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tv   FOX 10 News 9pm  FOX  October 8, 2016 12:00am-1:00am MST

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live pictur fox 10 news at 9:00 starts now. >> live pictures tonight from charleston, south carolina. as hurricane matthew makes his way up the coastline, slamming into the eastern seaboard tonight, this massive storm, which began to hit florida last night, has now moved its way through georgia and carolinas. >> and the good news for people living there is that the storm is starting to weaken a little bit but for people living in florida, the cleanup there has just started. >> good evening and thank you for joining us tonight. we are going to get an update on where that storm is tonight, but first, residents in florida, they are still picking up the pieces from matthew. >> and at least four people have died in that storm now, including an elderly couple. they were overcome by fumes while running a generator inside of their garage after they lost
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without power tonight as crews try and repair all of the power poles that have been destroyed by matthew. >> some of the heaviest flooding happening in st. augustine florida. this is a historic area, just north of daytona beach, entire sections of the downtown area under several feet of water. you're looking at pictures of one of the old hotels, people who have basically moved in and were staying there during the storm. roads looked more like river ways. >> and just jacksonville florida, not much better there. look at all of the water that has moved in from the storm surge into the streets, the ocean water coming right into town. officials saying this could be some of the worst flooding that jacksonville beach has seen in more than two decades. >> and now people living along the coast of georgia, they are concerned about the same thing, severe flooding from this storm. mandatory evacuation orders are
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where a couple of hundred people have decided to stay despite the evacuation orders. tonight they may be getting a little bit of relief. dave munsey joins us live now with more. hurricane category 2 dave, still very strong. >> it is still a category 2. a category 2 is from 95-110 miles an hour. so we are looking at about 105 miles an hour, a category 2 storm. it remains still to be a very wet storm. 105 miles an hour, still moving north at 12 miles an hour. and as you can see, these are the ending slats. this is what they expect it to do as it comes back around and makes its turn. this is what it is going to be looking like as it goes through the weekend. it is coming up, making that little bitty turn up there by raleigh, and it's continuing, but take a look at it. here it is.
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and charleston at this time. look at the moisture that it is putting forth as it comes through. some areas picking up as much as 16 inches of rain as this system pulls through, and you can see the track it's going to take, and then that moisture is going to continue to roll on. it goes a little south of new york and finds itself up north of maine. so that's not a bad deal as far as that moisture way up into the northeast. as we mentioned, a category 2, 96 miles an hour to hour. it can produce catastrophic flooding and it can produce tornados with extensive damage as well. we'll be back with another look at this, but also a look around the country. >> all right, dave, we'll see you in a couple of minutes. in haiti, relief efforts there continue following the devastation that was left behind by matthew. >> it's horrible. >> it's hard to look at these pictures and imagine what these people are going through. more than 300 people have
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expect that the number will rise. homes across the country washed away, survivors having a tough time finding food, fresh water and a place to stay. the haitian government estimates that 350,000 people are in need of help in what will likely be the worst devastation in the country since the earthquake back in january of 2010. >> okay. let's do this. >> and look at this, president obama getting a and where you were on the november election by chicago this morning. yes, the election is not until early november, but in chicago they are starting early. the president has said that he would like to see hillary clinton succeed him in the white house. both he and his wife michelle have been stumping for the clintons campaign. the president plans to spend thi weekend in chicago. and the race to be the next president remains a dead heat. however, with little more than a month to go before the election, the trump campaign right now dealing with some major damage
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an old audio tape in which trump makes very many very graphic statements about women. on the tape, which was recorded back in 2005 while trump appeared on "access hollywood" with bully bush, while he was in a bus knowing that he was recording, trump is heard making lewd and sexually charged comments about women. he even admitted to trying to grope a woman who he admitted was married at the time. the republican national saying no woman should ever be described in that manner. >> trump released a statement saying this was locker room banter, a private conversation that took place many years ago. bill clinton has said far waors to me on the golf course. i apologize if anyone was offended. as for billy bush, who was now part of the today show, one of the hosts, he quickly deleted
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backlash from this. it was very swift, and he issued a statement saying, quote, "obviously i'm embarrassed and ashamed. it's no excuse, but this happened 11 years ago. i was younger, less mature, and acted foolishly in playing along," end quote. >> arizona senator john mccain called trump's behavior inappropriate and said he should suffer from the the tape. speaker of the house paul ryan says he was sickened by what he heard. trump was supposed to join him at a conference. meantime, there are reports that officials within the republican party are meeting this weekend to decide what to do if trump is no longer the nominee.
