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tv   FOX 10 News 9pm  FOX  August 26, 2016 12:00am-1:00am MST

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three news alert.with a fox 10 we begin joining us. thanks for hello and now at 9:00, a huge mess to clean up after a water main break leads to a city bus getting stuck. >> the whole thing started flooding, so you know me, i'm like, what's going on? >> lawyers for the former freeway shooter suspect leslie merritt, jr. were back in court today hoping to get a key piece of evidence returned to their client. they may not be for everyone, but these tiny homes in fast. >> this is just a little over four-foot tall, but it's comfortable. a great place to have the grandchildren. and later, the study that finds that those fake babies teaching teens about the struggles of being an underage parent is backfiring. good evening, everyone. thanks for joining us. we begin tonight with a fox 10 news alert. three people rushed to the hospital in critical condition after they were shot at a home
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>> that shooting happening in a neighborhood near 24th street and broadway. that's where danielle miller is tonight with some details. danielle? >> reporter: christy and john, phoenix fire confirming to us that three adult males were shot here in this neighborhood. they were all rushed to the hospital, listed in critical condition. they tell us that all three of those men were found shot in this home here. at this time we are not too sure what led up to this shooting but we did speak to a few here who were wondering what happened themselves but a few people told us it was some sort of robbery that happened that led up to the shooting. we are still waiting to confirm that with police. but with eactually spoke to the father of one of the men who was shot. he tells us that his son called him just after this shooting happened. >> i have lived in this area for years, so i have seen it all. until it happens to y'all, then it kicks in. >> reporter: and the fire department tells us that they
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this exact neighborhood quite a bit but having this many people shot, three adult males shot, is definitely out of the ordinary, especially for this neighborhood here. now we are still working to hear from police to see exactly what happened out here, exactly what led up to this shooting, also maybe to get some identities of these people who were shot, and when we get any updated information we'll bring that to you as it becomes available. guys, back to you. a water main break causes a big problem on a phoenix street tonight, the big break causing a huge sinkhole right in a city road and a city bus got stuck in it. >> the water continuing to flow throughout the course of the evening, nearby areas became flooded with water. take a look at the chaos that ensued. the road flooded, the water got higher and higher, and it actually got so high it flooded a nearby car dealership. luckily, we are told one person was inside the bus, that was the
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availability to get out safely. >> tonight that intersection, van buren and 35th avenue, was closed. they are still repairing it. marcy jones has the latest on the cleanup effort. let's see, you're going on now about six, seven hours out there? >> reporter: yes, john, can you believe it? we are on hour six right now, and the best i can describe it is think of those jets in a jacuzzi or a hot tub. that is kind of the bubbling a six to seven-foot sinkhole. right over there, you can see the tractor has its claw in right now. the water receded from the sidewalk, but it's still bubbling out. i'm surprised they haven't been able to shut off the water. they must have run into another challenge. we are told two pipes merged around that area and that's why it is taking them so long. earlier we talked to some people
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scene. >> dozens of people gathered at 35th avenue and van buren to watch a rare scene, a city bus getting pulled out of a sinkhole. >> i don't understand. how water can mess up a street is and go into the street like that. >> reporter: according to the phoenix public transit department, thankfully there were no passengers on board but the scene of gushing water and the stuck bus still caused quite the commotion. >> as the city bus came, as you can some type of issues but i believe the weight of the bus is what triggered the pipe busting or something like that. >> she adds that the bus driver took his time getting off and that phoenix fire and police were on scene shortly after. even though no one was hurt, eyewitness dwayne still tells me he feels for those whose commute was disrupted. >> people very good jobs and everything too. >> people have got places to go. >> people have got places to go
