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tv   FOX 10 News 10pm  FOX  August 25, 2016 10:00pm-10:30pm MST

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what led to the strange accident that left a phoenix road flooded. plus a dust storm tears into the valley, and we are seeing rain in the northern part of the state. what we can expect the rest of the week. and good evening, again, everyone. we begin with a fox 10 news alert. police in chandler have a suspect in custody after a deadly shooting there. skyfox is over the scene in the last hour. this is near ray and mcqueen roads, and here's a live look at the scene from the ground. it is not clear what led to this shooting. we have scant details. we are waiting to learn more from officers as they give it to us, and as they do, we will bring you the latest. another news alert, this one out of south phoenix tonight, this was bad. three people taken to the hospital after a shooting near south mountain. fox 10's danielle miller has been live at the scene for the better part of the last two hours. danielle, what's the story? >> hey, john. still a lot of police presence
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shooting happened. take a look here. a lot of police coming and going from this area. that's the house there that phoenix fire is telling us that these three male victims were found shot and they are telling us that all three of those men were taken to the hospital. they were listed in critical condition. i am not sure exactly what led up to this shooting. police have not confirmed that to us yet. but a lot of people here in the area that we talked to said that it was some sort of robbery, but like i said, not police at this time. we actually spoke to one of the fathers of one of the men who were shot. he says that his son called him right after the shooting happened. >> i have been in this area for years, so i have seen it all. until it happens to your own, then -- then it really -- then it kicks in. >> reporter: and once again, john, three male people were shot tonight here, all three taken to the hospital, listed in critical condition. i don't have an update at this time on their condition.
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critical. fire crews tell us that they actually go on calls here in location quite a bit, but three people being shot is definitely not typical for this type of night here. but any updates we get on the victims' identity or anything else that we learn about this case, we'll bring you those details as they become available. reporting live, danielle miller, fox 10 news. thank you, danielle. and we are learning now that authorities are desperate for information in the phoenix serial street shooter case. in fact, they have upped reward money for information leading to an arrest. that climbed to $75,000 today. the shooter is believed to be responsible for seven murders since march. the last shooting happened back on july 11th. police have investigated nearly 1,500 tips so far. we learned that today at a press conference. city and law enforcement officials from around the state saying that finding this shooter is their number one priority.
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resources, detective officers, cooperating agencies dedicated to solving these murders as any task force that i have seen in my time. >> and it's really unprecedented cooperation between these agencies, the shooter described as a hispanc man, possibly diving a white cadillac or a late 1990s model, 2000 model, possibly, black b.m.w. if you have any information about this case, and they think it will be a break from the public that will crack it open, call silent witness, 480-witness. street shooter case, we had the i-10 freeway shooter. well, that suspect, who was arrested and actually jailed for a time, was back in court today asking a judge to give him back his gun. today a judge ruled that leslie merritt, jr. will not get his gun back. d.p.s. is going to keep the gun as evidence, and they are still testing it in relation to the shootings. merritt was held in jail for seven months, accused in this string of crimes, and then he
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when ballistics tests came back and basically said start from scratch, you don't have a case yet. all charges -- >> d.p.s. wants to save face, and they keep hanging on to this. and that's why they had their own lab retest the gun. they are the only ones who are making any connection. everyone else says there's just nothing there. >> and do you understand that? >> merritt's attorneys plan to file a civil lawsuit against the state of arizona for w prosecution. they have until september 18th to file that suit. prosecutors say they could still refile charges against merritt at a later date. they think there still may be a case there. a water main break leads to a valley bus getting stuck in a sinkhole. there was just one person in the bus. it was the driver. and they were able to get out safely, but tonight the intersection of van buren and 35th avenue is still closed and the water is still pouring out. marcy jones joins us live now
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this were the people from phillips law office who got a lot of free publicity earlier today. >> i know, amazing publicity up there on the roof of that bus. now, john, we have been out here about six hours now. not too much progress since the last hour. it does not look like the end of the world has one witness, it really looks more like an episode of bob the builder. because we have got a lot of machinery out here. they are starting phase now where they are starting to scoop up all of the rocks and debris, the asphalt scooped up underneath the bus and putting it into a city of phoenix department truck. no word on when this entire area will be cleaned up. we know from van buren on 33rd to 35th avenue, it is still shut down because there is so much water there. earlier we spoke to some eyewitnesses that told us the bus absolutely sunk when it
