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tv   FOX 10 News 9pm  FOX  August 30, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm MST

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my son has meningitis b.
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his mom thought he had the flu and that he was covered by the meningococcal meningitis vaccine he had received. until 2014 there were no vaccines for meningitis b in the u.s. now there are. while uncommon, meningitis b can lead to death within 24 hours. trumenba is a vaccine for 10 through 25 year olds to help prevent group b meningococcal disease. trumenba should not be given if you had a severe allergic reaction after a previous dose. most common side effects were n, fatigue... headache, muscle pain, and chills. ask your doctor or pharmacist about all the risks and benefits of trumenba and tell them if you've received any other meningitis b vaccines. meningitis b can be spread by typical sharing like... a drink... a spoon... a kiss. it all started here... it might have been prevented with trumenba.
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good evening, everyone. we already got several winners on this primary night. we begin with john mccain. [applause] >> our nation -- a nation that is secure from external and internal threats and controls its borders with smart policies and reflects our values. a health care system that delivers what obamacare that hasn't and won't, affordable,
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without abandoning entire communities like what has happened until pinal county. veterans health care, it keeps our promises to the men and women who sacrificed everything to keep their promises to us. these are some of the biggest, not the only issues at stake at this election and to make real progress, republicans must be willing to put forward, smart, common-sense, effective policies. we must resist a potion -- position of strength, whoever occupies it, that would take the country in the wrong track. it is imperative that republicans maintain our majorities in congress. it is important that we have a say over the next appointments over the united states supreme
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it is important that we offer alternatives to policies that double down on the mistakes of past administrations that reinforce failure or create new sets of problems. most of all, it is important that republicans can fight for the resources our military needs to allow the men and women of our armed forces to continue doing what they do best, keeping us safe from all enemies. >> 80-year-old john mccain. he turned 80 yesterday and he got his gift in beating kelli ward. he has done pretty well tonight beating her. >> almost a 2:1. >> he is battling a cold. for him, he has called this the run of his life as he will face ann kirkpatrick in november who is waiting.
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out of district one and she tries to become the first democrat to win a u.s. senate seat in arizona in 28 years. >> that could be tougher than the primary, facing the democrat in november. >> the money will pour into that race. let's move ahead. we have winners declared early and the other one is a big race is joe arpaio who challenge that many thought he possibly might lose. he beat quiet handlely, dan saban who has run against him twice before. joe arpaio, the embattled sheriff, the tarnished sheriff will face paul penzone in november. many people thought this might be the time that arpaio loses the primary. >> this is the first rung.
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championship then you decide if it goes to the super bowl. tonight, he easily beats saban, the former police chief. kelli ward had a lot of money go her way trying to beat john mccain but he wins rather easily. >> a lot of numbers haven't been reported. we're having difficulty, secretary of state's website with the election. a u.s. house district one. this is one of the races that has been probably the most exciting across the state. this is the one that ann kirkpatrick left behind so she could run for senate and sheriff paul babeu appears to be winning. he is beating wendy rogers. we don't have a lot of the vote. >> that is a crowded field but it looks like a race between
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gary kiehne out. he almost won two years ago. david -- tom o'halleran was in the house and has switched over party. he was expected to win easily tonight. that shows how conservative that district is as the democrats, both of them former republicans and that is what it takes to win. >> it is a a lot of ways. we've got candidates who can carve out that block. you have two other candidates, marsha ann hill and william baker. they were not factors. it was a saban and arpaio race and arpaio wins easily. >> this is the democratic field for district two down near tucson. a doctor facing a former
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hines has 54% of the vote and he will face martha mcsally. >> it is early down there. let's take a look at the arizona corporation. it has been racked with scandal and discussions about where the money goes and who is funding these candidates. the top three vote getters on the g.o.p. here, you're only looking at republicans, the democrats have only two candidatesnd these are the other two republican candidates. there are two democratic candidates that automatically go on because the top vote getters go on. >> it is a confusing race but it is so important. >> very important. they set your utility rates. >> this is district five and this will be determined tonight. this is retiring matt salmon, the republican. he has endorsed andy biggs to
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here. christine jones doing very well and this is a race right now. christine jones with 30%. andy bigs is endorsed by matt salmon and look at that, don stapley, the former maricopa supervisor with 23% of the vote. >> he is trying to mount a comeback tonight but that looks like it is down to christine jones in the race because she had the money going in. she had effective ads as you have see she ran for governor and was formable in that race. >> there are two democrats running against them in november but it probably won't matter because that is an easy g.o.p. seat. >> one of the safest g.o.p. districts. arpaio wins tonight easily. no problem over dan saban. he has to be feeling a little bit buoyant with this because he obviously has been embattled but
