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tv   Fox 10 News at 400 PM  FOX  September 18, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm MST

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jason said you have to talk to coach. you are getting released. >> he was the terk? >> he was. he had the unfortunate job. years later they ended up working together here in arizona. small world, guys. >> thom: start referring to peter as ubiquitous. if you follow the nfl he is everywhere. >> charles: he has info. >> thom: morning, noon and night. father for the first time. and charles you were putting your hand out all the pertinent fatherly advice to peter at dinner. >> charles: i'm in that stage where the last one went to college. >> thom: empty nester. >> charles: it is still fresh and all of a sudden i'm mr. nostalgic and remembers things i
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>> thom: i think you have it all right. you look at this cardinal team and the way they played last year 13 wins. normally that is good enough for home field advantage throughout playoffs. panthers having lost one game. they had 22 different players that scored points for them. 19 of the 22 are back. they had 13 players score touchdowns last year. 12 of the 13 are back. they have a defense in most people think hasn't changed to be better this year than the top five from last year. so all the pieces are in place despite what happened in the season opening loss of putting together another great year.
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healthy was evan. great game. look at his left foot. see the extra wrap around it as he comes he had a sprained arch and missed part of the new england game. they were excited that he was going to play in this one because they needed him to help. guy that has been around we'll see you on friday. >> thom: get yourself ready and get in the training room. they returning almost all starters. that is the team they have assembled for this year. they are wanting to make that run to take dead aim of being one of those teams. >> thom: who delivered that hit? was that david? or was that alexander? >> charles: both of them are in
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smith. split the block but it wasn't him. kwon alexander flashes and look at that. that speed when you watch those two when they are in a good ball game and the defensive line keeps them clean and they flash to the ball they get there sudden and with impact. >> thom: you look up on the game. it would be short of a miracle for seattle to win. they had three points in the game. the defense only given up nine so far in l.a. seattle has the ball under two minutes to go. three points? >> charles: to me that is a marshawn lynch factor. i don't know how healthy russell wilson is.
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i don't this can he is anywhere close to being who he is. >> thom: we know they have not -- one thing they have -- i don't know if i call it going against the grain at all, but they have just absolutely said we are not going to spend money on offensive line men. last year caught up with him. you can make an argument he wasn't a great player. tampa bay brought him he will be back sooner rather than later i hope. >> charles: we have to take into account, the rams 7-9, 8-8. who do they play? they played seattle last year. and something about them and that matchup that messes things up.
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angeles. >> look at this. grabs it out of the air. first nfl touchdown puts the falcons up by 7 on the road. >> charles: had a pretty good tip drill in our game where we had a double tip. tipped off of charles sims and marcus cooper took it back for six. tip drill showing up all over the >> thom: jameis winston still in there. that's a nice throw to jackson. first down. alt marker is down far side of the field. >> referee: holding defense number 27. that penalty is declined. result of the play is a first
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arizona's schedule. they play a desperate team in buffalo on the road next week. we'll get back to that here in a second. back here in glendale two weeks when the rams come to town. they go to san francisco. so certainly not a killer sort of schedule i wouldn't call it. >> charles: you are about the stretch right there. they can stay healthy. they have to feel like they can manage that one fairly well. jameis is still in there. you talked about it and emphatic about the whole thing. we did a game last year cardinals at bears week two. carson palmer played the entire way in a game they had under control. we asked bruce arians about it and he was like what are you
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dirk koetter has similarities like that. >> chris: where is carson palmer now? >> charles: he is out. we had him the next week. he looked at us like what are you asking that question for? >> thom: and that one was every bit as ugly as this one is at 40-7. >> charles: jones pickup. able to finish and get unnecessary shot. the pass rushers are there because they understand it is money time for them. chandler jones is a starter. he is like i got this, coach.
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2:57 to play. another nice day for the veteran larry fitzgerald, two touchdown receptions to get to 100 in his career in week one. six catches, 81 receptions including a touchdown here today. >> charles: what i love about him is catch. everything is with hands. every catch he makes is with his hands. and he works so hard to be those names on that list. jerry rice, chris carter all in the hall of fame. he wants to be one of those guys. he brings them out for workout. he brings them to minneapolis. they watch tape. he goes over things. always looking for that edge. always looking for a way to improve.