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asphalt. >> the city bus came, and as the city bus came, the asphalt you could tell was having some type of issues but i believe the weight of the bus is what triggered the pipe busting or something like that. >> reporter: now, again, only the bus driver was on board at the time, and thankfully no injuries. but as you can see, it's probably going to take a few more hours to clean this all up, shut off that water, and at least put some barriers around that hole or patch that up so people can get on their way, and the web once this reopens. reporting live, marcy jones, fox 10 news. >> i don't even want to think of how many gallons were lost in all of that. this was the scene this evening, a big dust storm rolled into the valley, just before the dinner hour, this is near wild horse pass in chandler, gusty winds blowing in from the south and west, coated parts of the east valley with a layer of dust. the monsoon seems to have
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now. there is some storm activity to the north of us. let's get to kristy siefkin who has got the latest tonight. what's the story? >> yeah, john, such an active picture out there earlier. the thick wall of dust moving through the valley. tonight, though, things are pretty quiet for us, but there's still a little bit of activity for our neighbors to the north. i'll give you a quick shot here of the valley and show you conditions are pretty mild, any of the green that we are seeing popping up here isn't rain. but to the south of us, in the tuscon area through green valley, a little bit more activity over the past few hours. but even aren't firing with much power. i'll step out of the frame so you can see better some of these storms tracking from the southwest to the northeast through baghdad, prescott, and a little farther to the north up through flagstaff, and all the way to the northeastern sections of the state. this is what we are seeing, kind of a scattered shower activity. pockets of very heavy rain out of the forecast for the most part, but we did see rain, pretty much isolated to northern arizona. we saw gusty winds across the
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prescott seeing maximum gusts around 40 miles an hour, even in phoenix, we saw a gust of about 20 miles an hour, a gust in the 30s in douglas and in st. john's, and we are not done with the monsoon activity yet. i'll talk more about that coming up in a few minutes. thanks, kristy. cryptosporidium, it's a big word but a tiny parasite that causes huge problems, and there's an outbreak right now at public pools in the valley leaving dozens of people in maricopa county sick. we are hearing tonight from a mother of a girl who caught the parasite, tested at phoenix children's hospital, matched up perfectly with the illness. >> every time i woke up at night, she's either on the toilet or over the toilet, hasn't eaten, can't hold anything in. >> if they don't know that they have the parasite around, they are going to chlorinate their
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rid of it. >> the best way to get rid of the illness, doctors say to wash hands frequently, really make sure to do that before you handle food, and ask about being tested for crypto if you think you may have it. some cold-blooded visitors arrived in the valley, cay mens arrived at the phoenix herpetological society today. they were living in canada but their habitat proved to cold. a the reptiles so he built a pond for them at p.h.s.. >> this is something that you can do and come back ten, 15 years later and it will still be there. >> two of the animals, including one that weighs 300 pounds, will stay at p.h.s. in their sanctuary and the rest will continue on to their final destination in south carolina. don't forget your four-legged friend tomorrow, because tomorrow is national dog
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maricopa county animal care and control offering to microchip every dog adopted for free. so if you're looking for a new dog, great time to do it. shelters open at 11:00 a.m. tomorrow, they close at 6:00 p.m. coming up next, we are going to bring you the latest from the campaign trail. it has gotten down right ugly. how hillary clinton is now attacking donald trump and why the clinton foundation is under
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live from fox studios, fox 10 news is back. >> in the war room, the united states military confirms that a u.s. navy ship fired a warning shot, several of them, at an iranian vessel in the persian gulf. authorities say the ship fired warning shots when the iranian vessel came within 200 yards of it, this incident the second close call this week involving
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in an earlier incident, four small iranian boats harassed a u.s. ship on tuesday. the u.s. navy described the incident as unsafe and unprofessional and said it occurred in international waters. hillary clinton has condemned for profit universities in the past, including trump university. meantime, donald trump will be making a speech at the hyatt in downtown phoenix next wednesday, and some of his comments may be on immigration. >> trump's campaign has been work voters in the last few days, and hillary clinton's campaign is fighting back. in a new video, her campaign tries to tie trump to the kkk and other white supremacist groups. >> to hillary clinton and her donors, and advisors, pushing her to spread smears and her lies about decent people, i have three words.
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three words. shame on you! >> meanwhile, clinton has spoken out against for-profit universities, but it appears her family has made millions of dollars from one of those schools. in an e-mail disclosed by the website inside higher education, it shows hillary clinton invited representatives from laureate universities to a private dinner at the state department in 2009. eight months president bill clinton was hired as the school's honorary chancellor and made more than $17 million in five years. he stepped down from the position 12 days before hillary clinton launched her presidential bid. the university has also donated between one and $5 million to the clinton foundation. the clinton campaign says any link between bill's position at the university and the 2009 private dinner is absurd.
