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tv   FOX 10 News 9pm  FOX  November 5, 2016 9:00pm-10:00pm MST

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we start with a news alert.. this is a "fox 10 news" alert. >> a man convicted of raping an arizona teenager 13 years ago has confessed to murdering at least seven other people. incredible story unfolding right now. police arrested todd kohlhepp after finding taila brown chained in a storage container on his property. this is in south carolina a body found buried in a is confirmed to be kayla's boyfriend. 32-year-old charles carver. the couple vanished in late august after traveling to the property for a cleaning job. >> there is a lot we are working on at this hour. good evening a horrible accident has led to a little boy's death this morning. >> mesa police say a four-year-old boy climbed out of the window in his home and drown in his family's pool. he was found unconscious by his father.
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>> a scene of tragic loss earlier today mesa police responding to a drowning toddler call in the area of university and val vista drive. when they arrived it was already too late. >> we noticed a toddler that was unconscious. and had been found in the pool by his father. >> police are still investigating how this all unfolded, but they tell us the boy somehow climbed out of a window and ended up in the pool. that's why they are asking families to always keep pool we are heading into the fall season. >> regardless of whether people are around the pool or not, make sure that locks are in place. that you know and you have alarms, just however any preventive measures you have are there. >> evidence is being collected at the scene and still under investigation. however, police say at this point it just appears to be a horrible accident. adding that when they respond to a tragic scene like this, they try and aid in anyway possible.
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and so we go this there and we do what we can to try to help the family and help the situation itself. sometimes it's a little bit too late. >> marcy jones, "fox 10 news." a 13-year-old girl is rushed to the hospital tonight after police say she accidentally shot herself in the foot. this happened near 55th avenue and clarendon. she was taken to a local pediatric trauma center. nobody else was hurt in the incident and no word on how she got in politics, another trump surrogate visiting the valley hoping to sway voters for the republican nominee. dr. ben carson made two stops in phoenix today. >> stefania okolie caught up with dr. carson at gop headquarters in phoenix. she joins us live. >> yeah, that's right. three weeks or three days the big difference between the election here and it's a tight race this week we have seen plenty of rallies for both candidates this weekend.
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keep the momentum going for donald trump urging supporters early today, while bring a friend to the polls and make sure they vote tuesday. a gop office packed wall to wall with supporters of donald trump. at least 100 gathering to hear from former republican nominee dr. ben carson who is urging them to make sure others are voting. >> we have a choice to make here that involve the direction of the country. it really has so little to do with donald trump which a lot of people have tried to make it about their personalities. >> he excited the crowds sharing his vision of a perfect health care system. one which he promises he will work toward should trump win. >> put the health care back in the hands of patients and health care providers. >> arizona a reliably red state being described as a tawtion up. but carson is confident people will lean toward trumps in i
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waking up. >> sheriff joe arpaio making an appearance at the event and giving a speech which everyone engaged in many leaving the event feeling inspired by dr. carson's words. >> thought it was wonderful. i think he would have a spot in the administration somewhere in the health care department. >> yeah, and at the end, i asked dr. carson what he thinks about certain people at this rally saying that they really wished he was still the presidential candidate and coming up 10:00, we will hear his response of live in the studio, stefania okolie, "fox 10 news." other side of the aisle bernie sanders returning to arizona tomorrow. he will be campaigning for his former rival, hillary clinton. sanders will speak at central high school in phoenix. that's located at 34th avenue and roosevelt. that's really not central that would be carl hayden.
