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tv   FOX 10 News 9pm  FOX  October 11, 2016 9:00pm-10:00pm MST

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next at 9:00, we're following breaking news. a police shooting in phoenix. >> one person taken to the hospital and homes left without
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we begin with a fox 10 we begin with a fox 10 news alert. a crime scene shutting down a phoenix neighborhood tonight. you're looking at live pictures from the scene of a police shooting. this is near 37th street and van buren. >> we are told no offers officers were hurt but the suspect was taken to the hospital. sky fox over the scene at the neighborhood and there are a lot of police cars out there and crime tape throughout the neighborhood. >> there is a power outage to make matters worse and this one is affecting more than 100 customers. we have not confirmed if the outage is connected to the shooting but a witness tells us a transformer was shot out
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600 customers are without power but a.p.s. has restored the majority of power to the businesses and houses. those that are still without power have to wait until the crime scene is processed to get power back tonight. pretty loud protests going on today. this is the other top story, it is a case that has cost maricopa taxpayers $50 million and it could cost sheriff joe arpaio his job. federal prosecutors sending the sheriff a firm message she is not above the law. they are filing criminal contempt charges against arpaio for refusing to stop immigration raids even after he was ordered to do so. >> they can investigate anything they want. i'm confident they are not going to find anything. >> federal prosecutors are
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bench trial while defense attorneys are hoping for a jury trial. sheriff joe arpaio is running for his seventh term on what may be the closest race of his career. >> andrew hasbun is live with how the sheriff is reacting to the charges and more important the timing of the movement today. >> reporter: well, kari, we if the sheriff the convicted of a felony, he could be removed from office, not if he is convicted of a misdemeanor. this could be a moot point if the sheriff doesn't win in november. the latest poll shows sheriff joe arpaio with a five-point lead over paul penzone but a significant number of voters, more than 10% said they were undecided.
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minds? >> it makes a difficult election more difficult. >> reporter: stan barnes is a long time political consultant and used to support the sheriff. >> i'm not saying he is going to lose. i'm saying he is in the most trouble he has ever been and now, he is in the most trouble. all of this windles away at the coalition willing to keep him in office. i can feel it shrinking. >> reporter: the sheriff sti of them writing on facebook page tonight, keep your chin up, joe. keep america clean and safe. another one writing, he was upholding the law. there are many detractors as well, please make him pay for the expenses, no money from taxpayers. >> joe arpaio's base will remain his base but it is not a majority. >> reporter: arpaio spoke out
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the corrupt obama justice department is trying to influence my re-election. it is a blatant abuse of power and the people of maricopa county should be as outraged as i am. i will fight this tooth and nail because i know these charges are rubbished. in the end, i am confident i will be exonerated. the judge in this case set the trial date for december 6 but arpaio's attorneys plan to ask if they get the extension, this trial likely won't start until next year. i'm andrew hasbun, fox 10 news. >> you can read sheriff arpaio's statement on our website. his challenger paul penzone is weighing in on today's decision. take a listen to what he had to say. >> his priority has been himself over us and the court spoke
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the law. >> that's paul penzone who is rung against sheriff arpaio. we wanted to know if the federal contempt charges against sheriff arrest arpaio will affect how you vote in november so we asked that in a poll and here are the results. 53% say you will still vote for sheriff joe arpaio. 11% say arpaio has lost their support and 36% say they are already opposed to we would love to hear what you have to say. go to our twitter page and vote there. body cameras have become an important part of law enforcement, especially when it comes to police-involved shootings. >> what we have learned is they are not turned on in time or at all. >> taser international has developed new technology that
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the company unveiling their new line of body cameras today. danielle miller is live to explain what is new today. >> reporter: some of this includes automatic turnons and longer prerecordings when it turns on. we spoke with a use of force expert and he tells us that it will be beneficial, not only for the officers but the entire taser international plans to roll out the new body camera. use of force expert says some of the new features will benefit officers and the community things like the new mounting options and the preevent buffer. body cameras capture 30 seconds of video prior to the officer turning it on and with the new technology, it will increase to two minutes. >> it helps officers as far as anything they see when it comes
