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tv   FOX 10 News 9pm  FOX  August 28, 2016 9:00pm-10:00pm MST

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a valley business destroyed in this horrible accident. the chain of events that may have started it all. looks like donald trump is not only coming to arizona, he will give his much anticipated immigration speech. phoenix, some half dressed, other barely dressed at all. why they were showing so much skin. >> a possible car chase following an attempted child abduction in glendale may have been what led to a car slamming through the walls of a bakery. >> this happened near 54th avenue and glendale.
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look at the damage and what happened here. danielle. >> reporter: marc and linda, a crazy situation out here at this hour. this happened at 4:30 this afternoon, still, a lot of police officers out here. it looks like they are trying to make it safe. the car is still in the building and as i mentioned, slammed into the building around 4:30 this afternoon. it looks as if city workers trying to make it safe to that car from the building. what we're told from police, all of this possibly started with a possible abduction. >> i'm upset, very upset. >> reporter: the owner of the mexican bakery said she was upset after seeing her store front in shambles after a car slammed into it. there is possibly much more to this mangled mess than meets the eye.
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4:30 this afternoon, they were called about an attempted abduction at 75th avenue and glendale. >> when we were in route to, that we got a sub subsequent call a short tame later that there was a wreck that may be related. >> reporter: police heard from witnesses that the silver car involved may have been chased by the black s.u.v. before crashing into the bakery. they are not saying who was involved or ho chase may have been related to the attempted abduction. what we do know is the driver of the car tried to flee but was take into custody. the two passengers inside were taken to the hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. >> we were led to believe this is potentially involved so we're trying to figure out if that is true and accurate. >> reporter: her family has owned the bakery for 42 years.
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could have had a different ending. >> saturdays and sundays are the busiest days, always three or four customers and two or three people working so it would have been a tragedy. >> reporter: glendale avenue is still closed between 54th avenue and 53rd avenue as the crews continue to remove this car from the building. luckily, nobody else was hurt. were taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. as crazy as it looked, they plan to rebuild to continue delivering their tasty treats. danielle miller, fox 10 news. police need your help finding a man who they think can help solve a crime after an innocent person is shot in their own home. the shooting was over a month although by 35th street and
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the door here and asked for somebody who wasn't at the home. he was told to leave and that is when he kicked in the door and shot the victim in the chest. the person of interest was in the area at the time and they describe him as a hispanic man covered in tattoos and they are looking for him. phoenix police identify the suspect that officers fatally shot after he took out a bb gun. investigators say angel jr. went to his ex-girlfriend's home early saturday. police were called after the ex-girlfriend texted a family member saying she thought torres was on drugs and armed. police say torres appeared in the hallway and pointed a gun at officers that's when they opened fire killing him. police say the woman had a history of domestic violence with torres. it has been a year since the gruesome discovery of two
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tonopah. >> these images are hard to forget and the father of the youngest victim is speaking out hoping someone will come forward with information. marcy jones has the story. >> reporter: that's right, guys. this is truly heartbreaking. imagine waking up every day and not knowing what happened to your loved one. that is why jimmy gib says he will never give up looking for justice. the father of sofia gibbs says the hardest part is not knowing how her life >> it is so hard to go through life thinking why. it is just eating me up inside. >> reporter: it has been over a year since sofia and jesse ramiro were discovered shot to death in tonopah. jimmy says his daughter was
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>> she pitched. all of the umpires liked her. she would throw 130 pitches and the game would be over. >> reporter: sofia had her demons. the family was aware she used drugs and tried to help. >> i understand sofia had a problem but, we tried to get her help. we took her to the hospital, they released her the next day. we took her to an outpatient program. they would not accept her. they would not >> reporter: bare r -- barely keeping it together, he describes the agony of handleing the death of his daughter. >> i can't find anyone to talk to. >> reporter: he is asking anyone to come forward with information to the unsolvd case. >> call in and give us the information we need. it would just make my life so
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situation. >> reporter: of course, if you have any information, you're asked to call police or silent witness. marcy jones, fox 10 news. take a look at this bag. itit saved the life of a little kitten inside an apartment fire the cat was in the fire before firefighters pulled him out. the blaze happened at vista apartment complex in mesa. the cat was suffering from smoke inhalation until firefighters used a tool calls the fido bag. >> the fido bags used for animals that have been exposed to smoke exposure and other things during a fire. we have various equipment in a bag that is donated from the fetch foundation. it allows us to expose the animal to fresh o2.
