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tv   FOX 10 News 10pm  FOX  August 27, 2016 10:00pm-10:30pm MST

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an emotional day as a playground is dedicated to kayla mueller, the arizona woman held captive by isis before she killed. >> this is horrible. i don't wish this on anybody. police shoot and kill a man in phoenix after he pointed a gun at them. what he was doing at a woman's apartment when police showed up. the fundraiser for a funeral for a woman killed in a car crash. we hear from her loved ones. we begin with a fox 10 news alert. a deadly crash involving a car
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and bethany home road. >> this is a live look at the scene. not clear what led to the crash. officers say 43rd avenue will be closed from bethany home road to maryland for the next several hours while they investigate. we'll bring you the latest as we learn more. an officer-involved shooting near 58th avenue and thomas leaves a man dead. >> according to police, a woman called and said an armed man was in her home. when they got confronted the guy and they fired when he pointed a gun at them. danielle miller is live at the scene with more. danielle? >> reporter: marc and linda, phoenix police telling us this 25-year-old man was shot and killed after he pointed a weapon at police. he went to this apartment complex initially because he was in the apartment of a woman that he was romantically involved with.
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that is why he was in the area. police responding to a call of a person with a gun. >> the person inside the apartment was able to get word to a family member that there was a subject inside known to her, believed to be on drug, believed to be armed. >> reporter: when officers arrived, the woman answered the door and the man who wasn't supposed to be there was in the hallway. and pointed at the officers and the officer ended the threat. >> reporter: the man who was shot and killed by police left things at the apartment a few days earlier. there was an ongoing domestic situation. they knew the suspect was possibly armed and on drugs and they took this into
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someone is something we take consideration. we take bystanders safety into account and our own and the unpredictability of the suspect so those are the things that are on our mind. >> reporter: marc and linda, phoenix police have not identified this man to us. we just caught up with family and friends with this man who say he is 25-year-old angel torres. we were at the apartment complex where this happened early this morning. friends were having a vigil tonight. they had candles and they were going over memories of this man who, like i said, identified him as 25-year-old angel torres. they tell us he was a father, loving family member. they tell us that waking up to this news was devastating, definitely hard to hear. they tell us he will be greatly missed. >> it is horrible.
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should have to go through. >> it is horrible. it is horrible. it is a tragedy. we are going to miss his smiles, his laughs, his dancing, singing. just going to miss him, period. >> reporter: phoenix police children were in the apartment at the time of the shooting. they tell us none of them were harmed. they also tell us no officers were harmed or injured in this incident. danielle miller, fox 10 news. a deadly hit-and-run in tollesson earlier today near 99th avenue and van buren. police say the suspect was driving a dark blue ford explorer and took off after the accident. police have not identified the man who was hit and killed. if you know anything about this incident, you're urged to call police. on to a developing story, police are looking for the person who shot and killed this
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he was shot and killed in a hotel parking lot last month. >> the shooting hand over by this knight's inn motel near the black canyon freeway and mcdowell. chavez was found shot to death in the parking lot. police are hoping that witnesses will step up and help them find a suspect. if you know anything about the shooting, you're urged to call silent witness. police asking for your help to find a man who ripped a necklace off of a this happened at the desert skymall near 75th avenue and thomas. the suspect, you see him there, walked in and you see him running out. this is after he grabbed the chon from her -- chain from her neck. she chased the suspect but was unable to catch him. he escaped in a gray p.t. cruiser who was outside of the mall waiting for him. >> this mall is shopping near a mall and the suspect comes into
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and grabs the necklace off of her neck. >> again, if you have any information on this case, you are asked to call silent witness that number is 480-witness. caught on camera, phoenix fire crews battle a house fire near 35th avenue and tacoma. firefighters say the fire was tearing through the three-story home but they were able to put it out and luckily nobody was hurt. it is not clear what started the fire though. what an emotional day for friends and family and strangers in the prescott community today as they officially opened a brand-new playground dedicated to kayla mueller. >> kayla, of course, was the humanitarian from prescott held captive and killed by isis in 2015. courtney griffin spoke to kayla's parents about the
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represents. >> reporter: it started out as a gloomy, rainy day in prescott. >> this morning, we did not know it was going to happen. look at the beautiful weather we have now. kayla couldn't be here today but she sent her tears. >> reporter: this play ground in prescott was built in kayla's honor. her parents say it represents everything kayla stood for. >> kayla was just kayla, always the same. she loved life. she was happy. she was joyful. she was on a gift from god. i truly believe that. >> reporter: they named the playground kayla's hands because of something she used to say. >> i go back to kayla giving me a little hand the morning she went back june of 2013, she said mom, you will always have my hand. here it is and i will always have kayla's hand.
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and gathering money, the playground is completed and being fully enjoyed by those of all ages. >> kayla would be proud that she is bringing so much joy to so many families. we can feel kayla here. from the bottom of our hearts, our family thanks you all. >> reporter: courtney griffin, fox 10 news. kayla's parents say the playground will have a plaque represent something else kayla loved. a fundraiser held for a woman killed in this car crash in phoenix.