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is captured two minutes back and it helps with any type of prosecution or crime they come across. >> reporter: there is an automatic activation function. right now, officers have to turn the cameras on themselves. something like using a taser could turn it on. >> there is the potential of having other aspects that could trigger it, something as simple as activating lights on my patrol car. >> reporter: it will also duel audio videos. it is something that will have to be looked at. >> because of the changes in our physiology as we age, the camera doesn't change. it may capture things that are clearly seen on camera that the officer may not have been able to see so clearly. >> reporter: at this time, we are not too sure if the police agencies around the valley will be implementing this technology but a lot of agencies here in
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international so it is definitely a high possibility. as for this technology and the cameras, they will be unveiled in december. reporting live, danielle miller, fox 10 news. in a developing story tonight, phoenix police are trying to figure out if this surveillance video shows a child trapped in the trunk of the car. it shows a white four-door car pulling up to a home. the trunk opens up and neighbors say they saw a child inside and help. >> we got the little boy with his hands outside, he tried to open the drunk, the passenger slammed the trunk and they left. >> tonight, police are trying to figure out if this incident is real or a hoax. if you have any information, you're asked to call phoenix police. police say this man admitted to shooting and killing an
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weekend. baker-young is facing charges, including first-degree murder and aggravated assault. police say on saturday, he shot and killed juan diaz who was sitting in a car near 67th avenue and bethany home road. he allegedly fired at two security guards nearby. they were not hurt. diaz's girlfriend was in the car when the shooting happened. she was unharmed. it is not clear why baker-young opened fire in the first >> we don't got no power. we ain't not nothing. no water, no nothing. >> hurricane matthew was not supposed to hit here but 80 miles inland in north carolina, water rescues continue around the clock. 17 people have died, most of them trapped in the flood waters. today, more people were evacuated after a dam began to
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>> dire situation unfolding in north carolina. kristy siefkin has a look at the damage in the southeast, plus, another hurricane in the atlantic. if it is not raining, they don't get why the flooding would happen. >> reporter: absolutely, even though it is dry, there is a potential for more rain. a cold front is moving through the country this week. it is getting a little bit of a break from this storm. let's take you through we do have advancing cold front bringing severe weather through parts of tennessee valley. as it continues to move through the valley, this falls apart. we see cloud cover for the south so it is good news in terms of cleanup effort and temperatures as you're dealing with the flooded areas. you have pretty good weather. you have 70's on tap for moat of
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the numbers cool down. we get crisp, fall air as this system moves through. as for the second tropical system, it is a category one hurricane called nicole. it will be tracking far off of the eastern coastline. it is making its way toward bermuda and at the time it moves passed bermuda, we're expecting it to be a category one, if not a category two storm and that could cause storm s heavy rainfall so we'll be tracking this throughout the week as nicole continues to move. the flooding and the damage in the southeast pales in comparison to the situation in haiti where hurricane matthew killed nearly 1,000 people so far and caused mass destruction there. it is hard to imagine when you look at what is going on there
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cholera. he saw destruction left behind of an earthquake in the same country in 2010. >> the bridges are out, tons of homes are demolished. >> nick started a foundation trying to collect food and is up -- supplies and if you want to learn the creepy clown craze reaching a new level. how it is having an affect on halloween this year. calais campbell taking time off the field this year talking about his new program. the tim tebow baseball experiment coming to the valley. the former football player
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sheriff paul babeu was headmaster at desisto school in massachusetts. a boarding school rife with abuse. this isn't about abuse or neglect, because none of this was found. except these records show the state found it, students and parents testified about it, and a judge ordered it to stop. the cornering, the sheeting, i didn't know how to live and function as a normal human being. i'll end with that, thank you so much.