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him. instead, he would have to step down. >> hillary clinton is dealing with her own problems today. there are new e-mails showing that a coordinated effort between the white house and the state department on how to contain the fallout surrounding clinton's use of her personal e-mail server. there are new fbi transcripts that appear to show that the state department tried to tamper with classified e-mails in order to avoid a public records request. >> we have been clear all along that our freedom of information act review of former secretary clinton's e-mails was a complex and multistep process. state department lawyers who are part of the staff in legislative affairs did not change proposed upgrades. >> many in the intelligence community believe the russian government is behind the hacked e-mails and the hack on the dnc in order to influence the u.s. election. well, preparations are underway in st. louis for the second presidential debate, again, happening sunday night at washington university, and unlike the first debate at
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week ago, sunday's tilt between hillary clinton and donald trump will be a town hall format. now, this will allow undecided voters to ask questions of each candidate followed by questions from the moderators. >> and fox 10 will be in st. louis sunday night. john hook and steve krafft, they will have live coverage from the debate beginning at 5:00 p.m., and we will be carrying that debate live beginning at 6:00, and then we'll have a complete wrap of the debate at 9:00 and 10:00 right here on fox 10. police releasing photos from a sexual assault that happened in oldtown scottsdale back in november. >> this was so disturbing. the suspect in that crime, a former mma fighter and a security guard in oldtown scottsdale, we are talking about 28-year-old rodolfo ramirez. he is still behind bars being held without bond. fox 10's danielle miller joins us live tonight with more on this story. danielle? >> kari and marc, these photos take substance abuse the night that this terrible crime took
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markers, footprints and photos from inside the suspect's home. >> sir, what's your full name and date of birth. >> rodolfo ramirez. >> 28-year-old rodolfo ramirez facing charges of sexual assault, kidnapping and abuse, scottsdale police just releasing pictures from that september night. police say ramirez picked up an unconscious woman, flung her over his shoulder and then sexually assaulted her in a parking pictures from the scene show evidence and markers, there's a footprint along with a cell phone charger the victim said she lost. police say ramirez then took the girl to his home where he sexually assaulted her again. pictures from the inside of the home show the living room and clothes from a female and a male. ramirez is still in jail without bond, something the prosecution argued for during his initial court appearance. >> she's not aware of where she is just because of the fact that
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does not negate the fact that she was taken against her will to someplace she did not want to be. having sex with someone that she did not consent to is sexual assault. for all of those reasons i'm asking that the defendant be held nonbondable. >> his lawyers claim he couldn't be there due to medical reasons. he's due back in court on october 14th at 8:30 in the morning. coming up, think you're smart? why you if you are. >> thanks mom. >> yeah, you need to thank your mom. it's coming up tonight in talkback. the pinterest conference in scottsdale is the place to be, we'll have a preview coming up a little later. first we head out to the state fair to find out what it's like living right next to the state fair, the bright lights, the sounds, the smells. is it a good thing or a bad
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well, you always know when the weather gets nicer at night, it means it's that time of year again, the arizona state fair. isn't that a great shot from skyfox? >> from above, it's absolute perfection >> yeah, so colorful out there tonight, skyfox earlier, and again, very nice out there with all of the lights from the fair. >> sometimes it's prettier from above. you get down in the mix and it gives you a little bit of perspective sometimes. but imagine living right next to it might not be as pretty. having to deal with the lights, the sounds, the smell of the food. there goes your diet every night. >> stefania okolie is live at the fair tonight. stefania, what are the neighbors saying about the fair? >> i have to tell you, marc and kari, they still think it is just as beautiful here as when they are home. i'm here at the annual state
12:15 am
dominic, the midway gourmet, he is in charge of the delicious food items that people can get at the fair. >> this is for you. this is the giant rib. don't drop that. >> two pounds of meat on a stick. marc and kari, imagine that. imagine living right next door, all of the screaming, commotion, the rides, something that people around here say they actually really, really enjoy. if you've it's like to neighbor the annual state fair, four weeks of the screams, the monster trucks, the flashing lights, well, to these neighbors it's quite a delight. >> there's essentially a ferris wheel in your backyard. >> correct, that is true, yes, and this is the first time living with a ferris wheel in my backyard. it's pretty cool. it's neat. it's different, yeah. >> for some living at the fair, just feet away, it's time to capitalize as well.
