outside of a valley gym, the family coming to grips tonight. patients fighting off parkinson's disease, thanks to a new muhammad ali parkinson's center here in the valley. and later how back to school spells trouble for married couples.
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good evening and thanks for joining us tonight. it is a case that has gripped the valley for months, one that has unsolved, unfortunately. pthe serial street shootings tht have taken place around the valley and taken the lives of seven people, including a 12-year-old girl. >> yeah, but tonight we are hearing from a survivor of the shootings. he is sharing his story tonight for the first time. andrew hasbun joins us now live with police headquarters with his story and the latest on the case. >> reporter: and marc, today police released the details of what happened to this 22-year-old victim and his four-year-old nephew. they were driving when he says the shooter pulled up next to them and opened fire. it happened that quickly. he spoke to us on the condition that we not reveal his identity, and that's because with the serial shooter still on the loose, he's afraid of retaliation. the description provided by this victim helped police develop the
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the victim survived, despite being fired upon at close range. >> he looked at me and i looked at him, and then within seconds, that's when he shot -- both of the shots were fired. >> reporter: according to the police report released today, back on july 11th, the victim was driving south on 30th street near thomas when the shooter pulled up next to him. the victim saw a hispanic man in his 20s who gave the victim a threatening look. >> when we made eye contact, he wanted to make it obvious. i'm looking at you right now. this is me and you right now. >> reporter: according to the report, the shooter fired three shots. >> you know, i immediately dug down. i reached out my for my nephew and my only thought was to get away from the guy. >> reporter: the victim and his nephew were not hit but police say the serial shooter is responsible for seven deaths in nine shootings dating back to mid march. >> i firmly believe that it was god's deliverance, you know,
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>> reporter: and that victim also told police that the shooter was driving a black bmw, possibly from the mid 1990s. that description has now been widely circulated by police. anyone who may have information should call silent witness. the reward stands at $50,000. reporting live outside phoenix police headquarters, i'm andrew hasbun, fox 10 news. >> thank you, andrew. after a big dust storm swallowed up the phoenix area last night, the monsoon returning for round two today. and, wow, some areas it was a really big storm that hit. clouds building throughout the afternoon, dumping some pretty heavy rain on some places, primarily in the west valley and the northwestern area of phoenix. look at this video, shot near 15th avenue and northern, it was really coming down. >> yeah and you saw people caught off guard by the storm. it hit just before the evening rain shower but still managed to
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there, talking about a lot of water in some spots, roads flooded in some areas, like this area here, 7th near thunderbird. >> it always hits near rush hour, without fail. >> the rainfall totals were impressive in some areas. >> dave munsey joins us with a look at the storms tonight. dave, this is kind of like the monsoon, it doesn't want to give up. >> it just keeps on coming. it just keeps on giving, is what it does. as you can see here, we still a little bit of moisture hanging around, and most of it staying up to the we have a couple of shots of it down south of us, just kind of take a look and see what we had, as we get in a little bit closer here, you can see the storm rolling through earlier. and then look at that, peoria an inch and a half, just a little less than an inch and a half, an inch and a quarter right north of it and almost an inch off to the east a bit. we get down in just a little bit chorus and once again you'll see this massive wave come through. it ran through very rapidly, but
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that's about 107th avenue and olive at one and a half inches. there's an inch right there. and another inch up north of the peoria area, and you can see over in sunnyslope, it came through. it came through very, very rapidly but not much as far as totals were concerned. seven tenths of an inch was about the most they could get out of that. and then we get over into the gainey ranch, scottsdale area. it really missed this area a lot. everything that was happening was happening north of that area. but oe the east side, and you see those one inch totals once again. there's still something out there. we'll take a look at coming up. >> there's a little ominous warning there, dave. thank you. well, see this all too often, cars getting stuck in the flooded roads and washes, and look at this one, you see the caution sign there, but that car being swallowed up by the muddy flood waters.
