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tv   FOX 10 News 9pm  FOX  September 25, 2016 9:00pm-10:00pm MST

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first tonight at nine o'clock: a fox 10 news first tonight at nine first tonight at 9:00. a fox 10 news alert out of chandler where a busy intersection just reopened after a crash. >> we're looking at arizona and warner road head-on with another car and third car was in that wreck. >> a total of 10 people, including a little girl. she was thrown from the car. it is unclear if she was wearing a seat belt. she is at phoenix children's hospital in critical condition. >> investigators are looking into whether the driver who caused the collision was impaired at the time of the
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later on fox 10 news at 10:00. a scary day for one valley morning. >> she tried to be a good samaritan but she was beaten and robbed who she thought the group of people was stalled on the freeway. reporter: the incident hand around 3:00 this morning in the southbound lanes around the loop 101 and the interchange. a woman in her 20's was drivin ho f over to help this group of people. >> we will respond whether it is a stranded motorist or for whatever remember, you see the need, make the phone call and we'll respond. >> reporter: police warning drivers after they say a woman who pulled over to help a stalled car was robbed around 3:00 this morning. when the woman pulled over in
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interchange, a female juvenile got in the vehicle and punched her in the face. they robbed the woman and took her cellphone and money. all four people involved in the incident took off. police caught up with them about two miles from where this happened. they arrested all four suspects. the juvenile's identity has not been released but two 18 year olds have been charged with assault and robbery and 19-yr- been charged with possession of marijuana. police say although many people like this victim have good intentions, they say it is best to call police for help. >> the best thing somebody can do to help is to call police, call a nonemergency number or you can call 911 and that way when we get out that way, we have all of the resources if they need. if they are stranded or need a
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>> reporter: no word on what the juvenile will be charged with. police telling us she is a runaway. danielle miller, fox 10 news. a woman is sent to the hospital in critical condition after she suffered multiple stab wounds during a domestic violence incident. a man wounded the woman at the apartment and the woman was able to get away. police found the man at a paramedics took her to the hospital where she is being treated tonight. police identified a 70-year-old man killed in a chain-reaction crash involving two cars. franklin martin was riding in a car last night near 67th eave grand avenues when it was sideswiped by another vehicle. the car he was in collided with a power pole killing martin. the driver suffered
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passenger suffered injure prims speed and impairment did not play a role in the crash. >> one of the guys told the story today that he told one of his teammates that the last game that he pitched against the national was his best game he ever pitched. now, he is gone it's hard. >> heavy hearts tonight in major league baseball after one of their own is killed in a boating accident. miami marlins' ace pitcher jose fernandez and two other died when the boat crashed off of the coast tonight. investigators say it appears that the boat was going at full speed when it hit the jetty. fire crews say they found two bodies under the boat and the
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jetty. arizona diamondbacks tweeting out their condolences saying their love, thoughts and prayers go out to the marlins. the diamondbacks tweeting out this image before today's game, d-backs and orioles have a moment of silence for the marlins. >> reporter: one of baseball's brightest stars killed in a boating accident early sunday morning. the marlins pitcher was traveling with boat at full speed when it hit an unit will jetty. no word if drugs or alcohol was a factor in the crash. >> they found two bodies underneath the vessel and found aned a adjacent body on the jet. >> reporter: he had a promise of a hall of fame career.
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national league's rookie of the year award. his team remembering him today. >> as mad as he would make you with the stuff he would do, you see the little kid that you see when -- when you see kids play little league or something like that that is the joy jose played with. >> reporter: the pitcher had an inspiring back story making it to the u.s. from cuba on a boat where he jumped into the water to save his mother from drowning. the marlins' game sunday at home against the atlanta braves was canceled. he was just 24 years old and was about to be a father to a baby
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a big let down for fans of the arizona cardinals. the team defeated by the buffalo bills, 33-18. >> jude la lacava is live with t game reaction. the big question is what happened out there today? >> reporter: i think a lot of fans are asking that question today. fans are expressing regard for the 0-2, buffalo bills. how did a desperate team and outplay the cards in every phase of the game. rex ryan's his status in question but this team pounded away at lesean mccoy to give the bills a 10-0 lead in the first half. it steam rolled from there. taylor says i will tuck and run and find the end zone. before you could look up, early third quarter, i mean this game was out of control. turnover after turnover.