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arizona remember when he moved them that took soul searching. you want to do what? it revived his career when he embraced it. he has gone out over 100 catches, blocked as chris pointed out during the game. he does it all, a true pro. >> thom: if he keeps going this year like he did last year -- i don't mean 100 catches, i'm talking in the 80 to 85 range, by the end of this year along the history of the national football league he should crack the top three in receptions and should move into the top eight all-time in yards and does not look to be slowing down. two minutes to go, all arizona today. ?
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>> charles: when you heard those may not have been the apocalypse but you might have wished it was when wyatt and boys came to town. i'm choosing kirk russell over kevin costner. >> thom: doc holiday. >> charles: the rams next which is a game i will be attending. rams look like they are going to finish off seattle. >> thom: seattle had the ball down at the rams' 30 yard line with 1:50 left. ball recovered and trying to win the home opener. big return by humphries run out of bounds. let's talk about the buccaneers. you are going to be next weekend.
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tampa bay. they will have back-to-back home games and the defending super bowl champs come in. this is a tough stretch. >> charles: this is what they need. you know how arizona can learn off of last week's game. everybody loves the buccaneers. they were talking mvp. >> thom: full effect last week in that area. guess what, this is probably you team. gets to dirk koetter and his staff. tampa down a little bit. nice matchup from los angeles next week. los angeles the defense. navigate that and i don't get very many right but i have to say that i told you at dinner. there is one thing i was defendant about, l.a. was going
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match for seattle for whatever reason and they did it. that is one i'm hanging on to. >> charles: something to watch because he is up. >> charles: you're right about that. >> thom: winston incomplete on the second and four. >> charles: i like how jameis winston is handling all of this. he is taking a lot of hits. he i teammates. he is not jawing with defenders. he is not looking at the official like they hit me again. none of that. this kid is getting off the deck and continuing to play this game. to me, that is -- you talk about throwing a block galvanizing. give me more time, not whining, just trying to play the game. i have to give him credit for that. >> chris: talks to guys within
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>> referee: delay of game, offense, five yard penalty. still third down. >> thom: we talk so much about this dynamic duo linebacking core of alexander and david, how about that first time -- >> charles: is that real? >> chris: a lot of times that gets readjusted after film. >> charles: that doesn't sound right. >> thom: that is from the official stats folks that tally up the league stats.
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review it there might be a tackle or two on the board. those are the ones that end up final for the team. is he limping? does he look like he was limping a little bit? >> thom: looked like he did. >> charles: the team president down there talking with head coach bruce arians, enjoying their first victory of the season. i don't know if he has a limp going or not. >> thom: he is going t more throw. running pretty well right here. and that pretty much caps off a really rough day for jameis winston. interception and that is the way this one comes to an end. the cardinals bounce back after an opening week loss to new england with a thumping of tampa
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domino's stat tracker. carson palmer and company, david johnson, all purpose yards getting the job done. cardinals bounce back. tampa bay setback perhaps going on the road for the first time. chris, we start with you, you will see tampa bay next week. you felt so good this time last week. you have to feel really bad now. how are you looking at what they might be thinking looking ahead to week three? >> chris: hopefully they get healthy. key to me all jameis winston. his job to lead him back and the other concern i have is doug martin. arizona learned from a bad loss. tampa bay can learn from a bad loss. >> thom: carson palmer led arizona down the field that final drive last week and put them in a position to win that game against new england and
4:21 pm
vintage carson palmer here today. >> charles: they hung their heart on the idea of last week. we didn't play our best game and we are right there with the team that may go to the super bowl. they came out with a lot to prove this week. right out of the gate patrick peterson with the interception. another turnover and then a nice touchdown pass by jameis winston to mike evans and here. carson palmer putting it together and sticking it right there. and here comes brown who is increasing his role in the offense of the arizona cardinals. carson palmer healthy, happy. this is a team now no more doom and gloom in the valley. they have a nice stretch, very manageable for them. they can get on a role. >> thom: we'll see you in a
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hello and thanks for joining us for a special edition of fox 10 news. a big win for the arizona cardinals. the cards coming out on top against the
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jude la cava joins us with a look at the plays. stay with us. bruce arians, max starks. let's start with the game highlights. jameis winston coming off that opening season win over atlanta. patrick going to dominate, and he didn't waste any time doing just that. on this deep route intended for mike evans, patrick peterson ran a deep route. the all pro stepping up early part of that first quarter, turnover after turnover. watch it again. peterson running with evans, int. and the momentum turned early in this game. first and goal, play fake, carson palmer looking and finding, who else? larry fitzgerald.
