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tv   FOX 10 News 530pm  FOX  August 25, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MST

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want to take you back sowft ahwatukee as we look a little bit westward and southward in that cloud of dust pretty ominous out there. >> because of that dust, blowing dust advisory until 7:00 tonight. visibility we were told down to one-half mile in some locations. gusty winds up to 30 miles per hour. so stay off those roads if you >> talk about winds. winds have changed in the donald trump campaign. it's been subtle, some of it has been more overt. as we first told you yesterday, donald trump is heading back to the valley next wednesday and it's a little bit of a different donald trump now. >> very much so. he seems to be softening his stance on immigration. but at this point will it make a difference? andrew hasbun joins us live now from downtown phoenix. >> donald trump is set to speak
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in downtown phoenix. at first the trump campaign told us that donald trump was going to be talking about immigration. but they back pedals and now they say donald trump will talk about party unity and may also address some immigration issues. either way he has been talking about immigration a lot lately. but some of the people we spoke to today say any talk of changing positions may be too little too late. >> it's no secret donald trump is pulling low with minority -- polling low wit community. >> african-americans are tired of being used by these phony politicians. hispanics are tired of being used by these phony politicians. >> outside of the hyatt where trump is expected to speak next week, we found. >> the best thing for donald trump to do would be to be able to compromise with us. understand how we live and try to make a difference in our communities instead of just being the blue collar top dog. >> his speech may not be about
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trail, he has been talking about softening his positions and backing down from a plan to deport 11 million illegal immigrants living in the u.s. >> there could be a softening because we are not looking to hurt people. we want people -- we have some great people in this country. >> those comments drew praise from republican senator jeff flake. in a tweet, flake wrote, more grounded positions on immigration from donald trump a positive sign. hope it continues amid flak from opponents. >> the news that p be softening his stance on immigration, that's all fine and dandy, but frankly i don't think many in the latino community will buy it. >> james garcia is with the arizona hispanic chamber of commerce which has endorsed republicans in state races that group is holding an event tomorrow with senator jeff flake. >> the kinds of things that he might say in term fers softening his stance on imgoings would be welcome -- immigration would be welcome from the minute he announced his campaign this much
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attack on immigrants in particular mexican immigrants. >> the rally here at the hyatt will be held a day after arizona's primary. there willing room at the hyatt for 500 people and at this point it's not clear who will be allowed in. we also don't know if u.s. senators jeff flake and john mccain will make an appearance. reporting live in downtown phoenix, andrew hasbun, "fox 10 news." donald trump returned to where it all new hampshire. that's where he picked up his first primary victory way back in february. and he when after hillary clinton once again putting the spotlight on her questionable donations made to the clinton foundation and her use of private e-mail servers. >> hillary clinton ran the state department like a personal hedge fund. it's hard to tell where the clinton foundation ends and
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begins. access and favors were sold for cash. >> minutes later hillary clinton fired back from an event that was being held in reno, nevada. she said that trump has unleashed, the radical fringe within the republican party. including anti-semites and white premsists. she has dubbed the campaign as one that will make america hate again. >> from the start, donald trump has built his campaign on prejudice and paranoia. he is taking hate groups mainstream. and helping a radical fringe take over the republican party. he certainly doesn't have any solutions to take on the reality of systemic racism and create more equity and opportunity in communities of color and for
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>> a new poll out today shows that clinton is leading trump 51-41% nationally. >> fox follow up tonight, new efforts today to try to solve the murder of an 84-year-old man outside of an l.a. fitness last week. police return to that chandler crime scene hoping to dig up some new leads in the case. it has confounded them up to now. steve krafft has the story. >> it's been a week since t brutal murder a man who retired last year at age 83. his life cut short violently and mysteriously. he walked out to the l.a. fitness parking lot after working out a week ago today. got in his car and somebody attacked him. stabbing him to death. here is some of the 911 call released by chandler police. >> 911, what is your emergency? >> it's on warner and dobson at the l.a. fitness. >> you said l.a. fitness?
