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tv   FOX 10 News 9pm  FOX  September 12, 2016 12:00am-1:00am MST

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england the new battling were down ... the cards bleak ... the cards were down ... thank you for joining us tonight for "fox 10 news" at 9:00. it was not the kind of night cardinals fans were hoping for. >> no, there was this noise in the newsroom and it was kind of like ugh! and it came down to the snap. a bad one. jude, you got the -- i don't know what to call it. >> the details on what didn't play out. >> the ugly details for cards fans.
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playing against a team without tom brady. without rob gronkowski. have missing players. the opportunity was there and sometimes it comes down to that moment. we will look at that moment in a minute. first a time to remember on 9-11. salute the flag and there were some interesting moments before this game including two fisted -- two players raising their fist during the anthem and then it was time to garoppolo would find -- that's the rookie corner back get beat at the line of scrimmage. hogan makes the catch. touchdown patriots jump out to a 7-0 lead. garoppolo did a nice job managing the game. he gets crunched by marcus golden and chandler jones recovers the fumble. look at pressure. jones recovers the football. and the cardinals start to pick up a little bit of momentum
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to arizona on a first and goal. larry fitzgerald, nice catch here. little pick inside with michael floyd. wide open. watch it again on the replay. fitz was fabulous tonight. absolutely phenomenal. big, big plays and big catches. and then it was garoppolo again. this time early third quarter. looking downfield. well, this is it. you look at malcon mitchell. he beats williams the rookie again inside the ten the patriots on the move. it's garoppolo handing off to blunt. watch him power his way passed the goal line and the patriots are up 17-7. arizona trying to buckle down and get back in the game. they needed another break. fumble to blunt. this is midway throughr third quarter -- third quarter. watch the play again. the ball flies out and the cardinals catch a break.
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watch david johnson. it was spectacular tonight. power was way in. cardinals climbing back in this one and then the run of the night. unbelievable. balance. look at the speed, the straight arm. another stiff arm. and then johnson just turns on the after burners. 45-yard run. and here come the cardinals. they are threatening to take the lead and they do on this unbelievable grab by larry fitzgerald. he is falling down to the ground and still m let's slow it down for you. look at this grab. the cardinals would take the lead 21-20. how about the catch? fitz just fantastic tonight. we continue to roll. we are under four minutes. made field goal and the patriots are back on top. time to march down the field. you guessed it, it's jeron brown with a big catch here and now
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47-yarder. watch the snap. it's low and on the ground. and it's missed. wide left. bad snap by the rookie. and there it is. misses left and the game is over. and new england wins 23-21. let's listen to bruce arians. cards lose a heart breaker. >> obviously a disappointing loss. we didn't really play well enough in teams, offense or defense to win this game although we had a chance at the end and didn't execute our snap, hold and kick to win the game. that all starts with me. starts at the top and we were not ready to play. they outplayed us. and we will learn from it and grow from it. we will continue -- a long way to go.
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win one next week. yeah, you got to get off the feel. they were 10 for 16 on third down and that was the whole game. we yo not get off the feel on third down. that will be a problem whoever you are playing. if you are going 10er to 16 it was a low snap. not -- it was low and drew got it down and he pulled it. >> cardinals lose 23-. tony romo played many years at asu. first thought on this one, bruce arians said we got outplayed. >> they definitely got outplayed. ni time you come into the ball game with that many people missing on the opposite side of the sidelines you expect to win this game and i think this game came down to execution. >> and what happened early on, the rookie getting the start at cornerback. it was not an easy night for him.
