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tv   FOX 10 News 9pm  FOX  September 20, 2016 9:00pm-10:00pm MST

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causing chemical found in our next at 9:00, a cancer causing chemical found in our tap water.
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water nats it's something it's something you drink every day but do you know what is in your water? tonight, the alarming results of a study that found a cancer-causing chemical all 50 states. >> maybe you have heard of it before, hexa chromium. it was the subject of "erin brockovich." >> danielle miller joins us live with what the city is saying about it. >> reporter: john and kari, scary stuff to hear knowing all of the bad things that we have about chromium 6 but we spoke
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he tells us this drinking water is tested thousands of times a day totaling five million times a year. he says this recent study is misleading. a recent study claiming the average level of chromium 6 in the city of phoenix drinking water supply is one of the at 8453 parts per million. studies have shown chromium 6 causes lung cancer, reproductive problems, lung damage, and harm. >> it is coming out in the ground water. >> reporter: the waterselveses director with the city of phoenix says people living in the valley drinking the water from the tap have nothing to worry about. he believes the numbers are misleading in the study because
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that was tested. >> the unique thing about phoenix is ground water is only 2% of what we use. 98% of what we use is surface water so the water in the distribution system going to the customers have low levels of chromium in it. >> reporter: he says drinking product for the customers. >> the technology to remove chrome only removes it one part per billion and in the water distribution system i that of what the technology can remove it to. >> reporter: e.p.a. releasing a statement saying that an acceptable level of chromium in the water has not been determined. regulation could come from these studies. hayes says whatever the new regulations may be, phoenix will be within the guidelines and people drinking water here in
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>> we lost danielle. here is the map from the people who did the study. the deeper blue, the more chromium 6 in the water supply so we have an issue with maricopa, yavapai, and mohave county to the north that is the dark blue with the highest level of chromium 6 in the water supply. water in the maricopa county, we'll start there, tests about 400 times the chromium 6 than recommended. we'll go same thing. we got a lot more than what the folks are recommending. if you want to get the latest, head to our website,, take a closer look at the study. got a a news alert in charlotte. we'll take you there live. protesters clashing with police following a deadly officer-involved shooting. they are using tear gas trying
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african american exited the vehicle holding a gun and the officer who is also african american was forced to open fire. the victim's family says he was unarmed and did not deserve to die. we'll keep an update on this story. we'll break in and bring you new information as we work the story. we are two months away from election day and one of the biggest items on the ballot is prop 205 that is the measure to legalize recreational marijuana in arizona. >> a lot of interest in this vote for and against prop 205 are busy getting their message out there. andrew hasbun is live to explain. >> reporter: you will be hearing about it soon. opponents of legalizing marijuana just wrapped up a fundraiser, $10,000 a person. they are gearing up to what
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fight against the supporters of legalizing marijuana who have already raised millions. some of the specia guests of tonight's fundraiser includes governor doug ducey and mayor of colorado springs who says marijuana use is pervasive. >> 62% of expulsions and suspensions are due to marijuana use. my advice to arizonans would be to sit back, watch some of other state experiments continue to evolve and then decide if this is anything you want to be involved in. reporter: voters will decide this november if recreational marijuana will be regulated like alcohol and both sides are gearing up for a close value. >> prop 205 is chock-full of special interests. >> reporter: the participation for tonight's fundraiser shows
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participate in the roundtable discussion and another $1,000 to union the reception. $3 million. >> this is an issue about regulating it and making sure people know what is in the marijuana and taxing it and sending the money to schools and local governments and taking it out of the hands of the drug cartels. colorado voters would vote to repeal the state's marijuana laws. >> after a few years of legalization of allowing adults to use marijuana responsibly, legally, the sky is not falling. in fact, the residents of colorado think it is a good thing or it has no impact. >> reporter: according to the latest filings with the secretary of state's office, the
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drug policy have hazed $500,000 and that comes from independent organizers. they have raised $3 million and more than 90% came from businesses and the businesses came from marijuana dispensaries. i'm andrew hasbun, fox 10 news. a valley teen accused of sexually assaulting a student at the institute of technology. the victim and the suspect are in the school's law enforcement program. the female student claims he sexually assaulted her in an elevator after they had a hug. the suspect will be charged as an adult. the school says evit immediately notified police when the female student notified her teacher.