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give you the exact address. it's either central or carl hayden. doors open at 7:45 in the morning. sanders taking the stage at 11:45. the u.s. supreme court has reinstated an arizona law that makes it a felony to collect early ballots. now this decision comes just days ahead of the presidential election that has arizona democrats hoping to win traditionally republican state. fox news will carr has the latest. >> the stakes so high both republicans and democrats are doing everything they can to cut down on voter fraud and potential voter intimidation on election day especially in swing states like arizona where the supreme court just weighed in on a new law that bans ballot harvesting that means political groups collect ballots from voters in bulk and then turn them in. it's been an important part of the democratic party's get out the vote effort in arizona but the supreme court on saturday upheld the ban. bottom line, the arizona law will make ballot harvesting a
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tuesday. the arizona republican party weighing in saying the ballot harvesting was banned because it threatened the integrity of our elections and the supreme court has determined that arizona voters are entitled to protections that create honest elections. also in arizona a federal judge refused to issue an injunction sought by democrats which would have ordered republicans not to engage in illegal voter intimidation tactics at the polls on tuesday. the judge says democrats have not shown enough evidence that the take part in voter intimidation. at the same time the arizona republican party chairman says thousands of donald trump and sheriff joe arpaio signs have been disappearing or been vandalized over the past couple of days. arpaio is facing his closest re-election campaign in decades. will carr, fox news. the campaign went door to door and encouraging of course the people to go and vote on
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polls rally at falcon park near 34th and roosevelt avenue this morning. and leaders of the campaign say that they spoke with people who have never voted before and asked why they haven't done so yet. >> and those are people supporting joe arpaio. the third annual shred-a-thon taking place outside of comerica heat tother morning. i took advantage. >> you went there for a little bit. and that event is designed to securely destroy and recycle sensitive paper documents. it's the valley's shredding event. people came in with cars full of boxes of paper in order to get it all shredded. st. mary's food bank collecting cash and food donations and they say they are happy to be at the event to prepare for thanksgiving. >> we are inside a three weeks for thanksgiving now so we have a lot of turkeys to buy and a lot of food to put on the tables. we have our big holiday distribution, 10,000 families are coming through our lines and
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thanksgiving. >> some amazing to get all of the paper out there. last year nearly 170,000 pounds of paper were shredded and recycled. pretty cool. well, our political coverage continues with a scare for donald trump and why secret service agents had to do this, rush him off the stage. we will tell you next. >> we have an exclusive story. hear what state department workers have to say about hillary clinton during her term as secretary of state. presidential race and the candidates are focusing on the swing states. i'm jennifer give in philadelphia traveling with the clinton campaign. i will have the details coming up. a busy day in college football. some good games on the schedule and speaking of college ball, we catch up with bobby hurley, the main man for the asu basketball team. what he had to say about the upcoming season. that's coming up later in the
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this is quite a tragedy, someone stealing a jeep from the front of a 41-year-old washington state man's home. he gets his gun, fires at the thief but instead he hits and kills a woman who was standing in her bedroom. the man told police he thought he hit the jeep. he is now facing second-degr and once the jeep thief is arrested, similar charges will be filed against him. secret service -- secret service agents tonight rushing the stage and rushing donald trump back stage after a fight broke out at a rally in reno, nevada. trump was speaking when chaos broke out in the crowd and agents grabbed him as he ducks for cover and is briskly escorted back stage.
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and returned -- continued to speak. the rest of the day on the exail trail compared to that, pretty tame really compared to reno there. >> fox's jennifer griffin both candidates on their campaigns as it's focusing on those crucial swing states. >> presidential candidate are swinging through the swing states hoping to pick up the last minute that will push them -- votes that will push them to victory. performer carrie perry singing the praises of hillary clinton. pennsylvania is typically a blue state but polls show a close race. clinton not taking the support of voters for granted. >> i want you to be able to say i voted for a better, fairer, stronger america where everyone has a chance at the american dream. >> donald trump hitting the west coast with rallies in colorado
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and we are going to win back the white house. >> clinton's vice-presidential pick tim kaine is spending time in the sunshine state saturday telling the crowd in fort myers that florida is a check mate state along with >> there can be surprises and polls can be wrong. we take nothing for granted. we like what we are seeing in early vote here in florida. and we really like what we are seeing. >> while republican vice-presint pence is speaking to voters in michigan and virginia saying trump is the only person for the top job. >> i truly believe that donald trump literally embodies the american spirit. strong. freedom loving. independent. optimistic. >> for the rest of the weekend clinton has plans to stop in ohio and new hampshire. donald trump for his part plans to stop in five states tomorrow
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griffin, fox news. voters turning out in record numbers in clark county, nevada to cast their ballots early. this is all before the friday deadline. county election leaders say there were nearly 58,000 voters to vote on friday alone. the total number of early votes in clark county came out to be more than 480,000. that's surpassed number of early votes counted in 2012 by 60,000. a lot of interest in this election, no doubt about it. in a fox news exclusive report, two state department contractors with decades of hands on experience devoted to protecting the united states most sensitive secrets are now speaking out for the first time. fox news' catherine speaks with the two about hillary clinton's tenure at the state department. >> she was her -- >> government contractor dave witness says he worked within
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security technology which is responsible for cameras, alarms and sweeping for bugs. he noticed the rules didn't seem to apply to secretary clinton and her team. >> state department was -- it was great for the foundation and great for the clintons to be able to have such a great position. >> as mrs. clinton was sworn in as secretary in january 2009, government contractor says he was also working at the department. >> state department rules are clear. i helped write those rule. interviews with fox. they show secure facility for classified information known as skiff were built for secretary clinton in her washington, d.c., and her chappaqua new york homes. doors that were supposed to be locked were left open. >> if you have an uncleared person in there, it's automatically a compromise. >> it says that there were personally owned desktop computers in the secure facilities at secretary clinton's homes.