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the head of the holder drew butler. it is picked up by aaron williams who goes 53 yards for another buffalo bills touchdown. 29-7, buffalo. it seems like the bills team took it out of the cardinals. arizona had no answer. watch it again. bruce arians saying they will look at the status of the special teams, including the long snapper position and perhaps a punter regarding drew butler's injury. as for david to battle back in this game late thursday quarter, 30-13 on this david johnson touchdown run. at every turn, the cardinals couldn't come up with it. looked like tyrann mathieu could scoop it up and it remains in the bills' position. the breaks going in favor of buffalo as well. carson palmer was interceptedded
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we'll break it down tonight with max starks in this game and what has to be addressed. a long afternoon in buffalo. palmer looking to make a play down field. bills win in convincing fashion, 33-18 the final. >> we talked all week about getting off to a fast start and this is the slowest one we've had offensively. defensiv tempo. offensively, we could not convert a third down. just did a poor job of running routes, finding guys, getting open and protecting the quarterback. found a little rhythm and worked our way back. proud they fought their ass off to get back but then they gave it away. we continued to make mistakes in all three phases. >> reporter: we'll get into specifics at 10:30 with max
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icon. the passing of the great arnold palmer. we'll see you at 10:30. former arizona governor jan brewer tweeted this image saying a beautiful day for a football game in buffalo. i ran into plenty of arizona cardinals' fans before the game. brewer is in new york for tomorrow's presidential debate and tomorrow is her 72nd birthday. beautiful weekend out there but we're about to see changes in the forecast. what do you think about cooler temperatures and maybe some rain. we have officially arrived, guys. take a look at the numbers tonight. now, we're warmer than we were yesterday. seven degrees warmer in casa grande. 11 degrees warmer in show low. 13 degrees warmer in st. johns. now, while we're seeing warmer conditions, the trend is going
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addition to the push of moisture we're going to see to the south. futurecast showing tomorrow before lunchtime the initial push of moisture into arizona as we get into the evening, one thing for sure you will notice throughout the day tomorrow increasing cloud cover. overnight into tuesday looks like light activity possible all the way into tuesday afternoon and tuesday evening and wednesday. we'll see the patches of cloud cover and see a dip in temperatures as a cooler conditions than what we have seen in the past few days. in addition to the cooler weather, we're going the see windy conditions. there was a wind advisory in effect for arizona but the advisory for southeastern arizona is in effect until 4:00 tomorrow. gusty winds possible and blowing dust as well. we'll talk about the changes in the weather patterns in a few minutes.
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decide whether to legalize recreational marijuana, a medical marijuana dispensary opens up. a turkey on the loose. how it has been reunited with its owner. but fist, the showdown in new york. less than 24 hours away, we'll have details about the first presidential debate about the general election. a new page of controversy for sheriff paul babeu. sources tell us the fbi has subpoenaed records related to how babeu's office used seized criminal money also known as rico funds. critics have said pcso's use of the foundation is like money laundering. and they've also accused babeu of using the funds to fuel his campaign.
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resources. or if they're just being used to make the sheriff look good, as he runs for congress.
