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tv   FOX 10 News 6pm  FOX  October 12, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MST

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extremely lightweight metal. think of a coke can and that's where they get their lift and thrust. so they are not made for crashes like cars are with stability, air bags and all of that. >> the passengers were headed to california for the man's birthday. a good samaritan called 911 and stayed with them until crews arrived. neighbors flock together scene shortly after. >> a lot of firemen and police& cars and a lot of people pulling up now. before there was just us. now i see a lot of people coming from the >> both passengers were taken to the hospital in serious condition. >> when you see the damage to the airplane, the speed, the fact he didn't have a landing strip it's an absolute miracle that both of those patients were alive and talking to us. >> kristy siefkin, "fox 10 news." quite a headache for drivers today on the eastbound i-10. it was shut down west of downtown phoenix today after a tractor-trailer smashed into the overhead lights in the deck park tunnel. that caused a lot of traffic backups during the lunch hour.
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this is an unusual scene especially middle of the day. no cars moving into the tunnel on the eastbound i-10. entirely shut down after their big rig damagd the overhead lights. crews quickly repaired the damaged lights and the tunnel back open tonight and it was open just before 1:00 this afternoon. police are trying to catch a man who they say sexually assaulted a teenage girl in an avondale park this happened on the night of september 26th. the 17-year-old girl was walking in the park alone near 107th avenue and indian school road. the suspect hit her on the back of the head and then forced her to the ground and sexually assaulted her. she fought him off and was able to get help. people who live into park are on edge. >> i pray that they catch the individual because it could have been my child or anyone else's child. and a defenseless child -- is just that, defenseless. first time like i said in 20 years sin we have been here that
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occur. >> that suspect is described as a hispanic male in his late 20s to early 30s with dark wavy hair, brown eyes and tattoo of a star on his right forearm. if you have information, call silent witness at 480-witness. in a fox follow-up, phoenix police identify a man qhos body parts were found in two separate locations in phoenix. they say last month 45-year-old jason collins remains were found in the open field of a commercial yard avenue and broadway a little over a week later more of receipt mains were found nearby on the south side of the salt riverbed. the medical examiner still trying to figure out how collins died. if you have any information, call phoenix police. federal prosecutors inaccounted yesterday they would file criminal contempt of court charges against maricopa county sheriff joe arpaio. arpaio acknowledged his office violated a judge's order to stop immigration sweeps.
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a week -- less than a month before the election. arpaio's campaign calls the move political motivated and in an effort to hurt arpaio's chances of re-election. arpaio seeking a seventh term in office. the "arizona republics" editorial board endorsed rival paul penzone. and a new poll by sherma public affairs shows he has a ten point lead over arpaio. that survey was conducted last week before the announcement of the criminal contempt charges. pollster saying it's not exactly world renown and suggests it was paid to conduct the survey. i'm nicole garcia. democratic phoenix vice mayor tonight calling for sheriff joe arpaio to step down. in a statement, she says, quote, with sheriff arpaio now facing trial for alleged federal crimes, it is outrageous that he remains in a position of leadership over a law enforcement agency. he should resign immediately.
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contracts between the city of phoenix and the maricopa county sheriff's office. and has renewed calls to take steps to keep jail costs down to minimize the liability to phoenix taxpayers. arpaio's campaign dismissed those calls saying the sheriff is not going to resign and will continue doing his job. and says mcso has a positive working relationship with the phoenix police department. in a statement, the campaign says, quote, kate kiyay didn't -- gallego didn't think through her terms for -- where does she propose to put the hundreds of phoenix inmates currently held in the sheriff's' jails. her back yard? nicole garcia, "fox 10 news." new at 6:00, various media outlets are reporting claims by former miss teen usa contestants who allege donald trump went into their dressing rooms while changing at pageants and tonight we are hearing from mission arizona 2001.
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cbs los angeles she experienced 15 years ago at the age of 18 while competing in the miss usa pageant. >> he just came strolling right in. there was no second to put a robe on or any sort of clothing or anything. and some girls were topless, other kid -- girls were naked. our first introduction was when rebre at the dress rehearsal and half naked changing into our bikinis. had the owner come walt -- wawltsr wawltsing in and then to ha people that work for him telling us to go fawn all over him and walk up to him and talk to him and get his attention. i'm telling you drurp owned the pageant for the reason to utilize his power to get around beautiful women. i am miss arizona i veer more on the conservative side. but i just like to choose what is right.
