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tv   FOX 10 News 9pm  FOX  September 5, 2016 12:00am-1:00am MST

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now at 9:00, police are on the scene trying to put together the pieces after a man apparently tries to run over a mother and her small child and then he ends up getting shot. we have the breaking news. the warnings keep coming from law drink and drive and this is what you will be facing. officers out in full force tonight, watching for impaired drivers. and quite a sight. mother nature putting on a light show for some lucky people. we'll have more of this spectacular display. starting tonight with breaking news of a driver who tries to run over a woman carrying her small child.
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this all happen fires shots at that driver. marcy jones is live from this chaotic scene tonight. marcy? >> reporter: that's right, guys. this definitely is a story that you don't hear every day. i'm going to show you the neighborhood that we're in. just a little bit ago police were kind of combing through this neighborhood looking for evidence. they wrapped up their investigation just a little bit ago. but there are still some questions as to what led up to this incident. according to police around 5:30 tonight, the suspect she was also carrying a small child. that's when another person fired a shot at the driver as he tried to get away. there was no serious injuries to the woman and no serious injury reported to the small child either. then about 15 minutes later, the suspect called from another location. 43rd avenue and buckeye road, to report that he had been shot. he was then taken to the hospital in stable condition with a gunshot wound to his
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where there are shots fired, they neat to comb through, get all the shell casings. so we'll bring you any information as it comes in. reporting live, marcy jones, fox 10 news. >> marcy, thank you. a passerby spots flames coming from a phoenix mobile home and calls for help. this happened on 29th street south of bell road. when fire fighters got there, the mobile home was fully involved. they sayhe battling flames because the house was boarded up. the flames then spread to a second mobile home. thankfully nobody was hurt by the fire. and the homeownr wasn't there at the time. >> sounds like the owner of the trailer was remodeling it and trying to do it herself. she ran into some financial hard times and wasn't able to finish some projects. and she had it boarded up. >> nobody was injured in the
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investigation tonight. there's a bit of a scare today at the brand-new odyssey aquarium this morning. fire fighters responding to a call at the scottsdale aquarium right around 6:00 this morning about reports of smoke. now, luckily they found that it was just a minor electrical problem there. people waited in long lines for the aquarium's grand opening just yesterday. a man fails to stop at a stop sign and drives right into a canal. this happened late last night near lincoln drive and 76th street. you can see the car is almost completely submerged. the man drove through a pedestrian path, hit a fence, and then careened into the carnl. he was -- canal. he was taken to the hospital with nonlife threaten injuries. a dive team was sent in to take the car out of the water. polic are investigating the incident. they say impairment may have been a factor. it is the last holiday
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>> that's right. but while some are celebrating, police across the state are working this labor day weekend. they're patrolling for drivers who may have celebrated too much. >> danielle miller spent her evening with members of the east valley d.u.i. task force and she joins us live. danielle? >> reporter: mark and linda, a pretty quiet night so far here at this scottsdale command post. about two to three people being processessed. hopefully that's a -- processed. hopefully that's a good sign. and drive with all of the resources like uber and lyft and taxis. it's just -- there's really no excuse. but if you do choose to drink and drive, this holiday weekend, you could end up here. >> i have no problem with people going out and having a good tim and consuming alcoholic beverages. my goal is that they don't get behind vehicles and cause accidents. >> reporter: police along with several other agencies patrolling the valley this labor day weekend, looking specifically for those dredging
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driving. >> most weekends are fairly buzz year, but labor day is an extended weekend with monday being a holiday, it allows people to drink longer and party harder which makes for bad decisions throughout the rest of the weekend. >> reporter: if someone is caught driving impaired, they will be brought to a command post just like this. >> once the person is brought into our facility, they can have a blood test done. they can have a breath test done. we do fingerprinteds, pictures, and -- pictures. >> reporter: this will continue through monday. >> it's halfway through the weekend. the east valley as a hole has 73 d.u.i. arrests. of that i believe 23 or so are extreme and another 20 something are d.u.i. drug-related as well. >> reporter: and d.u.i. saturation patrols will continue until 3:00 this morning. they will ramp back up starting at 5:00 tomorrow night.
