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tv   FOX 10 News 6pm  FOX  September 13, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MST

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funerals right now. first tonight at 6:00, phoenix police -- joe yahner speaking about three officers hurt by a driver who hit them with this car and investigators think that this was no accident. look at the surveillance video here showing the moment that suspect hit those officers while they were at a quicktrip -- you see that car speeding up and slamming into them. the car crashes into the store. you saw one of the officers go flying through the air. that driver is i officers are treated for their injuries. this happened at a quarter to 2:00 in the morning at the quicktrip at 25th avenue and camelback. steve krafft is live now with the latest on that story. the suspect in this case, mark payne, is looking at criminal charges of aggravated assault and attempted murder. surveillance video captures the car smashing into phoenix police. lower left corner you see a red
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lower right corner, it picks up speed. headed right toward three phoenix police officers. >> these officers could have easily been killed. and i thank god that we are not planning three funerals right now. >> police say 44-year-old mark laquan payne aimed at the officers and stepped on the gas. here he plows into them sending a 33-year-old officer and his first day on the job cartwheeling through the air. his sergeant trapped undertbheet with a broken the car just missed another officer. he ran up and started battling with payne along with the rookie. >> unbelievable. our officer that hits the front of the glass and smashes the glass. gets back up and engages into a fight to take the suspect into custody. >> it took a taser but they finally subdued him. >> i'm proud of the men and women police department and outraged by this incident this much is a violent cowardly act on our police officers and it simply unacceptable.
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police officers. police believe that mark payne was impaired at the time of the attack which they believe was intentional. reporting live from police headquarters, steve krafft, "fox 10 news." fox 10 has learned this is the second time that payne has been arrested for assaulting officers. payne was arrested in 1997 for assaulting three phoenix police officers then. court paper with shows that officers pulled him over during a warrant out for his arrest but when officers tried to take him into custody he fought with those officers. elbowing and kicking them and he ended up cutting a plea deal. he was put on probation. stay with fox 10 for continuing coverage of this developing story as we learn more details. we will have the latest tonight on "fox 10 news" at 9:00 and 10:00 and also on-line. the "fox 10 news" alert right now in the area of 67th avenue and broadway where a phoenix police officer has been
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we understand that paramedics are taking that officer to the hospital in stable condition with minor injuries. so no word exactly on how this all happened and what caused the crash but you can see there is that white pickup truck involved as well. and so we are working to get more details on what happened. as soon as we find out we will pass that along. the maricopa county sheriff's office has identified an elderly couple that were found dead in a sun city home earlier in a murder/suicide. relative of 87-year-old jack reid and his 84-year-old wife lavernea back on saturday near star dust and wrh johnson boulevard in sun city. it's unclear the motive for the killings. police are still looking for the suspect who stabbed an 83-year-old to death right outside of an l.a. fitness in chandler. silent witness increased the reward for any information in this homicide to $2,000. chandler police say that the mans had h just finished a work
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stabbed him to death in broad daylight right near his car. police don't have a lot to go on. they are asking for the public's assistance and they say if you know anything, please call silent witness at 480-witness. a driver apparently drowsy runs his car right into a phoenix office building telling police he fell asleep and does not remember a thing. it happened near 22 avenue and indian school road and you can see the aftermath. the driver was headed west bound and somehow lost control and crossed every lane of traffic and hit a tree right into that building. leaving a gaping hole there. workers say it sounded like a bomb was going off. >> that's my office right there. thank god i wasn't at my desk i think i would have been killed. that's my desk right there. >> police echoing that sentiment saying it is luckily that nobody was hurt after seeing all of that damage. no charges are expected against the driver. happening right now, a rally is underway in phoenix this much
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solidarity with the standing rock sioux tribe. activists are gathered at still indian school park. they are calling on president obama to revoke permit for construction on that pipeline. that would run nearly 1200 miles. carrying oil from north dakota to south dakota and to iowa to an existing pipeline. three government agencies last week asked crews to voluntarily pause work on an area where the standing rock sioux tribe say th those opposed to the project that drinking water could be potential -- contaminated. the third cousin of lori piestewa. here is what kristen would like to say to the president. >> i feel like what i would like to tell him is that our future is his future as well. and we have children that are
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repercussions and that his kids are going to see that, too. and that when he halts something temporarily, it's like putting a band-aid on a leak because it's going to keep leaking out and it will build up. i would tell him that water is life and everything on this earth is living here. and if anything i would tell him that it is time to make decision to permanently take this pipeline off the table. is it time -- it is time. >> the tech company that is building the pipeline says construction is almost 60% complete. and says concerns about the impact on water are unfounded. energy transfer partners say it's committed to this project while the protest will continue at the site. trial begins in federal court in portland in a case
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arrested in an armed protest at a wildlife refuge last year in oregon. prosecutors say the suspects threatened and intimidated federal employees. investigators say the group led by amen bunny protesting the imprisonment of two ranchers who set fire to federal lands. the trial is expected to last through october. phoenix city hall is changing its security setup and now entering that building could be similar to going through airport security. those who visit city hall will city officials say they want to beef up security in the wake of the mass shootings in orlando and san bernardino. the city estimates that 25,000 people visit city hall and the neighboring municipal building every week. still ahead, we will hear from a local high school student who has made a miraculous recovery after suffering from a traumatic brain injury. plus how a major federal grant will be put to good use by
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what's going on with the weather. got a nice looking stretch of weather here you will love the ten day.
