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tv   FOX 10 News 10pm  FOX  August 24, 2016 10:00pm-10:30pm MST

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news and behind bars accused of running a house of prostitution in chandler. sudden downpour catching a lot of people off guard again today. what can we expect next? donald trump heading to the valley again but not for the reasons that many sporters and critic critics alike were expecting. thank you for being with us at 10:00. we start with a news alert. sky fox over the scene as first responders on the scene of a terrible accident at 35th avenue and greenway. three people were hit by a car, including a little girl. all three people are in serious condition. the driver got out of the car and ran away from the scene but later turned himself in. they had a police helicopter overhead looking for the driver in the neighborhood. drivers are looking for the passenger in the car. if we have any information on this during the newscast, we
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a former tucson news director the under arrest accused of running a prostitution operation in his home with a male masseuse. >> reporter: we are in a park in a chandler neighborhood where this happened. the people we spoke to tell us they are stunned that a house of prostitution may be operating right cross the street from the park. after an undercover investigation, police arrested was running a house of prostitution out of his home near mcclintock and ray. >> it is surprising. >> reporter: according to police records, the alleged house of prostitution involved male masseuses that he would hire to perform sex acts from male clients in exchange of money. richardson would watch in
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>> this is a nice neighborhood with a lot of good people here. >> reporter: outside of the chandler home, a sign that reads do not knock. police arrested richardson and a male masseuse. richardson is a tv producer. he has lived in the home for the past three years but it is not clear how long this has been going on. the undercover investigation lasted about aon i'm andrew hasbun, fox 10 news. several people were arrested during an illegal gambling raid. it is located at 59th avenue and missouri. the department of gaming says they investigated the cafe for months and allowing them to play casino-style games on computers. several people were arrested and facing charges of operating an
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racketeering. fox 10 was the only news station there when police arrested a teenager wanted for gunning down a woman in phoenix. officers were tipped off by the teen's own mother. nicole garcia has the fox 10 exclusive. >> reporter: it was maleqe thompson's mother who tipped off police. she saw him near the area of 35th avenue and baseline. police confronted thompson with their guns drawn. sur rendered. his mom said he was romantically involved with the victim who was 20 years older than him. >> he was a trouble child with special needs and he met ms. soto at the detentional
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her about dating my son that he was immature and not mentally stable to be seeing a woman of her age. >> reporter: the woman was listed as critical condition. thompson is facing a charge of attempted murder. 13 dogs found living in horrible conditions are removed from this buckeye home. take a look at this video inside. someon department to check on the dogs. neighbors say the dogs have been running around the neighborhood loose and they may have attacked other pets in the area. a 65-year-old woman lives in the home. no word if she will be facing criminal charges. it seems to be the norm this week. sudden burst of monsoon hitting us this afternoon taking out a power line.
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kristy, a lot of people caught off guard by the rain today. >> reporter: it was a mild start in the weather center. we saw most of the storms to the north and the outflow boundaries making their way to the valley and the rain arrived where we are. impressive rainfall totals. here is a glimpse of those. crown king with over an inch of rain. north phoenix, .4 of an inch. peoria, we saw strong c earlier. scottsdale about .3 of an inch of rain similar for bartlett lake. the winds, sky harbor did have some of that earlier. 32 degrees maximum wind speed. 42 miles an hour maximum wind speed. in sedona, 32. 37 for safford.
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hour that is when things started to ramp up earlier. most of the green is light showers, if that, if not just the cloud cover. chance of rain in the forecast and i'll give you more details in a few minutes. marc? donald trump wil be back in phoenix next week. he'll deliver a speech but his campaign will not be his immigration policy speech despite what we heard earlier. trump will be in phoenix on august 31 that is the day after the event will be at a public unity event. the chairman is working on a policy speech but the topic is not immigration. a new cnn shows donald trump leading hillary clinton by five points in arizona among registered voters. clinton leads trump when it comes to educated white voter and hispanic voters.