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this as well? >> yes. >> barbara lewis has lived 400 yards from the fair for 20 years, and each year more driveway becomes a parking lot. >> it's fun for all of the people that you meet. >> reporter: all right and back here live, i do want to mention that the people who do allow the parking in front of their houses, they have permits. i'm enjong the fair, not a home next door. and apparently -- what is this? >> nitro pop, an amazing fresh popped kettle corn that is then dipped into liquid nitrogen, so it is like ice cream. you have got to try it. >> they tell me that if i eat this, smoke is going to come out of my nose, maybe my ears, definitely my nose. i don't believe him. we'll see what happens. >> you'll look like a dragon if
12:17 am
it's coming out of her nose, yes. >> am i dragon? >> yes, it's coming out of your ears too >> all right. we have got to bring that back for john and kari. >> we are going to send this back to the studio for sure, but we have some other amazing treats for sure. >> it looks like a live shot from chicago when you see the breath there. >> we call it the fountain of youth, maple wrapped pork belly, cheetos, and what would it be without funnel cakes and kettle corn. there's something for everybody at the fair. you have to come. >> absolutely, you have to come. and if you're worried about about the noise levels for people next door, don't worry, they love it. >> i like the two pounds of meat on a stick. did you devour that while your story was running? >> i know. it depends. would it be impressive if i did
12:18 am
because i can if you want me to. >> he would be highly impressed. >> i would be very impressed, stefania. have fun out there. >> stick around for the 10:00 show. >> it looks like a fun first night out there. >> it looks like a great time. don't get on rides after eating all of that stuff. for everything you need to know about this month's state fair, head over to our website, we have got all of the info over there. >> i think i just gained five pounds just watching that story. >> you >> hey, backup quarterback drew stanton got the start last night in san francisco, so you knew the defense was going to have to play lights out to give the cardinals a chance to get a much needed win, and they did just that, thanks to a two-sack effort from markus golden. what golden says was the key to the win last night, and what cardinals fans can look forward next monday night when the jets come to town. >> well, it is a great night for the fair, but what about tomorrow night? and around the country, things
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the northwest where they see a little bit of snow.
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? with sleep number, you choose the exact firmness and comfort you want and so does your partner. amazing sleep for all. don't miss the columbus day sale going on now! save $400 on the queen c4 mattress set. another learn more at you're watching the best, fox 10 news. another live picture from south carolina as hurricane matthew makes landfall there, you can see the rain coming down, almost parallel to the ground. it's just winds have got to be upwards of 100 miles an hour. >> yeah, when you look at this video, and we were talking about the storm, and then also the storm surge after this, i mean, this is going to be something they are dealing with for quite a while there, and they are going to need a lot of help recovering from this. and arizona is stepping up. more than a dozen members of the aizona red cross are now back east. they are helping distribute much
12:23 am
hurricane. the volunteers are part of -- more than 1800 red cross volunteers who are now helping out at various evacuation shelters set up in georgia and florida, and they say they are glad to be helping out with the relief efforts there. >> it's humbling and rewarding. it's important because volunteers are desperately needed, and we are able to do this, and so i feel like what's a few weeks out of your life for what all of these people are going to be going through. >> yeah, thank goodness for everything to go help out complete strangers in need. the red cross is asking for blood donations, and you can find information on that if you head to our website, >> your exclusive accuweather forecast with dave munsey on fox 10 news. >> hi, folks. well, we are heading into the weekend here, and the weather looks pretty good across the country. a little bit of rain, some higher elevation snow up into the northwest, storms earlier in oklahoma, a little bit of
12:24 am
as you can see, things have cleared out of there very nicely though, and this is the story as far as weathe is concerned, and that is matthew, a category 2 hurricane at this time. this is where it is now, up in between savannah and charleston. charleston is very, very susceptible to flooding. it is a sea level city, and you can see here that that big storm system rolled through there. they are going to have some problems. it is going to get up to norfolk. still a lot of moisture around. this is where the hurricane is going to make a turn. to head north. excuse me -- going to head north and go south of new york and end up up into portions of new brunswick and nova scotia, so off it goes over the next few days here. that will be monday. 82 degrees in the valley, winds out of the west southwest at five miles an hour. things are looking up for the weekend. right now it is 83 in scottsdale. it is 88 degrees in glendale.
