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election. it is not surprising that donald trump would come here to the valley because arizona, of course, shares a border with mexico and for a lot of borders this is an important issue. may 12, 2014, the day police sergeant brandon mendoza was struck and kill by a man driving under the influence and in the country illegal. his mom is a donald trump supporter. >> from the moment he announced he was running really started listening to him and i was pleasantly surprised that somebody who was running for president would be talking about illegal immigration. it is usually a topic not spoken about. >> reporter: she noticed donald trump has toned down his language own illegal immigration. >> i believe he is trying to deliver the same message in a softer tone. he believes the illegals need to be out of our country.
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wall to secure the border and he understands, too, there are families who have been here 20-something years. if they started the immigration process or there are roadblocks, i think he wants to help them move forward with that and become citizens. however, everybody needs to follow the laws. >> reporter: mary ann mendoza does not believe polls showing trump trailing hillary clinton. >> i think he is in good position to be the next president of the united states. i believe the liberal media spin things and they want to make trump supporters believe that hillary has it in the bag and there is no reason to go to the polls. >> reporter: now, this event, this rally, this potentially important speech taking place wednesday here at the phoenix convention center. doors open at 3:00 p.m. on wednesday. tickets are available for free
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donaldjtrump .com. so do you want to see trump speak but you don't want to deal with the crowds or maybe you want to hear what the candidate has to say? you can watch trump's entire speech on wednesday on fox 10 new nows. head to and that is where you will find a link. the f.b.i. sounding the alarm and warning states to be on the looking to get voter information. this comes as hackers try to access arizona voting information. ty, what have you learned? >> back in june, the state had to take down their state registration system after the f.b.i. said this was a credible threat of the hack and arizona was not the only state targeted.
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information is being released about an attempted hack to gain voter information. according to the state's department, they were alerted by the f.b.i. and they took the website down. it was compromised and leaked online. the hacker was never able to access anything, according to the secretary of state's office because there are two levels of security to gain access to voter information. information is safe and never accessed "saying we have not found malware or control software in the system." the same thing happened in illinois but sources there stay in this case, hackers were able to gain information to 200,000 voters. f.b.i. is warning all states to be on the lookout for potential
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they were not going to elaborate on the hack. reporting live in ty bring nab, fox 10 news. tomorrow is the arizona primary election and fox 10, as always, will bring you the results live as they come in. starting at 8:00, we'll be streaming live on fox 10 news now and we'll have full election online as well. phoenix police investigating one of their own. kevin smith is pictured as a trustee on the phoenix law enforcement association website. the investigation begins an incident where smith was spotted drinking and driving his patrol car. smith was not arrested for d.u.i.
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a man is killed in a skydiving accident. the 61-year-old man had a hard landing at skydive phoenix yesterday. he died at the hospital. it is not clear how the accident happened. >> in new details about what led a car to crash in a glendale bakery. a woman reported a group of men who tried to kidnap her near 75th avenue and glendale yesterday. she and her boyfriend followed the men. the men in control and crashed into the bakery. several people were detained but no one was arrested. no one was in the bakery at the time. got new details on the bicyclist who was hit and killed by a car. police have given out the nail of the bicyclist. saturday night, 35-year-old thomas butler was riding his bike when he was hit. he died at the hospital. the 39-year-old driver was cited
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been release. three robbery suspects are arrested in tucson after their alleged accomplice was shot and killed. roy brown was firing at four other people in a group he was trying to rob when he killed a 15-year-old. another suspect, jonathan's brother, brown was his half brother, the men are in jail on charges of first-degree murder and attempted robbery. grea year. larry fitzgerald's annual celebrity super club is yurnldz yurnldz -- supper club is under way. this is a great event because you're hanging out with the coolest person ever, larry fitzgerald, and you're eating great food. >> reporter: eating food
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proplayers come out and they are the ones bringing you your drinks and dinner. i'm here with the c.e.o. and founder on dominique's steakhouse. how did they do on the floor? >> they are ok. you can tell it is not their full-time job. >> reporter: do people leave tips at the end of the night? >> not so much. >> reporter: they should stick to the court or the field. >> it is a lot of fun. they are able to min guests. >> reporter: carson palmer is going to be here and we heard michael floyd as well. you have great entertainer. >> john sally is the emcee and hilarious is the logo and sinbad is the entertainer tonight. >> reporter: all of this benefits a great organization. >> this is larry fitzgerald's first down fund. it is a tremendous organization.