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to the script. >> absolutely. on this play right here, you see williams gets beat up a miscommunication. the defense is in man coverage and he thinks he is in zone. >> that was a costly mistake here. garoppolo again trying to make a play. goes back and this time to malcolm mitchell against the rookie. >> this was a tough one. he is one-on-one with the wideout here. any time you go for the ball it's tough. you aren't going to get a chance to make a one-on-one, nobody left in the back end. >> this is the guy you build the offense around. >> this is a great example. a great run by david johnson. nothing was there and he made a big play and i think that cardinals need to run their offense through david johnson. he needs to be targeted more and i think they need to utilize him more. >> and look at this. the strength, speed, power, the stiff arm and he is that difference maker. you mentioned as you were watching this game, larry fitzgerald was absolutely
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>> larry has been solid for the cardinals every year. he made some great catches. this one right here, there was one later in the game in a hot route that was a great play. just all game long. making unbelievable catches. and on top of that, doing a great job blocking in the run game. you think about how many times he was targeted in key situations. you know how the defense is focused on him and he continues to make catch after catch after catch. >> he does. that's what i love about larry his competitive spirit. this is a great catch right here. he is diving and laying out for balls. making big catches on third down. i was talking about this earlier. great catch. wasn't ready for it and a great run after the catch. how does a team like arizona come down to this -- you know, when you miss on a play on the long snap, what's steve kime do? what happens next when you are that close. >> this is a tough one. you want to execute that snap
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it's even tougher given that this snapper is a rookie. so i just wonder what his psyche will be going into the next couple of week. >> something to watch. rudy will return with us on sports night at 10:30 and look at more specifics on the story line a disappointing opening night for the cardinals. they lolings to new england -- they lose to new england. stay with us. sports night at 10:30 and you will hear more coverage and richard saenz at university of phoenix stadium. more plays and more rudy and hopefully you as well. hundreds of people packing the tailgate before the big game tonight and although it was the home opener, for many fans and for people across the country it's also a very solemn day of remembrance. >> today marks 15 years after all since the september 11th attacks. fox 10's danielle miller with why this somber anniversary hits close to home for many cards fans who remember pat tillman. >> the 9-11 attacks took the lives of so many people and it
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actually this event that inspired pat tillman to join the armed forces and at today's tailgate it was hard not to notice how many people were wearing tillman's jersey. some of these people tell me he will always be remembered not only as a great football player but a hero. >> football on the mines of hundreds of cardinal fans at the tailgate ahead of tonight's season opener. >> we got some wins hopefully get to the super bowl. forget, especially on a day like today, also on the minds of many. >> pat made a big sacrifice for the whole country and today it means a lot. a big day for the country. we should come together. >> former cardinals player pat tillman quit his successful football career and enlisted in the army in the aftermath of 9-11 he was killed by friendly fire in 2004. many fans wearing his jersey and stopping by his statue to pay
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that he did what he did as the person. and he served our country well. and i thank every service men and woman. >> my dad is retired military. that's a special honor. >> along with a winning season for the cards, these fans are hoping tillman's sacrifice is never forgotten. >> i think you learn sacrifice. today people aren't willing to sacrifice for their country. it's a big deal. it's all about sri he stood up for everything that's right. >> cards fans weren't the only ones taking pictures. several patriots fans were also paying their respects. danielle miller, "fox 10 news". flags across arizona and across the country flying at half staff today as we commemorate the 15 year anniversary since the world changed forever. >> ceremony taking place around the world honoring those who
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we will show you how people in arizona and across the country are remembering the victims when
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emotional ceremonies being held across the country
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across the country marking 15 years since the deadliest terror attack in u.s. history. >> a lot of people remembering all of the lives lost at the world trade centers, the pentagon and in that field in shanksville, pennsylvania. >> ceremonies were held around the world. fox news correspondent bryan llenas reports from lower manhattan. >> thousands gathering at ground zero in new york city to remember the lives lost in the september 11th terror attacks. family members reading the names of the governor andrew cuomo announcing new york state will build a monument to 9-11 first responders paying tribute to those who lost their lives as well as survivors who continued to suffer from health related issues. >> you will never be alone. especially the people we lost on 9-11 and hundreds and hundreds of people who helped on 9-11 and have gotten sick since. >> at the pentagon, president
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lillys in the memorial garden, 184 people died when american airlines flight 77 slammed into the building. >> we remember and we will never forget the nearly 3,000 beautiful lives taken from us so cruelly. >> and at the flight 93 national memorial in shanksville, pennsylvania, the 40 passengers and crew members of the hijacked plane that crashed are honored with a reading of names and tolling of bells in remember the lessons we lea community, as a country, as a world, we stand stronger together. >> smaller tributes were also held overseas, u.s. and nato forces mark the solemn day with a short ceremony at nato's headquarters in cable. and outside -- kabul. outside of jerusalem, a ceremony was held. of the u.s. that lists the names of the nearly 3,000 victims lost in the attacks.