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this is a call no parent would want to receive. these apartments, their son who is a pilot, ryan kilgore got into a plane saturday night and it crashed in a fiery crash. kilgore was piloting a small plane, crashed into a home in gilbert but he survived. he stayed in the cockpit until all four of the skydivers were able to jump out safely from the burning aircraft. he was badly burned had his first surgery. his parents are speaking to the media. >> ryan was deeply concerned for the safety of the family whose home was damaged in the crash. thanks to his quick and appropriate action, everyone on board the flight survived. >> look at that wreckage. the plane crashed right into the gilbert home, total destruction there. two people were in the home when the crash happened.
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stable condition tonight. it is one of the busiest airports in the country. one of the runways will be shut down for maintenance. it happens as the peak travel season kicks into high gear. the north runway will be closed october 6 through november 6. the other two runways will be open but 30-minute delays could happen during the peak hours when it is busiest. sky harbor officials recommend you flight your status before you head to the airport. arizona cardinals fans are asking who was he pointing to. patrick peterson pointing into the stands after his big interception. he was running with the ball, out of the end zone. it was a good play. >> we're getting to the bottom of this. we found out who he was pointing to and why.
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lacava creating another jude's corner. >> reporter: patrick peterson makes plays on and off the field. listen to this, his foundation places libraries in title one schools throughout phoenix. with him scoring big today in chandler and we found out who the cards' cornerback was singling out in sunday's game against tampa bay. >> watch me be great. a lot of great o few legendary. >> looking for evans down the field and it is intercepted. peterson trying to bring it out of the end zone. here he comes pointing to the crowd. >> reporter: there were 60,000 fans who think you pointed to them. >> that was to my baby girl. i told her i was going to get an interception so she was siting up there in her seat and i pointed to her and told her that
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season. hello, hello. how are we doing today? >> good. >> reporter: on his day off, he made a bigger play with patrick's corner program donating 1,700 books at hartford elementary in chandler. >> the way my mom brought us up, the five of her kids and gave us resources to be special in life and to take i best way we could and to utilize my stardom and the right direction and make sure i am sending the best message across. >> reporter: what was your favorite book? >> definitely dr. seuss. i love the "green eggs and ham" story. >> reporter: how can you go
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peterson will be back on the field for practice as they prepare for a trip to the buffalo bills. beware of the bills on the road. we'll get into that story when we return in sports. the majestic antelope canyon one of the most scenic spots in arizona but its remote location makes it a haul. how one local company is making it aay is beer healthier for you than milk? one group says yes and they have the harvard stats to back it up. up next, the most powerful couple in hollywood calling it quits. the shocking new details surrounding the brangelina divorce and what it means for
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you'd have to have lost all contact with the world today to have not hear that angelina jolie is divorcing brad pitt! -tmz broke that story first
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you would have to be living under a rock today if you didn't hear the news about angelina jolie wanting to divorce brad pitt. big shocker. "tmz" reporting it, the divorce of the century. she is throwing brad under the bus. she says he is a boozer, pot head, and has anger issues. she wants soul custody of all six of the kids and it is blowing up the internet and blowing up on fox 5 news. mary-kate has been talking about it all day. i was shocked by it. >> there is so much going on in the news today but everyone wants to talk about brad and angelina. with the u.n. general assembly or the presidential election but this is one of the biggest hollywood splits in a long time. >> what are people saying, are
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he fired back and saying we have to be adults for the kids. i wasn't a drinker. i was a good dad so i got to talk to judge toler who is the host of divorce court. she said that angelina needs more proof about him being a boozer to get the six kids. >> they are trying to prove behavior that only happens in the home so how evidence of it? you may not have court records or documents to reflect that is happening. it's a matter of testimony from other third parties, if you have some record of disturbances, politicals, liquor bills, anything you can do that proves
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ugly if she has to prove this. what do she does is the next step? >> the next step is brad might file something tomorrow. >> to be continued. john, i have a feeling we will be hearing a lot more about this for a long time. >> what caught my ear is i never heard two young women and boozer runs off of their tongue like water. this is something that is quite amazing take a listen so this. i thought we were going to get a clip of it. ok, at any rate, angelina and brad have been together, as you know, since 200 4. they did not marry until 2014. they were a couple and when they got married, that was trouble.
