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tv   FOX 10 News 9pm  FOX  September 11, 2016 12:00am-1:00am MST

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the feds may have pushed the pause button on the dakota pipeline but they couldn't push pause on the protests. like this one taking place in the valley today. >> nearly 200 fugitives rounded up today thanks to a two month operation to weed out gang activity. >> runners pounding the paven of one of the heroes in the september 11th attacks. we start tonight with a news alert. you are looking at a live shot from a sun city neighborhood near west rh johnson boulevard and granite valley drive this is where police say earlier they discovered two bodies. according to neighbors, the man who lived in the home lost his
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grieving. police have not identified the bodies nor have they released the cause of death in all of this. the investigators are calling the deaths suspicious. we are following this story and we will bring you the latest on "fox 5 news" at 10:00. and tonight our other big story, thousands of protesters are making their voices heard. they say that they are making progress against the construction of the 2,000 mile long pipeline in north dakota. stepping in yesterday allowing the project to be temporarily paused while officials reconsider the approval process. the decision came after a federal judge denied the protesters the right to block construction. >> let's get to the latest on this with marissa mitchell. she has the latest from phoenix today. >> that's right. hundreds of people came together here in phoenix to show their support. and even though they say this is a step in the right direction, protesters say their work is far
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>> hundreds of valley residents gathered today to show support for the standing rock sioux tribe in solidarity against the dakota access pipeline. members of the rose bud sioux tribe say now that thousands of protesters have the world's attentin, it's time to be hearder i think a lot of times as indian people we don't feel like our issues become very mainstream. a lot of people don't find out about them but because of social media, people are finally >> the environmental racism was used a lot to describe the feeling many have of what's happening in north dakota. something tribe members say they are familiar with. >> it's not just about the water. it's everything. our land, our tradition, our culture, everything is being taken away. i mean it goes back down to the 1800s. what we were taught. >> steven of rose bud sioux tribe say this issue is bigger than race because in the end, an unforeseen error could affect us all.
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80% water. and as well as natives. everybody. we need water. if that pipeline when it breaks underneath the missouri river, it will infect the river. it will cause birth defects. it will cause death, it will cause nobody to have any clean water to drink. >> yesterday a federal judge denied the tribe to block the construction. however, the department of justice stepped in to halt construction while officials rethink the next and this is progress but not the finish line. >> it's a step forward, but it's not the end. there is still a long way to go. we have to make sure that we don't stop until we stop this pipeline. >> justice department also announcing steps to protect for now a lake along the construction route. reporting live, marissa mitchell, "fox 5 news."
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crews in a maryvale neighborhood today. there was a concern over a mercury spill. the two men found a bag filled with the liquid metal in an alley. they say they were there volunteering to help clean up a neighborhood when they spotted it. so one of the guys dumped the mercury on the floor and some of it splashed on their pants. officials checked both men for mercury and said there wasn't a significant amount on them. >> i picked it up and i'm it's splashing everywhere and i pour it so i could see what this is because i'm thinking it's just glistening off of the water. no it was definitely mercury. >> the man who had mercury splashed on his pants is going to be okay. fire officials say to call the fire department if you have mercury to dispose of. well, people on social media certainly having a fun with this one crash today. it involved a traffic backup.
