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tv   FOX 10 News 10pm  FOX  October 29, 2016 1:00am-1:30am MST

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tonight for a lot of people. thousands of drivers stuck in this. you may be one of them. we are happy to report now i-10 has been reopened in both directions but this was the scene just over an hour ago. take a look at the backup that it caused, people stuck for miles, actually caused problems on the 51 and 17 as well, after a.d.o.t. closed both directions of the i-10 heading of the park deck tunnel, backup stretching, you may see slowing in that area. be aware if you're traveling in the area tonight. phoenix's first female chief sworn in after former police chief joseph yahner has retired. more on this new police chief, and danielle, she is no stranger
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marc. she actually spent more than 20 years with the phoenix police department before going to her previous job that she is now coming from. but as you mentioned, there were hundreds of people at the phoenix convention center today to welcome her to her new position, and all of those same people were also there for chief joseph yahner to kind of congratulate him on his retirement and his career with the department. we sat down with him a little bit earlier and he was telling us that he believes that williams is a lot like him. he thinks that she is going to keep a lot of his policies procedures in place that he brought to the phoenix police department. he tells us she'll do great. >> i will support and defend. >> that i will support and defend. >> and bear true faith and allegiance. >> and bear true faith and allegiance. >> new phoenix police chief jeri williams being sworn in today. before the ceremony, dozens of family members, friends, and
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congratulate him on his career and retirement. those same people on hand to support williams in her new position. williams was formerly the police chief in oxnard california and before that spent 20 years with the phoenix police department. she's the first female to hold her position in the city. >> i am confident in our future. i am confident in the fact that we'll work together with the community, and i am confident in the greatest police departments in the country. >> she says some of her main goals are to help bring the community together, help change public perception and help with crime prevention and suppression. >> i welcome those people to meet. i welcome that dialogue, and i have said this before, we are so much more like than i think we are different. because the bottom line is everyone wants to feel safe. >> and williams says she is extremely happy to be here in the valley with her entire
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the phoenix suns. as for former chief yahner, he is telling us that he is no particular plans set right now for his retirement. he is just excited to wake up monday morning with nowhere to go. sheriff joe arpaio pleads not guilty in court today. the u.s. department of justice is prosecuting arpaio on criminal charges. those charges found in contempt over the summer. not the news hillary clinton's campaign wants to hear this close to the election as the fbi announces it is reopening the investigation into her handling of classified information. this comes less than two weeks before election day. officials say e-mails described as pertinent to the investigation were discovered on a computer belonging to former congressman anthony weiner.
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closest aids. today, clinton urged the fbi director to release more information. >> the director has said he doesn't know whether the e-mails referenced in his letter are significant or not. i am confident, whatever they are, it will not change the conclusion in july. therefore, it is imperative that the bureau explain this issue in question, whatever it is, without any delay. >> meanwhile, her rival dal today after news of the investigation broke. >> i have great respect for the fbi for writing this wrong. the american people fully understand her corruption and we hope all, all justice will finally be served. >> trump will also be appearing here in the valley tomorrow. >> and we have learned some new information about that 7th
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donald trump. the event is set to begin at 3:30 in the afternoon at the phoenix convention center right in downtown phoenix. the same time fox 10 will be airing a newscast before the world series, and we will be streaming that live coverage on our website beginning at 2:00 in the afternoon. meanwhile, hillary clinton will also be making a stop in arizona next week. she'll be in phoenix on wednesday, november 2nd, for an early vote rally. the campaign has not yet announced a location for that you can rsvp though at hillary today we are hearing from a woman helped by donald trump, jr. after her car broke down in the heat of the day yesterday while she was in town for a campaign speech. theresa hayes and her sister pushed the car after it overheated on the highway. the presidential candidate's son was in town and saw she needed
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because, you know, that shows kindness, but donald trump, no, he does not get my vote. >> trump, jr. had spent the day yesterday campaigning for his father over at arizona state university's campus. a fox follow-up now on three shelter puppies who are still missing tonight. the arizona animal welfare league is putting up a $500 reward for information about who took the puppies. the three little girls were stolen from shelter sometime sunday night. security footage caught the two men and one woman who took the dogs from their enclosure. the puppies need medication before they can go up for adoption. a tough loss for the cubs to the cleveland indians in game three. stefania okolie was at a watch party earlier, and despite the
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out there, you do have a happy story about a young cubs fan who inspired a player. >> that's right, the ten-year-old, campbell faulkner, if he were here in the bar, which has slimmed down since the game ended, he is a die hard fan of the cubs and a big fan of one of their catchers. we are talking about kyle schwarber here. campbell got to know them a yoorg and since then they have -- y they have formed an unforgettable bond. perhaps it's the excitement for the world series or perhaps he's still just amazed that he's wearing this bright green bracelet as he performs on the field. >> he's like my superhero. >> he's not just watching as a big fan but his friend as well, a friend showing support thousands of miles away through a green band.