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? one of the great songs out there, "take me out to the ballgame." this was not just another day in the arizona baseball league. tim tebow is playing in town. the former heisman trophy winner making his debut with the scorpions. he did come in big with a save after the >> jude lacava has more on what happened off of the field that had nothing to do with baseball. >> reporter: interesting things with tim tebow. he signed a deal to play with the new york mets. he played his first game with scottsdale out in glendale and the arizona fall league and as you can imagine, 900 fans on
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fans. keep in mind, he is playing left field and in his first run. today, not so well. 0-3 but the fact he is out there, by the way, he has the number one selling mets jersey. here he is swinging away. plenty of fans a chance to see tebow. as kari said, he went, 0-3. advanced the runner but tebow, it is a chance to follow another dream even though his nfl dream stopped short. i'm going to tell you what happened during the autograph signing. listen to tim tebow. >> i love playing the quarterback position. i wanted to pursue that but that door closed and i was going to pursue something else and that is this game. some people may have wanted me
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pursue what i love and what my dreams are and i'm grateful for that. >> reporter: i'm going to give a play-by-play on what happened here. one of the fans had a seizure and collapsed. this is tim tebow, he prayed with him and put his hands over and the fan from georgia, regained consciousness. they started talking and now talking football and he walked awaynd this unique personality that tim tebow is already a draw. an interesting moment on the save of the day, if you will. listen to this, marc and kari, we heard about the cubs. they put together in one of the greatest come backs in their history tonight. you have to stick around tonight. they are down in the ninth inning and they roar back.
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we'll see you in sports. >> this could be the year, jude. arizona cardinals calais campbell is taking time to spend time with kids at the salvation army. it is in new program that is an after-school program that allows kids to receive help with things like homework and leadership skills. today, he read books and talked about his vision for the program. >> when i was a kid, my father was busy and made sure we stayed out of trouble so i wanted to start something similar so kids could come for a fun place to learn and something they could depend on and something that is consistence for them every day. >> that is great. the program is offered to kids
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gray. a mission to mars could be a race. the president is the latest to come out with a plan to get humans to the red planet in the not too distant future. when entertainment meets politics. we're talking to "tmz" about a big business in california that announced they would ban donald trump from entering their business. >> reporter: gorge out there there -- gorgeous out there tonight. the next several days are
9:23 pm
james p. walsh: to keep our community safe - ting violent crime ahead of his own political agenda. paul penzone has been a decorated crime-fighter for over 20 years. a police officer, undercover investigator, and dea task force agent of the year. paul penzone caught murderers, put drug kingpins behind bars, and created award-winning programs that protect our community. paul penzone...
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>> reporter: gorgeous photo from the coconino national forest. they tweeted this earlier today. this is a picture off of the rim. the beautiful fall colors thanks to mid 60's degree temperatures. cooling down into the 40's that's the reason we're seeing
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and -- north. this above average trend will continue through the next several days. we are clear as a bell through southern nevada and arizona and we're going to see high pressure as the dominant feature in our forecast. well to the north of us, we're going to see a few areas of low pressure moving through but the jet stream is too far to the north to affect our tonight, we're sitting in the 70's and 80's across the valley. upper 70's into deer valley and fountain hills. still in the 80's for sky harbor and ahwatukee. goodyear, you're in the upper 70's. wickenburg at 79. today still above average. we hit 97 this afternoon, which is more above the seasonal average. triple digits weren't in store
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afternoon high. we looked at the southeast section of the u.s. with the weather conditions there. it is a different pictures a you look at utah and colorado where we're seeing rain and snow. north and south dakota picking up snow today. the tropical storm that has been elevated to a hurricane status got off of the atlantic. it will be on the warm side. yuma at 96. safford at 89. payson will be in the 70's. 70's for window rock. 80 for sedona. the grand canyon coming in the low 70's. the next few days are looking great. tonight, 67 degrees. a few high clouds but all in all, we'll see sunny skies. your 10 day forecast looking great as well. we'll see temperatures hovering from the low to mid 90's and as
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see the slightly above average temperatures. it is not freezing temperatures >> moving in the right direction. a third-grade teacher from washington takes home first place. 42-year-old cindy's pumpkin weighed in california. >> you start growing that and it gets bigger and you're like i'm going to enter it and hope to god that the birds don't get it or the bugs. from bad to worse, the problems that are mounting for samsung and the galaxy note 7 that keeps exploding and catching fire. what you need to do if you own one of the tpoepbls first, it is a presidential race for the ages.