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a guy outside like -- he is unresponsive. like he has the doors open and in his car and he is bleeding obviously police are looking for clues of this l.a. fitness. looking for video as well. but now they are trying something new. going house to house in this neighborhood hoping somebody knows something. >> what is so difficult about this case? >> well, we don't have much information. we don't have a motive. we are looking for the public's help. what makes it tru sense is that it happened in broad daylight. it's a busy parking lot. >> the officers were out enforce. interviewing people coming and going from this l.a. fitness. police also talking to other businesses and home owners close by. looking for leads to pursue. >> it's terrible. it's terrible. the way this went down, the age, 84-year-old male that had just finished a workout that was probably going them to their loved ones and never made it. that in and of itself drives us
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responsible behind bars. >> in chandler, steve krafft, "fox 10 news." chandler police say that they have some surveillance video from that l.a. fitness. they are processing it and hopes of fining a piece of crucial evidence, some information that could lead to an arrest. if you have any information about that crime, get in touch with chandler police. they would love to hear from you. pretty scary on the roads with this dump truck. wiin san gabriel, california. driving erratically and then the driver hit a median and then actually got a wheel caught on the concrete. >> was he drunk? >> we don't know at this point. he sideswiped the car. see that white vehicle he hits and rear ended another vehicle and then kept driving. as if somebody would not catch him after seeing that. >> now police are saying he had a seizure. who know. >> right. he drove off for awhile slamming into a line of cars in the left
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saying he may have had a seizure. five people were hurt. thankfully no reports of serious injuries. that's a miracle. >> is it a miracle. coming up, the new reason doctors say some people drink so much coffee. >> and it could be look into the future. where the first self-driving taxis started to pick up
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y23eky yvpy we want to take you a little south of valley near ahwatukee. and you can see that the dust wall has settled a little bit. just a little bit. it's still out there but it looks like we might have some maybe some clouds moving in. >> yeah, the cloud cover increasing as that push of monsoon moisture comes from the south into arizona. we will show you once again on our radioel that band of red just watch for it you can see that little bit of a moon shape. that's where we had seen the movement of the cell. the outflow from the system bringing dust to parts of the southeast valley and as john mentioned, we are seeing a little bit of a lessening of the thickness of the dust inch queen creek, san tan valley you are seeing that dust but it's not nearly as thick as what we saw when it first started to roll through that wild horse pass area. the threat of that still in place for probably the next half hour or so.
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7:00 because we could see some additional storms popping up providing a little bit of extra energy out there to keep the dust moving across the valley and the storm starting to fire more strongly through tucson as well and that means we could see some storms right here in the phoenix metro area. >> the graphic is amazing. >> to show where that dust moves through and it's -- we see the dust pictures. we don't have an idea of where exactly it's heading because it looks like a straight line as we talked about earlier. you don't think o being this curved shape if you will and that's what we see. it hits multiple locations and why we can see the dust moving a little bit to the north and a little bit to the northeast and a little bit to the south as well because it has a curved shape to it. >> very good. nice, nice stuff. that explains it. >> in the health watch tonighter, you may be pre-disposed to the a coffee you drink. it's all genetic. that's what researchers think. people who have a specific gene variant drank one cup less every
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that vairnt. that -- variant. that gene reduces the cell's abl to break down caffeine which means it stays in the body longer. people with this gene they basically need less caffeine to achieve the same buzz as someone who doesn't have the gene. world's first self-driving taxis began picking up passengers today in singapore. you talk about -- it's really a matter of trust. select members of the public got free phones. a tech company called nutonomy this service will start with six cars and the goal is to have a dozen cars by the end of the year fully driving self-driving taxis. and they think they will have this all up and running fully operational in 2018. would you do it? >> this is where the robots take us over officially. i'm not getting in that taxi. how about you? >> i would love it if i could trust it completely, i would
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>> it's called taking a train. light rail. try light rail. >> yeah. sometimes. >> he will pass on that. >> sometimes, asu games i do. >> guys, coming up, we will tell you why this letter is expected to bring in $40,000 at an auction. >> and plus the new service that could be available from amazon. never have to tip the cab driver. a couple of benefits. we have a tip for you. cards training camp winding down a special group of visitors today making university of phoenix stadium. richard saenz is on the cards beat. he will join us in a couple of minutes from glendale.
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i certainly remember this game. you may as well. tetris, "time" magazine out with a list of the best video games of all time and this is at the top of the list. it's been around since the early 80s and stacking the blocks and we heard that prolonged tetris play in some studies shown to lead to more efficient brain activity. mom and dad said get off the video games, you should have said that. this is improving my brain function. tetris beat out super mario 64 which came in second place. >> my kids would love to throw that at me. >> dad, it's good for my brain development. >> if they learn that line, i'm in a pickle. in the business watch tonight, more changes could be coming to
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click and collect grocery. these new locations would allow customers to buy on-line and then pick up groceries eliminating the need for amazon to deliver perishable items. the website online out with its annual survey of best big cities for graduates. finishing first austin, texas. austin, home of the university of texas. also known as the live music capital of the world. san francisco and houston finished second and t list. no arizona cities in the top 15. finally on to wall street today, again the market is kind of waiting, maybe for the election to be over. not a lot of action again on wall street. it's been flat. the dow fell 33 points which is not a big deal. with a dow that has climb in the last several months. nasdaq slips five.