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this morning near buckeye road. they were nearly 100 rolls of toilet paper that were littering the roadway after this crash. it was near the i-10 and i-17 transition ramp. so of course social media just exploded with this. fox 5's facebook page someone wrote, charmin way to start the day. and many other jokes. that was the cleanest one i can mention. the roads were cleared up in no time and hurt in the accident. >> today in phoenix runners honoring a firefighter who sacrificed his life to save people from the rubble on 9-11. that run started at 8:46 this morning at wesley bowlen memorial park in phoenix. that was the time at the attacks. those in the run followed firefighter steven stiller's route, he sacrificed his life. the organization's website says steven had just finished his
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attacks, he turned around and grabbed his gear to help the others. >> there was a blood drive held today at tempe beach park honoring the victims of the 9-11 attacks. that's where the memorial is set up. close to 3,000 flags set up in the park friday to commemorate those lives lost in the attacks. each flag is the name of a person who died and some information about their lives. that memorial is closed now but you can check it out tomorrow. closes tomorrow night at 8:00 p.m. me with new car seats today and it was all part of the united way's day of action. >> volunteers helping people by donating, testing and putting those car seats into people's cars today. parents from jb sutton elementary school got a call about the offer. the principal wants to help those who may not be able to afford a car seat. >> as a parent myself, four amazing kiddos, i know it's actually very tricky to install
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expensive. >> it's awesome because sometimes we don't have the resources to buy a car seat and this is just great for people that need it. >> volunteers from triple-a and united way help put those car seats into the parents cars. you can certainly call it a horrifying three hours. can you imagine? that's how long the driver of this suv dangled off a parking garage before crews could get to him. we will have that story ahead. >> and this is an incredible story. we are hearing from a buckeye man who survived after being hit by lightning and the man who helped save him. hillary clinton is taking aim at donald trump's supporters calling them sexist and racist. i'm kristen fisher and i will have the latest from the campaign trail coming up. we checking in on the cardinals. the big day and big game tomorrow. we hear from the guy look doing replace tom brady jimmy garoppolo and the sun devils in a shootout with texas tech.
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hospital. this is more than 35 years after that shooting. last july a federal judge ruled that 61-year-old hinkley is not a danger to himself or the public and can live full time at his mother's home in williamsburg, virginia. hinkley will have to abide by a number of restrictions as well as a work requirement and he will return to the mental hospital once a month for evaluation. hillary clinton is walking tonight. >> this after sparking a campaign trail fire storm when she took aim at donald trump's supporters calling many of them racist and sexist. fox news reporter kristen fisher has the latest. >> a fresh war of words on the campaign trail with hillary clinton taking aim at supporters of rival donald trump. >> you can put half of trump's supporters into what i call the basket of deplorables.
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>> the comments coming friday night at a new york fundraiser but saturday afternoon clinton released a statement saying i was grossly generallistic. i regress saying half. that was wrong. meanwhile online donald trump pouncing calling clinton so insulting to his supporters who he calls millions of amazing hard working people. trump also predicting the comments will cost clinton at the polls. the mike pence also weighing in during a saturday afternoon speech in washington. >> the men and women who support working americans. they are not a basket of anything. they are americans and they deserve your respect. >> meantime donald trump was in st. louis today speaking at the funeral of conservative activist. but he also making headlines after attacking clinton's mental health. at a rally on friday. >> personally, i think she is an unstable person. >> this is the clinton campaign is out with a new ad featuring republicans including south carolina senator lindsay graham
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mitt romney. >> he is a rate baiting, xenophobic religious bigot. >> a phony a fraud. >> the clinton campaign shows the gop leaders agree that trump is unfit to be president. trump is responding that it's sad that republicans would allow themselves to be used in a clinton ad in washington, kristen fisher, fox news. greta zimmer friedman the woman in a nurse's uniform kissed by an ecstatic sailor in times square has died. she was 92 years old. friedman was 21 years old when she was kissed by the sailor in 1945 and a "life" magazine photographer captured that moment. it became one of 9 most famous photographs of the 20th century. health may -- help may be on wait for students in illinois caught in the collapse of itt tech. illinois students who are in
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loans be discharged under the closed school discharge program. the program allows students to transfer their credits to local community colleges or give up their credits completely and have their debt forgiven. the department of education will reach out to each individual student at itt tech. they each will get counseling and get some advice on what is best for them. >> now again this program is only inll itt tech abruptly shut its doors across the country earlier this week after the federal government banned the school from accepting students with federal aid. we hope you are enjoying your saturday night. today was a sunny one and expecting that to continue through the weekend but we have changes coming up as we make our
