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tv   FOX 10 News 530pm  FOX  September 9, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MST

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>> reporter: he was arrested a couple days ago after police say he was caught climbing into the bed of an a.s.u. student. tonight, students say they are shocked and concerned about security measures and they are wondering how a homeless theft suspect was able to get passed secured doors and into someone's dorm. >> that is surprising. one of my favorite things about barrett is it is an enclosed commit after learning about the trespasser who made its way into a barrett honors college dorm room. the community is gated and the key card is required to get passed the gate and into the dorms. >> occasionally, the gates are open or if you say you're a student, they will let you in. >> reporter: he convinced a student employee that he longed
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building. king found an unlocked door and climbed into bed with her and asked to have sex with her. she called police. when a.s.u. police took him into custody, he had the jewelry that he stole from drake's tour bus. how does that happen? >> we have lots of and going and it is a community environment. >> reporter: students say it is not uncommon for residents to leave their doors unlocked because many feel safe in their community. >> it is equal problem in anolte and a lot of the students that go here are smart and that trust in the system, that intelligence betrayed them in thinking it was
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all of the time. >> reporter: police say king did admit to smoking p.c.p. and marijuana before he was arrested. police arrested him for trespassing and he is facing robbery charges in connection to the drake jewelry heist, which happened in downtown phoenix. reporting live, i'm nicole garcia, fox 10 news. arizona state officials say the sandra day o'connor college of law had its biggest class ever with 400 students enrolled. doctor candidates and the rest are in various master programs. the degrees come from a wide range including premed, international study and environmental science. the students come from 97 undergraduate schools. the law school has an 85% passage rate for the state bar,
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national average of 73%. a new unit of drones could be headed to the air force base as they are a finalist to get the drone pilots. southern arizona base is one of the final five possible locations for the new unit. this announcement comes as the pentagon prepares to retire the ground two attack jet in 2022. the other air force bases in contention are in carolina, idaho, and nebraska. >> as the nation prefires mark mark -- prepares to mark the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, people are hoping to heal the pain. >> reporter: as dawn broke on this sunny september friday morning, volunteers gathered at tempe town lake park.
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it made our country more unified in a way that all americans felt together. >> reporter: young and old. >> tons of people died and we're representing them for 9/11. >> i was getting off of the school bus and i remember everyone saying go straight home. >> reporter: the a.s.u. basketball team was there alongside a.s.u. cadet as they placed americn flags in the ground. the greatest symbol of patriotism pride and in this case, tragedy. >> it means a lot. i can sacrifice myself because they sacrificed. >> reporter: the healing field is one of the longest consecutive running 2001 contribute events where one american flag is flown for every american that died. the exchange club of tempe
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>> it was a time where the whole country came together. it does not matter where you were from, we were all oneamerica. >> my brothers are law enforcement, my family is from new york. i knew people in the towers. >> reporter: those who don't have a story or a memory, will learn the lesson of what happened 15 years ago walking among the flags. >> the event will take place at the sunday. if you want to know more, we have a link on our website, click on seen on tv. >> they lived through the september 11 attacks and they will live through it for tourists. hundreds of survivors from the attacks are serving as volunteer tour guides at the rebuilt world trade center in new york. one guide is one woman who walked down 82 flights of stairs
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later collapsed. they trained victims family members, first responders, and other residents who lived through that day. some say recounting what happened that day has helped with their emotional recovery. animal care and control are doing something different with the thanks of the public. >> they have changed the policy of it putting the animals on the kill list. >> after the hold period ended but concerned citizens stepped up. they requests that the shelter extend the time the animal can stay there. they are holding 550 dogs. they are beyond full. also, cats as well. this is the west valley center and now they need to get this overwhelming number of dogs and cats out.
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under dog can win and win a pet calendar competition. this is arrows. he is a 1-year-old siberian husky from surprise. arrows had both back paws amputated when he was 10 months old. he uses a dog wheelchair that lets him play with other dogs. the winning photo will grace the calendar's january page. more than 3,500 employees at wells fargo were fired. which airlines are banning which devices because they are exploding in the air. how these parents ended up unconscious, drug overdose while
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"it's halloween time my frightful fiends, and disneyland is ours!"
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(screams) halloween time at the disneyland resort means there's wicked fun in both parks... and make sure to see the twilight zone tower of terror before it's final check out. "trick or treat." police officers in ohio
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showing how bad the opioid epidemic is becoming in the u.s. we want to warn you that the photos are graphic and disturbing but the message has been resinating with people across the country. the liverpool police department posted these pictures on their& facebook page showing parents passed out in a car with their child alert wondering what is going on in the back seat. the two overdosed on hoi to a local hospital. they did survive and they are facing several charges. they practically ran over kids at a bus stop. the little boy was taken away from the parents. littlepool police posted this message that read until part, we feel it necessary to show the other side of this horrible drug. we need to feel the need to be
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get caught up in the horrible mess. we are well aware that some may be offended by these images and for that we are truly sorry. it is time for the non-using public sees what we need to see on a daily basis. >> we posted these on our facbook page. 700 people are commenting. serena says i see it every crystal and heroin are killing and making people walking zombies.. no matter where that child is sent, his poor little heart will long for his parents regardless they are drug addicts. carrie says i hope he finds a family that will protect them.