4:28 pm
another impressive performance. six catches, 81 yards. the offense, that's more like it as well. they look good in the passing game. jameis winston, second and nine, looking downfield. who is this? say hello to marcus cooper. remember that trade a couple of weeks back with kansas city, the newly acquired defensive back, number 41. you're going to hear from him shortly. nice int again. winston avenue his game today. james that's more like it. second and nine again. ball just pops out. wasn't even moving forward. in fact, if you watch the replay, you'll see winston lose contact with the ball. the elbow pushes it forward. who's on the spot? tony jefferson recovers. third and goal. carson palmer, plenty of time. look at the protection, back of the end zone. touchdown, michael floyd. here we go. the offense rolling. it's 17-0. second and one, big play from
4:29 pm
jeron brown, 51 yards later. how about this at halftime, a 24-0 lead? 24-0 arizona. to the third quarter, palmer again, making a play. is there anybody better run after the catch, when it comes to running backs? forget about it. david johnson, 51 yards later, man. he was big. big chunk plays, just like the way b.a. loves it. and then winston, first and ten. pass deflection, josh morrow, marcus cooper taking it to the house. can you believe this route? cardinals feeling good about themselves, winning every phase of the game. look at the defection by morrow. and then sims bobbles it, and then marcus cooper picks it up and takes it to the end zone. very impressive. and that included chris johnson. power running, you look up, game over. it's 40-7. the arizona cardinals put it on the tampa bay buccaneers, a very, very impressive win for
4:30 pm
as i said at the outset, that's more like it. max starks joining us, first impressions. what hit you most today? >> this was a team win, and this was a win that we look at it, had everything you wanted to see. this is what we expected coming into the season, after all or nothing, after the type of training camp that they had, with all these big acquisitions. we wanted to see them affect a team completely and totally. you saw that from the offensive standpoint, defensively taking the ball away and applying the pressure to jameis winston, and we got all of that. it was a tremendous victory for the cardinals today. >> it started with the secondary and started with patrick peterson, who was very confident at the start of the game. winston, let's face it, he'll want to put this one aside because it was all patrick on this play. >> it was all patrick. patrick ran the post route better than mike evans did, and he got to the point. what made it so special is you're running cover two in this
4:31 pm
runs him over it, and patrick peterson there saying this ball's for me. this isn't for you, mike evans. and then the celebration after that, looking for the family section after he ran out of the end zone. and then say hello to marcus cooper. right here, bad throw by jameis. he made a bad read on vincent jackson's cut. and marcus cooper is sitting right there on the inside half. he said thank you, goes right into the face mask, delivers another interception for them. this one, high school basketball tip drill here. josh morrow, and now cooper all the way to the end zone. tremendous play. marcus cooper was always in the right place at the right time. i thought that was special. three guys affected, josh morrow first, and then dale buchanan, dollar backer, money backer, makes the play, up in sims, and then it's all marcus cooper show after that. racing to the end zone.
4:32 pm
says, yeah, i'm here, points. what a great job by the secondary. they attacked it early and often, and they provided the pressure that was necessary, whether it was a hand in the face, whether it was body presence. the secondary did exactly what we expected them to do. >> what impressed me most to the offensive side of the ball, carson palmer back in rhythm. the passing game to some of his favorite targets palmer was on today. >> palmer was on, and it was a show. larry fitzgerald, that perfect throw right over ever releasing on the inside. when you release to the line, you make that db have to go through traffic, and then carson puts it right in the place where only larry can catch it. he kind of hitches and kind of throws it up, and looks like a little over route. then right here, the quick slant to the inside. larry fitzgerald, the best at it, sells it outside. comes inside. has to get past his own offensive lineman and makes a perfect catch right through the middle. this is larry. he's a mortal.