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you might remember this story. a young valley woman who tragically died after she crashed her car into a cvs pharmacy that happened on 35th avenue and peoria. >> loved ones of the victim are to help lay the young mother to rest. >> reporter: losing a loved one is something you never plan for, especially when they are so young. that is why family and friends appreciate the community coming together to show their support in such a tough time. >> we're trying to earn money for my step sister's funeral. >> reporter: getting a car wash is something we all should do but today there is a deeper
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auburn valesquez died after crashing her car into the cvs last week. now family and friends want to say goodbye properly. >> she was a great sister. >> we're asking for everyone to come through and get a car wash. >> reporter: aside from the car wash, loved ones put together a rummage sale and a raffle expecting never to lose auburn so soon. >> anyone who has had a loved so expensive. >> we don't expect to bury our children. >> we do not. >> reporter: they say they are grateful to the community for the outpouring of support emotionally and financially. >> the turnout and donations, everything we have gotten is more than expected. >> reporter: sadly, auburn leaves behind a 1-year-old. he is now in the care of his father. we put a link to the family's go
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shaping up to be a nice saturday night out there. i hope you're enjoying it. we have 92 degrees. nice and clear skies. a light wind out of the north at 3 miles an hour. as for what we have going on with the satellite and radar. most of the moisture we had over us here in arizona has moved its
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earlier today, we had moisture up here in flagstaff and some in the eastern part of the state and that is moving out in new mexico, colorado, and utah. part of the reason we're going to stay dry because the dew points are very low. we don't see a chance for shower activity until we get the dew points up to 55. we're drying out after the moisture we had last week so we won't be seeing these pop-up storms. we had morning and woke up a lot of people but that looks like it that is going to be away from us for quite some time. we have 80's and 90's down here in the valley. 77 in florence. up in the high country, we have 66 for you in kingman. 53 at the grand canyon. window rock is not reporting but 63 in winslow. same for you in sedona along with colorado river for warmer temperatures. 82 in bullhead city.
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overnight low of 80 degrees. the normal is 104. the record was set back in 2009 of 113 degrees. as we talked about the moisture moving out of here, out of the southwest, we have a storm we're watching down here in the western gulf states. it is going to bring a lot of rain to the southeastern miami and florida region. they are expecting 2-5 inches coming through there. we'll be keeping an eye on that that should dump a lot of rain in that region. for us tonight, we could see nice temperatures, 74 decision in phoenix. 53 in prescott. 70 for you in casa grande. 70 in gila bend. tomorrow, 104 in yuma. 69 in flagstaff. 88 in globe. 100 in casa grande. for the overnight again, the nice night for you shaping up to be a nice day as well.
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want to hike. here is what we have for the 10-day forecast. we're not expecting a lot of moisture in the forecast. in fact, we don't see any chance of that until thursday. we're expecting to be high and dry and temps not too bad for this time of year. up next, donald trump clarifies his immigration stance. what the republican candidate says he will do on the first day
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hillary clinton receives hillary clinton gets good news from the state department. >> first, donald trump campaigns in iowa at the annual roast and rides veterans biker event. >> hillary clinton thinks she is entitled to be president. her criminal conduct at home and her failed interventions overseas simply make her unfit.
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oval office. >> donald trump also making clear his position on immigration policy. he says he was going to remove criminal undocumented immigrants from day one. the republican candidate making controversial statements on the death of dwayne wade's cousin. the clinton campaign releasing a television attack ad. >> you can't make america great again if you don't make things in >> hillary clinton spent her morning receiving her first initial security briefing. the state department announced that logs of clinton's meetings of secretary of state will not be released until after the election. the first presidential debate is less than a month away. the f.d.a. is recommending all donated blood here in the country be tested by the zika
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the transmitted the blood. for man 2,000 cases of the zika virus have been reported across the country. president obama is blaming republicans for not passing legislation to help fund the fight against that virus. >> every day that republican leaders in congress wait to do their job, every day our experts have to wait to get the resources they need and that has real life consequences. control efforts, it delays vaccine, it puts more americans at risk. >> congress returns november 6 with zika being the top priority. >> reporter: preseason game number three as the cardinals
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he catches up with calais
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everybody get your webster dictionary out. by definition, a dress rehearsal is everything is done like it would be in a real performance. tomorrow as the cardinals take on the texans, expect most of the guys we head down to houston to check in with richard saenz. >> reporter: we are here at the site of super bowl li so the cardinals hope the preseason game is a dress rehearsal for the big game come february. calais campbell knows the road to the super bowl is a long one and it is taking care of business early. preseason game.
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but, you know, as a player, you prepare the same way you would for a regular season game. you go into it, you know, we're doing our weekly preparation and on game day, and everything else, you prepare for a real game. so we will, hopefully, play a great football game and all of the concentration goes and i've been thinking of new a couple of months. i do want to put a good showing against houston. >> reporter: we're just getting started boys and girls. we'll have live reports after the game right here on fox 10 in houston. i'm richard saenz for fox 10 sports. >> just a reminder, you can catch the cardinals' game, 1:00 as they take on the texans.
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bad news if you've a cowboys fans, tony romo is hurt again. he is out six to 10 weeks with a broken bone in his back. it is a clean hit. he was sliding and cowboys fans are going to go with prescott, the rookie out of mississippi state. going out of here for the d-backs, godly giving up a two-run shot in the first and 4-0, cincinnati in the first. we had to the second inning and it is more trouble for godly. bases loaded, brandon phillips, an excuse me bloop shot. it was all cincinnati. they win in a blowout, 13-0. just not a good night for the
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>> thanks for being with us.
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