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tv   FOX 10 News 9pm  FOX  August 30, 2016 12:00am-1:00am MST

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now at the eye of the beholder, this transformed into aident has - we'll tell you why. >> my whole transformation today is basically an honor to my reptilian parents. it's now official. donald trump is coming to the valley this week. the message he will give and the prominent political figures that he is bringing with him. upset over their new neighbors, are they a danger? why one community is trying to keep this newly opened facility out of their neighborhood. and later, why two women are
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you think. good evening everyone. thanks for joining us tonight. first on fox, she's a person of interest in a hit-and-run case in tempe. police recently released images of the woman, hoping that someone would recognize her. >> tonight a man has come forward saying that he not only recognized her -- recognizes her, but he believes that she also stole his english bulldog puppy and his wedding ty brennan joins us now live with the story. ty? >> yeah, kari and john, they released that video last wednesday, and we spoke to a vlley man who say he knows exactly who that woman is, and he is also looking for her, because as you mentioned, he stole some very valuable things from that man. >> you better stop. >> reporter: tempe police have released this video hoping
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who is wanted for questioning in a hit-and-run with a stolen car. a passerby saw the crime being committed and pulled out his phone to document the woman walking away from the scene. >> reporter: is that your former roommate? >> yes, rene. >> one valley man says he knows who it is, his former roommate. >> you're absolutely sure? >> i'm absolutely sure. >> reporter: david ramirez says he's known the woman since the fifth grade. she recently moved into his but last week ramirez says he came home to find his wedding rings and puppy gone and no trace of her anywhere. >> we have been trying to get in contact with them since this happened. they are not returning anybody's calls. police aren't, they aren't returning any of the officer's calls or their parents. no one is returning calls. >> reporter: he says he's
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friend could do this. >> you feel really betrayed, stabbed in the back. >> reporter: if you have any information about this particular case, you are asked to call tempe police. thank you, ty. bullhead city police arrest a father for the attempted murder of his two-week old daughter. detectives say that 29-year-old jeremy cowan threw the infant head first on to a hardwood floor because the baby was crying. that baby has a brain hemorrhage and her skull was fractured. no word on how the currently doing. we don't have that infant's current condition, but she and the mother's two other kids are currently in the care of the department of child safety. after all of the confusion, we now know that donald trump will be here on wednesday. the republican presidential nominee will speak at the phoenix convention center in downtown phoenix. we are told that his campaign paid about $24,000 to rent that space. for donald trump, that's not a
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rally begins at 6:00 p.m. donald trump tweted that he will be making a major speech on immigration. the mother of a mesa police sergeant killed in a head-on collision with an undocumented immigrant is speaking at donald trump's event on wednesday. the undocumented immigrant was intoxicated, was driving the wrong way down a valley freeway when he smashed directly into sergeant brandon vehicle. the man had committed crimes in the past but had been allowed to stay here in the u.s. his mother had been lobbying for changes to the law ever since his death. she says she supported donald trump especially because his campaign has focused on illegal immigration. >> from the moment that he announced he's running for president, i started listening to him, and i was pleasantly
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running for president would be talking about illegal immigration, because it's usually a topic that's not spoken about. >> she will be speaking about it on wednesday. tickets to the event are available on the trump campaign website,, they are free. if you can't make it, you can watch donald trump's entire speech on fox news now. just head to our website,, and you'll find a link right there on our home page. ahead of the november election, a coalition called one arizona is launching voter drive this week. the canvas launched today in phoenix, yuma, and tuscon, and this group believes that they will register a thousand voters between now and wednesday. one day before donald trump's visit to the valley is the arizona primary. >> and his voters head to the polls tomorrow. new information is being released about an attempted hack to try to gain arizona voter information. according to the secretary of state's office, they were alerted to this threat back in june by the fbi.