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well, take a look at this lightning caught on camera in texas. the houston area town of humboldt texas and see this video. catching several dramatic lightning strikes near a gas station. heavy rain and cloud-to-ground lightning all around houston area today. and more is expected tomorrow. today a valley man met for the first time with a man who was credited with saving his life. the while riding his horse near buckeye in april. fox 5's daniel miller joins us live with more on that emotional meeting. >> yeah, this man spent four and a half months in the hospital after being struck by the lightning. he was finally released and also got to meet with the man that his family calls their guardian angel. >> words can't explain that, you know? >> it's been a long and emotional four and a half months
12:19 am
released from the hospital, he is meeting the man is that credited with saving his life. >> i wanted to meet this man. i wanted to meet him and i wanted to be -- with my family. and for me to finally sit in one place with him and with my family. i don't know, i can't explain that. >> robert bieber performed cpr on santana after he was struck by lightning while rin horse in buckeye. bieber says his skills from being a volunteer firefighter for 18 years kicked in quick without those skills, santana might not be here today. >> like every time, the rush would hit and adrenaline and knew what had to be done. more than likely not because ever the time frame for the fire department to get there but if we hadn't seen him we wouldn't have gotten ahold of 911 as soon as we did. >> santana says the whole process has been bitter sweet but in a way he is thankful it
12:20 am
traumatic incident, he and his father now have a relationship. his entire family is closer and he will become a better person. the gift of a second chance thanks to robert. >> for me to get better. be better at home. be better with my family. be better with everybody. you know what i mean? it's because the -- the way they say it's perfect, you don't know what you have until it's really -- until it's >> my family thank you for coming for me and coming from my heart, i want to thank you. >> and santana says it will take about a year for him to fully recover but him and his family are definitely hoping that's a much sooner time and he also says that he is actually excited to get back on a horse. reporting live, dan dan, "fox 5 news." an amazing story that shows you dangerous the lightning can be when we get those storms
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luckily for us we don't have anything like that in our forecast and we have a nice night out there 99 degrees and winds light winds out of the northwest at five miles per hour and it's a really nice looking night as we look over the valley with our tower cam over south mountain looking over downtown phoenix. right now we don't have a lot going on as far as a lot of active weather in our state. in fact as you can see most of the southwest not much going on, a few scattered showers off the coast of california moving into san francisco. and then for us we had a few showers as well today but forecast. there is a low pressure system off california right now and what that is going to do is draw up some moisture, monsoon moisture and bring that into eastern and central arizona in the next few days where probably going to see a chance of isolated storms monday, about a 20% chance. 10% chance for you tomorrow but not expecting that would be really in the valley proper that will be mostly in the southern part of the state and possibly up in the northern areas as well as you can see. we had some action there today but that's moved on out.
12:22 am
ten day forecast. we will take a look at our dew points and you can see they are up there but not terribly high where we see a lot of monsoon activity. down in the southern part of arizona we have the dew point temps in the 50s and that could trigger some activity down there for them. that's what we saw on that radar a few minutes ago but most of that has moved its way on through. right now taking a look at temps in the valley. mostly 80s and 90s. actually all 80s and 90s right now. we had 102 in glendale but that we are expecting there under 100 degrees right now as well. for the rest of the state, pretty nice up north. 58 in flagstaff. 81 in page. 63 in window rock. and 99 for us right now here in phoenix and 89 down in gila bend. for today we were 104 degrees. two degrees above our normal. the record was set back in 18990 -- 1990 at 111 degrees. overnight will be warmer than
12:23 am
make our way into tomorrow. for the rest of the country, again, out here not much to speak of, but different story as you make your way through really the mid west and then the southern states. we have this line of storms pushing its way on through and a lot of folks affected. it's going to make its way over to the east coast as well into tomorrow. so it could be a wet weekend for most of the people in the eastern part of the country. and take a look at that storm system really just going from north to south as it makes its way east across the country there. so we will kp possible flooding conditions going on there as well. tomorrow we should have a better idea what kind of damage that may have left behind. for us tonight 84 in phoenix. 49 in flagstaff. 68 in page. 55 in show low and 65 for you in globe. here is a look at what we have going on for tomorrow. it's a warm one but not too bad. 101 for news phoenix. 105 in gila bend and 87 in winslow. here is what we got going on. 80 degrees. nice clear night.