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did not have a computer of any kind in these facility. >> if somebody said they are there then they probably were there and the reason you would deny it was because you didn't approval. >> witness team handled request for mrs. clinton's device. >> unfathomable it would be used for anything other than unclassified communication. >> after new e-mails were found belonging to his estranged wife clinton aide huma abedin, the fbi re-opened the investigation. >> we know that his estranged wife's e-mails are on that computer. >> whether it's the private e-mail server or if it's this private laptop, if there is class -- one document on there that's classified, it's a violation. somebody violated the law. >> throw all of the politics out the window. what we are talking about is the defense of this nation ?lz asked about smith, the state department emphasized they had a diplomat security told the fbi
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very responsive to security issues. in washington, fox news. new at 9:00, counter-terrorism agents warn of a potential terror threat on election day. these agents are reviewing the information. they say it mentioned new york, texas and virginia as potential targets. the fbi is also working with law enforcement agencies and sharing their own intelligence reports. agents say they regar all possible security threats ahead of major events. officers like i said are continuing to be in contact with federal state and local authorities at this point. believe there has been any credible threat that's been substantiated and will continue to monitor or make adjustments necessary for monday or tuesday next week. >> we had large numbers come in previous presidential elections. we also had perceived threats before. i don't anticipate any real
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although clearly we are all on alert for nilg suspicious -- anything suspicious. >> despite the potential threat, both hillary clinton and donald trump are holding their election day parties in new york city. the gop office in north carolina is vandalized. pictures showing the word republican on the banner outside of the office blacked out with spray paint. they had spray painting the letters n.a. on the glass door and more graffiti on the outside surveillance video captured an image of the vandal but police say that video was not very clear. officers are still searching for them at this time. vandals deface a houston landmark. nicknamed mount rush-hour. the bus of abraham lincoln, george washington, steven austin and sam houston were spray painted with a swastika. vampire fangs, facial hair and
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$100,000. police are now investigating to see who is behind this crime. on a much lighter note, things are looking gorgeous out there for your saturday night. but we have some big changes in the forecast to let you know when that mercury is going to start rising. your forecast is coming up after
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it's smog so thick it's causing traffic accidents in pakistan and india. at least 20 deaths are blamed on smog related crashes. the thick smog loaded with pollutants is said to be the worst of its kind in 20 years. in fact it's so bad, the hospitals are filling up with people who are having a hard time breathing. doctors warn anyone with pre-existing respiratory conditions to wear face masks while outside.
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week or so. take a look at this the temperatures dropping, saw some thick fog up north this morning. adot tweeting out this picture of the hazy conditions. you can see there on i-17 near the 89a and visibility was down to about a quarter of a mile this morning. not good. good saturday night. just step back a little farther there. i'm too tall. 73 degrees is your current temperature outside. wis let's take a look at temperatures around the valley for you. most everybody hovering in the 70s. 73 at sky harbor. 66 in ahwatukee. chandler there at 68. 66 at the gateway airport and 71 in scottsdale. up north they are starting to cool off. in fact look at that flagstaff area already into the 30s at 36 degrees. grand canyon 38. kingman there at 57 as well as sedona and payson there at 54. show low coming in at 41
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radar picture. tonight. we did see a few scattered showers just north of the flagstaff area and as you can see those have started to dissipate for the evening hours. nothing really to talk about. we will continue to see these clear skies for the next couple of days. we got up to 82 degrees for your high today. our normal for this time of the year around 80 degrees so right about where we should be for this time of the year and nowhere near our record which was set back in 2007 when it was for tonight this is what you can expect. we are talking about it but it will be mighty cold in places like flagstaff where those temperatures are going to hit right around 32 degrees. 30 at the grand canyon. kingman 49 for your overnight low prescott there at 42. sedona 51. payson 44 and phoenix coming in right around 60 degrees for your overnight low. for tonight things will be much like what we saw today a carbon copy of today. 82 for your high in phoenix.