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quote, to paint mr. trump as someone who would purposely walk into a women's dressing room and ask women to come impress him is the most disgusting accusation so far. mr. trump has empower med as a woman and has given me career opportunities and defended me during my reign as miss california usa. dveloping at this hour, two women tell the new york times donald trump touched them inappropriately. once as it happened on a flight decades ago where she says she was groped and the other says trump kissed her against her tonight trump is denying the allegations. the behavior never happened and meantime the clinton campaign is on the defensive over an alleged e-mail exchange. >> the hillary clinton campaign on defense over e-mails again. this time for an alleged e-mail conversation between campaign chair john podesta, communications director and another clinton ally, mocking conservative catholics. saying it's the russians trying
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>> we are not going to fact check each of the e-mails that was -- that were stolen. hacked by russian-led effort and in an effort. >> the clinton campaign out with this new web video starring president obama. >> no such thing as a vote that doesn't matter. it all matters. >> while republican donald trump doubling down on clinton corruption claims in his new tv ad. >> how did hillary end up rich? play to play politic. >> trump unleashing on his democratic opponent as well as some republican leaders at a rally in florida. >> the new e-mails also show members of the clinton team viciously attacking catholics and evangelicals. viciously. the leaders not putting their weight behind the people. >> also in florida, a federal judge has ruled to extend voters registration despite the republican governor denying
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campaign after hurricane matthew. floridians have until october 18th to register. in washington, lauren blanchard, fox news. former first daughter chelsea clinton will be in the valley next week to campaign for her mother. presidential nominee hillary clinton the group hillary for america confirms to fox 10 chelsea will be in phoenix on wednesday october 19. the time and day of that location have not yet been announced. we will keep you posted when we find out more thousands of people in north carolina are being told to evacuate as the flood waters there still rise. 24 comes four days after hurricane matthew hit the state. 35 people have now died in the u.s. in connection to hurricane with 19 deaths in north carolina alone. the state's governor is warning people to be careful around flood waters. >> during the past three days we are averaging two fatalities a day, almost all of them due to drowning. we are putting out the report
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from water. >> meanwhile more than 1700 u.s. marines and sailors are bringing power generators, water pure fires and bulldozer to hate each hundreds of people were killed in that country during the hurricane. still ahead, new video tonight of those nine puppies found abandoned just left outside of an arizona mall. we will have an update on their conditions. how you can help in their recovery. first after congressional backlash, the fate of the wells fargo's embattled ceo. >> and we may have the most perfect weather in all of the country now. will it last? i will let you know in the forecast coming your way next. if you like do contact me on social media it would be great to hear from you. fine me on facebook at marc martinez fox 10 or follow me on
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the embattled c-e-o wells fargo has stepped down, effective immediately. the ceo of pells chargo has
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senator elizabeth warren took him to task in that congressional hearing. went viral on the internet over the bank opening millions of accounts without its customer's knowledge. stump had been the ceo of wells fargo since 2007. tim sloan the chief operating officer is now taking over. >> members of the san francisco police department are accused of engaging in rampant abuse of minorities in a new report by the u.s. justice department. the city requested a review by the feds after the police shooting death of a young black man. homophobic and racist text messages sent between officers also surfaced. the report makes 300 recommendations for the department to improve its policies and build trust within the community. the city's own police chief stepped down back in may over protests and tensions related to the death of mario woods. new information tonight about nine puppies found abandoned outside a mall in
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arizona says one of the dogs has died. the puppies tested positive for parvo. they have were dehydrated and other illnesses as well. security guards found the dogs this morning right in front of the park place mall on tucson's east side. the pups left in a plastic tub no note left behind. the humane society is caring for the dogs and says it needs to raise about $8,000 for their care. contact the organization if you would like to help out. kids at phoenix children's hospital getting a head halloween all thanks to spirit the halloween store. they had a party teat at the hospital. donated 75 costumes to the kids. the kids will take part in an annual tradition of walking the halls in the hospital in their costumes. >> does your heart good to know you have given them a few minutes of sunshine and again a few minutes to forget why they are here and just enjoy bag kid again. spirit is also taking donations and 100% of the money
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still ahead after the break, kari lake has a look at the forecast when we come back. and be sure to follow us on instagram and share your images using the hashtag #fox10phoenix. i learned as a police officer and a businessman
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either serve their party or themselves, and arizona families suffer. the arizona republic called paul babeu a disgrace. babeu spent $28,000 of taxpayer money at a five-star resort and was questioned by the fbi for using public money to promote himself. o'halleran: i'm tom o'halleran, and i approve this message,
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the days are a little bit warm but the nights are awesome. last night i got chilly. >> you did? >> had the windows on. >> put the ken bone sweater on? >> i wish i ask. >> i frankly think this is the best time of year. it's per effect. you think it's a little warm, wait number the forecast comes out because i think you will like the ten day. let's look what's going on. 88 degrees. is that warm >> getting in the right direction. i like 85. >> so we are going to work on that and get close to that. but it's 88 right now hasm few clouds out there. beautiful day today and a little bit on the warm side. especially if you are like marc and like it cooler. the evenings are per effect. let's take a look -- per effect. we were just two degrees above where we should be. 90 is the norm and 103 is the record set back in 1950. and 67 is the day time low.