12:25 am
apache junction, and take a look at buckeye. they're at 77 degrees right now, and we put the radar in motion for you. you can see over here in el paso a little bit of moisture. we do see a little bit down south here. there is a chance of rain through the weekend, and we have been increasing the moisture just a little bit as the weekend approaches here. you take a look at it. this is what saturday, early in the morning, moisture of the city here and then rolling on through, a lot of stuff down to the southeast and into the eastern portion of the state, and then that moisture will finally kind of work itself out of here a little bit as we get in and get started with next week. temperature high today, 97 degrees, you see some 95-degree temperature in glendale and 95-degree temperature in scottsdale and in chandler as well. other numbers, 81 up in sedona, 95 at gila bend, and then 82 degrees by 10:00. we'll be looking at those
12:26 am
the 70s. in fact, into the upper 70s. look at last night, 65 degrees, 97 this afternoon. 92 and 69 normal high and low, record high 104, record low at 44. let's take a look at what's going on overnight. mid-70s and there's your cloud cover, a little chance of rain after midnight, and then through the day tomorrow it's going to be a slight chance of rain through the day, all day, and then back into the 90s. we have got an 80 or two in there so your kids around water. >> all right, thank you, dave. dolphinaris arizona, have you heard of it? some people have been protesting it, and some people love it. it's a scottsdale facility allowing people to swim with the dolphins and it receives a national award. the society of american registered architects honoring the facility and the group that designed it, the award recognizes the unique architecture of that building. >> this facility from day one
12:27 am
the result, and it's -- it's a true oasis in the desert, and this is a facility that, you know, we are very proud of. >> the facility includes a 900,000-gallon salt water lagoon which is home to eight-bottle nose dolphins. well, it was moving day for one homeowner in texas, but things didn't quite go as expected. you'll have to see this video it took hours. >> it wasn't pleasant. >> people were mad. plus a valley couple gets shock after moving into a new home. they find a hidden camera inside the bathroom.
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fox 10 news is back. it's hard to believe, a chandler man makes a disturbing discovery shortly after he moves into a new house. he sees a hidden camera in vent in his kids' bathroom and there was a recording device there. >> so disturbing. investigators believe the camera had been there for years, and after a months' long investigation, they arrested the previous tenant of the home. andrew hasbun has more tonight. >> chandler pd says the camera was placed there by a previous tenant trying to spy on his wife, and he left it there. >> the camera was left there, found in the bathroom by the two kids. >> immediately i knew it was
12:31 am
>> the tenant did not want to be identified but said for the past four years he had no idea that the recording device was set up to view what was happening in the bathroom. >> i'm feeling violated, and of course i'm a father of two young daughters, and my daughters use that restroom. it was just very -- it was creepy. yeah, i was really upset. but i got up inside the attic, and sure enough, there was a dvr box laying on the insulation right as you enter the >> according to documents, videos were found going back to 2011. they captured people showering, using the bathroom. clearly there was an expectation of privacy. they traced the device to a previous tenant, and the people captured on the video were his own family members. investigators say he admitted to
12:32 am
to try to catch his wife cheating. >> it was a relief to know none of my family members were them. >> he also told police he never found any evidence of infidelity. i'm andrew hasbun, fox 10 news. is under investigation accused of large scale sex trafficking through human escort ads on that website. they raided the company's back page is accused of knowingly allowing children and adults to be sold into sex slavery with escorts advertised on their web page. the company has refused to answer subpoenas from the senate. they have been ordered to turn over all of the documents by monday. >> your neighbors daughter ran away, fell into the wrong hands. she's being sexually abused, and now a company in dallas is profiting from them.