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yuma the warm one with a projected high of 89. 72 in sedona. and kingman there coming in at 77 degrees. so we were talking about changes in the forecast. those will come as we get into the beginning of your workweek when those temperatures start to ramp up. take a look at this monday 86. on tuesday when you are heading to the polls 87 degrees for your high. those temperatures will then start to go down just slightly until you get into the end of seasonal averages as we get in to next weekend. not too bad. >> no, it's a touch warmer. >> little touch warmer. >> no complaints. >> i like it. >> no, it's been great and as i said, it's fiesta time, party season. in the valley. because the temperatures moderate and everyone says let's go outside and have a party. >> put on your cha-cha shoes. >> find them.
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rush to the rescue of an unexpected victim. they help a baby crocodile on the streets. this was in the middle of a four lane boulevard. after torrential rains overflowed a nearby lagoon which is a natural habitat for crocodiles, i guess this is what you get. crocodiles in the street. is that it down there? it's kinda cute. i never thought i would say that about a crocodile. >> i don't think anyone >> it's kinda cute. it took awhile but people are finally able to catch the crocodile and return it, too. >> more on the cuteness beat right here. two weeks ago we reported on three puppies that were stolen from arizona animal welfare league. the dogs were sick and the people who worked at the league that were caring for those dogs were desperate to get them back as well. >> and who could blame them. earlier this week we were delighted to tell you that dogs, ta-dah! have been returned. >> they have been and the good news with these puppies it just
9:28 pm
morning they were put up for adoption. how about that? the animal welfare league held its annual adoption walk in the morning -- so distracted i can't read the story. just look at puppies. >> as we should. >> you can imagine the puppies were the stars of the event. and the league workers say they are happy to get the dogs back in time in order to set them up for the adoption at the walk. >> she came from a really rural shelter that had very little resources and they weren't able to medically treat them and we re medically treated when they were stolen and that's a fear for us. that's why we are so excited to have them here at the walk because they are all set and ready and healthy and find their families. look at that face. >> i think he is going to be a big dog. >> look at those paws. >> people at the event were able to microchip and get id tags in order to keep track of their dogs.
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police department about to put drones to work. that story is coming up. and some excitement at "fox 10 news" overnight when a police chase involving a wrong way driver ends just a couple of inches from our studio. tell you about it. >> plus bringing closure to arizona families with missing loved ones by matching them up with unidentified remains. we will have that story after
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putting a wife to work is a very dangerous thing.
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grab 'em by the p****". when you're a star, they let you do it. you can do anything. more accusers coming forward to say they were sexually assaulted by donald trump. i'll go backstage before a show... yes.. and everyone's getting dressed. donald trump walked into the dressing room while contestants, some as young as 15 were changing. standing there with no clothes. you see these incredible looking women. she ate like a pig. a person who's flat-chested is very hard to be a 10. do you treat women with respect? uh... i can't say that either. alright, good.
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news alert. we have just tell you a news alert we have learned of a gas explosion going on at an apartment up in payson this much is a working second alarm fire. crews say they are treating five to seven people with burn injuries as a result and that number is expected to increase as the evening goes on. there fatalities right now and we are working on getting more information. meanwhile pet owners in marina are being warned of an outbreak of the parvo virus and the virus is spreading among dogs in that city and killing some as well. the twin peaks veterinary center says they have already seen nearly 20 cases of the virus. they are urging people to avoid the dog park at core tero and silverble and say one of the cases involve a dog that had
9:33 pm
symptoms of the virus include vomiting, diarrhea and a lack of an appetite. >> today the second annual missing in arizona day was held at the asu west campus in glendale. now this event is aimed at raising awareness about missing and unidentified people in our state. >> every single year nationwide 600,000 people are reported missing but with better technology and updated information law enforcement hopes to continuously lower that fox 10's courtney griffin has the story. >> multiple agencies across the state joined forces to help try and bring missing people home and identify the hundreds of remains on file. >> we will answer them in a national database where they will be distributed to the local agencies that will work and get assigned detectives for these cases. >> right now 2,000 arizona residents have gone missing and there are over 1400 unidentified
9:34 pm
today agencies spoke with family members to try to gather new information and dna to solve some of these cases. >> and the dna will only be used for identifying purposes only and it will not be used for any type of criminal prosecution or anything like that so that needs to be clear. just for identification purposes. >> steven missile is a forensic facial reconstruct artist. sketched out nearly 200 faces >> these are tissue depth markers. >> his sketches have helped solve several cases. >> it's an incredible experience. you're happy and then you are sad because now it's somebody, the family finds out and they have closure whichever -- whatever that means. now they know. >> but kimber biggs doesn't know what happened to her sister. she hopes by being at the event she can create new leads in her sister's missing person case.
