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tv   FOX 10 News Noon  FOX  November 15, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm MST

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but this is an issue that affects all of us. >> this is a good way to show solidarity with the people of standing rock, and saying no to the dakota access pipeline. >> i think we need to do everything we can to work against the oil industry, which controls this country, and it's not working in the better interests of the people. >> reporte you may ask why this particular plaza, why this mall? there is an army corps of engineers office, and they share a space in that building, and that is whose ear they are trying to get, trying to apply pressure to the army corps of engineers. we are hearing different reports today that there is movement in terms of a decision being made by the army corps of engineers.
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they can consult with the sioux tribe. we of course will have to let this develop throughout the day. we'll have an update for you tonight at 5:00. but in the meantime, you know, just peaceful protest, everyone really responding as people honk as they drive by to show their support. reporting live in central phoenix, i'm linda williams, fox 10 news. linda, thanks. now, on to the shocking story of a man accused of sexually assaulting an unconscious woman in oldtown scottsdale. he has pled not guilty. police s on camera picking up the woman off the sidewalk, throwing her over his shoulder before she was raped. rodolfo ramirez is accused of taking the unconscious woman to a parking garage, assaulting her there, and then taking her to his home and assaulting her again. he eventually dropped her off at an intersection in tempe. he is a former pro mixed martial arts fighter. the victim's friend had left her on the sidewalk for a few
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a goodyear detective accused of secretly recording women as they undressed in a tanning salon agreed to a deal, jeffrey streater had been charged with voyeurism. a woman contacted police after she found him hovering over a wall. we are here with a 911 call from a shot and killed. the case was a deadly double shooting. the woman's husband was a former employee of the phoenix police department. the woman made the 911 call last may, saying her husband was in a rage, the couple arguing in the car as their speed reached more than 100 miles an hour. the range rover then pulls off the 202 and crashes at mckellips. the husband, christopher wright,
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good samaritan just trying to help. >> help me, help me. he has a rifle in the car, and he's going to shoot me. stop! don't! stop! >> we are going to get you -- as well. >> thank you. i'm going to keep this line open. okay. i'm going to stay on. >> you hear those last moments there. christopher wright resigned from the phoenix police department in 2009. he violence, and the police report also indicates that he had been using cocaine for at least a week. you decide, well, they are now under a hundred thousand ballots still to be counted in maricopa county. tabulation continues at a slow but steady pace. as of this morning, there were 45,000 early ballots and 55,000 provisional ballots still to be counted. it's going to affect the outcome of the closest race, for
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adrian fontes currently leads the incumbent, helen purcell, by about 13,000 votes. vice president elect mike pence has arrived at trump tower in manhattan for a meeting with president elect donald trump as they look to fill more cabinet posts. giuliani is said to be the front-runner for secretary of state. john bolton is still in the running. as opposed to giuliani, bolton has years of experience, but he also has raised some eyebrows with some of his hawkish positions. >> john would be a very good choice. >> is there anyone better? >> maybe me, i don't know. >> you know, i'm kind of old school on this business. it's an honor to serve the country, but ultimately this is the president elect's decision. >> donald trump and house speaker paul ryan appearing here to be moving past their differences. both will have to work closely
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unanimously reelected speaker of the house. and now you're looking live at pictures coming in from washington where many students are marching on the capitol to protest the way the election turned out. now, it's a sight that we have seen in other cities in the wake of donald trump's election. last week, thousands of high school students managed to get out of class and protest in cities, even like phoenix. there the a.s.u. kaufrp -- campus. so again, we don't have any control of these pictures. but you can see it is walking along with some of these students. we are streaming it live on our facebook page and fox news now. well, twitter is has been criticized for not doing enough to curb harassment and abuse. what it's doing so users can opt out of unwanted tweets. and sneakers that lace themselves up? remember those from back to the
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well, this isn't just for marty mcfly any longer. >> and you might want to buy a quick pick lottery ticket. the size of wednesday night's jackpot is going to be big. >> and what mcdonald's is adding to its secret sauce to spice up sales of the big mac. we are learning about it. switch to centurylink and get up to 40 megs of high-speed internet for just $20 a month. that's the speed you need to stream... ...connect on social media... learn, shop and more with fast in-home wifi.