12:33 am
endure. >> meanwhile, arrest warrants are out for michael lacy and james larkin, the controlling shareholders of they also happen to be former owners of the phoenix new times, so they have a local connection here. they gave $2 million to the walter cronkite school of journalism in a.s.u. after winning a lawsuit. that donation has been returned. a stuck in a canal today, the 23-year-old horse named mister fell into the canal outside his stable near 129th avenue and southern. >> hard to look at, poor guy. >> ?his backlegswerestuck inside of that canal tube. but luckily, there were fire crews, neighbors, a team effort, spending several hours helping to get the horse out of there. >> all of the neighbors grabbed toe straps, any other strap they
12:34 am
around the horse, another neighbor came with a forklift and lifted him up out of the canal. >> it looked awful. >> yeah, hard to watch. >> thankfully the horse is okay, which is amazing, isn't it? >> probably shaken up by this, but they tranquilized him and calmed him down while hydrating him. but he is okay. skyfox over t deadly atv crash by lake pleasant road. investigatos believe that the rider was driving along the edge of the canal and somehow the atv fell into the canal. they don't believe impairment was a factor here. a valley boy is hurt in a hit-and-run crash, and tonight his family is asking for your help to find the driver. last night, matthew knolls was crossing street with two friends
12:35 am
when a driver hit him. his shoulder and ankle were hurt and he might need surgery now. >> we heard an engine coming from far away. she was like gassing it, and i looked to my right, and i saw her about to hit me, so i jumped off the long board. she was saying that she was really sorry and that she didn't see me and i told her to watch where she is going. >> witnesses say the woman was driving a white nissan crossover. she had short blond hair described as being in her forties. if you have any information, call chandler police. well, for weeks now we have heard of threats involving clowns, especially threats aimed at schools, some of which are right here in the valley. >> but one local school district, they have simply had enough, and they are getting aggressive in the fight to track down people responsible for fueling this clown hysteria. fox 10's nicole garcia has more tonight. >> school officials in the west valley getting aggressive trying
12:36 am
clown threats, this after an 18-year-old was arrested for a clown threat that led to nearly 20% of the student body at west view high school in avondale to stay home from school. police say alonzo vargas posted an image on instagram, depicting a clown to hurt students. after he was caught, he told police it was a joke. vargas is now facing felony charges and possible prison time, the school district not only punishing those who make the threats but also going to punish those who like a them on social media. >> it just keeps happening, and it's frustrating for the police. it's frustrating for us as a school district. this is very disruptive. every time there's a threat, we as a school district and the different police municipalities have to take each threat seriously. >> a like or a share of a clown threat on social media could get a student expelled or suspended. i'm nicole garcia, fox 10 news. coming up, why a new study shows the u.s. is behind other
12:37 am
its citizens. plus it's one thing to move to a new house, but imagine having to move your entire house. why this one didn't go quite as planned for the homeowner. and take a look at this, wake up weather is coming your way. you know, we think about tomorrow wake up weather, you could be waking up at 10:00. >> 9:00 -- i was going to 9:00. >> i might wake up at 11:00, but whatever time you wake up, dave
12:38 am
12:39 am
12:40 am
well, there's nothing like waking up on a saturday morning, so take a look at these temperatures. much warmer than they have been all week long. flagstaff, look at that, 39. they were 31 degrees yesterday. 35 at the grand canyon. they were down into the 20s the other day. 54 in payson, 72 in casa grande.