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johnson says the united states is safer against 9-11-type terror attacks but that nation must remain vigilant against those lone wolve style strikes. bryan llenas, fox news. "amazing grace" being played. this is the city of apache junction commemorating those who lost their lives in the attacks on 9-11. junction and pinal county organized this wreath ceremony this morning. this happened over bi-the apache junction veterans memorial gazebo on the corner of idaho road and superstition boulevard. people across arizona remembering the first responders, those who boarded a flight and hundreds that simply wept to work and died 15 years ago. >> whether it's a flag on display by the goodyear fire department, a memorial in
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prescott, we are all remembering that day. everyone is. >> and marcy jones joins us live. and she spoke to one man who witnessed that tragedy first hand. >> that's right. everyone has their own story of how 9-11 affected them. but many of the heros that day say something they don't like to talk about but continue to do so because it's too important to forget. >> people are screaming, covered in dust, running up the street. firefighters were covered in dust and dirt and debris. >> if you ask anyone chances are they remember exactly what they were doing the morning of september 11th, 2001. especially if they are a new york city first responder. william hennessy at the time a lieutenant for the new york city fire department says he was off duty that day. but as soon as he saw what was happening like so many, he jumped into action. >> we grabbed all of our gear, our helmets and bunker coats, rope, gasoline, medical supplies and actually commandeered a new
12:18 am
firehouse and we asked the bus driver if he wouldn't mind taking us down there and so he helps us load up our gear. >> even though they were some of the closest to the devastation, at first it was hard to comprehend what was going on. >> you can call me naive. i thought it was an accident. i just -- i didn't believe anybody would do something that evil. i assumed it was an accident and i assumed probably like every other firefighter in the city we were going to go everyone from the building, and put the fire out. >> will quickly learned this wasn't just another day. that it was a terror attack that would be the end to almost 3,000 lives. lives now honored at memorials around the country. >> there are images of that day he will never forget like the office workers covered in dust and blood. or the look on his captain's face. >> i just remember seeing him and his face was pancaked with dust and debris and he had some
12:19 am
making these tributary little rivers in his face. >> adding even though this is a day he doesn't particularly enjoy talking about, there is a lesson to be learned from the first responders. that our country could use right now. united we stand. >> they ran in not asking about race or religion, about politics or gender or sexual -- they ran in when those bells went off and their only thought was to help people. >> now there i a center and that will remain open to the public until tuesday the 13th. marcy jones, "fox 10 news." well this was something we saw on our facebook page today a lot of people were talking about this a soldier seen saluting each of the nearly 3,000 flags that were on display today at the healing field at tempe beach park we learned her name is adriana sandoval. an army combat medic. gabriella romero for providing this video each flag represents
12:20 am
attacks 15 years ago. sandoval saluted each and every flags today. she started at 8:45 this morning and she ended with that final salute at 5:15 in the evening. park was opened all weekend and closed a little over an hour ago. >> and we salute her. have you seen this videoam i feel like everybody around the world has. needing help getting into her van. this after she was forced to leave a 9-11 ceremony early. due to health issues. coming up after the break, we are going to have a look at your forecast for the week and
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take a look, a volcano erupting on a french island. located in the indian ocean. it's one of the most active volcanos in the world.
