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tv   FOX 10 News 5pm  FOX  August 25, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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as the city bus came, the asphalt was having issues but the weight of the bus is what triggered the pipe busting or something like that. so as he came -- so as he came, i noticed that the back of the bus dropped and it was full of passengers. so all of the passengers proceeded to get off of the bus but the bus driver stayed and he was in there for 45 minutes and he received medical help and medical attention. and then that was pretty much >> i bet you were glad you weren't on the bus. >> yeah, i was happy. >> this looks like it will take awhile. the gravel that came out a lot of water. crews are out here. we have a couple of fire units out here and police officers. we do not know when this will open back up, but we will check in with janelle in a little bit. but john, it's rush-hour now and there are people trying to get around here so we will check back in with you guys at 6:00. back to you. the big winner is phillips
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coverage from the bus. there you go. >> absolutely. >> yeah. >> marcy, nice work out there. stay dry. major story that we have been dealing with for several months now in the valley. catching a serial shooter in phoenix. the phoenix police chief saying that it is the department's top priority. it has been for sometime and it continues. investigators have looked into more than 1500 leads since the shootings began in they believe someone out there knows who is responsible. >> so nine shooting, seven people killed and this happening all around phoenix from camelback south to van buren and 75th avenue in the west valley all the way to 32 street. >> somebody out there knows something and we need that information. we don't want any more victims. we want to solve this thing and we want to do it by 6:00 tonight if possible. >> phoenix police holding a
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members of local and federal law enforcement to let the public know that solving the serial street shooter case is top priority. >> there is much or more resources detective officers cooperating agencies dedicated to solving these murders as any task force that i have seen in my times in attorney general mark brnovich also increasing the silent witness reward for any information leading to an arrest. >> the arizona attorney general's office has announcing that we are contributing additional $25,000 to the reward to make sure that we are doing everything we can to apprehend this individual. >> this additional money boosting the reward to $75,000. maricopa county attorney bill montgomery wants to remind the public anyone coming forward with information can remain anonymous and shucht fear getting in trouble. especially those concerned with their immigration status. >> anyone who comes forward to assist with this case whether a
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immigration status will not be considered whatsoever and i will not accept for charging any case that arising someone's immigration status that was revealed as a consequence of the investigation. >> and police telling us that the july 11 incident is the last to be connected to this case they are saying that suspect still described as a hispanic male, possibly in his 20s and early 30s and possibly driving some sort of white cadillac or this late 1990s to twowds. -- 2000s. and once again the reward for any tip leading to an arrest at $75,000. police are asking anybody with any information to please come forward and give them a call or call silent witness which is 480-witness. reporting live, danielle miller, "fox 10 news." thank you. police are investigating a shooting at 19th avenue and glendale. they say a 28-year-old man was shot during some kind of fight.