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easy picking. >> say what you will about arpaio, he is good at winning elections. he will be facing another one, paul penzone from the phoenix p.d. who is mounting another go at arpaio. will he will able to beat him? this is the second time that arpaio can tarnished. he has the contempt case going against him. many people believe that embolden him and many feel it is the feds coming down. >> this time in november, it will be a two-man race, it will be arpaio and penzone head-to-head. andrew hasbun is at headquarters in phoenix where he just spoke to arpaio about his win. he must be feeling good after a slate of bad news for the sheriff in the past several months. >> reporter: he is feeling
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don't use that word in front of the sheriff. he says he is going to spend the next couple of months until election day getting his message out that he is working hard for maricopa county and he is following the judge's orders in the federal contempt of court case. the case has been referred for criminal charges of u.s. department of justice and one of his top d about that case. he wanted to thank the voters of maricopa county and he wanted to fight back against criticism that after 20 years in office and 80 years old, it is time for him to retire and time for a change in the maricopa county sheriff's office. when asked that question, he got a little fired up. here is what a taste the sheriff had to say tonight.
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supporters. >> i want to thank everyone who supported me through heated battles. we will continue to work hard and hopefully will be elected for my seventh term. we're making a lot of changes for the good. we got a lot of equipment that we needed. a lot of money is where we were screaming about that we had to buy cameras. we had high-tech equipment that we had to buy anyway. i'm not too i work 14 hours a day, all right? you know it. you guys have been following me around for years and years. i am going -- age means nothing. >> reporter: the sheriff has plenty of money on his side. he has $2 million in his campaign war chest that dwarfs his competitor paul penzone and the sheriff told me tonight there is going to be a significant advertising blitz
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message out and he is preparing for a win in november. just so our memories are clear here, paul penzone lost by six points in the last election. the sheriff's campaign staff likes to say that is a significant margin but paul penzone says that is a small margin and he hopes to beat the sheriff in november. >> in reality, sheriff arpaio barely got to 50% and it was three-way race and this time it is a head-to-head matchup. the three-way race was siphoned away from arpaio. >> reporter: it is important to point out that according to the totals saw, voted for saban and not for arpaio. >> i misspoke, it was siphoned away from saban.
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battling? >> reporter: we asked him that question and he said he does not, he approaches every election like it is a fight. he doesn't believe the polls and he was not preparing for a huge victory or a significant loss. he was going into it completely open minded. he says he is relieved and it gave him a new sense of confidence that he received 60% of the vote. he is looking november and he said don't count him out, don't count him out. he is ready to fight for another election. >> he was feisty tonight. he is getting in your face like old times. >> quickly, andrew, does he plan to appear with donald trump when he comes to arizona, wednesday, tomorrow? >> reporter: they are pretty tight-lipped about what the plan is for tomorrow but i think it is a fair assumption that he is
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trump. there is a lot of talk about donald trump going to mexico to meet with the president of mexico. a lot of things are up in the air but it is safe to assume that arpaio will be with donald trump when he comes tomorrow. >> thanks for joining us, paul. we appreciate you being here. >> thank you for having me. >> this is a big win for sheriff arpaio. this big tonight? >> i was not paying attention to the numbers. >> come on, paul. >> i'm not kidding. >> you can't kid a kidder. >> everyone thought it would be the sheriff and i so regardsless about the number, it is about the work towards that. i was not caught up in the numbers and it is not to disrespect other candidates. >> there are a lot of policies that the sheriff has implemented
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tough on inmates, are there anything you would say if you elected that you would continue? >> i want to be able to speak for myself. on politics, your opponent wants to dictate where you stand. i think the posse can be expanded. i think tent city is a business decision. if it is to run the population then it has a benefit. if it there for propaganda then we need to consider what is best interest for our taxpayer dollars. i have invested in animals. i address the issue of animal cruelty so there are a lot of positives. >> donald trump coming to the valley tomorrow. he is calling himself the law
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sheriff joe arpaio. the cops union supports your opponent, you're a former cop. why don't you have their support and do you want donald trump's support? >> the union, the one you're speaking of, has been in a relationship with the sheriff for a long time. the union was the supervisors. >> but not the rank and file. >> oftentimes in these types of battles, you see a division of agencies. a lot of them has to do with relationships and forward thinking and where you plan on going. i'm looking forward to debating the sheriff. >> that is an interesting point. >> you talk about the areas that have deficiencies over the last eight years. >> are you going to get that opportunity? the sheriff has made it difficult to enter into debates with opponents. do you think you will get that opportunity?