4:33 pm
again, dials up the deep pass to jeron brown. the best thing that b.a. is known for, coming off of a shot play off of either a time-out or a sudden change, turnover, and nobody does it better. he catches jeron brown in stride all the way to the end zone. it was a tough day for the tampa bay buccaneers, having to guard multiple wide receivers in this. this offense is so exos available to this team, pick your poison at this point. if you shut one out, there's three other guys to work the ball. >> 24-0 at the half. the cardinals just continue to roll. david johnson, every time you see him, it's almost once again he does something really special. he did it on a few occasions today. >> david johnson is the most electric guy with the football in his hands because this play, 43 squint draw, was a wash. it was a loss. you had no lead blocker, and he
4:34 pm
wheel route out the backfield, easy, like a wide receiver. gets the guy out of the way and makes it positive. he said, hey, you don't owe me money, but i've got this first down coming, but this is what he does every game. every time you get the ball, you have to figure out different ways of getting the ball in his hands, and the cardinals did exactly just that. right here, a little arrow route on the flat, and, of course, david johnson. he's supposed to be going to the left side. he makes a decision, jump cuts, jumps to the outside, and we have 50-plus yards straight wheel route outside the backfield, no block responsibilities, big plays. that's what david johnson, whether you hand the ball off to him or whether you pass the ball to him, he is electric. he is a shot play in himself. he is a human highlight reel every time he gets the ball in his hands. and that just goes to show how many different guys have we named in this highlight alone that are explosive for this cardinals offense. >> and speaking of explosive, let's hear from marcus cooper, the new db, of course, for the cardinals, making some big plays
4:35 pm
>> i want to say i knew that. coach did inform me that i was going to get the opportunity to get some snaps this week. so i just prepared as if i was the starter. and i was able to make some plays that kept me out there. >> what about the pick six? >> it was okay. i fell off in the end, though. my technique and stuff got a little sloppy toward the end of the game, but i'm not too happy about that. but here's something i can work on. >> did you interceptions this week? >> it's over now. we've got a game coming up. these guys are going to come at me, and i've got to correct some of those things i'm trying to focus on. >> when the ball gets in the air and it's coming at you, what's going through your mind? >> just the opportunity to make a play for these guys. you don't find balls like that in this league. its a blessing that i was able to get there and make a play for these guys. i'm just happy that i was able
4:36 pm
[ inaudible question ] >> you know, i'm new to the team, so i have to gain these guys' trust. what's the best way to do it out there? make a play. so that's what i tried to do. hopefully, we can just build on this. >> that is marcus cooper. real quick, final thought? >> final thought, tremendous total team victory. they're on path now. the sky has not fallen. we're back to cardinals football. so the big red "c" w again roll, and they've got a great opponent coming up against buffalo. >> we have got a top coach that you're going to hear from in just a few minutes. don't go anywhere. stay where you are. richard saenz out there, a lot more coverage. bruce arians in just a couple of minutes. eer watching fox 10. we continue with post-game coverage of the cards' 40-7 win over tampa bay. >> coming up, an early game means an early tailgate. after the break, danielle miller is talking to fans who spent
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there's no doubt cards fans are celebrating the win right now. but it's been a party outsi cards fans are celebrating that wig win right now, but it's actually been a party outside the university of phoenix stadium all day today. >> you can fire up the grill before noon. there's no rule or anything like that. early game, of course, brought out the early tailgaters. danielle miller is live right now, out having fun at >> mark and linda, what a great day to be a cardinals fan, especially on days like today. what an exciting game out here, full of interceptions and turnovers. you can totally tell by the fourth quarter that this game was a complete blowout. now, that was judging by the amount of fans that were actually leaving the game. and at the point in the fourth quarter, at the time it was 40-7. so looked like a lot of people were starting to leave the game. but those fans were actually here very early this morning. now, as many people know, this
4:41 pm
this afternoon, which means that the tailgate opens extremely early, and we spoke with some fans out here earlier this morning. they're telling us that they got here to the game to start tailgating right at 7:30 in the morning. so definitely some dedicated fans right there. some of these fans we talked to, they're telling us why they choose to come out here and tailgate rather than watching the big game at home on the big screen. >> coming here is just a great experience. you feel the energy of the crowd. you feel the everybody's giving each other high five, really going after it, trying to get the win. >> we haven't missed the game since this place has been open. watching it on tv is for tomorrow. >> it's just a whole environment, man. the fans, just the atmosphere, we got a wonderful stadium here. great fans. >> mark and linda, the parking lot is still extremely packed even though a lot of those fans were leaving right around the
