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tv   FOX 10 News 6pm  FOX  September 29, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MST

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about where she was seen is asked to give them a call. well, he says phoenix police officers forced him to eat marijuana during a traffic stop to avoid arrest and tonight we are hearing from that young man about his version of events that unfolded. fox 10's danielle miller has an update. this 19-year-old held a press conference today with reverend jarrett maupin. he tells us that he initially told these police officers that he would not eat this marijuana but he felt so threatened by them that h that pot. now he is telling us along with reverend maupin that these three officers resigned from their positions, one officer was demoted because of it. he says they want more justice. he was humiliated and dehumanized in his neighborhood, maryvale. >> 19-year-old edgar castro along with reverend jarrett maupin saying today they want full justice. the teen says he was pulled over on september 13 during the
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speeding. >> i was ticketed with speeding, a broken glass, no registration, no license, and suspended plates and all of this -- >> and castro says three officers made him eat about a gram of pot he had in his car. they told him he would go to jail otherwise so he did it out of fear. >> i told them no. then they had their hands on the taser guns and everything is so i so i went ahead and ate it. >> quickly after the incident, all three officers involved resigned and an additional officer was demoted. the maupin says that's not enough. he is demanding further action from the city. >> it's going to cost them some time. it's going to make them half v to engage in policy reform. let's get that diversity training going. let's examine these cops and where they are recruited from. >> castro and mawp weren't asked several timize castro had
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possession. maupin told us that is not to be discussed at this time. >> why not? >> why not? because the stop was erroneous and the violation of his civil rights grew out of that illegal stop. and frankly i don't know if he is currently being charged with possession of anything. so why should we speak to something criminally? >> a lawsuit could be coming if the city does not do as the things that he sees fit for them to do. he is telling us his family have received threats so they will be going to mcso to make sure that those threats are investigated. danielle miller, "fox 10 news." tragic update now for the five-year-old avondale boy who died after accidentally shooting himself. today police released that boy's name. officers say xavier jones got ahold of a gun yesterday at his home near central avenue and lower buckeye when he accidentally shot himself. the detectives say the boy's mom was there at the time.
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the circumstances surrounding that child's death. a police officer is wounded and the suspect is dead in the shootout today that happened in kingman. in the area of western and miami avenues. that was south of the i-40. the officer was trying to serve a search warrant for a home there for stolen property when 1409s were fired. the suspect, 53-year-old jeffrey kay was shot and killed. paramedcs took the officer in serious but stable condition. the names of the officers and the individual killed again we just learned h jeffrey cave. prosecutors say police in flagstaff were justified to shoot and kill an armed man during a confrontation.& investigators say back in may, 26-year-old man was seen in a conference sent war gun. he was confronted by officers before he tried to car jack a man. police say he got out of the car, ignored commands to drop the gun and pointed it at officers. that's when police opened fire. no one else was hurt.
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intentionally hitting two phoenix police officers with a car and injuring a third in a fight. faces a judge today. marc payne pleaded not guilty more than a dozen felony counts including attempted first-degree murder. investigate ers say he sped his car and hit two officers a little more than two weeks ago at a qt at 25th avenue and camelback road. those officers suffered serious injuries. third officer was slightly hurt during a struggle with payne. while police believe payne was intoxicated at the time. for assaulting three officers as well. a goodwill store in chandler is evacuated after police say a man fired a shot inside. employees arrived for work this morning near alma school and ray and found the man inside the store. the man took off after firing one shot and employees evacuated the store. no one was hurt. police say there were signs of forced entry at the back of the store. the suspect described as an hispanic man about six feet tall
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a lawsuit filed in the race for maricopa county sheriff. paul penzone is suing his opponent sheriff joe arpaio for defamation. this all stems from tv ads the sheriff is running that claim paul penzone was accused of abusing his ex-wife. andrew hasbun is live now with reaction from both campaigns. >> the sheriff's campaign called the lawsuit a political stunt. paul penzone says the allegations come from a divorce many years ago. he says they aren't true and he and hess ex-wife have worked is in the police reports is fair game. >> the ads cites a police report from 2003 while paul penzone was going through a separation from his then wife. the ad claims penzone was abusive toward her and today penzone fired back saying arpaio's campaign is misrepresenting a difficult time for the candidte's family. >> take advantage of that for their own political gain. i find it one of the most unethical and irresponsible
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there has never been a time in my life where i hurt, harmed any woman or child including my former wife. >> penzone says the issues between he and his wife were resolved and signed an affidavit claiming the ad was misleading. the case was tossed. >> the actions that mr. arpaio has engaged in constitute defamation and false light of an innocent family. >> the arpaio campaign responded by showcasing the police reports from the 2003 incident where glendale pd responded to an >> the fact of the matter is the arpaio campaign has every right to look at police reports and court records to tell the public what they find in those records about paul penzone. >> the ads will stay on tv as lawyers for penzone have no way to get them taken off. arpaio's lawyers say they plan >> this lawsuit is a political stunt. >> paul penzone would disagree. >> the difference between he and i, i will fight to protect my family and your own, where he
