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tv   FOX 10 News 10pm  FOX  August 27, 2016 1:00am-1:30am MST

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bruce arians, that's coming up at 10:00. confusing moments as the donald trump campaign says he won't hold a rally in the val valley, and then hours later donald trump says he will be in the valley. we'll sort it out for you. and a dedication and ceremony held tomorrow in prescott for the arizona woman, kayla mueller, who was raped and murdered by i.s.i.s. how you can see the ceremony and what her family week in interviews. plus, later in the show, a valley co-op catches the eye of the white house. we'll take you inside this innovative new workspace. and thank you for joining us tonight for fox 10 news at 10:00. confusion coming from the trump campaign over the presidential candidate's reported trip to the valley next wednesday. today, local g.o.p. officials
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hours later donald trump himself tweeted that he would be here. fox 10's danielle miller is live at the hyatt in downtown phoenix where the event was originally scheduled, and you have the latest, danielle. is it not going to be held at the hyatt? >> reporter: yeah, that's what donald trump said on his twitter feed today. this was the original plan, was to have the event here at the hyatt regency in downtown phoenix on wednesday. and as you mentioned heiwe heard from local officials that the event was called off only to find out hours later that the event was still on, just not here. word several days ago that donald trump will be making aother stop in the valley, trump was scheduled to give a speech on policy wednesday at the hyatt regency in downtown phoenix. but today local campaign officials confirmed that that speech had been cancelled, and then a few hours later trump took to twitter saying he will be in the valley on wednesday
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the tweet also saying demand is unreal. there were rumors that trump was going to use his appearnce to make a big announcement regarding his stance on immigration. earlier today, trump told fox news that announcement would be coming soon. >> i think people will be extremely happy, and i'll be announcing something within the next two weeks, a very comprehensive plan on immigration. >> many people have questioned trump's stance after he hinted he will soften his tone on deportations, but today he stood firm about a plan to build a wll and securing the border. >> my stance is very strong. it's going to remain very strong. there will be no amnesty. there's no legalization. we are going to build a wall. it's going to be a tremendous, powerful wall, and we are going to have great technology along with the wall, and we are going to stop people from coming in. day one we are going to get all of the gang members and the gang leaders and the drug dealers and all of these people that have
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we are going to get them out very, very, very fast. >> and kari, another local tie to donald trump. former governor jan brewer will be in las vegas tomorrow showing her support for trump at the trump-pence nevada headquarters victory event, i believe the event goes from 12:00 to 2:00 there in vegas. as of now we have not heard from any campaign officials that this event was officially but as we mentioned, donald trump tweeting that it was still on. at this point i guess we are going to have to wait and seement. >> i guess what we have got to go with what the candidate is saying, right? hillary clinton and tim kaine were both on the campaign trail hammering home their message that donald trump, they say, is unfit to be president. meantime, the state department saying that they will not be releasing any of hillary clinton's schedules from when she was secretary of state until after the election. the renewed call for those
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comes after the associated press says that a majority of the people that clinton saw that were outside the government were people who paid money, donations to her husband's foundation, the clinton foundation. the director of the va health care system is stepping down. the department of veterans affairs says she is retiring for health reasons. she has been the director since november. barbara fallon has been named the acting director of the phoenix va health care system. you may health system was at the center of a national scandal about wait times and other problems that led to a system-wide overhaul. new developments in connection with the contempt of court case against sheriff joe arpaio. the investigation into whether sheriff arpaio should be prosecuted has now been turned over to the u.s. department of justi justice. today in a court filing, federal prosecutors in arizona removed themselves from the case. no reason for that change was
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sheriff arpaio could be held in contempt of court for intentionally ignoring court orders in his racial profiling case. a dedication ceremony being held tomorrow in prescott at kayla's hands. it's a playground built in honor of kayla mueller. mueller was a humanitarian aid worker who was kidnapped by i.s.i.s. militants in syria. she was tortured, raped, and eventually killed. that president obama promised to make a contribution to kayla's hands, a foundation started in kayla's honor, but the president has not made good on that promise. >> he says you won't know, it will be an anonymous donation, but i will. i'm still waiting. >> white house officials cannot explain why a donation has not been made yet but have promised it was coming. meanwhile, we'll stream the
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page at 10:00 a.m. to see it just head to community leaders in maryvale, a phoenix neighborhood, are worried that somebody who could help solve the phoenix serial shooter case are hesitating to call because an investigation into immigration status could follow. today leaders in the area pleaded with people to help in any way possible to help get the killer off the streets. >> i'll be talking to neighbors, and some of them are afraid to come forward because they say they are afraid to the police that they are going to be deported. >> the county attorney stated yesterday that a person's immigration status will not get them into legal trouble if they provide information that helps them to solve this case. a suspect, the killer in this case, described as a hispanic man in his early twenties. there is a $75,000 reward for any information that leads to his arrest. caught on camera, thieves hit a mesa r.v. dealership
