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tv   FOX 10 News Noon  FOX  August 26, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm MST

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phoenix police trying to find out if two shootings that left two people dead are connected. why neighbors won't cooperate. do you recognize this police and the fbi need your help finding the golden eye bandit, how he got his nickname. >> and the monsoon activity leaving a big mess at one valley intersection. how the cleanup is going on this giant sinkhole. well, good afternoon. first on fox, two violent scenes within hours of each other in south phoenix. three men shot last night, two
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street, another man shot as he was just standing outside his home. now police are working to see if this is all connected, liz kotalik reporting from the scene. >> reporter: phoenix police officers are having a pretty tough time figuring out if these two scenes are connected, having a tough time figuring out if what is happening here at the latest scene because people are not being cooperative. shots fired call came 3:00 a.m. when they got here, people in the area wouldn't even point them in the right direction. they were only able to find this house after spotting this car, that you can see right here, with its back window shot out, and that's when they started finding bullet casings all around it. take a look at this from earlier. what detectives on scene have been able to figure out is that a 33-year-old man was standing outside the home when a vehicle drove up, and whoever was inside the vehicle fired multiple times, hitting the man and also
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the man who was shot knocked on doors, trying to find someone to help him, finally driven to the hospital, he is in surgery right now, in stable condition. where we are right now is one mile away from a triple shooting that happened at 8:00 last night near 28th street and broadway. as you mentioned, two of three men found in that house with bullet holes, bullet wounds, i should say, have died. there is still police investigation there right now as well but our crews were on scene right after all of that happened. we saw one man taken away on a stretcher, talking to police, seemed to be hurt. police haven't said what triggered that shooting but neighbors did tell us it was some kind of a robbery. back out here live, we have talked to multiple people in the neighborhood who are confident that the situation is either gang or drug-related. they say people go into the house at all hours of day or
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year and a half. police haven't been able to confirm whether last night's or this morning's shootings are related, but that is a big part of what police are trying to figure out happened. skyfox over this scene, this is 7th avenue and jo max, bigger lots, bigger homes of up here, swat teams serving a search warrant at one of the homes. when they got to the house, a woman took off on foot, a couple of the the home were broken. new at noon, a small airplane in scottsdale makes a crash landing. you can see there isn't too much damage on the small craft. we are told the plane landed close to where one of our skyfox helicopters parks. so far it looks like there were no injuries and it was just a close call. been another stormy few days here in arizona, the storm door
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rain that moved through the valley today, morning commute. you can see some wet freeways there. in prescott, it was more serious. look at this hail coming down, just in sheets, sideways, celeste, how do you like to be in that? >> you can see the wind whipping around. >> almost looks like snow in some cases, pretty intense storm. prescott got serious rain, you try to drive across that, you have got some problems. >> that is incredible. >> sent to us by a fox 10 viewer in humboldt, a wash tur a raging river. much of that stormy weather kicking off blowing dust last night. this is what it looked like south of the ahwatukee area, covered several parts of the valley as this dust storm moved in. this right here happened as all of the rain monsoon activity created a giant sinkhole near 35th avenue and van buren. you are looking at four different angles of the chaos. that started yesterday, still being cleaned up as we speak.
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this bus here got caught in it. the story is still developing. be sure to stay tuned, we'll have an update and a special report on fox 10 news at 10:00 tonight. mcqueen and rey, a 44-year-old was shot to death after police found a suspect they described as a 40-year-old man. police say the victim and the suspect knew each other. it's not clear what the relationship was or what led to the shooting. d.p.s. is still on the hunt for a handcuffed suspect who escaped from the back of a patrol car. it happened yesterday morning at an arco gas station in sun city. the suspect was able to get his hands out from behind his back and open the door from the outside. he had drugs in his vehicle.
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from glendale and son are both found, the father is in some trouble. this morning, phoenix police found the vehicle they were last seen in, and we told you about this yesterday at this time, that they were missing, but today they were found year 3rd avenue and indian school. the father was found in possession of dangerous drugs and arrested right there on the spot, and his 10-month-old son, abraham, was also found, reunited with his mother. she is not seeking any charges against the father at this time. >> for a lot of drivers across the valley. we covered several serious crashes throughout our morning show. the first closed down the intersection of cave creek and peoria in phoenix. that's the video that we have for you right here. the man in his early 20s last control because he may have been drunk and he was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. another intersection was closed as well. this one right here, if you take a look at this video, this is in mesa near the higley and u.s. 60.