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with non-life-threatening injuries. and wasn't able to give much information to officers. there is no suspect description at this point. and there is no clear motivation for that shooting. >> before this serial street shooter, we had the freeway shooter. and at one time they thought they had the guy, leslie merritt, jr. and then all of the charges were dropped. merritt, jr. got his car back but not his gun. a judge ruled this afternoon the dps can keep it as evidence as they continue to look into this case. the hearing. she is here with the latest on the case what's happening now. >> dps still believes merritt, jr.'s gun was used in four of the 11 freeway shootings last year. the charges against merritt were dropped in april. he has gotten all of his property back but not his high point 9mm hand gun and he is not going to get it back any time soon. during today's hearing a dps detective took the stand testifying that dps did another
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fragments collected from four shooting victims were a conclusive match to merritt's 9mm hand gun. defense -- one test by the atf and another known by a ballistics expert were inconclusive. the judge says there is probable cause and merritt's gun could have been used in the freeway shootings. >> but dps wants to save face an and that's why they had their own lab retest the gun. they are the only ones who are making any connection. everyone else says there is just nothing there. >> and although charges against merritt were dropped after he spent seven months in jail, dps still believes he could be a suspect in these unsolved shootings and the state can refile the same charges against merritt again in the future. meanwhile his attorneys planning to file a civil lawsuit against
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they got to file that lawsuit by september 18th which is in a few weeks. that marks one year since merritt was arrested. reporting live, nicole garcia, "fox 10 news." a call of suspicious activity leads to a barricade situation in phoenix. skyfox was over this seventh street and dunlap. phoenix police say the stolen vehicle was found in the front of the home. no word if anyone was taken into custody. fox 10 weather alert. let's check in here. we've got some dust moving in to >> i will say so. >> look at that adot live near wild horse pass. that's typically where we see it. >> and just like yesterday we kept that chance for blowing dust in the forecast. all of these storms have been to the north of us a little higher elevation. but just like yesterday those outflow winds start to kick up the dust. we didn't get a whole lot of rain in the valley so it makes perfect sense that without that wetted ground you will see dust. >> that's a big dust storm as we
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dust that's moving up i-10. >> reminds me of the storm we saw a few days ago. mark, linda and i were bus these night as this wall of dust moved through the valley and it's been a pattern about the last week and a half. >> that was sunday? >> sunday, right. where we see not a lot of rain. doesn't seem like it's too windy outside and then we get hit with those outflows bringing the dust to the val see. >> do we -- do we see the rain? >> we could have rain later tonight there is a big push of moisture yesterday into today. about that later. >> convenient that you are right here and doing the weather. i can ask you every question i possibly can. >> i can't give the full forecast away. stick around for that be careful driving out there. cardinals practice season winding down. pre-season, so far two pre-season losses that have not been impressive so far. >> we don't want to hear that. the team is hitting the field once again sunday and you can see it right here on fox 10. richard saenz has a little bit
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he is out live at university of phoenix stadium in glendale. >> hey, guys. say it ain some today the final practice for the arizona cardinals for training camp. the team will practice tomorrow but it will be a closed practice. so today was the last open practice. the last chance for the fans to see their favorite players up close and personal before the regular season starts. and you know what? the arizona cardinals did a great job of mixing things up. that trip to san diego did help. the players admitted they didn't like guys over and over again. practicing against the chargers for a week helped them out and they enjoyed it. and that to me made training camp shorter than norm. get this, the phoenix suns show up to practice. you saw the owner, head coach the stands watching practice. i- we had a jordan sparks sighting a big cardinal fan for quite sometime. she has been a fan for years.
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bandwagon. she is here today. interesting last day. the cardinals return done working just yet. this weekend this sunday pre-season game number three has the cardinals taking on the houston texans in houston and, yes that game will be right here on fox. we will have live reports before and after the game and, yes that game is in houston. the sight of the super bowl, the cardinals plan to be back in houston come february. so it should be an interesting game. this is game that starters play the most and once again it's much more on the cardinals coming up in sports. i'm richard saenz for "fox 10 news." still ahead at 5:00 tonight, police in chandler trying to track down leads in the murder of an 84-year-old man as he left an east valley health club. >> plus valley family, they want their boxes of memories back. items that are completely irreplaceable. they may not mean anything to the thief, but it's priceless to this family.
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dust in the forecast. the chance for some more rain in the valley as well. i will give you a full look at the forecast coming up in a couple of minutes and we have some fantastic video of hail. this is in prescott, a little earlier. these pictures sent to us by gale holman.
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a fox 10 weather alert.
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we have seen a thickening of that in the past couple of minutes. >> that's probably what, 10,000 feet in the air? >> this is view from skyfox south of ahwatukee along i-10. i'm sure you have driven it near wild horse pass. these will roll right up interstate 10 and then into the valley and we are getting it tonight. >> we have seen this storm coming out of the southwestern section of the state. actually, a great weather graphic to show you where that dust is moving. i can -- here we go. take a look at the red, t advancing of the line. do you see that curve? that's where we are seeing that strong wall form. it's going to be moving southwest to the northeast. that dust sometimes gets a little thinner as it rolls through town. through maricopa, up toward obviously wild horse pass. >> that's west to southeast, more than rolling up i-10 kind of south to north. >> and that's what we see when this dust rolls through. line. just a single block of dust moving through. it nevers is.