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humboldt arizona. we are told two elderly people were trapped in their car at a low low crossing. crews were able to get them out safely and they are also reminding people tonight that it is never a good idea to drive through flooded areas. a desperate flee from family and friends of an 84-year-old man murdered in an l.a. fitness parking lot l.a. week. shivaswamy hosakote was found stabbed to death in his car last thursday. the case and are asking anyone with information to come forward. today the family spoke about the man they describe as a kind and generous soul. >> this loss has devastated all of us, especially his wife of 50 years, and we still have not come to grips with what really happened. please, if anyone has seen anything anywhere or heard
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we want to get to the bottom of it and find justie. >> chandler police and silent witness are offering a $1,000 reward for information that may lead to an arrest in this case. you can remain anonymous, of course, if you want to report your information. call silent witness at 480-witness. it is an unprecedented move. the u.s. attorney's office is now reviewing the case, the u.s. attorney's office reviewing the case of whether or not sheriff joe arpaio should face criminal ch profiling case. now, it comes after a federal judge, murray snow, found probable cause that the sheriff and his top aides violated his court orders, lied on the stand, and then withheld evidence in the case. &-p office in downtown phoenix demanding that sheriff joe be put in jail, and face the same things that their families
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arpaio's attorney says that they will welcome a jury trial and that they will not accept a plea deal in this, but if convicted arpaio could go to jail. >> and whether or not joe arpaio has to resign in the event of a conviction, the only thing we have in our state's history to instruct us on what happens in that instance is former governor symington, who remained in office during the course of the trial but left office when he was convicted. >> the sheriff's attorneys meet with u.s. attorney john leonardo soon and his office can either prosecute the case or leave it up to the department of justice to move forward with it. we of course will continue to follow that story. well, you may have seen this sign on your commute today, and if you did it probably caught your attention. it's a huge electronic billboard that has a simple to the point direct message. it says, hey, i.s.i.s., you suck. >> i think most people would agree with that. the billboard was paid for by
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nonprofit with help from the muslim community in the valley. ty brennan joins us with why they put the billboard up. >> reporter: the muslims here in the valley say they want to condemn the organization in a very public way. they tell me although i.s.i.s. claims to practice islam, they couldn't be farther from the actual teachings of the religion. >> they don't represent us and they don't represent spotted this electronic billboard. it says plainly, hey, i.s.i.s. you suck, from actual muslims. >> the sad thing is that our neighbors' view of actual muslims has gone down because the message of i.s.i.s. has gone up. >> she says the local muslim community, with the help of sound vision, a national mesh american nonprofit are bringing the i.s.i.s. sucks campaign to
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know, you know, we are colleagues and classmates and neighbors, and we want our neighbors to know we don't approve of this at all. this is not representative of islam. in fact, the profit muhammad, peace be upon him, spoke absolutely in opposite of this message that i.s.i.s. is portraying, and we want everybody to know that. >> reporter: she says over the years, muslims across the country have been the target of bullying, name calling, and even extremists' wing of the religion. they hope these four words on the billboard serve a purpose to all who drive by and see it. >> this billboard is one way to get the message out there. >> reporter: the organization also put up the exact same billboard in chicago, and they say they will continue to this campaign to spread their message. reporting live tonight, ty brennan, fox 10 news. a special honor for the humanitarian aid worker from
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killed by i.s.i.s. militants, the new park that will soon bear her name. plus, he fought inside and outside the ring, muhammad ali's determination to beat parkinson's is helping other patients knock out their own battle with the disease. >> i can visualize the disease in front of me, and every time i strike a blow, the more i'm
