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tv   FOX 10 News 530pm  FOX  August 24, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MST

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still that didn't prevent the attack. >> as tasha terrell and her friend daisy left this restaurant in chandler saturday night, she says a car pulled up in the parking lot and a woman approached them. >> she talks to me and asks can i use your phone because our car ran out of gas and i'm like, your car is still running. and then she hits me with something, i don't know what it was on the side of my head. >> two other people then got out of the car and her and her friend. she says they snatched their purses, their cell phones and even pepper sprayed her friend. terrell says out of instinct she fought back against the woman who was attacking her. >> my instinct was don't go down and fight for your life. you are in fight or flight moment and i fought as long as i could until i could get away from her. >> she did get away running across ray road looking for help. drivers honked at her but no one
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outside this bar. >> of course like i'm screaming call 911. finally one of the cab drivers just runs to me with his phone and has 911 on the line and i speak to them. fortunately there happened to be a fight at sand bar so there was a sergeant there. >> terrell's friend suffered more injuries but will be okay. the young women lost their property and their sense of security is shaken but terrell says she is trying to stay positive. >> i'm definitely bruised, definitely not broken. i'm not going to let this define me or set me back from what i have to do. i'm not going to let this control my life and turn me into that paranoid person, that thinks all people are bad because i know that's not true. >> chandler police say they are looking for four suspects. all african-american, three women and one man. they are all in their 20s and they were in a white older model car and there was no surveillance camera in that area of the parking lot.
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police in this investigation. terrell says she wants these suspects caught. she also wants to warn other people out there to be on the alert. if you know something about this incident saturday night at the -- call police. i'm linda williams, "fox 10 news." police tonight looking for a gunman who shot a man in avondale. the victim was found shot in the front yard of a home near elmirage and lower buckeye this morning. he was taken to the hospital where it's not clear what led to the shooting. police say the gunman is a balding man driving a black pick up truck if you have any information, call avondale police. a local print shop downtown phoenix they have to start from scratch after a fire early this morning this was a pretty massive fire. caught fire early this morning and see the smoke and the flames here. very bright flames. lighting up the night sky. and the building is not in good shape. this is the aftermath this is
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control but fox 10's courtney griffin talked to the business owners and she has more on where they stand tonight. >> a man driving to work this morning saw flames shooting out of this business off fifth street and roosevelt near downtown phoenix. >> it was glowing red and orange. it was ten, 15 foot flames. >> the driver pulled over worried someone was inside. >> wa an orange glow and a bunch of smoke. we got out of our vehicles and ran over and started and pounded on the door. >> no one was inside but a lot of clothing, equipment and inventory was. it's a local print shop called think and contributes to the art district along roosevelt row. >> this is an old building. back from the 1920s. and this is like a staple for like the first friday's area. >> randy fill 4r-7s is the own -- phillips is the owner. he is in need of the community's help. >> if you can give us bring over
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support us. >> the fire started in the attic and the cause is under investigation. >> everything inside is like all singed up. there is ash everywhere. everything is soaking wet. there is nothing left here. >> no other surrounding businesses were affected. courtney griffin, "fox 10 news." phillips set up a go fund me page where you can help support them rebuild if you want tomorrow we have a link on our facebook page and find that at just click seen on the national park service turns 100 today and president obama helped mark that occasion by naming a new national monument. this is in northern maine. beautiful country. 87,000 achers were donated to the federal government and the sign includes views of a mountain which is maine's tallest mountain and heavily visited site for people hoping to spot moose. >> but don't approach the
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>> they aren't as friendly as they look. the washington monument could be shut down for nine months for renovations. the elevator has been breaking down for the past couple of years. this was renovated. >> was just shut down for a long time of time. >> after the earthquake and had to do all of that work. it may have been damaged. the elevator as well during that 2011 earthquake followng the earthquake the monument was shut down for three full years while crews made $15 million in repairs. but the elevator was never part and now they are realizing they need to fix that as well. the monument is closed while inspectors examine the faulty elevator. >> crews in miami beach are now out almost 24/7 looking for standing water to try to stop the mosquito breeding and infestation. the mosquito control workers spraying chemicals anywhere they find standing water and planes are set to fly again on saturday for another aerial assault over the area.
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breeding could pick up again if the area gets hit by more heavy rain. a home is destroyed and two people are hurt when a house explodes in the middle of the night. fire officials say the home is in illinois. and it was flattened before they got to the scene. neighbors heard a loud boom and their houses then shook. right now authorities are looking into what cahave caused it while the -- what could have caused it. this is maddening. today may have been the first day of school for kids it concord, michigan. but some didn't make it to class almost almost a dozen school buss were vandalized. at least ten buses in the district had flat tires or deflated tires causing some of the tires to actually come off around the rim. >> this is one of those crimes that makes me so mad. >> maddening. >> so many inept people. >> and the money and the school district needs to go for kids. but because of the flat tires the school had to cancel classes for the day. officials are looking for the
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tomorrow. >> everyone was so excited or not excited but still it's a big day. >> you don't want to spend money on that. >> a string of heartless robberies dishonoring our country's fallen heroes. thieves have been stealing bronze markers from veterans graves and cemeteries in indiana. since memorial day, more than 300 bronze stakes with veterans medallions have been stolen from graves at different cemeteries across the state. police telling scrap yards to be on the lookout f bronze. it is frustrating for places like the american legion who place american flags at the graves of those who fought to protect this country. >> it's bad enough robbing graves and rob a veteran's grave in a lot of cases. the only thing it's a veteran's grave in the first place. >> those markers you see there help hold the flag when they put the american flag down they hold it up there. some of the markers for the revolutionary war soldiers cannot be reeplaced.