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under investigation. we have an update on a bear that was following hikers on mount lemon in tucson. here is video of the bear falling into a trap set up by arizona game and fish department. the young bear was trapped and taken to bearizona. the bear was seen on the trails since may. officials were concerned that the bear lost its fear of people and black bears usually try to avoid people but they are attracte trash. pretty cake and i realized it was kim. >> a bakery created a transgender cake. it is raising eyebrows, especially whenle people hear how much it costs. >> reporter: i'll have a look at the presidential race coming
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after 49ers colin kaepernick refuses to stand for the national anthem. what people in the valley think about the protest. >> reporter: speaking of that, the response to the protest, we've had issues on twitter before on colin kaepernick. it has been a fury. we're going to meet that issue head on tonight on sports night. in addition, the number three preseason game is in the books. what are the takeaways from what you watched today insightful look at what to take away, plus, richard saenz is in the cardinals locker room in houston, texas. he will talk to carson palmer and a.s.u. fans, less than a week away from the opening game. the passing game coordinator jay norvell will join us.
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election day is a day election day just a day away for arizona primary voters. tuesday night, results will start pouring in to the secretary of state's office.
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announced her technology team has developed and launched an enhanced site to better display the vote totals as they come in from arizona's 15 counties. and we will have those results for you on fox 10 as they come in so keep it right here tuesday night for a complete election night coverage. in you decide news, one campaign tes position. >> we have a look at the presidential race. >> reporter: neither candidate held public events sunday, hillary clinton attended fundraisers while her supporters took to shows to defend the pay for play allegations, namely that donors were given special treatment while she was secretary of state. >> when republicans meet with their donors, they call it a meeting. when democrats do it they call
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give them 50 cents to have a meeting. you have a meeting because they have a matter you want to bring to their attention. >> reporter: clinton's campaign manager worked to share -- clarify the policies. >> he said no amnesty and he said, if you go back to your home country and you would like to come back to the identities identities -- unit an immigrant, you have to apply legally. we learned in kindergarten to stand in line and wait our turn. he is saying that as well. >> reporter: his campaign is saying he is acknowledging there is a massive problem with illegal immigration while hillary clinton is to ignore it. >> hillary clinton is for catch and release, she is for the sanctuary cities. >> reporter: the next big
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on wednesday. donald trump has a big rally planned in arizona. in washington, kristin fisher, fox news. >> donald trump has been stumping political school analysts since he first announced the start of his campaign. stan barnes in the valley says his campaign the unpredictable. >> people like me, political types, presidential pundits have been wrong for a solid 18 months about him. i believe we'll continue to wrong all the way until he is elected or not elected. >> of course, there were questions over whether donald trump would show up on wednesday. he answered some of the questions in a tweet earlier today. the tweet read, i will be making a major speech on immigration in the great state of arizona. big crowds, looking for a larger venue. stan barnes says we're looking
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unfold. >> there is nothing about him that is traditional. he is not a republican. he is an independent who has taken over the republican nomination for good or for ill. this is a political experiment and we're all here to witness it. >> now with the general election 10 weeks away, time will tell if this strategy is working. a lot of people are upset about san francisco's quarterback c refusal to stand for the national anthem. >> like it or not, he is going to continue to sit down during the national anthem until they see significant progress on race relations in this country. >> he said "i'm not going to stand up for a flag that suppresses people of color and it would be selfish on my part to look the other way.
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and people are getting paid leave and getting away with murder." >> kaepernick was adopted and raised by white parents. he has been outspoken about the black lives matter and civil rights issue. the nfl says "players encouraged, but not required to stand during the playing of the national anthem." still, kaepernick is taking a lot of heat for his actions. >> i'm a veteran and i'm offend by his lives, given blood, died for the freedom that he has and he should be aware of that. >> i think everyone should take the higher ground and i don't think he is in this instance and he has a right to his own opinion. he think he is is justified in what he is doing. >> he should be proud to play in the national league because it is the united states league of america. he should stand. it is respect.