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the voter registration website. they just took it down. they say an employee's credential was compromised, and then leaked online by a hacker. now the good news apparently hacker was not able to gain access, according to the secretary of state's office, because there were two levels of security to try to actually get access to voter information. same thing happened in illinois, apparently, but sources say in that case hackers pwere able information of an estimated 200,000 voters. the fbi says that they are now warning all states to be on the lookout for any potential hacks. again, tomorrow is the arizona primary election, and fox 10 will be the place to be. we will be bringing you live results as they come in, starting at 8:00 we will be streaming, fox 10 news now, and we have also got full election coverage on fox 10 news at 9:00 and 10:00. backers of recreational marijuana in arizona are suing over the ballot description that
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november. they say secretary of state michele reagan left out that 15% of the marijuana tax would mainly go to schools. they also allege that the description wrongly says that marijuana would be legal for people over 21, and it should be 21 and older. a cemetery in nogales is the site of the latest border tunnel to be discovered. authorities became suspicious of an opening in the cemetery and began a 20 by 20-inch opening was confirmed to be an unfinished tunnel that traveled five feet down and 46 feet into the u.s. inside the tunnel, agents found digging tools, power cords, and even a generator. ? there is no life i know ? ? to compare with your imagination ?
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life, hollywood legend gene wilder has died at the age of 83. the actor's nephew says he died from complications from alzheimer's disease. wilder was born in 1933. he began his acting career on broadway, landing a small part in bonny and clyde in 1967 and also produced in mel brooks' hit the producers. in 1971, he appeared in one of his most famous roles as willy wonka. he shot several films in arizona, including stir crazy in parts of florence and tuscon. some inmates were extras in the movie. two former corrections officers who were there at the time are still employed with the doc. >> i found it to be very natural. he was funny. he just seemed like a real easy going guy. >> he was off the cuff comedian,
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would ad-lib and take the scene that would maybe be a five-minute take on the scene, and we would be in the scene for 15 minutes, and the security team would just be rolling laughing. >> reporter: wilder also standard in the frisco kid, filmed in tuscon in 1979, along with harrison ford. it's unlike anything most of us have ever seen, a human transforming into a reptile. >> my first modification my reptilian transformation were my horns. >> up next, we introduce you to this valley native to find out how he became the dragon lady. >> my whole transformation today is basically an honor to my reptilian parents. does your kid have trouble seeing in class? >> do they need classes? we talk to a doctor tomorrow.
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the average age of a homeless person is 9 years old. my dream is to help kids living on the streets with education. charles what's up man? -whoa! how can we help? -ah man! wait, is that a basketball player? yes! -wow! my heart's about to jump out my chest man. charles you ought to be proud man. i'm just extremely grateful they were here giving them some encouragement- that's something that these kids are going to remember for a lifetime.
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only on fox, this story a little bit out there. the story about a man turned dragon lady born in phoenix, now living outside of houston, texas. >> but we want to warn you that what we are about to show you might be a little bit upsetting
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it's not makeup or special effects. this is a real person who spent 20 years modifying her body. >> why? to completely change a life with a tough beginning. tonight, marc martinez with the story of the dragon lady. >> my name is eva tiamat medusa, also known as the dragon lady. >> or, for short, you can call her tiamat. >> tiamat is the akadian, five headed >> and a legitimate question, what is her preferred pronoun? >> i really prefer to be called an it, just like a snake. >> besides transforming herself, she's also a transsexual. >> getting rid of my genitalia, i haven't done it yet, it's on the chopping block. >> but how does one become a dragon? according to tiamat, it's through body modification.
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modification was my horns. i got my horns. in 2007, i got my five eyebrow subdermal implants along each eyebrow. my next major mods, i started m tattoo work, patterned after the western diamond back. reptiles don't have ears, and my ears needed to go. i had two procedures done on my nose. the first stage was basically to reshape the nose, remove all of the cartilage in my nose, remove the septum completely, and pull the skin down, reattaching my skin to my upper lip. now i have what is called my
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nostril, which are basically solicit right up on both sides of my nose, and i can breathe so much easier now. i also had my tongue split. >> reporter: and finally, the green eyes of a dragon. that involves dying the whites of the eyes. you can see the procedure in this video. >> the white part of my eyeballs were stained. >> reporter: tiamat 1961 as richard hernandez. >> i was born in the suburbs of phoenix, arizona. >> born to migrant workers who traveled with each harvest. >> my mom and dad met out on the fields, they eloped and they were married. >> reporter: but it wasn't a childhood anyone would wish for. >> i think i was in the first grade when my mother and my step dad ended up taking us down close to where my grandparents
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of the ranch, and abandoned myself and one of my -- two of my siblings. they lived in houston, so houston was my first real home as child. >> reporter: after that, tiamat says she preferred to think of her parents as reptilians. >> i was born to my human mother in phoenix, in the phoenix area, but i was born to my reptilian parents when my mother and my stepfather abandoned me in the woods. >> reporter: young richard was fascinated by the snakes he found >> my whole transformation today is basically an honor to my reptilian parents, which are the rattlesnakes, the western diamond back in particular. >> shunned by family and friends for being openly gay. >> my grandfather didn't understand that, because he just didn't understand that i was not really a boy. >> reporter: he left home after a high school and eventually had a son. >> the news went around that i was going to become a father. one of my friends came and asked me, how did that happen?