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morning. reporting live, dan melz miller -- danielle miller, fox 10 news. >> be careful out there. labor day is tomorrow but a lot of people this year have been just kind of celebrating earlier since friday, i think. >> they're getting a jump on it, probably because the weather has been relatively mild for this time of year. let's go to a lot of people's favorite spot in the city. it's in can'to park. over -- canto park by 15th avenue and thomas. these pictures from earlier. people certainly out enjoying co those at the park say they're ready to celebrated. they don't qhair -- celebrate. they don't care what day it is. >> we're just going to have a very good time having some fun, grill something hot dogs and mexican dishes. >> old memorial ris, just the good times, bad barbecues and the hometown effect. >> ii have to agree. nothing like a good barbecue. and weather, not too bad outside
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bus and light rail, they are changing for those people who are taking public transit on labor day tomorrow. they'll be operating on a sunday schedule. so that means the light rail will be open from 5:00 a.m. to midnight. people around the world celebrating the special mass held at the vatican today as mother teresa becomes saint teresa. hermine is expected to strengthen as it moves north. i'm in i'll have the latest on the storm coming up. some analysts say libertarian gary johnson could be an election spoiler for the state of arizona. but will his presidential run affect hillary clinton or donald trump's bid for the white house? the college football season is off and running with more than a few dramatic finishes. we look at the sun devils and the cats last night. plus, you've been waiting for this since last january. can you believe it? it's final le here.
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the beginning of game week for the arizona cardinals. and who better to talk to than this guy, number 31. the most versatile running back perhaps in all the nfl. talking about david johnson. one-on-one. plus, cards insider mike jurecki previews the 53-man roster, looking ahead to game week. and we've got a special teacher on the issue of concussions with safe football. you heard me right. inside the process of what is
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more complete relief means enjoyment of every beautiful moment. flonase, six is greater than one, changes everything. ? things got heated today after a native americans and environmentalists in north dakota were protesting the dakota access pipeline. they have been using some tactics that some are calling aggressive and violent. they allegedly include assault.
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protestors physically attacked private security when construction of the 3.8 billion-dollar pipeline resumed. hundred of people ended up crossing over the fence and rushed at those construt workers -- construction workers. >> they were able to stop the pipeline by giving them run over the next ridge. but i understand that a few of the warriors had received gas and they come back and they -- they couldn't hardl >> i wasn't expecting the mace. >> they let the dogs loose on a horse and they maced a woman in the face. this close range. that's what started it all. >> protestors left the site after the heavy equipment was removed from the area. and the pipeline is slated to carry a half a million barrels of crude daily. from north dakota to illinois. following donald trump's visit to mexico this week, democrats in mexico city
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weekend barbecue. they say they're discussing voting via absentee ballots. and they say they're also there to encourage other hillary clinton supporters to register to vote. mexico's president is now criticizing the president nominee as a threat to his country. and some new reaction tonight to donald trump's immigration policy and will whether he's shifting his plan to deport more than 11 million illegal immigrants in the country. this has americans don't trust hillary clinton. >> holly -- molly henner berg has more. >> reporter: the trump campaign is still trying to clarify the candidate's position on immigration. republican vice presidential nominee mike pence says undocumented immigrants would be treated, quote, humanly. and said this about how the gop nominee would deal with the millions currently living and working in this country. >> we're going to build a wall. we're going to enforce the laws