4:42 pm
stadium. so definitely, if you're in the area, give yourself plenty of extra time to get around. but it was quite the scene out here with people coming out, especially after our loss last week. they're telling us that this is some -- definitely some redemption. reporting live, danielle miller, fox 10 news. >> no question about that, danielle. the cardinals back on track with a very impressive 40-7 win, really winning in every phase of this game. let's send it back out to university of phoenix stadium. i know you want to hear from th arians. >> obviously, we're very pleased with the win. i thought our guys had a heck of a week of practice, and it showed up on the field defensively. about the only negative thing i can say is coming out at the half, we didn't set the tempo for the second half, and i was disappointed in that. but our offense came right back and got some points and didn't finish that drive, though. there's a lot of little things
4:43 pm
be 1-1. i love the way coop stepped in there and played. i thought he had a heck of a ball game. we were splitting reps with he and brandon. he got hot. you don't take hot hands out. >> was that the plan? >> yeah, they were going to rotate series. and then we were also going to rota rota rotate tyrann and d.j. one. [ inaudible question ] >> yeah, we liked him on film and when he played against us. it was just a matter of learning the terminology and the things. we knew he could help us right away. >> did it mean a great deal to this team to get that touchdown right before halftime? >> it's always great to finish a half. we've been harping on it, finishing halves, and you're trying to play for three, and you gladly take 7.
4:44 pm
earn the job outright for next week, marcus cooper? >> yeah, right now, he'll -- we'll see how it goes. he could potentially be the starter over there. >> it was nice to see your offense look like your offense. >> again, i was disappointed in the third down conversions early. i thought we had some plays that we could make, and we just -- we're not starting fast enough offensively to begin a game and not at the half defensively. other than that, i was very plead. >> at the half, david johnson be able to use him in different ways and get such production out of him? >> it's on purpose. you draft guys to fit your schemes. he and andre fit it perfectly, and chris is a heck of a pounder when you want to pound it. >> bruce arians, trademark go for the jugular, that touchdown pass to jeron brown to end the half, and then the acquisition
4:45 pm
on. that's a steve chyme pickup a few weeks back. boy, did that pay dividends. carson palmer in just a few moments. cardinals win 40-7 over the tampa bay buccaneers. we'll hear from the cardinals quarterback. stay where you are as we continue with post-game coverage right here on fox 10. nice clear conditions out there tonight, but the chance for rain back in the forecast. i'll tell you exactly when coming up right after the break. i'll call you back. is this my car? state farm knows that for every one of those moments... what? this is ridiculous! there's one of these... sam, i gotta go... is this my car? what? this is ridiculous! this can't be happening! this can't be happening! oh, it's happening sweetheart. oh, it's happening sweetheart. shut up! shut up! that's why state farm is there, what a day... with car insurance, for when things go wrong.
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just a gorgeous weekend out there, not too toasty. we're going to see big changes in our forecast as we get into the next couple of days. still in triple digits today. 103 currently at sky harbor. winds miles an hour. nice and clear, but that's going to change as we see a system pushing some moisture into california in addition to arizona. that system, tropical storm payne, moving very slowly right now, about 14 miles an hour. it is expected to become a category 1 hurricane as it hits baja, california. it will become a tropical depression by the time we get to wednesday. that's where all the moisture and cloud cover is going to be coming from. temperature-wise, anywhere from
4:49 pm
bullhead city. cooler in phoenix right now. upper 80s in payson and winslow. triple digits for tucson, casa grande, and gila bend. tonight temperatures dropping down to 79 for phoenix. safford at 61. 47 degrees for winslow. into the 60s tonight in page. and then actually dropping down into the 70ing for gila bend. tomorrow another pleasant day. you may notice a little bit of increase in cloud co still mostly sunny conditions, warming up to 105 for lake havasu. safford just below the 100 degree mark. 80s for payson, show low, into window rock. mostly clear and mild tonight into tomorrow. like i said, though, you'll notice that increasing cloud cover for the start of your work week, and then we start to see bigger changes into that forecast. the best chance, it looks like, for activity is going to be
4:50 pm