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new at noon..... twitter - which has new at noon, twitter, which has long been criticized as a hot bed for online harassment has finally added some new
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amount of abuse users see and making it easier to report such online conduct. twitter is expanding a mute function that lets users mute accounts they don't want to see tweets from. problem is, what if somebody already sent you four or five tweets before you can block them? users will be able to mute keywords, phrases and conversations as well. >> the future self-lacing sneakers? now you can own a pair, but they come with a hefty price tag. they go on sale december 1st and will cost $720 a pair. they come with a magnetic adapter to charge the sneakers. >> you said $7.29?
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weeks. they also come with a button on the tongue to tighten or loosen the laces. mcdonald's decides to spice up the big mac. a year ago they added the all day breakfast, and now they are adding sir rach cha. it's expected to run through the end of the year, but if it catches on, it could come our way. arizona's pick lottery jackpot grows to its second biggest jackpot of the year. it's up to $2 million. the pick has been rolling for consecutive weeks. the winner can take an awe -- an annuity or a one time cash payment. parents, how is this for a guilt trip? how often do you sit and play with your kids?
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parents tell their kids they are too busy to play with them an average of eight times per week. more than half of parents say they spend time driving to work more than playing with children. still to come on fox 10 news at noon, we are not just talking trash, a little boy and his hero. >> what a sweet story this is. and a family in pennsylvania hears a strange noise in their backyard. well, they couldn't believe what they found. >> that does not look good, uh-uh. hey, it's warm out. it seems like it's been warm forever. find out about the cooldown in just a few minutes. interesting day on the stock market, let's take a look, the dow has been down much of the day, although it is climbing back. you can see at its worst point about two hours ago. it's just about back to even, the nasdaq has been having a very nice day, up as much as
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a giant fox 10 news is back. oh, boy, giant sinkhole forces a pennsylvania family right out of their house. tracey quick and the hubby were home when they started hearing an odd noise coming from the backyard. she says, hey, honey that out. so look what they see. moments later, a gigantic sinkhole opens up right on the back sidef their place, exposing the home's basement. here's tracy. >> it started cracking, like the whole house just sounded like it was going to just go. it was horrible. >> free country. >> wow. >> all right. so she woke up her children, got them out of the house, a-okay.
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some other family members while officials determine if the house can be saved. >> it looks like they had a strong foundation, though, right that cement? >> your exclusive accuweather forecast with cory mccloskey on fox 10 news. >> where did you say it was? wbre? >> that's up in the scranton wilkesborough metroplex. >> do they call it scranton or >> they call it scranton, and it is wilkesborough. anyway, it's like trying to pronounces one of your snoqualmies. >> there you go. >> i love those hometown sounds. well, off we go. it's going to be an easy ride for us over the next couple of days. we are going to bring those temperatures down finally. that's the good news. it would be great, would it not,
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weather? i don't think we're going to see much of it, as we see the temp now, 80 degrees, we are still climbing out there, however tomorrow will be our changeover day, it would be nice as this somewhat cooler air rolls in to see some real weather out of it. it doesn't look like that's going to be the case. 76 is your typical high. i know we are already past that, and we'll be well passed it by the end of the day. not quite the record, but certainly we are going to be in the neighborhood. as you look again, across the west, fair skies over arizona, still not a hint of cud in place. however, you can see what's coming our way. it's a pretty vigorous cold front is already crashing its way into northern california, oregon, washington, montana, idaho. they are all seeing some weather, we, unfortunately, will be dealt sort of a glancing blow. that high is still pretty powerful. it will eventually break down and move east, but it's going to prevent that cold front from doing much more than just dropping our temps. so we'll see some windy conditions tomorrow, and again
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and that means by thursday the clouds of wednesday will be gone and the sun will be bright and it will bring you to maybe the low 70s here in the valley. so it's going to be cool all over the state as we make our way toward the end of the workweek. so 80 in oldtown scottsdale now, 83 in apache junction, 77 in surprise, 83 degrees out wickenburg way, and how about the rest of the state. we have got 75 in lake havasu city, 66 in show low, 82, and flagstaff comes in at 69. thanks for your pictures, in spite of ron's resistance to the super moon, we thought we would give it one last gasp. thanks to ryan nelson for this first shot. that's looking to the east valley from downtown phoenix. jeff parsons pulls in with this beauty, oh, look at that, i am not sure which butte or is that camelback? is that --
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>> may be a praying monk there on the top. where did you say? >> top of piestewa. >> you may be right. >> how, we got a buddy to fly a plane into the picture there? >> how sweet. >> the moon seems suddenly closer. you can get there on a cessna. i don't know what we are spending a lot of this money for. >> right. >> big thanks to josh berger, with a great rise shot without any moon at all. i thought i would let ron retreat to his safe space that was moon free, so he could collect himself and be ready to face whatever is ready to come. >> like in a basement somewhere, ready to come. >> i'm surprised syleste hasn't dropped a moons over my hammy reference at some point. i just want people to know which moons i'm in favor of.