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the opioid epidemic has claimed the lives of several high profile celebrities most recently prince who died from an overdose of fentanyl in his minnesota home. so with the demand for opioids so high, smugglers are going to great lengths to get the drugs to buyers. fox's adam housley at the port of entry in san diego. here, th hemisphere's busiest land border crossing, the search for illegal drugs intensifies as agents try to stop the flow of heroin and now heroin cut with a powerful narcotic fentanyl from hitting u.s. streets. the dangerous combo is blamed for recent spike in mass overdoses across the country. >> every single day we come up with different plan and different operation and different ideas to be unpredictable. >> customs agents are also relying on intelligence more
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only stopping about 10% of the heroin making its way into the u.s. from mexico. >> past five years we have and continue to see increasing interceptions of heroin. >> the drug more deadly when fentanyl added to the mix making it up to 50 times more potbt. >> about. -- 2.5-milligram, similar to a grain of salt can be a overdose. >> and when you are talking to addicts and even if you told them, there they think great, that will get me higher with less. >> for the drug cartels, potency equals profit. experts insist there has never been a illegal drug more lucrative with cheap production in mexico using raw supplies from china. >> so the 3,000 percent mark up from if you take a kilogram of this stuff from china worth about $5,000 and the street value is about a million and a half. this is something that pablo
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guys who made a whole lot of money on cocaine this is beyond their wildest dreams for profitability. >> and that has the drug enforcement administration increasing the crack down on the u.s. side of the border with many agents believing it starts with doctors overprescribing legal painkillers. >> people go to doctors and get prescription for prescription medication for painkillers and become addicted to it and when they can no longer obtain the pills they will go to heroin. >> some agents on the street have called this recent epidemic more easier to conceal and more difficult to find for agents at this border crossing who see 60,000 cars and 30,000 pedestrians each and every day. in california, adam housley, fox news. phoenix mayor greg stanton and mayors from across the country are urging congress to pass funding to fight the zika virus. they send a letter to congressional leaders today saying now is the time for lawmakers to act. they say this month is peak mosquito season and that nearly
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have now become infected. and that virus continues to spread. a $1.1 billion bill to combat zika has been held up by senate democrats because it could tains a provision that will make planned parenthood in puerto rico ineligible for grants to fight zika through contraception and medical care. over the next two years the phoenix fire department will be getting 50 new firefighters. the city won a major federal grant worth $9 million and it's intended to allow more staffing for adequ responses. it's better known as the safer grant in the past five years phoenix has brought home more than $36 million in federal funds to support the police and fire departments in the communities they protect. and incredible almost unbelievable recovery is made by a peoria high school student after suffering a traumatic brain injury. sunrise mountain junior tommy robertson's life changed last summer when he flipped off his mountain bike.
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since then relearned to walk, speak, eat and move all over again. >> i was like, i'm still getting on the bike because there is nothing else that's as fun to live for. >> tommy has had two brain surgeries and months of therapy to get him where he is now and he says his journey has definitely given him a new outlook still ahead, dave munsey up for us with a look at the forecast when we come back. and be sure to follow us on instagram. share your images with us and we would love to see them using the
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i stepped out just before the 5:00 news and noticed the wind was picking up a little bit. >> i just had the windows down today. >> of course. >> and i was standing around and i thought i should mention something about the wind. we will see how that works out. 95 degrees right now. and it is windy out there as marc said. west at 20 miles per hour right now. you saw a little dust in the back ground there, a little haze in the air. 92 in scottsdale.
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88 at apache junction and surprise. 92 degrees right now and some moisture definitely out there as well with the winds picking up out there. but that moisture is basically all off to the east of us. here we are in phoenix. we have a little bit of it south of us and we will give it a twist on the map here and you can see out here, here is globe in the florence area. we are keeping all of that moisture off to the east of us as where it's been through most of the day. here is will slide up that eastern border area and take a look at things and then from here we switch over and take a look at the flagstaff area and then we jump up north of flagstaff and take a look at it and then as we back off, once again you will see everything off to the east of us at this time. and we are also looking at these wind advisories all across the north until 7:00 this evening.