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places to go, and luckily nobody was hurt. it's going to take a little bit of time to clean all of this up. we have still got a lot of city of phoenix water crews out here, and we have some of those eyewitnesses out here. they wanted to say hi again. give another shout-out. there we go. all right. well, thanks guys. we will check back in with you in just about an hour. but it seems like this is going to go on for several more hours, john and christy. >> i have got to believe that th phone is ringing off the hook tonight. the bus was free advertising all night long. >> absolutely. >> they were the winners. speaking of staying dry, didn't do it in some places. >> wow, look at that. monsoon flooding, water as a result of that storm, prescott getting some pretty heavy rain. this video sent to us by a
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>> in prescott, hail coming down very hard. almost looks like snow there. this was pretty crazy weather that was happening in that area today, and we thank you for your pictures, gayle, thank you. . and that looks like a wall of dust, but the only dust wall we saw today in the valley was here, we were talking about this earlier in the show, no rain but that big wall of dust moving through. and we'll look at the state forecast and talk about the later in the show. a man sitting in handcuffs in the back of a d.p.s. car makes a break for after a trooper let the window down to let air down in the vehicle. this happened at an arco gas station this morning in sun city. the suspect was apparently able to get his hands out from behind his back and then reach through the window bars and open the door using the handle on the outside of the car. the trooper chased after the man but eventually los track of
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the man was placed under arrest during a traffic stop for expired tags and then they found drugs in his vehicle. a cryptosporidium outbreak at valley pools has made dozens of people sick in maricopa county tonight, and we are hearing from the mother of a girl who caught that parasite, and it is nasty. she was hospital. there are now more than a hundred cases in the county. experts say water parks and public pools are a breeding ground for the parasite. >> every time i look up at night, she's either on the toilet or over the toilet. >> if they don't know that they have the parasite floating around, these facilities aren't going to superchlorinate their pools, splash pads, those sorts of things to get rid of it.
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that you wash your hands frequently, ask to be tested for crypto if you think you might have it. symptoms include vomiting and diarrhea. outrage over the rising cost of epipens, the manufacturer of the lifesaving device is now trying to save face. the pharmaceutical company, mylan, says it will cover up to $300 out of out of pocket costs the company also says they will double eligibility for patient assistance program, which will get rid of out of pocket costs for the underinsured and uninsured. it has raised prices as much as three times a year for the past nine years. the most recent prices for an epipen two pack has come in at more than $600. ryan lochte is in some trouble. the u.s. olympic swimmer has been charged now with falsely reporting a crime by brazilian authorities. lochte has been at the center of
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week or so after he reported that he and three other u.s. swimmers were robbed at gunpoint. the video shows differently. according to police, and surveillance video, lochte and the other swimmers actually vandalized a gas station bathroom, and then they were stopped by armed security after that incident. lochte has apologized and admitted that he exaggerated his story. lochte is now being summoned to rio to face charges but we are told h instead on his behalf. if convicted, lochte could face up to six months in jail or a fine. the race for the white house getting downright nasty, both candidates now referring to each other as racist and bigots. the latest from the campaign trail. this one is called a ponderosa. it is just under 400 square feet. >> we take a look inside these
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miniaturized homes in arizona
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only on fox 10 tonight, tiny homes are more popular than ever. i don't know why when watching that guy bent over trying to make his way into the house. >> yeah, it's like a scene out of elf. >> it is, it definitely is, but there's a tiny home developer that's kind of behind this tiny home craze, and it's being driven right here in pine arizona. >> and if you're familiar with where that is, pine is about an hour and a half north of phoenix. charming place. kari lake has more tonight. ? >> sometimes i actually feel like we are on the local tourist tour because people are so interested in tiny homes today.