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for a d.u.i. after plowing into a q.t. store. as you can see, the store's front doors and windows were shattered when the car came crashing through. adot doing landscaping along the loop 101. they are replanting saguaro cactus. the cacti was removed to widen the freeway and the widening project is expected to be completed this fall, it is time to return the cacti to the original locations. cows in laveen are wearing pedometers to keep track of their health. the average cow takes 12,000 stapes day. if the cow is taking fewer steps, it may be injured, more steps, it may be in heat so they wearing the pedometers. coming up, how two orlando hospital are also helping the victims of the pulse nightclub
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big way. >> reporter: picture day was far from picture perfect for one buckeye teen. what she was asked not to wear in her photo. if you would like to contact me on social media, i would love to hear from you. you can reach me on facebook or
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a former phoenix suns a former phoenix suns dancer and her friend are attacked outside of a restaurant in chandler. tasha says on saturday night, she was leaving a restaurant with her friend when a woman asked to borrow her phone. the woman hit tasha in the head and two other people got out of a car and ended up stealing the women's purses, cellphone, and pepper sprayed tasha's friend. she was able to get away and find help but her friend had more did. both women are ok. >> my instinct was do not go down and fight for your life. i fought as long as i could until i could get away from her. >> police are searching for the four african-american suspects, three women and one man in their 20's in an older model car. if you have any information, call chandler police. picture day turned controversial at a buckeye union
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lives matter shirt. the student says she has worn the shirt before and doesn't understand why she was asked to change. marcy jones has more on this story. >> reporter: the teen tells me adding to her confusion is the fact that another student has born a confederate flag shirt to class before that is why she feels unfairly targeted when they asked her to change out of her black lives matter shirt. 15-year-old mariah says picture day, she was asked to change her shirt because it was disruptive. >> we're not saying your life does not matter. we're saying your life does matter but so does ours. >> reporter: before she changed into the white shirt, she snapped this picture and posted it on facebook and she called her mom. >> she understands what it means and that is why she wears it and that is why her dad purchased it for her.
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positivity. >> reporter: mariah's friend wore the same shirt today and sent to the principal's always where -- office where her father removed her from school. >> i feel like i was being punished for being proud of my culture. in the principal's office my dad asked why they are suppressing me and why it is not ok to be ok with >> reporter: some students claim that tomorrow may get heated. >> i hear there are going to be fights and some are going to wear black lives matter shirts and some are going to wear confederate flag shirts. >> reporter: i stopped by buckeye union high school to get their take on things but they said the superintendent will get back to me but i have not heard from them. they say that no student should
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a confederate flag shirt. attorney general in arizona is accusing phoenix advocacy group for the disabled of abusing the court system and suing for mon tear -- monetary gain. according to the a.g.'s office, the foundation has filed 1,500 lawsuits since february alone against businesses over parking lots disability law. an attorney for the foundation says that is the only way to get the businesses to pay attention but the a.g.'s always says they are abusing the court system and suing for monetary gain. two hospitals who treated the survivors of the pulse nightclub say they will not bill
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covered by insurance policies. they say this is the way of paying the kindness forward that was shown to the city after the shooting that took the lives of 49 people and left several others injured. >> reporter: active weather tonight and we could see more of it as we head into the rest of the work week. we upped the ante at culver's to create the new crispy southwest chicken sandwich. all-natural, whole white meat chicken breast.