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thousands of people flock to this island every year to watch the spectacle. >> we hope you are enjoying your sunday evening and it's a nice looking one out there as you can see. looking over downtown phoenix right now, clear skies out there. we have. 4 degrees for you and winds are out of the southwest at five miles per hour right now. we don't have a lot going on as far as our look at satellite and radar when you look out we've got a low pressure system over california and that will bring in moisture for us a monsoon moisture and increase the chances of some scattered isolated showers and monsoon storms for tomorrow and into tuesday but we return talking about a great chance here. anywhere from 10 to 20% chances. we are keeping an eye on that, as you can see right now we had some moisture in our state earlier today especially in the southern part of that is moving its way on out. if we see those storms we are expecting them to be in the
12:25 am
the state in the higher terrains and that will be happening sometime tomorrow and possibly getting into tuesday and taking a look at the dew points we are setting up for a little bit of a monsoon action. 58 for yuma. 52 in tucson so we again are seeing those conditions that are getting right for something going on down there. right now looking in the valley we are in the 80s and 90s. cooling off from earlier today. 67 in prescott and 64 flag. 77 in and nice day up there for sure. our high today was 105 and our normal is 102. record was set in 1990. we are not too far off. taking a look at the rest of the country. we were talking about what we have going on out west a quite a bit of activity in the southeastern part of the united states a lot of storm activity in the gulf, louisiana, mississippi, georgia are getting hit with this stuff over the weekend it will slowly make its way out to the atlantic and clearing out for them this he
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they will enjoy a break from that any time they can get it. right now forecast lows for tomorrow or tonight overnight lows 77 for you in phoenix. cooling off into the 60s up in the high country and even you go higher into flagstaff 48, 45 in the grand canyon. here is a look what we can expect for tomorrow. going to be a nice day for us. kind of warm but not too crazy 97 in phoenix. 85 in globe. 81 in sedona. 103 up in lake havasu and 102 in bullhead city along the colorado river. here is what we have for tonight. 77 as we mentioned. nice overnight. slight chance of showers into tomorrow. starting out your morning at 78 degrees and winding down at 97 degrees for tomorrow evening. taking a look at our ten day forecast for you right now, things are nice. we are not talking about anything over 100 degrees for the next few days. and we talk about the chance of storm activity tomorrow and we will keep an eye on that. other than that, it looks nice. i enjoy these times of year when
12:27 am
starting to feel like we have relief in sight. >> and the mornings you wake up and walk outside and it just feels fresh and cool instead of just kind of heavy and humid. >> you can do things outside in the morning. >> windows down on the way home when you are driving in the car. we are just -- we can go all night listing all of the wonderful benefits and it manages a cool weather. >> it makes easier to forecast when you have nice weather that's for coming up, the structural problems for two valley schools are closed down for a few weeks. the students that are affected by this. >> and a big event in the valley to help people battling addiction. when and where this will be taking place. and less than a week after a woman was shot and killed on state route 51, another shooting on the valley freeway.