9:35 pm
for my sister. to be able to bring some closure to her case to find some answers. >> mikael biggs went missing 17 years ago. the two girls were riding bikes outside their home in mesa. >> and i left her alone, she was out there for less than two minutes. i think they said she was alone for about 90 seconds. and when i came back outside the bike was in the road and the tire was still spinning and she was gone. there was no clues or trace of her >> kimber says the little leads have been made, they are thankful to see the agencies partner together to keep decade old cases alive. >> just to see something like this happening to give people an opportunity -- the resources that they have here and the support group which i think is an excellent thing. >> courtney griffin, "fox 10 news." last year at missing in arizona 9 cases were resolved in
9:36 pm
police need your help in finding a man who robbed a walgreens store in glendale. this happened at the walgreens near 67th avenue and happy valley road. a guy walks in and waits for the customers to leave. that's when police say he approached the counter and held up something in his shirt. now police aren't sure if this guy had a gun but they say it doesn't matter because it's still a crime. whether or not you have a gun or you simulate a gun, a felony. so for whatever small a money you might get out of that robbery you will be paying a lot more than that with your court costs and your records will be ruined for a long time. >> police say the suspect left the scene in a black chevy tahoe. and police asking for your help with finding a man in connection with multiple robberies in the valley and this was last month. police say this man robbed a cvs store a few hotels and a family
9:37 pm
this is surveillance video from the cvs robbery. you can see the guy hopped over the counter with a backpack at cvs. police say he had something under his shirt. thought to be a gun. he went to the clerk demanded money and then he left on foot. if you have any information on either of these crimes, please call silent witness. that number is 480-witness. new records tonight show sheriff joe arpaio disbanded a s.w.a.t. team focused on handling jail inmates. this happe unit was in high demand due to a spike in assaults by inmates on guards. the associated press reports that arpaio stopped the special response team as part of budget cuts in order to cover costs for his racial profiling case. the sheriff's office said in a statement that the special response team is still there. the ap says they received confirmation from the sheriff's office that the unit was shut down. a tucson area police
9:38 pm
for search and rescue operations as well as criminal investigations. the police and drone manufacturer are making a pilot program for officers. 11 officers will be trained to use these drones. police have spent about $4,000 on two drones so far. they say they might even buy more. the drones are expected to surface or rather fly or elevate or investigate in mid-december. >> up in the air for wrong way driver this happened right in front of our fox 10 studios in downtown phoenix. take a look. gilbert police says that this started when they received many calls of a wrong way driver near arizona avenue and elliott and gilbert. the driver would not pull over and led police on a 30 minute chase that ended in phoenix and police say they sent in a canine unit because of the potential threat the suspect demonstrated. >> the chase ended by a pit
9:39 pm
officers to end the chase. as you can see ended right here behind us. and then the suspect was taken into custody. >> the man suffered minor injuries from dog bites. he was taken to the hospital for evaluation and no one else was seriously hurt. phoenix fire crews called to a house near fourth avenue and dunlap, crews say they found a utility room connected to the home in flames when they got there. the home owner was able escape the fire with minor burns to his hands. he says he was cleaning the floors wasn't flammable cleaner and that somehow ignited. no word on what caused the liquid to catch fire. coming up, the valley event that's bringing kids together with some life sized big toys. kids and construction equipment go hand in hand. >> i think so. >> right after the break. and this is one story you don't want to miss.
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so, can i see you again... ...i'm free on black forest ham day. there's a subway? $3.50 sub of the day to help you remember life's important days. ...we got married in june... ...on tuna day.