12:41 am
day, so overnight lows, warming up a little bit. these were just about all 60s, all through the valley. now you see 70s, low 70s, mid-70s in scottsdale and deer valley, ahwatukee getting close to that, and then of course, let's take a look at what's going on as far as we are concerned over the weekend. saturday, a little chance of rain, 92, 93 on saturday, pretty nice day there. and then on monday we get to 95 degrees, which is a couple of degrees above the seasonal for this time of year. but we will take a look at the ten-day here coming up after 10:00 and see if that straightens itself out. have a great night. >> that looks fantastic. so when i wake up at 10:00 tomorrow morning, dave, it should be pretty nice? >> in the 80s. >> 80s, all right. thank you, dave. the united states is behind other advanced countries when it comes to infant mortality and life expectancy rates. a review shows that americans
12:42 am
pressure. the study's author say that it's really because not all americans are benefiting equally from access to health care. there are six deaths out of every 1,000 kids under the age of five in the u.s. in 2015. the average for high income countries is five deaths in every 1,000 kids. well, it's a big weekend for pinterest fans, thousands of them gathering at west world in scottsdale this weekend for a little bit of conference and expo in its fourth year now, as you can see in the valley, a lot of people out there, in the valley for the first time. >> this is basically taking whatever you're pinning and making it into reality. >> hands on advice from people, so you don't have a pinterest fail like i have seen so many times on facebook. along with the pinterest demonstrations out there along with the latest projects, you'll
12:43 am
pinterest fans. the tickets are only $seven, what a bargain, and you can buy them at the door or online. >> drivers might be feeling the effect from hurricane matthew, gas prices rising again on friday, with more worries over a possible shortage because of the storm. national average for regular unleaded, $2.26. meanwhile, the economy created 156,000 jobs in september. that is below the unemployment rating ticking up to an even 5% as more people started looking for work. wages for current workers rising slightly. wall street not really moving with any of those numbers, for the week, stocks down across the board. >> according to popular real estate website zillow, seattle,
12:44 am
rent increases in the next 12 months. that's business, i'm stuart varney. moving day taking an on entirely different meaning for crews today in texas, marc. can you imagine someone calling and saying, can you help me move? i have a large load here, help me move it, the whole house. >> this makes the moves i have helped people out with look really easy. >> it turned out to be a nightmare. first the white duplex got lodged in the trees, and then the permit that was issued got delayed. it delayed the departure longer, the driver forgot to get the permit. and then the home ended up sitting on the side of the road for six days, which really was the middle of the road, and then it had to clear a guardrail, and then the driver ended up dealing with with not one but three blown tires moving the heavy house. the driver says he thought he
12:45 am
anytime of day, but it turns out he was only allowed to move something that big between midnight and 4:00 a.m. >> what a mess. earlier this evening, we told you about the 11-year-old audio tape that showed donald trump making insensitive comments toward women. trump had only issued a statement, but just moments ago he actually issued a video statement on his facebook and twitter pages. take a look. >> i have never said i'm a perfect person, nor pretended to be someone that i'm i have said and done things that i regret, and the things released today on this more than a decade old video is one of them. anyone who knows me knows these words don't reflect who i am. i have said it, i apologize. >> he will spend his weekend in new york preparing for a debate
12:46 am
>> you're going to like this next story, i think, maybe. why you should probably thank your mom if you do think you're smart. >> next in the talkback segment, smart. >> next in the talkback segment, why your mother is actually hey guys. i called you all in because i just had an idea. smart. >> next in the talkback segment, why your mother is actually brunch. allday, every day. brunch? that's great! where'd you get that idea? well... sweetie? you know what we're craving right now? crispy chicken, and fried egg, with bacon. like brunch. brunch? but it's 8pm and it's tuesday. should we get started? who wants coffee? introducing my new brunchfast menu. with tasty options like my brunch burger and a crispy bacon and egg chicken sandwich.