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release. we're going to do all of the things that politicians in both parties have been talking about for more than a generation. >> reporter: but one of trump's top supporters insisted the candidate is backing away from mass deportations. >> we find it very, very difficult to throw out a family that's been here for -- you know, 15 years and they have three children, two of whom are citizens and that is not the kind of america he -- he wants. >> reporter: meanwhile, democratic vice presidential nominee tim kaine is trying to move of a private email server during her time as secretary of state. most polls show clinton with huge unfavorability numbers. >> she did make a mistake and she made it by deciding she wanted to use one device rather than multiple devices. she's apologized for that. she said it was a mistake. and she's learned from it. >> reporter: when pressed why clinton has not held a formal press conference this year -- >> there's been one in the last month. >> reporter: kaine was referring to a journalist's event where
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limited and only three preselected reporters were allowed to ask questions. clinton's last formal news conference was on december 4th. in washington, molly henneberg, fox news. staying with politics here, arizona senator jeff flake becomes the target of a couple of donald trump's tweets earlier today. this afternoon trump tweeted, quote, the republican party needs strong and committed leaders, not weak people such as jeff flake. if its immigration. then an hour later trump tweets this. the great state of arizona where i just had a massive rally, amazing people, has a very weak and ineffective senator. jeff flake, sad. end quote on that one. now turns out that on a sunday morning news show today, flake reiterated that he can't support donald trump, given the positions he has taken. and we have that on our fox 10 facebook page if you'd
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we're getting a lot of reaction to that tonight. politicallableists say arizona may have the best chance for a spoiler. that means if hillary clinton carries arizona in november it may be due to a political rival other than donald trump. clinton and democrats have given this man, gary johnson, they have him to thanks. analysts say the libertarian party candidate has his best chance of swaying votes from conservatives who don't want to vote for donald trump. losing arizona would be a huge blow to the gop. the party has carried the state presidential elections and only lost it to bill clinton. mother teresa a catholic nun who grotted her life to ind -- devoted her life to india's poor, has been declared a saint. pope francis had a mass in the vatican today. tens of thousands of pilgrims gathered for the canonization
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italy were bused in to the vatican and given seats of honor for the mass. mother teresa devoted her life to helping the world's most destitute and sick. monday will be the 19th anniversary of mother teresa's death. after mother teresa's canonization mass, pope francis arranged to feed the homeless at the service with the pizza lunch at the vatican. most of the homeless live in shelters run sisters of charity order. the feetas were served to guests -- pizzas were served to gis guests by 250 sisters and priests from the order. all right. you know, it's a sunday night. but a lot of you probably don't have to go to bed too early because you're off for labor day tomorrow. so it's a nice night out there. so maybe go on the patio. we've got your full forecast coming up and we have some changes in the future, coming up. and have you connected with
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you can "like" my facebook page at williams fox 10. i put up today a story that i did when mother teresa visited the valley back in 1989. now, my voice is higher and i wish i put a stand up -- >> so we could see you. >> but i was so excited when she landed at sky harbor. and so this was the story i did on that day in february. you can check it south. it's p also, follow me on twitter at
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nature's own light show... nature's own light show here. this is amazing. the aurora borealis. it could be seen over northern finland this weekend. a photographer captured these pictures from the country triside south of the arctic circle. they're caused by collisions
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particles -- gaseous particles. unbelievable. >> so cool. >> this is on my bucket list. i've got to see some someday. the collisions disrupt the magneto osfear around the north and south poles creating colorful streams in the sky. >> i think you that was -- in a weather alert, turns out hermine is intensifying, you can passing up to 70-mile-per-hour winds. and bringing a lot of rain. kr from ocean city, maryland. >> reporter: storm hermine is crawling north. she slammed into florida last week bringing strong winds and heavy rains. the governor met with emergency personnel sunday to discuss flooding issues for the region. >> we have flooding. if there's anvection, we've got to take this seriously. this is life-threatening. >> reporter: the storm system also drenching dozens of communities in the carolinas. and neighboring virginia late friday night.