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dollars worth of tailgates, of all things. the business owner hopes the surveillance video will help track down the thieves. it shows one person taking the tailgates off and then lining them up while another person drives around in what looks to be a black toyota 4runner and picks them up and loads them in. >> disbelief. i felt violated. you know, we are a small business, and anytime something like this happens, it's kind of devastating. they can pop them seconds flat and sell them for 500 bucks cash, but retail is a thousand dollars. >> it's too bad. the business is now offering a $5,000 reward for anyone who provides a tip leading to an arrest. 40 special needs students are taking part on a stage norm a performance, forming their own rock bands. ? it's part of a program called music from the heart, and it allows them to form their own
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and tonight they let us join them at a rehearsal at a.s.u.'s tempe campus. >> it's fantastic that they learn to play the drum set. they learn to sing a song. they learn to play guitar with their peers. but that's just the byproduct. the ultimate goal for us is to be able to help them learn social skills, life skills, communicating with peers, working as part of a team. >> the students will have a concert tomorrow at tempe center for the arts. four bands will pe and four more bands will play at 6:00 p.m. all proceeds will go to higher octave healing music therapy program. coming up, a valley lab gets the attention of the white house. we are going to take you inside that laboratory and show you
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fox 10 news is back. well, this is very cool. a valley co-op catching the eye of the white house. heatsync labs, it's in mesa, they were represented in d.c. earlier this week for their
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and marcy jones takes us inside their unique space. marcy? >> reporter: that's right, kari, praised for their innovative thinking and initiative here in the valley. they are a self-described makers space. the best way to describe a makers space like heatsync labs in mesa is to think of a library, but instead of books there are different types of tools. >> we sort of pride ourselves on being a public resource, where anyone can come in and use tools that they probably don't have >> and we are not talking about your run of the mill hammer and saw. these are tools 2.0. >> we'll have things like a laser cutter or a 3d printer. we'll do some software type development stuff there, build robots. stuff like that. >> from sewing to welding, your time at heatsync labs is literally what you make of it. >> it does take a little bit of getting used to. when i came down here, you see people kind of just milling around because there's really nobody in charge. we are all volunteers.
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tools here and you have got a great interest to start building stuff, you'll just blend right in, start working your project and people will come together to help you. >> a grassroots co-op of volunteers. just ask eric, he's also learned from helping others. >> although i know almost nothing about biomedicine and bioscience, i was able to help somebody manufacturer a part for bies my mind and was totally amazing for me to be a part of. >> when the sky is the limit at this makers space, eric says the best part is collaboration. >> having a place to come together and learn from each other just builds so much advantage over learning from just online alone. >> reporter: you can become a member, but it's, as you heard, it's also open to the public. for hours and more information, head to our website, marcy jones, fox 10 news.
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thanks marcy. coming up, we saw some hit or miss storms and some big storms. are there more for the weekend?
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z23emz zvpz
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y23emy yvpy your exclusive accuweather forecast on fox 10 news. what a perfect friday. we start with a little rain. it wasn't it was friday. those are the three perfect things for any day, right? 92 right now, we are still seeing a few clouds out there, but for the most part things are starting to clear out of the valley, and we are going to see a lot of sunshine return and still temperatures that aren't too bad, especially considering what we have been dealing with for much of the summer. we are watching the dew point remain a little bit above that 55-degree mark, and that 55-degree mark, i always like to remind people, is that that stage of the dew point where we have enough moisture in the atmosphere to create monsoon
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tonight. you might hear a few rumbling while you're sleeping tonight, and that will remain into tomorrow morning as well. 98 was the high, 104 is the normal, 117 is the record for this date. and look at this, we were right about where we should be for our morning time low. the mornings and evenings have been so gorgeous the last week or so. and we are watching here most on the doppler radar here most of the rain showers start to skirt away. we are still seeing few up the high country, but they really diminished where they were earlier today, and this is going to be the norm for the evening. we'll watch a lot of this kind of go away. a stray thunderstorm is possible. look what happens when we take you up north, north of i-40, quite a bit of stormy conditions today, starting to diminish. we are still seeing a few slight sprinkles just starting to head into flagstaff. may not even make it to the ground but there are some clouds up there. some of the storms to the south
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queen creek he we had some stormy activity about 5:30 this afternoon to about 6:00. we are just setting up for a drier night, a few clouds, but again, because the dew points are this high, above 55, there is a chance for a stray monsoon thunderstorm. so we'll look for that tonight in phoenix and up along the high country as well. when we look at the dew points around the city, 61 in wickenburg, there's a good chance we'll see some up that way, 56 in scottsdale, 58 in sky harbor, these are the dew points an indicator of how much moisture is truly in the atmosphere for the rain to work with. we did get that rain this morning and the afternoon, and in the green indicating areas that have received rain. flagstaff with one and a third inch of rain, about a tenth of an inch up near the grand canyon, 16 hundredths near