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crash. even though one of the cars flipped over on to its roof, one patient had minor injuries but will be okay. let's go to the west valley in glendale, the last piece of video we will have for you here, where a car crashed into a construction vehicle in glendale, near 55th avenue and peoria. two adults taken to the hospital with slight injuries, two infants checked out as well. they also saw serious delays this morning. the reward for information in the phoenix serial shooter case the shooter is responsible for seven shootings since march, the shootings happened over the last several months. july 11th was the last one. police have investigated nearly 1,500 tips so far. city and law enforcement officials say finding the shooter now is their top priority, described as a hispanic possibly driving a white cadillac or black bmw.
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your help identifying and finding the golden bandit, suspected of robbing two valley banks in the last week. he got his nickname the golden eye bandit because he was wearing gold rimmed glasses during the robberies. he's described as a white male, about 5'5", 200 pounds. the fbi is working with phoenix, scottsdale, and mesa police, as well as mcso. well, it's getting hard to hold out hope for italian rescue crews but they are still working to find survivors in the rubble from a big e there on tuesday. plus, the highest court in france decides whether the burkini ban will stay in effect on one town's beaches. >> in bikinis? >> burkini >> oh, burkinis. and they don't call bruce springsteen the boss for nothing. >> he's on tour celebrating the born to run album and just made history during his concert in
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you're watching fox 10 news at noon with troy hayden and syleste rodriguez in hd. strong aftershocks have been rattling central italy deadly earthquake there destroyed a lot of towns and killed a lot of people. right now the death toll is 267. many buildings damaged after that quake, but following today's aftershocks, a lot of those buildings are starting to actually crumble down. the structure just can't take it anymore. aftershocks measured 4.7 in magnitude, one that will rattle you there, now the search for survivors is dimming but recovery efforts are still underway. france's top court has
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to give you background on the story, france is a secular nation which means that you can't wear anything in public identifying religion, like a cross or a star of david or maybe a burkini, so is dozens of mayors in small towns in france wanted to ban the clothing from the beach. a top court in the country has overturned the setting a precedent. two sisters, both 68 years old, may have been victims of a break-in and vehicle theft. their bodies were recovered inside the home, no suspects found yet. he's staring down skyfox. >> i wouldn't mess with him either. >> wildlife officials say the
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numbers with eggs, i believe this is papago right here. bald eagles taken off the endangered species list but they remain protected. it's storm season across the country, where flooding damaged buildings and thousands have
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arizona isn't the only part of the country seeing severe storms. a big mess was left we have had a few storms here in arizona, but nothing like this, thankfully. big mess left behind in oklahoma, heavy rains causing flooding in one small town, flood waters responsible for causing structural damage to buildings in one year, thousands left without power, so far no serious injuries reported.
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forecast on fox 10 news. >> some rain, and i was out at big sur. >> yeah, how was that? >> this morning, it was good. >> laying on a raft, enjoying the surf, working very hard. >> it is friday. >> you have got a little friday attitude as we head into the weekend. >> you can take a look out, and it's just gorgeous out this hour, a 20% chance of rain will continue throughout the day and into tomorrow. we'll take a look at our futurecast in just a few moments. some of those skies have been just gorgeous, 92 degrees at this hour, slight wind in the air, humidity a little bit higher, it's going to try to keep it really nice and cool for u. take a look here, statewide, we see a lot of storms all across the state. closer look to the valley, you can see the west valley, folks up in surprise, maybe sun city west, it looked like the storms just moved through wickenburg as well. a little bit farther to the
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storms in the morning, dry now, we'll see more later on today and tomorrow. black canyon city in the valley, you guys are experiencing storms. prescott valley, dewey, humboldt, i am sure you have some rain as we speak falling out of the sky. please send some pictures our way and we would love them to share them with our viewers. out in eagar, snowflake, too. take building in and around the san francisco peaks just north of the flagstaff area. this is a really good example of what takes place during the monsoon. you can see here at about 10:30 or so, it starts to build a little bit, and then out of nowhere it kind of just pops up. this is just east of williams or socc so, and then it moves east. flagstaff probably getting drenched as we speak, some pretty strong storms. if you are out there, please take photos, we would love to
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folks up in tuba city getting some rain. futurecast next 24-48 hours, 20% chance of rain throughout today and tomorrow, and by sunday, a larger look here, this is saturday evening, and then into sunday you'll see that nice and clear skies as we look into sunday morning, and then the monsoon will return following probably around wednesday or so. let me go go ahead and give you a quick look at our ten-day forecast, temperatures right now just gorgeous, mostly 70s up in the high country, as you can see. and then over, take a look at the white mountains area, beautiful, 64 degrees. prescott 69 but probably feels a little bit cooler with all of that rain coming down out of the sky. quick look at our ten-day forecast, you can see 95 will be our high today, 100 on sunday when the sun returns, low one hundreds next week. >> i'll take that 95 tomorrow for my tee time. >> you better take the rain jacket.
