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tv   FOX 10 News 10pm  FOX  September 18, 2016 10:00pm-10:30pm MST

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home in gilbert, and everyone survives. >> today federal investigators were at the scene of the crash, trying to figure out what caused that plane to go down in a ball of flames. the plane was a big ball of fire as it came crashing to the ground, and it was caught on camera by many witnesses in the area. four sky divers plus the pilot were on board the cessna 182. the sky divers were taking part in fair. >> and firefighters say everyone was able to eject from the plane before it struck the home. parachutes on, they literally jumped out before it crashed. >> just incredible. fox 10 is marcy jones is live at the home tonight. she spoke with neighbors. marcy? >> 24 hours after it happened, it still smell likes this fire was just put out.
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the colossal damage behind gaping hole in the roof. again, we can't say this enough, this is just miraculous that nobody lost their life. >> i have often thought about why this had to happen, and i don't know. i guess that's for everybody's own conclusions. but i believe in miracles, and this was one of them. >> b calling what happened last night a miracle. after a small plane previously carrying four passengers and a pilot crashed into this home. it's miraculous no one lost their life. neighbors say it was a horrific scene. >> we walked outside to our backyard, and we saw the ball of fire up in the sky, so we knew it was an airplane on fire, and then we just saw it coming down. >> reporter: barbara says at first no one knew exactly what was going on when a crowd of
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center watched the fire fall from the sky. >> at that time we didn't know what it was. we just saw a flame going across the sky. we did see the sky divers, and they did land, all of them, and so we didn't really know at that point what was going on. >> a couple was inside of the home watching tv at the time of the crash. thankfully they escaped before the home was engulfed in flames. barbara says the skyhawk divers are all okay but still shocked at what happened. >> they're shook up. they're seeing the whole miracle in this thing, very grateful. their concern is for the family, that the plane went into their house, and they're very, very, very sorry about that. of course, it was out of their control, but they're all doing okay. >> very scary, yeah. >> and very bizarre. >> very scary and very lucky for all of us in the neighborhood.
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felt when they were just jumping down, knowing that that plane was in trouble. right now the ntsb has launched a full investigation into exactly what led up to the crash. reporting live, marcy jones, fox 10 news. >> marcy, thank you. and on to a developing story now. tempe police department says it's investigating rumors of a threat at corona del sol high school. police say the threat is not credible and that it stems from an incident involving students at the school. they say that threat was made, t nothing did happen. but there will be an increased presence at the school tomorrow as a precaution. new on fox tonight, the cardinals bringing a bright spot to a valley family dealing with a tragedy. the actual murder of one of their loved ones. 29-year-old maurice sanders was shot and killed on the night of august 16th. the shooting happened in a neighborhood near southern and 51st avenue in lavine. police say sanders was picking
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he was waiting in his car when someone drove by and shot him. now the suspect did fire multiple rounds. sanders' family held a press conference and pled with the public for help in solving this case. >> my son loved the cardinals. oh, boy, did he. that's his favorite right there. i mean, because when we buried him, we buried him in a cardinals jersey with the cap, because that, hey, fitzgerald, and he could name the whole team. i mean, that was his team. that was his everything. he got them tattooed on his body. >> if you have any information in this crime, you are asked to call silent witness. you can remain anonymous. that number is 480-witness. and fire crews are working to put out the san jim fire, 50 northwest of payson.
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fire started two weeks ago now, and as of today the fire is still not contained at all. officials say the fire was sparked by lightning. on to another fire, this one at an old church in buckeye. the flames sparked at this abandoned church near palo verde road in pima. when firefighters got there, the flames had already spread to most of the building. crews are calling this one suspicious because the church doesn't have any power to the builng thankfully, no one has hurt. no word yet on how the fire started. maricopa county sheriff's office is now investigating. a record home run making for an exciting night for one baseball player, but for one fan, a woman in the stands, it meant a trip to the hospital. >> this happened at saturday's diamondbacks game against the los angeles dodgers. >> and fox 10's danielle miller joyce us live from chase field to explain what went wrong here.