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candidates. trump on the attack and a flashback to the 1990's for
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i learned as a police officer and a businessman you should never abuse people's trust. unfortunately, today too many politicians either serve their party or themselves, and arizona families suffer. the arizona republic called paul babeu a disgrace. of taxpayer money at a five-star resort and was questioned by the fbi for using public money to promote himself. o'halleran: i'm tom o'halleran, and i approve this message,
9:31 pm
they don't give the suppor that we really need. now, i think i'm better off without their support, if you want to know the truth. >> a civil war breaking out in the g.o.p. weeks before the presidential election. donald trump continues his attack on the elite leaders of
9:32 pm
lack of support. trump appearing on the bill o'reilly factor tonight. some of the republicans pulling their support about his comments about women. >> he went on the attack of paul ryan. >> he called out john mccain after mccain said she would not vote for trump after the lewd comments about women. trump said "the very foul mouthed john mccain begged for my support during his primary. i gave, he won and dropped me over locker room remark." so far, no response from mccain. >> al gore campaigned for hillary clinton in florida. he is trying to reenergize
9:33 pm
refused to endorse clinton while he was running against bernie sanders. >> your vote, really, really counts a lot. you can consider me as an exhibit a. of that truth. >> of course, florida is the state where gore narrowly lost to george w. bush in the 2000 presidential election. leaked e-mails coming from wikileaks. the chairman lies to bear what looks like collusion on fronts, first between the clinton campaign and the national head of committee and the clinton campaign and the department of justice during the clinton e-mail investigation. brian fallon is accusing wikileaks of co-lewding with
9:34 pm
donald trump is the topic at hand. "tmz" is joining us to talk about one of the hot topics today. i found this interesting since we're in such a political cycle right now. one of the big-name businessman is shunning donald trump. he says he is not welcome at his businesses. >> he is a big-time business developer here. he developed the grove shopping center and a big-time republican. we got him leaving craig's. it is a popular spot in west hollywood. we asked if trump was welcome at the grove and he said no, he has a bad attitude and he has embarrassed the party. we don't want him there. the last person he spoke up and banned from the grove was manny
9:35 pm
homophobic remark. rick is one of the top dogs, as far as business developers and republicans out here in l.a. >> maybe he is looking at this as a smart business move. california is on the liberal side. maybe if i stand out i might bring other people in. >> i think you could look at it for sure. rick is a smart guy. he knows what the determine -- demographic is. it is better to say that other than welcoming trump with open arms. >> thank you so much. on a lighter note, america's new sweetheart is ken bone. he appeared on fox and friends this morning to talk about his newfound fame. he is the guy in the red sweater who became a social media
9:36 pm
question. >> we were sequestered until the debate was over at 10:00. when i turned my phone back on, when i got back to my car at 10:30 central, i had thousands of notifications and twitter friend requests and facebook friend requests. i'm glad i have a small platform to spark the debate on energy. >> i think that is called blocking your phone or is that so many tweets and interest coming in? >> he is inundated. he had no idea he would become a sensation. he has 137,000 followers on twitters, before the debate, he had seven. >> take the burden off of you. he was chosen to attend the debate because he is an
9:37 pm
much. if he is ok, i'm happy. first, it was elon musk then boeing and then president obama with plans to send humans to mars. >> an online editorial sent out a goal of sending humans to mars by 2030 with one day keeping people on mars for an ebgsz extended amount of time. >> i'm committed to nasa and its future. >> reporter: that is president obama back in 2010. that decision upset many who wandered about the cost of relying on the russians to carry americans to and from the international space station. nasa's inspector general put the cost at $3.2 billion. >> the president's approach is
9:38 pm
country doesn't mean we don't have areas we can't cooperate. >> it is a dream of science fiction. >> reporter: the space program doesn't just rely on dollars and cents, it needs the support of the american people but won't happen unless the administration doesn't do a better job of telling and selling the program. >> the administration could have done a better job the rationale, risks, and trade and the difficulty of that. >> i can think of a few people i would like to see go to mars. >> the white house deputy press secretary says the president is hoping to use the help of the private sector to draw on their expertise and elon musk and spacex have been instrumental lately. >> i think we need more than a solar battery are.