12:24 am
we got those possible chance of showers. isolated showers and mainly for monday, but possibly a few pop-up tomorrow as well. doesn't look like it will be anything that will be a soaker. so just keep that in mind and ten day forecast looks nice. we aren't expecting anything over 100 passed sunday. >> so you said no soaker? >> we aren't predicting a soaker. >> how about a super soaker? >> not going to be backed into a corner. >> i know. kidding. you heard it here first a soaker. i'm kidding. that's a toy, actually. >> you can go buy one and then it will be for sure that's what you can experience. thanks, marc. >> some say that art is timeless, but this piece certainly is isn't the case a design team built this ten ton ice cube for an art design festival. they used 64 blocks to create the cube. each block weighs 300 pounds.
12:25 am
ice to create an ice cube. >> that's like little rubik's cube pieces. i think. >> like a rubik's cube. the creators were told to work with the theme of design change. they say that their ice cube resembles the natural watersicle. this is part of the seattle design festival which opened today and runs through september 23rd. well, sculptures are being sent to a popular vacation spot in mexico. >> these sculptures are in cancun. >> the underwater museum is the largest of its kind. it has more than 500 sculptures down there the pieces are placed in an area. the meso american reefs near cancun is the second largest reef in the world. peace in syria? still ahead, the deal cut with the help of russia and the u.s.
12:26 am
fugitives in the valley are no longer on the run from the law. we will have more on this morning's roundup. and we will bring you the
12:27 am
12:28 am
tonight nearly 2-hundred fugitives are off our tonight nearly 200 fugitives are off our streets and this is all thanks to a project the u.s. marshal's office has been working on. >> fox 10's courtney griffin
12:29 am
>> 195 fugitives now in jail thanks to a two month investigation called operation summer burn put on by the u.s. marshal's office. >> we do this on a daily basis. we do get together in a large group, large task force to go after what we consider the worst of the worst. those individuals that are committing violent crimes in our communities. >> u.s. marshal david gonzalez says in the group include two homicide people want ford aggravated assault. kidnapping and sex and drug offenses. >> don't do drugs. >> i noticed a lot of these arrests happen in the maryvale area. did this project have anything to do with the serial shooter? >> we were working in conjunction with phoenix p.d. and working together and sharing information. and i will tell you we did concentrate a lot of our time and resources in the maryvale
12:30 am
intelligence we could find and there wasas a coordination involving that, yes. >> 15 grams of cocaine. nearly 66 grams of heroin and 24 ounces of marijuana were seized. >> you take into account there are tens of thousands of guns in our communities but 22 guns from a violent individual does make an impact. >> gonzalez says they do these operations several times throughout the year. >> we do these type of projects all the time and we will put together a couple hundred federal agencies to go out and to go out and arrest these individuals so we have less victims in our communities. >> here is footage from an operation they set up in april where 203 fugitives were arrested. gonzalez says while arresting the fugitives, deputy marshals may come their way. >> we know they are desperate and don't want to go back to prison. so we prepare for that during arrests. and we had some -- we had some
12:31 am
tasers on numerous occasions, other than that, it wasn't without any kind of incident. >> more than $13,000 in cash was also confiscated. courtney griffin, "fox 10 news." and gonzalez says they are pleased with the number of arrests but don't believe the serial shooter is part of that group. the operation focused on areas in phoenix in chandler that have a reported history of gang activity. a man is killed in a crash earlier this morning after he was thrown from a motor according to dps, the motorcycle veered off the road and hit a chain link fence. there is no sign of alcohol or impairment being a factor right now, according to dps. the off-ramps on the i-17 at greenway and bell road were closed for a few hours, but have since re-opened. >> all we do know is the vehicle drifted off to the right shoulder, struck the chain link fence and we do not believe there is any other vehicles involved.