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shoe shape. these pictures are incredible. the height on the dust storm significant and the air quality out there today, not great. in fact, a pollution advisory in effect. so anybody who already struggles with breathing, i would not go outside if you don't have to. obviously don't drive. >> you made a great point. when we got a little rain it tamps it down. but we haven't had that here for the last couple of days. >> it's been spotty in parts of the northwest valley where we saw a lot of the rain in the pa c the saturated ground would need to be obviously where we are seeing the straight straight-line winds move through. >> terrible for the car. >> yeah, oh, yeah. so stay inside if you can. don't have to drive through this section of town. >> okay, thieves run off with moving boxes from a garage near base line and 32 street. those boxes is not going to be any value to the thieves but it means everything to the family
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liz kotalik has more. >> it's a sign now seen by hundreds on facebook and a story that started last week. all of it happening friday as jake wedge and his family were moving from phoenix to their new home in chandler. >> the moving company came and they were about to ready to pack the garage up and we realized there were a bunch of boxes missing. did you pack the garage? and they said no. and we realized they had a bunch of our stuff was stolen. >> included some packed up christmas decat wedding picture. >> luckily we can blow them back up again. a lot of this was -- a lot of these were taken. >> but jake quickly realized two irreplaceable items were gone. his father's flag that he earned while fighting in vietnam. his brother-in-law's teddy bear he held before he died of cancer at a young age. heirlooms, memories sealed in boxes taken away but the bikes sitting next to them, untouched and left behind.
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>> and that's exactly with a jake is on a mission to do he put this picture on his facebook page, his story written in bold ink. his message, #return the flag. heard by many with over 1,000 facebook shares to date and now he hopes that message gets to the thieves who can make things right. >> it doesn't have value to you. just bring it back. leave it at the apartment complex where you took it i'm sure somebody can get back to me. we would like our stuff back. >> phoenix police have been notified but as you can imagine cases like this are hard to crack. so we need your help. if you have seen any of jake's things, give police a call. in chandler, liz kotalik, "fox 10 news". live pictures over i-10, wild horse pass. an incredibly thick wall of dust rolling through the valley. i will take a look at where it's headed next in your full
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we have been keeping an eye on this wall of dust that's moving west to east, rolling kind of along i-10. this is shot from skyfox at about wild horse pass looking south and west right now.
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there. >> it's pretty incredible. we have seen this two days in a row where these storms we didn't think would make their way to the valley, if anything, scattered rain drops. they created those outflow boundaries and as we mentioned earlier because there haven't been much rain we have all of this dust that's not wetted. there is plenty of dust to be blowing. gusty winds earlier. and we are starting to see rain really starting to pop up in locations outside of the valley. i will fly you around and show you where we spots but first a reminder our air quality is not great. we have an air quality warning in effect until 9:00 tonight. for most of maricopa county. pop the dust on top of that and not good news. now in terms of rainfall, we aren't seeing any at this point. just a few scattered showers over the mountains.& however we could see some rain a little bit later into the evening tonight. we will keep an eye on that wall of dust and see here in our bottom corner so you can continue to watch that roll through as we fly around the
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southeastern arizona but into parts of camp vendery and -- verde and the band of moisture continuing to move from the southwest to the northeast. winslow, holbrook seeing part of the storms today. little farther to the north and into tuba city and the grand canyon a steady stream of moisture. so we could see a directional change that brings the storms here to the valley. it makes sense we are seeing this because this low that's been in idaho is going move off the coast line of california as that happe of monsoon moisture into arizona. so those dew points continue to increase a bit and not just tonight but into the next couple of days as well increasing our chances for activity here in the valley. in terms of temps, we were still in triple digits not seeing the effects of the cooling rain in places like yuma and lake havasu. still above the century mark in the 70s for prescott, flag. 57 right now. a little cool there are as a result of the rain and 63 degrees into show low.