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police have a man in custody after police have a man in custody after they say he shot at a car on the freeway. this happened in the median near the i-10 and i-17 transition. this is in phoenix. a person driving west on the 10, this morning, saw a man and a woman standing in the median. he told police. and people inside the car say that man had a gun and as they drove by, their windshield was shot out. now no one was hurt in the
12:31 am
police were able to find the man nearby. they are still looking for the woman who was with him. >> house party filled with teenagers near 83 avenue and lower buckeye road is now the center of a shooting investigation. courtney griffin talked to one teenager who says he when home right before the shooting started. >> several young adults were at a house party when gun shots started going off. >> these kids are young. probably like 16 or 17. around my age. >> 19-year at a birthday party next to the house party when he decided to go home. his home is just down the street from here. >> i came outside and i guess i seen two girls fighting. so i just decided i'm going to go home and out move where i go home and out move where shots going off. >> he heard around eight shots fired. >> once the shots started -- once they stopped i came outside and you see these kids running from that way and that way. >> his mom woke up to the
12:32 am
>> i see a lot of cars driving. i don't know what's wrong. >> police say a black mercedes sedan and a tan suv drove by the party and began firing shots. police say the people at the party fired back. officers detained one shooter at the party. >> i live here for 16 years. it's quiet. it's a nice place. it's scared. >> police say two tee and female, were injured in the shooting but are expected to be okay. courtney griffin, "fox 10 news." and police are still looking for the black mercedes and the people who were inside it. if you know anything about this case you are asked to call phoenix police or silent witness at 480-witness and you can remain anonymous. homes are evacuated after a s.w.a.t. team is called out earlier this morning for a family fight. this happened over by meridian and southern and you can see photos here of the s.w.a.t. team
12:33 am
fox 10 viewer who sent this photo in. we understand a man and woman were fighting in a motor home and when police got there to get the guy to come out, he showed up at the door with a shotgun and says he was not coming out. he gave himself up around 10:00 a.m. and arrested. talk about a terrible way to start the school year for students at two schools in the glendale school district. they are being closed due to unsafe building conditions. the landmark and challenger schools will be closed for up to five you can see the damage on some of the walls at the schools. school district officials say it will cost them close to 2 1/2 million dollars to fix both schools. glendale school district says it's thanks to the maintenance team that they found the problem with those buildings. they wanted to make sure that we were weatherizing and weatherproofing our buildings to lessen the chance of mold that could get in the school buildings and they discovered it.
12:34 am
if our own team wasn't so aggressive we never would have discovered this. >> school is canceled for students tomorrow through wednesday. they can go back to classes on thursday. phoenix police need your help trying to find a missing man. here is a picture of 46-year-old emanuel smith. he was last seen around third avenue and thomas. smith has a shaved head now and if you happened to see him you are asked to call police. experts say they there can sometimes be surrounding addiction. an upcoming expo hopes to break those stereotypes and show those dealing with addiction there is hope. ty brennan has more. >> i started drinking and using substances when i was ten years old. >> donna says addiction took over her life. >> normal day for me was a handle, we call the vodka with the handle one of those,
12:35 am
darvoset. xanax, marijuana and meth. >> since those dark days, she has surned her life around. she now works at cross roads ash substance abuse treatment center. >> cross roads has taught me what it's like to be a woman of worth again. >> she works with others to help treat their addiction. >> this life is way better on this side than it was on the other side. >> next weekend saturday the 17th an art of recovery expo as it's called will be held at the phoenix convention center. >> they will find and resources within our greater community, the greater phoenix area that are available to them to help identify a path to recovery. >> this expo could be the first step to an addiction-free life. >> you can find a way to be clean and sober if you want it. you have to want it. >> ty brennan, "fox 10 news." again this expo will be taking place next saturday and that's the 17th at the phoenix
12:36 am
to the public. you probably seen this video by now a medical scare for hillary clinton forcing her to leave a ceremony during the 9-11 memorial in new york city. we will have that story next. whoa! not a good day at sea for the passengers on this boat and it's all as you can see caught hey phoenix, this is thunder dan jajerle, head coach at grand canyon university. join antelope nation by enrolling as an evening student at our beautiful campus in the heart of phoenix. earn your bachelor's, master's or doctoral degree to take your career to the next level. engage with industry expert instructors in small classroom settings where you can get the support you need to excel. scholarships available. see you on campus! go lopes! find your purpose at grand canyon university.
