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tv   FOX 10 News 10pm  FOX  August 22, 2016 10:00pm-10:30pm MST

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protesters take to the streets of downtown phoenix, demanding maricopa county sheriff joe arpaio face criminal charges. someone is defacing senator john mccain's campaign signs around the valley, but there's more graffiti wrong with this piece of vandalism. thank you for being with us tonight at 10:00. for months, a string of val shootings has kept people on edge. there have been nine shootings and seven people killed, the serial shooter is still on the loose. tonight one of the survivors shares his story for the if i first time. he was shot while driving his car but luckily the bullets missed his body. andrew hasbun talked to him and has his frightening story for us tonight. andrew? >> marc, today police detailing the reports of what happened to him, claiming the shooter pulled
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it happened that fast. he spoke to us on the condition hat we not reveal his i. with the serial shooter still on the loose, he's afraid of retaliation. >> the description provided by this victim helped police develop the sketch of the serial shooter. the victim survived despite being fired upon at close range. >> you know, i immediately ducked down. i reached out for my nephew, and my only thought was to just get away fwrt guy. >> reporter: according to the police report just released to south on 30th near thomas when the shooter pulled up next to him. the victim saw a hispanic man in his 20s who gave the victim a threatening look. >> he wanted to make it obvious, i'm looking at you right now. this is me and you right now. >> according to the report, the shooter fired three shots. >> he looked at me and i looked at him, and within seconds, that's when both of the shots were fired. >> reporter: the victim and his
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responsible for seven deaths in nine shootings dating back to md march. >> i firmly believe that it was god's deliverance, you know, that the lord jesus saved me from the snare of death. >> reporter: he also provided police with the description of the suspect's car, a black bmw like this one from the mid 1990s. >> and that description has now been widely circulated by police. if you can help catch the serial shooter, call silent witness. the reward stands at $50,000. i'm andrew hasbun. fox 10 news. andrew, thank you. d.p.s. also investigating a shooting along the i-10. troopers say the driver was near sky harbor airport headed westbound on i-10 between i-17 and the 51 saturday night. apparently another passenger rolled down a passenger side window and shot at the man's truck. luckily she missed him. the shooter is only described as an african-american woman
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one roommate dead, the other behind bars, and tonight we are learning about a chilling tweet that he sent out not long before the murder. this happened on saturday night near higley and chandler heights boulevard. 21-year-old zack penton called 911 saying he just killed his roommate, 41-year-old daniel garofalo. last friday he sent out a tweet saying i need to move out of my place before i viciouslyil roommates. we talked to a neighbor who had a bad feeling. >> this was a very nice neighborhood, but there is one bad seed in the neighborhood, and everybody knew that already. it is sad and somebody died, but the neighborhood will be safer now. >> penton is charged with second-degree murder and he is being held right now on $750,000 bond. a former employee of the phoenix rescue mission is sentenced to three and a half years in prison for stealing
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sergio solarzano pled guilty to charges of theft, fraud and taking the identity of another. the judge also ordered him to pay $61,000 in restitution to his victims. he would take their mail and steal their benefits. a temporary judge's order blocks obama administration's guidelines to all students to use the restrooms should apply nationwide because the directives contradict the legislative and regulatory text. >> and the primary goal in offering this guidance was to ensure a safe educational environment for all students. >> arizona and 12 other states asked the judge to halt that directive after the federal government told u.s. public schools in may, transgender
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bathrooms and locker rooms consistent with their chosen identity. in an unprecedented move, a judge is recommending criminal charges against the sheriff, something that protesters today say they want to see happen. protesters say they want to see sheriff joe arpaio wearing his own jail stripes. the possibility is on the table after fedel found probable cause that the sheriff and his top aide were in criminal contempt. >> we want him to go through the same things our families went through. he is a criminal. >> reporter: a former attorney says he's never heard of anything like this. >> if the u.s. attorney's office was still doing books or had
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be blowing the dust off those books, because this is so rare an occurrence. >> the u.s. attorney's office confirms prosecutors are reviewing the case but do not have a timetable for a decision. the u.s. attorney's office can decide whether to prosecute arpaio or possibly hand the case to the department of justice. arpaio's lawyers plan to meet with the u.s. attorney. republicans now account for arizonans largest voting block, outnumbering the number of registered independents for the first time since january 2014. that increase is due to a big jump in republicans registering to vote for the first time in the state's primary election. former arizona congressman gabrielle giffords endorses pennsylvania senator pat toomey and -- they both also voted for stiffer gun control laws. gifford of course was wounded in the mass shooting in tuscon back in 2011.