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it's not going to be a deluge is it? >> no. a shock in the medical community has this hollywood actress who used to do business with the company that made the epipens saying she is out. plus how you can get a visit to paisley park and see inside the late prince's world. his mom thought he had the flu and that he was covered by the meningococcal meningitis vaccine he had received. until 2014 there were no vaccines for meningitis b in the u.s. now there are. while uncommon, meningitis b can lead to death within 24 hours. trumenba is a vaccine for 10 through 25 year olds to help prevent group b meningococcal disease. trumenba should not be given if you had a severe allergic reaction after a previous dose. most common side effects were injection-site pain, fatigue... headache, muscle pain, and chills. ask your doctor or pharmacist about all the risks and benefits of trumenba and tell them if you've received any other meningitis b vaccines.
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live from fox studios, fox 10 news is back. volkswagen reaches a tentative deal with its u.s. dealers. about 650 volkswagen dealers will be compensated for los they say they suffered as a result of the company's emissions cheating scandal. you can imagine, if people stopped buying vws the way they used to, a lot of money was lost. the value of the settlement was not disclosed but volkswagen said it would include cash payments, already settling with the cars owners. sara jessica parker is so outraged by the price of the
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pulled as a spokesperson for the company. her son depends on the medicine for a peanut allergy. in the past nine years, the price has risen from $57 to around 600. we thought the fighting was over but apparently we were among. amidst a divorce between am berd heard and johnny depp, she was ordered to pay $7 she said he would donate the money to a children's hospital. heard told tmz that the donation should be $14 million because he gets a charitable tax deduction because 14 isn't enough. >> she's really testing him there. maybe it's time to let it go. elvis presley's home will
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the late singer's siblings announced that the complex will be transformed into a museum, saying this will give fans a chance to see inside prince's world. the boss makes history, bruce springsteen holding the longest show ever in the u.s., in celebration of the 40th anniversary of his classic album, born to run. the show clocked in at four hours. bruce sang 33 even a marriage proposal during jersey girl. >> that is a true entertainer. >> that is belting it out. >> that's worth the ticket price. >> for a long time. coming up, we have got another look at your forecast. >> and have humans discovered the ability to fly? well, wait until you see this
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well, welcome back. take a look at this. ten-day forecast, 95 degrees today, 20% chance of rain throughout the day. i know it's sunny outside. we have got gorgeous skies and cooler than normal temperatures but chance of storms, thunderstorms, low one hundreds through next week. >> your golf game should work out already. >> 8:30 tee time, going to be in the 80s. we can play right through there. >> maybe even a 79. >> is that too much to ask? close as you can get to flying, a man uses a jetpack to shoot right out of a colorado lake. take a look at this. it's something that's never been done before.
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propulsion technology under water. let's see this. it's got to be slo-mo, right? >> has to be, yeah. >> he covered more than 500 feet of distance, and there he is, kind of flying around. they always wear those silver suits, have you noticed that, when they fly they see things. >> at first it looked like a astronaut or something. >> 800 horsepower of rockets on his back. >> pretty cool. >> i wouldn't do that. >> no? >> one 800 horsepower slamming into the ground. there are no wings in that thing. or just drop. >> just drop. >> the way we are dropping off the set and enjoying our weekend. have a great weekend.
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welcome to dish nation. i'm happy to announce it's thursday. it's friday eve so life is good across the country and all across the land. we have big stories coming up for you guys wl he's going to talk about his brand new movie believe the stunt that drake just pulled and we're going to try to outdo him. >> what? >> we got this. i've got sad news to report. >> what. >> it seems like kasper saw his ghost. this time it seems to be for good. they've been on again and off again since 2011. the kids love casper and he's


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