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happened. >> reporter: but after tiamat was rejected by his now teenage son, it decided to make a dragon its preferred modification. >> as a kid, we loved dragons, and he loved pokemon. i'm hoping when he sees me now he will look at a beautiful dragon instead of seeing his father that made mistakes and was not a perfect dad. >> reporter: so what kind of reaction does tiamat get while in public? mostly good. >> i'm greeted by smiles. one lady fell out of her chair at a restaurant. as soon as i boarded a bus, i saw one lady scream. >> reporter: at this day at home in edna, texas, nobody was scared of the dragon lady as
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kids. their parents didn't look concerned either. she has experienced health problems and is hiv positive. >> i want to raise awareness and erase the stigma. there is so much stigma out there about being hiv positive and having a.i.d.s. >> reporter: tiamat has documented her journey online and reaction on social media is mixed at best. >> i have been treated very badly by some pe everybody is going to have to get used to who it is. >> i think human beings have to be nicer to each other and really accept each other for who they are. >> reporter: because for the first time in its life, this young man, turned dragon lady, is very happy. >> i'm happy. i'm happy with my life for the first time ever. >> reporter: marc martinez, fox 10 news. >> tiamat has spent about $60,000 so far. if you want to learn more about
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facebook page, well, a nice dry, warm weekend here, warm today as well. we do see some changes. there is also a few things going on around the country that we
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your exclusive accuweather forecast with dave munsey on fox 10 news. let's look around the country here and see what's going on. you can see arizona hardly any clouds, no moisture there, nice little draw right here up into the center of the country. also, down in the gulf states here, got a few things going on. and right here, but down here we do have a tropical depression at this time. 35-mile-an-hour winds, which keep it at a tropical depression. to be a tropical storm, you would have to go to 39 miles an
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though it's going to have a little track right across jacksonville here, and this is tropical depression eight. it's off the shores of the carolinas, just one of the computer images taking it right across this area here. but everything else just has a little glancing blow right in there. and look at the moisture it's provided already. this is miami, and that's that rotation around the top of it. 92 hundredths of an inch, orlando a half an in at this, up in omaha, the draw from the southwest or the south, a half inch in chicago, a little less than half an inch in st. louis. they are getting some pretty good moisture up there. 105 the high here today, 88 up in sedona, 75 in flagstaff, and 110 degrees in yuma today. 97 degrees right now. there's no wind to speak of. it was a windy day in some areas.
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99 degrees in glendale. we have 92 at fountain hills, 89 right now in queen creek. so those temperatures coming down, but it's still pretty warm. as i mentioned, not much to see here. over in the white mountains, we see a little bit of active weather, not much going on there. we put the futurecast into motion, and we get through a lot of the week without much going on. it misses us, but this stuff gets very close on thursday, and then as we work into the rest of the day here, you can see later in the day, boy, a pretty good the moisture will return. it will help bring the temperatures down a bit. 105 degrees for the high today, 102 out at buckeye, 104 at deer valley, and 100 today at gateway. this is your day, 105 on the high, we have 79 on the low, 104 and 82 would be normal high and low, record high 113, record low at 64. other forecast highs would be,
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in surprise, 107 at goodyear, so these temperatures a little warmer around the valley than at the center of the valley here. you can see we have been forecasting some 80s, a few 70s as far as the mountains are concerned. 113 the forecast for yuma. and as you can see here, we are looking at some numbers on the day today. it's still a little bit of summer out there, 86 degrees overnight here, 104 degrees for tomorrow, nice and sunny for you. later in the week, a very slight chance but just a slight chance of rain might be working its way in here thursday, friday, and into saturday. watch your kids around water. tonight, the arizona cardinals are trading in their football jerseys for serving aprons and all for a great cause. coming up, i'll take you inside of larry fitzgerald's supper club. see you in a few.
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it's amazing. >> he's perfect. >> pretty close, yep. first, the fbi offering a big chunk of money in the lyle jeffs case. agents trying to recapture the flds leader who has been on the run for now for two months. and coming up later in the buzz, would you trade your salary and benefits for a shorter work week?