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>> do you think you will get the opportunity to debating the sheriff? >> i look forward to debate the sheriff. when it comes to the safety of our families in this community that is an issue that is top of mind for everybody. for them to make a sound decision in november, they have to know who we are and what we stand for. i look forward to and i think it is important that we have that debate so the sheriff can speak to his ib having dollars from out of state display what i stand for. >> arpaio says it is a war. do you think law enforcement is under attack right now? >> i think the relationship between law enforcement and the community is deteriorating. it is not the majority. the majority is supportive of law enforcement and law enforcement officials do an exceptional job.
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concern. i ran silent witness for a long time. without the community, we can't solve a lot of crimes. without the trust own the community, we're not holistic. it is not a divided line. we have to come together. >> paul penzone, the democratic nominee for sheriff will face joe arpaio in november. it should be an interesting rematch. you guys are going at it again. thank you for your >> the last election, the presidential preference election, remember the long lines and helen purcell took a ton of heat. some waited five hours to wait. she is in the tightest race of her life. she is winning by a few votes here. looks about nine votes ahead and quite a few, we have 55%
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presidential preference election in march that helen purcell, by her own admission was botched. there were not enough polling places and here you go. a nondecember crypt kind of job. you only get attention if it goes badly. >> the secretary of state's office should take heat for that as well. that is not a position up for election but helen purcell may not survive the >> let's check in with marc martinez who is monitoring what is happening on social media. >> reporter: you guys mentioned, during the presidential preference election we had gridlock in line and tonight, we're having gridlock online. let's show you what we're talking about. we have this view of michele reagan's website for the arizona secretary of state. everything looks ok but when you go to check in on the results, you get an error message.
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it is unavailable. we're having trouble and that is why we're getting a delay in getting the numbers out to the public. >> this is the night, it is basically showtime for michele reagan. >> and that is your website. >> she was touting this website as new and improved and it is going to be great and nothing. >> reporter: we're going to keep checking. we are getting good mccain camp and here is a video she posted earlier with the crowd chanting mccain as the a.p. called the race for him. it looks like a crowded room for mccain headquarters. here is from andrew hasbun with sheriff joe arpaio out there who was confident in the win and that is how it turned out to be. we're going to continue monitoring the social media feeds and let you know that the website from the secretary of state gets back up and running
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>> thank you, marc. the bottom line right now, no big surprises so far tonight. >> what is amazing -- >> maybe helen purcell may be the biggest. >> we have mccain an 80-year-old and 84-year-old with arpaio both moving forward. >> senator mccain winning easily tonight.
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john mccain rolling to victory tonight as he is trying to win the u.s. senate seat he has held for five materials. he -- term. he beats back a challenge from kelli ward easily, 54% to 37% and that is with about 39% of the precincts reporting, if i can read that correctly. mccain has been declared the winner.