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damaged. and in the dark. >> not this bad. i mean, we -- we get tidal flood every now and then on the for easter, about it this -- nor'easter, but this right here, nobody expected this. >> reporter: for those out on the ocean, it is anything but smooth sailing. passengers aboard the royal caribbean's anthem of the seas cruise ship caught a glimpse of the storm's >> the zip ship started swaying. i think it got up to 90-knot winds. >> reporter: governors announcing emergency preparations. tropical warnings remain in effect. >> we're prepared if things wobble west, which we hope it don't. if it kreintosis a hurricane, we'll be -- increases to a hurricane, we'll be ready as well. >> reporter: many beaches along the northeast including this one
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weekend. in ocean city, i'm kristen fisher, fox news. well, it's been a nice weekend for us here in arizona. and really for most of us across the west right now. not a lot going on. and that's a nice thing, especially on a holiday weekend. 92 degrees right now. winds out of the west-southwest at seven miles per hour. and as you can see from our towercam, it's very nice night out there. as we mentioned, we don't have a lot if any moisture in our area or in the forecast for the next few days. you can see we've pressure system over the west that's keeping any sort of moisture out of our state, out of california, out of nevada and utah as well. but we do have something we're keeping an eye on. tropical storm newton off the pacific coast of mexico. so that will be bringing some changes to our forecast. we'll show you that coming up. you can see right now the dew points, they are low. and that's why we're not seeing any moon soon type of activity. any kind of moisture in our area. and no surprise pop-up showers.
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we don't have the dew points where they need to be to fire off any storms. the nice break for us if you have those plans again outside for the holiday. right now, 92 again at disiebz. we're seeing -- sky harbor. we're seeing 80s and 90s in the valley. mesa, 85. scottsdale 90. fountain hills 87. taking a look at the rest of the state, it's weakened where a lot of people head i-17, head up north to go to the mountains. nice temperatures for you up f fl -- up there tonight. winslow 64. sedona 72. lake havasu city pretty pretty warm. 90 degrees. for our record, we had 101 today was the high. and that is a little bit below the normal, by a couple of degrees. the vord was 112 set back in 1945. today the overnight low was 76 degrees. and again, just a little bit off the normal.
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below o. so that's kind of nice. you see a lot of activity across the country. we have a lot of storm activity down in the gulf region. it is moving on out tonight. but it did bring quite a bit of rain, especially into the panhandle of texas and the houston area in galveston as well. and then also through florida. they got quite a bit of rain from this storm system. but as we look into the current time, it has moved off into the atlantic and there's still a little bit of activity up in the northeast. but again, things seem to be tapering off for them. here's what we've got for o really nice temperatures. we're looking in the 70s for us here in phoenix and most of the valley. even into the 60s as well. so things are cooling off pretty nicely. for tomorrow, here's what you've got going on. 99 for you in phoenix. 82 in prescott. 89 in kingman. 72 in flagstaff. 89 in winslow and 94 in globe. here's what we've got going on tonight. nice night overnight. look at the clear skies. warming up a bit tomorrow. we're going to stay under 100
12:27 am
days, according to our computer modeling. looking pretty nice. we've got tropical storm newton. that's going to be bringing in that moisture up from mexico. wednesday and thursday. it's a good chances of storms from that. so about a 20% chance that we could be seeing that. >> such an interesting name, newton. when we were talking about it in the newsroom, i said newton, what kind of storm name is that. >> sounds very sophisticated. >> it sounds like newton will drop his drops very specifically. >> got a ph.d in obstruction >> i will say so -- tropical stormology. >> i will say so. >> it will on its way. i think this is cool. it's a giant panda at the zoo in atlanta delivering a delightful bundle of joy. twins. can you believe it? this is what pandas start out looking like. these little pink kind of almost translucent type creatures. >> and so small. >> i know! 19-year-old lun lun delivering the cubs yesterday. this is her second set of twins.
12:28 am
y.e. yang have seven babies together. all the artificial insemination. zookeepers expect guests to see them next year. they'll be black and white and furry and cute. they say you can't judge a book by its cover. i've a -- i've heard that. >> apparently that saying was more true than you can i the idea is that you take one book and you leave another in the library for people to read. and i've seen these actually popping up more and more of them are showing up around tempe thanks to the city council. they put a neighborhood library rebate program in. that gives you 300 bucks to offset the cost of building and putting in this library. >> what a great idea. >> people love the ability to come by and grab a good book to read. and you usually only read it once. >> right.