12:32 am
the at this point. and we were still investigating. >> and it is a challenge investigation. dps troopers say they still don't know why the motorcyclist veered off the road. things are back to normal today at the port of nogales after a shooting earlier in the week. agents say they tried to approach a truck that was headed for mexico and the driver saw them and sped toward them. the driver was shot multiple times and sent to a hospital in tucson. driver is in sbl his 16-year-old passenger is in border patrol custody being questioned. new at 9:00, a teen throws a bake sale to raise money for aunt rita's foundation for aids research. they focus on funding for the aids walk every year. this foundation first started fundraising by doing a bake sale and now they are going back to their roots and doing another one. the money will go toward raising
12:33 am
aunt rita's co-founder says he couldn't believe the amount of support there is. >> when they go down to the walk and see all of these people and the support and raising 400,000 a year, just wow, to keep it alive is amazing. >> the aids walk is scheduled to take place october 23. aunt rita's foundation goal is to raise $400,000. take a look at these mars. they were shot from asu's curiosity rover. nasa says curiosity took the photos thursday and showing the planet's rocky terrain. researchers are hoping to get a better understanding of how the current landscape of mars formed. curiosity landed on march in august of 2012 and the rover will continue to explore the surface for another month.
12:34 am
you imagine being the driver of this car? left dangling inside this suv for hours after you plowed through a parking garage. what happened? we will tell you coming back. and kind of like the ham burglar but is that french fry thief who gets arrested. arrested for taking fries off an officer's plate. we will have that story coming
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tanzanian police say at least 11 people have died tanzanian police say tanzania police say 11 people have died in one town following a 5.7 magnitude earthquake there. police say the 11 people who died were in brick structures when the quake shook the lake victoria region. a new cease-fire is set to go into effect on syria has accepted the deal that was b brokered by the u.s. and russia. it calls for a stop to hostilities between russian backed syrian forces and american backed rebels. fox news reporter john hudy has more. >> turning point possible break through just some of the descriptions of a new cease-fire agreement to stop the vicious and brutal fighting in syria but the question is whether or not syria's government and
12:38 am
hold their fire. that said, secretary of state john kerry and russian foreign minutesten a-- minister announced the agreement in geneva. the plan will begin with a cessation of hostilities a cease-fire to start at sundown monday. >> this requires hawflting all attacks including aerial bombardments and any attempts to gain an additional territory at the expense of the parties to the cessation and sustained humanitarian access to all of the besieged and the hard to reach areas including aleppo. >> if the truce hold for seven days, the u.s. and russia will then begin a joint military and intelligence sharing operation combating isis and the al qaeda affiliate in syria.
12:39 am
have collapsed in part because of confusion over opposition groups that were part of the deal and extremist groups that were not with both still being attacked. >> i want to stress the distinguishing between terrorists and moderate operations has been written as a priority into the document we agreed today. >> let me be clear, out of all of this complexity there is emerging now a simple choice. between war and peace. >> still some top u.s. officials remain concerned about the united states sharing military and intelligence information with russia and then there are those who doubt the agreement will even hold as fighting continued in syria with innocent civilians being killed. in jerusalem, fox news. iran takes its first steps toward a second nuclear power plant and it's being helped by
12:40 am
project since last year's major nuclear deal with world powers. both russian and iranian leaders attended the ground breaking ceremony and construction will begin in 2018. that project will cost more than 8 1/2 billion u.s. dollars. a family of five survives a fiery crash thanks to a daring rescue by officers, firefighters and a good samaritan. the dramatic rescue is caught on camera. the charles county sheriff's department releasing dash cam video a wee the video shows an officer pulling up to a fireball in the woods. you see it there off in the distance. now this is after a car slammed into a tree and, well, you see what happened there. it burst into flames. the officer pulls the injured driver away from the car. while a good samaritan tries unsuccessfully to douse the flames. then officers hear more passengers trapped inside and including two toddlers.