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american citizen to do or not do as he chooses. >> there are quite a few angry 49ers fans who are burning their colin kaepernick jerseys. this video posted by shane white on his facebook page has been viewed more than seven million times and shared all over social media. sunday night that means a lot of folks getting ready to head back to work tomorrow forecast for you and there is good news in there to brighten
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firefighters continue to battle a wildfire that is blocking an entrance to yellow national park. their top priority, clearing a highway and protecting
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hikers are being warned to be careful around the park. the fire that begun last month is blockinging the south we hope you enjoyed your weekend. it shaped up to be a nice sunday and sunday evening as well. as we look over the valley with our tower cam, we're sitting at 92 degrees at sky harbor with a light wind out of the southwest shaping up to be a nighs night after a niles weekend. you can see, we have dry conditions going out here in the west. there is a high pressure system keeping most of the moisture away from us at least from the time being. as we look at the satellite and radar focusing on arizona, very light showers popping up earlier today and moving out east. we are going to be under high and dry conditions for the next
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dew points are low right now. we're not seeing anything above 55 that would fire off the monsoon activities and the early-morning storms we saw last week. it woke up a lot of people with the lightning and the thunder. we're still in the 80's and 90's for most of the valley right now. as we head up north, cooler temperatures, of course, a nice 52 in flagstaff. 74 in kingman. along the colorado river, a warm one right now. nice at the lake powell area. for the record, we hit 99 degrees. we're below the normal by five degrees. the record was set back in 2009. 77 degrees for you right now and the mornings have been talking about that have been really nice. across the rest of the country, a lot of active weather going on, as far as storms are concerned. there has been a lot of activity down there off the coast of
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we've been keeping an eye on louisiana and expecting more flooding there, which is the last thing they need after all of the flooding they have had recently. back here in arizona for our overnight lows, a pretty nice night. prescott, 55. yuma, 81. 53 in winslow. 46 in window rock. 48 tonight in show low. tomorrow, it is going to be warm and we're going to be around average with 103 in phoenix. 79 at the grand canyon. 87 in winslow. 83 in payson. globe, you're going to be at 92-degree. here is what we have going on tonight, 76 degrees. clear sky, very, very client -- light winds. we are warming up for 103 for your high tomorrow. that is where we're going to be for the rest of the next few days. if we look at the 10-day forecast, we're not expecting
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we're going to stay in the warm, dry conditions we talked about. again, we're where we should be this time of year. >> once we get passed labor day and get into september and things start sounding cooler and you talk about nfl is starting up and cardinals are playing and what pumpkin spice is coming. >> pumpkin spice season, right? pumpkin, pumpkin, pumpkin that is when you know we're getting temperatures. >> the creation of the back biki being celebrated in this gallery in paris. it marked the 70 at anniversary of the once controversial swimsuit, which debuted in paris in 1946. >> all right. >> it was banned from the beaches in france, italy, and
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controversy over its transgender ken doll cake. >> it is profitable. employees at the free port bakery in sacramento said they have an order a day for the special cake. it is a ken doll in a cake decorated head to toe in pink butter cream. it became a viral sensation but some critics are not happy on the bakery's >> it may not mean something to me but it means something to the consumer. >> reporter: it can started a $60 and go up to $90 so it is not cheap. men and women marching topless in phoenix today.