9:39 pm
apparently. they want to cut back the cost to mars. >> it is ambitious. still ahead, creepy clowns. we've been hearing too much about them. why this craze got a high school coach fired from his job. plus, christie will be back with a look at your wake-up
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geico's as fast and friendly as it gets. woo! geico. expect great savings and a whole lot more. if 2016 wasn't already if 2016 wasn't already strange enough, someone said send in the clowns and the creepy clown craze has taken
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busies taking -- businesses is taking action. the crypt creeper is pulling all of the clown kos taouls off of the shelves. the owner says he doesn't want kids to get hurt. other stores in florida are refusing to sell costumes. >> the creepy clown phase coach fired because he wore a mask to the girls' soccer practice. the school said it was inappropriate. >> the famous clown in the u.s. is forced to go into hiding. mcdonald's says ronald mcdonald is not taking this well. people don't look at clowns right now. so he is taking a break from
9:44 pm
events. in order to be sensitive to people's fears and he is hoping this works its way out. >> he has gone into hiding. samsung is pulling the plug on the production of galaxy note 7. it comes a day after the company stopped selling the devices world wide. the company is urging customers with the galaxy note 7 to power it down and stop using immediately. a surveillance video shows the moments it overheated and caught fire. you see the smoke there? they are not sure what to do. the woman dropped the phone in a pan to try to to contain it. they believe the case around the phone prevented her from getting hurt. planning the perfect wedding proposal?
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way. nine out of 10 shows that it won't go according to plan. you might want to start to plan the future together sooner rather than later. most americans say they should have started saving more for retirement. two-thirds of workers are failing to save consistently for their retirement. samsung's exploding phones are benefiting a samsung decided to end production of the galaxy note 7 production lead to increases in apple at the stock market. alalcoa kicked off what coud be a disappointing season. orlando is named the best place to grab grub.
9:46 pm
variety and quality of food. >> reporter: tonight is beautiful and we'll see pleasant, calm conditions throughout the course of the night into the early-morning hours. 11:00 this evening, we are expecting to be in the upper 70's and we are going to cool down into 70 degrees if you're an early riser at 5:00. you'll see numbers slowly dropping from more in the 7:00 hour. we're expecting to be in the upper 60's before we warm up. kids, as they start the day tomorrow, should be about 73 at 8:00 a.m. mild and clear conditions. warm conditions as we get into the afternoon. chilly in the morning if your kids don't like a breeze. you night -- might throw a jacket in there. temperatures in the low 90's
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fox talk back the after the break. >> we're talking about rude drivers. are you guilty?
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we still have a lot more we still have a lot coming up at 10:00. some video you're going to want to check out of a police chase.