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is pine creek resort. >> it typifies what pine is, because it has that cabin look. >> reporter: but it's also called tiny pineys. >> one of the differences in our tiny home, which the locals here call tiny pineys is we do have full sized appliances. >> reporter: ray is the co-owner and developer. he saw the need for >> this one is called the ponderosa. it is just over 400 square feet, not including the front porch or the loft. >> reporter: you heard right, just under 400 feet, not including the tiny porch. >> it's a comfortable place to have grandchildren. some people have made this a craft room, an office. it really is a multiuse space,
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>> we came into these units and absolutely fell in love with them. >> reporter: jeff and julie nelson, now retired, were one of the first to buy a tiny piny. >> we still have a big house in scottsdale, so we needed something that we could get away quickly, get up here in a hour and a half, have everything all ready, open up and live here. >> reporter: 15 of 48 tiny sites have been sold so far. >> people have stopped and said, what here? do you really like it? of course we do. but, you know, we promote these easy living. >> reporter: it's the tiny patio that really sold them. >> we don't have a dining room table. what we did was we bought a fire pit, and it's got an extended lip on it, and what we do is just light this in the spring and now in the fall. >> reporter: and the not so tiny view. >> behind me is strawberry mountain, off to the side over here is the mogollon rim.
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lot. this is what we want to see. >> reporter: the nelsons gave us a tiny tour inside. >> full sized refrigerator, microwave, gas range. stackable washer and dryer. there is a big closet right here. bathroom. another closet, a full sized shower with doors, and a bedroom with a king sized bed. >> reporter: one thing they had to keep in mind, tiny furniture. >> we had to think very carefully about scale of furniture in a tiny space. >> reporter: but as they in a love seat recliner, this tiny piny seems the perfect size for them. >> welcome to retirement. >> people come up here to get away on the weekends, and they just -- the stress melts away from them. they just come up here, relax, sit on that porch, and it's like being in a different world and only being 90 minutes away from phoenix. >> okay. the big question i know you're thinking about, how much?
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you can buy the home but not the property, which costs $375 a month to rent. to learn more, we have got a link to pine creek resorts on our website, john, i'm in on the tiny piny. i'm in. count me on that. >> you're a minimalist, jude? >> yeah, minimalist. keep it basic, right? we were out at cardinals training camp, and i'm telling you what, the stars were out. and i don't mean fitz o badger or carson palmer. can this play guy play football? you know carson palmer but what about a few suns players and an american idol winner spending time with the cards this afternoon. richard saenz on the cards beat. we'll see you in 30 minutes. but first, a look at your forecast, some showers still out there tonight. we'll talk about the chance for rain in the valley, coming up examining clooer
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people in i people in indiana picking up the pieces tonight after at least eight tornados touched down in that state. one of them was an ef-3, which is about 300 yards wide, and it was moving at about 152 miles an hour. about 25,000 homes and businesses lost power in all of this. many buildings including a starbucks near a shopping mall. 15 people suffered minor injuries, but amazingly no deaths reported. your exclusive accuweather forecast on fox 10 news. a lot of activity out there earlier today with all of that blowing dust, some very gusty winds, and some showers that for the most part have been isolated to high terrain. the valley staying quiet throughout the earlier evening hours, and that's the case tonight as well.