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air force veteran ron richie says the sad part is there isn't much that can be done to prevent this from happening. >> still ahead tonight, we know that pok?mon go has taken the world by storm a lot of people say it's a great thing. you get exercise and these benefits. you can also get a ticket for it. and some people just picked up some. we will tell you what that's all about. >> plus, flood victims in the deep south getting help from an
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there's a swell of excitement at gcu as the lopes gear up for their season and they're ready for action. the only ncaa d1 men's soccer team in the state will dominate the field at our brand-new 6,000-seat soccer stadium. former mls coach of the year, head coach schellas hyndman leads this all-star squad at the epicenter for soccer in the state. watch the gcu lopes season opener orida knights at gcu stadium on august 26th at 7:00 pm. dont miss out. get you tickets at
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as tens of thousands of tens of thousands of people are still recovering after a massive deadly flooding in louisiana. last weekend. a beer company in austin, texas, stops production of beer to help the victims of the flooding. they say well worth it. >> the oscar blues brewery in north austin is back to kegging and canning their signature craft beers this week. last week after the devastating floods in louisiana, they put the beer making on the back burner and started to can drinking water for those in need in louisiana. >> it's the right thing to do. >> clay is with the canned aid foundation a non-profit start bid oscar blues employees who wanted to help out in their hometown. >> the canning foundation
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response to flooding in our home base of longmont, colorado. a lot of residents displaced inned since then they have sent water to flint, michigan. when disaster hit in louisiana, the austin facility had empty cans on hand really -- ready to go. >> we were able to clean out one of our bright tanks and fill it with water. >> by wednesday night, they had. hundred cases -- that's 17,000 cans ready to go. the water shipp bataan says it arrived in louisiana tuesday morning >> brutery in longmont shut down for close to eight days to can that water for flint. the first big run. and that cost money when you are in the beer business. when you aren't making beer. but it was the right thing to do and we will always do that. >> meanwhile as people in the region clean up, experts are keeping an eye on tropical storms that are brewing in the gulf of mexico hoping that this current one doesn't make landfall while thousands of
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health watch tonight, you have seen these pictures, pollution in city so bad people wear basically surgical masks. turns out they offer very little protection. or benefit really against the harmful chemicals in the air. scientists at the university of massachusetts say that some are certainly better than others. they examined several types of cloth and surgical masks and the best ones to use are the cone shapes cloth ones. those that fit really snuggly around the face. if the mass be it doesn't get the job done. >> i want to wear those on the airplane. i know -- it never looks good. >> it's an incubator on the airplane for getting sick. >> a pok?mon go craze is still wildly popular. and according to some michigan police it's too popular at one park there. the police in wayne, michigan, they are on pok?mon patrol as they call it. their goal is to ticket pok?mon go players who are violating
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and in one month they said they handed out 61 tickets. most of them cost more than $200. >> when it first started we could stay out 1:00, 2:00, 3:00 in the morning but for some reason cops started to come up here more often and frequently and started to give out warnings. that was the first step and then after they realized nobody was leaving, they started to give out tickets. >> the fine more than $200. players are hoping for some sor of extended hours on the park when it comes to those late night pok?mon hunts in the park. they are hoping for some sort of compromise. i don't know. >> there is nothing else going on from midnight to 2:00? >> i think usually at dark the parks close down or 10:00 or something. maybe the craze will die out. >> it doesn't seem to be enough time in the day to play. but maybe i'm wrong about that. coming up, americans are
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their pets but how does that compare to the cost of raising a child? there is a side to larry fitzgerald you haven't seen. how about this? fitz the football coach. richard saenz is live at cardinals training camp. fitz of football coach really?