9:26 pm
gets the big win. in november, he will face ann kirkpatrick and this will be tougher probably than the primary. >> linda williams is at mccain headquarters. >> reporter: he does remember that. >> you two go way back. >> reporter: he does remember that more than 30 years. the party is over for tonight here at mccain's election headquarters. people taking down signs and there were many of them. he had many volunteers and interns. you see them returning this lobby to the former state. as you said, everyone is shifting to november 8 that is the general election. a new opponent, perhaps a form
9:27 pm
some speculated this could be the year that john mccain loses his senate seat that he has held since 1986, he is feeling confident. >> every race i've been in, it has been tough maybe that is why i have always won. >> reporter: he is a decorated p.o.w. and for decades he has been arizona's favorite son. but this year, 66-year-old ann represents vast district one says she thinks she can beat john mccain. >> he is vulnerable. the race is neck and neck. the polls are tight. >> reporter: as she travels arizona, people tell her they are worried about the economy and jobs and senior issues are a concern. >> i'm about common-sense solutions that make people's daily lives better. >> reporter: as senator mccain travels the state, he
9:28 pm
wildfire dangers are big concerns for arizona. the biggest challenge overall he says. >> the biggest challenge is we have a failed presidency that has resulted on the world on fire and attacks on america. >> reporter: she says that mccain has changed and no longer a maverick he was and negative that he has disavowed trump. >> it is unbelievable that he can say hateful and racist things and mccain still supports him. >> reporter: when asked about disavowing the controversial republican nominee, mccain has not done so. >> i support the nominee of the party. i tell you what, when that question is asked, if i change my mind, i will let you know.
9:29 pm
controversies will hurt him as he pursues a sixth term as senator. >> the people of arizona know me very well and they will judge me by that and the service to arizona. >> reporter: the trump effect they call it and it was an interesting tactic and it worked in the primary saying he supported the republican nominee and never mentioned him by nail. if you will, it worked. will he use the same tactic going into the general, hard to say. how will ann kirkpatrick respond with the donald trump negativity per per -- perceived by some towards the november election. >> quickly, let's go back to
9:30 pm
mccain joined at the hip with ronald reagan. he was so conservative then he became known as the maverick. i think people thought if mccain faced a vulnerability it would come from the right, not left. if he gets more to the center, he has a pretty good chance. >> reporter: i would agree. now, they know more than we do internally. they may that way to go, right down the middle is certainly the way to win. you know, he has shifted, rolled with the punches, that is what he is good at. he hasn't lost yet and nobody is counting him out. no one is saying he is too old. everyone believes he will survive but they also believe ann kirkpatrick will give him one heck of a fight.
9:31 pm
to be in phoenix tomorrow. many people question, could mccain show up in support of trump? you think that could happen, linda or would that be a long shot? >> reporter: i don't know. it is such an interesting dance around donald trump. you see doug ducey taking the stage with him. so maybe that is the first true establishment republican saying, you know what, i'm going to stand up here and have my picture taken with a guy m establishment republicans to say we're going to stand here with him, too. so we shall see. i see people moving in that direction. >> yeah, i think he won't do it tomorrow. he needs to move to the center for the general. i think going with trump moves him to the right and that is trouble for him. >> it might get him voters though. >> reporter: you know what, it might. i think they know more.
9:32 pm
don't want to alienate trump's many, many supporters. you don't want to alienate the people in the middle, a large group in the middle who are offended by donald trump and want him to push back. he has walked this tight rope brilliantly so we'll see. >> agreed. >> reporter: going forward how well he does. >> several races are set but what about the ballot the prop to legalize recreational pot and we have a preview.
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you decide, we talked about the races, aside from the races,
9:36 pm
facing november voters. >> including legalizing marijuana. we think it will end up on the ballot. >> reporter: it looks like something voters will be deciding on. this is a big deal having recreational marijuana legal in arizona. let's look at where you can buy recreational marijuana. we're talking about colorado, oregon, and alaska. here are the states that will have it on the ballot in november, nevada, arizona, california, maine, and massachusetts will all be considering if people can buy recreational legally. they will have a 15% sales tax that will go towards schools and health programs. >> prohibition has been a failure. let's benefit our schools in the process.