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senator john mccain's campaign signs around the valley. the white paint on the signs reads globalist trader, either a misspelling or the vandal does not approve of mccain's stock portfolio. a group of sea otters finding a new home in the odysea aquarium, which could open in special handlers will be on hand day and night to look after the otters and all of the other animals at the aquarium. a single mom looking for work takes initiative, and it really paid off for her. ryan lochte has apologized for lying about being robbed during the olympics, but it was too little, too late, and now he is definitely paying the price. if you would like to contact
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fox 10 and on
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we upped the ante at culver's to create the new crispy southwest chicken sandwich. all-natural, whole white meat chicken breast. topped with spicy pepper jack cheese and jalape?o ranch. on a lightly buttered, toasted ciabatta roll. the perfect cheese for pepper jack is going to be creamy and mild, and it's really going to tone down the spiciness of the peppers. you're going to taste the cheese first, and then you're going to get just a little bit of warmth from the peppers. it's really good. a bold new flavor and only here for a limited time. welcome to delicious. five five surprise firefighters head west to help california's fires for about two weeks. there are six major wildfires burning in california right now, and this crew will be assigned to the ray fire, burning in san bernadino. -- in santa barbara. you may have seen this on your commute today. it's hard to miss.
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right off the i-10 and 67 avenue. and you can see right there, it says hey, i.s.i.s., you suck. ty brennan is with us telling us who is behind the message and why. >> local muslims here in the valley and a national nonprofit organization are behind those billboards, they say the message is clear, condemn the terrorist organization in a very public way. >> they don't represent us and they don't represent islam. >> drivers along the i-10 heading eastbound near 67th avenue may have spotted electronic billboard. it says plainly, hey, i.s.i.s., you suck, from actual muslims. >> the sad thing is that our neighbors view of muslims has gone down, because the message of i.s.i.s. has gone up. >> that's why dr. nadir, a retired n.a.u. professor and follower of islam, says the local muslim community, with the help of sound vision, a national american muslim nonprofit, are bringing the i.s.i.s. sucks campaign to phoenix.
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know, you know, we are colleagues and classmates and neighbors, and we want our neighbors to know we don't approve of this at all. this is not representative of islam, in fact, the profit muhammad, peace be upon him, spoke absolutely in opposite of this message that i.s.i.s. is portraying, and we want everybody to know that. >> she says over the years, muslims across the country have been the target of bullying, name calling, and even physical violence, because of e extremist wing of the religion. they hope these four words on this billboard serve as a purpose to all who drive by and see it. >> this billboard is one way to get the message out there. >> reporter: the organization also put up the same billboard in chicago recently. they say they will continue to do this campaign, spreading their message. reporting live tonight, ty brennan, fox 10 news. >> ty, thank you. gold medal winner ryan lochte is still paying the price in a big way after that gas station incident in rio de
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speedo has dropped its spornship of lochte after he admitted to lying about the incident in rio ralph lauren saying it will not renew its sponsorship, saying it was only for the 2016 olympics and it will not be renewed. kfc gave away 3,000 bottles of sunscreen that smelled like fried chicken. it became available today on their website, gone within a few hours, but some reporters who used it said the smell did not immediately bring to mind chicken, some of them in fact saying it was revolting. well, we have some rain around the valley and around the state tonight, a little bit of that stuff got in here, and we will take a look and see if
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well, you might have been caught up in this today on your way home in the sudden burst of rain that was right around the valley late this afternoon. we got some pretty good shots of it from skyfox, some reporters out in it as well. this is what the downpour looks pretty impressive sight, and dave you have that covered. >> yeah, that was nice. i actually took a picture of that and it was such an impressive picture. at one point it was just showing the entire storm. >> that's a view that you can really get from the helicopter that's hard to get from the ground, that's for sure. >> yeah, and we had some rain, and it didn't get the whole valley. when that happens, people are going, i didn't get anything. you are talking about all of this rain. that's what happened to us. we were caught in the rain in scottsdale and on the 101 saturday night. we got back home, not a drop.
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of the west at five miles an hour, in surprise and goodyear, 88 degrees, in mesa, 86 degrees right now. we still have some moisture still around, a lot of that stuff hiding up around las vegas right now. you get down in the city, you can see some of that moisture, a little bit of virga coming in here, which would be moisture in the air that isn't reaching the ground. there may be a sprinkle or two in that one. i'll show you where the rain would be. it would be in that darker rain if we got pretty good rain near, north of peoria, 1.2, 1.4 south of peoria or in the peoria area, and then .7 inches east of that area, and then once again, you can see some of the areas around it not getting that much. however, you did pick up 1.5 inches up in the northeast valley. and as you can see over here in the sunnyslope area, little
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.7 inches in that area, scottsdale missed this thing, didn't get much at all way up in the northeastern portion, might have picked up a little bit. and then here's flagstaff. here's what it is still hanging on up in the kingman area, up in that northwestern corner of the state, still seeing it coming in here by dolan springs as well and then a little bit over in the east, but we are really not seeing that much accumulate over there. some of it still hanging around in the south. some of that southern moisture continuing to find its way in. look at this, 1.20 inches at kingman, they got.67 inches in prescott, a little over a quarter inch in the st. john's area, and st. john's 53 on the dew point right now, 57 here in phoenix, a lot of 50s to the north and south of us. look at yuma, 71 on the dew point, so maybe some moisture