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green popping up on our radar. that is not even rain. we are just seeing cloud tops being picked up by the radar sweeps there. southwestern arizona, things pretty quiet, showers making the way through tuscon and safford in the past a couple of hours. we make our way north, and that's where we see some more activity, some moderate cells tracking across flagstaff earlier, making their way to the north and east, northern arizona ome light activity as well. things have c nicely since we have seen the sunset tonight, 95 degrees at sky harbor, wind about three miles an hour. big picture, we are seeing some changes in the forecast in terms of moisture. we saw that blowing dust the other day when it was dryer but we are going to see not only the blowing dust but now the possibility of rain in the forecast as the low migrates with idaho to the southern california coastline, we'll tap into the subtropical moisture, get a little bit of a monsoon pattern than what we have been
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days. numbers wise, mid-60s in payson, 65 in page, 80 for safford, valley numbers in the 80s and 90s, 91 for buckeye and surprise, 91 degrees for maricopa. the dew points on the low side tonight only in the 50s in the locations that we are seeing the highest dew points. that's mostly in southern arizona. as we make our way farther to the north, dew points in the 40s, just flirting with that not a lot of moisture in the atmosphere this evening despite the storms that we saw earlier. 103 we hit this afternoon, right about average, ten degrees warmer and we would have hit the record temperature that we set back in 2011. national picture, not as active as what we saw yesterday. john was telling you about the huge storms that came through, in fact tornados touching down, causing all sorts of destruction. we continue to see some moisture making its way into parts of the ohio valley, tennessee valley,
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significant right now through parts of louisiana. otherwise, scattered activity throughout the new england four corners region. overnight lows will drop down to the 60s in page. we'll be in the mid-80s for lake havasu. upper 60s for kingman, upper 70s for casa grande, and upper 60s for safford. payson 56, st. john's three degrees cooler than that. red and pink still on our contour for tomorrow. we are still going to see warm numbers despite the moisture out there. havasu, 93 into safford, we'll see 70s tonight for show low tomorrow. close to 80 degrees for window rock, 82 degrees for page. chance for showers continues in our forecast tonight. that carries over into tomorrow when it looks like a slightly higher chance of activity, around 15-20% for the valley, best chance though still going to be in the high terrain north and east of the valley, and in the next couple of days in your
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changes, chance of rain in your forecast, still into your saturday. it looks like we'll be right around the triple digit mark if not below it, and then back into the triple digits, above the century mark as we get into your sunday and monday. that's also when we start to see a little bit clearer skies out there. coming up in the next half hour of fox 10 news, now a free man, the prime suspect in the i-10 freeway shootings, trying to get his gun back. what a judge had to say today. no bling why one expert says women need to leave their engagement ring and wedding ring at home when going for a job interview. and the latest on the f35 fighter jet program, the backbone of luke air force base in the west valley.
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the man formerly the man formerly accused of committing the freeway shootings, and in fact jailed for that crime for a time, he returned to court today with a very interesting request. >> yeah, leslie merritt, jr. wants the gun back from authorities, that same gun that
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the shootings. nicole garcia explains why a judge denied his request. >> d.p.s. still believes that leslie merritt, jr.'s gun was used in four of the 11 freeway shootings last year, so he's not getting his gun back anytime soon. during a hearing today, a d.p.s. detective took the stand, testifying that d.p.s. did another ballistics test and their criminalist again says that the bullets and bullet fragments that they got from four shooting victims were a conclusive match to leslie merritt, jr.'s nine-millimeter handgun. the judge found there is probable cause can keep his gun in evidence. >> but d.p.s. wants to save face, and they keep hanging on to this. that's why they had their own lab retest the gun. they are the only ones making any connection. everyone else says there is nothing there. >> although charges were dropped against merit in april of this
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his attorneys are also planning to file a civil lawsuit. i'm nicole garcia, fox 10 news. something out there knows something, and we need that information. we don't want any more victims. we want to solve this thing, and we want to do it by 6:00 tonight if possible. that was phoenix police chief joe yahner this morning pleading with the public for any information that could lead to an arrest of the serial street shooter. >> local, state, and federal law enforcement officials working around the clock, of course, to try to find persons responsible for seven unsolved murders this year. >> and the reward now to catch the killer has grown. it jumped quite a bit today. it increased. it's now up to $75,000. detectives say that they have received and investigated nearly 1,500 tips so far, and they're hoping for more. it's clear that they need a break from the public. one of the challenges they believe is that someone out