the 80s. we'll continue to see a change in temperatures into your wednesday. a little bit warmer at 92. still a chance for rain in your
4:51 pm
4:52 pm
impressive victory, cardinals bay buccaneersment carson palmer's numbers, 18 for 31, 308
4:53 pm
very, very strong performance by the cards' starting quarterback. let's check in with carson palmer just moments ago. >> yeah, we had a great week of work, great preparation. it was one of those weeks where it doesn't matter who you're playing, as soon as sunday night ended, you couldnt wait for today. you've got to fight that urge that you just want to get back on the field, and you've got to go through your monday, tuesday, wednesday, and so on. but we were what happened last week, we were ready to play and couldn't wait to get back out on the field. >> the last two, it felt like you guys have cut it loose this week. >> yeah, i mean, obviously, they didn't have a touchdown until -- i don't know, was it the end of the first half? i don't know when it was, but we were just not firing on defense. we were aggressive on offense. we were nasty and extremely
4:54 pm
the pockets were just perfect all day. it was just one of those games. like i said, we couldn't wait to play for seven days. it was one of those where you got to fight that urge and fight because you've got to go through your preparation and go through your typical monday, your wednesday, your friday, all those things. i think that's a great assessment. [ inaudible question ] >> those situations. you don't want to try to go for that. i did not want to go for the big play on the one to jarron. when it happens, it happens, and the coverage presents itself to take advantage of it, like it did. we're really thinking let's get a field goal out of this. i'm thinking let's get a field goal out of this. a touchdown is great, but you don't want to be too aggressive and give them a chance to get their hands on the ball and then find a way to get a field goal or a touchdown out of it.
4:55 pm
there, obviously, and we exploited those coverages and did a good job. >> if you look at the overall impact of this football team, and you look at national observers who say this is a super bowl contending team, this is what they're talking with, the defense, in particular, forcing turnovers, starting with patrick peterson. on the offensive side of the football, the many weapons for carson palmer. that included, again, another strong game by larry fitzgerald. michael floyd. you look at jaron brown and the touchdown pass late in th half. i think what was really impressive, and this kind of goes under the radar because a lot of guys don't talk about offensive linemen. by all intents and purposes, evan mathis had a horribly injured arch, and he probably shouldn't have played. he's a veteran guy. he comes over from the denver broncos, and he did a really, really solid job on the right side of that offensive line. it's little things like that when you know you could possibly have a really, really special season that plays into a win like this. in addition, david johnson
4:56 pm
high level with all he can do -- catches out of the backfield, big chunk runs, and a guy you could line up as a wide receiver. so every phase of this game, including justin bethel's big hit on special teams, is where you want to take this arizona cardinals team as far as being one of the very best. so they go from last week, not playing anywhere near their capabilities to very, very effective this week across the board in a dominating 40-7 win. now, when we come back inus few minutes, you're going to hear from everybody's all pro, larry fitzgerald, another very, very big game, and, of course, we'll always want to hear what he has to say after a win like this. they get ready for their first road trip for the upcoming week. that will mean shuffling off to buffalo, a team that has yet to win this season, rex ryan's buffalo bills. they made changes in a fired offensive coordinator in greg roman, but they'll prep for a trip to buffalo. so far, so good, cardinals back
4:57 pm
the sky isn't falling. after a week of media commentary that asks what's wrong, what's wrong, they right the ship, get back on track, and do what they're supposed to do in very impressive fashion. 40-7 over the buccaneers. back with more, including larry fitzgerald, more highlights, richard saenz at university of phoenix stadium. stay with us, our coverage continues with the arizona cardinals. forecast is looking great to start your work week. here are a look at those temperatur. and phoenix. 106 for bullhead city. 105 for lake havasu, two of our warmer spots. winslow 92. st. john's 89. mostly clear out there tonight, and then tomorrow increasing cloud cover from the tropical storm off the coastline. as we look at your ten day, that chance for rainfall back into p evening. looks like a better chance tuesday as we cool down into the 80s, and continuing with that chance for rain as you get into the middle of your work week. it is good tailgating
4:58 pm
going to be getting even better. people out there early today. thanks for joining us of this special edition of fox 10 news at 10:00.
4:59 pm
the average age of a homeless person is 9 years old. my dream is to help kids living on the streets with education. charles what's up man? -whoa! how can we help? -ah man! wait, is that a basketball player? yes! -wow!
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