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tv   FOX 10 News Noon  FOX  August 31, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm MST

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republican candidate donald trump expected to deliver a major immigration speech here in the valley. what in mexico. she ran for three decades but now he will reason purcell is fighting for her job. a fighting between roommates led -- lead to a shooting in glendale. a mirror tissous sawingal can tell us if there is life in the universe. donald trump supporters are
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convention center where the republican nominee will deliver what he is calling a major immigration speech. >> he is making a last-minute stop in mexico to meet with that country's president. ron hoon joining us live. >> reporter: all eyes are on arizona once again today in the political world for the g.o.p. presidential nominee and what could be the most important speech of his entire campaign. donald trump received an inviti president enrique pena niento and he said yes. trump made illegal immigration the center of his campaign, particularly his call to build a wall along the u.s.-mexican border. he suggested he may be softening his position from the primaries when it came to deportation but
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about changing his position on building a wall. people have been wasting outside of the phoenix convention center to get a good seat. meanwhile, democrats held a press conference. whatever trump says is right for everybody, i support him. he wants to be a stance on it. >> for every story like mine, there are many other immigrant families who love this country, who are working hard and want to contribute to this great country. so please, do not take that away from us. >> reporter: phoenix mayor greg stanton among those who say trump is not fit to be president. we're getting a live look
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convention and troy and sill -- syleste was talking about the forms starting to form. folk wholes support donald trump will be there in large numbers. the doors will be opening several hours ahead of time. it is going to be a warm day at 3:00 this afternoon. >> the good news is they appear to be in the shade. protesters expected to turn this afternoon. the demonstrators will be criticizing donald trump and maricopa sheriff joe arpaio who support the g.o.p. candidate. the protest is scheduled for 5:00 just an hour before the speech begins. >> washington will be closed to cars and pedestrians. it will begin at 3:00 and last until 9:00 tonight.
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its entirety. you can find it on and on our facebook as well. we are learning who voters wanting to represent them in coming up in november. the top election here in maricopa county who has been on the job for decades. as of last update, business owner and political newcomer aaron flannery has over helen purcell who has been on the job for a long time. at least check, he had a lead at 300 votes. purcell was hardly criticized for what happened back in march preference election. remember these lines? we will monitor the election results and bring you the results as they are available.
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he beat kelli ward. he will go up against ann kirkpatrick in november. >> the u.s. house district one that go from the northern part of our state at utah then almost down to tucson. pinal county sheriff paul babeu wins and he will face tom o'halleran who is a former state legislator. >> christine jones leading in a tight race. the former godaddy c.e.o. spent a lot of her own money to stand out. she leads over andy biggs' 29%. >> same race on the democratic side, talia fuentes wins and she will take on whoever ends up wing on the other side. sheriff joe arpaio still popular
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he beat three g.o.p. rivals to win the nomination for a chance at his seventh run, including a republican foe he faced and beat twice before, dan saban. he will face paul penzone in the democratic election. penzone is calling for a public debate with arpaio. let's get to the other headlines today. in glendale, a fight between roommates leads to a shooting between 67th avenue and bethany home road. glendale police on scene as a shooting broke out about 9:30 this morning. a woman was arguing with her other roommate when gunfire broke out. no word on the condition of the victim. in phoenix, a car is on fire and a man is arrested after an argument between neighbors. it hand at 15th avenue and missouri. the s.u.v. was put on fire and
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police are investigating. an officer is recovering after a crash in north phoenix today. this is 20th street and union hills. a vehicle hit an offers on this motorcycle and the good news, it appears the motorcycle is not badly damaged. the police officers's injuries are not major, not life-threatening. we are learning the identity of a woman killed by a car outside of a valley high school. 40-year-old laura barnes died near carl hayden high school. the car is in bad shape here. the two cars crashed rat -- at the intersection. she was killed when she was standing in the intersection. speed was a factor in the crash but neither driver was impaired. california is burning once again. two wildfires out of control.
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efforts. mysterious signal detected from out of space. could this be a cube of life? hi, cory. >> reporter: we have clouds building up there.
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rancho san mar gar reyna. there are 50 firefighters on scan. the u.s. forest service is helping to control the fire. the cause is under investigation. the bogart fire burning in riverside county burning to 250 acres. 445 firefighters are on this. you can see air operations. this started yesterday morning. started by -- it was human caused, it was started by someone else. they found footprints in the area where the fire sparked. a lot of people evacuated last night but many are now able to go back home. also in rouser side county, a gruesome discovery inside a burned out medical care facility.