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transgender actress transgender actress alexis arquette has passed away. she was 47 years old. known for roles in films like pup singer and chronicled her transition in the 2007 documentary alexis arquette. she is my brother. there is no cause of death given just yet. arquette was a sibling to fellow actors david, rosanna and patricia arquette. on this 15th anniversary of 9-11, hillary clinton experiences a medical care and is right now being treated for
12:40 am
lower manhattan now with details. >> the video shows hillary clinton standing on a sidewalk outside of the world trade center site as her van pulls up. she is leaving the 9-11 ceremony at ground zero unexpectedly early. she appears unstady as she steps off the curb with aids holding her by the arms and stumbles again as she gets close to the van with one of her shoes falling off before helped inside. a law enforcement source who was 15 feet away says they were caught off guard by pre-mature departure which is whyplace clinton had to wait for her motorcade to pull up. he saw her knees buckle and watched as someone picked up her shoe and followed her to her daughter's apartment. 90 minutes later her campaign released a statement saying mrs. clinton left because she felt overheated but was feeling better. and just before noon she emerged from her daughter's building
12:41 am
>> th noting extremely hot and humid here in new york city for the past week or, so very uncomfortable until today when the weather finally broke it was just 82 degrees at 9:00 this morning with a nice breeze blowing and just 31% humidity. not the kind of day you expect someone to overheat. in lower manhattan, rick leventhal, fox news. this had a to be uneasy on the anniversary of the september 11th attacks. police closed part of the sun port air they found a suspicious package. the package was spotted near a checkpoint. police evacuated the terminal while the bomb squad investigated and hundreds of passengers and a number of flights were affected by the threat. many did seem nervous about the situation but eventually police gave the all clear and passengers were allowed to return. more than 30 people are hurt when three decks collapse in connecticut. this all happened at an off campus party near trinity college. the three decks were all
12:42 am
the top deck fell on the middle deck and then both decks fell on the bottom deck. police officials say those decks were in no condition to hold a number of people that were standing on them. >> it's heavy old decks that came down. at this point the third floor you are looking to see the wood was rotted and old and structurally not sound. and then 50 or 60 kids out there. >> fortunately none of the injuries is believed to be serious. some scary homes for the london cruise ship. the ship smashes into a pier. >> oh, my god. call the police. i'm serious. call the police right now. call the police. there you hear it. 300 ton ship crashing after a
12:43 am
engine room. emergency crews quickly evacuated all of the 142 passengers off the ship. coming up, be on the lookout for a cow napper. someone has stolen a giant inflatable cow from a valley restaurant and we are on the case. and this story is right out of monty python. a fish falls from the sky and hits a woman in the face.
12:44 am
12:45 am
12:46 am
visitors at a theme park visitors at a theme park in southwest china getting a chance to check out the sea lion perform and it's kind of an unusual trick. the park is home to a one month old male sea lion and to the crowds amazement, the sea lion has been seen jumping into the water in synchronization with its mom.
12:47 am
>> have been looking and i don't know if we caught it. >> i will act impressed. amazing. >> this is one incredible fish story a woman walking with a friend on her way to labor day boot camp at philadelphia's art museum, here is a -- hears a wrussing in the tree and she is hit by a fish. >> was slammed in the face with something. i think it might have been head face and neck. i smelled so bad afterwards. i'm like, i'm more likely to get hit by a fish falling from a sky. >> a bird had a fish in its beak or feet and dropped it on lisa's head. >> what are the odds? a bird dropped the fish and it hit the lady in the face. the fish was about 18 inches long. >> in philadelphia. she is not at the beach. >> and it weighed about five pounds. that's no small fish. >> that's a big fish. a local chick-fil-a owner is reaching out to the community. it seems there is a cow culprit
12:48 am
>> somebody stole one of those giant inflatable chick-fil-a cows that has the big sign on it that says eat more chicken. >> the reward being offered might tempt any thief to turn it back in. >> saturday night after the asu football game, we took down our 24 foot inflatable chick-fil-a cow that says eat more chicken. and stowed it in my truck for a few hours until we could get over into the >> local chick-fil-a franchise owner phil thomas says just a few short hours the giant inflatable cow was stolen from the back of a chick-fil-a car. >> this is the only 24 foot inflatable cow in the state of arizona. so we are definitely down. >> when it's up, the 350 pound cow is a staple in the community making appearances all around town from the campus of grand