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new program in the valley is giving people with parkinson's disease an opportunity to literally fight the disease. it's a fitting tribute to the man known as the greatest of all time. >> patients at the muhammad ali parkinson's center are learning boxing technique to fight their disease. nicole garcia shows us how. >> reporter: they have tremors. they move slower. they have parkinson's disease,
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>> nice. >> reporter: these men and women are champion fighters in their own right, with the will to win with a knockout. >> yeah! >> i can visualize the disease in front of me and every time i strike a blow and the harder i can hit, the more i'm pushing parkinson's back. it may take everything in the end, but i'm not going down without a fight. >> yes, step. >> reporter: scott was diagnosed with parkinson's in his thirties. the knockout parkinson's boxing program gives him a sense empowerment over the disease that has robbed him of his movement and coordination. >> i get a little bit out of the workout and the health aspect of it, but from the psychological aspect i get significantly more out of it. >> reporter: the instructor is a professional who has trained professional athletes in marble martial arts and boxing. >> there is a lot of cadenza, a
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this particular drill. especially for parkinson's, it's especially important to switch back from the left to the right, to actually challenge those neuropathways. . >> reporter: he's put together an intense, fast-paced program, lateral shuffles, a demanding routine for even those without the disease. >> definitely doable. >> a lot of the exercises that we do are difficult to do in sequence, so moving is harder than it used to be. >> one, two, three, four. >> it has been shown that doing that type of exercise actually does improve people's day-to-day function and reduces disability down the road. >> one, two, three, four! >> reporter: although there is no scientific research that shows the benefit of boxing for parkinson's patients, there is one role model shlg -- the legendary champion, muhammad
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disease at a young age and continued many, many years with it, so one has to wonder if his commitment to boxing helped with parkinson's disease. we are very proud to have this boxing program at our center as a tribute to muhammad ali. >> exercise may slow the progression down. there's nothing that can stop it, but at least i can go in and give it all i have to prevent it from getting worse. >> reporter: there is no cure for parkinson's disease, but people in this group have the will to keep living and the butterfly and sting like a bee. >> it's kind of almost symbolic. it's fighting the disease. every punch i throe, every step i take and all of the effort i put into it, parkinson's can have it eventually, but not now. i'm going to give it a fight. >> reporter: nicole garcia, fox 10 news. what a great program there. and that boxing class is open to all parkinson's patients.
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at the muhammad ali parkinson's center to sign up. well, marc and kari, this is the final week of training camp for the cardinals. they couldn't be more thrilled on what happened out there today at university of phoenix stadium. he's the team's number one pick, back on the field. how much longer will you wait? how much longer will you go through the motions? how much longer will it be... ...before you pick up the phone and call the ashline? double your chances of successfully quitting. call now, while you still can.
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your exclusive accuweather forecast with dave munsey on fox 10 news. well, hi, everybody. 92 degrees. that breeze is quite nice compared to what we had earlier, down to seven miles an hour out of the northwest right now. we have 82 degrees up in cave creek, 86 degrees in fountain hills, 90 in ahwatukee, and 86 degrees in surprise right now. well, some moisture still hanging around the state, not as much around phoenix. we see a little bit of virga down here with a few sprinkles
9:24 pm
is not making it to the ground. you can see the storm system that passed through earlier, and we get you a look at that north side, a little bit of the northeast side, and that's a pretty big storm system moving through there and we showed you that a little bit earlier, as much as an inch moving through areas, copping through rapidly. not as much in the flagstaff area, but just to the west of flagstaff near kingman, still see a lot of moisture flowing into the state at that origin right up there, heading into peach springs and probably heading into the flagstaff area before too long. we will see some of this active weather over in the eastern mountains as well. however, it is dying down kind of drying out a little bit at this particular time. and there's still a little bit of miniature to the south of us as well. you can see buckeye right here. here's phoenix with a few storms traveling through that open desert. the dew points are still up there pretty good. we did have it up to 59.