12:41 am
we aren't worried being br being injured. >> i don't care what happens to me as long as they make it that's all that matters. they got especially the kid. they got a lot more life to live. >> and you know what, they made it. only one family member remains hospitalized with severe burns. a man in austin, texas, is counting his blessings after he ends up dangling with his suv for three hours. fox's elizabeth has the story. >> they say a picture is worth a thousand words. >> car, metal and glass started falling down from the sky. >> scop you might think those -- and you might think these are from a movie. >> carl schmidt saw this toyota four runner as it was coming over the side of a parking garage. a cable keeping it from plummeting to the ground. >> and looked up and i heard the guy in the car screaming for his
12:42 am
freaked out and started panicking. >> andrew miller shot this video of the driver being pulled to safety. >> he was leaning back. holding on to the wheel and the guy came in from the 6th floor where it was leveled against and pulled him forward, up and out. >> the 24-year-old man's plans for friday afternoon probably didn't include a brush with death when he was trying to park on the top floor. >> i didn't know if it was going to drop at any it was terrifying to watch. honestly. >> the austin fire department had a captive audience as they tried to lower the running car to the ground. >> we had just took our time and had 20 keep it away from the building. we had electrical conduit and a water line we didn't break on the way down. >> three hours later and some major manpower, they finally did it. >> couldn't have gone any better. >> i was shaken up for about 30 minutes afterward. i couldn't think straight.
12:43 am
fell. >> the driver is doing just fine. as for his car, well, it is a safe bet this is one picture he is trying to delete. >> a maryland woman is arrested for stealing french fries. it's more who she stole them from, i suspect. she stole them from a d.c. police officer. the officer was having dinner inside this restaurant when he said he was approached by two women. he was eating french fries at the one woman started eating his french fries. he ignored it because the woman appeared to be intoxicated. but when he told her to stop, or that she could be arrested for taking his food, she wouldn't stop. so he arrested her for theft. i don't know if necessarily needs to arrest her, but that was definitely very strange on her part. i mean, i don't know if she is hitting on him, but i think if
12:44 am
upset, too. >> it's just like me coming in and eating off your plate, it's wrong. i didn't ask you. >> yo okay with him arresting her? >> well, yeah. >> now this is a crime i have a lot of friends that could be arrested for this because they eat french fries off your plate all the time. >> we should all be arrested. >> if we call 911 -- >> they would not send a cop to arrest someone for taking your fries. the french fries cost $3.29. well, there is they are just potatoes, for crying out loud. members of the police department are not commenting. i'm not surprised. running a race and pizza don't generally go together. >> right. but it does when you are in argentina and taking part in a pizza marathon. by the way, we were sorry if you are hungry right now. >> pizza! >> close to that late hour. nearly 600 argentinians taking
12:45 am
stops for pizza. ?> not just the runners who are competing. at the end of the race each pizza athlete, there is such a pizza athlete, i missed my calling. so each pizza athlete actually votes for his or her favorite slice. the winning restaurant is then crowned, ta-dah! the king of pizzas. that's a good gig. i could get arrested for stealing pizza slices and french big day for the naferl it kicks off tomorrow and that includes the cardinals. they will welcome jimmy
12:46 am
the average age of a homeless person is 9 years old. my dream is to help kids living on the streets with education. charles what's up man? -whoa! how can we help? -ah man! wait, is that a basketball player? yes! -wow! my heart's about to jump out my chest man. charles you ought to be proud man. i'm just extremely grateful they were here giving them some encouragement- that's something that these kids are going to remember for a lifetime. did you see his big old feet? look.
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. just one more day.. just one more day, one more day cardinal fans. tomorrow is the big day. the day the cardinals kick off the regular season as the patriots come to town.