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area in the morning when you get up to take a hike and get the kids off to school. almost need a jacket especially if you lived here in phoenix for awhile. we know that's kind of chilly for us. but as you see here we haven't had any rain. we won't get rain here in the not so distant future. this storm that's heading into the pacific northwest a big system a lot of rain moving on to shore. up near portland and into washington as well. it's not going to make it into phoenix. we might see a few clouds come sa that blanketed the area starting late this morning and into this afternoon that kind of kept our temperature from getting higher than where they were. the clouds are starting to move out and were unique looking clouds and we are starting to see the clear skies moving in and see the temperatures in the mid-60s tonight. the forecast low is 65 for phoenix. 45 in prescott. 55 gorgeous up in sedona and 49 in payson tonight. those are the kind of nights you want to put a fire in the
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41 in st. johns. winslow 42 and tomorrow the highs will be as much as they were today. 59 in yuma and gila bend. 95 in lake havasu city. this is the warm area. we were still warm. but definitely doable especially after some of the hot days we saw this summer. look up along the rim. 75 tomorrow for the high in payson. gorgeous. 79 up in sedona and you think about it. it's a couple of hours away and you can be in the gorgeous weather with the leave changing. 71 in the grand canyon. 80 up at page. look what's happening across the country. we have a pretty strong band of storms in a frontal system moving across the mid west. the middle mississippi valley and up along the great lakes states and some of those storms are treacherous. huge thunderstorms moving through wisconsin and the u.p. of michigan and michigan proper and across the great lakes region is a strong storm moving that way. and talk about strong storms. take a look at this a hurricane,
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hurricane and -- is all of that ocean space and it chooses to hit bermuda this is going to be destructive and we will continue to follow this. but it's making its its path up into the northern atlanta it's not going to hit any other land masses after this hits bermuda. the ten day forecast looks like 92 thursday and friday. pretty nice and a little bit above normal a few clouds on saturday. 91 and 89 and getting what mark wants. trying to make mark happy as well. 9 on sunday and monday then next week we right around where we should be. 90 is the normal point. we will be around 89 or 90 next week with the cool overnight lows in the mid-60s. you can get weather 24/7 on well, some good news for the arizona cardinals. guess who is back at practice. cleared on the concussion protocol. carson palmer is back but there
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a lot to do with the new offensive linemen. that will be playing monday night against the jets. we will explain next. sheriff paul babeu was headmaster at desisto school in massachusetts. a boarding school rife with abuse. a lot of things went down that probably shouldn't have. this isn't about abuse or neglect, because none of this was found. except these records show the state found it,
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the cornering, the sheeting, i didn't know how to live and function as a normal human being. i'll end with that, thank you so much.
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(jude)the next man up philosophy will be tested come (jude)the next man up next man up philosophy will be tested against todd bowles in a physical aggressive defensive
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two starting offensive guards. mike ipety and evan mathis and will have to go with their backups. that's intriguing here because todd bowles made a living when he was here in arizona and with the jets on that a-gap blitz. that's the gap between the center and the guard so what adjustments will the cardinals make knowing that they will probably bring pressure up the middle this is evan mathis that played through that injury. guy is a warrior. ankle surgery out the next six or seven eight weeksnd will see earl watford take over there and then mike upety severe -- upety and then john wetsup -- it epety a second year practice squad but certaily that's an issue for the arizona cardinals two young backups or two backups in at the guard position protecting the quarterback who is coming off a concussion. >> it's a big blow. those two guys have -- i don't
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pro bowls, super bowls, two super bowls. there is a lot of experience a lot of talent. leadership. so it's tough to replace the experience, the size. those are two of the bigger guys in the nfl. that's the nfl. you got to step up and next guy up has to play. >> for the sun devils the trip to boulder, colorado, to take on the buffaloes and this is a good football team. they almost beat usc this past weekend. 2-1 in the south and they got shea fields number one a big player. they like those big chunk plays. big passes down feel and that includes bryce bobo. steven montes is a quarterback. let's listen to todd graham about the offense of the colorado buffalos. >> hitting bombs. hitting big plays with the receivers who can really stretch the feel vertically. you have are fast and explosive as anybody we played. so we got to do a great job keeping everything in front.
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great job schematically with trick plays. >> and that's going to be fun to watch. of course saturday college football pregame and then at 12:30 it's usc at arizona. and then of course the sun devils traveling to colorado. so so far so good. they are 5-1 and see if they can win on the road. >> good to have carson palmer back. >> thank you. "tmz" is next.
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>> all right, solange knowles is a certified hit maker. and ler -- her mom is celebrating. >> are the knowles the new jackson? >> that would be great company. >> it's time to give solange her due. >> she beat the crap out of jay-z. >> that was her biggest hit up unti >> yeah. >> nbc actually held this audio of donald trump and billy bush to screw with donald trump, to take one side of this election is a big deal. >> this idea that news has to be completely fair and balanced is a myth. >> it's bobbly-goop or gobbledygook. >> jennifer lopez. her and marc anthony are doing a spanish album. they're posting all of these flirty snapchats. >> if you're his wife, are you going --


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