12:29 am
here and i -- during these long hot summer days, i've chose an few and taken them inside and read them myself. >> there's a whole lot of research that says when you create that kind of community, you get people that live longer, that live happier, that are better neighbors, there's less crime because they know the people that are around them. >> and -- >> he' right. he's absolutely right. >> and for people like me who kind of have a short attention span and have trouble setting down with a book, if you could throw you a few magazines, i would appreciate it. >> would you like t certain topic of the magazine? >> you know, it could be anything. in tempe they've given that rebate. so go ahead and check that out. >> brilliant idea. i love it. coming up, we are growing to be talking about -- we are going to be talking about earthquake damage. this is left behind in the midwest. we'll tell you where. also ahead, how one group has come up with a unique way to help arizona veterans. >> but first, we have a challenge and a fund-raiser.
12:30 am
and women who -- servicemen and -women who made the ultimate sacrifice on 9/11. >> if you'd like to contact me on social media, you can find me on facebook.
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next sunday will mark the 15th anniversary of next sunday marks the 15th anniversary of the september 11th attacks. the 100 club of arizona is
12:33 am
and military servicemen and -women for a huge fund-raiser. all while remembering the victimsch those attacks. -- victims of those attacks. ty brennan has more. >> reporter: they are images there are hard to forget and hard to look at. the september 11th attacks forever changed the lives of americans. in remembrance of the thousands that were killed on 9/11, the 100 club of arizona will be holding a stair climb in three cities. tempe, flagstaff, and tucson on friday. as a fund-raiser for the foundation as well tillman foundation. participants will climb 2 -- 2,017 steps. >> it's such a challenge for individuals to deal with loss and the grieving and i think it's important as a culture that we recognize the significance of this event and continue to pay it forward and respect those that are currently still serving. so our law enforcement, our fire fighter, our military nationwide, it's important. >> reporter: phoenix police officer the stair climb is personal. he was working as an nypd
12:34 am
>> it means a lot to me. one, because i did lose some friends down there. as i was working with nypd at the time. and then just all the heroes and i don't want to just single out the first responders because primarily that is our job. you know, there's emergency, we respond to it. but more so the heroes and other people that chose to help others and sacrifice their lives when they didn't have to. >> reporter: ty brennan, fox 10 news. >> for information we've it at fox follow-up as police in phoenix continue investigating after a body is found in the rubble of an apartment fire. happened early yesterday morning. the fire happened near 43rd avenue and thunderbird. an autopsy is set to be conducted on the body to confirm an identity as well as an official cause of death. investigators are trying to piece together how the man died. fire officials are trying to
12:35 am
blaze. a fallen officer is honored before the asu football team faced nau last night. the family of fallen phoenix police officer david glasser took photos with players and coaches on the field before the game started. and you can see the family here taking photos with the sun devils head coach todd graham. glasser was an asu grad and was shot and killed back in may while responding to a god in levine. a local group is helping veterans not just this labor day weekend but all year by furnishing their homes. fox 10's courtney griffin has that story. >> reporter: for the last seven years, barbara has dedicated her time to helping veterans furnish their new homes. all for free. >> the most veterans come in with nothing more than the clothes on their back. they need everything. soy it's been our goal to give them a bed to sleep in, a dining room table to sit down and eat a meal, to help them get a fresh start. >> reporter: it's a quick
12:36 am
>> we have a veteran come in with new lease, dated within the last 30 days, proof of military service, coming from homelessness, so it's usually through a referral, through the v.a. >> reporter: then the veterans fill out the storms and write down the items they need and their furniture wishes are granted. >> there's no veteran that should be going without, none. they sacrifice too much for our country. they should not have to go without now. >> reporter: she says the program united for change could not go on without public who donate their old furniture. but they are in need of more money to keep the warehouse open. >> the biggest need is money to be able to buy the things that we don't get in in donations. >> reporter: she says dropping off furniture to a veteran and helping make their house a home are the best parts of her day. >> tears. a lot of them cry. they're very grateful. >> this is vets helping vets. it's what we're supposed to do.