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the arizona department of
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the arizona department of corrections has just opened a new reentry facility for felons, but the location of this is causing some concern because it's close to schools and homes. nearly 60 felons currently are living there, many of whom are sex offenders. >> yes, this facility is located off of i-17 and pinnacle peak road, where there's already a juvenile facility. this is the new one down here. sandra day o'connor school, which is right up here. and this is the concern for the people who live there. it's very close, as you can see here, to some neighborhoods. a lot of people live in this area, and they are not thrilled about this center. nicole garcia spoke to people living in the area. they are very concerned. the maricopa reentry center opened up just this year, and it can house up to a hundred felons, but for many families
12:30 am
center provides housing, substance abuse, and jobs services, and about a dozen people live there now. many parents are upset about the location of the facility and are demanding answers, voicing their concerns directly to the arizona department of corrections. while it's not directly home to homes or schools, parents say it's within walking distance of places where kids and families gather. >> we let our older children go to the shops and go to harkins movie theater and and i understand, there's sex offenders who live everywhere all over the valley. they live in our neighborhoods. but to bring such a dense population and to move them into one location, it's concerning. >> reporter: all of the schools within a three-mile radius of the center are considered exclusion zones, which means that offenders can't go into those areas, and if they do their ankle monitors will alert corrections officers. i'm nicole garcia, fox 10 news.
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duty. the department purchased 19 cameras. officers can upload the video from cameras each day after their shift. the department believes that these body cameras have been proven to enhance public trust and protect officers from false claims. the fbi offering a $50,000 reward for information that leads to the arrest of a polygamist leader, lyle jeffs. jeff has been on the run for ten weeks after slipping out of his arrest in salt lake city. he had been waiting trial on fraud charges involving food stamps, granted supervised release two weeks before arrest, despite prosecutors pleas that he was a flight risk. >> we believe that lyle jeffs may still be in the united states, and indeed in utah, so public awareness is key. despite his potential falling
12:32 am
believe that he has supporters who are willing to hide him and keep him from arrest. >> reporter: the f.l.d.s. community is a very closed, secretive community. lyle jeffs is the brother of warren jeffs, the imprisoned leader of the f.l.d.s. church. lyle jeffs ran the day-to-day operations of that polygamist sect. well, it's happened yet again, and for the third time, former congressman antny his wife, huma abedin, who was hillary clinton's long time trusted aid, she's had enough. huma abedin is separating from her husband of seven years. the new york post caught anthony weiner's latest scandal, caught sexting with a 47-year-old divorcee, saying they have been in contact for 19 months but
12:33 am
he is now a househusband. he is seen laying in underwear next to his toddler son. this has been roundly condemned, people grossed out by all of this. so far no response from weiner, but his twitter account has been deactivated. >> i wonder when twitter is going to say no more. >> his wife released a statement, saying i have made the decision to husband anthony and i remain devoted to what is best for our son, during this difficult time i ask for respect for our privacy. taylor swift was at the mtv vma awards last night, sparking speculation as to why she wasn't at the event. today we found out taylor swift did have to report for jury duty
12:34 am
>> wow, even taylor swift. how about it. >> that was the excuse she was giving. here's the proof. she says that she was one of 30 potential jurors in an aggravated rape case, but she was dismissed because she told the judge that she has a pending civil case involving sexual assault. >> she might have also been a distraction to the jury, so that's good. happening now, a benefit put on by larry fitzgerald. guys in all of arizona, maybe all of the country, the special dinner raises money for his first down fund that supports valley charities, and our kristy siefkin spending the evening on the red carpet talking to a lot of familiar people out there. christy? . >> yeah, the cardinals really rallied around larry fitzgerald tonight. they came straight from practice here to dominics, and then they
12:35 am
headed inside the restaurant to serve 250 people. some pretty impressive names showed up to support him. it's a hilarious night at dominic's steak house. larry fitzgerald hosting his 8th annual fitz's supper club. >> i love how you're donned out. >> i like the word uniform. it's indicative of what we try to do here, being a celebrity server. >> tonight, pro athletes picked up the 250 special guests. >> how do these guys do on the floor? are they good servers? >> they are okay, but you can tell it's not their professional job. >> do people leave them tips at the end of the night? >> not so much no. >> inside, it's pretty slick. it's really sexy inside. it's a great place. the chef is unbelievable he made me this unbelievable meal.