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her concert to brangelina calling their breakup an end of an era. their pending divorce is on social media. you may remember the pitt divorce with aniston for jolie. they met on the set of "mr. and mrs. smith." >> maybe it is >> reporter: i would like to dedicate tonight's forecast to brangelina. the exit of the moisture from the hurricane is the end of the relationship. we're still seeing moisture out there. we could see more rain in the forecast and we'll talk about
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kids need some time to burn energy at school and parents at fulton elementary in chandler say their kids aren't getting enough recess time. >> now, they are taking action about it. they are asking the school to give the kids the recess time back. kids grades three through six get one 20-minute break after the lunch period and the parents are asking for one more 20-minute recess duri they have a petition with 160 signatures. >> if they want to play soccer, they can play soccer. if today -- they want to be on the swings they can. >> who would not sign for more recess? >> i've a boy, especially with boys. >> they have to burn it off. that's true. >> a survey will be sent out to parents and the school will make the decision.
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on our fox 10 twitter. we asked how important is recess to children and overwhelmly, they said recess is important. 4% said kids should study instead. thanks to all of you who took part. >> reporter: hope you have enjoyed the little bit of cloud cover we had out there today. it is enough to keep the at least this afternoon but we're still warm out there in the mid 80's at sky harbor. not too gusty out there. we continue to see a steady stream of moisture across the northwestern sections of the state. phoenix hasn't seen much today. staying pretty dry throughout the system pushing in. the moisture making its way over the boarder into northwestern arizona tracking through flag and up into parts of northeastern arizona as well.
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paine is now a tropical depression. it is no longer a category one hurricane. it will track to the north swing to the east and as that happens, more moisture making its way over the international border. the dew point reflecting how moist the atmosphere is. as we look at the drier sections, show low, dew points in the 40's. the numbers are higher than what in terms of the amount of rainfall, it looks like it will be minimal in the valley. we'll see pockets of cloud cover in addition to rain scattered throughout the state, not only wednesday but potentially into your thursday as well. not a big soaker with the system but we are getting the cloud cover to help keep things on the cooler side. mid 80's in phoenix. 73 in lake havasu. 64 for st. johns. 53 degrees for flagstaff.