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charities that help children and athletic endeavors for children and gets them moving around. we've been doing this for three years and it is terrific. >> reporter: we'll let you know to let you plan inside. we're going to continue to meet with the celebrities, pro athletes coming down the red carpet. we'll be back with the 6:00 somehow and once the event is up and going. we lost a great one today. ge actor, best known for starring in "willy wonka and the chocolate factory" but in comedies by mel brooks, he was a staple. he was a screen writer and author. ? >> er film roles includes
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producers. he battled cancer and he acted little staying away from the big screen but appearing occasionally on television. gene wilder was 83 years old. >> reporter: a lot of families upset about new neighbors that moved in. they live here at the reentry center. i'll have that story. turning to technology. doctors talked about the use of robots in the more animals head to the desert's newest attractions. we catch up with the penguins at thed the odysea in scottsdale. >> reporter: we have sunny days but toward the end of the week, we have a little change
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some families in north phoenix so families in north phoenix are upset about their new neighbors, the arizona department of corrections just opened up a reentry facility for felons in an area not far from schools and homes. >> that center provides housing and counseling for newly rele nicole garcia joins us with more on why some parents are not happy with the new center. >> reporter: some parents feel it is too close to their homes. 60 felons, many of whom are sex offenders are living there. it is right off of i-17 and pinnacle peak road and north phoenix. let me show you where it is in relation to sandra day o'connor high school.
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just about a mile away from this facility. the majority of people who live& here have done 85% of their time already and on supervised release. parents are upset about how close this facility is to their homes, school, and they feel the d.o.c. did not do enough to notify them before they opened up the facility. >> as of august 16, there were 48 residents there, 26 were level two offenders and they have ankle monitors on them. reporter: this mother of three has been vocal demanding answers. it is not next to homes or schools, julie reed says it is close enough to cause concern. >> we let our older children go to the shops and go to harkins movie theater and walk around.
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offend theirs live all over the valley but to bring such a dense population and move them into one location is concerning. >> reporter: the department of corrections says all of the inmates who live here must come back here. they have a curfew every day from 8:00 until 4:00 at night. if they don't come back or they are late, officers can track them down by their ankle legitimate reason for being late, they could go to jail. also residents are complaining that the department of corrections did not do enough to notify residents. many families did not find out about the hearing until the letterers were sent home in august by the school district. by then, the new neighbors had moved in. >> i think it brings a sense of fear just in general when you
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into a restaurant or store and they have an ankle monitor on. >> reporter: the department of corrections did not make anybody available to comment on camera about this issue. that facility can house up to 100 offenders and all schools within a three mile radius are considered exclusion zones and that means that means the inmats can't go into those areas and their ankle monitors will alert officers. >> reporter: it was a nice weekend a little bit on the warm side. there are changes coming up toward the end of the week. we'll have those for you in a
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(vo) we went to hollywood to ask if america's favorites - burgers, tacos and chili could taste just as great made with turkey. thousands stepped into the jennie-o tasting booth to find out. with just one bite, they knew. now it's your turn to make the switch. we're working on some brand new stories for you -- we're working on some several brand-new stories we're working on you for fox 10 news at 6:00. a big reward being offered for the arrest of polygamist fugitive on the run for more than two months after vanishing along the utah-arizona border. one of the jeffs clan.
