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tv   FOX 10 News 530pm  FOX  August 23, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MST

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the arizona department of the arizona department of health services is going to grant 31 new licenses for the sale of marijuana in the state and 750 applications have come in. applicants forking over $5,000 for each one of the licenses. the the marijuana industry is poised for big growth. steve krafft joins us with the story tonight. >> reporter: kari, marijuana as a business in arizona will grow, especially if voters pass prop 205 and a make recreational marijuana legal for those over 21 with restrictions, adults can possess one ounce and grow up to six plants. in north phoenix, there is a
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marijuana to patients. behind it, extensive grow room. 1,000 plants, different strains of marijuana, complete with a lab to ensure high quality standards are met. >> we are hoping to be in maricopa county and we applied for another location in mesa and one on the west side. >> reporter: it is not cheap to apply for one of the licenses. you have to come up if you want one and you have to win permission to get the license. >> for the new licenses, you have to find a location to apply for and find a building and find a place you can buy or rent and approval from the owner. >> reporter: the licenses are only for medical marijuana but if voters pass prop 205 this
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marijuana, they say dispensaries can expand greatly and that will be a good thing. >> i think it is good for adults to choose if they want a glass of wine or a joint. they stay at home and order a pizza. >> reporter: $25 million will be pumped back into the regulation program to cover administrative costs. voters will decide in november becomes legal in arizona as it has in oregon, colorado, alaska, and washington, d.c. the department of health services will announce who gets the medical marijuana licenses this october. before taking a road test for a driver's license, you spend time at the m.v.d. licensed applicants can go
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11 offices throughout arizona. the other offices will be put online. adot is doing this to improve customer service. several people hurt in a crash on the loop 202 san tan freeway. sky fox over the scene this morning south of elliot road. one person had to be cut out of the car to be rescued. that person is in critical condition. the lanes are back open tonight. for the first hearing from friends from a man who was stabbed to death shortly after leaving a valley bar. one of the suspects is behind bars as friends prepare for a vigil tonight to honor the victim. >> reporter: the 38-year-old was a well known volunteer and advocate in the lbgt community. >> there was something going on.
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>> reporter: he knew the victim for nearly 20 years. >> we accepted him just as he was. that is my baby boy and i'm going to miss him. >> reporter: police arrested a transient. he told police the victim who was walking home from a night out tried to take something from him while he was asleep. another transient and the victim struggled and the victim was stabbed to death. the other transient is still on the loose. those wh the suspect's story hard to believe. >> we will not let his image be tarnished from the meanness that happened to him. we won't let that happen so it brought everybody together in planning this event tonight. >> reporter: a list of popular performers will take the stage to raise money for the 38-year-old's family to help pay for funeral services.
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knocked down. >> the fundraiser and individual is set for tonight at 9:00 p.m. at charlie's that is at seventh avenue and camelback in phoenix. people are left without power after a transient goes up in flames and the thick black smoke could be seen from miles away. this is in south florida. the fire forcing air traffic to be diverted from the miami international airport, one of the busiest airports in the country. at one point, 10,000 people lost power but now it is down to a few hundred people. one man fried to impress his date by jumping from one building to another. he missed the landing. he fell and ended up wedged between the two buildings in a tight spot. his date called police who spent more than three hours trying to free him. they called in the fire department as well. officers had to remove bricks
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nearby restaurant to reach him. he injured his ankle. >> did the date end right there? >> i don't know but i'm sure it put a huge damper on the evening. here is the other problem, he could be charged for this. he may be charged. >> he will have to pick up the date another night. some of the monuments are getting slimed. a black slime is being found on a part bacteria, part algae, and part fungus. they haven't figured out how to get this gunk off. they have to make sure they don't damage the marble on the monuments. a 10-year-old in new jersey was chased by police after they say he matched the description
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police were in his neighborhood searching for a robbery suspect and they thought legend matched the subscription. afraid for his life, he ran into an alley. >> they were chasing me with guns out. >> reporter: police found the real suspect and they say they never pointed any weapons at take you back to florida where a teenager is getting ready to start her first year in college but she is supposed to be in middle school. 14-year-old danielle is a math prodigy and she will be going to stetson university. her mom was forced to home school her because nobody was able to keep up with her math skills.
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cube. >> she says she was solving college-level algae -- algebra equations in second grade. >> she is set. she is going to have a bright future that is great. >> they may not be able to keep up with her in college. after she completes hopes to get her p.h.d. at m.i.t. doctors at a northern indiana hospital under go a pretty tough day of surgery. they remove 40 knives from a man's stomach. this surgery took five hours. some of the blades were 7 inches long. the man ate the knives over a
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became addicted to the taste of metal. the patient is being checked out by doctors but is expected to be ok. he could be out of the hospital in a couple of days. >> might want to check with a psychiatrist. a new presidential poll is out. president obama arrives in louisiana to tour the devastation following last week's horri how he responded to critics who said he should have visited
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president obama in lousiana today... getting a president obama in president obama in louisiana getting a look at the damage left behind from the historic deadly flooding there. he is also being criticized for not cutting his v and heading there sooner. people in southern louisiana have been picking up the pieces for almost two weeks after at least 100,000 homes were damaged or destroyed in historic flooding. today, president obama met with flood victims, first responders in baton rouge encouraging them to rebuild and stay. >> after the tv cameras leave, the whole country is going to
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you. >> reporter: the president's visit comes after republicans and many others have criticized him for not cutting his vacation short to visit louisiana sooner. president bush received similar criticismself years ago when he did not visit new orleans after hurricane katrina. >> it makes people angry and sad when it seems like the president turned his back on the people of louisiana. registered more than 106,000 people for federal disaster aid as residents begin a long road to recovery. >> this ask not a photo op issue. this is how to make sure a month from now, three months from now, six months from now, people are getting the help they need. >> the white house says $120 million in emergency federal funding has been approved for louisiana. the recovery effort expected to
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a new presidential poll out today from nbc news and well, this could be cbs news. it shows clinton with an eight point lead over donald trump. the bottom line is this will be decided in the battleground states. the same poll had her up by nine points. when you add in the libertarian and ms. clinton's lead slips to 5% and that is almost the margin of error. hillary clinton is spending the next three days fundraising is. she is stopping by justin timberlake and jessica biel's home. aerial views there and she is addressing donors with the hall
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joining apple c.e.o. tim cook and other business leaders in silicon valley. most of the polls show that clinton has a sizeable lead in california. it is a dream come true for students where teacher canceled homework for the year. >> that is a dream for parents as well. >> reporter: it's just preseason but we're going to tell you why this sunday matters a little more for the cards
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