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developing story tonight in a developing story tonight in illinois where five people have been at the university of illinois. in an area nearby a 22-year-old man died. >> it started after midnight during an argument at a party at an apartment. detectives are now investigating. we are learning more about a young man who is suspected of killing five people at a mall in washington state. >> police say the accused gunman is an immigrant from turkey
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a neighbor calls him creepy, rude, and on -- obnoxious. >> the motive is still unclear. >> i hit my brakes, did a quick turn and jumped out. another deputy was coming the other direction and he jumped out and he froze. >> reporter: arcan cetin was apprehended late last night after a >> he said nothing. he was just kind of zombie-like is the best i can describe him. he did not have a weapon with him. he had a sati -- satchel that appeared to be another bag. >> reporter: he opened fire killing four women and a man before fleeing. >> i heard about one then two and that is when i turned around
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four, five, six. >> reporter: law enforcement staged a massive search for more than 20 hours to find the suspect. it is unclear what the motive was. >> the next stage is to do the interviews and learn more from him if he is willing to share that with us. >> reporter: authorities have not ruled out terrorism. he immigrated from turkey and is a legal permanent resident. the identities have not been released. they range in age from 16 to 95 years old. in burlington, washington, dan springer, fox news. i think what needs to happen at the debate is the candidates need to present their capacity to serve as commander in chief. we think hillary clinton will do that but we're concerned that there is a double standard here.
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passing grade. donald trump can't demonstrate he does not have a command of the issues and get a passing grade. we ask that donald trump show that he is ready to be president of the united states. >> a victory for donald trump is answering the questions and show america that he is ready to be president and commander in chief on day one. the poll just released is number one issues is economy and terrorism and donald trump is you trust more on both issues. we hope the debate will be about substantive issues. i have to push back a little bit on my colleague robbie out there. donald trump is out there every day talking about issues. >> the campaign managers for donald trump and hillary clinton weighing in on tomorrow night's debate. >> the stage is set at hofstra university where the republican
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head-to-head in the first debate. >> an estimated 100 million viewers are expected to tune in and we'll be carrying this on fox 10 and our website at 6:00. >> stay with us after the debate. we'll have live reports with john hook in new york and we'll bring you live political coverage here in the valley and in studio as well. if you're looking for some halloween costume ideas, it is around the corr. the convention held in the valley helping people to decide on the scariest stuff to wear. >> i feel so much pressure. >> people are pros. tonight, nice, clear conditions but cloud cover is increasing. it is going to see moist conditions out there. we'll tell you how it will
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thousands of homes evacuated in cedar rapids and waverly, iowa, after the river crested there. sand bags have been donated to people living in the potential path of flood waters. the river is expected to crest at 23 feet on tuesday. much of the upper midwest hit very hard by a line of we'll be looking a that the in just a moment. here, nice and calm tonight. we did see gusty winds earlier. one of the advisories has expired for northeastern arizona. southeastern arizona will continue to see gusty winds tonight into tomorrow. sky harbor the winds have relaxed nicely about 5 miles an hour. 85 degrees at the airport. most of the moisture is to the south and to the east of us. it is attempting to get into
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state in the overnight hours and the next few days. the storm system that is in mexico is going to continue to move into arizona toward colorado river with that a push of moisture and increase of cloud cover and potential of storms, as we saw on the futurecast. a chance for scattered activity and best chance we'll see rain there but we could see raindrops there in the valley as well. just to give you an idea of how windy it was, maximum speed of gusts, 44 miles an hour in bullhead city. we saw gusts in the 30's for payson and kingman and the grand canyon. 20's for yuma. we're cooling down nicely tonight. you're getting to enjoy the crisp fall weather. you're seeing numbers in the 60's for payson. warmer as we get to the lower deserts. 80 for gila bend. here in the valley, the numbers are in the 80's.
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as we get into the overnight hours. buckeye, low 80's. apache junction at the 80-degree mark and upper 80's across the map as well. the newspapers continuing to dip as we get into the early morning hours. we came in slightly below the seasonable norm. 95 is what we hit for the afternoon high. back in 1989, 108 degrees. certainly did not feel like fall. you saw the flooding that marc talked about through parts of the upper midwest. this stalled cold front resulted in heavy rain in texas. you can see the severe activity at this hour. saturated ground into southeastern texas and into eastern texas. we'll see a threat of flash flooding. 50's in payson and page overnight. we'll be below 60-degree mark for kingman. we'll see 62 for safford.