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out of fear for their immigration status. today, maricopa county attorney bill montgomery tried to put those fears to rest. >> anyone who comes forward to help with this case, whether a witness or a victim, their immigration status will not be questioned, whatsoever. >> if you call silent witness with a tip, you can absolutely remain anonymous. that number is 480-witness. you decide 2016, for the white house heating up with both candidates, not surprisingly, going after each other's characer. >> a race to the bottom, as it was predicted. >> as it is every year. hillary clinton calls trump a racist, trump responds by calling hillary clinton a bigot. this began with a video -- it's
12:32 am
stephen bannon, the former editor of breitbart. clinton is accusing trump of taking a hate movement mainstream. >> from the start, donald trump has built his campaign on prejudice and paranoia. he is taking hate groups mainstream. and helping a radical fringe take over the republican party. >> it's the oldest play in the democratic playbook. when democratic policies fail, they are left with only this one tired argument. you're racist, you're racist, you're racist. >> there's a new quinnipiac poll that shows clinton with a ten-point lead over trump. that's a national poll. there's a lot of speculation about what exactly donald trump will say during his visit to
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now, his campaign is calling the event a g.o.p. unity rally, but lately they have been talking a lot about immigration, and it appears that trump may be softening his stance on the topic. but as andrew hasbun found out, some voters say that doesn't matter. they have already made up their minds. >> it's no secret donald trump is polling low with minority communities, and the campaign is trying to change that. >> african-americans are tired of being used by these phony politicians. hispanicsre used by these phony politicians. >> outside the hyatt, where trump is expected to speak next week, we found daniels. >> it's all about how do you you communicate. you have got to be able to actually help people and not just say you do it. >> reporter: even though his downtown phoenix speech may not be about immigration, on the campaign trail he has been softening his positions and
12:34 am
11 million illegal immigrants from the u.s. >> there can be a softening because we are certainly not looking to hurt people. we have some great people in this country. >> those comments drew praise from jeff flake, who had yet to endorse trump. in a tweet, a positive sign, hope it continues amid flak from opponents. >> broadly, the latino community, the latino business community is suspect of anything that is coming out of mr. trump's mouth currently. >> james garcia is with arizona hispanic chamber of commerce, which has endorsed republicans in state races. that group is holding a conference tomorrow with jeff flake. >> the news that he may be softening his stance on immigration, that's all fine and dandy but i don't think many in the latino community are going to buy it. >> it's not clear at this point who will be allowed into the rally. i'm andrew hasbun, fox 10 news.
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in the west valley, earlier this month, the air force declared their version of the f35 fighter jet ready for combat, but the pentagon is putting the brakes on that, saying not so fast. in a memo obtained by bloomberg news, the defense department's director of testing says the if35 program is riddled with deficiencies and that the program may never reach its full potential. he says the jet could serve in combat today, but only if it's accompanied by older aircraft to provide that's an indictment on the program. the biggest problem surround its advanced software that either isn't working properly or hasn't been fully tested. the f35 program is the costliest weapons program in u.s. military history with a price tag of nearly $400 billion. a year long construction project is expected to begin soon at phoenix mesa gateway airport. the airport received an faa
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feet of concrete that was originally built back in 1941. that area is of course used by corporate military, general aviation, and two flight training schools that operate out of the airport. the project is expected to start next month. a valley family heartbroken after some priceless family heirlooms are stolen right out of their garage. >> now a member of the family is reaching out on social media to see if anyone can help items back. last friday, jake wedge and his family were moving from phoenix to their new home in chandler when they realized a lot of boxes were missing, among the items, wedding photos and jake's father's flag that he earned while in vietnam, and a brother's teddy bear while dying of cancer at a young age, that is also gone. he posted a photo that has been
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you. just bring it back. leave it at the apartment complex where you took it. i am sure someone can get it back to me. we would like our sentimental stuff back. >> the case has been reporte to phoenix police. if you have any information, you are asked to give them a call. well, coming up a famous face giving the grand canyon a special shout-out. why you can visit the park for free this weekend. plus some new residents of the reptilian kind have arrived in
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happening now--- the happening now, the national parks service marking a major milestone. their 100th birthday. >> it was on this date in 1916 that president woodrow wilson signed an act establishing the national parks service. and this may surprise you. it actually happened 44 years after the first national park, yellow stone, was designated.