12:37 am
homeless and veteran are never used in the same sentence. courtney griffin, fox 10 news. >> you can call to have the organization pick up your old furniture on any tuesday, wednesday, or thursday. we have more information at still ahead, a dangerous day at sea for some scouts exploring the san francisco bay. we'll have that story coming up. plus, we hear from the first person police looked at when trying to s kidnapping of this 11-year-old
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hey phoenix, it's thunder dan majerle head coach at grand canyon university. coming to gcu was a great move for me. join antelope nation by enrolling as an evening student at our beautiful campus in the heart of phoenix. earn you bachelor's, masters or doctoral degree to take your career to the next level.
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scholarships available. see you on campus! go lopes! find your purpose at grand canyon university. continue cleaning up after a visit five people are still cleaning up after a 5.6 earthquake hits oklahoma over the weekend. this is a surprise to a lot of people in oklahoma city. they were shaken up by saturday's strong quake. it left behind severe damage to a lot of h one woman says she has lived in that state for nearly 47 years. she's never experienced anything like saturday's tembler. >> it scared me. and my daughter. and i'm still shaking. >> one man was hurt by bricks that were falling. they fell on his head as he was trying to protect his child. several buildings in the downtown area as you can see also suffering damage.
12:41 am
deaths have been reported. parents of the toddler who was killed by an alligator at walt disney world in florida spoke at a gathering to remember their son lane graves. the event was held on what would have been lane's third birthday. last june who could forget this horrific story of the alligator pulling this little boy into a lagoon at disney's grand floridian resort. melissa and matt graves say they event to celebratet of this- birthday in heaven. after the couple spoke, the crowd released blue balloons. police plan to release more ?information this week on the discovery of the remains of jacob wetterling. jacob was just 11 years old when he was kidnapped in october of 1989, near his minnesota home. investigators confirmed yesterday his remains have been found. they named 53-year-old danny
12:42 am
now, dan who was the first person of interest in wetterling's disappearance is expressing sympathy for the family. >> i just feel for the wether ling family -- wetterling family and all the kids that knew jacob. and it's a very sad miracle. if it really has closure, if that's possible. >> no one has been arrested or charged in this case. however, it was heinrich who l field last week. however, he says he did not do it. a frightening rescue at sea involving more than a dozen boy scouts. at least 15 boys and one adult have been rescued from the san francisco bay by the u.s. coast guard after their boat capsized. the boys were out at sea as part of the sea scouts program along with an adult. they all escaped serious injury except for a few minor cuts and breezes. and they were all -- bruises and they were all wearing life
12:43 am
a valley high school soccer team takes time off the field to help some sick kids. we'll show you how. and some members at a california comic-con trying to take comics books to a new level by add something diversity. we'll explain.
12:44 am
in 1803, a man bought the territory of louisiana for 42 cents an acre. that was the greatest deal ever. until i made this one. now you can get my jumbo breakfast platter for just $2.99. scrambled eggs, eight mini pancakes, a hash brown, and your choice of bacon or sausage. it's the greatest deal since the louisiana purchase. sort of. the jumbo breakfast platter just $2.99 for a limited time.
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a local high school girls soccer a local high school girl's soccer team needs your help in trying to send teddy bears to sick children. the lady blackhawks team from williams field high school have been donating bears for three years now. they've handpicked 230 bears so far.
12:47 am
for by the players themselves. this is an an awesome thing they do. the players say it feels good. >> can't really describe the feeling of when you see like the kids' face like light and up you give them the bears and it makes you feel so warm inside. >> the team is looking to give 400 bears within their four years. they've set all gofundme accounted which you can find at well, for comic book lovers, this was nirvana, heave earth. >> comic-con festival in san francisco offering up an array of comic books from common to ones that are very rare and some characters that are featured in the beloved publications. >> fox's lee martinez takes a look. >> reporter: there's a big difference between rare comic books and the most expensive comic books. >> it could be the rarest. it might have been the one next to it. it's just one i've not seen ever before and i might not ever see it again.