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the 80's for goodyear. ahwatukee, 84. 82 for apache junction. 80 degrees for florence. today, a whole 10 degrees cooler than where we are this time in september. great news there if you're ready for more fall-like weather. record today was set back in 2010 when we hit 107 degrees. far off from what we saw today. thursday, we'll see pleasant temperatures and temperatures in temperatures in the 90's cooling down into the 60's. overnight, 50's for prescott. 57 in page. 70 for tucson. red contour still on our map for tomorrow as we see 90's in the lower deserts. st. johns will be 82 degrees. slight chance of showers tonight into tomorrow. notice more cloud cover making ware into sun breaks. it looks like i cool back
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o'halleran: i had some really tough cases as a police detective. but the problem in washington is as clear as day -- we can't trust our politicians to work for us. tom o'halleran has a plan to hold the politicians accountable --
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and no more first-class travel paid for by taxpayers. i'm tom o'halleran, and i approve this message because you deserve leaders you can trust. only on fox 10, it is magnificent, one of the most beautiful sights in arizona, antelope canyon. >> it is so remote and so far away from the valley that few people make that 276-mile trip. it is further than the grand
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it almost on the utah border. you're looking at a minimum two-night hotel stay and fees. now there is another way. a tempe-based company is offering a one-day trip on board a sight sering -- seeing coach that sits 12 people. >> we wanted to experience arizona. >> reporter: all the way from >> you want to get in as much as you can. >> reporter: we are on our way. our tour guide drivers were don stevens and paul shwitzer. >> it is the only tour guide company that offers day tours to antelope canyon. >> reporter: this day tour started with a beautiful arizona
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u.f.o. fun at a roadside store. the first scheduled stop, horseshoe bend, hundreds of people snapping photos of the iconic image where the colorado river takes a 360-degree turn about 900 feet down. >> it wasn't what i expected it to be. it was breath taking. >> you get great views. here, which makes some people nervous. >> i talked to the ranger and this is safe. nobody has fallen since he has been here. >> reporter: others take advantage by staging risky selfies. >> people are from all over the world. >> the whole panorama is amazing. >> the rock formations are beautiful. >> reporter: after a quick lunch in page, we approach the
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canyon and it is time to take more photos. >> i think all of the group is going to go into the canyon. >> reporter: he was the first to begin navajo tours in 1992. >> right here is where i started. this area right here was my office right here. we had a chair, table, umbrella. >> reporter: just aho we plunged down the small hole and into the famous slot canyon. there used to be rope ladders here. >> this is a nice time to photograph here. >> reporter: this was carved over hundreds of years by water running through sand stone. it was illuminated by sunshine high above. >> this area from inside the
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and it gets back narrow. >> reporter: it was a flash flood that killed 11 people here in 1997. >> garden of angel. >> reporter: ken pulled to safety. >> people wanted to see why it happened and why people came here and pretty soon everyone starts pouring in. >> reporter: on a clear day, 400-500 people can the canyon. it can get tight but the view is worth the lack of elbow room. >> it is amazing to see the formations. >> it is a different world down there. >> reporter: 90 minutes later, another steep climb out of the canyon. next stop, lee's ferry once the only way to get across the colorado river now a jumping off point for raft riders. >> they go down the river on
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they take. >> reporter: at the navajo bridge, the california condors. the condors were nearly extinct and now there are nearly 400 in the area. >> we learn about the california condor and to see one is extremely rare so we were excited. >> reporter: the final stop, dinner at the historic trading post north of flagstaff. >> it is a long day for some but it is totally worth it for visitors and som only have a day to get up to northern arizona and see that beautiful slot canyon. >> reporter: more than 600 miles in one day but as everyone found out, their pictures are worth 1,000 words and then some. who wants to take a road trip? let's do it. it is a 15-hour day trip. it just added antelope canyon
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one-day tour to the grand canyon and tombstone. you can learn more on their website. we posted a link on our website, the future is here. the federal government issuing its first self-driving car rules and they are saying we'll let this happen but we're going to watch over this. the guidelines will have to spell out how the companies make sure the systems work in the driverless cars and the data must be available for federal google testing self-driving cars in chandler. just yesterday, we told you a few cars were involved in three crashes but none were caused by the self-driving vehicle. they were hit. other people hit them but they have been pretty safe. automakers say driverless cars may be able for you to buy within five years. you should resign and you
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investigated. >> angry senators demanding wells fargo's c.e.o. resign following a banking scam that cost more than 5,000 employees their jobs after it was discovered two million accounts were opened without customer approval. the bank blamed dishonest employees but lawmakers say stump should step down. >> i accept full responsibility for all practices and i'm fully committed to fixing this issue, strengthening our culture, and taking the necessary actions to restore our customers trust. >> a lot of blame about unrealistic sales goals and two weeks ago regulators fined wells fargo $85 million in this scandal.