12:41 am
washington, d.c. to mark the occasion, a tribute to the parks service. they used brown, green, and white umbrellas. today through sunday, admission is free to all 412 national parks in the country, and that includes of course arizona's own grand canyon. >> happy birthday to the national parks service from the grand canyon. speaking from the grand canyon. she made a stop there to celebrate the national parks service 100th anniversary. entry fees will be waived for the next three days. the park will be hosting a variety of activities as part of the free celebration. arizona is also home to the petrified forest national park and the saguaro national park. it's free to get into those over the next few days as well.
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reptiles, called caymens, arrived from canada to the phoenix herpetological society. phs says they were too cold for their other habitat. a valley teen decided to help build a pond for them at p.h.s. and the water is beautiful. >> this is something that you can do and come back like ten, 15 years and it will still be there. >> look at that. nice water clarity. these guys a bath. >> you have? >> with a hose. one of them was being carted off to florida. >> did they tape his face shut? >> no. my mom screamed at me, saying why on earth did you give it a bath? >> did they tape it shut? >> no. >> you are tough, you are tough. 12 animals, including one that weighs 300 pounds will stay at the p.h.s. sanctuary, and the rest will continue on to their
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you want to take this job and shove it? you are not alone. ccording to a new survey, more than half of american workers would be open to leaving their current employers. and get this, 44% of those workers are currently looking for new jobs. meantime, some good news if you're looking for a new home. the 30-year fixed rate mortgage holding this week at 3.43%, pretty close to the all time low. from main street to wall street, stocks falling on thursday. the dow off 33 points. and forget about lifting a finger on that next trip, literally. the aloft hotel chain unveiling voice-activated rooms on thursday. each room has an ipad with a special app allowing guests to control things like temperature and lighting all with voice commands. for now aloft is testing the rooms in boston and santa clara.
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varney. coming up next in the buzz, why you may want to leave your wedding ring at home the next time you go for a job interview. >> really? >> yeah, wondering about that one. >> wow, that sounds interesting. plus an effort to reduce teen pregnancy is backfiring. why those dolls made to look like real babies are not working. and christy's story about this, co ? ?
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and save money. he decided to save money by switching his motorcycle insurance to geico. there's no shame in saving money. ride on, ride proud. geico motorcycle,
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well, you know what time it is. time for the buzz where we talk about the stories that other people are talking about. >> okay. first up, for years, there has been an effort to reduce teen pregnancy across the united states. it seems like one of the ways in doing this has backfired. in many schools, girls are given teen dolls to take care of for a did you if you days. they act like a real baby. the theory is it can cause children to realize raising a baby can be. but it's having the opposite effect. they decide i love this, i want to have a baby, so it's completely backfired. >> i had to have one of these dolls in school, it screamed, it shook, it cried. i ended up just putting it in the closet because i couldn't handle the crying >> wow, you're an unfit mother! >> it had a key, you had to turn it in the back.
12:48 am
california? >> it was required, and it was not only girls but boys had to take them home, which i think is how it needs to be. you need a realistic view for both genders. >> too much realism. >> plenty of that, enough of that when you have a real baby, the screaming. well, apparently diamonds aren't always a girl's best friend. according to the c.o.o. of a mortgage company, women should leave rings at home when going diamonds, especially big ones, indicate to men that a woman is high maintenance and indicate to other women that your diamond is a threat to their diamonds. >> okay, we are talking about actually engagement rings, not wedding rings. >> i don't know, it said wedding and engagement i think. >> so you leave the hardware at home, you have got to start hiding who you are to get a job? >> if somebody gives you a big
12:49 am
have got bigger issues. >> i will say around the office before, i have seen there's chatter about did you see the rock, like the lock of -- >> it's another world out there. finally, nothing like reliving the past. a michigan high school senior, tyra hunt, she went back 12 years by recreating her kindergarten picture for her senior i.d. the big tails and the usa shirt. she knocked it out of the park. look at that. >> that is hilarious. she even has the little rubber bands with the little plastic balls. if you are not a girl, these are hard bands to put in. >> this is throwback thursday. >> that is adorable. >> she looks like she hasn't changed all that much. >> i think she looks unhappier
12:50 am
childhood photo. i wonder why she was so sad as a little girl, making that face in the first place. >> she took one of those dolls home, completely traumatized her. >> they took away her diamond ring that she was going to use in the job interview. exactly. we would love to hear from you guys, go to our facebook pages. start with john hook fox 10, and then for the main event go to >> kristy siefkin, fox 10. >> and then there's the main main event. >> jude, jude lacava. >> now you're really exaggerating here. i'll tell you what was the main event, devin booker, can he throw the football? ulis? defensive backfield position.