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>> neither campaign took any campaign but we know arpaio's campaign has plans to spend millions of dollars on tv ads leading up to the november election. i'm andrew hasbun, "fox 10 news." four construction workers are hurt after scaffolding here collapsed. you see this was out of paradise valley home. skyfox over the scene. this is near tatum and doubletree ranch road and workers fell five to ten feet to ground. the fourth worker had to be taken to the hospital and we are told that stable. a developing story out of new jersey tonight where a commuter train crashed at a bus station killing one person and injuring more than 100 other people. let's take a look. closer look now at where that crash happened for you using our 3-d mapping software that train went off the tracks here at this station in hoboken, new jersey. you see it's a very busy terminal station here this wrist a lot of buses and trains come in. that train went off the tracks
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steel went flying at hotbacken terminal -- the hoboken terminal. 50,000 passengers ride the trains and buses and the ntsb is investigating what wept wrong. nicole garcia has more. >> what we know is that this train came in at a high rate of speed into the station and crashed through all of the barriers bringing it right to the interior wall of the hoboken terminal. >> all i can say is made a big bomb noise. >> the lights went out and just didn't stop and people are falling over who were standing and then it just -- the roof came down. >> passengers suffer multiple broken bones and other injuries as the speeding train crashes in new jersey. a 34-year-old woman who was standing on the train station platform killed by debris. governor chris christie says the train's engineer is in critical condition but is cooperating. investigators say they are going to look at the condition of the
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the engineer's performance. they will also see if a mechanism that stops trains to prevent accidents may have helped. >> and big news out of mesa, the chief of the mesa fire department and medical department is retiring. chief harry beck. began his career with phoenix and moved up to deputy fire chief before joining mesa in 2003. he was named the arizona fire chief of the year in 2012. and most recognized as the 2016 fire chief of the year by the international association of fire chiefs. he is quite decorated. he is active on numerous boards and advisory board member for the east valley acs relay for life. a star of orange is the new black in the valley today. the important message that she is get ago cross tonight. first with a students need to know after a beauty school suddenly shuts down.
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valley. it was early this morning that we saw our rain. as you can see here, there is still some rain around the valley. around the state. and that southeastern corner is a little suspect. we will take a look at it coming up. we will see you in a few minutes. on social media i would love to hear from you on facebook, i'm marc martinez fox 10 and follow
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students are up in the air... future of valley beauty students are up in the air after they find out their school has suddenly closed. regency beauty has 79 schools across the country including two here in arizona. students say they got word yesterday evening that the schools will be shutting down nationwide. due to financial issues. the department of education says one of the schools was on probation for not meeting financial standards. they were given 75 days to fix the problem but instead all
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>> i think they should have given us a notice. headquarters was down here talking to us about all of the opportunities we had. >> we were all giving up a lot of things for this and it's -- just happened out of nowhere. we didn't get no warnings. nothing. >> on its website regency blames a negative characterization of for profit organizations. that continues to worsen. meanwhile several students rush together studio academy of beauty today. the school is working with studen one of the stars of the tv show orange is the new black in the valley today to talk about the importance of registering to vote. diane guerrero met with a meet and greet and registration drive this afternoon at the fair trades cafe in downtown phoenix. she plays on the network series. has written a book about how deportation has impacted her family's life. some latinos don't feel empowered and she wants to help
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>> immigration was a subject that was touchy for me because my family was deported. it doesn't matter where you come from or what journeys you have taken. they matter. your story matters and it's valuable. >> gurrer area -- guerrero spoke at tolleson high school about the importance of registering to vote. the editorial board says it has never taken sides in a presidential race until tonight. it is urging americans to not vote for donald trump. the rep nominee will be in prescott valley on tuesday. for his sixth campaign stop to arizona. there are now 39 days until the election. and animal control officers have a mystery on their hands. how did this chihuahua get himself stuck up on the roof this little dog was rescued after spending several days on the roof of a south phoenix home. the dog doesn't belong to the home owner who called for help. the chihuahua was stuck up there for nearly a week before officers with the arizona humane
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animal care and control arrived. they got a ladder and dog food and were able to lure the dog close enough for them to get him safely back down. >> when i picked him up here to look at him, he just kind of hugged me. he acted like he was thankful to be down off of the roof. >> happy to. >> reporter: that he looks very friendly and glad to be off the roof and is in decent health. who he belongs to now and how he got on the roof is a mist reach animal control officers may have climbed up a nearby tree located on the side of the us to and jumped tonight roof. glad to see he is back down and will be adopted out soon. still ahead, dave munsey has a look at the weekend forecast. we will have that when we come back. and be sure to follow us on instagram. share your images with us. especially the sunsets.