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every sub contains no artificial flavors. at just $3.50, it's a great sub at a great price. her name is teri... ...she was born on sweet onion chicken teriyaki day. the $3.50 sub of the day every day of the week... at subway?. southern arizona's biggest electric provider is southern arizona's southern arizona's biggest electric provider looking to build a new solar facility. this facility will provide p tucson electric power says the new facility will help it achieve its renewable energy goals by 2019. the electric provider says this new facility would have up to 100 megawatts of capacity. the company also evaluating proposals for a 100-megawatt wind powered facility. >> the kids love playing with their tonka trucks. i'm one of them. i had one and some kids got the chance to play with the real
9:44 pm
because take a look. this is all part of the first ever big dig event in mesa. >> and it looks like a blast. >> too fun. young kids diagnosed with cancer got a chance to use cranes, excavators and a bulldozer. just cuz and the american cancer society partnered with construction professionals to organization the event. parents say it was great to take the family out without really worry being the cancer. >> it's huge to be able to get out and do things as a family where we c medical stuff is amazing. >> amazing is right. the money raised in the event went to the american cancer society to help fund cancer research. here is a story that will certainly warm your heart. a high school player gets a chance to make a touchdown. >> yes. and an accident left him disabled in a wheelchair. thanks to his teammates he was able to make a touching touchdown.
9:45 pm
are used to homes like this. >> i love these young men if they were my own. >> xavier johnson has been on the side line. the tubing accident that severely damaged his motor control has made every moment feel like it could be their last. >> may you walk over to them this night. >> gets to the team meetings. he is welcome to come into the weight room. welcome to come to practices. the rehab regimen has bee documented on facebook. he communicates by holding up one or two fingers. or kicking a leg. or smiling. >> he is doing things that they said that he would never be able to do. >> friday night after the opening kickoff, sun lake and river ridge agreed to stop the game. so he could get one into the end zone. >> he never lost this drive, this hope and this peace. >> for a minute and ten seconds, this one time star
9:46 pm
>> all the way. >> battled. >> one more step! >> not against his opponents. >> come on! >> but against himself. could he make it? >> so much that is firing in his brain to get him to be able to stand up like that. >> a minute and ten seconds to go two yards. if nothing but end zone in front of him. >> i con believe to quantify the excerption it takes. father never thinks this is how his son's heroic will look. a random accident was an end in one way, as surely as it was the beginning of a thousand others. >> the story he has written through xavier from a wheelchair, blows away the story that i was writing for him on the football field. wow. cool story. we keep the football theme going. thanks to the college kids.
9:47 pm
cats were in action. kinda. the defense the u of a missing in action. the low lights to prove it
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember."
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tore slow weekend for the local football fan. asu not playing today and the arizona cardinals get a much needed weekend off. what are we supposed to do on this saturday night? we can see a cat fight as u of a wild cats take on the cougars of washington state. really ran into a buzz saw today
9:51 pm
shuffle pass to the touchdown and williamson just like that washingon state was just getting started. luke faulk with the perfect pass right here. touchdown cougars. once again you see the theme kind of working here? that made it 24-0 washington state and the rout was on. faulk almost perfect today. another touchdown. luke faulk had three incompletions and four touchdowns on the day and a 69 to 7 win. the cats are play. not good. we have to check in on the marquee matchup of the night and the tigers of lsu looking to beat up on alabama. both teams downright defensive tonight. take a look at the score. we are scoreless in the fourth. jalen rolls right and nothing there. he is on the run. knife through butter. takes it in for the touchdown. alabama up 7-0 roll tide.
9:52 pm
the ball is thrown up a wounded duck that one intercepted. picked off. the tigers had a rough night on offensive board bama gets some insurance right here late in the game. a field goal just for good measure. final score 10-0 alabama remains numero uno. we return done with the college football stuff just yet. nebraska taking on ohio state the buckeyes with a different uniform but the same ol' ohio state defense. that's an interception and going the other way. check out the move right by david webb. nice cut back. touchdown buckeyes. 7-0 in the early going. 14-3 now. mike webber, running left and that was the right call. oh, yeah. he says, get off me. nice stiff arm. touchdown buckeyes. it's 21-3 now. the ohio state not done. j.d. barrett, how about this arm? aa rifle of an arm. throws it deep and yes, curtis samuel with the catch and is gone.