12:49 am
>> i come here almost every day. >> customers are shocked pleading with the bovine burglar to just bring the cow back. >> i feel mad. but sad. >> i think it's horrible that someone would take a cow. what are you going to do with it? you can't put it in front of your house. >> a police report was filed and an investigation is ongoing. the mystery surrounding the missing massive cow unfolding. >> it takes a team of us to get this also takes a team of us to take it down and roll it back up and put it in the back of the chick-fil-a truck. >> the restaurant manager says he will give away one per year of chick-fil-a sandwatches to whoever brings the cow home. big night in glendale tonight, cardinals up against the patriots without brady or without a couple of offensive linemen and without gronk and come up short. we will show you how it played
12:50 am
richard saenz is live at university of phoenix stadium
12:51 am
12:52 am
there are times when a moment can truly define a football game that hand tonight at the end of the game. cardinals playing from behind most of the night. battling late. let's tell you what happened tonight. tyrann mathieu a time to
12:53 am
today. 9-11 scsm then it was time to play football and david johnson was a power house. powers in here. cardinals playing from behind. 17-14. the run of the night belonged to d.j. on this 45-yard run. look at the stiff arm, the speed, strength. man, he was awesome at times. a big part of that run game for the cardinals. then they needed on the first and goal another big play and they got it with they are markable catch from larry fitzgerald. fitz as only fitz can. falling down and holding on and making the catch. and the cardinals are right there. right there to ice this game. can they just close it out? well, new england comes down under four minutes to go and the 32-yarder. patriots go up 23-21. here comes arizona. palmer looking downfield on a third and 23. to jeron brown.
12:54 am
snap. right here. it's on the ground and it's wide left and the game is over. watch it again. we will get into this with a guy that's a holder and quarterback at the nfl level, rudy carpenter. patriots win 23-21. let's go to richard saenz with more. >> jude, talk about a punch to the gut. cards fans leaving the stadium looking like zombies. they w and i don't blame them. they aren't used to this the cardinals not executing down the stretch and losing at home. that doesn't happen. it just doesn't feel right and it sounds like the cardinals feel the same way. >> absolutely. any time you lose a game it's a tough pill to swallow. we will bounce back and we need to bounce back. it's any time you lose the opener at home it hurts. there is too much football ahead
12:55 am
guys that love the game and have a passion for the game and want to win and want to get it right and want to bounce back with a big win at home next week and will continue to work to be able to do that. we didn't make enough plays in the first half. we came out too slow and obviously there when you have to win it with a late field goal, you are obviously behind the eight ball. >> we understand what the implications are and we know we have to get down and get a field goal to win the game. something that coach always drills us that we are back -- and we are able to get down there close. that's something we always work on. we expect to be able to execute that in that situation. obviously we would love to get down and scored a touchdown and do something like that. we weren't able to do that. that what cost us the game. >> the cardinals stuff just yet
12:56 am
johnson with calais campbell in a matter of minutes. both guys had big plays and we will hear from them during fox 10 sports night at 10:30. in glendale, richard saenz, fox 10 sports. stay with us for that and we will continue our coverage rolling through 1030:67:89 post game coverage is richard said. we will want to get explanations on this one. and a guy that backed up tony romo and was a holder for part of his career, rudy carpenter, the big night last night but when y carson palmer admitted they started slow. really couldn't get the passing game going to where they wanted it. new england paying short handed for the most part. garoppolo doing a good job managing the game. the key points and the key issues of this game, break it down and look it in 30 minutes. sports night coming your way in 30 minutes.
12:57 am
the average age of a homeless person is 9 years old. my dream is to help kids living on the streets with education. charles what's up man? -whoa! how can we help? -ah man! wait, is that a basketball player? yes! -wow! my heart's about to jump out my chest man. charles you ought to be proud man. i'm just extremely grateful they were here giving them some encouragement- something that these kids are going to remember for a lifetime. did you see his big old feet? look.
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thank you for joining us thank you for joining us tonight on "fox 10 news" at 10:00, this is a very emotional day as the nation marks the 15th anniversary of the september 11th attacks. >> several events were held across the valley today as people came together to remember the almost 3,000 lives lost on


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