12:36 am
laughing. everybody up at the station wants to know if you're following the campaign trail at all. >> who can't? you can't not follow the campaign trail. >> reporter: are you going to write yourself in as a nominee? >> after this year, anybody can run. >> reporter: the steaks and chard -- just part of a >> you see the work that we are able to do with breast cancer research. those are the things that make me proud and it wouldn't be possible without the support of the people here tonight. >> reporter: john and kari, i'm sorry to say that we didn't get any samples of fillet, but it looks like a fantastic event inside, a lot of activity out there. and they raised about a half million dollars as a result of the supper club fundraiser last year. they are expecting to raise at least that much, if not more, and as you mentioned larry's
12:37 am
really positive after school activities, and it also helps families that are in crisis. reporting live from scottsdale quarter, i'm kristy siefkin, fox 10 news. >> kristy, we are going to keep you on that sports beat, that's for sure. great stuff out there with the first down fund for larry fitzgerald. the response had been close to nonstop, almost a tidal wave of response, from fury to free speech, niner kaepernick, most everyone reacting in some way or another. you're going to hear coach arians reaction, his take in minutes. plus, a bear cub gets a little too comfy with people up on mount lemmon causing some safety concerns. how arizona game and fish caught the bear and moved him to a new
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fox 10 news is back. arizona giving its newest resident a very warm welcome today. there's the welcome sign right there. a black bear cub that was captured on mount lemmon in southern arizona and relocated to the park in williams. >> so the young bear has been spotted on mount lemmon a bunch of times over the past few months and was getting a it too close for comfort for hikers and fishers, arizona game and fish saying the bear needed to be trapped for his own good. they set up a trap and the bear fell for it. >> must have been doritos in there. >> or chocolate cake. arizona game and fish saying they aren't sure how the bear became so comfortable around people. because of the food, i think. because of his age they were
12:42 am
location. >> an adult bear who has learned how to associate people with food is a dangerous bear, and that doesn't always have a happy ending. so we were lucky in this case. it was a young bear. we were able to place it at bearizona. >> at least food will be provided, three square meals a day. >> the bear arrived at his new home over named lemmon. another set of animals arrived at the new odysea aquarium. they are very proficient in the water, as you can see. guests will be able to see the penguins swimming under water and through underwater portholes
12:43 am
opening soon. wondering when apple will release the new iphone? september 7th is when the company is expected to unveil the new phone, along withm so other product updates to its new lineup. this is the 5th september in a row that apple has showcased new products. keeping up with the joneses could be keeping many people up at night. a new report finds that four in less financially secure than most of their friends, and some parents are spending money on their children to impress others. all of that shopping may be why we are seeing this, consumer spending rising for the fourth straight month in july. another possible reason for more spending, personal income also rising last month. stocks starting the week on a high note, the dow, nasdaq, s&p
12:44 am
all three less than a percent from their all time highs. the maker of the epipen is trying to make amends. drug company mylan saying it will begin manufacturing a generic epipen that will be about half the price of the original. the cost, 300 bucks for a two pack. the generic version will be available in a week. that's business. i'm stuart varney. coming up next in the buzz, it's been a long standing requirement for cab drivers in new york city, but no new law getting rid of the
12:45 am
12:46 am
12:47 am
all right. time for the buzz. we talk about the stories you're talking about. >> first up, taxi drivers in new york city are no longer required to speak english. a new law has gotten rid of the long proficiency test. supporters say it's going to make things easier for immigrants who can't speak english to get jobs as taxi drivers, but critics, some drivers included in there, don't like the law saying you have got to be able to speak english to get passengers around and read street signs. i have to say i agree with that. >> i agree. i mean, don't you -- there are certain jobs that you have to have certain skills, and you would think if you're assimilating in the united states that it would be a good thing to, you know, have to
12:48 am
of learning english. it's going to help them down the line. >> can you imagine, you get to new york, you have got a big interview or something you have got to do for the job, and you get the taxi driver who doesn't speak a lick of english, and you have got to get to your job interview? how does that -- >> the public at large getting punished again. i mean, i don't know. i don't get it. >> i don't like the idea. i think they are making a big mistake in new york, but they have made other makes in new york as well, i am sure. >> have come up with a new approach to dealing with distracted drivers. they are flashing them. it's not what you think. they are holding up flash cards with messages like hang up the phone and drive or your blinker is on, doing this for about a year and a half with mixed reaction. 3,000 people died because of distracted driving last year. >> i like their style. i have done something similar, not with signs john. >> oh, with fingers?