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campbell's crew, and he said will i wear this forever. >> the band represents campbell's struggle. he suffers from mitochondrial disease, a rare and debilitating disease with no medical cure. >> he's just making me stronger. >> campbell and kyle met last march, and have formed an inspiring bond. >> he's brought a lot of light and love. >> he require and eating machine, 13 pills a day to get him healthy, a constant reminder of his rare disease, and when the pain kicks in -- >> that's when i'll just come in here and i'll look at the walls. >> walls covered in some of his biggest inspirations, pictures of kyle and his big green bands. >> it gives me hope that i know he's thinking about me and praying for me. >> even in the middle of a hectic world series.
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his hero as well. >> for a man to go to the world series, for him to say your son is a hero means a lot. >> yeah, it has to mean something to have a famous baseball player calling you their inspiration at just ten years old. despite the cubs loss today at home, we know that campbell will be ready to cheer them on again tomorrow as they play g the world series. live in mesa this evening, i'm stefania -- stefania okolie fox 10 news. coming up, a plane catches fire in chicago just before taking off. look at this. everyone gets out okay. what we have learned tonight. and if you would like to contact me on social media, ill love to hear from you. you can find me on facebook at
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twitter @marcfox10. hope to
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the family
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with marc martinez. the family of a scottsdale middle schoolteacher is asking the public for help to try and find the driver who ran her over and then took off. it was a year ago this week that maureen brown was hit near 124th street and saguaro drive. she was left with serious injuries and has had more than two-dozen surgeries. >> this didn't have to happen to because somebody left her on the side of the road to die. >> and the driver who hit her again just took off, and all police have to go on for a description of that vehicle is a black sedan. that's not a lot of info, but there is a $20,000 reward for information in this case. if you think you know something and you can help, call silent witness at 480-witness. more than a dozen people are hurt after a plane catches fire at chicago's o'hare airport.
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fox news correspondent karen mchugh has the latest. >> flames and black heavy smoke pouring from the side of an american airlines jet that aborted takeoff and caught fire on the side of the runway, the incident forcing all passengers and crew to evacuate. >> american airlines flight 383 was outbound to miami, experienced a fire at just about 235 this afternoon. there was no crh. loud bang and then saw an explosion. >> we started to take off. a big ball of fire. everybody was professional. the pilot stopped the plane perfect. >> the plane was carrying 43,000 pounds of fuel. authority say air traffic control reported a fire in one of the engines. >> at that point in time, the
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job of bringing the aircraft to a halt, alerting all of the cabin crew that they were going to evacuate the aircraft. >> some passengers suffered minor bruising and ankle injuries from evacuating down the slides, but all patients are in stable condition. >> we transported about 20 patients. we are still in the process of transporting some with minor injuries at this time to several hospitals. >> the ntsb will be conducting a full investigation to determine what caused the fire. o'hare operations hav to normal. but the runway where the incident occurred remains closed. in new york, karen mchugh, fox news. well, here comes the weekend. i believe that's the fair right there. yeah, it's a big weekend for a lot of different things.