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winslow, a little bit more than a trace in show low, about a trace in safford, some in phoenix and south of phoenix as well. what happens with the futurecast. we watch most of the stormy weather disappear by saturday morning, dry weekend, and then sunday shapes up pretty dry with a few storms popping in the afternoon and then dissipating as well, and we have a really decent forecast headed your way for evening temperatures. they are going to be really beautiful tonight. 76 phoenix, 55 in payson, 44 in flag. tomorrow, below normal, stuff we can handle, especially after the summer we have been through. we'll keep an eye on the gulf coast region, a tropical depression that could turn into a tropical storm. two feet in louisiana in the past few weeks, steel dealing with the flooding, more rain is
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to five inches of rain because of the storm, and that could cause problems with the zika mosquitoeses there. we'll keep an eye on that as well. ten-day forecast, 95 tomorrow, watch the clouds move up, a 10-15% chance of rain tonight and tomorrow morning, and then we dry things out for the weekend. we'll look for 99 on sunday. monday we warm it up to 103. chance of rain on tuesday, very slight chance, but really readings about where they should hey, you're clarence! be for this time of year. yes, sir. you know, at the model year end clarence event,
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the spacex live from fox studios, fox 10 news is back. the spacex dragon spacecraft, sounds pretty exciting, returns to earth after making a trip to the international space station. the spacecraft parachuted into the pacific just off of mexico's
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research equipment, including 12 mice, that flew up on the dragon as part of a genetic study. these are like mice astronauts. the coolest mice out there. spacex is the only space station that's capable of returning items for analysis back to earth, and take a look at this, an impressive view of the grand canyon from space, that is pretty cool. the international space station commander jeff williams taking series of photographs, more than 13 photos were put together for this composite image of the canyon, capturing all 277 miles, from 250 miles above earth. a new study shows more arizona teens are reporting concussions than ever before. the barrow neurological institute says one third of high school seniors reported having a
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coach if they thought they had a concussion. only 30% said they would tell their parents. >> if you don't tell someone, then you probably won't be able to play sports in the future because you would just be damaging your brain, and you need to let your brain have time to heal. >> the message to coaches is that your athletes trust you, and we entrust the coaches to take care of these athletes and make sure that the proper policies are followed to keep our athletes from further injury. >> arizona high school student athletes are required to complete training, called the brain book, which teaches them how to prevent, recognize, and respond to concussions. researchers believe that this could be a reason for the spike in reported concussions. a busy day for the local sports scene. we had some good news coming from the diamond as this guy, a.j. pollock, is back in action for the dbacks, and he had an interesting first day, to say
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some big time football as the rattlers host the arena bowl. a barn burner in glendale.
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you're watching fox 10 sports with richard saenz in hd. another training camp in the books for the arizona cardinals. the fans flocked to glendale for weeks, but now the boys will practice in tempe from here on out, and the camp went well,
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remember last year, michael floyd dislocated three fingers. that wasn't the case this year. i am concerned for john brown. today he left practice early for the second day in a row. larry fitzgerald still nursing that hurt knee, but he looks just fine to me. i am sure he's okay. head coach bruce arians had a funny response though about not having any major injuries just yet. >> why you trying to jinx us, man? we ain't done yet. come on bro. >> >> yet? yeah. yeah, we are as healthy as we have been in three years, and it's a scary thing, because we have got a game coming up, two games coming up, left. >> all right. we have got more cards coverage all weekend long. we have got the game right here on fox 10. it's the cardinals in houston, taking on the texans, yes, we'll have a crew in houston. live reports right after the game. this should be a fun one to watch the starters play the most
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it's the closest you'll get to a real nfl game. we can't forget about the rattlers hosting the philadelphia soul, playing in downtown phoenix, a rough start, 7-0, touchdown philadelphia. that makes it 14-0. wow, just like that, kevin guy can't believe it. ensuing kickoff, the rattlers coughing up again. are you kidding me? what's going on they stop to take a selfie. oh, you know they are having fun, the soul are, they were up big. but the rattlers don't quit. nick davila, buying some time, it pays off. touchdown rattlers. we have got a ball game, boys and girls, but philadelphia comes up with a big play here, final score goes on to win 56-42, bad news for the
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pollock back in uniform, ready to hit the field. he hurt his elbow right before the start of the regular season and he played well today, a.j. o pollock out in center field, stretching for the catch. that play is just lovely. look at that catch. that's why he won the gold glove a couple of years ago. a.j. pollock looking good. so were the cincinnati reds, coming through right here i top of the ninth, yes, we are going to extra innings, the bullpen blows it again. another crazy play, blooper to right, tomas makes a nice catch, even better throw, a double play, but the damage is done. pollock brought in the game tying again, and we are still playing. >> at least it's an exciting game, but let's try to win it. all right. we'll see you back here tomorrow morning first thing for the
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