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for tomorrow, just a little bit of that orange-red contour on our map. we're starting to see the widespread yellows that are quite warm. 80 for safford tomorrow. 80's for sedona, excuse me. tonight, you will notice increased cloud cover and breezy tonight. winds will kick up more tomorrow. it could be breezy in the valley but as i mentioned before, southeastern arizona is where we'r the windy conditions, potential for blowing dust because we're not expected to see the ground wet in the lower terrains. chance of rain minimal but monday, tuesday, maybe wednesday and fabulous temperatures in the 80's. >> we're almost there. >> we're seeing a break every year. halloween is the day people use. anxious for halloween if nothing else. >> that is why i look forward to
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temps. coming up on fox 10 news at 10:00, a medical marijuana dispensary opening in the east valley and marcy jones has the story. a turkey found wandering around in a valley neighborhood back with its owner tonight. we'll give you the story about how they have been reunited. gas prices are slightly up. how much arizonans are paying a the pumps. if you would like to contact me on social media, if you can find me on
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new at nine tonight: new at 9:00, a million dollar medical marijuana dispensary has come to the east valley. >> it is called harvest of scottsdale and it held an open house today to meet and greet its neighbors. marcy jones is live with more on that. >> reporter: that's right. the folks at harvest want to and what their mission is that is why today their doors were open to everyone. if you think you have seen it all when it comes to medical marijuana dispensaries, think again. it is the most expensive. >> we put the last three years to design a facility that perfectly fits our need.
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business because of something personal. her 12-year-old daughter no longer suffers massive seizures after taking cannabis. >> she has been doing really well and i knew i had to be involved and start advocating and educating other families on what could come from their family starting cannabis. >> reporter: the new space provides room for critical and educational programs so patients get what they need. meetings. a doctor will come in and talk to people with or without cards, with their medical needs and answer questions they have so they can make an informed decision on whether cannabis is right for them. >> reporter: they have a location in tempe. a medical marijuana card isn't required to come in and ask questions and get educated. marcy jones, fox 10 news.
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smokers to light up in california. governor brown signed a bill that prevents people from lighting up within 200 feet from sporting events and anyone caught lighting up or using e-cigarettes could face a fine. the smoking age was raised from 18 to 21. when you cast your ballot, you get a sticker that says i voted. more and more people are they are exercising their right by taking a selfie but not everyone is smiling about it. >> reporter: selfies in the voting booth are at the center of a federal case. new hampshire is appealing a court ruling that struck down that selfie ballot ban. >> a secret vote is very important to the preservation of liberty. >> reporter: the secretary of state of new hampshire william
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bedrock principle dating back to the founding fathers. in the 19th century, the secret ballot was to prevent intimidation. garner says it should stay that away i. >> it is what a lot of people fought and died for, the right to have a free and independent vote and not to be being able to vote that way. >> this, to me, is an ideaic -- idiotic law. >> reporter: he is one of the aclu plaintiffs who sued the state. >> there is no evidence that because someone takes a picture of their ballot and posts it online that is going to increase vote buying and selling. >> reporter: he says the ban
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>> all of the cases were a mat of free speech. one guy protested that he did not think he had a decent choice so he put his dog's name in who passed away. >> reporter: garner insists selfies intrude on the sanctity of the voting booth. >> it is a special place and a special place to be able to vote your conscious and not how someone else wants you to there is not many things in life that people are equal but the vote is equal. >> reporter: a decision on new hampshire's appeal of the selfie ban is expected in a few months after the election. well, you may have noticed we're paying a little more at the gas pumps. prices are up 4 cents in the past two weeks.