9:53 pm
ohio state cruises to victory. texas a&m taking on mississippi state. the aggies ranked fourth in the country. no problem for the aggies, right? wrong. oh, boy, a&m down 28-7. not for long. christian kirk with two words foer the bulldogs, i'm gone. 92 yards. the 20, the 10, the 5, touchdown am and mississippi state still up. here com guess who is back for the aggies. christian kirk gets behind the defense and once again it's a touch down for a&m. 54-yards on this play. it's on now. a seven point game but nick ftzgerald says enough already. fitzgerald refusing to go down. he keeps his legs moving. touchdown bulldogs. but it's not over yet. the aggies get within seven points. less than a minute to play. the desperation pass.
9:54 pm
mississippi state with the upset. final score 35-28. we have your fox nfl sunday all planned out. we got the hottest team in football. the dallas cowboys right here on fox 10. the boys looking to beat up on the browns. could cleveland come up with the big upset. that will be huge and you can see it right here on fox 10 and it all starts at 9:00 a.m. don't party too hard tonight. switch gears and talk hoops. thanks to the suns. how the suns back-to-back wins and both in overtime. another look at a barn burner in
9:56 pm
9:57 pm
i know.. not the best i know not the best of starts for the suns this season. four straight losses to start the year, but you can tell this team is different. they are young, athletic and exciting and more importantly will only get better with time. take the last two the suns drawing up and learning how to win close games and devin booker is getting better with each game. what a game he had in new orleans. watch eric bledsoe get the rebound and get it back to booker for a three. he nails the three to tie it up at 100 with 11 seconds left to play. lance stevenson, born ready. gets it to go but it's not over yet. two seconds left. devin booker says get me the ball. the step back and the "j" at the
9:58 pm
i like his face. he is not excited and not worried. that's what i expect to do. in o.t. it's more booker are you kidding me. take a look at this shot off the top of the backboard. are we playing horse? what a shot. 38 points career high but the suns need another bucket. it's t.j. who says i got the bucket. throws it down. seven seconds left in o.t. one last chance for the pelicans. not going to happen. the suns win it in o.t. devin booker take the big shot. >> those are the homes i live for. growing up as a kid playing in the front yard just taking those shots even joking around then and i took them serious because i knew i would be in this situation. i knew i wanted to be that guy and the man. i missed a lot of clutch shots so far but the misses make you better. will stay with it and stay confident. my team had the confidence in me, when someone has confidence in you, it makes it easier on
9:59 pm
local stuff. the sun devils ready to start the regular season. this is the second year for head coach bobby hurley. hurley came to town with a winning pedigree as a player and a coach and now he has got more of his style of players coming to the valley. >> and another buffalo commit was maurice ofield at midland college committed to buffalo and you are going to asu. what does that say to you and about you when a kid commits to you for a second time. >> it was great especially he and i have a strong bond for him immediately to want to come out here was special and same thing with tory and maurice. >> more on bobby hurl itomorrow night during -- hurley tomorrow night. we do it again at 10:00 tonight. much more on a busy day in college football. that's later. right now it's back to the news
10:00 pm
a fiery news alert coming to us out of payson. a viewer sent us this picture and it's a frightening one from the scene of this blaze. crews are working what appears (male narrator) previously on "hell's kitchen"... (man) i am so sick of this. (narrator) after another stinging dinner service loss by the men... i feel so low right now. treating five to seven people i'm not gonna lie. - can we just let it go for now? tonight and that number could go (narrator) jessica gleefully rubbed it in. up. (jessica) we schooled them today, and we're gonna keep schooling 'em. (johnny) why try to rub it in and, you know, make you feel worse? the boys went on the attack. (johnny) nobody likes you. helicopter flying patients into (jessica) that's not true. (wendy) they're just being bullies because they're salty that they lost. (narrator) the next morning... let's go. (narrator) everyone took out their frustrations... the valley from payson. - whoa. - whoo! (narrator) on ostrich eggs. i'm getting soaked. they are sending a number of it's yolk in here. oh! ookey yolk, and a lot of it. (narrator) which had the names of the ingredients... - whiskey. - kidney beans. adottweeted out the fire (wendy) corn. (narrator) they would use to cook


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