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great home run by this los angeles dodgers player but a not so lucky night for this diamondbacks fan. what happened was she was sitting in an area with typically these home run balls do not get hit to, but unfortunately on saturday night it did, and it hit her right in the head. >> before you knew it, i see tim going up to, you know, i'll get it, but before he could even do anything, it hit me right in the forehead. >> sick at home her trip to the dbacks game saturday night turned into a hospital visit, this after a record home run hit in the 4th inning. >> that's a feeling i'll never, ever forget, when that ball hit me in the head. it just, it was so fast and so long. >> that bomber hit patty so hard she had to get 17 stitches. she was sitting in the handicapped section and happens to be
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patty is still in shock tonight about how her typically fun and peaceful baseball game turned out. >> that's when i was in the hospital, sitting there and thinking, think how many seats there are in chase field, and we were online looking that this was like the third longest home run for the week or however, and it connected to me. >> and patty says that everybody, includi t staff, as well as the paramedics here, were extremely nice, very helpful, she says. oddly enough she has tickets to the dbacks game here in about two weeks. she'll be sitting in her exact same seats, and she says she wouldn't miss it. reporting live, danielle miller, fox 10 news. thanks, danielle. up next, several people being questioned in connection with the bombings in new york city. we'll tell you what we know so far tonight. all right. so you're at work tomorrow. let's say you're having lunch
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you're on the way to the sports grill. i'm telling you, watch sports night tonight. analyst max starks is going to tell you what you want to, well, really what you want to know. what you maybe didn't see the first time around. max does it better than anybody. plus, richard saenz in the locker room with david johnson, one on one with chris johnson, and tony jefferson. tony coming off another big game. see it a little differently. we'll slow it down for you. we'll get into the story lines of this cardinals win over the
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you're watching fox 10 news with linda williams and marc martinez in hd. a string of incidents across the country this weekend renewing a whole lot of terrorism fears for people. >> yeah, of course the pair of blasts detonating in new york and new jersey, but first the latest on a stabbing rampage at a minnesota mall. the star tribune of minneapolis reporting that an armed man has been identified as the suspect to authorities have not yet publicly identified the attacker. >> the man says that his son came to the u.s. 15 years ago as a college student. he says he had no suspicions that his son might be involved in any terrorist attack. police have reassured the public that they are going to be safe, this after an off-duty officer shot and killed the suspect. >> we did discover the suspect's vehicle in the mall parking lot.
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there is no imminent threat. >> i.s.i.s. has claimed responsibility for this attack, but authorities are still working to confirm that. nine people were hurt in the stabbing attack. thankfully, none of their injuries is life threatening. and the fbi is investigating the explosion in new york that sent almost 30 people to the hospital. there are reports that five people were pulled over in a car and are being questioned right now with a possible connection to the >> investigators say the explosion was an intentional act, and they haven't ruled out terrorism. less than three hours after the explosion, a second device was found on west 27th street in new york that appeared similar in design, according to police. it was described by a law enforcement official as a pressure cooker with wires and a cell phone attached to it. >> we don't know what the -- if there's any political or social motivation, but we did definitely -- we definitely had
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street, and we had a suspicious device on 27th street. >> this morning all of those jury injured were released from the hospital. the fbi is investigating the bombing alongside a pipe bomb that was found in new jersey before an armed forces race this weekend. and fox news is reporting a source says the bombs may be linked. governor cuomo says a thousand additional law enforcement officers are being deployed across new york. after a pretty warm weekend, we are finally going to see some cooler temperatures, and you may need to pull out the umbrella. i'll give you the details coming
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your exclusive accuweather forecast with kristy siefkin on fox 10 news. and the weather is looking nice out there. the mornings are feeling great. i mean we are in the homestretch, it's starting to feel that way. >> we are in the homestretch, very close to the 1st day of fall, seeing cooler temperatures not just at night but during the daytime as well. we're going to see those temperatures drop nights, in the 90s very calm across sky harbor, temperatures across the valley, already cooling in many locations. to the south of us, you'll notice a little bit of activity in mexico. that's going to influence our forecast as we get into monday and into tuesday as well. pretty clear out there tonight, in fact not seeing any cloud cover. that's going to change though as we see a surge of moisture, and that is thanks to a tropical system. this system named payne is
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15 miles an hour, very gusty winds at about 70 miles an hour, tracking to the north and then making its way east to the baja peninsula, eventually becoming an isolated low. it is expected to become a category 1 hurricane as it approaches the united states. cloud cover will increase tomorrow. that's the first thing that you'll notice. and then we'll get that chance of showers as we get into your forecast for tuesday. it doesn't look like a significant amount of rainfall, especially for the valley, but we cou showers out there, isolated pockets in northwestern arizona that could be a little bit heavily, clearing out nicely by wednesday. right now we are in the mid-70s for page, mid-80s in bullhead city, upper 60s for kingman, low 6 60s show low, 85 for gila bend, 76 degrees for nogales. 84 for fountain hills, a little bit cooler in ahwatukee, 70s already popping up on our map in
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pleasant weather, 60s and 70s expected in some spots tonight. today we were well above the century mark, 105 the record that we set today. back in 2010 we were even warmer than that topping out at 109 degrees. some severe thunderstorm activity was tracking into parts of texas, louisiana, arkansas, mississippi earlier, that band of showers now advancing towards parts of the northeast and toward the mid atlantic rain, but all in all that system won't bring too, too much to the southeast. tonight for arizona, cooling down to the 40s for show low, 76 for lake havasu, upper 70s for yuma, 47 degrees expected for flagstaff, 57 degrees expected for payson, tomorrow 105 for lake havasu, a little bit warmer for bullhead city, 88 for window rock.