9:25 pm
but some 60s to the south of us, some 50s to the north of us. so lots of moisture around lots of moisture in the air here. here we are, as we put the futurecast into play, and you can see late tuesday some storms off to the east and northeast of us, but then again we get you into wednesday, late wednesday, up north of us there's going to be a pretty good storm system. we see these storm systems come in, and whether or not they are going to make it is always kind of we go to 100 degrees on the high today, 97 at buckeye, 98 degrees at scottsdale. take a look at the mountains here, 70 in flagstaff, 86 degrees in sedona, in prescott 76, we come to the desert, 104 at yuma, 99 degrees in casa grande. here's your day, 100 on the high, 79 on the low, 104 and 82 would be the normal high and
9:26 pm
day. take a look at it, this is what we are forecasting for tomorrow, 97 in the city. we do have some triple digits out there, however, across the valley and very close to that in some other areas. 72 degrees in payson, 78 degrees the forecast in prescott, mid-70s in sedona. look at that, flagstaff, 64, and then some triple digits down on the desert floor. you can see the moisture in the gulf states here. that's been kind of picking up through the day today. here's our western moisture that you have been seeing the day, and of course into this evening. 77 overnight, a few scattered showers out there, 97 degrees for tomorrow, and let's take a look at it here. we go to 100 degrees on wednesday, 101 on thursday, and back into the 90s as we head into the weekend with chances of storms continuing again. watch your kids around water. coming up in the next half hour of fox 10 news, is donald
9:27 pm
the republican nominee sets the record straight. neighbors thought something strange was going on in this house. now the homeowner is dead. and one of his roommates admits to police he killed him. i'm steve krafft. i'll have that story. plus, she took to social media for help finding work. the ad she posted and the overwhelming response she got. >> and it just kept going and going and going.
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live from fox studios, fox 10 news is back. a fight between two roommates ends with one of them dead and the other one in jail, and tonight we are learning that the suspect sent a chilling tweet just days before that killing. >> steve krafft has the latest on the fatal shooting that happened over the weekend in gilbert. >> yesterday morning in gilbert, a 911 call came in from 21-year-old zachary penton who said that he had just shot and killed his om his forties. we spoke to a roommate who did not want to be seen on camera. she had a feeling that something bad would happen in this house, and it did yesterday morning. police say 21-year-old zachary penton called 911 and said he'd just killed his roommate, 41-year-old daniel garofalo. >> this is is a very nice neighborhood but there is one bad neighbor, and everybody knew
9:31 pm
neighbors. they avoided him. >> there was lots of parties, lots of stuff always going on at that house. the guy seemed nice, but he was very creepy. he told me one time that the fbi is watching him and they are screening him and stuff. the guy is literally crazy, like he -- you can -- there's fights there. >> reporter: then this tweet from an account police believe belongs to zachary penton, last friday. , quote, "i need my place before i viciously murder my roommates," and yesterday he told police he shot and killed garofalo. >> it is sad somebody died, but the neighborhood will be safer now. >> penton is being held for second-degree murder. bond in this case set at $750,000. steve krafft, fox 10 news. phoenix police investigating two deadly shootings that happened at the knight's inn off of i-17. that's a motel. it happened early this morning.
9:32 pm
women in one of the motel rooms. the other man and one woman took off from the scene. but they were eventually captured. the other shooting happened an saturday night when valley rapper desean mcdonald was celebrating his birthday at a nearby strip club. if you have any information, call phoenix police or silent witness. you can remain anonymous. and that number is you may want to avoid this intersection, the northbound lanes of 59th avenue at indian school road. you can see what's going on here. they remain closed tonight after a big sinkhole opened up on the road this morning. all other lanes in the area are open, but there are some restrictions because of this closure that may slow you down a bit as workers are busy making repairs. as we gear up for the primary election taking place in arizona next tuesday, we are
9:33 pm
registered republicans has surged in the state according to the latest figures. for the first time since january 2014, the number of registered republicans has surpassed the number of independents in arizona. the total number of registered voters has also grown in the state. arizona's secretary of state michele reagan says she believes this means there will be a higher turnout at the polls. the primary electio again is next tuesday, august 30th, and we will have all of the results right here on fox 10. immigration has been a central part of donald trump's campaign. his pls the southern border, he's talked about that quite a bit, and he says remove all illegal immigrants, have both pulled in and pushed away voters, depending on how you feel. but now it appears that trump may be softening his stance just a bit. after a leading with hispanic leaders in new york on saturday, donald trump admits his call to round up and do a mass deportation of the 11 million or so illegal immigrants living in the u.s., is now up in the air.