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than 100,000 customers $2.5 million in fees. the batch of replacement galaxy note 7 phones will be available tomorrow for customers who want to exchange them. how many people have the burning desire to get the same phone? the phone was recalled last week. it is linked to several fires caused to the battery overheating and exploding. one-third of galaxy note opts for the refund instead of a replacement phone. it will take you more time to get through the security at city hall. details on new security measures in place. >> reporter: cardinals are ready to get on the practice field and shuffle off to
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a new page of controversy for sheriff paul babeu. sources tell us the fbi has subpoenaed records related to how babeu's office used seized criminal money also known as rico funds. critics have said pcso's use of the foundation and they've also accused babeu of using the funds to fuel his campaign. it may already be illegal campaigning with government resources. or if they're just being used to make the sheriff look good, as he runs for congress.
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federal prosecutors have filed charges against a man federal prosecutors have federal prosecutors filed charges against a man accused of setting off bombs in new york city and new jersey over the weekend. >> we're learning the suspect's father sounded alarms to authorities contacting the f.b.i. after a 2014 stabbing because he was concerned his son was a terrorist. the f.b.i. determined khan rahami's father later retracted the comment and said he was afraid his son was hanging out with the wrong crowd, including gangs. police believe that rahami planted a pressure cooker bomb in new york that injured 29 people. they believe he planted another bomb blocks away and a third bomb in seaside heights, new jersey. one of his former classmates says he was stunned with everything that happened.
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was normal and went to work in a cubicle or sell cars or accounting, i don't know what the mentality of someone like that is. >> it is instructive on how quickly things turned for this young man. he was injured in a shootout. he was facing charges in that shooting. >> new security measures at phoenix city hall are up and running. you have to go through metal detectors and have your bag screened with an x-ray machine. hall and municipal call every week. you have someone stranded on the road that won't stop you but you get a dog on the i-17 and that brings it to a standstill.
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>> you can see the dog running in the right lane. he is off and running and everybody was trying to make sure he did not get hit. fire crews were able to safely escort the dog off of the freeway. >> reporter: drivers are hosing themselves at the pump. a new report from aaa shows americans are wasting more than $2 billion a year on premium gas because their vehicles need regular gas. here is s paying for gas, it is the chevy volt. g.m. unveiling the price tag, it will be around $37,000 but federal tax credits could dock it down to $30,000. to wall street, stocks barely budging thursday as the fed decides whether or not to
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macy's will add 83,000 temporary employees to help during the holiday season. it is about the same number of employees it added last year. that is business. still ahead tonight, beer or milk? which one do you like better? are you kidding me? the answer is easy for some people. >> one group says beer is actually better for you.
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coming up tonight at 10 coming up tonight at 10:00, work extra hours, you deserve overtime, don't you? why arizona is fighting overtime hours for some workers. dealing with a skittle scandal. how the sweet candy is leaving a bitter taste in the presidential plane and told her that i loved her and if i didn't get through it, just pray. >> can you believe this stuff? one of several terrified passengers on a phoenix to tampa flight. flight 574 scheduled to land at tampa international around midnight. >> they had troubles. a light went off in the cockpit indicating a problem with the landing gear and flight attendants and passengers were
9:50 pm
landing. can you imagine that? the plane did land. it didn't do a crash landing. the landing gear was fine. you hear the guy calling home saying and i don't see you again, i love you. >> this is scary stuff. it is just a warning light that probably went off and gave them a false warning. i had one flight from san francisco to kansas city and we did one of those drops where i'm guessing 500 feet, not a big deal but it lasted for several seconds and it was frightening. >> i've been on a my flights where you think are you going down but what is worse is when you hear nothing from the cockpit. >> radio silence. as long as they are not in the
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beer is better for you than milk. according to people for the ethical treatment for animals, peta has come to your salvation. beer can strengthen bones while milk is linked to obesity and cancer. the studies come from harvard. >> since it is peta, they are looking at the impact of the methane and the impact on the animals and the earth than on your liver. >> guess who is upset? >> who? >> the dairy council. there is always something going to be upset. >> can't we have both in our refrigerator and everyone be happy? >> can we all just get along? >> milk in the morning, beer at night. >> drink more beer, kari, and she will. >> maybe one. >> reporter: i will take a
9:52 pm
a shot of milk and a mug of beer. beware of the buffalo bills. coming off of an impressive win against number 11 texas.