9:37 pm
regulate marijuana like alcohol. he says regulates and taxing marijuana for adults 21 and older would not only bring in tens of millions of dollars in tax revenues and cut down on crime. >> are we going to tax and regulate marijuana and send the money to our schools or keep it illegal for the enrichment of drug dealers that is our only choice here. >> when you look at the initiative, dispensary owners are trying to use the ballot box in trying to push cronyism. >> reporter: bill montgomery was one of the plaintiffs who sued to keep it off of the ballots. he feels it is a money grab to dispensaries. >> the only reason you can say with a straight face that marijuana is less harmful than alcohol today is because we don't see the same level of consequence to our society as we
9:38 pm
higher is a bold-faced lie. the prohibitionists have done nothing but lie using scare tactics and fear mongering in a desperate attempt to keep voters from approving something they know is safer than alcohol. >> why would we bet on the future of our youth to throw $50 millon or $60 million into the educat be able to take advantage of because of an addiction to marijuana that is cruel. >> reporter: we asked people how do you think marijuana should be handled in arizona? 17% say always illegal. 21% says medical only and 62% of people say who responded to this poll that we put on twitter says
9:39 pm
>> this is going to bring a lot of people out. i know a lot of people who don't vote but will vote this time around because of this measure. in the past, we talked about it and we had nothing to compare it to. colorado not far away, you can look at what has happened there and said that is how they are crafting the language. >> the pros and cons can pull some place like color positives. >> the polling has it failing. >> reporter: if you listen to the pro -- propro innocents they say it is passing. who will replace ann kirkpatrick? who will replace matt salmon? >> donald trump's big visit to the valley but he is stopping by mexico to visit with the president there.
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welcome back.. lets get to the latest numbers... you decide, welcome back. let's get to the latest numbers and there are many of them right now. >> john mccain easily advances to face ann kirkpatrick. it has been 28 years since a democrat has won that seat.
9:43 pm
kirkpatrick is vacating. are we doing the democrats first or the republicans? >> i think we're going to do the republicans and that is the massive districts in the country. >> it has not been called yet. sheriff paul babeu is ahead beating wendy rogers. gary kiehne who nearly won last time is doing pretty well. paul babeu spoke as if he already won but it has not called. >> i think he feels you have bennett, shawn redd who is l.d.s., by the way. let's go to democrats. tom o'halleran was once a republican in the state house in arizona switched to democrat. he battled with the far-right wing and he is trying to find the sweet spot tonight. he will be the democratic candidate on whoever wins in district one.
9:44 pm
told you this already, joe arpaio, looked at that trouncing. he easily beat dan saban. this is the third time he beat dan saban, former buckeye police chief. all of the troubles joe arpaio is in and this is guy who knows how you to win an election and he did it handily. >> let's check in with the arizona commission corporation. these are important positions because you have rates at stake. ok, here we go. arizona corporate commission. bob burns and andy tobin are the two incumbents and they are cruising to victory. so the top three vote getters, this is a four-year term, the arizona commission dominated by republicans. those three will advance on. there are two democrats in the
9:45 pm
>> burns is vowing to get to the bottom of the investigation regarding the millions spent in the last go around and a.p.s. a under investigation about their involvement in that. >> u.s. house district four, paul gosar is one of the safest districts in the country. unless there is a scandal or something, paul gosar will continue to hold that seat easily. he is in a dominant republican district. >> matt salmon is walking away from the job and this is a race tonight. christine jones, the businesswoman was with godaddy. she has a lead over andy biggs. andy biggs was endorsed by matt salmon. christine jones, as you said earlier, she spent millions of slick ads and people feel like they know her. she ran for governor back in 2014 and did pretty well during
9:46 pm
taking the traction and is running with it. that is the tightest race going on right now. >> whoever wins this tonight will go on to have that seat. >> that is right. talia fuentes is the winner on the democratic side. you're talking about a disstraict that is gilbert, queen creek, eastern mesa. it is one of the safest republican districts. that is a safe republican seat. >> this is scottsdale and takes up part of cave creek, care freak, david sh -- chicago chicago weatherer. this this is a safe republican
9:47 pm
brian sinuk. >> i believe he is a former high schooler. >> trent franks is another one who was an incredibly safe district. clair van steenwyk ran for the house race and that is the first time it ever happened. everyone expected a legal challenge but most people looked at it, trent franks sd will beat him anyway and he did. >> let's go to district nine. this is the new district resulted in the 2010. criers -- kyrsten sinema is running and she will face david giles is an engineer. he has been declared the winner on the republican side.