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temperature-wise. we came in below the seasonal norm of 104. record for today ten degrees warmer than what we saw today back in 2011 hitting 113 for the record temperature. tonight we are keeping that chance of storms in our forecast albeit slight. 85 tonight for lake havasu. few degrees cooler than that for yuma into show low 51 degrees for tomorrow -- or tonight 6. in sedona and page a degree warmer than that. into tomorrow triple digits. yuma, lake havasu, bullhead city all in we will see 80s on tap for globe. upper 70s prescott. 67 for flag and 75 degrees for window rock. so tonight continuing to see that increase in moisture as a result of the monsoon kicking up a few notches. chance of rain in our forecast tomorrow. and additionally a chance of rain as we get into your saturday. it looks like a 20% chance at this point. best chance into the high terrain and then we will dry out and warm up. i will continue to track this wall of dust as well as showers on social media so please go
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siefkin fox 10. the national park celebrating a big birthday today. 100 years people using the hashtag mps100 to show the beauty of this amazing country. look at that. feast your eyes on that just a great showcase from across this nation. a look at some of them as we head to break and more on the big milestone coming up next at
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25 reptiles that were at 25 reptiles were at risk of being euthanized and starting a new life at the phoenix herpetological society. they traveled from canada and today a valley teen that helped build their new home was there to welcome them. >> one of the largest international -- of reptiles happened today at the phoenix herpetological society and a valley teen working to become an eagle scout took part in it 15-year-old trevor h to build a pond for the reptiles called cayman. >> something you can do and then come back like 10, 15 years later and it will be there. >> the reptiles were being housed at the ontario zoo but the canadian winters were too cold and the animals outgrew their enclosures so they needed a place to go. >> they will be able to stay out doors 12 months a year. >> because of their experience with large reptiles.
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always easy to work with. >> you will see a calm one but not often. as a matter of fact, figet bit here it's cayman. never a alligator or crocodile. >> one of these is a first because it weighs 300 pounds. >> this will be the biggest common cayman in captivity anywhere in the world that we know of. >> 12 of the animals including the largest cayman will stay at the phs sanctuary and the rest will continue to its final destination in sou c >> the phoenix herpetological society has the second largest collection of crocodilians in the u.s. that includes crocodiles, algathers -- alligators and caymans. happy birthday to the national park service from the grand canyon. >> how about that? oprah making a stop in arizona to help celebrate the milestne for the national park service today. today marks 100th anniversary of the founding of the national
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that president woodrow wilson signed an act establishing the national park service within the department of the interior. arizona is home to three national parks including the petrified forest, saguaro national park and of course the grand canyon. and to mark the 100 year celebration of the park service, entrance fees at the grand canyon will be waived today through sunday. so great place, great time to head out of town and enjoy a little cooler the park will also be hosting a variety of free activities as part of the birthday party. a scary scene in the streets of one town where an out of control dump truck left behind a trail of damage. plus... chandler police working to neighborhood looking for clues. who stabbed and killed a man at this l.a. fitness? i'm steve krafft.
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want to take you back sowft ahwatukee as we look a little bit westward and southward in that cloud of dust pretty ominous out there. >> because of that dust, blowing dust advisory until 7:00 tonight. visibility we were told down to one-half mile in some locations. gusty winds up to 30 miles per hour. so stay off those roads if you >> talk about winds. winds have changed in the donald trump campaign. it's been subtle, some of it has been more overt. as we first told you yesterday, donald trump is heading back to the valley next wednesday and it's a little bit of a different donald trump now. >> very much so. he seems to be softening his stance on immigration. but at this point will it make a difference? andrew hasbun joins us live now from downtown phoenix. >> donald trump is set to speak


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