9:34 pm
critics say it is yet another example of the trump flip-flop on policy, but donald trump says this is merely a change of plans. >> no, i'm not flip flopping. we want to come up with a really fair but firm answer. it has to be very firm. but we want to come up with something fair. >> and doable. the latest national polls sew that donald trump is in trouble when it comes to the november election. he's lagging behind hillary clinton anywhere from five to eight points. the polls also in crucial battleground swing sates that are likely to decide this election. in the meantime, there are more concerns tonight about possible conflicts of interest regarding the clinton foundation. former president bill clinton says the charity will no longer accept foreign money and that he will step down from the board if his wife is elected in november. but the trump campaign is now publicly calling for the charity to close. hillary clinton's running mate, ty brennan, fired back today
9:35 pm
in las vegas, criticizing donald trump for not releasing his taxer returns. >> donald trump has said for years that if he ever ran for president, he'd release his taxes. it is time for donald trump to follow his own words, to face the music, and give the american voters what we deserve, the facts. >> meantime, former secretary of state colin powell is firing back at the clinton campaign after hillary clinton said that her use of a private server was powell's idea. powell told "people" magazine her people have been trying to pin it on me. the truth is, she was using a private e-mail server for a year before telling her what i did. former president jimmy carter is on the mend, fighting off skin cancer, and today he was giving back to the community, working with habitat for humanity in tennessee. he admitted to puttin on a
9:36 pm
fighting through the cancer diagnosis, trying to recover from it, actually admitting he thought he might have weeks to live. >> but it has turned out quite well, and so the optimism that i have had has paid off. >> that's great. carter was treated with a new cancer drug and months after his cancer diagnosis, declared cancer free, he is out there working. he still goes to the doctor every few months to be checked out. as for the 2016 election, carter said that he doesn't like to get involved in the politics of it but did say that everyone knows he's a democrat and that should tell you how he will be voting. just days after a preteen suicide bomber carried out an attack at a wedding party in turkey, chilling images in iraq. thankfully police officers were able to stop the boy before the
9:37 pm
bomb off the boy. that boy was taken into custody. a playground honoring kayla mueller, the arizonan, will open up this weekend in prescott. you are looking at a picture of it, a beautiful playground there. mueller you'll remember was working in kidnapped -- in syria when she was kidnapped. the grand opening is this prescott. this next story shows you the true power of social media. a young single mother reaches out for a job, and the community quickly responds. alvarez posted the ad on a facebook page saturday morning, within hours the post blew up. people not only telling her about job postings, but people with their own businesses were
9:38 pm
thankful. she and her two sons just moved here from iowa, and she's still struggling with the death of her two-year-old daughter in 2014. >> she's my motivation, she and my two boys. i can't give up. it was never an option for me. >> and again, the community really responding to the story. >> and what was cool about it is the other people who were on the threat found jobs as well. >> right. it started this whole conversation going on. from this as well. it just shows you sometimes, you kind of run out of options. >> and there's so many people who want to help. coming up, do you really know what's in your child's room, the hiding places, a local organization showing us how some kids might be using hiding places to hide drugs. parents, what you should look out for after the break.
9:39 pm
new aquarium that's getting ready to open in the east valley. we'll have that story behind these cute little guys, coming
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a big day at grand canyon university as thousands of students move in before the new school year starts. the university's annual lug marks the beginning of welcome week. kari, did you ever have anybody help you move into college? >> we didn't have a team of volunteers. you twisted the arm of your friends. >> made some promises to people. >> yeah, i'll buy you pizza later on if you'll help me move. this is a great idea though, isn't it? >> yeah. >> 1,700 volunteers were on hand helping students move in, check into new dorms. it's always the worst when you get the call. will you help me move?