9:48 pm
>> the district does but she is found in that district. her voting record is down the middle and sir tin cinema is not so tight. >> there are a few thousand more democrats registered to vote but there are 130,000 independents and that is where it lies. >> as we mentioned, this is the rebl nine, david giles has been declared the winner. >> let's talk about donald trump. he know he is coming to arizona. 24 hours before trump touches down in phoenix, he is going to spend some time in americas co-meeting with the mexican president that will be interesting. he comes up here to hold the rally in downtown phoenix.
9:49 pm
>> it could influence the speech he is expected to announce in phoenix tomorrow. ty brennan is live outside of the convention center with more on his rally. everyone is saying he is softening his stance and i guess we'll find out tomorrow. >> reporter: this will be his fifth time in the valley and all eyes are on arizona. he says "i will be making a immigration." this is what we know about his speech for tomorrow. we have confirmed arizona governor doug ducey and sheriff joe arpaio will be take the stage to make a speech before trump takes the stage. trump will be joined by indiana governor mike pence. trump says his speech will focus on immigration something that has been a keystone on his campaign from the very
9:50 pm
11 million undocumented immigrants back to the countries and buildal wall that he claims mexico will pay for. political analysts say trump has started to soften his policies towards undocumented immigrants. trump was at a rally in washington state and this is what he had to say. >> we are also going to secure our border and stop the drugs from pouring in our country. i will be talking about that tomorrow night in arizona, big speech on immigration. we'll be talking about that, arizona tomorrow night. >> reporter: as you heard there, he is not giving any secrets about what he will be talking about, only teasing ahead to his speech here at the phoenix convention center slated for tomorrow. doors open at 3:00.
9:51 pm
stage at 6:00. tickets are available. they are free. you do have to get them on his website. we will be streaming trump's speech live on our website if you don't want to fight the crowds down here in downtown phoenix. >> speaking of that, ty, fox 10 news now, we put all sorts of stuff up there. if you want to hear the candidate and hear what they have to say, go to fox 10 news now. we play a lot of the candidates speeches in their entirety krafft. hey, guys you have been busy over there all night. >> reporter: we have been cranking. >> we've been whipping out the coverage here, the results. it has been coming on. >> you're a good place to go. a good clearinghouse throughout the evening and you have been on since 8:00. we invite you to go to news now, maybe not this second. stick with kari and i for a little while longer.
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>> reporter: hi, folks. it is 93 degrees right now. winds out of the east at 6 miles an hour. we did have little bitty scare of a storm coming in on the east side. it is 91 in chandler. mid 90's right now in glendale. in surprise, it is 92 degrees.
9:56 pm
just like that. everything gone. 107 degrees at sky harbor for the high today. goodyear, 108. same at glendale. 106 in scottsdale. 104 in chandler. other news or other numbers we have, 109 at lake havasu. 90 in sedona. 109 at gila bend. 112 in yuma today. 84 on the low. high. 113 record high for the day. as we get a look across the country, you can see that draw up in the midsection that monsoon moisture heading up there. big storms just the other day. we had pretty big storms in the midsection of the country. if you are traveling to hawaii, madeline is something you should get to know a little bit here. as you can see here, a hurricane that is making a play for hawaii
9:57 pm
right behind madeline comes lester and lester is a hurricane going more north. some of the models models have m coming into the islands. also, we're looking at another situation. this is tropical depression number nine down in the gulf right now. quite a few ways for it to go. this is where the experts think it is going to head through jacksonville and after depression tropical depression ate off of the coast of the carolinas. all of the programs think that is going to be heading off the coast a little brushing there cause a little bit of flooding, high wind, erosion and rip tides. 86 degrees overnight. 102-degree for tomorrow. take a look at it, folks. the temperatures are going to come down. there is a little chance of rain in that situation as well.
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we'll be right back.
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