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the history for the cardinals traveling back east has always the history for the cardinals the history of the arizona cardinals traveling back east has been cautious. three time zones is not an easy transition. in the case of a buffalo bills, a defense that thrives after going after the qualification. you -- quarterbacks. you know that with rex ryan. you have a good quarterback who doesn't make a lot of you can never take the guys lightly at home. it is interesting to note that they are 0-2 and desperate for a home win. the bills will host the cardinals this sunday morning. he can escape and buy time and make the play here as he does to sallas on this touchdown catch. bruce arians with the ears up saying we have to be ready for
9:56 pm
they can play. they are hungry and they are desperate for a win. >> you have to respect your opponent every week. buffalo has a ton of talent. don't get caught up with the coaching stuff. you just watch the film. there is enough up there. the defense is outstanding and you come to work today and get your work done and as long as we have should have, you shouldn't have to worry about it. >> reporter: let's get you set for the schedule on sunday. it starts with fox nfl kickoff and fox nfl sunday and mark it down, 10:00 a.m. cards at the buffalo bill. we break down the big plays and have the latest from the locker room. as for the sun devils, the
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impressive win against texas. they are ranked at number 11 and you can see the passing talents. he is really good. four touchdown passes for davis webb. you beat texas and that is impressive. they came off of the surprising win earlier in the season against notre dame. when you have a quarterback who is big and has and can wing it. they won the game over texas, 50-43. you know game on come saturday night, a.s.u.-cal. >> obviously, he is a veteran. he is a bit tall. he is difficult to sack and get down. you get a hold of him but he is able to get the ball off. he is a very good quarterback. you can tell he has gelled with our players.
9:58 pm
really impressed with him. i think he has great -- i love his passion and heart he plays with and competes with. they have, obviously, their system was similar last year. it is a little bit different now. they are executing it pretty well. >> reporter: arizona diamondbacks, how about this, raining in san diego. this was quite a delay in san diego archie bradley on the hill and he is keeping it close. strikes out jon jay here. only in the fifth inning right now. padres, just trying to finish up with a flurry. it is 2-0, still in the fist. padres leading the diamondbacks, 2-0, in the fifth.
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peterson, i think people say what do they do on their day off. you're going to see what he does on his day off. right now, it is kari lake with fox 10 news at 10:00. the battle over legalizing recreation marijuana and prop 205 heats up. less than two months from election day, both sides were out trying to get their message across. andrew hasbun joins andrew? >> reporter: kari, they are trying to get their message out and they are raising money. we are at the sanctuary resort where a fundraiser where people oppose legalizing marijuana wrapped up tonight. the fundraiser cost $10,000 a person to attend. they appear to be gearing up to what looks like an expensive fight against those who support legalizing marijuana.
10:00 pm
some of the special guests include governor doug ducey and the mayor of colorado springs. >> my advice to arizonans is to sit back and watch the other state's experiments continue to involve and see if this is something you want to be involved with. >> reporter: they will decide if recreational marijuana will be legalized like alcohol. >> prop 205 is chock-full of guarantees you get rich while the rest of us pay the price. >> reporter: the invitation for the fundraiser shows it costs $10,000 to participate in the roundtable discussion and another $1,000 to join the the reception. the other side has raised just over $3 million. >> this is an issue about regulating and what is in the


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