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gallon of gas is $2.11. flagstaff, $2.36. $1.90 down in tucson. still ahead on fox 10 news, a turkey on the loose back at home tonight. how it was reunited with its owner. plus, before he performs at the arizona state fair, we'll hear from gavin degraw about his
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because practice pays off. because it's better to give than to receive. because there's no place like home. with innovative services that let you focus on what's most important.
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a fox 10 follow up to a story we first brought you a fox 10 follow up to a a fox 10 follow-up on a story we last night. >> the public was asked for it's help to reunite the turkey with its owner. the owner did not know the bird was missing until a neighbor called. >> marcy jones has an update on his story. >> reporter: it was a rough night on the farm for farmer eddie. >> my neighbor called me said i saw your turkeys. i saw them on tv last night.
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they are gone. >> reporter: it is not every day you come across a turkey, is it? >> no, definitely not. >> three or four are missing so i'm sure the coyotes got the other ones. >> we got a call from someone who had a turkey in their yard. >> people say turkeys are stupid, they are not. >> reporter: eddie says turkeys are smart, unlike other birds he has >> emus are so stupid. >> animal control went out and picked up the turkey. >> reporter: the birds, although his business, are his babies. >> these are hard to get, this color is rare to get because you just -- because that is a cross between a solid brown and and brown and a white and then a white and black and white.
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reunite someone's animal with the owner. >> it is nice to see her because they are like babies. i raise them from babies. >> reporter: thankfully, this story has a happy ending. even the officer had fun with solving this case with no foul play. >> our animal control does an outstanding job. >> reporter: did you touch the turkey? >> i didn't. >> it is great when we can reunite an animal -- 10 news. >> thank you for that, marcy. halloween may be a month away but one local artist is putting an early spin on halloween by having a mini themed convention. they partnered with the people from comic-con to throw the event. it has pumpkin apartmenting --
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>> there was a hole where halloween is and i love halloween. we started to make a place for people to celebrate and make halloweens better. >> the event is in its third year and it was held at the phoenix convention center. shopping with a super hero to help abused children that is what one group did to make sure some neglected kids in the valley have something to look forward to. courtney griffin has the story. >> reporter: it is september and this weekend the phoenix police department, firefighters, bikers against child abuse, and volunteers dressed up as super heros and shopped for gifts for children. >> we took donated moneys throughout the month to shop for items with a super hero theme. >> reporter: the toys and tee shirts go to children who visit the advocate center in central phoenix. >> there are 500 kids a month that come through the center to
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>> reporter: detectives say when the child leaves the center, they will leave with a new super hero toy or tee shirt to help them get through difficult times. >> super heros have empowered other people and we're talking about abused children. they need love and uplifting. >> reporter: the center has assisted more than 9,000 children since 1959 when it opened. >> every kid is going to be happy when they get one of these still ahead, singer and song writer gavin degraw making a stop in the valley.
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o'halleran: i had some really tough cases as a police detective. but the problem in washington is as clear as day -- we can't trust our politicians to work for us. tom o'halleran has a plan to hold the politicians accountable -- no pay for congress if they don't pass a budget, reduce the influence of big money and special interests, and no more first-class travel paid for by taxpayers.
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there's a new number one well, there is a new number one film at the weekend box office. the "magnificent seven" taking the top spot. the remake featuring denzel washington is one of the biggest openings for a western movie. "stork" came in second $22 million. "sully" came in with $14 million to round out the top three. singer and song writer gavin degraw is performing at the arizona state fair on september 28. he is premiering his newest album. ? >> reporter: multiplatinum singer, song writer gavin degraw
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fifth studio album. he kicked off a cross-country tour. ? >> this is to be celebrated. this is not a real job. i've had real jobs and this is not one of them. this is cake compared to a real job. we're very blessed to be able to do what we love to do every day. how many jobs that you can think of at the end of the work day people stand up and >> reporter: gavin says there is a common theme among his new >> i think the self empowering topic is a present topic right now, right? i think that works right now. i think it will work for the next several years and i think it has worked for the last five years. i think it has the potential of making a connection with people because everyone has been kicked around at some point. everyone has been told they are not good enough, right?