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>> we hear from two men who were part of the movie starring the late gene wilder filmed in arizona years ago. that is coming up at 6:00. >> reporter: well, hi, folks. it is 103 degrees. the winds are down now. it has been breezy through the day but the winds winds have did down. 102 in scottsdale. 101 in cave creek. present time. as you can see here, kind of cloud free. we have a few clouds that have gathered later in the day here. we'll see a few from time to time. for the most part, we'll be looking at sunshine. we put the futurecast into motion to show it is not over. there is moisture out there and it will continue to come in. through the week this week, it gets close to phoenix by thursday. getting threatening and you see
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is a lot of moisture around. so chances for rain increase through the week. once again, it was breezy, too windy on the day today. you see the wind gusts getting up into the 20's. 105 on the high. 103 in scottsdale. 104 at deer valley. buckeye, 102 degrees. 108 at has -- lake havasu. 75 in flagstaff and 106 at gila bend. this is your d 105 on the high. 79 on the low. 104 and 82 would be the normal high and low. these are the forecast highs for tomorrow. we're going to do it again about the same as we did it today. some of the outlying areas, 107 is the forecast. 105 in chandler. 3 in at fountain hills. other forecast high, 88 in sedona. 76 in flagstaff.
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the hot stuff is still out there. it is still summer. you can see this moisture coming up and getting into the panhandle of texas and working into the midsection of the country. another batch of moisture. what we have is a couple of tropical depressions. tropical depression number nine, which is threatening the gulf area. it looks as if most of the action would be over the panhandle of florida and over carolinas. we have tropical depression number eight at 35 miles an hour both of them at this time. that one is going to brush up against the carolinas and get out of here. 86 overnight. take a look at it here. the temperatures come down below the seasonable norm with a chance of rain scattered in there throughout the week. watch your kids around water. >> that is a nice-looking
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>> that is a great forecast. he delivered again. a group of penguins arrive at their new home at the odysea aquarium in scottsdale. this is an endangered species. they glide through the water. >> that is how you swim very gracefully. >> with a big pot belly. they range in age from 1-6 years old. we'll be able to see them above the water and thrgh underwater portholes. the aquarium is set to open very soon. >> too much. >> has is like -- that is like me. two new types of fair food to tempt your taste buds. >> it is probably not on your doctor's dietary. >> your cardiologist won't love it. a bear that has been
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wouldn't that scare you to
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? ? ? isaac hou has mastered gravity defying moves to amaze his audience. great show. here you go. now he's added a new routine. making depositing a check seem so effortless. easy to use chase technology, for whatever you're trying to master. yeah.
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the welcome sign is out at bearizona after a baby bear gets a little too curious for comfort on mount lemon in tucson. the bear had been spotted several times by hikers. game and fish had to step in and trap the little guy for its
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liz kotalik explains. >> reporter: a curious baby black bear is about to fall for a trap game and fish set up to save it. at least eight people have called in sightings of the bear. it followed hikers and amy tells us the encounters are the fault of others who encouraged the behavior. >> it is important we keep the bears wild. anything we think is cute its life. >> reporter: she is not sure how this bear got so comfortable, because it is so young, its fate is different. >> an adult bear that has learned to associate people with food is a dangerous bear and that does not always have a happy ending. we were lucky in this case. it is a young bear and we were
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away but in texas, it is time for big tex. does only that scream texas when you see that guy? when it comes to the best tasting food, fried jell-o comes out on top with a breading. fattening? >> it is like one of the deep fried doughnuts. >> it is dusted with sugar and topped with whipped cream and a cherry. the prize for most creative, state fair cookie fries. no ketchup required and the sweet treats are served with chocolate or milk chocolate sauce. the texas state fair runs through october 23.
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under way october 7 and runs through october 30. it is open wednesday through sunday. coming up, workers left in a scary spot when the crane they were working in dangled off of the side of a bridge. former congressman anthony weiner is in hot water for sexting again. what he is going to lose this time around. >> i hope he loses his phone. >> someone needs to take the >> take it and throw it in the river. >> freeze it. >> in the hudson. later, the college picking up the title of top party school in the country.
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we've got a break in not
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the murders happened in 2008 but the the remains of one of the victims was not found until a few years ago. now the search is on for the two brothers believed to have carried out these gruesome crimes. >> reporter: john, these brothers are mexican nationals with ties to drug cartels and drug trafficking that is according to sheriff paul babeu. investigators were able to link th whose remains were discovered years apart. two brothers from mexico now suspects in a double murder in arizona in 2008. pinal county sheriff paul babeu linking fausto negrete-olivas and his brother dionicio to two murders in casa grande.


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