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mostly clear out there tonight, drier conditions, cooler weather and a chance of rain for tuesday, and still holding on to the low 90s as we get to the end of your workweek. coming up after the break, how kids living with cancer are finding an escape from their problems for an afternoon, and this is all thanks to a very
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fox 10 news is back. something a lotf take for granted, but dozens of families got to spend some quality time with fun and friendly competition. >> the children's cancer networks holding today a fort building competition to bring cancer survivors and their families together. remember how fun that was when you were kids to build forties -- forts and get creative? >> it's the best time. >> it was part of the
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fort build. the families dressed up as superheroes, given boxes, pool noodles and fort sheets and told to get creative. it was a great way to meet others in similar circumstances. >> it is so important for these families to feel connected with others traveling the same journey, to be able to just have fun, be a kid, and be a family and enjoy each other as well as others around them. >> and while the families were building organizers hoped building the forts built a stronger family. an arts festival built at the first home ever built in arcadia. >> it was the for you friends fine arts festival, and it gave animals a chance to look at the finer things in life. the shimmer arts center, where people got to bring their furry
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they sold drawings, paintings, the arizona humane society also there finding animals new forever homes. one artist at the festival talked about how she is inspired by dogs. >> my eyes in my paintings are never looking straight ahead. they are either looking sidew sideways, up, or down. because you never know what's going on in a dog's mind. >> i know what's going on in dog's mind. they are always looking for food. >> that's pretty much it. >> the good news this all of this, again, they were having an adoption fair, and the fees raised from the event went to the shimmer art center and continued visual arts programming. after the break, there is rain in the forecast. but that's all it is. it is a forecast, so let's all pull that rain in. there's a win in the forecast, too. that's the cardinals.
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forecast is looking great. we'll be blow average for the next several days, slight chance of activity tomorrow evening, into the upper 90s, and then take a look at tuesday, our best chance for rain, it looks like, mid-80s in store and 70ss for overnight lows. >> it has been a cardinals win huge. >> you know what i love about sports fans, when jude tweets out and fans tweet back stuff like angry birds. it gets me going. it's great. >> starting with the tampa bay buccaneers, starting with the preseason games, and everybody was waiting, give me the big explosive plays, the chunk passing game, to fitz, to floyd,
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complements of the arizona cardinals, and on defense you saw a lot of big plays, and you finally found out who is marcus cooper, that's for sure. cardinals very impressive. who better to break it down than our nfl analyst, max starks, plus richard saenz in the room locker room with david johnson, chris johnson, and tony
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? fox 10 sports night starts now. the wait is over. the team you have been looking for appeared in a big way
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ph the cardinals going after the tampa bay buccaneers in what turned out to be a dominating performance in every aspect of the football game. let's take you to university of phoenix stadium, andlet check in with the young cornerback, jameis winston, the all pro quarterback peterson who said today it is time step up. five minutes number 21 says, hey, that's what we are talking about. takes it out to the 25-yard line. the cardinals set the tone early. petersen running a better route than mike evans, how about that? impressive to say the least. first and goal play fake, who would you expect? palmer to fitzgerald, touchdown. when he bodies up on you as a defensive back, it is over. fitz, another big game, another


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