9:43 pm
two hours max. >> a local organization is showing parents how easy it is for kids to hide drugs in bedrooms. the not my kid organization showed up a bedroom to tour and showed how easily they can hide drugs in plain sight. >> disturbing. >> look at all of these things that look like real objects. >> my kids have all of these things in their rooms. >> and they are fake. they can be purchased at smoke shops you should be careful if you think your kids are using drugs. >> it's not about invasion of privacy, but it's about safety, prevention, and taking preventative measures for their kids. >> and some detective work to find out all of the hiding spots. these things look legit. the room is open for all parents until the end of august, at the not my kid office near 52nd
9:44 pm
9:00 a.m., also giving away free drug testing kits through the end of the month. the sight of billses making people want to run for the hlls, the biggest source of financial stress in america paying down debt followed by not being able to retire and not being able to pay for an emergency. one thing that does not seem to be driving americans crazy, driving, miles if the first part of 2016. and gas prices up from a week ago, but still down about $0.45 from a year ago. a big buyout in big pharma, pfizer, purchasing the biotech company, medivation, known for making a popular prostate cancer drug, paying around $14 billion.
9:45 pm
but investors giving a big ovation for medivation, that stock soaring around 20%. that's business. i'm stuart varney. the tempe city council taking the next step in building the city's first biomedical and technology campus. this will be built on 18 acres of land just west of the tempe center for the arts right there along tempe town lake. last week the city selected three companies to partner that development project and tempe officials say working to attract biotechnology and medical companies because they contribute to quality of life in the community. the odysea airm will be opening in north scottsdale -- odysea aquarium will be opening in north scottsdale. these sea otters have been cared for by humans. they have been rocking them to sleep and bottle-feeding them,
9:46 pm
>> they have individual personalities, just like humans do. they are cranky when overtired, let you know when they are hungry, very playful, a lot of fun, a lot of work. >> a special team will be on hand 24/7 to look after the otters and other creatures. odysea aquarium, it could be open within a matter of weeks. coming up next in the buzz, a new trend in the workplace, why millennials want to be seen as are concerne their good intentions may actually backfire. plus, why so many married couples decide to call it quits at the start of the new school year. we are going to talk about it next, coming up in the buzz. ?
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play in style. talking stick resort, scottsdale. it's time for the buzz... anncr: book now for rates from only $109, during hot rates, hot dates. and it's time for the buzz where we talk about the stories that people are talking about. first up, have you seen alicia keys lately, mark today you showed me a picture. >> she's looking all natural. she's no longer going to be wearing makeup, she says, not just when she is out running errands, but all the time, not at tv shows or award shows. she says not my struggles or my emotional growth, nothing.
9:50 pm
makeup. i don't mean to sound shocked, but you just don't see this. and i love it. i think it's refreshing. >> yeah, i think it's great too, because these celebrities, a lot of them spend hours in makeup just before they go out, and you see pictures of them and think, man, they look amazing. how do they look so great all the time? and the truth is they don't always. >> yeah, and we have gotten to see that's normal for what people look like, and it's nice to see a normal face. tomorrow i'm not wearing makeup. >> all right, kari. let's tune in. a new study on millennials -- nearly half of millennials say that they want their bosses to think that they are so-called work martyrs, but this is an unintended affect. according to the study's author,
9:51 pm
when these millennials move into management, they will expect employees to do the same. >> this goes against everything that we have heard and sometimes seen. >> yeah, we hear the whole thing about them is they don't like a job, and they will just leave and go to the next one. but this is kind of the opposite of that, according to this study. >> we have some hardworking millennials here. >> yeah, sure. >> but we too, right, just like anybody else. >> but we are going to be in trouble if they become managers. back to school means end of the line for some married couples, divorce rates consistently go up in august. important holidays, once they are over, some might divorce. apparently the thinking is, okay, don't get the divorce while the kids are out of school. let's have a couple of family vacations, and then when the
9:52 pm