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call. take it and get sober. we would love to hear your thoughts. we would love for you to post your thoughts on our facebook page, in tonight's business watch, 5,300 wells fargo employees fired for secretly using customers' information and illegally opening two million fake accounts. they took customers' real bank account and put it into fake ones to boost it into false ones. people had no idea the money was gone and they were overdrawn and slapped with bank fees. if you own a samsung galaxy note 7 don't take it to the airport. the f.a.a. advising passengers not to use it or charge it on a
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stow it in your checked bags. there are concerns that the note 7 batteries could explode or check fire. a burrito delivery drone. chipotle teaming up with google parent alphabet to deliver with drones on the campus of virginia tech. it is part of a group that was chosen by the f.a.a. to test food delivery. at the session, the dow closed down 390 points. this was one of the worst days on the dow that we've seen in many months. nasdaq fell and s&p down 53. worries about interest rates climbing again as the fed is talking about raising them and the uncertainty with north korea fed into the market worries today. coming up, a man who thought he was going to be paralyzed for
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mobility from a new treatment. the greatest female athlete of all time was beaten by a number 10 seed. more about the play who dethroned the queen. >> reporter: serena williams is the greatest. what an upset. how about this guy? what a story david johnson is for the cardinals. he is no longer a rookie. now, he is the main man.
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a recently paralyzed man a recently paralyzed man regains the use of his arms and hands and it is thanks to an experimental treatment made by stem cells. doctors in california took part in the treatment. the treatment was injected into the damaged cervical spine of a patient. christopher was involved in a crash. he was fishtailing and slammed into a telephone pole. there was a pretty good chance he would be paralyzed for life but this treatment helped him regain his mobilities. fallout continues for megan ropono knelt as a protest for
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national anthem in the locker room. she said she was saddened by the change and called the team manager homophobic. as for an air force veteran, he said he did none away to subject the fans and friends of the team to her disrespect. this was a tough loss for serena williams. for the second straight year, she lost in the semifinals. she fell to the 10th the czech republic. it will prevent her from losing her seventh championship and 23rd overall. >> reporter: this is it, boys and girls. opening weekend in the national football league and the cardinals start the season at home as they host the patriots. no tom brady for the pats. the cardinals are all systems
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to have a big year. johnson is the starter and why not, he was amazing as a rookie last year. the third-round pick out of northern iowa has a nose for the end zone. johnson scored a touchdown the first three times he touched the football. he started as a third stringer last year and now he is the main man. >> a year made a try difference. i'm way more comfortable with the team and i feel like the coach can put more on my plate where i can help out with the team. >> reporter: get this, patriots tight end ron gronkowski is out. he did not make the trip to arizona. adjust your fantasy football lineup. gronkowski, without question, the best tight end out there.
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patriots. it could be a good day for the cardinals' defense. chandler jones would love to have a big game. jones now with the cardinals. we have you covered. highlights and locker room reaction here on fox 10. plus, live reports after the game on fox 10. it goes down on sunday. speaking of sunday, we have a great fox nfl game for you. don't party too hard on saturday. yoha sunday, 9:00 a.m. to be exact. the packers taking on the jags. cowboys and giants always a good game. more on the cardinals. we break down the big game. how the patriots are going to be short handed big time. no brady or gronk. more on that coming up at 6:00. >> that kind of helps the cardinals, doesn't it, richard? no gronk helps the cardinals.
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putting on a show for free. where students are getting a front-row seat. could celine dion be the entertainment at the half time, what do you think about that, john? >> i don't know about that. >> what the canadian diva had to say. introducing longhorn's great american steak dinner for $12.99. perfectly seasoned sirloin with your choice of side. plus an appetizer or a dessert. only at longhorn steakhouse.
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i'm surprised my daughter didn't hit me up for tickets for this. tonight, she is performing at a.s.u. tickets for free for students. the show is at wells fargo arena. doors open in about an hour. ? tomorrow night, australian boy band summer are in town performing at the ak-chin pavilion in phoenix. they range in ticket prices from $30 to $5,000. ? she is a great talent. celine dion is offering to hit
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>> can she sing "american the beautiful," the national anthem, that is fine. >> the half time show, i don't know. >> i have seen her life and she is really good. >> "tmz" talked to her about filling the void for the nfl and she seemed delighted by the idea. there is a hash tag trending. >> that would be different. ready for his broadway debut. he is joining a star-studded cast in a new revival of arthur miller's "the price." it follows the reunion of two estranged brothers who were brought together by their father's death to settle their affairs. the play hits broadway in
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live with new reaction from pet owners as the judge orders the pet owners to serve jail time over the deaths of more than 20 dogs. the news continues in 20 minutes.
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>> i'm sorry all of these gorgeous dogs died. >> these people are truly some of the unpleasant individuals that i ever encountered in my life. they didn't need to die. >> tearful testimony from dog owners as the judge handed down
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sight, the tail section of the plane sticking up from the back end of the home as the plane crashes in wickenburg. the showdown after a judge halts the pipeline project. how the feds are getting involved. an educational group is asking for the public's help after burglars break in and take off with first tonight at 6:00, the owners of a pet boarding facility where two dozen dogs die of heat exhaustion are going to jail today. a judge handed down punishment to jesse and malesia hughes. new reaction from pet owners. andrew? >> reporter: kari, this is the day the pet owners have been


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