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i woke up with some rain this morning outside of my house and then by the early afternoon warmed up and got kind of muggy. >> i actually took a walk in the rain. i took the umbrella and off i went with the dog and we loved it. fantastic. and the rain early this morning may be what we are going to get for the day.
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we will show you that in a moment here. 91 degrees. north at 6 on the winds. city not too bad. 90 in deer valley. 97 in mesa. 90 at gateway. in glendale 91 degrees. we see that moisture but you can see here most of it is staying down to the south of us right here is where we are seeing it it's heading in that northeasterly direction as well. so getting more tonight even though we do have some notice forecast. that might be a little iffy to get se we will see if there is some development or a little change in the direction this stuff has taken. once again here where you are seeing the heavy stuff down in here there are a couple of advisories and warnings down there as well. we had some good storms by stafford. on that eastern side of the state, they are certainly picking up the moisture. you see flagstaff got quite a hit through the day earlier today. and then the west side gets just a little bit here. that is a severe thunderstorm
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going to be in effect until 8:30 this evening and then we also are looking at some advisories for flooding down in that southeastern corner as well. and here is rosalynn feeding a little bit of moisture up here. just thought we would get a look at rosalynn and some of that moisture. look at that in show low. .57 of an inch is what they picked up on the day today. those are your dew points temperatures and you can see they are up a little bit as well. 93 degrees for the high on the day today. so those temperatures still below this time of year. that flooding in iowa, well, it's in illinois and indiana and a few places like that at the present time so they are still having problems with that. and don't forget the walk for hope, phoenix zoo, sunday, that's this sunday 8:00 a.m. 76 degrees, a -- find a cure for women's cancer. 74 overnight. 93 degrees for tomorrow. that sun will be back with us and then we will see those 90s turn into 80s in just a couple of days here.
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cardinals gearing up for a sunday showdown against the los angeles rams. one of the questions, will michael floyd be ready to go after going through the concussion protocol. you will hear from the cardinals wide receiver.
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(jude)brain trauma and concussions is as you know by brain trauma and concussions, a critical issue for the nfl. know that concussion doesn't always come from helmet to helmet contact. ask any quarterback or wide receiver michael floyd. watch him go up for this pass and come down and hit his head. the back of his head on the turf. man that is just as brutal as any hit you can take. that whiplash mostly cloudy motion. imagine your brain in there. as bruce said, coach arians, he went through the concussion now you look at some of the miscues in the passing game from quarterback to wide receiver. michael floyd did in fact run the wrong route here. carson throws on anticipation. michael floyd had a chance to discuss this over the last day or so regarding what is this problem that we continue to see from quarterback to wide receiver. here is michael floyd. >> a play downfield where i saw the coverage differently and i
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he was correct and we made that correction in our meeting and we move forward. and i don't plan on having that mistake again. and we settled it. >> here is the line up for sunday. 9:00 a.m. fox nfl sunday, 10:00 a.m. seahawks at the jets. nice looking double-header and then the rams at the cardinals and post game at 5:00. l.a. coliseum. home field for the usc trojans. do you know that 30 players are from california that arizona state roster? what do you do if you are coach? usc didn't recruit you. go back to usc and show them what you are about. it's always that motivator when it comes to asu versus usc. listen to kaylin by lj -- ballage. >> that's a special situation to go back home and play usc a lot of these kids had the opportunity to go there and maybe decided not to or picked here over there, whatever the situation may be. we have a lot of people that are from california that they hold
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their hearts and i hold it -- my heart because it's my teammates. >> this is one of those defining games here on fox 10. oklahoma tcu and asu at usc at 5:30 saturday at fox 10. it's any time you can beat usc and you are 4-0 and add another one, that's a big step forward. kind of a pivotal point for asu. we will see what happens. >> thank you for joining us. "tmz" is next and we are back at
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>> never say never because taylor swift and calvin harris are back together -- sort of. >> we're told that shortly after tom hiddleston and taylor swift broke up, calvin and taylor came in communication again. only through text. >> who texted first? >> calvin klein sent like a photo. and she's like yeah, right. and texted again. >> photo of what? >> there's video of a different angle of this guy trying to kiss kim kardashian's butt showing her bodyguard, pascal is his name, and how it ended where he like subdued that guy. he's scary. he has like a batman belt on. >> no, he doesn't have a grapple. [laughter] >> one direction fans going


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