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a valley teen with a terminal illness celebrates his birthday today in a special way. first, a valley dispensary taking steps to educate people on the needs of medical
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we have a news alert right now out of los angeles. a possible shooter at l.a.x. this is according to tweets from
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right now, there is no con formation of a shooting that can be verified but lapd is working out there to confirm the reports. we understand that departures have been closed right now and not allowing incoming traffic as they try to figure out what is going on right now. we don't have any reports of any injuries but we'll keep an eye on the story and let you know when more details become available. this is still a hot-button issue. it has a lot of people fired we are talk about medical marijuana, the debate over pros and cons continues nationally and statewide, especially when treating those from -- suffering from ptsd. anita roman has more. >> reporter: informational sign was set up outside of harvest of tempe, a medical marijuana dispensary. no cameras were allowed, the
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>> the discussion here today is because it is my goal to help people. >> reporter: retired u.s. army and founder of talked about the importance of treating post-traumatic stress disorder and for him, it means medical marijuana. >> symptoms vary and we are here to build a sport of network of people who can relate to each other, share their experience if they choose, and learn from each other h of ptsd. >> one of the main things that individuals report is how much it helps with their sleep. again, great potential to help with other symptoms, including pain, fear, anxiety issues. reporter: the dispensary's medical director was on hand to answer questions and to discuss the risks and benefits of using
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with chronic pain. it helps get rid of my chronic pain and helps to manage my anxiety. >> reporter: one thing that was stressed is medical marijuana is not for everyone. only a physician can help a patient make that choice. anita roman, fox 10 news. >> during the meeting, the dispensary offers advice on how to get in touch with doctors on how to get a medical marijuana card. medical marijuana was legalized we spoke to a group fighting to get recreational marijuana on a ballot. they are wanting people who are wanting people behind the petition to be present during voting. people from around the world help to celebrate a valley
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cards from around the world last year and he wanted to do the same last year. last year, he received 8,000 cards from people around the world. this year, he received 20,000 and one of the letters came from president obama. >> president obama decided to take keim out of his busy schedule to send jacob a card. he understands the importance of a preside s hear from president obama knowing he is thinking about my son. >> they will be taking jacob to disneyland after his birthday. they hope to get more cards on his birthday next year. a topless march for gender equality is what a couple of dozen people took part today in steel indian school park. >> fox 10's courtney griffin was
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park topless. women wore pasties. and to stand in solidarity, men did, too. >> the laws we have, are sexist. so i'm covering up my nipples and it looks ridiculous to highlight the relick does -- ridiculousness of the laws we have. >> we're tired of being october october -- october fied. >> in our lives the arizona indecent exposure law makes it so a man is tree to walk around topless but a woman or transgender person can be convict of a crime, a sex crime for doing the same thing. >> reporter: but not everyone at the park knew what was going on. like chris who was doing
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it is kind of weird. uncomfortable. >> reporter: it is only uncomfortable for the first few minutes. >> it is something that makes people uncomfortable. it makes people step out of their normal routine and that is the point to get them to shake up a little bit. >> reporter: the leader of the march says she is comfortable going out in public topless. >> i feel comfortable breaking out of societal norms. i feel little more of that. >> reporter: the group held signs as many people observed the demonstration while other looked the other way. few if i had a daughter, i would not want her doing it. it is a moral thing. have a little respect, i guess. it is only a handful on people who want to do that, i don't know. >> bodies are bodies and you don't have the right to tell people what to do with theirs.
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the son of an rancher to file a lawsuit. >> reporter: chicago police announce the arrest in the shooting of dwayne wade's
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mexican superstar singer,
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away at his california home of a heart attack. he was a singer, song writer and top selling artist with more than 100 million albums. his hymns were popular in mexico, spain, and here in t nykea aldridge was pushing her baby in a stroller on friday when she was caught in the crossfire in chicago. brianin in this has more. >> reporter: two brothers are under arrest facing first-degree murder charges. both are documented gang members and on parole for gun charges.
9:42 pm
of violence is an example of how we need to change habitual offenders in chicago. when will enough be enough? >> reporter: nykea aldridge was killed as she was pushing her newborn in a stroller near an elementary school. >> it is a clear failure in the criminal justice system here in chicago. she was just another mother who wanted her children to get an education just like any good parent would. >> reporter: civil rights leaders across the country say this murder is indicative of a larger problem. >> it is clear that none of us say too many guns, too much violence, guns, drug, the plan to address the issue in a comprehensive way. >> reporter: there have been 455 homicides in chicago already this year com fired the 490 murders in chicago in the whole
9:43 pm
target of the shooting. her baby was not hurt and is being cared for by family members. in new york, brianin in this, fox news. louisiana state police say a honduran man who was in the country illegally was driving a bus that crashed killing two people and left dozens injured. the bus was recovery volunteers. one firefighter is critically injured. off duty pl -- florida police officer has died after going diving at lake mead. you might be familiar with lake mead right where the hoover dam is. he was diving at the recreation
9:44 pm
fred thomas iii was pronounced dead at the lake. the clark county medical examiner says the cause of the death is still pending. he was a 27 year veteran with the tampa police department. he describes arnold as someone smiling and giving people hugs. oregon police and two f.b.i. agents could face a lawsuit from the who was killed in a confrontation with federal agents. jeanette finicum and the family of lavoy finicum are expected to file a lawsuit next month. investigators found that officers were justified in fighter at finicum but the state department is investigating in
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a dispatcher taking a frantic call from a man who was robbed while delivering food and the woman who was shot to death. >> 70 linden street. >> number 70. >> seven and a zero and they fled in the car, right? >> she is in the car, hurry up. >> they are on the way but i need to get you. what did the person look like who had the gun, sir? >> one person. one person with a gun but the other shoot. >> what did he look like? >> that dispatcher is on administrative leave right now while her behavior is under investigation by internal affairs. video of a new jersey cop pulling a man off of the tracks
9:46 pm
officer victor ortiz is being hailed a hero as he pulls the man off of the tracks. he is talking to him and trying to pull him. it is not known why the unidentified man tried to resist him. meet a survivor who is going to compete in a triathlon and he allows him too. this is one of the strangest once around.