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this legendary letter going up for sale. it was penned by bonnie and clyde back in 1934. you can see their signatures there. >> look at their handwriting. >> beautiful. >> fantastic. i don't think they teach kids how to write like that. >> no more cursive. >> that's the criminal mind right there? it looks beautiful. >> so long is the sign off. i will start using that. the duo sent this letter to a former member of their gang who was behind bars at the time and apparently they weren't very nice to this guy. they said they should have killed him when they had the chance. >> but the lettering was nice. >> such beautiful penmanship. bonnie and clyde died in an ambush in louisiana. the letter is expected to fetch around $40,000. well, how about this? the grind is just about over. training camp winding down at
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significant pre-season game this sunday richard saenz in glendale on the cards beat with what you want to know. >> you know i got to thanked to the bird gang of the true cardinal fan showed up today because this was it. the last open practice for the arizona cardinals in glendale and the ones that showed up got a pleasant surprise. as the phoenix suns showed up. i got to admit that was cool to see one local team supporting another. the two head coaches standing side by side. together. the gms, they had to hang out. steve kime and ryan mcdonough sharing some interesting stories. now the actual football players. carson palmer was back at it he had the day off yesterday. he looked fresh with some fresh legs. larry fitzgerald was supposed to have the day off and changed his mine. he looked fine. oh, how time flies. camp coming to a close today. the boys getting good work in here at university of phoenix stadium. i get the feeling they wouldn't mind sleeping in their own bed
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reviews on another year here at university of phoenix stadium. >> we had an outstanding camp again. such a great no slt to have it -- facility to have it. great meeting room space, weight room space, this is a fantastic site to have training camp. and to practice in our stadium and get used to it especially for young players so when they come in here it's not an extra excitement level because we are in the stadium. >> it's been a great camp. think we got better than we were last year at this point. a lot of talent in this locker room and tough decisions ahead for our front office. >> you know it's funny to see the ton suns card camp. calais campbell believes he can play in the nba if he applied himself. his game is like zach randolph. i told that story to tyson chandler and didn't agree or disagree but he got a nice
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we are live in glendale, richard saenz. i could have played in the nba, too if i wanted to. jude, back to you. the man can play point guard. i want to see jared valder back down tyson chandler. it's all coming your way sunday. double-header, chargers and vikings and the cardinals at the texans. mark it down, 1:00. richard will be live in houston, texas. and we think he is the best analyst in town. max starks will join us after the game to take you inside the big and analysis evaluation and plus bruce arians is well -- as well. join us and stay with us after the game coming up this sunday on fox 10. back with more on training camp coming your way at 6:00. the 80s icon, the go-goes are here notice valley. we will tell you where they are
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the go-go's are in the valley tonight- the 80's the go-go's are in the erthe go-gos are in the valley. their big hits include hair lips are sealed and we got the beat. they put out some good music. group takes the stage at 7:30 tonight.
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another super star from the 80s making headlines, debbie gibson starring in a new hallmark movie called summer of dreams and we hear the gibson performs a couple of songs in the film. >> she looks great. >> still ahead tonight, we hear from the mother of a little girl sickened by the parasite that has been found in a number of public pools in the phoenix area. it's led to a number of illnesses. we got that story. plus an update on the monsoon activity in the valley and across the state.
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first tonight at six o'clock: a new round of first at 6:00, a new round of monsoon activity bringing a huge wall of blowing dust into the the valley. this is how it looked around
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a blowing dust advisory in effect for maricopa and pinal counties until 7:00 tonight. the weather conditions causing low visible for driver is a long i-10 and along some city streets as well. ap there have been some showers reported near gila bend also in northern arizona this afternoon. earlier today the strong storms moved through northern arizona. todd edwards sharing this video from the dewy humboldt area. flash flooding happening near state route 69 and prescott look at that. that was a torrent there. there was a severe thunderstorm warning in the area earlier today. the national weather service reporting 60-mile-per-hour winds and one inch of hail. kristy siefkin joins us now live with the forecast on this. this moved in suddenly, very hard to predict. >> very much some such as the monsoon. we see storms outside of the forecast area. those outflow winds make their way to the valley and we see dust blowing and that's the case
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this time lamps you will notice the red line, take a look at the southwestern section of the state moving to the northeast and that band of dust continuing to march through the valley areas and chandler, we are getting reports of the dust moving in right about now and it's not good news for those who have respiratory conditions today. not only mablowing dust advisory that will be in effect until 7:00 tonight, that's actually all of this area. you can only see the kind of the tan area on your screen, but this entire area additionally the gray on your screen, where we have that pollution advisory in effect until 9:00. terrible breathing conditions. i would definitely recommend staying inside. the valley relatively dry. but as we take a wider look, you will notice a lot of activity. we saw those live pictures earlier of the stronger cells moving through town. mostly northern arizona seeing the brunt of this storm. zoom in and show you the pockets where we are seeing that activity right now through parts


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