file for divorce. i don't know if that's better. school is so stressful. >> we have also heard the holidays are a big time for divorce. you get through one last christmas or new year's and then you divorce. but, yeah, i agree with you, just starting the school year and then you have got that to deal with? >> probably anytime to announce a divorce, it's not easy. i guess august is as good as any >> i guess so. your turn to chime on in. head over to facebook page to post your thoughts. i'm @marcfox10. >> and i'm @kari lake. we would love to hear from you and like us while you're there. >> the cards number one pick is on the field and this might surprise you, the diamondbacks with the best player of the week. it's true and it's next in
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you're watching fox 10 sports with jude lacava in hd. take a look at this guy, 6'4", 300, cards number one pick, big, powerful, and he's a guy that's finally back on the field. robert nkemdiche final found the field today. the defensive lineman from ole miss suffering from that high
9:56 pm
training camp debut. here he's against josh morrow, just a chance to get some reps, get a feel. now the question will be, could he play as early as this coming sunday against the houston texans? watch it again. this is a guy that you get a sense will be an impact player if he remains healthy in his very first year. that's true. number 90, and again you compare him to anybody, like darnell dockett, maybe a little bit of eric swine, i know has all of the makings to be a play maker, and fairly early if his career, finally on the career, robert nkemdiche. >> it sucks, you know, just being out and watching your teammate grind through training camp and you want to be out there helping them and, you know, there's a couple of d linemen went down, and i want to be out there, seeing the guys take all of the reps and work so hard and you want to join them. but you have got to take it
9:57 pm
patient. i didn't feel i was behind at all, just getting the ankle itself back used to the sharp movements and explosive movements. >> no, it doesn't take much time. he has been to all of the meetings and should know what gap to get in. seeing him at practice the first time, what power he has, how fast he can adjust and learn, and knock on wood, stay healthy. >> and by the way, justin bethel back on the field, frostee rucker. larry fitzgerald actually took the day off, but the question will be this sunday against the houston texans, will they go with the first teamers for maybe the entire first half? that's going to be an interesting item to watch, certainly no doubt about that, but this offensive unit wants to get a rhythm, get in synch, a little bit of confidence after what's been a rough preseason game or two. tyran mathieu, you always look at that lateral movement when coming off an a.c.l. back on the
9:58 pm
against the texans, but you'll see the veterans, and bruce arians has a plan on how long they will play. >> it's the third preseason game, and whether carson plays the whole first half, we'll wait and see. it depends on how we play. i'm not interested in seeing 30 plays. i know what they can do. against j.j. west, he's the best there he is, and i hope he is playing soon because for the game. but i don't need to see these guys play a bunch. >> well, you'll see them play on fox 10, 1:00 p.m., cardinals at the texans, fox news right after the game, our special guest analyst max starks. robby rey, player of the week, two. -- we went 2-0, 1.5 era in
9:59 pm
dansby swanson, the number one pick traded in the shelby miller deal. godley, 2-1 arizona, you are not going to believe how this one played out tonight. it's 5-0, atlanta, chip scratching his head. tomas, this two-run shot happens to be number 26, 26 home runs for ma back, bases loaded, welington castillo drives in bourn, goldie and tomas, 8-7 lead. but then freeman, a home run in the ninth, so that game now is tied at eight a piece. back with more football, the latest on the dbacks. we'll see you in 20 minutes. right now it's marc martinez, fox 10 news at 10:00. one of the serial shooter's victims speaks out, telling us what it was like to come
10:00 pm
protesters take to the streets of downtown phoenix, demanding maricopa county sheriff joe arpaio face criminal charges. someone is defacing senator john mccain's campaign signs around the valley, but there's more graffiti wrong with this piece of vandalism. thank you for being with us tonight at 10:00. for months, a string of val shootings has kept people on edge. there have been nine shootings and seven people killed, the serial shooter is still on the loose. tonight one of the survivors shares his story for the if i first time. he was shot while driving his car but luckily the bullets missed his body. andrew hasbun talked to him and has his frightening story for us tonight. andrew? >> marc, today police detailing the reports of what happened to him, claiming the shooter pulled


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