12:49 am
not the one you're thinking, although i have done that before. but sometimes you just do this, or you go no, like when you see somebody, don't use your phone or i notice you or whatever. >> so the channel 10 lady is giving me a lawmaker -- a lecture on the 51? >> everyone is on their phones, that's disturbing. >> the first thing you know when they are weaving into your lane. >> and then they act like they are amazon testing out a 30-hour work week. a few dozen employees taking part in the experiment, still getting the benefits and insurance. researchers say it could make for a happier and more productive work force.
12:50 am
probably go for this, because lifestyle is more important than the job. >> i think the older generation would go for it as well. >> okay. >> that sounds like a better work life balance, where you can feel like you're giving your family enough time and a job. >> i always liked the idea of four days on, three days off. >> can we work on that here? i'll take friday, saturday, sunday off, john, you can take monday, tuesday, wednesday off. >> no, no, wait a minute. your turn to chime in. make a post. john hook fox 10. >> and kari lake fox 10. >> sign me up, a four-day week, a three-day week, whatever you want to go with. wait until you hear what jim harbaugh had to say about his former quarterback, colin kaepernick.
12:51 am
put your finger to good use.
12:52 am
12:53 am
put your finger to good use. you're watching fox 10 sports with jude lacava in hd. well, going viral isn't a strong enough term. more like a tidal wave of reaction, criticism brushback from colin kaepernick's i'll take a seat during the anthem protest. seattle's richard sherman saying he could have is picked a better
12:54 am
saying i support his motivation. it's his method of action i take exception too. another saying yesterday i agree with -- i don't know if the most effective way is to sit down during the anthem of the country providing you 60 million a year and your freedom. the best way is to think about those for less than 20,000 a year. strong comments across the board. i asked bruce arians his take on the colin kaepernick fury. >> i respect his right as an american. you know, freedom of speech is one thing. i disagree with it. i want to stand and cheer for all of the people who have lost their life, of every race and religion, gender, defending that flag, so it's not my opinion,
12:55 am
>> reporter: let's go to the football field and look at what happened to mike jenkins, just like that his season ends with an a.c.l. injury, the veteran vying for a quarterback position, opposite patrick peterson, yesterday against the texans, that brings us to bethel and -- the competition plays out. justin unable to make a play here on wide rec fuller. richard saenz checking in with the cards corner. >> obviously, i didn't have the kind of day that i wanted to, and, you know, lack of practice, that kind of -- that tends to happen, but, no, you know, i definitely was able to learn some things and see where i'm at physically out there on the field, and it's just good to be able to get that. >> bethel obviously was very
12:56 am
throws instead of upfield shoulder throws. >> the question for the sun devils at a.s.u., who starts at quarterback? nobody is officially saying anything. we believe it's manny wilkins, could see brady white as well in that game against n.a.u. the lumberjacks, impressive, this is no easy task, you see number 15 right here, for n.a.u., this guy an outstanding player when you think about it, ranked 7th in passing overall, he threw for 37 touchdowns. this jacks team is expected to be the favorite in the big sky conference, bringing the attention to todd graham saying this will be interesting. saturday night, the opener against the jacks. >> i know one thing, we have a lot of respect for them and the job that they do. they are picked to be one of the best teams in the country, in their division, and picked to be
12:57 am
they'll be highly motivated, and they are capable. they have got a quarterback that is very, very impresses with, and he's a guy that operates very, very well, can move and extend plays and had a lot of success, in their game against arizona last year, they threw the ball with a lot of success, had a lot of explosive plays. so we are concerned about our team and this year, and figuring a good way to >> wide receiver john brown back on the practice field for the cardinals. you're going to hear from him in about 20 minutes as they try to get ready, prepared, and on the
12:58 am
12:59 am
er game number one, the following week against the new england patriots. right now it's time for
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all eyes will be on phoenix this week as donald trump heads here to deliver his much anticipated immigration address. where you can see the presidential candidate. why people in one valley neighborhood are so upset with their new neighbors. they say they're dangerous. i found it to be very natural. he was funny. he just seemed like a real easy going guy. >> wilder tonight and meeting him on his arizona movie location. first on fox, police releasing these images right here on a woman investigators say is a person of interest in the tempe hit-and-run case. tonight a man says he knows who


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