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security after powerful software was found targeting activist phones in the middle east. computer forensic experts say this spy ware takes advantage of undisclosed weaknesses in apple's mobile system. so they know what they are, you may not, but hopefully they will fix it if you are an apple owner. they say it can take complete control of your iphone hand set, and the spy ware can compromise an finger. apple says they have fixed the vulnerability. let's hope so. big day in weather with all of that dust out there, some pockets of very heavy rain, and our chances for monsoon activity only increasing in the next few days. i'll tell you what you have to
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your exclusive
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forecast with kristy siefkin on fox 10 news. okay. they have got you anchoring the news. you're doing weather. are you doing sports too? >> maybe. jude and i are discussing. i'm having my people call his people. we are going to see if we can work something out. >> this has been a busy day for you. >> it has. >> and again it sneaks up on you. >> it does. we saw a little bit of activity up to the north of the valley. just like we saw a few days ago, storms going crazy, bringing out outflow winds to the valley, tonight, though, nice and might see some of the residual dirt particles in the air, otherwise things are looking pretty good guys. 93 at sky harbor, wind about five miles an hour, and as we make our way into the next couple of days, we are going to see a little bit of a surge in monsoon moisture, a change in our weather pattern, even though we have seen activity here in the form of dust, we haven't gotten a lot of activity in the form of showers, this low
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that monsoon moisture. in terms of lows, 50 in flag, 60s in page and sedona, 90s for flag, 88 for yuma, 68 degrees for safford. temps today slightly below the seasonal norm, at least at sky harbor, where we made it to 103, typical temp for today, 104 degrees, back in 2011 we hit a record at 113, so quite a bit warmer than what we saw out there today. total damage throughout the midwest, pretty significant yesterday as several touched down and even tonight we are tracking some severe weather through parts of the texas pan handle into oklahoma, also moves through louisiana, up into parts of mississippi, the mid atlantic coastline pretty quiet right now as is new england and then of course scattered activity showers in terms of showers through the arizona four corners region. mid-80s for lake havasu, upper 40s into the grand canyon, about 80 degrees for gila bend and
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tomorrow we'll see triple digits, yuma and lake havasu, same story for bullhead city, we'll be in the mid-80s for globe, 74 for payson, 80 for winslow, 74 for window rock. a little bit of cloud cover out there tonight. chance for showers continues in our forecast. we are going to up that chance in fact for a little bit into your friday and saturday, we clear as we get into our sunday, and then once again we continue with that into the start of your workweek. well, coming up, lochte, the olympic swimmer facing charges in rio. how much time he could
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live from fox studios, fox 10 news is back. nasa continues to test its next generation spacecraft, the orion. the agency made another splashdown test in the atlantic today, scientists testing the
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carbon fiber heat shield, as well as its buoyancy. they have got to make sure it can float. if all goes to plan, the orion will take its first human payload to space in 2023. >> a professor in maine brewing interest for chemistry for students by incorporating beer into their lessons. a lab provides testing and training for breweries, using beer as a testing medium for classes. students say this allows them to use science to solve real world problems. well, the ryan lochte saga continues following the rio olympics. police there announce they are charging the olympic swimmer with filing a false robbery report. he claimed he and three teammates were robbed at gunpoint, but it later came out that he had paid security guard after damaging a gas station bathroom and the videotape evidence just didn't back up his
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18 months in prison, though that is highly unlikely. >> john, i want to know if i damage a gas station bathroom, will i get booked on dancing with the stars? that's all i want to know. >> there you go. >> i also want to know, are the cardinals going to be ready in sunday for houston. it just happens to be the site of super bowl 51, and by the way, fox is bringing out their first team broadcast crew.
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z23emz zvpz y23emy yvpy you're watching
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preseason game number three, and you can expect to see the cards first team play most if not all of that first half. you can also expect to hear fox nfl lead play by play man joe buck call the game. this will be a bit of a run through. super bowl 51 will be in houston, texas. of course it's going to be interesting if the cardinals can get there in this all or nothing season. here's richard saenz. >> jude, cards camp just about done here in today the final real practice for the arizona cardinals, and a lot going on, jordin sparks here, as well as the phoenix suns as the cardinals get ready for two trips to houston this season, one, the preseason, and the second, super bowl sunday of course. >> i want to get a feel for how the stadium is going to be, that's where the super bowl is going to be, i want to visualize the atmosphere and myself coming back. >> more like a walk through than
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in glendale, i'm richard saenz for fox 10 sports. >> don't forget to join us after the game. richard will be in houston. we'll have max starks in studio, extended post game coverage, live from the podium, bruce arians, 1:00 cards at the texans. tony romo, you're not going to believe it, three plays into the game he gets popped right here. lower back injury, did not return to the game. we do believe it' injury, anything that would take him out of action over the next few weeks, but he did not return. now, dak prescott, the rookie quarterback, entered the game and did a pretty nice job, 17-21, 326 yards, including this touchdown pass to jason whitton, and the seahawks go on to win the game tonight in that matchup against seattle and dallas. all right, what about the dbacks tonight in town, we are looking
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young guy that was traded the top pick of the dbacks, that's the shortstop that made that play. look at the grab. the facts are the facts, as they say. it was a nice throw. it was another kind of long night for the dbacks. inciarte scores on this play, and yeah, it's been a rough, long, hot summer with a lot of losses here to count. gordon beckham scores, dansby swanson goes final at the chase. >> i just can't get over how empty it is. >> it has been really rough out there. if you're not relevant or at least playing good ball, fans in this town have other options. >> and then there's the nfl. >> cardinals. >> enjoy your night. modern family is next.
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