9:50 pm
finds out that it is not the traffic he needs to worry about. which city has the highest rate of college graduates? find out tonight on fox 10 news at 10:00. time for tonight's talkers. >> irst up, kids-free zones on airplanes. it is a budget airline called indigo. they launched quiet zones pop -- zones. they will not and lou -- allow kids to sit in certain blocks. parents feel it is discrimination and they worry that other airlines will adopt the same policy. it is getting a lot of chatter online. >> i'm trying to think if i like it. there are times i wish i could sit them in the other part of
9:51 pm
we see them acting up. rarely do we see kids acting up on the planes. >> you hear kids crying but it is the adults who do the crazy stuff. i know traveling with little kids, if you are in the zones where they are not allowed, you can't complain. >> you're stuck. >> the list is out and the worst actions of rude drivers, number four, driving too close to bikes guess in some communities you have horses. next, flashing lights to request a driver to move. number two, driving too slowly and the rudest move is, you can't do this in arizona, is driving through a puddle to splash pedestrians. that is the lowest of the low. >> that has happened to me on live shots when we're covering the weather. i don't know if they did it on
9:52 pm
>> you get more points if you do it live on the air. if you are covering the weather, it looks better. >> i was soaked head to toe. >> we posted the topics on our facebook page and we want you to share your thoughts. >> tell us what you think is the top rude things drivers do and tell me if you like the idea of quiet zones on airplanes >> reporter: the cardinals versus the jets. why this game means so much more to bruce arians and if you're a cubs' fans, you are absolutely stoked on one of the more dramatic moments in this team's history. you heard me right. you will see what i'm talking
9:53 pm
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over 30 years ago, bruce arians was coaching in philadelphia coaching todd bowles who was his starting safety. coach loyal beyonds words and he would become part of his staff. bowles was his defensive
9:56 pm
meet for the first time as opposing head coaches. bruce arians taught bowles attemptle university. b.a. will do everything to defeat him. >> he knows us better than i know his offense. yeah, it always adds to the chess match when you know someone fairly well. they are doing things than they did here. they have a great person up front. it is intriguing to get into it and study tendencies and those types of things. >> reporter: bowles will bring pressure with a talented and aggressive defense. >> this is the most impressive defense. rams are different with their speed factor with aaron and quinn but these guys are big,
9:57 pm
offensive lineman, bruce arians will hope for the best when it comes to continuity. >> it starts to build and the dynamics of the locker room have been good but to use the word chemistry, it is different every year. >> reporter: let's swing over the sun devils. they will travel to colorado. what a special saturday night it was for gonzalez. think about this, gonzalez with 89 career field goals ever in fbs history that is the most in a career for a place kicker. he appreciates the moment. >> everyone knows kicking is mental. it is being mentally stable, mentally confident. obviously, you have to keep your body right, keep your legs fresh, ice baths and stretching out twice a day.
9:58 pm
>> reporter: let's swing over to baseball. dodgers stadium, nats win and they advance. how about it, adrian gonzalez, 2-1, los angeles. seventh inning, daniel murphy with the bases loaded. turner and harper. how about this, the dodgers tie the game up at five and chase utley has a history of big hit in the postseason. he drives in andrew tolls and the dodgers win, 6-5 and they force a decisive game five. what happened in san francisco, the giants, keep an eye on this. gillespie drives in hunter pence. they go to the ninth and the giants are up 5-2. what happens? keep an eye on it?
9:59 pm
inside the right field line. kris bryant scores and they are down three, right? wilson contreras and he drives in two. the game is tied at five in the ninth inning. could they score four to win? are you kidding me? javi baez up the middle and the cubs go down they bring in chapman in the ninth and there it is. it is over. the giants strikes out brandon belt. the giants are done and the cubs advance to the national league championship series. what a comeback for cubs fans. how about that? more baseball, more football, we'll see you in 20 minutes. right now, it is marc martinez and fox 10 news at 10:00.
10:00 pm
run from the law but he doesn't get far. you have see how police catch this guy. an apparent kidnapping captured by surveillance camera video. the big question is, is it real or a hoax? federal prosecutors will file a criminal complaint against sheriff joe arpaio accusing him of criminal contempt of court. this could potentially land him behind bars. fox 10 news at 10:00 starts right thank you for joining us tonight. arpaio's legal troubles stemming from the legal sweeps that he was told to stop but refused to. he is accused of racial profiling. >> we will plead not guilty. >> reporter: sheriff joe arpaio not at today's hearing


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