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potential to satisfy that. >> reporter: while reflecting on his career, gavin shared a fun story that it was another piano man who inspired him to start on his musical journey. ? >> i wanted to be an opt molings and i saw billy joel play and i saw the public overwhelmed with joy and in that moment, i said music is medicine. music is definitely medicine and this is what i want to do. ? how many times last week did we say be ware of the buffalo bills? now you know why. cardinals-bill, changes are ll tell you what our line up
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(jude)the arizona cardinals season of high expectations (jude)the arizona cardinals the arizona cardinals season of high expectations have taken a bit of a hit after three games. the cardinals were outplayed in every phase of the game when rex ryan turned his defense loose on carson palmer and it was not pretty.
9:54 pm
easy t.d. here. bills punched first and they kept going. taylor says third and four. i will take it myself and contained defensive break downs. we talked about that with max starks on what happened against the bills run game? we'll get into that at 10:30. the long snap over the head of the holder and into the hands of aaron williams into the bills who takes bills touchdown. you're looking at 29-7, buffalo answered every time. bruce arians did say they will have to address the situation, including the punting duties for drew butler because he has been working on a severely sprained ankle. as for carson palmer, they tried to get it going with david
9:55 pm
30-13. there was another turnover and then a chance to grab a turnover here and the ball bounces and deflects out of bounds and stays in buffalo's possession. couldn't make their own breaks today. how about four interceptions and a fumble? lost to the buffalo bills, opportunities slipping through the hands of the arizona cardinals. that was not easy to watch for cards' fans today. sacked five times. the i.n.t. here and buffalo held on in an impressive win today. 33-18, the final. the bills hand another loss to the cardinals. their 1-2 after three games. you know it will be a rough week of pack -- practice for bruce arians.
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all three phases. let him get out on a scramble, things we emphasized all week that we could not do. it is not easy but you preach it and hope it shows up in tend. -- in the end. it did not show up. we'll have to evaluate that further. >> reporter: more on the arizona cardinals tonight at 10:30. wild card race. they are going for the sweep. kim, a two-run shot in the second inning. orioles, a little bit of life a little slumping the last week or two. got ahold of the d-backs and this shot right here. brandon drury makes a great grab and looks like arizona might avoid the sweep but it did not
9:57 pm
more changes with the d-backs front office. the d-backs swept by the baltimore orioles. 2-1, the final. i'm biased here. i don't think there is anybody who breaks down the cards' game played by max starks. he is a straight shooter and he is going to tell you the numerous breakdown for the cardinals. what does coach arians do now the season? join us for that in 30 minutes. you're going to hear from tony jefferson and tyrann mathieu as we connect with buffalo and more to come as well. we'll look at the passing of an american icon. the death of arnold palmer, the significance of the sporting world with the growth of television and the sporting
9:58 pm
we'll continue to follow what is happening with the cardinals. we expect there may be changes over the next few days. tuesday is tryout is going to be a new long snapper. we'll return in 30 minutes on sports night.
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thank you for joining us gnaw -- thank you for joining us for fox 10 news at 10:00. we start with a scary situation
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assaulted and robbed. >> she pulled over to help people who she thought needed her help. danielle miller joins us with more. >> reporter: this incident happened around 3:00 this morning in the southbound lanes of the loop 101 and 60 interchange. the woman who is in her 20's was driving home from work when she pulled over to help this group of people. >> we will always respond whether it is a stranded motorist or need, we will respond. >> reporter: police warning drivers after they say a woman who pulled over to help a stalled car was sexualed and robbed around 3:00 this morning. when the woman pulled over in the southbound lanes on the loop 101 near the 60 interchange, a man opened her door and a juvenile got in the vehicle and punched her in the face. they took her cellphone and her


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