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fox 10 weather alert, we have storms that are moving in from the north and there is a
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near surprise, peoria, just in that northwestern corridor. >> this is loop 101, 67th avenue and you can see it's coming down and see the rain drops infront of the camera lens and it's wet out there. pop-up showers not unusual this time of year. >> if this continues to move in the direction it's headed, really the west side of town could get hit hard if it continues because this is primarily from about i-17 westward. so we will keep an eye on it kristy is on the weather tonight this. >> as you probably know owning a dog is not cheap. and there is a thu study that confirms it from the american society for the prevention of cruelty to animals. it finds that the first year of dog ownership will cost anywhere from $1,300 for smaller dogs to 1800 for the largest breeds. and those numbers can shoot up quite a bit if you factor in
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training. right now in comparison just to give you a little comparison here, it costs an average of $11,700 to raise a child the first two years of life. and then the numbers just continue to go up from there when you start thinking about college potentiallies in can you work on the math? what is it for four dogs? >> oh, man, you are looking at five grand. >> what we are spending. in tesla motors are putting more power this their electric cars. the ceo elan musk says the new version of the model s car goes from zero to 60 in a blazing two and a half seconds. and that's as fast as a ferrari. the new sedan starts at $134,000. what is the top trending tourist destination this summer? according to trip adviser, the observation deck at one world trade center tower in new york
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year ago and it provides spectacular views of the big apple all the way into new jersey. the second top trending destination was the miracle mile in chicago which is a beautiful spot as well. finally on to wall street, stocks ending the day in negative territory. the dow jones falling 65 points. nasdaq tumbling 42 points and is that tonight's fox business watch. how about this? that cards training camp is just about winding down. a couple of more days remaining. for larry fitzgerald he is playing a different role. richard saenz is live at university of phoenix stay stadium with -- stadium with more. >> jude a good day for the cardinals at practice today. no major injuries and several guys making big plays. no practice for carson palmer or larry fitzgerald today. the guy getting the day off but that done mean they aren't working. both guys getting mental reps
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coach fitz. fitzgerald very engaged in practice helping out the young receivers any chance he can it's cool to see if you are a young receiver when larry talks you might want to listen. after all he is one of the best to ever do it still nursing that light sprain, but he feels good and admitted if he had to go he could play today. but for now, for today he will stick to coaching the young guys. taking time to give some pointers you can't say this guy is not a team player, that' sure. >> understand it's this position and he is helping the young guys as much as he can. and if you will see him, he is following somebody and telling them and getting mental reps for himself. he makes way too much money to coach. way too much. >> coach was asked if you were going to be a coach one day and money to be a coach. >> you know, i don't think coaching is in my future.
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definitely be a youth level where i wouldn't have to be as much of a commitment. >> fitz was funny today when he was talking about his knee. reporter asked him can you beat me in a race, he said i would beat you in a wheelchair with just one wheel. he is feeling just fine. we were live in glendale, i'm richard saenz for fox 10 sports. that's confidence. we will find out what the confidence level is at coming this sunday at:0 cardinals take on the texans and we will see the first teamers play a good part of that first half as the third pre-season game really is the biggest one for the first teamers, 1:00 right here on fox 10 a quick shout out to penny taylor of the phoenix mercury. the 35-year-old announcing her retirement after this wnba season. one of the all time greats. keep in mind she has helped the mercury win three wnba championships. penny taylor will hang it up at the end of the wnba season.
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6:00. thank you, jude. coming up, summer ends up being very good for justin bieber.
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according to twitter - according to twitter, that is the song of the summer. you were lestening to it all summer right by the pool. >> my kids had it on in the car a lot.
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isn't it amazing all of the songs you know you never would know without kids. >> the song -- it's called cold water by major laser and it features justin bieber. twitter made the pick by gathering data on all of the top ranking songs in determining which jams caused the most on-line frenzy. >> the bbc has released its list of top move eefs the century -- movies of the century. you can't their pick for top movie is mologicallen drive. a psychlogical thriller. surveyed 177 film critics from every continent except antarctica. >> are there film critics on antarctica. >> i didn't think so. >> coming up at 6:00, rain and gusty winds sweeping the valley right now and kristy siefkin has a look at the forecast when we
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video released tonight of more than a dozen dogs found living inside a filthy valley home. what we are learning tonight. >> breaking news in the search for three young children believed to have been kidnapped by a couple suspected of killing the kids' mother. >> state investigators raid internet cafe and round up a number of people. what detective says was going on inside. a small sign of hope in the rubble in italy where a powerful quake has left dozens of people dead. >> fox 10 confirmed where donald trump will be delivering a major policy speech on immigration next week in arizona. >> plus how two phoenix police officers and the arizona diamondbacks came through with a
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>> and thank you for being with us. first tonight at 6:00, take a look, monsoon activity in the valley. we had gusts up to 50 miles per hour and rain moving through parts of phoenix. you are looking at this video right now from adot, the national weathe service says the valley is getting strong outflow winds from distant storms. this video is right along the loop 101 at 67th avenue and see rain there on the camera lense and it's pretty soggy commute home for those drivers in slick conditions during the kristy siefkin is tracking the storm tonight for us tonight and joins us live with a look at the forecast. >> an hour ago we talked about how the storms were struggling to get here to the valley. they have arrived and like you said it's that outflow boundary that brought the rain to us right here. let's take you to our sat-rad and i will show you exactly where we are seeing that moisture. wide shot as a reminder of where we are seeing this moisture. coming out of northwestern arizona and some of the rain coming off the rim a bit earlier into the lower desert


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