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the fire is suspicious. the cause is under investigation. small plane crashes and hit an r.v. park in reno. the plane was approaching the reno-tahoe airport. sparks is a suburb of reno and witnesses say that the plane hit nose first and caught fire. the condition of the pilot is unknown at this time. one of the most popular questions plaguin around the world, is there other life out there? we're learning a mysterious signal detected by a radio telescope by russia. it came from 600 trillion-mile. some believe it came from a technological advanced civilizations. researchers are, working on the
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the source of the signal. >> that would be something. there has to be something out there, whether it is an amoeba or something. >> he looked like he knew what he was doing. stuck with no way out. video showing how far some people had to go to escape rising flood waters. >> reporter: we got showers on the march now across arizona. somebody is getting wet. find out if you might be next
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well just a bizarre discovery here. nine bodies have been found in a flooded nursing home in japan after a powerful typhoon dumped heavy rain in that part of the
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part of the region triggering mudslides and damaging road, bridges, you name it. heavy winds causing blackouts and traffic problems. the northern region was recovering from the 2011 tsunami and earthquakes. so clouds, huh, cory? >> reporter: we have clouds. they are building. i like looking north from the valley this part of day, this part of year. >> the thunder heads. >> reporter: we'll look and see who is getting wet. it would be nighs, everyone loves a shower now and then. temperature wise, we're under 100 but barely here at the noon hour. winds ot of the east at 7 miles an hour. clear skies over the valley. you can see not a lot of cloud cover but the clouds are dotting themselves around as the thunder heads start to build.
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and show you who is getting what out there. this is white river and show low out there. you folks east of white river, this is rugged territory. we have showers going. also, as we swing things farther to the west, here along the rim, we've got showers building to there and christopher creek and pine-strawberry has already. if you're in that neck of the woods, you will see a shower. we have a shower on the move to the west if you're in munds park. not much happening in flagstaff. if you get to williams, we have a strong storm building south of town then one to the north of williams as well on the road to the grand canyon. there is a chance for everyone to pick up something for today.
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futurecast. we're putting the time in motion by the time we get to dinner time. things will quite down as we get into the evening hours. overnight, things will be much calmer as we roll into thursday, which may bring us or wednesday rather -- thursday. it will bring us a slim chance for a shower and by the time we hit friday, everything i here is the temps expected across the country. 90's along the gulf coast. 97 expected for billings today that is a tough number. now, let's get into the gulf of mexico where we're keeping an eye on this tropical storm now hermine. finally a named storm has approached tropical storm strength and winds down to 40 miles an hour but up a bit from where they were yesterday.
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little bit of strength probably coming ashore at a minor hurricane strength, maybe 65 miles an hour or so. somewhere here around south and west of tallahassee and expected to move back into the atlantic by the time we get to saturday. we'll keep a close eye on that storm over the next several days. here is the way your afternoon will shape up. 88 for sedona today. 76 degrees in as we head through the rest of the week here in the valley, keep things around 100 each and every day. >> we can deal with that. >> yeah, i'm hanging my lat on on -- hat on saturday with 99 and dry. >> you're hanging your hat on it, what does that mean? >> reporter: i'm gathering my confidence there. i'm gathering all of my eggs in
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just announcemen the students!new enrolling stopped institute has technical i-t-t i-t-t technical institute has stopped enrolling new i-t-t technical institute i.t.t. technical institute has stopped enrolling new stunts. the announcement comes after department of education banned students from receiving federal aid in enrolling in the schools claiming that students are graduating with too much debt and not enough job opportunities. chipotle has had a rough year. they are now offering free kids' meals next month. high school and students can get
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show an i.d. the company's attempt to win back companies after the e. coli outbreak hurt its sales. chris brown has been a trending topic for the last 24 hours or so. he was just bailed out of jail. released on $250,000 bail after the lapd swarmed his home and arrested him yesterday. a woman said he with a gun. according to "tmz," he was tested for drugs in jail. charlie sheen is not paying as much to his ex-wives. they agreed to cut their child support in half. their -- his financial problems started after he came out as h.i.v. positive.
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selena. she was only 23 when she died. take you to a celebration in spain that can be messy. >> messy but it is a tradition
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all right, weather believers, here you go. the next several days, a decline in temperatures and by the weekend, we ought to be dried out and just a hair cooler as
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sunday by cory. hanging your hat. >> reporter: that's right. >> you hung your hat. it is hung. spain isn't just home to running of the bulls. >> messy tradition with the streets stained reds. people gathered if the la toma tomatina festival. thank you >> at least they ware goggles. >> a lot of tomatoes. see you back here tomorrow at noon.
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hey, krack, here's your chance to audition for "dancing with the stars." see what you got. >> i got this. ? >> ooh! >> ah -- ah. >> ooh. >> yeah! >> all right. so i give a y >> i give you a hell, no. >> hell, no. let's start the show! start it, baby. captions paid for by the fox broadcasting company hey guy, welcome to "dish nation" and happy tuesday. an awesome show for you today. big "empire" news. america's favorite tv mom joined the cast and what music legend, too. >> singing in bunch of gold bars? >> me?


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