12:48 am
depend on age and popularity and on the qualitied. ranking on a 10-point scale. >> i've never had a 10. i've had a 9.9 once. >> reporter: terry o'neil started collecting at 12 years old. >> rare ones you kind of got to work. but advertisings out. you know people, you ma i can phone calls. -- you make phone calls. it's an art. it's not -- you can't learn it in school. >> reporter: the most expensive comic in his collection is the first edition of daredevil, at $40,000. o'neil and dozens of other vendors are willing to part with their comic b the price is right. and these fans came to san francisco comic-con with lots of cash. the three-day convention draws out the biggest fans and the best character costumes. >> i made it completely all handmade. all this. >> how long did it take you? >> it took me maybe a month, month and a half. >> reporter: san francisco's convention is focused on the arts. there are the fans who came for the classic finds but others are also training to make their mark
12:49 am
>> we speak about body image and diversity in comics and play. >> reporter: chunky girl comics is part of this year's panel discussion on diversity and ending sexism in comic books. >> we expose people of color and we really push that out there, too. special needs children, people of color, people who are of different body shapes and styles. we really need that right now. and right now is the time for it. >> reporter: san francisco's comic-con runs through sunday night. in san francisco, fox >> what a weekend for college football. and what a weekend for the arizona diamondbacks. out to prove that they can at the very least finish the final month of the season on an upward trend. also baseball in colorado. plus, notre dame/texas. worth seeing the big plays again. and we'll tell you what's on tap
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(jude)this is the well, this is the beginning of game week. you got it. for the arizona cardinals, countdown to sunday night versus the patriots. head coach bruce arians singling out the leaders for this year's team as the team decides on captains over the weekend. >> i will go to the deadline. i will announce the captains for this year.
12:53 am
fitzgerald on offense. pat peterson, tye matthew on defense. chandler and justin bethel on special teams. >> we'll count it down. stay with us throughout the week. packed houses the texas longhorns against notre dame. sean buschel, the first true freshman quarterback to start since 1944 and was he on fire or what. drops it right in. touchdown. this was some kind of game. some kind of openingee college football. great finish after great finish. buschel was fabulous. watch him find herd going deep this. guy has a nice long ball. 68 yards. it's 21-14 texas at the half. buschel did it all. a little play fake. watch him hurl this one to john burke. 72 yards. and it's 28-14 texas! everybody kind of counting texas out already, saying they can't
12:54 am
or can they? kaiser rolls out of the pocket. makes a throw here to tory hunter, jr. that tory hunter, jr. kaiser rallies the irish. nice toss here. lays it right in there. josh adams touchdown pass. this was a barnburner. old fashioned barn burner. look -- barnburner. look at this run. texas roars back. now, i i want you to keep an eye on the extra point. te it's blocked and sean crawford picks it up. and you can return it and he does just that. they're down two and they pick up two in the -- and the game is tied at 37-37. to overtime. o. tam, wow! drama, excitement, tension. and then it's tyrone swoops. unbelievable. part tim tebow, part earl
12:55 am
overtime, 50-47. how about that finish! are you kidding me. how about the arizona diamondbacks. there's ash which i bradley. he's come on. -- archie bradley. he's come on. lemay gets to him here. drives in tapia. and the game is tied at 1-1. tony walters, he gets to archie bradley here. colorado team skill thinking about a shot at postseason. brandon drew drury scores on this hit. 2-1. you look at this d-backs team. they want to prove they can get this done. this final month of the season. that's a three-run homer. bradley strong today. six innings, six hits. six strowctsz and they got -- strikeouts and they got some help. scores owings and lamming. d-backs take two of three from
12:56 am
labor day, you know what that means. let's go racing. down in south carolina, got the 43 car and the 15 car racked up here. going at it. martin truax, jr., he's had a breakthrough year. remember he conthe coca-cola 600. trying to win the southern 500. and what a year. his biggest win of his career. it's going to be martin truax. kevin harvik let most of this race, but truax taking the checkered flag. he's your winner. there's a lot going on tonight. get the jump on game week. sour cards insider mike jurecki looks at the 53-man roster, ahead to the start of the season, plus our special guest running back david johnson. he's all smiles looking ahead to this season. plus we're going to look at safe football. is there a safer way? should a better way to play the game of football? scott peters shows you what's going on right now with high school football in the phoenix
12:57 am
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police say a man tries to run over a woman and a child with his car. another man with a gun then


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