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an unusual race being held in back vary ya.
9:50 pm
the ox compete, which is unusual since they usually stand around chewing their cud. be nice to the oxen. a man is training to compete in the lifetime triathlon in tempe. >> this will be his fourth. ty brennan has the story tonight. >> reporter: like an artist at work, he spends hours sculpting but this piece of work will be life changing for someone. >> a new leg for someone is always a personal thing for me. >> reporter: personal because he knows what it is like. he lost his leg to cancer in 2006. his amputation changed his life for the better. >> had a rough time as an
9:51 pm
prosthetic would work. i got frustrated enough i wanted to go back to school and get into the field and learn how to do it for myself. >> reporter: he left his job in radio and became a board certified process see sis. he is currently preparing to compete in his fourth triathlon. >> it was a bucket list goal and finally, just one of those you're going to do it, do it. >> reporter: he hopes to be a motivator to other amputees. >> there is a huge satisfaction in pushing yourself to do more than you think you can. it is not a disable unless you let it be. >> reporter: ty brennan, fox 10 news. right about now, you're probably saying what do you take away from today's cardinals-texans' football game?
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business, max starks on what he takes away from the game, everything from a offense, special team, richard saenz in
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>> reporter: whether it is a pickup game in the backyard or preseason game, turnovers will do you in every time.
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arizona handing the ball over two times. carson palmer just wants to get confidence, a little rhythm before it gets real. third and 7 and the ball is tipped. wolford gets tipped off by andrew hall right here. this was the first of the binge of turnovers for the cardinals. houston texans kept rolling. brock osweiler did a nice job managing t palmer comes back with a nice play here with david johnson and just goes back inside and ties the game at seven. third and 4, osweiler gets sacked by chandler jones beating chris clark here. you're going to see that kind of pressure come regular season here. john simon, looked like a screen pass to darren fells.
9:56 pm
watch it again. you can see the hit that still put on carson palmer. osweiler going to the end zone and will fuller makes the grab right here. a little of pushoff. touchdown texans. osweiler, 11-13, 146 yards. cardinals lose, >> talk about today's bad plays. it is really bad luck. two tipped passes on the interceptions today. >> yeah, i mean unfortunately, sometimes the ball bounces in the other people's hands and a tip pass by the defensive lineman. 99% of the time, the balls get tipped and going down to the ground but i have to do a better
9:57 pm
and make sure that did not happen. >> reporter: paul goldschmidt a day off against the reds. jake lamb's r.b.i. scores rickie weeks. still in the first, brandon drury sends this ball to center field. lamb going for it. cabrera, does he make the tag? does he hold on to the baseball? the first call, he is out. watch the replay again. you will see the mitt. he is safe. 4-1, arizona. needed a game like this and they got plent of it. this home run and one of bradley's few mistakes. it was all arizona today. sixth inning, yasmany tomas. how about the power surge? his 27th home run. a three-run shot.
9:58 pm
afternoon. a lot going on in 30 minutes. i don't think anyone does it better than max starks. we will take you inside the play of the quarterback, the special team, richard saenz on the road with cards. you will go one-on-one with justin bethel and carson palmer. richard saenz will take you inside the locker room. less than a week away from a.s.u. plus, there has been a social media, by now you know, the protest on colin kaepernick. we'll give you our take and we hope to see you in 30 minutes on
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it is just so hard to go through life thinking why. it is >> a mysterious murder in a remote area outside of the valley more than a year ago. one of the victims' fathers is appealing to the public. a chaotic scene as a car slams into a business. >> our bodies are not indecent. >> a topless march held in


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