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and as you see, we put the futurecast into motion, a lot of that stuff gets close to phoenix but doesn't come in. so that might be another sneak storm that gets in here over the next couple of days, but things are drying out a little bit. 100 degrees is where we go for the high today. you can see the surrounding numbers are in the upper 90s, so it's just right here in the city that we get that. 101 at gila bend, 70 at flagstaff, 96 in safford on the day today. 100 here, 79 for the low, 104 and 82 normal high and record high for the day, 65 your record low for the day. here's our southwestern portion. you see some stuff in the gulf there. really starting to just get going as far as your gulf moisture is concerned. overnight 77, 97 for tomorrow with a few scattered showers here and there, and then as you can see we get back into the triple digits, but back into the 90s for the weekend with a chance of a storm. watch your kids around water. well, more questions
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investigators found mislabeled drugs at paisley park during the time of his death. investigators say pills labeled hydrocodone were actually fentanyl, a painkiller described as 50 times stronger than heroin and 100 more times powerful than morphine, responsible for prince's overdose. investigators the drug as a prescription and
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live from fox studios, fox 10 news is back. and it's that time of year again, over at grand canyon university, as thousands of students arrive today for the annual luggage lug. that's where 1,700 volunteers help students check in and chen move into their dorms. all of the students will be
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after her two-year-old daughter died a single mom left iowa with her two young sons for a new start here in phoenix. nina alvarez posted an ad on a craigslist facebook page on saturday morning and was surprised at the results. >> i really appreciated it, and it just kept going and going and i'm like wow. >> less than a day after she posted online about her need for a job, she got several messages from potential about her resum?, as well as companies with suggestions for openings. >> i have that strong work ethic in my veins, i want to work, work, work. >> she reached out, they replied back. >> they were like, here's a link, put in an application. i'm like, okay, i just have to wait for them to call.
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full-time, one part-time. if you're the breadwinner in the household, it could be bad for your health. men's psychological well-being and health increases when their wives take on more responsibility. women's psychological stability also increases when they took on a greater share, contradicting past studies which said that men who made less money self-esteem and were more likely to cheat. this is a guy that's a real play maker when it comes to just having an impact on the field, number 90, robert nkemdiche, the first round pick of the cardinals makes his way to training camp and on the field. you'll hear from him in just
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you're watching fox 10 sports with jude lacava in hd. ah, yes, this was a good day for the arizona cardinals, back at practice, justin bethel, top pick robert nkemdiche, frostee rucker and second day back for tyran mathieu. for bruce arians and steve keim, this is more like it as they get a little bit closer to the start of the regular season. now, larry fitzgerald had the day off. he'll give that to some of his veterans on occasion, whether it's carson palmer or fitz. there's tyran mathieu, to see him on the field, it's electric
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as far as carson palmer goes, brandon williams, the rookie quarterback out of texas a&m with an int here, late afternoon practice out there at university of phoenix stadium. calmer looking to get more reps come sunday against texas. tight-end position number 87, an offense that wants to get a little bit more on track before they get started. there you see gresham, the other tight-end, loaded at that position, no question about that. as for bruce arians has some thoughts as he looks ahead to the game against the texans. >> we'll get into a game plan week, a normal week, noncamp week, but more of a game plan week, so i like where we are at. >> as i mentioned, robert nkemdiche, the top pick from ole miss, looks like he's doing a
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chance to finally draw some contact with his defensive line mates, no question about that for nkemdiche, a while since he has been on the field, and he couldn't feel better about finally breaking a sweat, putting on the pads and making it happen. >> it felt good today. it felt good being back out there with my teammates and just, you know, feeling the energy again and the passion, it feels good to be back in football mode. watching your teammates grind through training camp, and you want to be o them, and a couple of d linemen went down, and i want to be out there, you see them take all of the reps and you want to be out there and join them. but you have just got to take it day-by-day. how about it, coming your way this sunday at 1:00, right here on fox 10, cardinals at the texans. dansby swanson, the first
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dealer, two-run shot will draw a few scratches of the head, no doubt about that. down 5-0, but tomas comes back with a two-run shot, his 26th. and then you see welington castillo at bat here, 8-7, interesting late in this game. let's go right now to the action that played out in the ninth paul goldschmidt, game tied, bottom of the ninth, a walk-off home run. say amen and hallelujah. >> wow. >> we have not talked about a win late in the game in a long time. how about that. dbacks walk-off win. >> modern family is up next.
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claire: mm. [ both groan and sigh ] remember before we had kids, when we could just lie in bed on a saturday? that's how we got them. why did i have to be so sexy? a few months ago, luke joined a club soccer team. and at first, we were thrilled. but then we realized it takes over your whole weekend. and not in the cool "mythbusters" marathon way. luke sits on the bench a lot, which means we sit in the hot sun for like eight hours just to see him play five minutes. but what a five minutes. tell 'em about last week. oh! yeah. luke stopped a goal with his face. yeah. too bad he doesn't remember that. yeah. what if we sent luke to the game without us today? we can't do that. missing one tournament doesn't make us bad parents. my mom never went to any of my stuff. i'm fine. why didn't she go to any of your stuff? because she was an incredibly competitive woman who didn't like to see me do very well at anything, but i think it's pretty clear who won. mm-hmm. i'm working now, you know, and i really need my weekends back to -- to catch up on errands.


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