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kristy, we're getting used to it now. it feels like we're in florida where you can plan on it having it rain a couple times a week. >> reporter: or hawaii. today, we saw a lot of activity north of us and the northbound boundary brought the rain to the valley. tonight, things are calmer obviously than what we saw
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gusty winds that we saw earlier in the 30's for sky harbor earlier in the evening. not a lot of moisture that we're tapping into tonight. we're used to seeing the big push of moisture over the international border. this activity we saw in in northern arizona. as it pushes to the east, there is a less chance of the monsoon 90 in goodyear. mid 80's for deer valley. 90 for scottsdale. chandler at 90 degrees. temperature below the seasonable norm. 1985, we set the record for today, which was 115. we had our fair share of the warm temperatures so it is nice to get a little bit of relief with the temperature today. the national picture is active,
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this is where we've seen the severe weather and tornadoes touching down in iowa and indiana. the rest of the country seeing severe weather really isolated to this region. the strong line of thunderstorms bringing gusty damaging winds, large-sized hail. we're seeing less of a threat tonight into tomorrow. a little bit of moisture moving through the great lakes region things are mild tonight. for a look at the overnight temps, upper 50's in payson. 82 for yuma. sedona, 64. dropping down to 6 7 tonight. tomorrow, triple digits for lake havasu and yuma around 104, 105. douglas, upper 80's. mid 90's expected for safford. a little bit of cloud cover out
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slight chance of activity for tomorrow. the chance of monsoon moisture returning to the forecast and bringing storms increasing for friday and saturday. looks like a 20%-30% chance for now and looks like a drier start for the weekend and the start of next workweek. a valley girl needed some help and police officers teamed up with the d-backs and they came through for her in a big
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a lot of people look forward to this every year and we can tell you the annual zombie walk in downtown phoenix will be brought back to life. that event was canceled earlier this year because organizers did not have enough money or man power to keep it alive. now, they are teaming up with the arizona hemophilia organization.
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suggest a $5 donation to the a.h.a. a great story here. police step in to help out a young d-backs' fan to replace her stolen backpack. >> we noticed she was experiencing quite a bit of anxiety, which is something that victims of criminal activity will often experience. so we realize we needed to do something for this little girl. >> reporter: 10-year-old alexia was upset after s mom's car last week. inside was her school work, homework, and library book. the officers tried to calm her down when they noticed she was wearing a d-backs' jersey. a few days later, they surprised her with a d-backs' backpack. >> she was excited that her favorite team showed an interest in helping her out.
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get her the brand new team backpack. exciting story here, arizona coyotes have hired the first full-time female coach in nhl history. dawn braid is the new skating coach. she worked park time for the coyotes last year and served as a skating consultant several times and she spent seven years at the athlete's training nt team making news. >> reporter: outstanding. she spent time with toronto, buffalo, calgary, anaheim so the credentials are there and well deserved as we see the coyotes step up and make a little bit of history. as far as brock osweiler, how can we forget the sun devils qk and bolted for the houston texans.
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throughout the history of the throughout the history of the nfl, this rarely happens. the heir to the throne bolting after the team wins the super bowl. peyton manning retire and brock osweiler bolted to houston
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texans will host the arizona cardinals in preseason game number three. we expect the first teamers in offense to play a good portion of the game. for brock, he is under a head coach that demands a lot. how is he adapting to the new system? >> i think you will notice a big difference. we were getting the call in quicker, i was getting in the line quicker and getting the as long as we can constantly improve in that area and speed things with every single week and get better, we will be all right. >> university of phoenix stadium, larry fitzgerald getting the day off. some of the veteran players like carson and fitz gets the day off from time to time so the younger players get reps for fitz throwing balls for the young receivers here and adding in a
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way. even thought of coaching? richard saenz at practice today. >> reporter: jude, we know larry fitzgerald one of the best receivers of all time. how about coach fitzgerald? he got the day off today. you can see him coaching up the younger guys so we had to ask, is coaching in larry fitzgerald's future? don't count on it. >> he understands his position now. he is helping the young guys as much he is always following and he is getting mental reps for himself. no, he makes way too much money to coach. >> reporter: coach was asked if you were going to be a coach one day and he said you make too much money to be a coach. >> i don't think coaching is in my future. not at this level. it would be like at a youth level where it wouldn't have to be as much of a commitment.
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practice at cards camp. if you want to see your favorite players, tomorrow is your last chance. the camp is already ending. i guess time flies when you're having fun. >> reporter: what a number of weeks it has been. how about the braves in town taking on welington castillo. first inning, brings in michael bourn. zack greinke on the hill gets the strikeout here. we'll update tomorrow morning. >> "modern family" is up next and fox 10 news is back at 4:30 a.m. have a great night.
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