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fox 10 sports with jude lacava in hd. well, if you're going to wrap up training -- wrap up training camp, go out with a bang. you could see the cardinals wrapped up camp with more than a little star power, including a franchise face in town, and one of the most talented winners ever that carries the title of
12:54 am
richard saenz on the cards beat takes you there. >> it was a star studded camp today. the phoenix suns made it out to practice today, and whether you play basketball or football, once you make it to the pro level, you're in some pretty elite company. >> athletes, we have got like a fraternity, kind of, we all support each other kind of. it's great to see the guys out there. >> every football player thinks he can play basketball, every basketball player thinks play football. >> i don't know about all of that. like i said, it's a brotherhood, it's a fraternity. >> and guess who else showed up. jordan s sparks also showed up practice. she's been a cardinals fan for quite a while now. i'll never forget. late one night at the mcdonald's station, we see a stretch limo show up, high school kids get out, and it's kids enjoying
12:55 am
and we say, hey, isn't that the girl that just won american idol? it was jordin sparks and her friends. we talked about that off camera. she talked about the dress when she was wearing and everything. much more cards stuff coming up later. in glendale, i'm richard saenz. fox 10 sports. we'll have live coverage right after the game, cards, texans, 1:00, max starks post game analyst will extend right after the show. we'll take you to the locker room with bruce arians and a lot more to come. football on a thursday night, falcons, dolphins. what can ryan gase do with tannehill? if you're a fantasy leaguer, you have got to like what foster brings to the table in so many different ways, with the
12:56 am
the miami dolphins win 17-6 in some preseason action. tony romo, i want you to watch carefully our next video. dallas cowboys, taking on seattle, and here it is, three place into the game, are you kidding me? he gets crunched right here, and he's down on the field and it's a back injury. he would not return. it doesn't appear to be overly serious. the early reports, we'll wait more over the next day or so, but and would not return. zack prescott, who is actually shaking it up, the rookie came in and did a nice job. he finds jason win for the touchdown. as far as the game goes, seattle winning late in the game, 27-10 in preseason action. dbacks, the alumni game is going to be saturday. i don't know if it's going to outdraw the actual game, but it could.
12:57 am
pick they traded in the shelby miller deal, look at this play, would you? wow. great glove and throw to get chris owings at first base. that's the guy they gave up in the shelby miller deal. just a few weeks in the big leagues, he is tearing it up. freeman scores inciarte, another guy they dealt in that deal, and then gordon beckham, he's going to win final 3-1, atlanta over arizona. hey, don't forget, the arizona rattlers go for yet another champion, the whole crew, davila -- back with more sports
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fox 10 news at 10:00. three people taken to the hospital following a shooting in the south valley. we'll bring you the latest. and a valley metro bus ends up in a tight spot, a sinkhole. what led to the strange accident that left a phoenix road flooded. plus a dust storm tears into the valley, and we are seeing rain in the northern part of the state. what we can expect the rest of the week. and good evening, again, everyone. we begin with a fox 10 news alert. police in chandler have a suspect in custody after a deadly shooting there. skyfox is over the scene in the last hour. this is near ray and mcqueen roads, and here's a live look at the scene from the ground. it is not clear what led to this shooting. we have scant details. we are waiting to learn more from officers as they give it to us, and as they do, we will bring you the latest. another news alert, this one out of south phoenix tonight,


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