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david beckham named "people" magazine's sexiest man of the year last year. who's the new dude? >> and we say good-bye to a trailblazing journalist after
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welcome back. a fox 10 news alert here to bring you. long time maricopa county recorder helen purcell has conceded the election to democratic challenger adrian fontes. purcell has served for but was under fire, really, came under fire this year for those long lines during the presidential preference election. you heard them -- heard many, many stories about people having to wait in long lines, in those long lines, yes. >> and another fox 10 news alert. you're looking at pictures coming in from a quiet stretch of oklahoma, where there's reportedly been a shooting at
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now, as most folks are aware, the beloved american, really an icon, was from oklahoma. this park was named in his honor, there outside of oklahoma city. what led up to the shooting and whether one or more people might have been hit is unclear. but we will bring you additional details as they come in. well, long time journalist gwen ifill died yesterday, losing her battle with she and judy woodruff coanchored the news hour. they were the first women to jointly lead a national nightly news broadcast. she also moderated the 2004 and 2008 vice presidential debates. she was diagnosed with cancer about a year ago. she was 61. in entrainment news, "people" magazine names its new sexiest man alive. it's wrestler turned actor dwayne the rock johnson.
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named this year's winner. the 44-year-old tells the magazine that the honor means he has pretty much reached the pinnacle. most recently, johnson has lent his voice to a character in the animated disney film which hits theaters next week. he also has made some comments about potential hily -- potentially running for president in 2020. >> yeah very intrigued by the idea. ? the picture window is cracked, and there is nowhere to run. i know, i know, this house is not for sale ? >> look at that face, you recognize it, right? bon jovi takes the top spot on the billboard charts with the latest album, this house is not for sale, the record selling more than 125,000 copies in its
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reach the top of the billboard charts. often boys want to grow up to be a policeman, a fireman, an astronaut. >> maybe drive big trucks, right? up next, we meet one little boy with his eyes set somewhere else. i'm no marketing guru... but this guy is. he's from madison avenue. he likes to say things like... raised without antibiotics. that's a phrase he invented to make chicken sound safer. and it doesn't mean much because, by federal law, all chickens must be clear of antibiotics before they leave the farm. i've got more. "mom approved?" "caffeine free?" we think mr. marketing guru would fit in better at a different chicken company.
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is gluten free. i don't think that's...oh, ok, it is.
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on the next fox 10 arizona morning. we have got four things every guy should know about, working out, going bald, and other health issues. and this year, make the side dishes more memorable than the turkey. easy thanksgiving tips, tomorrow morning. at 4:30 a.m. all right, weather believers and weather achievers. i did want to make sure that we got josh burger's photo in there. thanks for sending that along. gorgeous morning yesterday, and we are in for a few more of them, although we'll see more clouds than sunshine tomorrow. be ready for the big change to come. we'll talk about daytime highs only making it into the low 70s
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thursday. >> how about josh catching the famous leaning cacti? >> i know. that saguaro. >> the tourist attraction. >> yes, check out the tours. i'll swing right by there. an adorable friendship in texas, the two-year-old boy loves his seeing his best friend every week, the garbage man. >> he look forward to seeing the garbage man every he patiently waits for james and the big garbage truck to come on down their street. lance, by the way, even dressed up as james, his hero, for halloween. >> that is the best. >> aw, how sweet is he?
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. >> this may be invading on your territory a little bit. first, i can't even believe i'm saying this, but it does seem that celebrities are turning on oprah. >> no. >> what? >> yeah. it was just days after the dust settled from the election, oprah went on twitter and poetssted a


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