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tv   FOX 10 News 10pm  FOX  October 13, 2016 1:00am-1:30am MST

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contestant for one of donald trump's pa pageants what she says he did. contempt of criminal charges for sheriff joe arpaio and what the poll says in his bid for re-election. fox 10 news at 10:00 starts now. thank you for joining us for fox 10 news at 10:00. a new poll done by a political consultant shows paul penzone ahead of sheriff this is a day after the court announced arpaio will face criminal contempt charges. danielle miller joins us live with more on why this may have not factored into the poll. >> reporter: many might think penzone's lead in this poll, this particular pole may be a direct result from tuesday's decision that sheriff joe arpaio will face criminal contempt charges. the person responsible for the poll says that is not case because it was done sooner than
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a new poll done by gibson mckay with sherpa public affairs shows paul penzone taking a 10-point lead. he did this poll himself and funded it. >> i've been doing polls for 15-20 years and they are snapshots of an election. can he make up space, certainly. can mr. penzone lose sport, certainly. if it keeps going the way it is have a new sheriff in maricopa county. >> reporter: 300 maricopa county voters were asked who they would choose. many were surprising for mckay, like independents not voting for arpaio. >> the 55-65 crowd are departing from him.
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order kind of attitude. >> reporter: many people believe these numbers are a direct result to tuesday's news that arpaio will face criminal kopb tech charges. it isn't possible since the poll was conducted through the 5th. >> there was a lot of discussion among th i'm surprised by the margin by which this indicated his losing. >> reporter: marc, arpaio's camp released a statement about this poll here saying we have, "always expected this race to be close in terms of the effects of the race. we expect the latest action by the corrupt action by the
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it is, a tactic to try to influence the election. the voters of this county will not stand for this." >> i know a lot of people seem surprised by the margin between penzone and arpaio. any other races looked at by the sherpa group? >> reporter: there was, the presidential race and the local senate race between john mccain and ann kirkpatrick. mcca but the pollers say the numbers should even out closer we get to the election. >> we will keep a close eye on the tight races. she issued a statement saying with sheriff joe arpaio facing trial for alleged federal crimes, it is outrageous he remains in a position of leadership over a law enforcement agency.
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arpaio's campaign for election says he will not resign so gallego asked the city council to review all contracts between the city of phoenix and the maricopa county sheriff's office. john mccain the working to shore up his women support days after renouncing his endorsement of donald trump. challenger congresswoman ann mccain for taking so long to back away from trump. a former arizona candidate says that trump walked into dressing rooms where contestants were undressing. she told cbs los angeles that trump who owns the miss. u.s.a. pageants at the time would first meet the contestants while they were changing.
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rehearsal, to have the owner come waltzing in when we're half naked and have the pressure for the people who work for him telling us to fawn up to him and talk to him and get his attention. >> now, her claim comes as two women stepped forward claiming that trump was inappropriate with them. jessica assaulted her during a flight three decades ago. 22-year-old rachel crook says when she met trump, he kissed her on the mouth. trump's camp is denying the allegations. a 1-years-old boy died at the hospital after he drowned at his family's home. the house doesn't have a pool in the backyard so police are investigating to see what happened.
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prescott city council approves an ordinance for training and education at sober living group homes. a house manager must be awake at all times. the existing group homes must apply for a license within 60 days. puppies abanded outside of a tucson mall, one of the puppies has died. two are not doing well. they were dehydrated tested positive for parvo. kids at phoenix children hospital getting ready for halloween with the help of spirit the halloween store. they donated 75 costumes for the kids. kids will wear the costumes while walking the halls of the hospital. >> it does your heart good to know you are giving them a few minutes of sunshine, a few
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here and forget and just be a kid again. >> all of the money will go to the child life department at the hospital. crashes in the valley with two people on board. we will tell you what happened to them. a valley woman accused of being a terrorist. what she did that led to her arrest. what do athletes stay in the locker room? tonight. if you would like to contact me on social media, i would like to hear from you.
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crash near deer valley airport a plane crash nea valley airport sends two people to the hospital in serious condition. the man and woman onboard were headed to california for the man's birthday. this is a firefighter talking about the scene there. they crashed in a shade structure near 43rd avenue and pinnacle peak road as you can see from these shot shot sh.
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tonight. a valley woman is under arrest under terrorism charges. her arrest comes days after an arizona man pleads guilty to a terrorism plot. kristy siefkin is following the story for us. kristy, what do we know about this? >> reporter: the woman who was arrested, marc, her name is michelle charged with kopb speurty to commit a terrorism act. she is not the only person arrested in the valley to be involved. this is a picture of michelle bastian. f.b.i. joined up with the arizona attorney general's office to serve two search warrants, both of those to
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one was served in chandler and one in florence. the one served in chandler was at a locally owned bakery between warner and elliot. it is unclear where in florence that the second warrant was issued. her arrest came on the heels of another terrorism-related arrest. you may recall 18-year-old mahin khan was arrested back in june on trying to commit terrorism acts and he pled guilty to weapons charges, including the same charge that bastian was convicted of. the last we checked on mcso's website, she has yet to see a judge. it is unclear if whether or not her arrest is connected to the issuing of the two other search warrants.