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39 miles per hour gusts right now. 36 at winslow. 37 at page. 25 at lake havasu city and we go to 98 degrees on the high today. so those temperatures are coming down from the seasonal norm at this time of year. look at that chilly weather with freezing temperatures up in the northwest. we have flooding with very, very heavy rain across southern iowa. and we also have what could be a -- turning into storm forming down near jacksonville at this time. overnight 73 degrees. 94 degrees for tomorrow. the sunshine and the 90s stay with us. watch those kids around water. he is the anchor on the right side of the card's offensive line. the question is will evan mathis be ready to go this sunday when the cardinals play host to the tampa bay buccaneers and dirk
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what do doctors from leading cancer centers in the country have in common? many of them now call cancer treatment centers of america home. expert medicine works here. find out why at cancer
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a fox 10 news alert out "fox 10 news" alert in downtown phoenix where we are getting our first look at the man accused of hitting three phoenix police officers with his car being booked on counts of attempted murder and aggravated assault. accused of intentionally hitting
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we will have the latest on this on "fox 10 news" at 9:00 and 10:00. he is the veteran right guard that signed with the cardinals after winning a super bowl ring with denver last year now we are still waiting official word from the cardinals whether or not ef van -- evan mathis might be ready to go this sunday when the cardinals to take on the tampa bay buccaneers. play. keep an eye on number 69. there is evan working through. he tried to return to the game. and you can see when you look at this play, watch and focus it right here and rolled up on that right -- i should say that foot, the left foot right there. now the question is can -- bruce arians calls the swiss army knife because he can play multiple positions along the offensive line. they have depth and options and watt for you see him right
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certainly can come in and spell mathis for however long if he will be out for this sunday's game against the tampa bay buccaneers. i had a chance to check in with kent summers who stopped by our studios earlier today to look at that offensive line and the options and the depth certainly could come in to play this sunday against the buccaneers. do they try to exploit that matchup now? the thing watford has going for him he is young, a tremendous a very good run blocker. you got david johnson in the back field. do you do more of that to slow down teams who might want to take advantage of that matchup. >> now keep in mind we have you covered coming up on sunday. we will go to news now and discuss more with kent summers who just put out a book, 100 things cardinal fans should know and do before they die. kent has been on the beat for the last couple of decades and an excellent writer. an interesting history about
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bought this team many years ago, hall of famer. and then all of the interesting personalities from conrad dobler to neil lomax to jim hard to larry fitzgerald who writes the forward for this book about how when he was first drafted he comes to the cardinals and they are playing at sun devil stadium and is a rookie, a young guy, 20 years old and like, wait a minute, i thought this was our home field there are so many people here in green yelling jets, they were terrible at that time and they were and then he rode that wave all the way with kurt warner to the super bowl. he was really part of the transformation over the last 10, 12 years and that's in the book. we look at bruce arians' arrival. the elevation of steve kime, the general manager. we will discuss this in detail in just a few minutes and switch to news now. it's a fascinating book and kent has dawn nice job and we will tell you more -- has done a nice job. >> read this before you die.
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>> no, definitely, dave, we will put it on your must read list immediately. >> my bucket list. >> get this done. it's really well done. talk more about it on news now. >> sounds good. thanks a lot and we have a lot of news coming up tonight at 9:00 and 10:00, the latest on those officers that were hit by the suspect being booked into jail now. "tmz" is next. we are back at 9:00 and 10:00.
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paul babeu exposed in a damning home video. extreme discipline used on special needs kids at a boarding school he used to run. e also stripped down and forced to wear nothing but a sheet. indisputable evidence that congressional candidate supported the abusive practices and even bragged about them. they're there for a reason. because they're hopeless. because they're hopeless. a long history of abuse, the students may never recover.
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: so kanye west is faced with an interesting problem. does he let a guy climb up on stage or let him maybe fall to his death? >> the stage was like floating over the crowd and this fan jumps up on it and starts climbing on it. harvey: how do you get up that high? >> someone hoists him up. harvey: i would have to and stand on somebody's shoulder and get behind somebody. >> "south park" just went after kaepernick for kneeling during the national anthem. they changed the lyrics of it. >> no one is protesting police. they're protesting police brutality. >> the national anthem represents the country and the freedoms we have here. >> you guys are white explaining the hell out of all of this. >> even white people have the right to have an opinion. >> finally, someone's standing up for white people!


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