12:49 am
gronkowski are missing in action. high hope for the cardinals this season and all depends on carson palmer. the cards will go as far as carson will take them and he took them to one game before the super bowl. for the patriots it will be jimmy garoppolo. the young qb will look for his first touchdown pass of his career. welcome to the nfl. garoppolo filling in for tom brady and he admits the game has finally slowed down. especially since like rookie year and last year. you just -- i think the biggest part of that is the mental part. once you know the offense and you know what you are looking for on defense and everything. you can mentally break it down to where you almost know where you are going with the ball. so it's a comforting feeling. it's not that it's moving in slow motion but moving a lot slower than it was. >> and make sure to turn to
12:50 am
fox 10 will have your first rack of highlights and live reports. i will be on the field with reaction from coach and inside the locker room all right after the game right here on fox 10. fox is set for tomorrow. telling you, not one but two games here on fox. we start with the packers taking on the jags and then eli manning and the giants taking on the dallas cowboys and rookie sensation dak prescott. we can't forget about the college kids like the arizona state sun asu taking on texas tech. 16-14 asu. here comes texas tech. hooking up with justin stockton this much guy is slicker than a greased pig and cat quick. taking it to the house. 70 yards for the touchdown. are you kidding me? what a play. asu adds to by laj. on the trickery here. what's going on? who has the ball? so wide open he was lowly.
12:51 am
just will not be denied. a man amongst boys. just looking for people to hit. are you kidding me? plowing through people. hey, if it's not broke, don't fix it. get the ball to number 7. caleb belage on the wild cat. takes it in for the touchdown. but here comes texas tech. i'm telling you this was a shootout. mahoney looking for giles. giles with the touchdown. nice grab. that way? give it back to belaj. the keeper and stretches for the touchdown there. i can't keep up. asu leading in this game by a score of 44-41 and it's just in the third quarter. crazy finish in the central michigan/oklahoma state game. what a game. the cowboys ranked 22 in the country. central michigan hanging around. this is it. the catch, the lateral. cory willis is running for free.
12:52 am
yes! touchdown. the chip -- upset the oklahoma state. are you kidding me? that right there is the thrill of victory. wow. what a finish we switch gears and talk baseball. the d-backs back on the diamond taking another shot at the giants. could the boys get back on track? we have the answer to that
12:53 am
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12:55 am
night. the d-backs and giants played 12 innings of the giants get the win. no time to hang your head. the d-backs, the boys back at it today. first pitch at 5:00. that comes quick after a late night like last night. archie bradley, the man on the mound for the d-backs. no score in the second. man on. big hit. goes to the wall. one hopper off the wall. hunter pence on his bike trying to score from first and can fly. comes in easily 1-0 just like that. 2-0 giants in the third. brandon crawford with a shot in the gap. that's going to leave a mark. goes to the wall and tacked on another run for san francisco. 3-0 giants. in the third we stay in the third. bases nice, juicy, bradley, uh-oh, bounces it. that's not good. pence scores again and makes it 5-0. san francisco, bradley, archie bradley, three innings, five earned runs and eight hit, giants get the win. final score 11-3. we speed things up.
12:56 am
something about racing under the saturday night lights. that's just special. i know denny hamlin likes it. putting on a show. headed in cruise control. led 189 laps and takes the checkered flag and it's time to make the doughnuts. >> we do it again at 10:00, much more on the cardinals, this is it. we finally start playing for keeps. it's the cardinals taking on the patriots tomorrow.
12:57 am
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12:59 am
marshals office. a buckeye man struck by lightning is home from the hospital. how his brush with death has changed is life and the lives of those around him. and a local group protesting a pipeline in north dakota of the m needs to hear. >> plus hundreds of fugitives off the street. we will tell you about the months long investigation by the u.s. marshal's office. sters we begin tonight with a police in phoenix are investigating a possible shooting at desert ridge marketplace. that's up near tatum and loop 101. officers say one man may have been shot inside that shopping
1:00 am
led up to that shooting or if police are searching for a suspect at this time. we are gathering more information and have a crew on the way to the scene and will keep you updated if we get morning news on this during the show. >> another news alert as two people are found dead in a sun city west home. police are calling their deaths suspicious. this happened in a neighborhood near 147th avenue and futura. police are waiting on getting a search warrant to enter the hous neighbors say that one of the people was having a hard time dealing with the loss of his late wife. >> i just -- i don't know exactly what happened here, but i know he was taken things pretty hard when his wife passed away. they just couldn't have been nicer people. >> still no word tonight on what led to their deaths. the victim's identities have not been released.


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