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phoenix, i'm kristy siefkin, fox 10 news. getting stuck in a dust storm on the freeway can get scary. adot started designing technology. this new system will detect dust storms and warn drivers before they hit. they will be installed on the i-10 where a lot of the accidents happened because of the dust storms. the system is expected to be fully operational in this is one of the most unusual hiring bonuses that we
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found to open millions of bank accounts without customers' permission. colorado roofing company is using an incentive to hire new employee, get hired and get a gun. >> we have four sales positions we have to get filled. >> reporter: it is the busy season. >> we don't have the staff. >> reporter: to get the attention of prospecteddive employees, they are offering new hires to get an a >> roofing for guns. >> reporter: new sales associates must pass a background check and get 10 roofing jobs on the books before they get their weapon. samsung is still reeling from the exploding galaxy note 7 crisis and it is sending prepaid fire resistant shipping boxes to customer in the u.s. this is a mess. some shipping giants say they do
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without protection. the company the urging customers to return their galaxy note 7 after reports of the phones catching fire, even the replacements catching fire. they announced their are stopping production of galaxy note 7 phones perm permanently. binge watching tv shows together can boost the quality of a couple's relationship. you bond together over it. it is associated intimacy and partnership. the study looked at media shared in general and it had a profound affect on overall happiness as well. binge watch the news, marc. >> bond over it. >> reporter: we're going to binge watch the weather up next and you're going to love the
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north carolina still struggling with the aftermath north carolina still a north carolina is still struggling with the aftermath of hurricane matthew. one river is expected to crest this weekend at double the flood stage. people living in the threatened areas are being urged to evacuate. 19 people in north carolina have died as a result of matthew. >> reporter: there is another hurricane that we're going to be talking about in a little bit. it won't matthew has done but it is powerful hurricane. 76 out there right now. beautiful night across the valley. just gorgeous. low humidity and no winds to speaking of. it is a fantastic night to get out and enjoy. 92 is the high today. our morning lows are where they should be. they feel perfect, almost a slight chill in the air.
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brought clouds. the big storm system moved in to the pacific northwest, we're talking about washington state and northern california getting hit with a ton of rain. as we look back out here, you can see it here moving in. there is a lot of rain associated with this storm. it is a low mover and it is going to continue to be a problem. there is the trough that brought a few high clouds today. it seems lik and turn into rain but it has since moved out and we're replacing it with clear skies tonight. the overnight low is going to be 65 here in the valley. 45 in prescott. 55 in sedona. 33 in flag. 34 at the grand canyon. tomorrow, a little bit above where we should be but gorgeous readings in the 70's and 60's tomorrow. 68 for the high in flag.
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95 in lake havasu. 87 for safford tomorrow. here is what the happening tomorrow. a pretty strong band of storms moving across the border region in northern arkansas. northern arkansas getting hit hard with strong thunderstorms and the storms persist up along the great lakes states and that will be the case tonight. we have the storm i spoke of in the pacific with the satellite picture showing the hurricane that i was telling you about. nicole is a strong hurricane. it is a category four. it is in the middle of the ocean but it is taking direct aim at bermuda. you see bermuda right here. it is going to go over bermuda and off into the northern atlantic. bermuda a small island. it should take a direct hit. it has better structures than what we saw in haiti.
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when the hurricane hits, it is going to be a category three and there are concerns with this as well. the big storm system pushing in northern california and washington. that is going to persist through saturday. we could see cloudy weather in the upper midwest as well and a few thunderstorms down near florida. the 10-day tomorrow. 92 on friday. look a few clouds on saturday but beautiful temperatures around where they should be for daytime highs. for weather, 24/#, -- 24/7, you can find it on when it comes to locker room talk, some athletes avoid the topic like tom brady while lebron james blasts the crude
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>> we don't disrespect no shape or fashion in our locker room. >> lebron james says the lewd talk by trump, trump dismissed it as locker room talk. legion james dismissed it as trash talk. some athletes don't want to go anywhere near this. >> reporter: you want me to comment in 10 i'm going to move along. i posted it in a blog with interesting reaction. this is interesting locker room talk, right, carson palmer outside of the locker room on his status for monday night's outside of the locker room on his status for monday night's game against the what is driving performance? it's not a weekend hobby. you have to live and breathe it for 50 years. it's the sound... and the fury. it's letting it all hang out there,
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and this is where it lives.
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imagine watching the team you >> reporter: imagine watching the team you play for at home on your couch and you're the starting quarterback. cars p admitted last thursday wasn't easy sitting out of the game. he said drew stanton got the job done and carson palmer was cleared to play after the rams. you always concern yourself. you have kid you have to raise. you think about all of the information coming in on brain trauma. you want to get out there, your competitive, you want to compete
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it is what players go through when you play in the national football league. for palmer, he says it is great to be back. he practiced full go today. he is getting ready for the jets who will put pressure on the quarterback run by todd bowles. here is carson palmer right after practice. >> i feel great. i feel great. good to be back. unfortunately, we had thursday game right after with me happened and i felt like i could have played sunday. i felt great through the weekend and waiting around for what felt like forever for wednesday, today to get here. >> reporter: let's give you a lineup on what is going on. my45 come your way on mondays at 5:30. richard saenz will be out there and we'll have post game coverage as well.
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night football. for the sun devils, a trip to boulder, colorado to take on the 2-1. they can play with the big chunk game passing game. number one has been lightening it up for mike mcintyre. look at this catch by bobo. they had to go to montez for quarterback. look at this one-handed grab. they will go deep down try to get the big, explosive plays in the passing game. they can play defense as well. they have really talented skilled position players. they stayed with usc before losing the game late in the fourth quarter. here is todd graham on colorado's offense. >> he is hitting bombs. hitting big plays with the receivers who can stretch the field vertically who is as fast
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played. we have to keep everything in front of us. and they do a great job with trick plays. >> reporter: here is your college football schedule here on fox. yeah, you got it, pregame at 11:30 a.m. and it is usc at arizona. what a night for scottsdale product austin matthews. man, this is something like storybook. can you imagine your first three shots are your first three goals? scottsdale. he started playing hockey at oceanside, arcadia, talk about hockey making it in the desert. he is the first player ever, marc, to score four goals in his first nhl debut. here is his fourth goal right here. what a remarkable run for austin matthews from scottsdale.
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