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fox 10 news is back. >> well, remember that european mars lander that crash landed on the red planet? it left its mark there. some new images show a fresh dark spot right there on the red face of the planet. that is exactly where the craft hit hard after a systems malfunction. the european space agency reported that craft was lost earlier its primary role was to test when they could successfully land on mars. >> you have got to think, if there's life on mars, they are going, now, where did this come from? >> exactly. i like how the mission was to see if we could land it, and they have. >> they landed it. it is pretty amazing that they can shoot something up there and hit that thing. nice night, the weekend weather is going to be pretty good as
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little bit off that 100-degree temperature that we had the other day. you see the state fair is in town, and all lit up and everything. 80 degrees there's no wind at this hour, great night to get out and enjoy the fair. the weekend is going to be good as well. right now, we have 78 degrees in deer valley, 76 in apache junction, at gateway, mid-70s, 73 in mesa, and 76 in surprise. yes, there is some moisture around and that moisture is coming hurricane to the south of us. it's just a tropical bunch of moisture right now. and here's that moisture. look, all the way through salt lake city, all the way up into some of the high plain states as well, as that moisture continues on. we do get a little bit of it down here through the night. you can see some of it up on the northwest side a little bit on the east, kind of sliding by there, most of it heading up north. very, very rapidly passing through the flagstaff area,
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action as it moves through there, coming through on the west and kind of heading in a northeasterly direction. there's your high on the day. and we go to 93 degrees in goodyear, 91 degrees, 92 degrees in scottsdale. other numbers 77 in prescott, 79 in payson, another 79 in sedona, 94 at gila bend today. with we go to 93 for the valley, 76 for the morning low, 84 and 60 would be the normal high and lw. there's your record high at your record low at 41. looking at the forecast highs now, we bring them down just a little bit here over the last few days. 92 degrees, and that is going to hold pretty well. you do see some mid-90s out there, mostly to the south of us that we are seeing that. and then we see some 70s, some 60s, and some 80s kind of a mixed bag across the north. it's mostly 90s. we do see a few 80s in the deserts, but it's almost mostly mid-90s across our desert areas.
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out to you, working its way up through montana into the high plains, not as much snow coming down in the northeast. they got a couple of inches the other day. 92 degrees for tomorrow, we'll see some sunshine but clouds show up through the weekend. that will be on sunday. there's halloween, in the mid-80s. going to be a nice day and a pretty nice night. have a great your kids around water. dave, thank you.
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live from fox studios, fox 10 news is back. surgeons typically use their skills to save lives, but today they used their skills to carve
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knife wielding surgeons exceeded against each other. the winner was cardiothoracic surgeon and vp of affairs at the hospital. congratulations, doctor. the zombie walk is tomorrow, and also right around the same time that donald trump will be speaking. it's going to be an interesting mix of people down there. the walk was cancelled until the arizona helped to fund the walk. the mile long walk is set to start at dark. the organization says they were the perfect group to host the zombie walk. >> so the arizona hemophilia association knowing that zombies are all about blood thought it would be a great fit to help raise awareness and raise money for those with inherited bleeding disorders. >> and precedes from that event will go to help the arizona
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those with bleeding disorders. >> so a beer garden, a trump rally, and zombies. what could go wrong? >> a lot going on. >> i am sure it's going to be a great evening. he's been the man in the cardinals backfield since day one. running back david johnson seems to get better and better with each game.
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with richard saenz. >> another big game for the arizona cardinals, and expect to see another heavy dose of david johnson. the cardinals running back having a heck of a year. i know, you still have the carson palmer to larry fitzgerald combo, but it helps when you can run the ball. and the second year man can run the ball all right. but he can also catch the ball out of the backfield. johnson even lines up at wide receiver sometimes. it's amazing how much he has improved in just david has learned a lot from running back coach mitchell and from veteran like chris johnson. this kid is the real deal and a touchdown scoring machine, johnson has eight touchdowns and counting, and we would love a couple of more this weekend in carolina. >> i have learned a lot from last year until we play them now. i feel like i'm a better, more patient runner.
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different situations in the game, and just being more calm in the game and not getting so riled up. >> how's this for a great sunday, football, football, and more football. and then some baseball just to end the day. three games on the schedule and then the world series. speaking of the world series, we have got game 3, the first wrigley field world series game 3 since 1945. the cubbies dodge a bullet, 7th, you know, indians, back for more. coco crisp, runners at the plate, look out, rip to right, a run comes in to score and cleveland takes this one, final score 1-0. they lead the series two games to one. not much to time to celebrate though if you're the indians, game 4 all set for tomorrrrow. oh, yes, we have got it for you right here on fox 10.
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in okc, tj warren coming through, big bucket here, a career high 35 points tonight. but this guy, russell westbrook was amazing tonight. how about this jumper right here, westbrook again gets it to go. the booker, the younger, tough shot, sends it to overtime, o.t. booker does it again, beautiful shot, aggressive all night long. booker says just give me the ba as i mentioned, westbrook was amazing tonight, had a triple double. but it was too much russell westbrook down the stretch, 51 points, 13 rebounds, ten assists as okc wins it by three, wow. >> wow. >> what a game. >> all right, thanks guys, thanks for joining us tonight. have a great weekend. modern family is up next. have a great weekend. we'll see you back here.
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