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tonights talker. and finally - and it's time for tonight's talker. >> after years of extensive and probably expensive research, the real reason you're smart, it
12:49 am
mom. you can thank your mom. so give her a call tonight. it turns out it's your mother's genes which determine your intelligence. new research debunks that old research that gave dad all of the credit. i don't think they even did research. i think dad just took the credit. finally we are finding out moms are the ones who determine intelligence in a child. so if our kids have a high iq, i guess we could occasionally get blamed for bad report cards. >> my mom was very low key about it. she didn't brag, didn't know you were absorbing all of that or if you got it through the genes. you were just busy so much of the time and doing so many things. >> they do say intelligence and cleverness, and you're pretty
12:50 am
>> it's a good mix. i do get a lot of traits from my mom. if you're watching this, thank you mom. they usually watch on the app. dad did a lot too. >> we posted the topics on our facebook page. we would love to hear from you tonight. it's your turn to go to our facebook pages, kari lake fox 10. >> and marc martinez fox 10. >> very sneaky that you included both parents there at the very smart move. hey, the arizona cardinals on defense last night, we'll hear
12:51 am
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t miss the columbus day sale going on now! save $400 on the queen c4 mattress set, with 24 month financing and free home delivery. learn more at when was looking for a pass rusher in the 2015 draft, he put on a missouri tiger tape featuring a talented edge rusher named shane ray, but what jumped off the tape was a high motor pass rusher not afraid to do the dirty work in the trenches. that pass rusher was markus golden, off to a fast start leading the league in sacks and
12:54 am
defense. >> here we are with markus golden. wow. the defense has to come through, you guys do just that, short week, backup quarterback, on the road in a division game. tell us how you responded the way you did tonight. >> we knew we had to capitalize and come out and play as a attachment we got after it. everybody did their job. defensive coaches wrote up a game plan and we were able to execute it. we got going. >> you say you guys got after too, quite a few sacks. did you tell each other meet at the at the quarterback? what was that all about? >> it was just another game. we were proud of ourselves, we are happy, going to have another month game, a big game. you can be happy and proud, but you have to move on quick in this league. >> final question, can this be the kind of win that spring boards you in the right direction, winning the way you
12:55 am
big game, i think it can help. we have to keep it going. >> six sacks, you lead the nfl. >> yes, sir, we have to keep going. i expect myself to play hard and win. it ain't about me. it's about winning. >> now, the cardinals off until a week from monday night, but we have got nfl action for you sunday morning. nfl kickoff starts at 8:00 a.m. followed by fox nfl sunday. get sits, latest injuries. and falcons taking on the broncos at 1:00. freshman brady white will make his first start against usc. he played well, throwing a tuchdown pass, engineering
12:56 am
>> i was really proud of brady, and once he got settled in, he did a nice job in how he played in the fourth quarter, but the third quarter with manny out, we have got no points. it was disappointing, you know, the mistakes that we made, but you have got to learn from it. you have got to pick up, and you have got to move on. >> catch a little college football action right here on fox 10 tomorrow, pac ten oregon, college football pregame starting at 4:00 to major league baseball, divisional series cubs, taking on the giants, a very windy day in chicago, and javier baez, he crushes this one, right? solo shot, late in the first, this was a pitcher's duel, eight inning shutout.
12:57 am
on? a run on second, hunter pence with a tapper, and baez throws pence out at 1st. cubs win, 1-0. in tomorrow, taking on the dodgers in d.c., not a good day, in the first inning, 1-0. and then in the top of the third, it's chase utley, this one up the middle, makes it 2-0 l.a. in the third. what is going on in d.c.? we stay in the third. justin turner hits this one deep. jason worth trying to make a play but it's gone, a two-run homer. the dodgers hold on to win this one. a final score, 4-3. more on the post-season baseball action coming up at 10:00, plus
12:58 am
12:59 am
1:00 am
wrong. that's later. but first, it's fox 10 news at 10:00 with marc martinez. fox 10 news at 10:00 starts now. thank you for joining us for fox 10 news at 10:00. police releasing new photos today that give us a look into the crime scenes where police say a man sexually assaulted an unconscious woman near o scottsdale. the suspect, 28-year-old rodolfo ramirez is still in jail. he's being held without bond. fox 10's danielle miller joins us now with more on what we are finding out. danielle? >> yeah, marc, these photos take us into the night that the terrible crime took place, you can see evidence markers, footprints and photos from inside that suspect's home. >> sir, what's your full name and date of birth? >> rodolfo ramirez. >> 28-year-old rodolfo ramirez


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